‘Happy birthday in heaven,’ DJ Soxxy’s wife celebrates late mum

Ciiku wa Soxxy, wife to gospel disc jockey, DJ Soxxy, has penned an emotional post celebrating her late mum’s birthday.

In a post on her Instagram, the mother of two took her time to remember the good old times with her late mum.

She shared a post which read;

‘Heaven holds my mother, on her special day today. Lord I ask this of you, that you give her the most beautiful, scented flowers and tell her they’re from me.

Tell her memories of her previous bdays warm my heart, our spa date at Naivasha, Cape Town trip, Msa trip.. Forever in my heart. Please tell her I miss her and not a day passes without me thinking of her.
Happy Birthday in heaven mummy!

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Dj Soxxy

In a past post, Ciiku shared throwback photos of when her family took her mom to Cape Town, South Africa to celebrate her 67th birthday.

She revealed that they had planned to take her to Bangkok for her big 70 but God had other plans.

She wrote;

“Whisked mum to Cape Town to celebrate her 67th birthday, we had a blast and just for her to see another world out there.

For her 70th we had planned to do Bangkok.. But Corona snatched that opportunity from us.”

She went ahead to advise her fans to always take advantage of the current moment because tomorrow is not assured.

Don’t wait for tomorrow, because you don’t know if tomorrow will come,” wrote Ciku.

‘I had given up on ever having children of our own’ Dj Soxxy Opens Up About His Miracle Babies After Wife’s Battle With PCOs

Celebrated gospel DJ  Soxxy opened up about the struggle they went through as a couple to conceive, due to his wife’s medical history with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) .

Born Jackson Kamau but known to many as Soxxy, the gospel DJ has been married to Anne Kamau for the last 6 years and together they have two kids. The couple who got married in June 2014, had their life planned out but what they did not know is that GOD had other plans for them.


He says

Like any relationship, it has not been easy. I remember when we were getting to know each other, she confided in me that she may never be able to have children because of a condition she had, called PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). At that point, I didn’t even consider what she had just told me because having children or not was not a big deal to me and at that point I hadn’t thought she was going to be my wife. Perhaps it was love that was clouding my judgement, because after all, they say love makes you do and say very foolish things.”

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In the beginning of the young marriage, the couple had decided to delay getting kids so that they could at least enjoy each others company. That did not bother DJ Soxxy, but it did bother his wife. He says

“Once in a while she would hint that we should start trying for a child but I would be adamant because we had agreed on how long we will wait. Slowly Anne began to get depressed and the roughest season in our marriage began.”

DJ Soxxy and his wife

Anne’s depression was the push that Soxxy needed to start trying for a baby

I gave in and we started trying for a baby. In that season I realized why people say “mtoto ni zawadi kutoka kwa Mungu.” (Children are a gift from God). We always assume that it’s the contraceptive that allows you or keeps you from not being able to conceive but alas, I came to realize that conception is one of those things only God, the Giver of life, can do.”

Days passed, weeks, months, years yet nothing. All this time Soxxy’s wife was on constant medical attention, moving from one drug to another and yet none of the interventions were working.

The frustrations, helplessness began causing a rift in their young marriage because Anne felt like he was not supporting her enough.

I did not know what else to do, considering I always accompanied her to her doctor’s appointments, listened to her when she needed to vent and gave her a shoulder to cry on.”

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Their  house became a warehouse for pregnancy test kits because apparently his wife felt kits sold locally were substandard and sent a friend in the UK to buy her dozens of pregnancy kits.

On the issue of PCOS DJ Soxxy says,

“The problem with the PCOS condition is that the hormones lie to the body that it is pregnant, hence at times when my wife would do the home test, the kit would show that she is pregnant only for her hopes to be shattered when she goes to the gynaecologist and she is told there was nothing.”

He continues

“At one point, I began wondering if perhaps I was the one who had a problem (not a very common thought among our species). You know we always laugh about the phrase “shooting blanks” but at that point this had stopped being a laughing matter. I started researching about it and looking around to find out if there was any man in my circles who had ever gone for a fertility procedure and what it entailed.”


