Looking for a partner? Here are the most eligible bachelorette’s in Kenya

Christmas is around the corner and men are under pressure to get married, many might say all good women are taken but that is not the case.

We look at some of the most eligible bachelorette’s in Kenya at the moment, and if you think your game is good then get ready kurusha mistari.

1. Lupita Nyongo

Though a private person she was rumoured to be dating Nigerian stylist and a fashion editor at GQ style magazine Mobolaji Dawodu but the 35-year-old never confirmed it.

She is daughter to Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyongo.


2. Rev Natasha

Natasha once told The Nairobian that, “I’m waiting for God to show me the right man.If you think you are the right man for her then go for it.


3. Betty Kyallo

Currently divorced the 29-year-old mother of one is ripe for Mr Right.


4. Vera Sidika

She just broke up with Otile.


5. Eunice Njeri

She was once engaged to longtime fiancé and gospel rapper Isaac Bukasa, but they broke up in November 2016.


6. Dj Pierra Makena



7. Victoria Kimani

Victoria, 33, after breaking up with Nigerian boyfriend Stanley Obiamalu, is single.

victoria kimani

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‘If a man was to determine my success, I’d have been finished by now,’ Pierra Makena rants

Kenyan Female DJ and actress, Pierre Makena has taken to Instagram to slam those people who think or say that she depends on a man for success.

In a long post, this is what she had to say,

‘The diary of a DJ mom

Att. Anyone who depends on man for success.’

‘Anakazana, Kamiti is not a joke!’ Joe Muchiri says after visiting Jowie in Kamiti on his birthday

‘It’s amazing how much I have studied and understood the people that smile with or at me in my industry.

1.No one wants you to be better than them.(word)

2.No one wants you to know the bad things they say behind your back about your success (they can’t deal with the fact that u get favor from God.)


3. They can steer a conversation just to find a way to bring you down esp in front of your client.(but Pierra is crazy. Did you hear what she did at.)

4. A mistake to them is a mess up to you. You need to be punished. (She did what????)

5. You are not good why you here again????(because it’s not about your report)

But one thing that’s clear through if a man was to determine my success i’d have been finished by now

But God made a promise, he has promised to bless me regardless. He is not petty.’

Pierre Makena is a single mom who works hard to make her daughter proud.

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‘I wished the father would have seen this’ Here is the event Pierra Makena wished her baby daddy was present to witness

Pierra Makena has on a few occasions had to deal with negative criticism on who her baby daddy is, but she is shutting away all negative vibes.

She has decided to turn the lemons life has thrown at her into lemonade by taking time to enjoy her daughters milestones, despite her baby daddies absence.

In a recent post she confessed that she would have loved to have her baby daddy with her as she  celebrated her daughters first concert.

“This week has been one great one.. but the highlight of it..was my baby’s 1st concert…I was literally in tears and over joyed at how mature and composed she was…… It was such a proud moment and for a minute I wished the Father would have seen this but again the ones who were there for her gave more real love….one thing I have learned is that so much of what we learn about love is taught by those who never loved us.


Shock as unidentified woman strips naked in Baringo during Mashujaa day celebration


Pierra’s daughter Ricca turned two in July and her mother could not hide her excitement, celebrating her with this message

“Its my babys 2nd birthday and OMG!!! I just cant hide the emotions of how fast they grow…Happy birthday my love…i love you tooo much..but God loves you even more…. may he always guide you and bless you forever….HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICCA!!!!”

Below are some photos of the little girl at different stages in her life. Isn’t she beautiful?





0000000000dj pierra

35574527_256175721804890_4710637069880262656_n 43146231_1981876085168163_7145167633017949458_n

Meet the most celebrated DJ’s in Kenya and their kids: Photos

DJ’s play a great role in entertaining us during giggs but most of us to do not take into consideration that some of them are parents who also need time to spend with their kids.

We look at some of the Kenyan spin masters and their kids

1. DJ Mo

Commonly known as Baba Ladasha, the gospel spin master is among Kenyan DJ’s who are parents. He is married to gospel artiste Size 8 reborn and they only have one child, Ladasha Wambui.


Meet Jaguar’s baby mama and their first-born daughter Tamara – Photos

2. Creme De la Creme

Dj creme is a proud father of two and his wife is expectant with their third child.


3. DJ Soxxy

The gospel spin master is a father of two adorable kids whom he considers ‘miracle babies’ given that his wife had to battle with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which made it difficult for her to get pregnant.


‘We are 10 Days away from what would have been our 6th Anniversary’ Dan Sonko emotionally pens as he remembers his late wife Dru Sonko

4. DJ Kalonje

Dj Kalonje is a house hold name. His mixes are loved by both the young and the old and he is a doting father to kids whom he refers to as his strength.

