Adorable photos of Kenyan DJs and their families

Being a successful DJ in Kenya has come to be one of the highest paying jobs in the country.

We boast quite a number of DJs, be it professional ones or amateurs who are on the come up.

But apart from being DJs ,they are also either someone’s brother, sister, dad, mom, son or daughter.

Here are some pics to show the other side of our most loved Djs.

1. Dj Mo

Popularly, quite the mix master DJ Mo won The Media Personality of The Year award.

He’s also a family man; a father and a husband to gospel singer Size 8.

dj mo

The two are quite the celebrity couple that we like to keep up with on social media with the hashtag ‘#TheMurayas’.

Dj Mo & Size 8’s daughter Ladasha is growing up so fast!


00000000000dj moh fam

2.Dj Creme de la Creme

The Dj and producer, has been one of the most popular and consistent DJ’s in the country since around 2006.

0000000000dj creme

He’s a proud father and devoted husband to his wife. All this is evident on social media how much he loves his family and dotes on his kids.

0000000000dj creme c

DJ Creme Flaunts His Beautiful, Hippy Wife For The World To See [Photo]

0000000000dj creme d

3.Dj Pierra

The former TV host is the top female Dj in Kenya, known for her versatility, is also a proud mother to a cute little girl named Ricca.

0000000000dj pierra b

It’s quite evident on her Instagram account how much she is dedicated to her little girl and they have the most endearing pics together.

0000000000dj pierra

Dj Pierra Makena’s message on single motherhood

0000000000dj pierra a

4.Dj Hypnotiq

Another one of the top Djs here is also a father of one.

0000000000dj hpno

0000000000dj hypnotiq

5.Dj Soxxy

One of the most liked gospel Djs and in addition an entertainer.

Him and his wife Anne have two beautiful and jolly children. The lovely couple recently celebrated 7 years together.

0000000000dj soxxia

0000000000dj soxxi

More of our best and finest include;Dj Joe Mfalme,Dj Kalonje, Dj Hassan, Dj Kris Darling and VJ Delph.

Meet the Kenyan woman who’s the first DJ for an American basketball team

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Stop It! DJ Pierra Blasts Body Shamers After They Make Nasty Comments About Her Baby Fat And Curves

Celebrated female deejay Pierra Makena is a proud mother of the cutest baby girl ever, Ricca Pokot, and she’s proud of it.

The entertainer and actress welcomed her bundle of joy back in July 2016, after revealing that she was expecting her first child 9 months before that, but she never talked about the father.


However, recently, Pierra revealed that she is co-parenting well with the baby daddy though they are not together because she found out that he was married a few months after she discovered that she was preggers.

Motherhood Joys! Pierra Makena Celebrates Her Daughter’s First BIRTHDAY With The Sweetest Words

She went on to also reveal shocking details of how the man was never there for her when she was pregnant to support her emotionally or even acknowledge her, but that’s in the past now.


DJ Pierra is back on the hustle, to fend for her kid since she is a single mother and proud of it. Other than doing her disk jockey grind, she also landed a TV show deal on Ebru TV.

Is Gospel Singer Bahati Pierra Makena’s Baby Daddy? The Popular DJ Speaks Out

Recently, Pierra went to do what she does best in a Nairobi club and while at it, she showed off her curvy body and thick thighs in a figure-hugging dress, but not everyone was impressed.


A certain fan went on to body shame the lass, with this comment;

dora_kimm; Are you serious😤

However, Pierra Makena didn’t take it lightly and replied with this post; “@dora_kimm more than ever!!!”

Then another fan tried to tell her to cut weight, and it didn’t go well either;

kichuna_marya; Nice one but you should cut off that weight

Pierra decided to clap back with this savage post; “@kichuna_marya why cut????? Does it have anything to do with you????”

Then another guy decided to make her feel bad by telling her to hit the gym;

betnumz; Pierra punguza…gym kiasi yawa…

And as usual, Pierra hit back with no chills; “@betnumz which of my bill will you pay if I do??”