He adds that with time [email protected] which was supposed to be enjoyed turned into a dread session given that he started feeling inadequate.DJ Soxxy says

“I started feeling like an “insufficient” sperm donor. The doctors advise did not help me much as he recommended that we have sex on a schedule. Trust me even though this may have meant more sex it wasn’t as good as it sounds. Woe unto me if I came home late or dared to say I was tired! That would be cause for us to fight for the rest of the month and yes still perform my “rightful duty” nonetheless. She even started doing weird things like keeping her legs up for like 30 minutes after a session to assist the “boys” swim deeper. (There are things we men will never understand 🙂).”

Trouble conceiving affected the couple so much to the extent of them avoiding social gatherings or even the church to avoid uninvited questions.

How DJ Soxxy’s Wife Gave Birth To 2 Kids After Suffering From This Terrible Infertility Disease

“My wife didn’t want people asking her why we were ‘keeping them’ and not getting babies. Anytime someone jokingly commented “Mumetuweka sana, mnangojea nini?” (Why are you keeping us waiting), I knew that was the end of that day and the week ahead would be hell.”

This went on for months. More tears, more pregnancy tests, more doctors’ visits until the doctor finally made the call and told them, ”I have done everything possible as a doctor to help you guys conceive and now we need to look at other alternatives.

He gave  two options; we try IVF (In Vitro Fertilization- an assisted reproductive technology of fertilization by extracting eggs, retrieving a sperm sample, and then manually combining an egg and sperm in a laboratory dish) or surgery both of which were still not 100% guarantee.”

Soxxy adds

“At this point Anne and I had given up on ever having children of our own and all we could do is pray and wait. I remember coming home from work in December only to find 3 pregnancy kits on our bed all indicating positive – I would know! I had become somewhat an expert pregnancy kit reader. I asked whose pregnancy kits they were as if they could have been someone else’s.”


Even with the evidence of the three kits, the couple refrained from getting too excited to avoid dashed hopes. The couple decided to give it sometime before visiting a gynaecologist.

We were pregnant! The doctor was possibly more excited about the good news than we were. What a journey!  “People often lightly say that the final report is not the doctors, but God’s.” For us these words will remain very dear for ages to come.

The couple is now blessed with two kids Eliana Wairimu whom they consider a miracle baby and Ethan Wambage.

DJSoxxy's miracle baby Eliana Wanjiku
DJ Soxxy’s miracle baby Eliana Wanjiku

He is a proud father and a true manifestation that miracles indeed do happen.

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‘Being unable to conceive for years was the first challenge in our marriage,’ – Ciiku wa Soxxy

Anne Wanjiku alias Ciiku Wa Soxxy is creating awareness about Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Ciiku who is married to gospel DJ Jackson Kamau alias DJ Soxxy revealed that they had trouble conceiving.

14 slang words every mum in her 40’s/50’s needs to know


Speaking about her experience on what the challenges in her marriage have been Ciiku said,

What I have learnt just like life. Marriage has seasons.

It’s not stagnant so we went through a challenging season of trying to conceive.

Then we went through a challenging season of learning to communicate to each other.

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DJ Soxxy and his wife Ciiku Soxxy

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Ciiku went on to add that challenges are good for every marriage, what matters is how you handle them.

Then we went though a season of finance challenge, learning our money personality etc.

If you stick in one season or a season keeps repeating itself 

It just means as a couple you are not leaning to move on.

DJ Soxxy with his wife and kids

Ciiku has been blessed with two kids namely Eliana Wairimu and Ethan Kamau.

She is also the Kenyan Ambassador for PCOS Awareness Association, which supports women battling the condition.

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Check out the beautiful wives of Kenya’s gospel DJ’s – Photos

Being a celeb means having your life constantly scrutinized but some celebrities have managed to keep their spouses off social media partly or completely.

Its not a shock that many of us would pass spouses of Kenyan celebrity on the  streets of Nairobi without even recognizing them.

They say that a prophet is never celebrated at home and funny as it may sound Kenyans are very poor in appreciating celebrities  sportsmen, artistes, comedians or even footballers.

‘Never leave your man whether he is cheating or not’ Shouts Captain Kale

Below are photos of your favorite celebs and their better halves.

1. Allan Wanga and Brenda Wanga

Allan is a celebrated Kenyan footballer. Brenda is a journalist with NTV. He may not be a DJ but he is among Kenya’s celebrities.