Kalonje with his kids

5. Pierra Makena

Pierra is among the top female spin masters in Kenya, having created herself in an industry majorly dominated by men. She is a mother to one.

Pierra Makena with her daughter

6. Dj Krowbar

Krowbar who is a gospel DJ is a proud father to two beautiful girls

Krowbar with his daughters

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Adorable photos of Kenyan DJs and their families

Being a successful DJ in Kenya has come to be one of the highest paying jobs in the country.

We boast quite a number of DJs, be it professional ones or amateurs who are on the come up.

But apart from being DJs ,they are also either someone’s brother, sister, dad, mom, son or daughter.

Here are some pics to show the other side of our most loved Djs.

1. Dj Mo

Popularly, quite the mix master DJ Mo won The Media Personality of The Year award.

He’s also a family man; a father and a husband to gospel singer Size 8.

dj mo

The two are quite the celebrity couple that we like to keep up with on social media with the hashtag ‘#TheMurayas’.

Dj Mo & Size 8’s daughter Ladasha is growing up so fast!


00000000000dj moh fam

2.Dj Creme de la Creme

The Dj and producer, has been one of the most popular and consistent DJ’s in the country since around 2006.

0000000000dj creme

He’s a proud father and devoted husband to his wife. All this is evident on social media how much he loves his family and dotes on his kids.

0000000000dj creme c

DJ Creme Flaunts His Beautiful, Hippy Wife For The World To See [Photo]

0000000000dj creme d

3.Dj Pierra

The former TV host is the top female Dj in Kenya, known for her versatility, is also a proud mother to a cute little girl named Ricca.

0000000000dj pierra b

It’s quite evident on her Instagram account how much she is dedicated to her little girl and they have the most endearing pics together.

0000000000dj pierra

Dj Pierra Makena’s message on single motherhood

0000000000dj pierra a

4.Dj Hypnotiq

Another one of the top Djs here is also a father of one.

0000000000dj hpno

0000000000dj hypnotiq

5.Dj Soxxy

One of the most liked gospel Djs and in addition an entertainer.

Him and his wife Anne have two beautiful and jolly children. The lovely couple recently celebrated 7 years together.

0000000000dj soxxia

0000000000dj soxxi

More of our best and finest include;Dj Joe Mfalme,Dj Kalonje, Dj Hassan, Dj Kris Darling and VJ Delph.

Meet the Kenyan woman who’s the first DJ for an American basketball team

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Would you consider getting back with your ex after a major break up?

Zari’s break up with Diamond Platnumz left tongues wagging with many speculating that the two might get back together something that is yet to be seen.

The couple is among the most powerful couple in Tanzania with both Zari and Diamond as house hold names in their respective countries. The couple who have children together, broke up in what Zari termed as disrespect after her ex shared intimate photos and videos of him with Hamisa Mobetto to the public

Zari goes ham on Diamond Platnumz publicly revealing he is team mafisi

Before the break up, the couple had been going through a rough patch with the public claiming that Diamond’s son with Zari is not his, rather belongs to the late Ivan who is the father of Zari’s three sons

Diamond and Zari

The latest talk in town hints that the two might consider getting back together, after photos of Diamond’s manager Babu Tale was spotted visiting Zari a few weeks ago, leaving the public with many questions.

My question to you ladies is, Would you get back with your ex or your baby daddy after breaking up?

Kenya celebrities such as Rubadiri, Avril, J blessing, Dj Pierra Makena, Nicah The Queen have been brave enough to walk away from their relationship, but would they ever consider going back?

Gospel singer Ringtone tells Zari not take take Diamond Platnumz back

Matters of the heart are a complicated affair for the fact that one might swear never to get back with their Ex for different reasons ranging from physical abuse, sexual abuse, infidelity or even irresponsibility but always find themselves back together.

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They Crossed the Line: Pierra Makena gets emotional about battling depression after cyber bullying

Kenyans are savage. They’re keyboard warriors and of late they’ve been trolling celebrities. Body shaming has become the order of the day on social media and that’s why most celebs rarely post their pics or children’s for fear of being attacked.

Pierra Makena, Jimmy Gait, Akothee, Janet Mbugua and Willis Raburu are easy targets who’ve been trolled severally online. This has forced gospel singer Jimmy Gait to do something to save Kenyans from cyberbullying.

He recently started Hisia Campaign after he was cyberbullied and went into depression.  Hisia Campaign is an initiative that is against cyberbullying going by the motto Kabla u-click fikiria.

