Why Kenyans don’t intervene in neighbors domestic fights

When your next door neighbors fight turns violent, what do you do? This formed part of the Classic 105 morning conversation.

Today’s morning conversation was based on why neighbors do not intervene to help when their neighbors are involved in domestic squabbles.

The conversation was based on the recent death of Beryl Ouma who was murdered at home. Witnesses said she was screaming for help for hours, but no one turned up to help her. Sadly she died after she was strangled to death.

Maina Kageni could not wrap his head around why every one has become so emotionless to a point of ignoring other people’s problems.

Here is what callers had to say on the issue

“4 years ago I was in that situation I was beaten for two hour na nilikua kwao and no one came to help.”

Another adds

“The main reason why we don’t intervene is sometimes you try to intervene but the door is closed from the inside and when dawn comes they turn things against you.

They will start saying that you are the reason they are fighting so the only thing we can say is kila mtu apambane na hali yake.”

Another caller who has been a victim of domestic violence says

“I am a victim of domestic violence and the only person who would come to help is my son, we were living in apartments and no one helped.

There is a time he was beating me yet I was pregnant, only my son intervened.”

Anothers adds

“One day my dad was beating my mum and a neighbor intervened ile kichapo alichapwa  ilikua serious.”

Photos of Beril Ouma woman allegedly killed by her husband in Kahawa

Just when you think you have heard enough another caller says

“Maina if you have never lived in a plot you cannot know the things we go through, there are different screams, one is during violence and one is because they are enjoying their conjugal rights.

We cannot differentiate  between the two.”

Another caller admits that his friend was killed while trying to intervene in a case of domestic violence

“My friend had rental houses and one day he went to collect rent and while at it he heard a couple fighting so he decided to intervene.

After breaking the door the husband forgot he was fighting his wife and followed my friend with a knife.

The man stabbed my friend to death just because he tried to help. Personally I cannot intervene the least I can do is call the police.”

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