Allan Wanga with his wife Brenda and their daughter

2. DJ Soxxy and Ciiku Wa Soxxy

Soxxy is a gospel DJ and he is married to Ciiku and together they have two kids namely Ethan and Eliana Wairimu.

DJ Soxxy and his wife

3. DJ Moz

Moz is known by many for his TV hosting skills on Citizen. He is married to Deborah Kimathi and together they have three kids, two daughters and a son.

DJ Moz and his family
DJ Moz (In a combat T-shirt) and his family

4. DJ Johni Celeb

Johni who is a gospel spin master recently married the love of his life Nyambura.DJ Johni celeb and his wife Nyambura

5. DJ Gee Gee

Gee is a gospel DJ who is best known for his appearance on Cizen TV’s show Bambika alongside Kambua.

He is married to Jasmine Macharia.

DJ Gee Gee and his wife

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‘I love how you leave dirty socks at the door’ Soxxy’s wife celebrates him

Gospel spin master DJ Soxxy turned a year older and while people drink and make merry his wife Ciiku had something different in mind.

She decided to celebrate all the beautiful things she loves about him and the list is mind-blowing, Can you imagine she actually loves when he leaves his socks around?

“I thought I share some of my favorite things about my most favorite dude @djsoxxy .. ‘

“The way you look at me😍 the way you look at Eliana & Ethan.. Mickey & Zou (the dogs).. Dora, Goldie and the rest (the fish).

The way you look at your family and embraced mine, The way you value friendships,The way you look at Life.

‘I was dating my wife’s best friend before my wife won my heart’ – DJ Soxxy

DJ Soxxy with his wife and kids

The way you handle both good and bad news..’ ‘I love the way you love God and you believe in Him..to the extent that I question if I love Him the way you do..

The way nothing moves you coz you know He’s got us.. Your faith in God is admirable’

I love how you leave your dirty socks at the door and your dirty clothes on my side of the wardrobe because that means YOU’ RE HOME.”

She added:

“I love when you obsess over a song or just some of your stupid stuff like the latest kikuyu stuff.. so when you’re away/am away I can watch or listen and feel as though you’re with me.

I love watching a good movie or series with you, I love taking drives with you, I love the way we speak our own language and how you can tell what I want to say..

I love the way when we are leaving the house together you drive carefully behind me till we part ways’ ‘I love how you let Me be Me.”


‘I had given up on ever having children of our own’ Dj Soxxy Opens Up About His Miracle Babies After Wife’s Battle With PCOs

Just when you think that Soxxy’s wife is done praising him, she adds

“I love you and in our 12 years of dating you have displayed what it means to love unconditionally and thru all circumstances.. .

You have loved me even when I didn’t love myself much I’m proud of the person you have become and look forward to all the good we will contribute ToGeThEr in the future.

DJ Soxxy

I thank God for you today and always and I thank God for the team that we have become.

Thank you for giving me the happiest days of my life. Happy Birthday my love! Inspired by Miley Cyrus.”

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‘I was dating my wife’s best friend before my wife won my heart’ – DJ Soxxy

DJ Soxxy is loved by many for his spinning skills and infectious energy. and away from the decks he is a doting father and husband.

He is married to Anne Wanjiku alias Ciiku Wa Soxxy, but before then he has revealed he was dating Ann’s best friend.


That’s not something most men would admit to but during a candid interview on k24, Soxxy says

“I was in Dagoretti High School. She was in State House Girls and during music festivals is when I met Ann’s friend. She was a nice girl and we started sending each other letters.

When we cleared school the relationship died. I later met my wife at Home Boys Academy and we started catching up, but we were not that close.

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She later moved jobs and went to work with a local bank. On this particular day I had gone to the bank to collect my ATM and other stuff but the person who had previously served me was not present.

Ann offered to help me out and even invited me for lunch with her friends and I said yes.”

Soxxy jokes that his wife at one time confessed that she and her best friend used to read the letters sent together,

“I think that’s where she said ‘Uyu mtu ana mistari ,Kufumba fumbua ikawa ni mimi na yeye”

Fast forward and the two are happily married with two adorable kids.

dj soxxy family

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Top 10 Kenyan celebrity Dads we admire (photos)

In Kenya, not many Dads show off their children or family on social media. Some even prefer to keep that part of their life private.

However, these are some of the Kenyan celebrity fathers who don’t mind showing off their family and giving advice to their followers and with the look of things, fatherhood is going quite well with them.

