‘Court battle started by Ida is malicious,’ Shouts Fidel Odinga’s secret bae

Phoebe Akinyi Gweno, who is said to have delivered Fidel Odinga’s twins, has emerged and disowned a suit filed by Ida Odinga.

Akinyi has termed the court battle started by Ida as malicious, raising interest about what she tells the court.

“The petition is marred with ill will and malicious motives, creating a tussle with the deceased’s widow on one side and the deceased’s mother and siblings on the other, her lawyer John Swaka said.

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“The interested party and her children have been left in between owing to her seeking to be enjoined as an interested party to clear the air and give her position on the same,” he said.

In court documents obtained by the Star, Akinyi says she wants to be a party to the case in the interests of her children and to “clear the air.”

Akinyi filed the affidavit on Friday, just four days after the High Court ordered a DNA test on the twins to determine if they are indeed the late Fidel’s children. If not, they present the Odinga’s with tough options.

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In the case, Opposition chief Raila Odinga’s wife Ida and her daughter Winnie are seeking to block Fidel’s widow Lwam Bekele from solely administering her late husband’s estate.

“The widow to the deceased [Lwam] petitioned the court for letters of administration for her late husband’s estate.

The said petition was objected to by the deceased’s mother [Ida] and sister [Winnie], respectively.

The objectors mentioned my children and I in the matter,” Akinyi stated in her affidavit.

I intend to be enjoined as an interested party for the interests of my children and to also clear the air and give my voice on the same,” she stated.

Akinyi has been managing a forex Bureau at Adams Arcade and sometimes at Warwick Centre in Gigiri.

Fidel’s secret woman rejects Ida, wants to clear the air

It is not clear whether she had an intimate relationship with Fidel but Odinga’s son used to change his money there and conduct his M-Pesa transactions at the same bureau.

“We do not know if Fidel actually had a relationship with Akinyi and whether the twins are actually Fidel’s,” Akinyi’s colleague at the Forex Bureau said.

In the request filed in the High Court under a certificate of urgency, Akinyi asserts that she is the biological mother of the twins – a girl and a boy — but the birth certificates do not identify the father.

She explains that she intends to be a party to the case to protect the interests of the minors who together with herself stand to suffer “irreparably” if the court denies her the opportunity.

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‘Lowest moment was when blogs wrote I ordered for Heaven’s DNA’ Bahati

Bahati has in an exclusive interview revealed that his lowest moment in life was when it was alleged that he had ordered a DNA on Diana Marua’s baby.

My lowest moment was when blogs wrote that I had ordered my wife Diana Marua to take a DNA of our daughter Heaven to confirm paternity.


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A source at the time said that the results had been dropped at the gate.

The DNA results were dropped at the flats where he stays and left in the custody of the person who was at the gate, because there were explicit instructions not to drop it at his house.

The news of the DNA letter got a lot of tongues wagging, as neighbours talked about Bahati’s reaction to the letter. No one knows for sure what the results are.

When called for comment, Bahati rubbished reports of there being a DNA letter, adding that, “Mambo ya kuingilia familia yangu siwezi ongelea.”

He later come out on social media to put up a united front together with his wife, Diana Marua.

He posted, “It’s a God- Given Duty of every Man to Protect his Woman and Kids; THEY COME FIRST!!! 👨‍👩‍👧 They’re What God looks before blessing you🙏 I Love You #Diana & #Heaven ❤.”

Bahati Diana

Bahati has been in the limelight for several months now, after artistes signed  to his label exited claiming he is overhanded.

On Thursday Bahati held an EMb rebirth party, attended by his friends.

The EMB rebirth party was attended by the who’s who including Akothee, Frasha, Chris Kirwa, Eric Omondi, Jalang’o, Weezdom, Robert Burale, Simon Kabu, Sarah Kabu, Diana Marua, Chipukeezy, Jaguar, among others.

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Where Are They Now? Talented Kenyan Musicians Who Vanished From The Music Scene

The Kenyan music industry has grown tremendously, with upcoming artistes giving legends a run for their money. While some of the older crop of musicians are still in the game others have simply disappeared without warning.

The music scene is like a jungle where only the fittest survive. I have compiled aa list of musicians who either disappeared for good and those who tried to make a comeback but failed, and have again disappeared.

We wonder where they are!


The Mombasa-based musician came into the limelight for his song ‘Amka Ukatike’ but before he could even celebrate his milestones, he mysteriously disappeared almost 10 years ago and has never been seen since.Wherever he may be let him keep in mind that we miss his music.