Well, Pierra Makena was among those who attended the Hisia Campaign and she broke down in tears while narrating what she has gone through in the hands of cyber bullies.

Pierra Makena

Pierra has been struggling with weight loss after giving birth and she has been cyberbullied over her looks with many insulting her.

“After I gave birth I was going through depression and my weight was not adding up. My doctor insisted that I eat more because I needed to gain weight. I woke up one morning and I was 64 kilograms, you have no idea how that felt. So when somebody posts on social media how I looked terrible with my weight it broke me down,” said Makena

Not so long ago, a Kenyan woman by the name Saumu took to social media to insult Pierra claiming that ‘a fat DJ is a no no’.


This left the mother of one heartbroken and she says she felt like responding but then, she thought about the consequences.

“So for someone to wake up and say That I look terrible with my new weight, at first I took my phone and hurled insults. I picked all the F-words, N-words and all words that you would never want to use in front of a baby. Them I deleted them. I realized I need to think before I click and ever react to anything.”

Pierra Makena

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Pierra Makena shows off improved figure in body hugging tights

Pierra Makena has been engaged in many fights this year. From her back and forth with Mishi Dorah to her weight gain.

Let us not forget that the DJ gave birth to a baby in 2016 and most likely would have gained some baby fat. She gained so much weight that her doctor advised her to lose some of it for her own sake.

Pierra Makena
After her weight gain

Mishi Dorah was not one to mince words as she spoke some unflattering words about Pierra’s body. Her Instagram post was later deleted but all the criticism must have had an effect on her as she proclaimed that she would diligently hit the gym.

Pierra Makena
In her glorious past

Yesterday she decided to release some photos showing off her new and improved body. The snaps seen by Mpasho.co.ke were published on her Instagram account on Sunday, May 27.

The pictures show Pierra in figure-hugging gym-wear that shows that she has lost weight. Me, I don’t see it. With figure shapers dominating the market and men being lied to constantly, I think this may be a figure-shaper.

Pierra Makena
Her Instagram post

Yes, I am being cynical but for one to realistically see some weight loss one has to show a before and after in nearly similar attire. This is to avoid the impression of angles, colours or types of clothes that may flatter the body.

Pierra Makena
Pierra Makena

My argument is pretty simple. I think she may be wearing shape-wear. The style is called mid-waist shorts. This style goes from about mid waist to the upper thighs, butt and lower abdominals. It will help to hug everything in. This style works well with not only dresses, but hip-hugging style pants as well.

The figure shaper
An example of the figure shaper

So what do you think?

Dj Pierra Makena’s message on single motherhood

Pierra Makena’s Instagram account got hacked but rather than quit social media altogether, she went ahead to open a new account and keep updating her fans on her life, all thanks to the gratitude she has for the major support they gave her while she was away. Pierra already has 255 plus thousand followers, clearly her fans love her.

Dj Pierra

Rumours about her baby daddy have been making hits ever since we knew she was pregnant. She has never revealed his name or face, all we know is that she is a single parent and that she likes it.

Piera Makena

She took to her social media stating that she never thought she would fight and conquer the journey of being a single mother. Despite being a single mother, Pierra says the best decision she ever made in life was having the baby as it changed her for the best (clearly from her gorgeous body) and she is the woman she has always wanted to be.

Pierra Makena

My baby is all grown.. We can comfortably snap a selfie without drama.having this baby was the best decision I ever made…she has changed me and made me a woman I have always wanted to be..never thought I’d make it as a single mom.. but Hey…Look at me now (Chris Brown voice & dance)

Well to you single mothers who think that the journey ahead will be a tough one, read and learn from Pierra’s amazing victory message.

Was DJ Pierra Married To Kriss Darlin? Here’s What She Said

DJ Pierra has been in the entertainment industry for over 17 years, but no one has ever claimed – publicly – that she is her bae. She reiterated this on her recent appearance on Tonight Live with Doctor Ofweneke, where she came to clear the air about her involvement with fellow DJ Kriss Darlin.

“Tell you what, I DJ in Vegas every beginning of the year. This time we were with Kriss Darlin. It can get very boring there, but when you meet Kenyans you know…” she said before Ofweneke cracked a joke, alluding to the possibility that she got bored and decided to get married.

Pierra then defended herself, setting the record straight.

“No, you look for Kenyans, you hang out. Actually, that was the first time I was playing in Vegas. He’s been there many times. I held on to him and I was like, ‘show me around, take me around.’ I was really running after Kriss Darlin. He took me to a huge Casino. We have this small chapel where people do weddings. So, I was like, why don’t we pretend, tuchoche media kidogo. Jifanye unapropose,” she added.

