Size 8’s daughter’s Instagram account hacked, parents reveal


DJ Mo and Size 8 lost access to their daughter’s Instagram page last week. Ladasha’s page had more than 300,000 subscribers.

Speaking to Word Is on Tuesday, Mo said their daughter had started earning from the page as she had endorsed some goods, including clothes and shoes.

“Apart from earning from the page, as parents, we wanted the page to be her album where we can store photos for our daughter,” he said.


Ladasha’s page is the first celebrity page in Kenya to be hacked. DJ Mo made the news public, saying they were trying to get the hacker.

“IG account is nothing. The good thing is there is nothing major they can do with it so long as they have deleted everything,” he said.


Mo said they have a backup of the photos.

“Even when our secondborn comes, we will open a page for them because I don’t see any difference in opening a page for your child and posting them on your page,” he said.

Mo said it is good to create a foundation for your child, especially in this social media generation.

“My daughter is too much in entertainment by the things she does and so we know the page will be useful to her by the time she is 18,” he said.

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Size 8 had been warned not to marry ‘broke’ Dj Mo

Gospel singer Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo are happily married and blessed with one child.

The power couple is one of the most adored around and just like any other marriage, they’ve been through ups and downs.


Taking to her Instagram, Size 8 talked about how many discouraged her from marrying her husband because of her profession.

To my love @djmokenya thank you for this waaaaaaaa na when we got married I was told ” unaolewa na DJ ukule mixtape” walikudharau swity coz that time you hard not made so much progress but now look at what I’ve received from you thank you darling ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍🥰🥰😍🥰😍 I pray to love you the best way possible. Thank you my love,’ she wrote.

Size 8 and DJ Mo

Also read;

She went ahead to encourage DJs not to let anyone look down on them and advised women to stop looking for sponsors and be content with what they have.

To all the djs out there don’t let anyone put you down coz of your profession. Ladies that guy in your life may not be rich now but you never know the future, never dismiss him coz of money or status pray and see him in the spirit coz he might be the future billionaire. Wachana na ma sponsors.

Recently, the couple opened their Friends nail parlor barber business and the Mateke hitmaker said that it was a dream come true.

Size 8 and DJ Mo

Size 8 confessed that at one point she used to borrow weaves from people to shoot her music videos.

God is a God of many wonders…… imagine I got to officially open my own new Nail spa and barber shop on my birthday @friends_nail_parlour_barber … This looks like a dream to me coz just the other day I was borrowing weaves from people so as to shoot my music videos when I started off. Guys look at God who be like God. I will love God and serve Him forever.

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The devil tried to take my life away – Size 8 shockingly reveals

Size 8 and DJ Mo have the type of marriage that inspires many to take the plunge into an increasingly desolate institution. Her life hasn’t been easy but has shown how impactful her marriage to DJ Mo has been to her.

Size 8 with her husband, DJ Mo at dinner with Nameless and Wahu
The singer with her husband, DJ Mo at dinner with Nameless and Wahu

Yesterday, on her birthday, Size 8 revealed how tough the path had been for her to have their daughter, Ladasha Belle. She shared her testimony on her Instagram page. She explained that the devil had nearly taken her life during that period and that’s she has been battling illnesses (which she did not disclose), the past 5 years.

Size 8 smiling
Size 8 smiling

She wrote;

Am alive today and today I celebrate my birthday.

She went on to thank God for taking care of her and keeping her through the difficulties she had during her pregnancy;

Devil angalia hiyo face vizuri Linet Muraya aka mama Wambo is still alive in Jesus name!!!!!!! Let me testify how God has preserved my life, the public may not know this but countless times the devil tried to take my life away. I’ve been battling with sickness for 5 years now and even Wambo @ladashabelle is a miracle.

Size 8 smiling
Size 8 smiling

The ‘Ni Yesu’ hitmaker recently suffered a miscarriage and she advised her followers to seek the kingdom of God first. Her story is one that another celebrity couple might understand with the trials and travails they have gone through.


That couple is former Citizen T.V anchor Julie Gichuru and her husband, Anthony who lost third born baby son Mwaura after the baby choked on pureed food. She disclosed that her husband had been a constant source of support during that period, a trait all great marriages share.

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DJ Mo discloses reason he doesn’t wear his wedding ring

Dj Mo recently opened a new business that will incorporate a carwash, a barbershop and a beauty parlour.

The business is located along Dennis Pritt road, opposite St. Georges girls. During the official opening ceremony, he spoke to us about his life and career.

