Exclusive: ‘My labour pains came at 11 weeks before I miscarried’ – Size 8

Gospel artiste Size 8 has opened up on what transpired on the day she suffered a miscarriage after weeks of pregnancy speculations.

In a past interview her husband DJ MO had opened up on the pregnancy stating that is wife was five weeks pregnant at the time.

“My wife was five weeks pregnant before the miscarriage.

Miscarriage can be caused by so many things, like stress. Others may fail to adjust with the body, but we are doing well. If you love each other, that is a small thing.

All you need is to encourage each other and it passes,”

‘My married lover is cheating on me with someone else,’ cries city woman


‘I’ve cried and asked God so many questions’ Size 8 on her miscarriage

Speaking about her miscarriage during an interview on a local radio station Size 8 says

“I went to the hospital when I was a few weeks to see the doctor and he told me I have a problem. I cried first then went home.”

When the doctor broke the news to her, Size 8 thought, it would be well given that her pregnancy with Ladasha had been complicated but she pulled through.

“Just like i suffered during my first pregnancy with wambo, i thought God will help me through the second pregnancy.

So i said it will be hard for a while and then i will have a successful delivery of my second baby. “

Size 8 during her first pregnancy

‘I got infected after my miscarriage, I am on medication’ Size 8 opens up

“When i was 11 weeks pregnant, i had labor pains, I was asking myself how can this be in labor and i am only 11 weeks in. 

In the evening is when i started bleeding, i was so scared,then i called DJ Mo crying.”

Just when she thought she would get through the second pregnancy, the doctor broke the news that it was not possible.

“But that was not the case because the pregnancy was already destroyed. i cried so much. knowing i served the lord alot,  how can this happen to me?”

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‘My husband never cheated on me’ Size 8 finally addresses infidelity rumor

Size 8 has finally addressed the allegations that had been going round that her husband is cheating on her months ago leaving many in shock.

This is after several photos of DJ MO and his Cross Over co -host Grace Ekirapa started doing rounds online leaving many speculating that there was more than meets the eye.

‘I only had 6000 during my wife’s ruracio,that’s what I gave’ Admits Njugush


Speaking about it during an interview heard by Classic 105 Size 8 say those were nothing but rumors.

“Getting saved was a danger to my job as an artiste because my fans were not used to my gospel songs

I locked myself up in the house for at least two weeks because i thought i was the queen of sin.”

Size 8

DJ Mo has been a very supportive man – from what we see on social media – in their marriage, and despite all that, rumors have been circulating that he might just have been cheating on Size 8.

“It’s not true. my husband has never stepped out of our marriage. those are just rumors from people.”

So much has been going on in Size 8’s life, not only the rumors but also losing her unborn child.

Media personality Betty Opondo in mourning after son collapses and dies

It has not been an easy journey and in her new song, ‘Nitembe Na Wewe’ she confesses that it is her prayer this new year.

“My everyday prayer is to walk with God at all times whether i have or not. My heart’s desire is you oh Lord.”

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‘I give Up’ DJ Mo finally speaks on DK Kwenye Beat Drama

By now, it’s evident that DK Kwenye Beat is not a favourite to many after he was accused of rape and infecting a 20 year old with Herpes, something he hasn’t confirmed if he indeed infected her.

dk kwenye beat

Well DJ Mo has finally spoken about the matter. Xtian Dela put up an audio on Twitter and one can hear DK saying,

“Huyo si underage…si ako na ID? (She is not underage, does she not have an ID?”

He continued,

“Ka ingekua rape case, dame ange enda kureport. (If it was a rape case then the lady would have gone to report it).”


“Where is the evidence?”

dj mo

DJ Mo told Xtian Dela that he did not know that DK had said something like, and he has decided to distance himself from him.

‘It’s the devil that is following the ministers’ DK Kwenye Beat defends himself

This is mostly because of an audio where DK Kwenye Beat is bragging that the 20-year-old college student was not underage and what they did was not wrong.

