Dj Mo and Size 8 open up about number of past lovers

Dj Mo and Size 8 are on media tours days after she launched her first gospel album.

Appearing on Citizen Tv, the two were interviewed in a QnA where they opened up about body count, who made the first move and who is most romantic.

Here is the QnA

Who finds it harder to admit they are wrong between the two of you? Size 8 answers ‘dj mo, this one’ points out Size 8 as he agrees ‘ i think her the reason as to why because umconvince makosa ni yake hapo mtavurutana it takes to long mi nafeel ni yeye’But Size 8 added ‘Size 8 says ni mimi nikuuliza na feel ni yeye. Size points out to him that ‘Mo haezi kusema makosa ni yake anaonaga makosa kwangu so lazima urudi chini unyamaze ujiexplain alafu aone ok ilikua yangu’

Who fell in love first?

Size 8 points to her husband ‘mo dj mo first’ He admitted she is tellignt he truth ‘mimi’ i fell in love first nikaenda nika mkimbiza nika kataliwa nikakuja’

Who is the boss in the relationship? ‘eh muraya’ said Size 8 ‘ muraya is the boss, huyu ni first born you know dealing with a first born is very very hard anpenda kusema sema’

Who is the messier one between the two of you? Size 8 points to Muraya ‘it’s you’ and he replies ‘how now?’.

She added’ wewe unafanya nini kwa nyumba apart from kuingia kitanda ulaale Mo only pays bills hata akitoa nguo aeke chini kwa floor hajui vile io itatokahapo’ ‘ but Dj Mo reminded his wife that she is messier in her cqar anbd it’s a dumpster.

Who has more patience? S’ize 8 said ‘me’ as Muraya agreed ‘yeah mimi sinanga patience kabisa actually zero point zero zero’

Who buys the better gifts? ‘ aie mo’ said Size 8 ‘he is creative me i even forget birthdays’

Who has the best jokes? ‘me’ said Size 8 ‘I am the person who makes people laugh , babe anakaanga kustua watu’

Who said lets go on a date first ‘ Size 8 pointed in Murayas direction ‘on his birthday he took me out’

Who has more friends Again Size 8 said ‘him. birthday yake unaenza jaza hall’

Who is grumpier ‘mr muraya aka topadetop, usimuongeshe kama hajalala’.

Who is more romantic? Size 8 pointed at herself ‘me, babe, huyu alillelea vibaya military’

The interviewe concluded warnignthem about his next question ‘a tricky one who has had more partners?

Dj Mo answers quickly ‘mimi of course, ni mimi nimejiema’ as Size 8 agrees ‘ni muraya’

Muraya defends himself saying ‘normally maboy hawananga brakes’

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How you keep your woman tells alot about you as a man – Dj Mo


Father of two Dj Mo has written an appreciation post about his wife size 8.

He shared a beautiful picture of her captioning it

Katoto kangu … @size8reborn …mtu atengeneze kake…
How you keep your woman ,tells so much of who you are as a man … ponder that ..

His thoughtful comment got many agreeing with even forer Aunty Boss actress nycewanjeri saying ‘😍😍😍 ooh yes… Ngatoto smart’

Another quentarjuliet said ‘Kama haka kalinonanga ata mimi niko na hopes’

The couple has been hitting the gym together proving that a family that keeps fit together stays together.


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Size 8’s powerful message about God after losing unborn child


On October 1, Size 8 and husband Dj Mo shared  she had to terminate a pregnancy to save her life on their youtube channel.

They said they made that decision because of high blood pressure.

She was in her second trimester and the heartbreaking news devastated the family. She added a message to IG of being heartbroken, but accepting the process.