Dj Mo posing at the NTV studios
Dj Mo posing at the NTV studios

The secret to his marriage lasting he said was putting God first and tolerating each other.

He also warned Christians that marriage isn’t a walk in the park and that they should be real with each other.

And why doesn’t the Dj wear his wedding ring? He confessed;

Because a wedding ring doesn’t really mean anything…o.k it is a symbol of if someone is married. I wear it when I am on going on shows. 1. The rings react with me (maybe an allergic reaction). 2. I don’t believe a person wearing a ring means that they are faithful or it shows that the love is in their heart.

Dj Mo with his family at dinner
Dj Mo with his family at dinner

He admitted that he had tried helping Ringtone get a wife but noted that he isn’t sure whether he was serious about his quest.

Dj Mo was also asked if he had noticed that his daughter Ladasha and Dj Pierra’s daughter looked alike?

Dj Mo with his daughter Ladasha Belle
Dj Mo with his daughter Ladasha Belle

He said tongue in cheek;

Children look alike when they are young and now that they are the children of two Dj’s…

He also added that Pierra’s daughter, Rica Pokot wasn’t his saying that if she was his he would never refuse his own blood.

Dj Pierra with her daughter
Dj Pierra with her daughter

He also emphatically denied that he had ever cheated on Size 8 saying that anyone who believed that should come out to prove that he had cheated.

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Dj Mo brushes off claims he had an affair

Popular decks master DJ Mo has for the first time responded to cheating allegations. Last year, rumours went viral that DJ Mo was cheating on his wife – gospel singer-cum-pastor Size 8 – and that they had parted ways.

‘My husband never cheated on me’ Size 8 finally addresses infidelity rumor

Well, in an exclusive interview with this Classic, DJ Mo rubbished the claims saying:


He also talked about losing their unborn child in December last year and said it was their lowest moments in life.


Advised young people who want to settle down to:

He also talked about losing their unborn child in December last year and said it was their lowest moments in life.



DJ Mo who was part of the invited guests at Daddy Owen’s Malaika Awards foundation, praised the Kapungala singer for impacting the society positively.


Malaika Awards was launched in 2012 by gospel bigwig Daddy own to celebrate people living with disabilities who have gone on to achieve feats that even the able-bodied haven’t.

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Gospel stars advice DJ Mo after he is accused for asking for a bribe

Gospel artistes ad DJ have run to the defense of DJ Mo after upcoming artiste Nexxie called him out for asking for a bribe and not honouring an agreement of pushing his music on air.

“I was promised “a raise to stardom” in a period of two months with consistent airplays on high rotation and exposure through interviews. I lost my mum when I was only 13 years of age, and since then I promised myself to take care of my now aging father and siblings. So when this opportunity came my way, I had to do all I can in order to raise the amount including not paying rent for that month and skipping some meals. To me, it was not just 20,000; it was my whole life,” Nexxie said. 

dkkwenyebeatDK Kwenye Beat who is also mentioned as part of the “Gospel Cartel” who extorted Nexxie also spoken out saying, “NEXXIE Humility means accepting reality with no attempt to outsmart it. @djmokenya You are a mentor who sees more talent and ability within Anyone DESPITE Anything. GOD BLESS YOU.”

Read Nexxie’s allegations here:

DJ Mo ate money for my aging dad and siblings cries upcoming artiste Nexxie

DJ MoDJ Mo claims that Nexxie was used by his detractors to set him up. and that the said Ksh 20,000 was refunded back to Nexxie’s manager.

“Once again, I don’t ask artistes for money to play their music. I and other leading DJs know what ills the Gospel industry and one of them is back handedness where artist will do anything to get airplay whether the music is bad quality or has no message of hope, salvation, Joy and Love as expected by the standards of the faith we stand for. To avoid such traps where I am independent, I do not take money for artists. Period. If money is sent to me so as to push a song on any of my platforms, I refund it. The screenshots above are evidence of that,” DJ MO said.