The duo captivated us with hits like Vuta Pumz, Piga Makofi among others. A decision to relocate to the US came as a career suicide since not much is heard from them nowadays.With the current rise of artistes like Willy Pozee, we wonder if they would be able to keep up.


Harry Kimani

He was among the top afro fusion musicians in Kenya, with his captivating voice and smooth melodies Harry won many hearts with his Song Haiya which was in Kikuyu.

He disappeared from the scene and although he tried making a comeback, he failed miserably.


Meg C

This beauty captivated us not only with her singing prowess but for her beauty as well. Meg C came into the limelight for her song ‘Nipe’ but before we could let all her beauty intoxicate us, she disappeared without looking back.



The Banjuka Tu hitmaker came, conquered and disappeared. He later dropped Maswali Ya Polisi, and converted to gospel, then once again disappeared, just like he came. In-case he decides to comeback, let him know we are waiting.



The Nyundo Yangu hit maker disappeared from the music scene before we could get enough of him. If he was to make a come back, he would have to fight for his space with artistes like Timmy Tdat, Kenrazy among others, the question is, will he ever regain his glory?



Like Nyashinki says “Sikukaa siku nyingi mpate nafasi ya kuckoka na mimi”, Kendi came conquered and decided to let us enjoy her music,  but the wait has been too long.

Kendi was among top female artistes with the likes of Avril, Amani and Size 8 Reborn but she made the exit early before sunset.


  Big Pin

The ‘Beast From The East’ captured ladies hearts with his collaboration ‘Talk To You’ with Amani And Patonee, among his other hits include Why Lie which he collaborated with Nameless, Benteba and Tera Moss.



Like his name suggests, he is pepper when it comes to  music, and he is famously known for songs such as Kamata Dame, Nina Morale, Ukimwona with the late Lady S among others.

Whatever his reason for leaving music is, no one can deny he was a talented musician.



DNA blood test is accurate for detecting Down syndrome

A blood test for pregnant mothers that detects an unborn child’s DNA is better than standard tests at detecting Down syndrome, and returns fewer false positives, US researchers said Wednesday.

The cell-free DNA blood test, which finds small amounts of floating DNA from the fetus in the mother’s blood sample, can be given to a woman when she is between 10 and 14 weeks pregnant.

Researchers studied nearly 16,000 women, and found that the cell-free DNA blood test correctly identified all 38 fetuses with Down syndrome in the group, said the study in the New England Journal of Medicine.

However, standard screening given to the same women found only 30 of the 38 cases of Down syndrome.

Standard screening consists of drawing blood to test for hormones and proteins associated with chromosomal defects, combined with an ultrasound that checks for excess fluid in the back of the fetus’s neck, in an area called the nuchal fold.

Standard screening also returned far more misdiagnoses, with 854 false positive results, compared to nine false positive with the cell-free DNA tool.

When it came to identifying other, less common chromosomal abnormalities, the cell-free DNA test was more accurate than standard screening.

“Among 10 cases of trisomy 18, also known as Edwards syndrome, the cell-free DNA technique pinpointed nine and flagged one false positive,” said the study led by Mary Norton, professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at the University of California, San Francisco.

“With standard screening, eight were identified and there were 49 false positives,” it added.

Cell-free DNA testing found two cases of another disorder, trisomy 13, also known as Patau syndrome, and flagged one false positive.

Standard screening found just one case of trisomy 13 and mistakenly diagnosed 28 fetuses.

Researchers cautioned, however, that the cell-free DNA test is unable to find a range of abnormalities that can show up in standard screening.

The team also found that “a surprisingly high number” of disorders turned up in 488 pregnant women whose plasma was disqualified for testing because it had inadequate or an immeasurable quantity of fetal DNA, or other problems interpreting test results. A total of 2.7 percent of these fetuses were found to have chromosomal defects, “markedly higher than the 0.4 prevalence in the overall group,” said the findings.

Since this group was excluded from the final analysis, the success rates of the cell-free DNA test may be skewed high in the report, the authors said.

“Those women who do opt for cell-free DNA testing should be informed that it is highly accurate for Down syndrome, but it focuses on a small number of chromosomal abnormalities and does not provide the comprehensive assessment available with other approaches,” said Norton.

Photo Credits : AFP

DNA tests show body is not Yebei’s

A CID officer has said DNA test results show that the contested body is that of Yusuf Hussein, not ICC witness Meshack Yebei. Yebei’s elder brother, Ben, told The Star Newspaperthat the officer gave the family the information on Thursday.