” I give up…I didn’t know this –Xtian you are aware wife is talking to the lady and she is getting better … after this, I give up… “

dj mo

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‘I’ve cried and asked God so many questions’ Size 8 on her miscarriage

Gospel mix master DJ Mo has opened up on how he coped after his wife Size 8 lost their unborn child, through a miscarriage last year.

Speaking to Word Is, Mo said that it is hard to understand what the problem was

“My wife was five weeks pregnant before the miscarriage,” DJ Mo told Word Is on Friday.

Miscarriage can be caused by so many things, like stress. Others may fail to adjust with the body, but we are doing well. If you love each other, that is a small thing.

All you need is to encourage each other and it passes,”

Size 8 with her hubby DJ MO
Size 8 with her hubby DJ MO

“They pretend to celebrate you when you die, yet don’t celebrate you when alive’ Tedd Josiah blasts Kenyans as they mourn Bruce Odhiambo

A few weeks before, there were speculations that Size 8 was pregnant. Fans sent her congratulatory message on photos she posted with a baby bump showing.

Size 8 enjoying some time with her daughter Ladasha and hubby DJ Mo
Size 8 enjoying some time with her daughter Ladasha and hubby DJ Mo

‘If I say I want 18 children that’s it, it’s not negotiable.” Brags city man (Audio)

“I will not deny nor confirm, but let us wait and see, time will tell,” she said in an interview with Word Is.

Well, the singer came out and announced that she was indeed pregnant but she lost the baby, and has gone through a lot of pain following the miscarriage.

“Rumours were in many blogs that I was pregnant but I never did really confirm it because it was a battle all the way, so I just wanted to go with the fight privately. But God decided the best lane for me and I lost the pregnancy juzi. To be honest I’ve cried and asked God so many questions. I have given my husband stress. He is trying to make me be okay,” Size 8 said.

Size 8
Size 8

DJ Mo said his wife is fine and already back to work.

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From Uhuru Kenyatta to DJ Mo, here are the best dads of 2018

When it comes to being a celebrity juggling your private and public life is never easy, but to some celebrities it seems they have mastered the art of managing both sides. Different male celebrities have made sure that their kids have the very best and also when it comes to the public’s eye, they haven’t been exposed as much.

1. Uhuru Kenyatta


The President of the republic of Kenya has always ensured the kids at least stay away from the public’s eye. Even though at times they are seen making public appearances during important meetings, events and also at times while having a time of their lives.

2. Shaffie Weru



Famous Kiss 100 presenter Shaffie also has been seen being a good father. He loves taking pictures with her daughters and is also seen going all the way and beyond for his daughters. He deserves all the respect because being a father ain’t as easy as one may think.

3. Collins Injera


Well known rugby player Injera always seems to have joy when he is with her kids. As tough as he may seem in the field he is always there for his adorable family. He has scored the second highest number of tries ever in the World Rugby Sevens Series.

4. Nameless


Famous musician Nameless is never afraid of showing off the love he has for his daughters. He is usually seen posting pictures of them together and also embracing them as a father and even though he posts pictures he still tries to ensure they are safe.

5. Eric Wainaina


Talented Kenyan Singer and Songwriter has also ensured that he takes care of his family by trying not to put them all out there.

6. Chef Ali Said Manthry


Father, Husband, Model, TV personality, face of Chevrolet, Coastal Cuisine Ambassador is also among the fathers who have ensured their kid is out of the public’s eye.

7. DJ Moh


Well known Dj who is married to famous gospel artist size 8 has always shown what his daughter means to him. By taking and posting many pictures together and been seen going for outings together shows how much he loves the daughter.

Even though the daughter is well known to the public because of being featured in different advertisements.

Meet the Kenyan celebrity kids you didn’t know had famous parents

It is one thing to have famous parent(s) but it is also another thing to live up to their expectations. This famous parents have however started to coach their children according to the paths their children want and it has clearly bore fruits as we see their children excelling in their own industry.