Some of them include,

1. Timothy Kimani aka blessed Njugush and baby Tugi


2. Nameless and his baby girls, Tumiso and Kio


Male celebrities in the Gospel industry who are driving women crazy(photos)

3. DJ Mo and baby Ladasha


4. Madtraxx and baby Malaika


5. Octopizzo and with Tracy, Zara and Frederick.


‘You made me smile when the world left me shattered’ pens Ben Kitili’s newly wedded wife

6. DJ Moz and his daughters Zara and Alba


7. DJ Soxxy and his first born daughter Eliana and last born son Ethan


8. Frankie just gym it and his sons Alex and Kai


9. Robert Burale and Daughter Lexie


10. Ted Josiah and Baby Jay Jay

Ted Josiah- Zumi


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‘Hii si kazi rahisi,’ DJ Soxxy’s wife appreciates all mothers, adds pregnancy is no joke

Ciiku Wa Soxxy, is not shy when it comes to giving advice and inspiring people especially on matters pregnancy given that she has had her challenges as well.

The talkative mother of two who is married to gospel spin master DJ Soxxy, has battled PCOs for a long time such that getting pregnant was an uphill task.

In an earlier post she took to instagram to appreciate all mothers.

“This is the face you put when you are 37weeks+ and the days feel like years.. Salute to all the mummies, hii si kazi rahisi.. I get so dark in pregnancy cheiii!!”

‘I had given up on ever having children of our own’ Dj Soxxy Opens Up About His Miracle Babies After Wife’s Battle With PCOs


Never Lose Hope! After Her Struggle With infertility, DJ Soxxy’s Wife Gives Birth To Their Second Child

This post comes a year later after her son’s birth where she took to instagram to talk about her successful delivery.

”This past week has seen me celebrate been called mummy 2nd time around and by the cutest little boy😊
Am now mama El & Eeth (Eliana & Ethan)


‘God saved my baby and I from death’ Size 8 reminisces oh her difficult pregnancy

It has also been a week where I have learnt to count my blessings: staying in hosp for almost 5days and been in a position to go to the Neo natal HDU & ICU and seeing all these tiny babies made me learn carrying a pregnancy to 38-40wks is nothing short of a miracle. Also giving birth to a healthy baby is not automatic.

Going to theatre for cs and coming out OK is also a huge blessing and for that today I say Imela papa.Ní wega fafa.. We thank God for sending a great medical team our way and ensuring they took care of us the best way possible.”

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Kenyan women married to celebrities and their hustles

Being married to celebrities would be an excuse for some women not to work but for these women working is a way of them being independent.

Below are some Kenyan women married to celebrities and their side hustles.

1. Marya Prude

She is wife to TV presenter Willis Raburu and despite the fact that she can just decide to stay at home and let Willis bring home the bread and butter, she has opted to work.

The laid back damsel runs a clothing line under the name Marya Prude Collections.



2. Wahu

Despite being a celebrated artiste Wahu knows that a side hustle is a good way to ensure the pockets never run dry.

The fact that she is married to Nameless who can easily provide for her, Wahu has opted to invest in her own business and this she does by providing beauty services at her salon, Afro Siri.

wahu nameless

‘My song saved a dying woman during delivery’ Confesses Chris Shalom

3. Anne Waichigo

Despite being married to a celebrity Anne Waichigo has remained behind the scenes being a mum and supportive wife.

She is married to celebrated gospel spinmaster DJ Soxxy and for her hustle she works as a marketing manager at Radbne Clark, which is a distribution company.

She also blogs about her struggle with polycystic ovarian syndrome that affected her, on the blog, www.mummystimeline.wordpress.com     .


4. Size 8

They say that he who finds a good wife finds favor in the eyes of the Lord and DJ Mo is a lucky man for getting a hardworking wife.

Despite Baba Ladasha being among the top paid spin masters in the Kenyan entertainment, Size 8 has also opted to work.

Apart from being a gospel artiste, her other hustle is being a TV presenter with a local TV station hosting the show Pambio Live.


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Meet the most celebrated DJ’s in Kenya and their kids: Photos

DJ’s play a great role in entertaining us during giggs but most of us to do not take into consideration that some of them are parents who also need time to spend with their kids.