He said an official announcement by CID Director Ndegwa Muhoro on Thursday would put a stop to uncertainties. Yebei’s family is however seeking an order barring Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital mortuary in Eldoret from releasing the body.

Hussein’s family is expected to collect his body for burial today. Uncertainties about the identity of the recovered body arose following Yebei and Hussein’s disappearances over the same period.

Yebei’s family had earlier insisted that the body found floating in River Yala, Nandi county in December was their son’s. Police had however said fingerprint tests indicated the body was that of Hussein, whose relatives had also claimed positively identifying.

Both families had gone ahead with burial preparations. An activist alleged that the confusion is a deliberate move to cover up Yebei’s death.

Police say DNA tests show body thought to be ICC witness Meshack Yebei not his

The controversy surrounding the death of slain ICC witness Meshak Yebei has taken a new twist after police established the body was not his. CID officer John Kariuki says fingerprints examined show the body belongs to one Yusuf Ali. A joint DNA test with the two families will be conducted to establish the correct kin before the body is released for burial.

Man files case to block DNA test

A man has gone to court to block his ex-girlfriend’s demand that he undergo a DNA test to prove he fathered her two children. Martin Kihoria filed an urgent suit at the High Court Tuesday.

He said a directive by the Children’s Department requiring him to undergo the test has no basis in law. The children are aged one year and two months.

Kihoria said the children’s office has no powers to make such orders. His ex-girlfriend went to the Children’s Office to compel Kihoria to pay child maintenance.

In documents filed by Mugo Kamau Advocates, Kihoria says he was directed by Embakasi District Children’s office to go to Kenyatta National Hospital on December 18 for the test.

He says he was made to believe the paternity for which he was to undergo the test was in respect to one child. “They took my blood sample and not buccal swabs, a discrepancy i noted later. I also noticed the lab samples had been altered,” Kihora said.

His contention is that the process he was made to undergo was flawed and interfered with. Kihoria wants the court to restrain the Embakasi children’s officer from carrying out any tests on him or the children.

If the test has already been carried out, the results should not be released he said.

Man admits he is father in Sonko’s ‘son’ dispute

A Mombasa court stopped Tuesday’s planned DNA test for a six-year-old boy in a paternity case involving Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko.

This is after Hudson Wachira, a clearing and forwarding agent, said he is the boy’s biological father. The boy’s mother Josephine Thuku says Sonko is the father.

Wachira said he has been demeaned and traumatised by a Kwale court order subjecting his son to a DNA test without his permission. “It is clear Thuku wants to deny me parental responsibility whereas she knows I am the biological father,” said Wachira.

The court Tuesday ordered Wachira to provide for the child until the parentage dispute is resolved. The case will be heard and cleared on November 14.

Woman wants Sonko to take second DNA test

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko’s estranged wife Josephine Thuku has rejected DNA test results presented in court and asked that another test be done.

The tests undertaken by government analyst George Ogunda on September 30 indicate that Sonko is the biological father of her first child but not of her second.

The tests indicate that the two children are biologically related. Thuku had claimed Sonko is the biological father of the two children.

The senator had said he is the father of the first-born but denied paternity of the second child. Wednesday, Thuku rejected the DNA tests results, saying Sonko picked the children up from school and went to a private house with the unidentified doctor where only one child was examined. Thuku’s lawyer Leonard Shimaka said another DNA test should be undertaken at PathCare Hospital in Mombasa for the best interests of the children. “The results will come direct to the court and not to either party in 21 days,” he said.

Husband not dad of my kids, wife tells divorce court

A 42-year-old Nairobi businessman got a rude shock when his wife of 15 years declared that he was not the biological father of their three children.

Mr XYZ(name withheld to protect the children’s identities) was told in open divorce court on Tuesday by his wife that he is not the father of their three children aged between three and 15.

The 40-year-old woman is opposing a plea by the man that he be given custody of the children after their marriage collapsed.

“The plaintiff is not the biological father nor has he produced any adoption order in this court to show that he is the father,” the woman said in her affidavit in court.

“A DNA test should be conducted to confirm that indeed the plaintiff is a stranger to the minors,” said the woman

Mr XYZ married the woman in 1999 in a church ceremony but they are now separated. She say that the kids biological fathers have been supporting her children. The businessman wants the fathers in question to come on board in the case.

He said he will only respond to allegations made by the woman only after the other men are enjoined in the matter. The court granted the order to enjoin the other men.