Here are reactions to the same by gospel artistes and DJs.

xtiandela: It’s sad that the same people you want to help are the same people wanting to bring you down. He wanted fame, let’s give it to him. Let’s see how long he will last. Let’s give him fame on social media and fame at the police station and as well at the courts. It’s high time we stopped such people. I am with you 100% on this!!!

ga_mic: We know your standards @djmokenya you don’t have to defend yourself over cheap malice emanating from and ignorant sycophant…youve raised many and continue to do the same…leave chicks to fly with chicks… You know your lane and speaks for itself… Keep up the gd work and move forward…

mcpricekenya: He has the wrong mindset, his heart yearns for the wrong things. I wonder which deejay will play his music. Ata kama ni kutafuta kiki, kiki hutafutwa na walio inuka kijina,nexxie make a brand before you start playing showbiz games

‘I will not tolerate jokers,’ Mheshimiwa Jaguar revives beef with Babu Owino

nexxievirginia_lyyn: @djmokenya izi vitu ndogo ndogo shouldnt make your anger overreact. He’s only human and we all sin differently so I don’t see why you should address the issue in public like that. Do you gain anything out of it? Do you think this is part of spreading the gospel? Just take it down man. He might have wronged you but don’t let your anger lead you to lay low for such a shallow issue. There’s more to life than this man! We dealing with more serious issues than this.

guardianangelglobal: Nexxie, @djmokenya Has played our music for over 6 years and more to those who came before us we know him dont try to introduce us to him. TABIA MBAYA WEWE!

weezdommusic: It so sad to see upcoming artists wa raundi hii wanataka shortcuts kuinuka… Hawataki kutia bidii hawataki kujituma maze..kutrend tu ndio wanadai…Usijali bro @djmokenya.


djshiti_trhk: Coz nimerealize nikihusle Juu chini ili nivuke Border kama @jaguarkenya wananigeukia please nisign tu nausinilipe kitu.

carolemidecha: Nexie goback to the studio and make music,no matter how long it takes if it’s good utakuwa famous, otherwise ukristo hauna can’t be famous trying to bring other people down.

mrbiz: Sorry by what is the issue here? In my opinion if you come to a professional for advice you should pay and you should expect to be charged. Nothing is free. I commend MO for returning the money but my brother in future if someone comes to you for advice (consultation) please bring out an invoice and charge! You did not work so hard to give away your knowledge for free.

Sitaki mama yangu! Teenager hangs self after being denied chance to live with her dad

nexxie1owinowayne: On a technical note, the cash was sent in July 2017, but refunded in September 2017.

eastafricanbeast: DJ Mo, most of these so called stupid artist don’t even have a talent sorry to say but say the truth and ashamed the devil this cheap artist think we woke up and made a name haha shame upon them tunawapatia another 20 years try and become and let’s wait and see personally DJ MO was the first mentor DJ to hold my hand so its such a shame to artist who go around turninshing peoples names for cheap amounts 20k now go and pay it somewhere else and get the airplay nkt! DJ Mo, I also stopped being good because you help them today kesho wanakuweka Ghafla walete ustar because anyway they don’t matter actually they are jealous of your success and brand be careful bro these upcoming and untalented artist just want to be famous desperately but they are not ready to pay the price tell whoever that artist is to work for the next 20years and let’s see if atatoboa na hiyo ufala we have seen it all but we are always humble but I assure u no one is going to take our kindness for weakness and personally I will take this issue to the next level tuone atakama atapata airplay in this town nkt! We are Christians but msituletee ufala.

dharma_jo: I’ve read and re-read this post more than 100 times just to understand why someone would allow themselves to be used to take other people down. Honestly, are we this greedy for fame? What breaks my heart is that all these is happening in the industry that’s supposed to spread the love of God. Atee, your going down will make me a hit *sigh*. I’m dumbfounded to be honest. I hope the fame you wanted was worth it.

carlos__ace: By venting out you are playing right into his trap… God’s grace is sufficient and will get you through any tribulations. we believe in you.

janosano: It would have been easier if you just refunded him directly…. Like he sent you directly. But then again … none of my business 😷😷.

Tobbyneema: We need people who can give us hope like you @djmokenya and @size8reborn you really inspire me a lot I pray for you… Let not the devil bring your ministry down,

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‘What Is 20,000 To Me?’ DJ Mo Refutes Claims He Was Paid To Play Upcoming Artiste’s Song

DJ Mo has found himself in a rather weird position after an upcoming artiste claimed that he offered him 20,000 to play his song.

The artiste who goes by the name Nexxie, claims he offered him the cash to play his latest jam featuring DK Kwenye Beat, ‘Simple Man’.

According to SDE, DJ Mo has however refuted the claims stating that he drives a Range Rover so 20,000 is nothing to him.

I can’t take a bribe from anyone to play their music. Besides, I drive a Range Rover so what is Sh20,000 to me? There are so many accusations being peddled out there that we (deejays) take money from musicians but it’s the brokers who do it and this in turn soils our name,” he said.

