Doing DNA is like wanting to know what the chicken you are eating ate – Man tells Maina

Maina Kageni brought up an interesting topic today-one that affects influential and wealthy Kenyan men a lot-Paternity especially after they pass on.

The host asked Kenyan men whether they would subject their partners to a DNA test considering the rise in cases of paternity fraud that are compiled on a daily basis.

The comments came in hard and fast with a split of opinions with many of the men saying that they would do it but warned that it might also cause many marital problems in the country.

Some of those comments are below:

Maina Maina akiyao huku ni wapi?! Unataka kinoti asafocate na makesi?! The moment women call you and say “let me tell you Maina! Aki jua the next statement it’s going downhill.” Maina we are an endangered species

Mambo zengine Maina tuache mikononi mwa Mungu, ndoa zitasambaratika, whom will u blame, ebu tuache amani ya bwana itambe, cases zitajaa uko kwa kinoti tukose amani.

Let me tell you Maina if all the married men decided to do DNA tests on all the kids in these houses there would be no families in left in Kenya. Many men are raising kids that aren’t theirs

Maina how much does a DNA cost, if you can finance me for that then am ready but iyo pesa wacha nipige sherehe nazo.

If I trust the mum no need of doing DNA. Another thing is when the baby resemble my behaviour and appearance but IF not I’ll think of DNA.

Wueeeh. First the cost is too much. 2nd it can always tell a lie, breaks marriages. 3rd majority of us raise other people’s children and we accept.

Hello Classic. No need to ask for a DNA test rather ask about the ladies that are married with kids and the father do nurse those kids as their own.

Never never, majority are raising people’s children! Wanachukua tu wanaweka wanatuletea tulee.

Maina I shall not pay fees for a chilf whose DNA I have not verified!

Hii lazima currently Sio kuzuri.

Utapangwa proper usipo…..ubaki zile za Speak-no-evil monkey

Doing a DNA is like kutaka kujua kuku anakula nini you won’t eat the kuku… DNA is a know go zone for me

Macho ya mzazi ni ya ukweli, my mother haenzi shindwa kujua damu yake, so no need for DNA test

There are some women who are also not sure who the father of the kid is. DNA is a must

Why not!! For me l would go very early in the morning. 

In the current generation it’s a good idea.

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I secretly got a vasectomy then my wife announced she’s pregnant

When a man decides to get a vasectomy to stop having children, shouldn’t he tell his wife?

The answer should be Yes, but one gentleman decided nah, he would rather keep his vasectomy secret. And now he is living to regret his action.

His wife announced she is pregnant and unfortunately he has to pretend to be happy to be a ‘new dad’.

‘It’s time to take care of myself and put myself first’ Ben Pol speaks amid breakup rumors

He confessed his story to Maina Kageni on Monday morning conversation, where the topic was about men taking DNA tests to find out the paternity of their children. He said

I took a vasectomy and two years down the line, my wife got pregnant. I’m raising a child who I know isn’t mine, but she isn’t aware I know this.

According to an article published this past weekend by Daily Nation, paternity testing data from DNA Testing Services reveals that at least 30% of Kenyan men who verify paternity discover they’re not the biological fathers of their children #MainaAndKingangi.

What’s worse is that the Government chemist estimates the number could be higher towards half of men who ask for DNA turn out not to be the fathers.

Father lifting son
Father lifting son

Most male callers said they would rather live life without knowing if they are the real fathers.

Congratulations! Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie welcome baby boy

Staniz Kanyi..#MainaAndKingangi, what you do know can’t kill. My friend why are you causing stomach upsets to your entire life with this hooligan test.

I can’t dare to be one. Kama mbaya acha ikae.

Ngugi Wathiong’o..
90% of ladies don’t get married to men they love. So they end up getting children from their side guys.

If DNA is free we men can’t go to look for diabetes and pressure diseases. Wacha tukae bila kujua

A father and his son playing out in the open
A father and his son playing out in the open

Incase I find out they are not my kids, I will marry 2nd wife immediately, but because I know the kids are innocent I will continue providing to them as their father


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Subukia couple resurfaces to lay claim on the late George Saitoti’s son


A man who claims to be the biological father of Prof George Saitoti’s only son has resurfaced seeking a DNA test to prove the paternity of Zachary Musengi Saitoti.

Sebastian Maina Ngunju has been in and out of court over the parentage of Stephen Wachira alias Musengi. In 2013, the dispute was marked as settled after Ngunju and his wife agreed to never lay claim over Musengi.

‘When they said that I ordered my wife to take a paternity test,’ Bahati reveals lowest moment

The consent read, “An order of prohibition is issued to permanently bar the couple or their family members from contacting Musengi or Margaret Saitoti directly or indirectly in respect of the allegations that they are the parents of Zachary.”

unnamed (1)
DISMISSED: Sebastian Ngunju and his wife Elizabeth Maina at the Milimani law courts yesterday. Image: FILE

But in the fresh documents filed in court, Ngunju through Victor Wesonga advocates says the consent is unlawful as it was entered without his authority and knowledge. They challenged the consent and also appealed unsuccessfully against it.

Ngunju maintains he is the biological father of one Stephen Wachira who is now under the custody and care of Margaret Saitoti allegedly under a different name of Zachary Saitoti.

“I have undergone untold suffering and agony. The ripple effect has also been experienced with other members of my family,” read part of the court documents.