Below are some of the celebrity kids you didn’t know had famous parents,

1. Lupita

She is a natural treasure to the country and an inspiration to young actors in the Kenyan industry. Despite the fact that she is a Hollywood star, her father is Anyang’ Nyong’o, the current Governor of Kisumu County


Kenyan female celebrities who are single and still look hot

2. Joy Ohon

We know her from Machachari as the beautiful baby sister. Other than that, her mother is the beautiful Rosy Ohon, Recording and performing gospel artist.


3. Ladasha

She is the daughter to Size 8 and DJ Mo. At a very young age, she has already started appearing on our TV screens in Advertisements like the Softcare pampers commercial.



4. Keepitreal favour Dydda and Amblessed Wisdom Dydda.

They are the children to Eko Dydda and Galia. They are upcoming gospel hip hop artists who are doing quite well at a young age.

5. Celine Dion aka Baby Rue

Akothee’s daughter, baby rue has started her modelling career at a very high note with endorsement deals with Nivea and even being part of the models at the 8th edition of the JW show.


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Perfect match! These Kenyan TV show hosts look good together!

These television hosts on screen TV chemistry has caught the attention of KOT.

They work together so well that they always leave their viewers asking for more.

Here are some of the TV show hosts that look good together,

1. Grace Ekirapa and DJ Mo

The two host a gospel show known as Crossover 101 every Sunday on NTV Kenya 9am-1pm.


Feel old yet! Here are Machachari kids all grown up (photos)

2. Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows

These two have been making headlines on TV because their chemistry is quite admirable. They are hosts of NTV tonight News from 9pm


3. Lulu hassan and Rashid abdalla

Here is something we don’t see every day. The two are very much married and with kids therefore their chemistry comes naturally. They host Citizen Nipashe Wikendi.


4. Martin Kimathi and Tracy Wanjiru

They have worked together for a while and have become good friends over time. They host Teen Republik that airs every Saturday from 11am to 1pm only on NTV.


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Kenyan celebrities who drive the most expensive and luxurious cars (photos)

Kenyan celebrities are out here proving that their hard work is truly paying off.

We see them hustle everyday entertaining us and at the end of the day, they go back home in their luxurious cars. Some of these celebrities are not shy about posting their cars on social media.

These are some of the celebrities who own luxurious cars.

1. Diana Marua


International celebrities who have visited Kenya in 2018 (Photos)

2. DJ Mo


3. Otile Brown


4. Akothee


5. Anerlisa Muigai


5. Hon. Jaguar


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Top 10 Kenyan celebrity Dads we admire (photos)

In Kenya, not many Dads show off their children or family on social media. Some even prefer to keep that part of their life private.

However, these are some of the Kenyan celebrity fathers who don’t mind showing off their family and giving advice to their followers and with the look of things, fatherhood is going quite well with them.

Some of them include,

1. Timothy Kimani aka blessed Njugush and baby Tugi


2. Nameless and his baby girls, Tumiso and Kio


Male celebrities in the Gospel industry who are driving women crazy(photos)

3. DJ Mo and baby Ladasha


4. Madtraxx and baby Malaika


5. Octopizzo and with Tracy, Zara and Frederick.


‘You made me smile when the world left me shattered’ pens Ben Kitili’s newly wedded wife

6. DJ Moz and his daughters Zara and Alba


7. DJ Soxxy and his first born daughter Eliana and last born son Ethan


8. Frankie just gym it and his sons Alex and Kai


9. Robert Burale and Daughter Lexie


10. Ted Josiah and Baby Jay Jay

Ted Josiah- Zumi


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Male celebrities in the Gospel industry who are driving women crazy (photos)

The Gospel industry in Kenya is growing and as days pass, we see more secular celebrities getting saved and investing their time in the gospel industry. Away from that, we have male celebrities in the gospel industry whose look are always looking sharp and are out here driving women crazy.

Some of this celebrities include,

1. Robert Burale

He wears many hats, among which are ministering the Gospel and is the CEO of the RB company.