Earlier this week, he took to social media to state that he never charges artistes to airplay their music and people should be aware of con artistes who use DJs and producers’ name to milk people money.

Dear artistes and especially upcoming artistes Dj Mo doesn’t charge for airplay – let no one collect money from you in the name of “he knows or he can connect you to DJ MO “- so many conmen out there – be careful –
Those who know me I support any talent and I believe in giving everyone (talented) a platform , so not even money will make me change that – some have put Kakitu in an envelope even Mpesa and I have refunded – It’s a platform for God and so for all – I DON’T charge for airplay.”

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‘I Have Slept Outside The Door For Lack Of Rent’ – DJ Mo Narrates The Hard Times He Went Through To Survive

DJ Mo is among the most celebrated DJs in the country. We have been witnesses to his growth over the years and he’s now among the most sought after DJs.

He is married to the beautiful Size 8 and together, they are blessed with a little angel, Ladasha Belle, who has brought so much happiness in their lives.

size 8 and Dj Mo

His life to the top has not been easy. He has had his fair share of struggles trying to make it in this life of sin.

Well, many might think that DJ Mo woke up and became a successful DJ, who has all the fine things in life, but that’s not the case.

He’s come out to narrate how hard life was, to a point he once slept otside because he couldn’t afford his monthly rent.


God is faithful. One day I will tell you the whole story but first 👇
I grew up in Ocha where I did my Primary Education. We moved to Mathare North. Life in the ghetto pushed us so hard. We then relocated to Kware ghetto in Rongai.
I have walked to town from Githu 44 slept outside the door for lack of rent (my mum doesn’t know this), slept hungry, got expelled like 5 times, studied in 4 different high schools and finalized my form 4 in a day school,” he revealed.

Kibandaski Of All Places! Check Out Where DJ Mo Took Size 8 For Breakfast (Video)

He continues to explain that he’s been through so much, but he’s grateful to God for holding his hand and showing him better days.


He continued, “I know what life means and I have gone through so much than many can think.
At 30yrs, I have worked really hard to be where I am of course God has been there for me – to a point I have a family now. So, I’d like to encourage young guys out there. It’s possible to achieve what you want if you put God first and focus. Sometimes don’t work smart work hard. Some of the things I have right now were once a dream (na bado sijafika). Always remember to be a giver, be humble, lift others, be happy for others when they get blessed, pray hard and everything else that exalts God.”

The biggest fear I have is pulling others down coz you never know when it might happen to you. One day you or your kids will have to pay for it. Plant a good seed for your kids always.
I share my life with you just to encourage someone. If my life testimony changes only one person and even draws someone to Christ, it’s enough for me,” he concluded.

Kibandaski Of All Places! Check Out Where DJ Mo Took Size 8 For Breakfast (Video)

The Murayas are a happy family. They were blessed with their bundle of joy, Ladasha Belle, who has made the family even happier. She checked into the Muraya household in 2015.

Both of them are Christians and its natural for their daughter to embrace Christianity while still a child and previously she was seen sharing a stage with her mother on the show she airs called Pambio Live.

A video has emerged of showing how DJ Mo who hosts TV show Cross Over 101 took his wife for breakfast at a very general public place which is not their standards anyway and they both seemed to enjoy themselves.

DJ Mo stated that they were going for a church meeting and his wife took a long time applying makeup and apparently they both had no breakfast. Since Size 8 was hungry, they had to look for a place to eat and the only place DJ Mo saw was a ‘kibanda’ or a kiosk where they ordered tea and chapo.


Check out the video below:

Here are comments from fans:


Charoh: Mo u r full of udigital if u had to take such a great woman to’mtaro ya sewage’ size 8 ur very humble ..kama ni mm l would have failed the test walai ..kwanza ya vyombo

Rehinnas: Kibandaski. …. now that is Romance

Njeri: Uko ni githurai kwa 15k AMA….size8 ucjali uko Na Jaguar XE

Nancy: Hiyo ni so romantic

Ann: Good thing ulikula tu vizuri bila maringo.cheers to that

Collins: Kwa mama mwangi corner hotel

Rufina: Hapo ndipo kudos lovebirds

Faith: Do for others what you want to be done unto theee

Djeuphorique: Halo uliweza bro iyo kibanda ulikua dopeeeeee


Size 8 And DJ Mo Celebrate Their 4th Anniversary Jotting Down Special Messages To Each Other

Size 8 and DJ Mo have been categorized as a power couple ever since they confirmed that they are actually an item a few years back. But many were not sure if they were actually married or it was more like a come we stay situation, but they made it clear they did the traditional wedding.