“Jehovah my God My Father through Jesus Christ I am greatful for life!! I would have died but you choose to save me. Though my little baby didn’t make it I know she is well in your hands oh God!!! Thank you God for allowing @ladashabelle.wambo and @muraya.jnr to continue enjoying the presence of their mum!! In all things you remain to be God God all by yourself and everything working together for good in our lives!! Hallelujah!!
My dear @djmokenya we are victorious!
To Dr. Nyamu and the team @komarockmodern it was a very dangerous critical emergency operation Coz of high blood pressure but by God’s grace you managed to keep me alive may God forever bless you and increase you!!
All praise be to Elohim the living God……
To my JCC THIKA CHURCH Led by Pastor Kelvin and my dad, my family thank you for praying for me.”

Size 8 has been silent since, but in a heart instagram post on October 9th, she has penned a message of hope.

She wrote ‘The greatest statement from Jesus Christ!!! The humble saviour! Despite all he laid down his own desires and agreed to walk in God’s will!’


Fans commented under the message assuring her it is well and that she is a strong woman.

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The Muraya’s take off to Diani for a much needed babymoon


After their cute pregnancy announcement, Dj Mo and Size 8 are off to Diani for a babymoon.

Babymoons have become increasingly popular for couples after making a pregnancy announcement.

The Muraya’s in their latest youtube video, reveal they have gone to Diani for the much needed rest.

Dj Mo says he wants his wife to rest before the bundle of joy arrives.

“guys it’s one the pregnancies nimebond nazo so after we announced about the pregnancy mumejua venye vitu zimekuwa zikihappen but one thing I want to tell you is that I want to thank you so so much because manze muliona hiyo video we had so many testimonies, we had there are so many people wamekuwa kwa hiyo situationwe encourage each other and we made the video trend maze”

He added

“There is something I am planning for the baby the pregnancy pia asikie vizuri I want us to go somewhere hii place tunaenda I will be telling you very soon. There is a ka small gift we want to get for the baby and so keep it here for more details.”

In the video he tells Size 8 to carry beach clothes “eh nataka tuende kwa beach mtoto atakaa vizuri asifinywe tupich picha tuta piga halalfuy tukimbie. Dj Mo leans over and sasy guys hana idea but it’s goign to be the best idea ever”

The couple leaves the house and outside is a cab where Dj Mo instructs Size 8 ‘enter here’

They show up at JKIA where size 8 comments “I’m so excited Dj Mo bebi taking me to babymoon”

Size 8 tells fan her cravings include ndoma, omena, ice cubes, na ugali ya kanaa.

They lovingly discuss how tired she is because their second born Muraya Jnr has been waking up frequently at night and Dj Mo doesn’t help But she says it’s ok because he take Wambo to school early morning.

“By the way marriage ni kusumbuana ‘ujue tuu strength ya mtu I realized Mo is not good at night, so if I start teling him oh mimi naamka wewe huamuki tutasumbuana tuu but sasa yeye ndio lazima apeleke watoto shule na amrudishe. Halafu mimi nanganganna na junior usiku”

Dj Mo agrees with her comments, then makes fun of her pregnancy cravings and she responds ‘nienjoy tuu na uje ni mimba ninakubebea”

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Size 8 shares beautiful prayer for her unborn baby


Expectant mother Size 8 is heavily pregnant with her third child.

Since the unveiling of her womb, Size 8 has won the love and adoration of her fans.

On August 27, she told “Another blessing on the way for @DJMOKENYA and I. God has done is again – Check out full video on YouTube”

The gospel singer has had previous difficult pregnancies and this time she took time to ask God to  intercede for safety of her unborn baby.

Size 8 suffered a miscarriage in 2019 and so this time round, she is praying that it’s not life threatening.

“Ohh Father Lord let me be careful enough to remember your goodness thanking you this day for taking care of my little baby in my tummy…… Am trusting you Lord to finish this race for me…. Am greatful for the protective shield you have put around this baby!!! Lord I pray for other pregnant women who may be experiencing any difficulties ohh Lord be their protection!!!”


Dj Mo and Size 8 have not shared the expected due date or gender of their bundle of joy, but we know they will have something for their fans perhaps when a gender reveal is done.

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Baby number 3! Size 8 and Dj Mo announce pregnancy


Dj Mo and his wife Size 8 are expecting baby number 3.

