‘He used to beat me’ Saumu Mbuvi opens up about baby daddy

Saumu Mbuvi has for the first time revealed that her baby daddy Ben Gitu used to beat her.

The daughter to Mike Sonko in a radio interview disclosed that there was violence while she dated him, but never told anyone about it.

It starts with a small thing, the violence was there. I shared with my friends until I went to my dad and told him I made the worst decision in my life

The baby daddy has not been in her life, as he dumped her for another politicians daughter.

Saumu said she survived domestic violence and how she told her famous dad about it

he sat me down asked me what I am planning for life, and told me I am going to be a parent, and wants to see the best in me.

He didn’t get violent with Ben Gitu as many would have assumed.

Saumu Mbuvi
Saumu Mbuvi

She goes on to describe her personal experience

It was not easy. I can say I was young and naive. I rushed into a relationship in University. I was 21, rebellious and I didn’t think, you know when there is rebellious stage you don’t know what you want, you rush into relationships

She admits she was warned about her baby daddy, but didn’t listen

I was told I shouldn’t rush into relation , but I didn’t listen.

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‘I am so mad at him’ friend speaks at burial of massacred Thome family

The man and two children brutally murdered by the wife in Thome 5 estate before committing suicide were Thursday buried in an emotional ceremony.

They were all laid to rest on Thursday at Lang’ata Cemetery, Nairobi.

Relatives of Joyce Wanjiru, the woman who killed her husband David Gitau and two children before committing suicide in Marurui, Thome Estate, the day after the incident admitted she had anger issues.

Nairobi woman kills husband, two children over domestic squabble

They described how she was irritable and battered her man, who out of embarrassment could not speak up.

It is believed that Gitau, a casual labourer, was attacked while asleep, as the body was found lying on the bed, witnesses and police said.

The woman then strangled to death their two children aged 14 and three years before hanging herself with a rope in the house.

‘I had prepared him his favorite dish – chapatis’ Tony Ngare’s widow mourns

TROUBLED SOULS: Sonko Rescue Team helps in laying to rest the family of a 32-year-old woman who killed her husband and their two children before committing suicide. Buried at Langata Cemetery on July 18. Image: FAITH MUTEGI

The bodies of the four were discovered in the afternoon after labourers who used to buy food from the woman at a construction site raised queries over her whereabouts.

‘Naftali bought an axe and knife and had it sharpened’ Sources reveal

Police said the couple had recurrent domestic disputes, adding that Gitau had several times reported about being beaten by the wife.

During the burial, Gitau’s best friend spoke up saying

“You would never notice if Gitau had problems or not. I am so mad at him, even if he’s dead. He didn’t speak to me. I didn’t know he had problems. We wouldn’t be where we are right now if he did.

Kariuki said his “heart is very broken as we started our friendship back when we were children. Our parents are friends. I used to pass by his workplace quite often and discuss things then go back to our businesses,” Kariuki said at the burial.

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Man bites off wifes lip and ear over vegetables dispute

A 39-year old woman from Tanga Kona in Nambale, Busia county, is nursing injuries after her husband bit off a chunk of her lower lip and left ear.

Jackline Kerubo, a mother of six, said she wanted to give vegetables from their farm to a neighbour on Thursday last week but her husband forbade it.

Kerubo, who has been married for 21 years, says she now fears for her life and those of her children.

woman lip beitten
21-YEAR MARRIAGE: Jackline Keubo,39, whose lip and left ear were bitten off by her husband on Monnday. Image: JANE CHEROTICH


She said her neighbour intervened after her husband swore to teach her a lesson and beat her on Monday.

He has gone into hiding.

7 Years Later: Eric Omondi reminisces meeting Churchill

Kerubo was treated at Nambale Subcounty Hospital.

Speaking to journalists at Nambale police station after reporting the assault, she said the suspect pounced on her while she was in the kitchen, hit her on the head, then bit off her lip and ear.

She said that her eight-year-old child hit the suspect.

Chief Maryline Oundo called upon couples to seek counselling.

She called upon community members to reporting cases that violate human rights to get assistance and punish perpetrators.

Beyonce calls ‘Lion King’ album a love letter to Africa

The victim was taking refuge at Nambale police station as the officers immediately started searching for the suspect.

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TLC’s Left Eye burnt down this house 25 years ago


Growing up we all loved TLC, and a a girl group many of us wanted to be like them.

They set fashion trends and the messages to youth encouraged us.

One of the members Left Eye or Lisa Lopez as she was known on her Government document, caused a storm once.