DJ Mo and size 8

Well, the Muraya’s are celebrating four years in marriage and they couldn’t hide their joy as they took to social media to pour their hearts to each.

Size 8 wrote, Wow wow swity I can’t believe it’s been FOUR years now. What a beautiful story God was writing. The ups the down the laughter the joy the tears the wins the looses all the memories i hold so dear. I love you swity and the time we ‘ve shared together. 😍😍😍😍😍💗💞………. What a journey we are in together cannot wait to see everything else unfold. God thank you for this miracle.”


DJ Mo was not one to be left behind as he too had nothing but sweet words for Size 8 as he also revealed how things have not been easy.

Siamini…#TheMurayas -Today is our 4th Year Marriage Anniversary.

In fairy tales and na movie za Hollywood, people marry and live happily ever ever after. In real life marriage is far from that. As I write this, I am torn between laughing, wailing or saying, if I made it this far, there is a God.
While my Marriage to Linet @size8reborn wa Mo has not been a walk in the park tuko na plus kibao. We have been through ups and downs, many lows and highs but we are still here.


There are times I have driven so far away trying to get away from my wife’s craziness only to feel her irreplaceable presence during the drive and long to find her at my destination.
My wife cooks the best food I have ever tasted na najua mara mob, if I was her trying to cook for a husband like me, ningekuwa nisha weka ratrat 😞 coz I know I have driven her up all sorts of walls (Jericho notwithstanding 😃) but her wisdom, love, patience and commitment to our marital journey is unwavering. (hapo nayo nimelia kiasi).”

Size 8 Reveals That She Prayed Against the Onslaught On Her Marriage

Is she getting divorced? Is there trouble in the house and home of the Muraya’s?

That was the word doing rounds but I for one am relieved to see that this was not to be the case… Yet. And who knows, this might never come to pass.

You see, rumours had been swirling round that Size 8’s husband, celebrity deejay DJ Mo might have been the cause of some malcontent in the home front that led her to take the decision to move out of their matrimonial home.


STRONG WOMAN! Size 8 Makes a Shocking Revelation About Her Health, Talks Losing Weight (VIDEO)

When asked for a comment by edaily, what she said about the rumours and gossip was:

My marriage to DJ Mo is steadfast. I do not know the genesis of the reports claiming that Mo and I have separated. We still live in the same house, we still love each other. I am used to gossip being created around my life. When I got saved four years ago, I trended for a whole week on social media, with some quotas claiming, then, that my salvation was not genuine. I proved them wrong over time. Currently, I am an ambassador of an initiative known as Pima Pressure, and today (May 13), I posted a video on Instagram about the campaign; and toward the end of the video, if you watch it, you’d hear my husband, DJ Mo, speaking to me. That is enough evidence to counter allegations that we are not together as had been reported.”


Allow me to highlight something she said for emphasis:

“I am praying against forces wishing DJ Mo and I a break up. But again, my marriage is based on love and faith. My heart, nonetheless, won’t break when I read reports about us that are not true. I am used to people talking.”


‘I Give All My Money To My Husband!’ Confesses Size 8

Power couple DJ Mo and Size 8 are lucky. The two young lovebirds have bagged several endorsements deals with top corporates in the country after getting married. Size 8, an ex-secular singer, revealed how she and the spinmaster hubby, met. And the rest is history.



In a recent interview, the Mateke hitmaker spilled the beans on their marriage. Size 8 revealed things people don’t know about her popular DJ hubby.


“He doesn’t know how to cook, he is romantic, he is very quick to forgive, very ambitious and of course, he is the most handsome man I have ever met; he is hot!.”

Size 8 who is a beautiful light skinned woman, went ahead to explain how she resisted temptations from the sponsors out here and she confessed that many men offered her huge sums of money and exotic trips abroad but she refused. She was true to her hubby and father of her daughter Ladasha Belle.


The diapers ambassador during the interview also revealed that she gives all her money to her husband, a statement that left her fans surprised… But why?

“He is very structural. he doesn’t allow me to spend my money because I’m a spendthrift.”

Ladies, would you give your man all your money and savings even without him asking?

Size 8 went ahead to advise women to take care of themselves, trust their husbands and always seek God’s intervention.

Below is the video of Size 8 talking about her relationship with DJ MO. Watch it

DJ Mo Has The Perfect Response To A Rude Fan

You can almost hear everyone go OUCH!!