I like my new butt and boobs: Dj Pierra Makena

It was then she posted a photo of Kriss proposing to him and captioned it, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Having revealed this, it is now clear that the two were never married. It was just a publicity stunt! See, this is how come celebs fool us. Watch for yourself:

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Dj Pierra Makena perfectly shuts down body shaming fan

Being a celebrity is one tough job. Even if you try to keep your private life away from the limelight, the public will always find a way to meddle in your affairs.

Well, popular DJ-cum TV presenter Pierra Makena is a victim of body shaming and recently one of her followers called her ‘fat’. The mother of one, who gave birth last year, has gained weight and she is looking fabulous but according to some people, she needs to shed some kilos.

Pierra Makena

A few months ago, she replied to a body shaming article that was published in the Pulse magazine and she said;


A Kenyan woman by the name Saumu took to social media to insult Pierra claiming that ‘a fat DJ is a no no’.

“Si kwa ubaya but honey you taking too long to get back into shape, You’re a role model out here. girls will think it’s ok to get a baby na wajiachilie. Instead of buying bigger size clothes get your body back. All with love. A fat DJ is a no no love,” read Saumu’s comment.

The well-endowed spinmaster was left speechless and she shared a screenshot on her Instagram asking fans what she should tell the lady who body shammed her.

“What should I tell this young lady? (Saumu),” wrote Makena.”

Check out reactions from Pierra Makena’s followers

Djkrowbar: I have gotten a share of those ones like three years back. I know that feeling. I get where they are coming from. As a public figure, the public thinks they know you and understand you and as a result of the media stereotyping women who are celebrities should look a certain way. The viewers pick it and run with it copy pasting it on every public figure. Thus such comments, and to your surprise just like I was surprised they have good intentions it’s a poor choice of words. On the other end, you as a person just like any human being you are evolving and have actually mentioned it. You love the new you. Such is the world we live in.

Sarina: You lose the baby fat at your own time Pierra Makena , people like Saumu have very little accomplishments and they feel the need to poke into people’s business .. Such low life’s who think humans can only be defined by body shape . A woman is much more than that . That said can’t stop and throw stones at every dog that barks ..

Junior: Nani alisema kukonda ndio urembo…? You look way much great. The curves 😍😍😍to die for..

Lyne: You are still beautiful body doesn’t describe someone as long as am happy with who I am that’s all matters we love you the way you are

Chris: Pierra Makena when they go low… go high.. kill her with kindness!

Okello: Pierra Makena don’t respond to every attack in your life… They will drag you behind… You need to keep moving gal

Jisty: Body shaming people is wrong. Let people be comfortable in their own skin. If you don’t like her body size unfollow her. Let people be body shaming affects people’s self esteem and it is wrong. Complain if you are her man. If not..jipe shughuli..

Halima: Pierra don’t stress she a heifer. YOU are a beautiful woman. Tell her to be the eff role model she imagines. Much love and respect

Here are latest photos of DJ Pierra Makena


Pierra Makena


Pierra Makena


Pierra Makena


Pierra Makena


Pierra Makena

Photo Of DJ Pierra Makena Before Fame And Money Surfaces

Pierra Makena is without a doubt a superwoman. She is a talented actress, DJ, musician and TV Presenter. The multi-talented presenter, who rose to fame after appearing on Tahidi High program is a well endowed sexy woman.

Pierra Makena

Her gorgeous figure always drives men crazy. Pierra Makena is a mother of one but she has never revealed the father of her child even though rumours have it that DJ Mo is the dad.

Well, an old photo of Pierra Makena back in college when she was still skinny, broke and ashy has surfaced.

Here is the pic

Pierra Makena

Enyewe watu hutoka mbali!

Stop It! DJ Pierra Blasts Body Shamers After They Make Nasty Comments About Her Baby Fat And Curves

Celebrated female deejay Pierra Makena is a proud mother of the cutest baby girl ever, Ricca Pokot, and she’s proud of it.

The entertainer and actress welcomed her bundle of joy back in July 2016, after revealing that she was expecting her first child 9 months before that, but she never talked about the father.


However, recently, Pierra revealed that she is co-parenting well with the baby daddy though they are not together because she found out that he was married a few months after she discovered that she was preggers.

Motherhood Joys! Pierra Makena Celebrates Her Daughter’s First BIRTHDAY With The Sweetest Words

She went on to also reveal shocking details of how the man was never there for her when she was pregnant to support her emotionally or even acknowledge her, but that’s in the past now.


DJ Pierra is back on the hustle, to fend for her kid since she is a single mother and proud of it. Other than doing her disk jockey grind, she also landed a TV show deal on Ebru TV.