25 years ago, it turns out that setting her boyfriend’s sneakers on fire in the bathtub may have been a bad judgement call that led to the incident going viral.

Huddah claims she is selling her 60 million home in Runda


Left Eye, left mouths wagging after an arson attack at her then boyfriend Andre Rison’s home during a domestic dispute.

It has been said at the time that the two lovers relationship was shaky, and this incident could have been set off by a lovers tiff.

Sadly, in April of 2002, Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes died in a grisly car accident.

Gospel Musician Hope Kid confirms testing for Herpes..

left eye burns house 25 years ago

A theory of how and why she took such drastic action was mentioned in a film dubbed ‘ The Last Days of Left Eye, where she was saying she was “gonna barbecue me some tennis shoes,” and set fire to Rison’s sneakers in the bathtub.

But the fire spread quickly from the bathroom to burn down most of the house. See the picture above.

She said, “I didn’t realize what I was doing. I didn’t mean for the house to burn down.”

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‘Never lay a finger on a woman’ Maina Kageni reacts to Wajir Woman rep assault


A photo of Wajir woman rep Fatuma Gedi’s swollen face after being slapped by her MP counterpart in the precincts of Parliament has elicited mixed reaction.

Women are outraged, and men want to know what she dd to him to land a slap.

fatuma gedi crying

Maina Kageni on Classic 105 on Friday, asked listeners if Kenyan women are safe and why men always ask what a woman does to be hit by a man.


It’s amazing how men have rallied around this guy and they are asking this question: What did she do to deserve this? That is really pissing me off, said Maina.

To him that was not right at all to even lay a finger on a woman.

Serena Williams vocalizes domestic violence conversation should expand to men-particularly young boys

‘This women get beaten up by their husbands at home but you will never hear about it. Why is it that it becomes a problem when beaten in public? That should not be an issue at all to be discussed because she might have made the MP upset.’

This is what one of the male caller said. They felt that women at times took advantage of them especially if they knew your weaknesses. They were of the opinion that if at all the women rep was assaulted, then it was because of something she did to offend him.

Bobby Brown to open domestic violence shelter to honour late daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown

Maina wondered about all the comments that were coming from the men’s side. He wondered whether those were the kind of men and fathers in 2019 or 1890. One women callers asked,

What do these men gain after beating us, do they gain a kilo? As they ask what the women rep did to provoke the MP they should also ask what the MP did to her that made upset also. Women don’t rant without a reason’ there has to be something.’ 

Other comments were;

Sometimes one slaps keeps stupidity out of a woman.

Sometimes these women can really push you off to limits. They should mind how to control their mouths because we are tired of being shouted back at!!

These Kenyan are tough headed and they deserve to be beaten. Why is it only in our parliament and not in other countries? They should control their yapping to avoid such violence!!!

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I stabbed my husband after he told me to leave our six year marriage

Maina Kageni was caught in a situation and found it so surreal.

A woman over the weekend got into a domestic fight with her husband after he asked her to leave. He actually wanted her to leave her, after six years of marriage and he said ‘I’m done with you, get out of my life’.

So she took it easy and on Sunday when she was supposed to pack and leave, she went absolutely crazy. She stabbed him in the arm, twice. Luckily, the neighbors heard the commotion and came and rescued him. She was taken to the police station where she spent two nights. and is now out on bail.

And when Maina met her he asked her just one question – Why didn’t you just go, he doesn’t want you anymore?

She responded,’I am going nowhere and this relationship is not ending. Siendi mahali.

In her mind the weekend incident did not happen. That man is not leaving her.

Maina sought to know from listeners what they mean when they say they are not leaving regardless.

‘What do you mean by you are not going nowhere ladies?’ Maina continued.


He opened up the discussion to listeners and those online.

Others were of opinion that the guy could have looked for a better way to tell her woman that the relationship was over. Most of the ladies were of opinion that they could not walk out of the relationship without having a place to head to.

How the murder suspect of Parliament cop Helen Kwamboka was tracked down

When they are in a relationship they tend to be settled hence when asked to leave they cannot. One male caller said that when a woman wants to kill you they can without hesitation hence the lady in question should be talked to before killing the husband.

Kenyan woman found dead in Australia a week after her murder

Among the callers were men with different opinions on the same. The comments were;

Women should understand that were are nothing but strangers and if I asked one to leave she should because she is not my mother and I will inform the security not to allow her back to my house.

Do these women understand that at times we are not in love with them. We just marry them to have children and thus all so they should leave.