‘Some kids are s#xually abused by people known to them during sleep overs BE VERY VIGILANT’ says Pastor Robert Burale

2. Holy Dave

He is a gospel Hip hop artist and recently found a new career as a TV presenter in the Citizen TV Kumbamba show.


3. Dj Sadic

He is Kenyan Gospel DJ and Music Executive. He is also part of the genius entertainment group.


4. Kris Erroh

He is an award winning Gospel musician. His talent has seen him win the groove award for 4 years.


5. DJ Mo

He is an award winning Gospel DJ and the DJ/co-host of the Crossover show that airs every Sunday morning on NTV.


6. Hope Kid

He is an award winning Gospel artist. His music is quite unique as his genre is more of dancehall which is the new wave of the music industry in Kenya currently.


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‘I am alive to see this happen,’ Size 8 celebrates as her daughter turns 3

Size 8 is one of the Kenyan celebrities who is not shy to put or talk about her family on social media. The gospel artist took to Instagram to celebrate her daughter as she turns 3 years old today. This is what she had to say.

‘Ohhhhhh Happy day glory be to God HALLELUJAH my daughter ladashabelle is 3 years today.

Waaaaappppiiiii shangwe na vigelegele Kwa Yesu.

Am alive to see this happen.

ohhhhhh Satan how you have lost. Happy birthday my princes 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩😘😘😘😊😊😊’

Kenyan celebrity couples who have children from previous relationships (photos)

In the past, Size 8 also took it to instagram to celebrate the growth of her daughter considering the fact that she had complications during her pregnancy and almost lost her daughter.


Ladasha’s father and Size 8’s husband also took it to Instagram to celebrate this day by writing a very memorable post saying,

‘Happy birthday my cute little one. ladashabelle ,
Today MY wish is to put the smiles on your face that you always put on mine &mummy .
Just the other day I held you for the first time ukiwa so tiny, now see what God can do ,you have become super beautiful , Gorgeous and you are just nuclear awesomeness

A day like this you made me get a new name (Daddy) . Today is the birthday of the most amazing, smart, beautiful girl in the world. My daughter! Happy birthday sweetheart.
Mummy size8reborn & I love you too much .
Today be ready – to have fun.’

Below are pictures of the adorable 3 year old, Ladasha Wambui Muraya,




‘No one said it’s gonna be easy, but it’s worth it,’ Bridget Achieng unveils baby’s gender








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‘Mimi nishai pack,’ Size 8 talks about life with DJ Mo after rocky patch

Despite all the troubles that has been rocking their marriage, gospel artiste Size 8 is a happily married woman.

The damsel who is married to gospel spin master  DJ Mo took to her Instagram to celebrate him on their fifth wedding anniversary in the post below.

“Wow what can I say to you father Lord but publicly praise you thank you glorify your holy name for such blessings in my life am celebrating 5 years of marriage just because of you. It is not the work of flesh but by your excess love through your son Jesus Christ and your mighty power I’ve such amazing memories. I can testify of such a miracle. To you ohh Lord be all the glory. Thank you for blessing me with the best husband heaven can produce for me @djmokenya . May this our marriage be your instrument to encourage others who have lost hope in marriage that you are still able to perform miracles and that they should believe against all that you can rescue their marriages…………
To you my husband @djmokenya I soooo love you and thank you for loving me back 😍😍😍 #5thanniversary #themurayas #Godisstillworkingmiracles”

DJ MO with wife Size 8 Reborn
DJ MO with wife Size 8 Reborn

In an interview on The Wicked Edition, they revealed things we didn’t know happened yet you thought social media tells you everything about their lives.

The topic was about marriage and Dr. King’ori asked them about their six years in marriage and what they’ve learnt. He went ahead to ask them if they’ve ever reached a point that they wanted to quit their marriage, and Size 8 went ahead and quickly said,

“Eeeh. Mimi nishai pack.”