Is Gospel Singer Bahati Pierra Makena’s Baby Daddy? The Popular DJ Speaks Out

Recently, Pierra went to do what she does best in a Nairobi club and while at it, she showed off her curvy body and thick thighs in a figure-hugging dress, but not everyone was impressed.


A certain fan went on to body shame the lass, with this comment;

dora_kimm; Are you serious😤

However, Pierra Makena didn’t take it lightly and replied with this post; “@dora_kimm more than ever!!!”

Then another fan tried to tell her to cut weight, and it didn’t go well either;

kichuna_marya; Nice one but you should cut off that weight

Pierra decided to clap back with this savage post; “@kichuna_marya why cut????? Does it have anything to do with you????”

Then another guy decided to make her feel bad by telling her to hit the gym;

betnumz; Pierra punguza…gym kiasi yawa…

And as usual, Pierra hit back with no chills; “@betnumz which of my bill will you pay if I do??”

Clearly, Pierra won’t let anyone make her loose her self-esteem because of her baby fat. Go girl.

This Is The Lady Who Motivated Pierra Makena To Become A DJ

Pierra Makena popurlaly known as DJ Pierra has opened up about her journey to being a DJ and even mentioned the one person who motivated her to do her thing.

During a show she hosts alongside Monique, Ella and Brenda Wairimu called Let’s Talk, she revealed that Caroline Mutoko made her believe that she can actually be a successful DJ.

Pierra mak1

The ladies were talking about how happy Caroline was after her daughter graduated and they praised her for being a great mother and even taking up the step to adopt a kid.

‘The Last Thing A Person Should Tell A Mother Is How Bad She Looks’ – Pierra Makena Shuts Down Trolls

While talking about her, Pierra revealed that she’s never talked about it in any interview, but Caroline was the one who motivated her into taking that path seriously.


She said, “When I decided to become a DJ, it was because of Caroline Mutoko, she had a lot to do with it. When I deejayed the first time ever and there was a rumour that Pierra is a DJ, Caroline picked up her phone and called me. She was like “This is Caroline Mutoko” and I thought that it’s a lie. Then I realised this chic is actually serious. Then she’s like “I’d like to meet you for lunch and you have what it takes because it’s different and you should go for it. I’d love to see you on TV and radio”. After that I put on my gear and moved.”

Soon-to-be mommy Jacky Vike blooms on the cover of a magazine With Lynda Nyangweso and DJ Pierra Makena

Who better to feature on the cover of a family magazine than soon-to-be mommy Jacky Vike and new moms Dj Pierra Makena and Kiss Fm’s Lynda Nyangweso?

Dj Pierra and Lynda became first time moms recently while Jacky is yet to deliver her bundle of joy. The three celebrities open up about motherhood in the latest cover of True Love magazine, in a heart-warming interview that will make you want your own bundle of joy.

Lynda and Pierra have been documenting their journey and experiences as new moms on their social media, showing off their babies. Lynda welcomed her baby in June 2016, while Pierra delivered her bundle of joy the following month in July.

Lynda and Pierra have both publicly revealed that motherhood has not been easy, and it will be interesting to see what Jacky has to say once she welcomes her baby into the world.

Here is the amazing cover of the three beauties, that will certainly leave you in awe;






Too Cute: Pierra Makena Finally Shows Her Baby’s Face For The First Time On Her Birthday

Pierra Makena is among the most admired Kenyan female celebrities. She has been in the entertainment industry for years now and she’s clearly proving to be good in her various skills, be it in acting or singing.

She’s also among the most celebrated female DJs in the 254 and has truly made her name a brand.



Last year, DJ Pierra welcomed her daughter Ricca Pokot on the 20th of July 2016, who is actually her first daughter. To date, she has never revealed her baby daddy, but at the same time she’s entitled to her privacy, right?

For the past few months, she decided to give her fans photos of her baby and her journey as a mother, but she has never shown her baby’s face.


Well, if y’all were wondering when she would finally do it, the time has finally arrived. Pierra has finally shared the first photos of her baby girl and she’s quite adorable, pretty, cute, beautiful, you name it. She’s the exact copy of her beautiful mother.

She chose the prefect time to finally unveil her face, as she is also celebrating her birthday today. What a smooth way. She started by giving snippets of blurred photos with the writings, “Someone really wants to say hi.”


She took to social media to express the joy Ricca brings to her life and that she’s her best gift so far.

She wrote, “I have always bought myself a gift for my birthday. .I have received many.. but none can compare to this gift of my baby girl.. the love is real and she has brought true joy into my life.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.”

Happy Birthday DJ Pierra.

Here’s the first photo of baby Ricca Pokot’s face;