Clearly, Pierra won’t let anyone make her loose her self-esteem because of her baby fat. Go girl.

DJ Pierra Flaunts New Post Baby Body With a Body Hugging Dress (Photos)

DJ Pierra’s transformation after the birth of her daughter has left a lot of people talking, since she has added some weight which is quite normal but haters cant accept it.

Apart from being among the top female DJs in Kenya, her beauty and sexy body before the birth of her daughter was something every lady would have died for but not anymore.

Image result for photos of pierra makena
Pierra before being a mother

A few months after the birth of her daughter Pierra Makena has gone back to the decks. What she chose to wear is what left us eyes wide open as she does not hide her body in this figure hugging dress.

Pierra had her comeback gig at Sting Lounge a day go. She chose to wear a green figure-hugging dress that brought out her body contours in a way that might not appeal to the eyes.

Going by the comments below her fans still got love for her so haters keep hating, hata wewe utazaa.

Amarustanley: apa ndo mtu husema yesu ni bwana?😩

ckm510: Damn.

Tightsqueezelimp: Am hard for this mummylicious djjj

ivy_otongo: I will always love @pierramac no matter what ✌✌✌

oranjos: Gorgeous mum.

Tonnycleen: Best curves,good soul,you are such a beautiful being

dj_mome: Good stuff,looking awesome mama, keeping hustling!!!🙌🙌🙌

valarietweets: Looking .👍😘🌠🌠@pierramac do your thing girl.

Mipicado: I cant see the DJ. All I see is… great to see u bak

daddyweexy_kenyaI: yo butt iko fiti sana

Motherhood Joys! Pierra Makena Celebrates Her Daughter’s First BIRTHDAY With The Sweetest Words

Top female deejay Pierra Makena is a happy woman.

DJ Pierra Makena welcomed her daughter Ricca Pokot on the 20th of July 2016, after revealing that she was expecting her first child despite never admitting being in a serious relationship.

‘I’m A SUPER MUM,’ DJ Pierra Makena Shares New ADORABLE Photos With Her SWEET Daughter


After giving birth, Pierra has embraced motherhood and despite being a first-time mother in this amazing phase of life, she has remained steadfast and a doting mother to her cuddly baby girl.

Pierra Makena has however not revealed who the father of the toddler is, but months before giving birth, she confessed that she had parted ways with her baby daddy after she found out that he was engaged, but are cordial and co-parenting with no issues.

Is Gospel Singer Bahati Pierra Makena’s Baby Daddy? The Popular DJ Speaks Out

The father to the young one is said to be a wealthy businessman and well known public figure, who’s now married to another woman, but that has not slowed down the beautiful disc jockey.



Pierra is celebrating her daughter’s first birthday and as the little angel turns one year old, the singer can’t help and gush about it. She shared a cute photo of baby Ricca with this sweet caption;

Quietly help me wish my little Angel a happy birthday. … Ricca turns 1. I am such a happy mother you have no idea.

Before that, Pierra had shared photos when the baby was born, with this loving post about her experience;

24hrs of labour. ..last year at this time in was going through sooooooo much pain wah!!!!! I got induced and the pain got worse. ….and Minutes later I pushed a bouncing baby girl. ..the pain was gone… God is great! !!!!! And now. a year later I can’t express how happy and excited I am to celebrate her 1st birthday. .. just the other day uh?

She went on to reveal the joy of being a mum; “1 year later and I have a beautiful healthy baby girl. ….. I wanna cry I wanna jump I wanna scream but most of all I wanna hold my baby and pray!”




‘The Last Thing A Person Should Tell A Mother Is How Bad She Looks’ – Pierra Makena Shuts Down Trolls

Pierra Makena is not a happy woman or better yet, a happy mother, after she was trolled for her body and the hair she’s wearing.