That’s because you never know what fans will comment on your page. once you update it with whatever content.These days fans go to a celebrities page to make all manner of comments, and while some celebrities engage fans, other choose to swipe and move on.

Well, the latest celeb to find himself telling off a rude fan is gospel DJ Mo.

DJ Mo, aka Sammy Muraya, put up a photo of his ‘beast’, which I must say is very impressive. And while everyone was going ga ga praising him for a good aquisition, one fan found himself being shut down in the funniest way.


Can we say that DJ Mo has the best clapback? I think so. It’s not easy dealing with haters, as young people call them.

This is what a user by the name Gichuki posted;

Pogbart GichukiStop bragging. yu du is brag.
DJ Mo has the most epic response that quickly put the fan in his place. What do you think?
DJ MO [topa de top dj]😹😹😹😂 your spirit might not make you succeed in life please change –

Fans jumped in to DJ Mo’s defense.

Maxwell MaxMúchángi Hey buddy you need to change your altitude, Dj Mo never brags, he is a simple guy this are all blessings from the most High God so let your blessings come too, stop locking them away
Julie Shey Wa Maria so wale wanataka kulilia ndani ya range rover tukae kipande gani?asking for my colleague

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: Top 8 Kenyan Celebrity Couples Who Make Marriage Seem Blissful And Merry (PHOTOS)

We are witnessing what could be the largest number of celebrity breakups affecting our favorites couples in the entertainement industry, however we must point out that there are those marriages that have stood the test of time.

The most recent celebrity breakup  is between comedian Dr Ofweneke and his fiancee, Nicah real name, Victoria Wanja after he confessed that they had broken up and were no longer together.

The female gospel singer then came out to reveal that they actually separated back in September 2016 when he walked out of the matrimonial home after beating her mercilessly, leaving her behind with two children, one from a previous relationship.


But that’s just one of the sad stories of relationships that don’t las. But that does not necessarily rule out the fact there are Kenyan celebrities who are managing just fine in their marriages and living the almost happily ever after life.

MARRIAGE IS TOUGH! Here Are 3 Things We’ve Learned From Dr Ofweneke’s Break Up With His Baby Mama Nicah

Here are some Kenyan celebrity couples that make marriage look so blissful and dazzling.

1. Wahu And Nameless
They have made it to the top of my list and I’m sure you all love them too. Wahu Kagwi and Nameless real name David Mathenge have been together for 11 years, and yes, they’re still going strong. They have been blessed with two daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio Mathenge and recently, Nameless revealed that he now wants a son.


2. Size 8 And DJ Mo
Gospel bigwigs Linet Munyali and her husband Sammy Muraya aka DJ Mo are one of the most loved couples in the Kenyan music industry and we all know why. They are both down to earth and seem to be genuinely in love. They are blessed with a cute daughter Ladasha Belle who turned a year old in Nov.


3. Julie Gichuru and Anthony Gichuru
The popular media personality and her wealthy husband have been married for 16 years now and have 4 children together- 3 boys and one girl. Julie Gichuru always celebrates her marriage, showing off her man on social media despite several rumors that she was not happy in the marriage.


4. Reverend Kathy Kiuna and Bishop Allan Kiuna
They are the most popular and celebrated church leaders in Kenya and when it comes to having a stable marriage, they indeed have an admirable one. The wealthy couple has three children, two girls, and one boy. Their first born daughter Vanessa Kovac walked down the aisle in 2015 and was later blessed with a cuddly daughter, making them first-time grandparents.


5. Bob Collymore and Wambui Kamiru
This couple is one of the most lovable in Kenya, not just because of their simple yet classy wedding but for their genuine love and affection for each other. The Safaricom CEO and the awesome artist met in the line of work and were both married before, with children from their previous partners.


6. Ababu Namwamba and Priscilla
This politician has been flaunted his wife on social media for the longest time, making those who are single turn green with envy, taking her on lavish trips and holidays. They are always proclaiming love for each other on the internet.


7. Chris Kirwa and Christine
This lovely couple is always celebrated for their unending love and support for each other, Chirs Kirwa and his wife Christine are inseparable despite being married for years. They are mentors for many celebrity couples and most of them look up to them for marriage advice and guidance.


8. Emmy Kosgei and Apostle Madubuko
Emmy Kosgei and her Nigerian husband have stood the taste of time despite being a couple of years apart. The two held a lavish white wedding and a traditional one in Kenya and another one in Nigeria. Though many thought that Emmy was after Madubuko’s money, she’s proved that love works.