He says his claim to paternity is sound and made from well-founded facts based on investigations by police officers.  He claims that Margaret has three sons all of whom bear the name Zachary Musengi and all of whom have been brought up by her though not her biological children.

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“I have learnt from the police and private investigations that the defendant kidnapped and abducted one Stephen Wachira alias Musengi who is currently under the acre and custody of Margaret. She continues to lay parental claim over my son,” says Ngunju.

Ngunju avers that in order to lay the matter to rest, a DNA should be conducted. The DNA he says will aid court in reaching the final truth and in making a justiciable verdict on the paternity of Stephen wachira alias Zachary beyond any reasonable doubt.

“This case is the only remaining legal avenue available to me to access my son after the previous legal and out of court process attempts to settle the matter was thwarted by Margaret’s interference calculated at denying me and my family access to justice,” he says

Ngunju wants court to declare that he is the biological father of Musengi.  Also sought is an order that they all be subjected to a DNA test to prove biological paternity and that the results be later forwarded to court as evidence.

Revealed: The interesting rituals to be performed for Kakamega Twins

Since the Kakamega twins have been reunited after their match awaited DNA test, the respective parents have said that they will live together as one big family.

The rituals will be conducted for the now-famous Kakamega twins who were separated at birth and reunited after 19 years. The rituals are meant to integrate the sisters into one family and further prevent a repeat of what happened in the twins’ lineage.

Idakho Council of Elders chairman Zacharia Shimechero spoke to the Star and stated that the culture dictates that Lutenyo’s hair must be shaved by her grandmother, her father or aunt.

The ceremony must also be conducted in Lukuyani sub-county, Kakamega county to welcome her home.

“In this case, we will treat the girl as a child who was born out of wedlock. The elders will have to administer the triplets a concoction of herbs to cleanse the family. This is done before Melon meets other children,” Shimechero said.

“If that is not done the triplets will stare at sudden death.”

Sharon was raised by Angela Omina, who resides in Kangemi.

“The girl’s ‘real father’ will also have to give Omina a cow to reward her for keeping her well,” Shimechero said.

Melon will also be given a new name – that of someone who has died in the family or village and was close to the family.

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Belgian King would rather pay Sh500k daily fine than do a DNA test in paternity case


A Belgian appeals court has ruled that the country’s former monarch, must pay €5,000 (Sh 505, 747) for each day that he refuses to provide DNA in a case brought by a woman who claims to be his love child.

King Albert II, 84, was ordered by the Brussels court to attend an appointment and provide a DNA sample in the presence of a justice official. He will be fined for each day he fails to respect that appointment.

Artist Delphine Boel, 46, has been trying to establish paternity for years and her story has often made headlines.

Albert has never publicly denied being her father but has refused to provide DNA despite a November court order to do so.

If Boel’s case was successful, she would be 15th in line for the Belgian throne.

In November last year the court ruled that King Albert must provide the DNA which came as a surprise after a lower court ruled Delphine Boel could not rely on such forensic evidence to establish paternity.

Boel claims that King Albert II had an affair with her mother Sybille de Selys Longchamps.

The ruling gave Albert three months to provide a DNA sample which would be used to determine if he was Ms Boel’s father.

Boel started court proceedings in 2014 and her lawyer Alain De Jonge at the time said that his client is not motivated by money as she is a member of a major Belgian industrial family worth $1 billion.


Habari gani hii! Alcohol causes cancer by permanently damaging cells and DNA!

I love alcohol. I enjoy imbibing this precious resource that our government takes great pleasure in taxing heavily. This is an article I would rather not write, but write I must as yours truly cares about the health of our readership. I know, najaribu kuwaharibia Friday, lakini lazima ukweli usemwe! It is with great sadness that I announce the results of a study done by British scientists.
When i'm sad meme
When i’m sad meme. photo credit: jokideo
Drinking alcohol produces a harmful chemical in the body which can lead to permanent genetic damage in the DNA of stem cells, increasing the risk of cancer developing, according to research published on Wednesday. Working with mice in a laboratory, British scientists used chromosome analysis and DNA sequencing to examine the genetic damage caused by acetaldehyde, a harmful chemical produced when the body processes it.
Alcohol. photo credit: KDXU
Their findings offered more detail about how alcohol increases the risk of developing 7 types of cancer, including common forms such as breast and bowel cancer. It also showed how the body seeks to defend against the damage alcohol can do. Ketan Patel, a professor at the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, who co-led the study wrote:
“Some cancers develop due to DNA damage in stem cells. While some damage occurs by chance, our findings suggest that drinking alcohol can increase the risk of this damage.”
The researchers also looked at how the body tries to protect itself against damage caused by alcohol. The first line of defense is a group of enzymes called aldehyde dehydrogenases or ALDHs, Patel explained. These break down the acetaldehyde into acetate, which cells can then use as a source of energy.
Cancer cells
Cancer cells. photo credit: Ask a Biologist – Arizona State University
In the study, when mice lacking a critical ALDH enzyme were given alcohol, their DNA suffered four times as damage compared with mice with a properly functioning version of the enzyme. Patel said cells also have a second line of defense in the form of a range of DNA repair systems which, most of the time, allow them to fix and reverse different types of DNA damage.
There you have it people. Pombe bado mtakunywa ama?