We look at some of the Kenyan spin masters and their kids

1. DJ Mo

Commonly known as Baba Ladasha, the gospel spin master is among Kenyan DJ’s who are parents. He is married to gospel artiste Size 8 reborn and they only have one child, Ladasha Wambui.


Meet Jaguar’s baby mama and their first-born daughter Tamara – Photos

2. Creme De la Creme

Dj creme is a proud father of two and his wife is expectant with their third child.


3. DJ Soxxy

The gospel spin master is a father of two adorable kids whom he considers ‘miracle babies’ given that his wife had to battle with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which made it difficult for her to get pregnant.


‘We are 10 Days away from what would have been our 6th Anniversary’ Dan Sonko emotionally pens as he remembers his late wife Dru Sonko

4. DJ Kalonje

Dj Kalonje is a house hold name. His mixes are loved by both the young and the old and he is a doting father to kids whom he refers to as his strength.

Kalonje with his kids

5. Pierra Makena

Pierra is among the top female spin masters in Kenya, having created herself in an industry majorly dominated by men. She is a mother to one.

Pierra Makena with her daughter

6. Dj Krowbar

Krowbar who is a gospel DJ is a proud father to two beautiful girls

Krowbar with his daughters

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DJ Soxxy celebrates 4th birthday of his ‘miracle baby’ after wife’s battle with infertility

Jackson Kamau, aka Gospel DJ Soxxy has reason to be happy as he celebrates the 4th birthday of his beautiful daughter Eliana Wairimu Kamau – whom he also calls his miracle baby.

She was conceived after his wife won a long struggle with PCOS, a hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges.

He took to his social media and posted a number of adorable photos and a sweet message wishing her a ‘happy birthday’.

The message was captioned:

‘Its been a journey with this miracle baby but every step has been a God affair. Join me in wishing Eliana Wairimu a happy 4th Birthday. I love you my princess.’


The cause of polycystic ovary syndrome isn’t well understood, but may involve a combination of genetic and environmental factors.
Symptoms include menstrual irregularity, excess hair growth, acne and obesity.
Treatments include birth control pills to regularise periods, medication called metformin to prevent diabetes, statins to control high cholesterol, hormones to increase fertility and procedures to remove excess hair.






DJ Soxxy Opens Up About His Miracle Baby After Wifes Battle With PCOs

Their journey to parenthood was realized when they welcomed their first-born baby girl on 7th August 2014.



Their family expanded again when DJ Soxxy and his wife Anne welcomed their second-born, a son, last year in June named Ethan.

DJ Soxxy's kids


All in all, the lovebirds have been married since June 2011 and celebrated their 7th anniversary two months ago.

DJ Soxxy and his wife

Here are more adorable pics of the couple and their children.

dj soxxy family

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Adorable photos of Kenyan DJs and their families

Being a successful DJ in Kenya has come to be one of the highest paying jobs in the country.

We boast quite a number of DJs, be it professional ones or amateurs who are on the come up.

But apart from being DJs ,they are also either someone’s brother, sister, dad, mom, son or daughter.

Here are some pics to show the other side of our most loved Djs.

1. Dj Mo

Popularly, quite the mix master DJ Mo won The Media Personality of The Year award.

He’s also a family man; a father and a husband to gospel singer Size 8.

dj mo

The two are quite the celebrity couple that we like to keep up with on social media with the hashtag ‘#TheMurayas’.

Dj Mo & Size 8’s daughter Ladasha is growing up so fast!


00000000000dj moh fam

2.Dj Creme de la Creme

The Dj and producer, has been one of the most popular and consistent DJ’s in the country since around 2006.

0000000000dj creme

He’s a proud father and devoted husband to his wife. All this is evident on social media how much he loves his family and dotes on his kids.

0000000000dj creme c

DJ Creme Flaunts His Beautiful, Hippy Wife For The World To See [Photo]

0000000000dj creme d

3.Dj Pierra

The former TV host is the top female Dj in Kenya, known for her versatility, is also a proud mother to a cute little girl named Ricca.

0000000000dj pierra b

It’s quite evident on her Instagram account how much she is dedicated to her little girl and they have the most endearing pics together.

0000000000dj pierra

Dj Pierra Makena’s message on single motherhood

0000000000dj pierra a

4.Dj Hypnotiq

Another one of the top Djs here is also a father of one.