‘Babe mbona sasa tulipe rent mbili’ Men expose lies women tell so as to move in together

Dr. King’ori wanting to know why she packed, DJ Mo went ahead to reveal that she left because they had a disagreement that led to the move.

“What happened was this one time tumedisagree alafu tumeletana juu mimi nimetoka nimeenda town nimeenda shughuli zangu alafu jioni mimi nakuta nyumba iko sawa lakini kuna nguo sioni hapo zake. Nguo zake haziko hapo sijui kwanini akaishia alafu sikujua ameenda wapi akaenda akazima simu. So apparently akaenda akakomboa nyumba somewhere na akaanza kuishi na akalipa two months. Mimi nilimtafuta for almost a week.”

He went on to reveal that their was another time they had a disagreement and he drove off, but he decided to go back home and they talked about the issue.

View this post on Instagram

Wow what can I say to you father Lord but publicly praise you thank you glorify your holy name for such blessings in my life am celebrating 5 years of marriage just because of you. It is not the work of flesh but by your excess love through your son Jesus Christ and your mighty power I've such amazing memories. I can testify of such a miracle. To you ohh Lord be all the glory. Thank you for blessing me with the best husband heaven can produce for me @djmokenya . May this our marriage be your instrument to encourage others who have lost hope in marriage that you are still able to perform miracles and that they should believe against all that you can rescue their marriages………… To you my husband @djmokenya I soooo love you and thank you for loving me back 😍😍😍 #5thanniversary #themurayas #Godisstillworkingmiracles

A post shared by Size 8 Reborn (@size8reborn) on

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Size 8, Dj Mo and other Kenyan celebrities you did not know had siblings

Many celebrities do not like showing their siblings and family to the public due to reasons like security. However, a few have shown their siblings and here is a few of them.

1. DJ Mo


The famous Kenyan DJ has two sisters Tabitha the other Virginia and has a brother known as Patrick which many people did not know.






2. Size 8


The gospel singer and wife to DJ Mo has two sisters who one is  a DJ. She is popularly known as DJ 7 but her real name is Mary Munyali.




3.Anita Nderu


The famous media personality Anita who works at capital FM also has a sibling. Her sister Vanessa Nderu shows that beauty really does run in the family.




4.Victoria Kimani


The popular female artist has a brother known as Bamboo whose real name is Simon Kimani is also in the music industry. It seems that the two were truly born for music .




5. Savara Mudigi


The Sauti sol member also has a brother who is known as Hilary Mudigi.



He is quite tall compared to Savara, it seems like he took all the genes for height.

‘That gesture made a whole difference in my life’Abe Mutua Celebrates DJ MO for helping him when others turned their backs on him.

Its not everyday that people take the chance to thank those who stood by them when they were raising up but Abel Mutua is doing that and we are impressed.

He took to his social media platform to thank celebrated spinmaster DJ MO for standing by him.

He says;

“Allow me to break the norm and start with the gentleman. In 2009 Churchill did a Comic Search reality show called Top Comic. The winner was to walk away with a DMax and a TV contract. We were six finalists by the end of the season. One winner was to come from us. We decided everyone gets a piece of it so we agreed that the winner would be the face of the new Tv show and the other five would be his support cast. My good friend @oyoo_geoffrey scooped the prize but because of a few understandable reasons, the contract never came through. So we had to do it by ourselves by shooting a pilot. Did we have the money? Ngumu!!!!”

dj mo cover pic

He further goes on to narrate how DJ MO came through for him at his hour of need something he will forever be grateful for.