When someone is not interested in you anymore and asks you to leave there is nothing you do to change their mind.

One caller was of opinion that if you want to leave a woman you should tell her in a more passionate way. When you just wake up one morning and tell someone that you have been staying with you wanna leave them it really breaks their heart.

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Pilot intentionally crashes plane to kill wife at baby shower



– Charl Viljoen is said to have stormed out of a club house and stolen a small plane

– He allegedly made fly-pasts and a threatening phone call leading guests to flee

– Footage showed the plane crashing in a huge fireball, in which he died

A pilot died in a horrific fireball after crashing a plane into a club in Botswana in an apparent bid to kill his wife after a row.

Charl Viljoen, a pilot with Kalahari Air Services, is said to have stormed out of the club house where his wife was attending a baby shower before stealing a small aircraft.

He allegedly made a number of threatening fly-pasts and a menacing phone call to someone at the club, prompting guests to flee for safety.

Footage showed the plane flying barely above the ground before it crashed into the venue near Mochudi, Botswana, close to the country’s border with South Africa.

The pilot was killed but his wife, Natasha Viljoen, and other guests were unharmed after they had grown suspicious and left the club house.

One witness told The Citizen: ‘They had a party at Matsieng, a baby shower, and that’s one of the Kalahari Air Services pilots and he had a fight with his wife there.

‘He actually hit his wife, and everybody told him to f**k off because you don’t treat a woman like that.’

The Matsieng flying club in Botswana said the pilot had been an ‘uninvited guest’ at the function in its aerodrome.

They said he had made ‘a number of low level fly pasts’, sparking fears for the guests’ safety and prompting them to evacuate the club.

It is also claimed he had called a friend at the party while he was in the cockpit and asked if his wife was still there.

He then made an ‘extreme low level run’ in which the aircraft crashed into the club house, destroying the building and traffic control tower and killing him.

The club added that they believed the pilot ‘had no permission to fly the aircraft involved.’

The fire resulting from the crash also destroyed 13 vehicles which were parked nearby but nobody else was injured, the club said.

The plane involved was described as a 2016 Beechcraft Kingair B200 aircraft A2-MBM.


Popular Kenyan vlogger Natalie Tewa kicked out of home by boyfriend

Natalie Tewa and Rnaze were our picture-perfect social media couple.

The two, who are famous travel vloggers, won the hearts of many people with their beautiful love story however all that comes to an end today.

Natalie Tewa is trending after her Instagram account was hacked and the hacker exposed her as a cheater. The cat was let out of the bag prompting her to clarify things. So yes she cheated but why did she? Wasn’t this a perfect couple.

Natalie claims that she did not cheat. Their relationship had been strained for a while now. Could it be because they were in a blended relationship? Natalie was a good stepmother to Rnaze’s son and she had a good relationship with his baby mama.

25-year-old Natalie took to social media to announce the end of their relationship because of physical abuse.

Their break up is so nasty because after that, Rnaze went ahead to delete all their pictures taken together including their Youtube posts together.

The two had advertised their long-awaited Asia trip, and will go ahead with the trip solo to ensure she doesn’t compromise her work.

Natalie after ranting later took to social media a few hours later to reveal that she was physically abused. She pleaded with those who witnessed the assault incidences for action to be taken.

Tanasha responds to leaked conversation between diamond and socialite

Rnaze was not left behind in the social media rant. As he turns 30 today, it marks the end of a relationship he had worked hard on for so long.

He returned from a trip from Uganda after a four-day trip only to discover she had cheated on him.

He is not big on posting his private life on social media but with this, he needed to.

The humiliating things women married to mega rich men have to do


Society envies these women, who on the face of it seem to live a pampered life.

According to their stories, they live lives of poverty because their super rich husbands make them do ridiculous things to get money.

They live in the lap of luxury yet are given so little financial independence they can’t even buy themselves a cup of coffee.

Diana Parker, a partner at legal firm Withers says that economic cruelty is regularly coupled with ‘very controlling frightening behaviour which strips a woman of self-esteem’.

Diana recalls one particularly harrowing case of a woman who was regularly presented with a ‘menu’ listing sexual acts, each of which had a price tag, as her only means of accessing money.

‘There will be a significant number of your readers being abused economically who may be paraded on nights out in expensive diamond brooches, but have to justify every penny spent, on a sandwich or a coffee, while they are interrogated about who they were with when they bought it, ‘was it a girlfriend, or really a boyfriend?’.

‘And the men in these relationships will often have bought themselves a new Ferrari or returned from a weekend’s shooting.’