0000000000dj hpno

0000000000dj hypnotiq

5.Dj Soxxy

One of the most liked gospel Djs and in addition an entertainer.

Him and his wife Anne have two beautiful and jolly children. The lovely couple recently celebrated 7 years together.

0000000000dj soxxia

0000000000dj soxxi

More of our best and finest include;Dj Joe Mfalme,Dj Kalonje, Dj Hassan, Dj Kris Darling and VJ Delph.

Meet the Kenyan woman who’s the first DJ for an American basketball team

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‘Not having kids does not make me less human’ kambua shuts haters

Gospel artiste Kambua has come out to shut her haters who have been trolling her for not bearing kids after 6 years in marriage to the love of her life.

Kambua tied the knot to her now hubby Jackson Mathu in 2012 and people have been expressing their concern on why the celebrated singer is not a mother .

Elder Neil L.Anderson once said

“Motherhood is not a hobby ,it is a calling ,it is not something to do if you can squeeze the time in, it is what God gave you time for.”


The celebrated singer-cum-presenter has come out to clear the air  on the motherhood issue saying;

“Motherhood is a calling. A great one. But it’s not the only one. Stop all this kosokoso of making people feel “less than” because they’re not mom’s, by choice or by circumstance.”

This is not the first time the beautiful damsel has touched on the issue of motherhood as during an interview with a local show, The Trend, Kambua said

“it angers me when people keep being intrusive on issues such as when are you getting kids it upsets me because people don’t know what you are struggling with, people don’t even know whether you want to have children or not.

She continues “People don’t know if you can actually get children or not, There are so many women who are fighting infertility and I would wish that people be sensitized on this issue. It’s such a shame that we have become a down shaming society.”

Kambua is among the few local celebrities who have talked about motherhood.

Other celebrities who have been vocal about not being able to conceive is DJ Soxxy who waited for a long time before being a father due to the fact that her wife had complications which made it hard to get pregnant.

DJ Soxxy Opens Up About His Miracle Baby After Wifes Battle With PCOs

He wrote;

Like any relationship, it has not been easy. I remember when we were getting to know each other, she confided in me that she may never be able to have children because of a condition she had, called PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). At that point, I didn’t even consider what she had just told me because having children or not was not a big deal to me and at that point I hadn’t thought she was going to be my wife. Perhaps it was love that was clouding my judgement, because after all, they say love makes you do and say very foolish things.”

In the beginning of the young marriage, the couple had decided to delay getting kids so that they could at least enjoy each others company. That did not bother DJ Soxxy, but it did bother his wife.

He continued, “Once in a while she would hint that we should start trying for a child but I would be adamant because we had agreed on how long we will wait. Slowly Anne began to get depressed and the roughest season in our marriage began.”


DJ Soxxy and his wife Anne Kamau
DJ Soxxy and his wife Anne Kamau



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DJ Soxxy Reveals Heartbreaking Details About His Son’s Health

Popular DJ Jackson Kamau, commonly known as DJ Soxxy, and his wife Anne Waichigo are in dire need of your prayers. The two who tied the knot back in June 2011, were blessed with two children after years of being childless. Continue reading “DJ Soxxy Reveals Heartbreaking Details About His Son’s Health”

Check Out DJ Sadics Top Notch Fashion Style That Will Leave You Drooling

Dj Sadic known to many as ‘Mix Genius’ is a rare talent in the gospel industry for his mixing prowess and his top notch fashion sense when working.

From a humble young man, he has risen through the ranks to become one of the most sought after DJs in the gospel scene competing with the likes of  DJ Mo, Soxxy and Johny Celeb. Unlike many who have come and gone, DJ Sadic has remained true to his calling.

He is the host of Tendereza, a local gospel show that airs on KTN. Even though a DJ job is considered informal that does not deter Sadic from looking sharp either at work or away from work. It does not require a fashionistas eye to see that Sadic rocks when it comes to what he wears.

Check him out some pictures below. 17352411_10154245546815919_961056067533945458_n


17264868_10154227650680919_2967994504361040081_n  Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and shoes

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, beard and outdoor


How DJ Soxxy’s Wife Gave Birth To 2 Kids After Suffering From This Terrible Infertility Disease

On June 18, 2011, popular spinmaster Jackson Kamau, popularly known as DJ Soxxy, and his wife Anne Waichigo, said ‘Yes, I do’ in a colourful ceremony attended by many celebrities. The two were happily married, but soon found that they could not have a child.