“So we started asking for Favours left right and Centre. That’s when I met this gentleman @djmokenya FOR THE FIRST TIME. I told him that we needed sound since it was a comedy gig but we had no money at all. Mo did not even ask for transport money. He transported his equipment to location, did the set up, played for us during the entire gig, and was the last one to leave the venue after everyone had left. We never gave him a single dime. I owe you one my brother. Almost a decade down the line but that gesture made a whole difference in my life. God bless you manze. Fast forward to four years later in May of 2013. The comedy we were trying had finally bore fruit. We landed a gig on KTN called Hapa Kule News. The pilot Episode was watched by around 10 executive members at KTN. 9 of them didn’t like it at all. Only 1 pushed it to go on air. And it really sucked when it did. I remember one of my favorite rappers @labalaamakau wrote on my Twitter ‘This show is crap’. 51 times. Iza jo brathe, ilikuwa ndio tunaanza tu. 😂😂😂.”

He concludes

“So the pressure to impress on Ep 2 was real. So we needed to have a guest star who wd make an impact so that we cd drive traffic to the show. All the bigwigs we talked to turned us down. Until someone suggested @size8reborn. She was a heavyweight at the time as well,but she never pulled a diva moment on us even after making her sit on a stone. She made us shine! Shukran!!! Because of your heart, Your family is blessed mamaa. Mbali ndio mnaenda. Barikiweni sana. Oh and that Ep 2 Killed it!!! 😂😂😂😂”

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Meet the most celebrated DJ’s in Kenya and their kids: Photos

DJ’s play a great role in entertaining us during giggs but most of us to do not take into consideration that some of them are parents who also need time to spend with their kids.

We look at some of the Kenyan spin masters and their kids

1. DJ Mo

Commonly known as Baba Ladasha, the gospel spin master is among Kenyan DJ’s who are parents. He is married to gospel artiste Size 8 reborn and they only have one child, Ladasha Wambui.


Meet Jaguar’s baby mama and their first-born daughter Tamara – Photos

2. Creme De la Creme

Dj creme is a proud father of two and his wife is expectant with their third child.


3. DJ Soxxy

The gospel spin master is a father of two adorable kids whom he considers ‘miracle babies’ given that his wife had to battle with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which made it difficult for her to get pregnant.


‘We are 10 Days away from what would have been our 6th Anniversary’ Dan Sonko emotionally pens as he remembers his late wife Dru Sonko

4. DJ Kalonje

Dj Kalonje is a house hold name. His mixes are loved by both the young and the old and he is a doting father to kids whom he refers to as his strength.

Kalonje with his kids

5. Pierra Makena

Pierra is among the top female spin masters in Kenya, having created herself in an industry majorly dominated by men. She is a mother to one.

Pierra Makena with her daughter

6. Dj Krowbar

Krowbar who is a gospel DJ is a proud father to two beautiful girls

Krowbar with his daughters

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‘Thank you babe for being in my life’ DJ Mo celebrates Size 8 on her birthday

DJ Mo has every reason to celebrate today not only because its his wife birthday but because its 5 years since they became a family.

The two who are celebrities in the own rights are among the most followed celebrity couple in Kenya alongside Wahu  and  Nameless and  Janet Mbugua alongside hubby Eddie Ndichu.

‘I didn’t like doing it but I had to survive’ Otile Brown on selling chang’aa

The gospel spin master DJ MO took to social  media to celebrate his beautiful wife with this beautiful message.

“A day like this few years ago a beautiful Queen was born ,few years later I met her and now it’s been 5 years , thank you babe for being in my life ,you have been the best , most understanding , focused , God loving and i have learnt a lot from you . Thank you for being the best Mum to my daughter @ladashabelle .May God bless you ,spoil you with His blessings. Love you @size8reborn
and let the party begin 😍
Happy birthday wifeyyyyyyyyyyy”


Tedd Josiah sadly narrates the last thing his wife did before passing away

His fans also took the opportunity to help baba Wambu celebrate his wife with beautiful birthday wishes below
princess_neemahHappy birthday Linet😍
jwangeshiHappy birthday Size 8
jaywanjiku15Happiest birthday Queen.
carol.kena.7Happy birthday 🎂
officiallyenole_kisotuHappy birthday @size8reborn
catelyn_ciruHappy birthday @size8reborn ….. enjoy and rejoice in the Lord….
lomugunHappy birthday queen 👑
dianahmumbuaHappy Birthday size8reborn 🎉🎉🎊🎊
remmey_muthoniHappy Born Day @size8reborn,, it’s your day have a blast
jennifermwakibete49woow happy birthday my queen long life to u Mumy 🍾🥂🍸🍷🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🍷🍷🍸🍸🍹🍩🥂🍾
mpweety_cortezWow wow she shares bday with my son…Happy happiest bday to her