Vanessa Lloyd-Platt, whose firm represents women divorcing wealthy entrepreneurs, celebrities, MPs and even judges, is also all too familiar with financial abuse within marriages and often hears of wives being told they must perform sexual favours in return for cash or access to bank cards.

‘I’ve acted on behalf of wives who have been told by their wealthy husbands: “I’ll give you some money but you have to have sex with me tonight”, or who insisted their partners do something se3ually they wouldn’t normally want to do, to earn it,’ says Vanessa.

‘Clients tell me this makes them feel like prostitutes, it’s something they don’t even admit to their best friends.

‘We’ve also had cases where women have had to phone their husband’s secretary and say, “I’m going out and have no money, can you put some on my debit card?” and the secretary will interrogate them about what they need the money for. Later they know they will be asked to provide receipts to prove it.

‘Husbands will often spend huge amounts on these “trophy wives”, but that is only if they wear what they want them to wear, drive the exact car they want them to drive and go where they want them to go. They have no financial freedom.’

Vanessa recalls one penniless client, whose husband ran a huge multi-national, who was forced to borrow money from friends to buy regular underwear because he would only purchase se3y lingerie for her, but then locked it away in a safe when he wasn’t around, leaving her literally knickerless.

Another husband took his wife’s toothbrush and toothpaste when he went away on business and left no money for replacements.

Then there was the woman whose husband insisted she work for free in his business, but would refuse to pay the nanny, and the gardener who tended their perfectly manicured lawns, leaving her thoroughly humiliated when they asked her for their wages and she had no way of remunerating them.

 71 per cent of survivors of domestic abuse reported having been deprived of essentials, and the money to purchase them, while a survey in 2015

‘This husband would say ‘If you’re nice to me I’ll pay the nanny this week’,’ says Vanessa.

‘She hated the fact that when mums from her children’s expensive school invited her on nights out she would have to tell them she couldn’t go because she couldn’t afford it, and they would look at her incredulously, assuming she was just too stuck up to socialise with them. People’s perception of the wealthy is that they have wonderful lives, but money can often complicate relationships and they can be some of the unhappiest people on the planet.’


‘My step dad raped me and my mum just said it’s ok since we are not related by blood’ Woman narrates ordeal

The rate at which women are being sexually abused by their male relatives is alarming with most committing suicide or getting into depression.

During the Classic 105 show, a woman narrated how an uncle  took advantage of her poor background to demand for sexual favors so that he would continue paying her fees.

“My uncle told my parents that he would help pay my education back in Nairobi and they accepted. When I eventually came to Nairobi everything went well for the first term and the second one but in third term he told me that I had to sleep with him so that he continues paying my school fees.

I was desperate so I accepted and the worst thing is that my aunt had traveled so I could not talk to her, so recently I missed my period and on taking a test I found out I am pregnant.”


She adds that on telling her uncle about the shocking news, he distanced himself from it all adding that she should find somewhere to live.

“I told my uncle and he blankly told me’hajui hio story and nafaa kutafuta mahali pa kukaa’. I cannot risk going back to my fathers place because I fear he might beat me up or he might to send me away.”

‘My man has slept with 8 of our house helps, it is humiliating’ Cries Woman

Another woman also narrated how she was raped and that she is expecting twins, adding that she feels helpless because she does not know what to do.

“I am Shiru and I have been passing though the same tribulations. I am only 17 and my step dad raped me and when I told my mother she told me it is ok since we are not related by blood. I am now pregnant with twins and I do not know what to do.”

mum pregnant

Another female caller narrates how her blood uncle, who is her father’s best friend, tried to rape her and when he failed he made a vow to himself to never show any love or affection.

“I am in shock, personally there is a time my uncle tried to rape me but thanks to my kichwa ngumu he did not succeed. He had been told to help me get me a job because he was the best friend to my dad.

Up to date he hates me so much but I never really told my dad about it but I told my mum to please stop sending my uncle to get me a job because his main aim was sleeping with me.”

Listen to more of the horrifying experiences on the audio below

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Woman stabs boyfriend to death after quarrel over a mattress

Police in Mai Mahiu Naivasha are seeking a woman who went berserk and stabbed to death her boyfriend following a quarrel over a mattress.

The woman said to be in her late 40s stabbed the 22-year-old casual laborer on the chest before fleeing after learning of his death.

The man was confirmed dead on arrival at Mai Mahiu health center where he had been rushed for treatment following the 2am attack.

According to a witness John Njenga, the deceased arrived in the home of the woman drunk, and a quarrel ensued.