Some people went ahead and blasted her because of her weight, body shape and the hair she’s wearing currently, which is a blonde wig/weave. They termed the hair as a “burning bush”, which was too much, if you ask me.

Pierra 1

Well, she’s not happy about the disses, and she has chosen to talk about how mothers are constantly trolled because of how they look after giving birth, which is a really sensitive issue for them.

Is Gospel Singer Bahati Pierra Makena’s Baby Daddy? The Popular DJ Speaks Out

Female bodies change throughout their pregnancy, and it goes all the way to after they give birth. Some go back to their usual figures, while others either gain more weight or stay constant.

Pierra 2

These are some of the issues Pierra has come forth to address. In a video she posted on social media, she pours her heart out, stating, “The last thing a person should tell a Mother is how bad she looks. . Putting her down is unfair and uncouth. This should stop..I speak as a mom! And kudos to all women and mothers looking gorgeous and bringing up beautiful children! !!! The beauty is in the children we have…. I was deeply hurt and I even let it out on my show and that tells you how emotional we get sometime 😓😓.”

Size 8 Follows Pierra Makena’s Footsteps, Breastfeeds In Public (PHOTO)


She added, “Leave us alone and I’m talking on behalf of all mothers out there. Any mother who has given birth and you feel like you are not at your best, ignore it. It’s not worth it.”

Watch the full video below:

Is Gospel Singer Bahati Pierra Makena’s Baby Daddy? The Popular DJ Speaks Out

Top female deejay Pierra Makena is a proud mother to the cutest baby girl, and there’s no doubt that she’s embraced single motherhood despite the challenges she had when she was pregnant.

The celebrated disc jockey has however never revealed the father of her cuddly daughter but says that he’s a popular politician.

In a recent interview, Pierra Makena revealed that her baby daddy deserted during her pregnancy even after he promised to show up so that they can agree on how they would co-parent.


Pierra revealed that she found out that she was expecting a child after they had already broken up with the baby daddy. When she informed him, she found out that he was planning to get married to another woman.

‘I’m A SUPER MUM,’ DJ Pierra Makena Shares New ADORABLE Photos With Her SWEET Daughter

But all that is in the past now and Pierra has no regrets, and always talks about how her daughter has brought so much joy and happiness, and now, she’s back to the hustle.

The celebrated entertainer recently hosted Bahati on her show, and during the interview, she took to her social to share a video and photo of them together, with Pierra making jokes that he was her baby daddy.


She even went on to caption the video with this suggestive post; “Babby Daddy or nah?”

This comes after recent allegations that Size 8’s husband DJ Mo could be the father to Pierra’s daughter, something she completely disputed, but these rumors seem not to bother her.

Pierra Makena Confesses How The Man Who Impregnated Her Did Nothing During Her Pregnancy

Bahati, who is dating model Diana Marua, recently revealed that he’s a father after unveiling his 2-year-old daughter with ex-girlfriend, Yvette Obura. Check out the photos Pierra shared with Bahati.





See How Size 8and DJ Pierra’s Daughters Look Alike

Size 8’s daughter Ladasha Belle Wambo is the most followed Kenyan celebrity kids on Kenyan Instagram.

While you are busy bragging to us 10k followers, Ladasha has 157k followers. Just like her Tanzanian counterparts (celebrity kids), Ladasha is a brand ambassador for local diaper brand and she is the only Kenyan baby who has ever landed such a major deal at a tender age. She is a baby boss!

Well, Size 8’s baby is a spitting image of her father DJ Mo.




Size 8 & DJ Mo

But, photos of former actress turned DJ Pierra Makena’s child have caused an uproar online. Makena’s little girl bears a freakish resemblance to Size 8’s daughter. The two look alike!  They are a photocopy of each other! Check out the photos


Size 8 & Pierra Makena's daughters


Size 8 & Pierra Makena's daughters

Are they related?

People do look alike even though they are not related and that’s the case with these two cute angels. It’s called having a doppleganger.