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DJ Mo opens up about baby number two

Just recently fans questioned gospel artiste Size 8 reborn on when she is going to get a sibling for Ladasha after she posted a post praising her hubby.

The message (below) elicited different reactions from Kenyans. Dj Mo has answered that question.

Kwani zimetolewa hewa?Fans troll Vera Sidika after posting this photo

Below is the post by Size 8, which made her fans question when the baby is coming.

“Swity @djmokenya its not a must for you to be there for @ladashabellefor that i say thank. And to you my God every minute wambo spends with her father Lord i thank you i dont take it for granted. And to all the fathers out there who are there for their kids but nobody seems to appreciate heaven is looking down on you smiling.

Go on fight on its not easy at times but you are doing Gods work. To those who are not there for their kids its never to late to start the journey don’t feel condemned God can help you start. #celebratingdads………… again i repeat to all dads out there God bless you 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗”

size 8


Second born anakuja lini? Fan questions Size 8 after writing an open letter to men

One comment by her followers (below) is what caught the attention of many and in a question and answer session on his instagram page, DJ Mo gave the curious fan the answer he was dying to hear and we must say it has left us with more questions than answers.

[email protected] … Second born anakuja lini 🤔🤔


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Second born anakuja lini? Fan questions Size 8 after writing an open letter to men

DJ Mo is not only a celebrated spin-master but also a husband to Size 8 Reborn and a dad to a beautiful girl Ladasha Wambui, who is the apple of her fathers eye.

His wife gospel artiste Size 8 reborn is a lucky woman to have him, as he takes his role and responsibilities seriously, something that is no longer common nowadays with most men running away from their responsibilities.


She took to his Instagram to celebrate him and thank him and other fathers out there who are taking their roles seriously. She wrote

“Swity @djmokenya its not a must for you to be there for @ladashabellefor that i say thank. And to you my God every minute wambo spends with her father Lord i thank you i dont take it for granted. And to all the fathers out there who are there for their kids but nobody seems to appreciate heaven is looking down on you smiling.


Go on fight on its not easy at times but you are doing Gods work. To those who are not there for their kids its never to late to start the journey don’t feel condemned God can help you start. #celebratingdads………… again i repeat to all dads out there God bless you 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗”

Sorry guys Avril is off the market after this secret proposal by her new bae

Her fans seem to agree with her sentiments, inspite of the reality facing them. Read through their comments;

annemuthonimbaabu…I believe a father should be there for their kids likewise to the mother and to those believe they shouldn’t unless they are pampered Nothing goes unpunished congratulations to all genuinely real and present dads may God bless them

[email protected] … Second born anakuja lini 🤔🤔

[email protected]….. i think it is a must for a dad to be present. Its a mandate that has been bestowed upon him by God..it’s not a favor that they do to the kid.

jacque_njeri…I feel like your message means that fathers being there for their kids is doing a favour to the mothers….No I disagree.they should be there and telling them that it is not easy is way wrong.who said it is easy for the mothers?Today I disagree.Men should man up and raise their kids.They are not doing any favour to nobody…

Ladasha Wambui

How to successfully co-parent according to Akothee

chelsybolt…Sasa wengine Wetu…hata baba yuko lakini hajali…sometimes I regret BT navumilia too

chege_margaret…Sometimes you talk too much aki, good message though

[email protected] …ur a lucky woman.i have a big heart bt my God loves me.#singlemumof2

Unlike other kids her age, Ladasha lives her life in the limelight because of her parents celebrity status, and she is likely to end up with the same status as well.

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