Njenga said that the man was demanding back his mattress after the woman threw him out of her house due to his drinking habits.

“The two have been cohabiting but fell out leading to the quarrel that resulted in the woman stabbing the man twice,” he said.

Njenga said that the woman rushed to Mai Mahiu police station where she reported that she had been beaten by the man only to learn later that he had passed on.

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru confirmed the incident adding that they were seeking the woman who fled on learning that the man had died.

“The body was collected and taken to Naivasha mortuary and we seeking the woman so that she can record a statement over the incident,” he said.

Naivasha man flees after repeatedly stabbing wife to death in horrifying night attack

Fear anger and shock gripped residents of Kikopey village in Gilgil Sub County after a middle aged man stabbed and killed his wife following a domestic quarrel.

The two who have been married for five years with two kids are said to have disagreed over money when the jittered husband descended and stabbed her three times before fleeing.

Emotions run high in the sleepy village as police arrived and took away the body to Gilgil sub county hospital mortuary.

According to a witness Peter Wafula, the two have been living together and even operated a bar along the Gilgil-Nakuru highway.

Wafula said the two have been disagreeing on several marital issues adding that they had sought guidance from local elders but did not work.

“The sister to the deceased who has been living with the children raised an alarm after she found the lifeless body of the woman lying in a pool of blood,” hesaid.

Wafula said on checking the body it had deep cuts in the chest, neck and head an indication she could have bled to death.

Gilgil OCPD Emmanuel Opuru confirmed the incident saying the suspect fled from the scene immediately after killing his wife.

Opuru said they had launched a manhunt for him so as to face charges of murder adding that the body was lying at the local mortuary awaiting postmortem.

Meanwhile police in Naivasha are looking for five thugs who gang raped a 21 year old woman leaving her for the dead.

The victim is said to have been accosted by the thugs on her way home near Kabati estate and abused her sexually before fleeing in the cover of darkness.

According to a gender based violence activist Sekina Mohammed, the young girl had left her job as is normal before the thugs waylaid her.

“She was later found lying helpless by passersby and was taken to Naivasha sub-county hospital where she is responding well to treatment though she is traumatized,” she said.

A senior police officer who declined to be named confirmed the incident saying a manhunt is on for the suspects.

“We have recorded a statement from the victim and she says she recognized one of the thugs and we are following crucial leads that will lead to their arrest,” said the officer.

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TRENDING: Reactions after the man captured on video assaulting his wife is jailed for 12 years

A Makueni Court on Wednesday sentenced Julius Nzomo Daudi, the man filmed assaulting his wife to 12 years. Nzomo will serve 10 years in prison and 2 years on probation respectively

The video caused outrage nationwide as KOT demanded for justice for the battered wife.

Nzomo had pleaded guilty to the charge of causing grievous harm to Mwende.

When the charge was read to him, a calm Nzomo responded “Ni ukweli” (it is true).

Nzomo was arrested in Nguuni, Kibwezi West Constituency last week after the video of him viciously beating his wife went viral on social media.

Victor Mochere….Daudi Nzomo, the man caught on camera battering wife, Winfred Mwende, in Makueni has been sentenced to 12 years in prison after pleading guilty.

The guy deserves a life imprisonment, this is purely monstrous, outrageous, inhumane and abominable.

Jacob Abere Matlal…. Nzomo to be 12yrs prison visitors thanks social media, we do have other batterers your days are numbered..

Jim Yalla…The week at a glance: Kidero; arrested, Southend mall; demolished, Java; bulldozed, the last rhino; dead, Daudi Nzomo; 12yrs jail term, Balala; still cat walking…. and other kutangatanga short stories.

@FireMomAh…Daudi Nzomo incident involving one woman brought all social media platforms to a stand still.Yet,no one raised an eye when the women folk of Nyeri town were mutilating their husbands’ genitalia…

Ngugi…Will Kamau Wanjiru get Justice for being assaulted by his bartender at Roysambu?. Makueni Daudi Nzomo got 12 years for his battery assault but will same justice be meted on girl child. Boy oh boy..child??

kipkoech mitei Rober…Daudi Nzomo jailed for 12 years for beating his wife while nothing was done to Kidero for being equally captured on video slapping Shebesh. Mnyonge hana haki.

Christ Ambassadeur…keyboard feminist are happy because justice has been served & Daudi Nzomo has been jailed. what about that woman batterer who physically assaulted a defenseless man..she hasn’t been traced since since the video went viral…we demand equality in justice

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