DJ Soxxy and his wife

Soxxy’s wife had been told by the doctor that chances were that she could not bear children, and this really disturbed her mind. But the courageous woman she is, she kept on nagging her hubby to start trying for a child, and after seven months in marriage, they agreed to do so. But two years later, there was nothing yet.


“I was frustrated from trying everything to get pregnant and my husband bore the brunt of that frustration. I kept thinking I was less of a woman because I couldn’t do one of the primary functions of a woman — have a baby.”

This was Anne’s lowest moments in life and at the beginning of 2013 during the last general election, she decided to let the dream of having a child go.

“It was one of my resolutions. I sat with my husband and said that we would not discuss anything to do with babies from then on. I would just focus on other areas of my life.”

But the prayerful woman she was, God finally changed her life. Towards the end of the same year, Anne found out that she was pregnant. One day, when she was driving back home, she felt nauseated and rushed to a clinic where she bought two pregnancy kits and on reaching home, she did the test and the results were positive.

DJ Soxxy and his wife

This changed her life completely. Anne waited for her husband DJ Soxxy, a gospel presenter, to come home, and she showed him the results. He was very surprised.

“Are these yours?” DJ Soxxy asked her.

The young lovebirds’ life changed completely, and on August 7, 2014, they welcomed their firstborn daughter Eliana Wambui, who doubled their happiness. In July last year, DJ Soxxy and his wife welcomed their second-born child, this time a boy who they named Ethan Wambage.

DJ Soxxy's kids

The religious power couple’s story is indeed proof that God is able, He is not slow to answer us and He is the Almighty.

“Only God knows your future. Sometimes you go through a situation and think it will be permanent, but it is just a season that is meant to teach us something. Whether it is hoping for a baby or unemployment, we need to take the lesson for that season.”


Credits: The Star.co.ke

Cuteness Galore! Check Out DJ Soxxy’s Latest Picture Of His Princess! (PHOTO)

DJ Soxxy is the proudest dad ever and we can’t help but fall in love with his latest post.

He shared a picture of his daughter looking beautiful than ever. However, he’s not the only one double tapping on that picture and praising his daughter’s beauty.

dj soxxy1

His fans have also gone berserk on his timeline and have got nothing but love for his growing princess.

DJ Soxxy’s daughter who is about to turn three this year looks like a real princess in that picture, which you will definitely fall in love with.

Someone else on board in the praising train is our very own Size 8, who loved this picture too much that she had to repost!

Dj Soxxy shared the photo with a simple caption; The Princess @elianawairimu while Size 8 did the repost about the same time with the caption; I had to repost this wow wow look how cute she looks…….my heart is melting 💞💕💖.

Our hearts are melting too, she definitely looks fabulous and we are in love with her sense of style!

Here is the picture, take a look;

dj soxxy

DJ Soxxy is a proud dad after his cute son achieved a major milestone (Photos)

It makes us so happy when a new dad proudly shows off his wife and children. It gets even better when that new dad shares with the world any milestone their child achieves.

Dj Soxxy is a proud dad at this very moment after his cute son began crawling. His adorable son will make you want to have a baby immediately.

DJ Soxxy, who got married to the love of his life Ciku, is a TV host on a popular gospel show and also doubles up as an MC.

He and his gorgeous wife have been open about their struggle with infertility, and to date continue to share their life journey with Kenyans.

How Touching! DJ Soxxy’s Wife Reveals Her Struggle With Infertility And Her Husband’s Undying Support

This time round, their son has began crawling. In a video posted on his social media, DJ Soxxy proudly proclaims with the following message;

                            He can crawl 👏👏👏

This message was accompanied with a video of the young one crawling towards the camera. Awww! How cute is that?

His son is clearly making his parents proud. To prove DJ Soxxy is also an amazing husband, check out a heart-warming message to his wife Ciku on Womens day;

As we celebrate International Womens Day, i want to appreciate and celebrate my partner for life @ciikuwasoxxy She has been a Proverbs 31 woman and i cherish you for being in my life. God bless you and favour you always lv. Thank you for making me a proud dad.

Here are pictures of the Kamau’s, enjoy.