The scars are there for life – DNG talks divorce after 9 month marriage

Dng is one of the most popular hypemen in Kenya. The man who calls himself Waziri Wa Sherehe, rarely if ever speaks about his private life, mostly concentrating on his career.

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This is a season of preparation. ~ #BrandDNG

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Davidson Ngibuini, alias Dng was recently interviewed on the YouTube page, Cleaning the Airwaves and opened up about his failed marriage to Yvette Nungari after just nine months.

“I got married in March 2015 but filed for divorce in December 2015. I think I fell in love with the idea that this marriage could work since I always wished to settle down and have a family of my own.”

The musician explained why his relationship to Yvette (whom he met in Dubai) didn’t work out.

“Fundamental ideological differences made my marriage not work. things like traditions, locations where we lived, and where the family was to be and wealth,” he said.

Dng added that he messed up when he ignored numerous red flags. “I was in love, i expected things to work, so i didn’t look at the red flags seriously, which I should have. The understanding that I had about a relationship is different. I now understand that people must be willing to walk in the same direction and walk with each other openly and be honest with each other. Those are lessons I shouldn’t have learnt had our marriage worked.”

DNG’s timely advise to Nyashinski about marriage

The artiste also explained that he wasn’t going to go broke trying to impress a woman. “I was not going to take bank loans to impress a woman by getting them a good car and to show the society that I have made it,” he said.

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On the divorce, he said that it was one of worst things that he has ever gone through in his life. “Time is a beautiful healer. It took me about a year but the scars are there for life. The memory is there; though it’s a non-issue, it is still there,” he said.

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DNG’s timely advise to Nyashinski about marriage

Nyashinski left the singles club last year and just a few days ago, he left the ‘no child’ club after announcing his wife gave birth.

DNG, a friend and colleague to Nyash, bluntly decided to share wise words of advice to the singer on the show, Happy Hour on Switch TV.

“Nyashinski do not sing with the person that you are married to, it’s a trap!” DNG said

According to DNG, there are Kenyan celebrities who have already proven that working with their spouses has been the biggest mistake.


He went on to give examples of people like Otile Brown who worked with Vera Sidika, Khaligraph Jones with Cashy, Diamond and Zari. The harsh reality is that the internet still holds memories of their past relationships.

His warning to Nyash is so that something he hopes will never get to happen to any other person in the entertainment industry.

Thank you God for the most precious gift – Nyashinski finally welcomes first child

He went on to open up saying,

Its very horrible, in fact it’s the worst idea to date and sing with somebody you are dating. We have Otile Brown and Vera Sidika, Otile akaimbia Vera Wakaachana, We have Khaligraph and Cashy wakafanya collabo mbaya sana, Cashy akapenya wakaachana.

He went on to conclude saying;

We have Tdat and Kush Tracey waliimba pamoja collabo wakaachana, Tdat anakuanga na mangori nyingi he also dated Della wakaachana. Recently Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha, her big song wakaachana

Do you think his advice is solid to a brother man?

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So, they were an item? Joey Muthengi talks about dating DNG

Joey Muthengi is best described as beautiful and vivacious. This woman has come from far in the industry, mainly hosting entertainment shows on local T.V.

The presenter who is currently working for Citizen TV’s 10 over 10 show is normally private about her love life.

She keeps it mysterious but she recently came out to speak about someone famous that she had dated.

That man is none other than Davidson Ngibuini famously known as DNG. She was speaking on Ebru TV’s Let’s Talk show on Thursday.

This was the first time the TV personality was in a TV interview after five years!

Joey disclosed that DNG is her ex-boyfriend and they dated a long time ago when they were both trying to make it in the industry.


Kumbe DNG ana skills, na sio zakutukana madem wamemkataa pekee! The host also revealed that they were in an on and off relationship because they were both young and immature.

She said:

“We were both babies and it was like puppy love but we were both immature and it ended badly, we broke up for like a year and then we didn’t talk for so long until recently.”

Joey also added that she has been in many ‘situationships’. The longest had lasted more than two years. But for relationships, she was not so lucky. She also insisted that until a man talked to her exclusively about dating and being boyfriend and girlfriend, then dates and living together did not count!

You heard it, people. If you want to date Joey, mwambie unataka kitu exclusive, madate na come we stay hatambui!

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‘I Refuse To Be A Pawn,’ DNG Speaks Out Blasting Sycophants

Davidson Ngibuini Gikandi professionally as DNG is a Kenyan radio presenter, actor, hype man and enterprenuer.

The founder of 254 Digital Entertainment is known for his youth centric campaign, Hustle Yako. He was the only Kenyan musician to bag a continental award in 2004.


He made his debut in the entertainment industry in January 2003 after releasing his first single. Initially starting off as a secular artist, he joined the gospel industry in 2004 where he won several awards especially Kora awards and shifted back to secular years later.

In the last electionsDNG was on the forefront hyping the crowd at most of the Jubilee campaign rallies. This time round the star has disassociated himself from bing affiliated to any political party.

DNG took to social media through Instagram saying that, “I resist and vehemently denounce brand association with anything that is divisive, negative, retrogressive, conflict-inclined and is insignificant to the furtherance of the Kenyan youth agenda.”