In their latest youtube video, the Muraya’s say its  ‘Glory be to God’. They also shared a maternity photo

God in His wisdom has blessed @djmokenya and I with baby number 3. To God be the glory…. Go to YouTube and find out the whole story, to watch click link on my bio. #themurayas
Am on my way to JCC THIKA TOWN I will be preaching the word at the lunch hour service

Dj Mo and size 8 address pregnancy plus other things said about them in blogs, with a final announcement that ye they are having baby number 3.

He said ‘Rumors mmeshinda mkisikia that the Muraya’s na watu wengi wamekua wakisuspect that the Murayas are pregnant are true’

The couple in their youtube video take fans through their pregnancy photoshoot at the Rainbow Ruiru Resort at the helipad



purity sila

Congratulations. Wishing you smooth journey and safe delivery


May this pregnancy be smooth mama Wambo, sending you love

Esther Muthoni

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Why a sick Size 8 made a big deal of Ladasha’s graduation party



First of all congratulations Ladasha!

Dj Mo and Size 8 this past weekend successfully held a graduation party for their first born daughter Ladasha.

In their latest youtube video on the Muraya’s channel, Size 8 her graduation party was a big deal because of her memories of difficult and life threatening pregnancy with Ladasha up to birth. The gospel singer was grateful for having come this far with Ladasha.

In the video, Size 8 tells she is not feeling well, but pulls herself together to plan the big day.

“wawale wako na difficulty in pregnancy don’t give up, we are celebrating almost six years plus her graduation so woho” screams Size 8.

“So guys siskii poa kabisa last week nimekuwa weorse, but I have to do this. We need to  get you a dress okay a cake a venue, food, and we need to get soft drinks ok, and what else mama? and muymmy needs to make her hair, junior look at mama”

She adds “guys God will give me strength to do this atanipatia psyche, hehe I know god will give me psyche to do this ubaya ya kuwa mama ni mtoto hajui ukisikia vibaya na ni big day yake, mama ni kujikaza guys hehe. Guys let me tell you always be grateful to God if you are alive and you are healthy .I’m grateful that I saw wambo graduate and now I’m going for the party.wambo (1)

As the children play in the background, the couple sit and tell of their joy.

“I’m on top of the moon” She tells Dj Mo who wanted to know her thoughts of the party “ai niko heaven she is almost six years, she graduated on Friday July 31 and we are celebrating hapa kosewe westlands for her graduation party and we thank god for it, why we are so excited and making a big fuss of it is because ”

She went on to recall the difficult pregnancy and birth that almost made her believe she would lose wambo, and so the party was a thanksgiving for this far. “2015 November was a dark moment for us, but look at us now”

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I was so afraid of driving! Size 8 says after DJ Mo gifted her a brand new car (photo)

Renowned Gospel Deejay, DJ Mo is justifying the decision his wife Size 8 made when she forgave him after his cheating scandal last year.

The celebrity DJ impressed fans and followers alike when gifted Size 8 a brand new car. The man showed off the wonderful gift he presented to his wife on his Instagram page.

He said that he bought the car for his wife to improve her driving skill, further adding that since Size 8 had overcome her fear of driving, it was only fitting for her to get to enjoy ‘this beautiful toy.’

“I love cars a lot and now that my wife has overcome the fear of driving, I want her to enjoy this beautiful toy …I had to soup up this for my babe so she can improve her driving skills . Thank you @officialmohagrafix for making sure it came out so well as we had agreed na imerudi mpya . babe @size8reborn enjoy and I love you and Glory to God,” captioned DJ Mo.

And Size 8 wasn’t playing around as she made sure to take the Toyota Celica for a spin immediately. She posted a video of herself driving the car a few hours before saying that she was glad that she had overcome her fear of driving.

Mama Wambo disclosed that she had been living in fear such that she couldn’t sleep when it was dark.

“I overcame fear guys HALLELUJAH by the blood of Jesus I overcame fear of driving.😭😭😭😭😭 I was so afraid of driving yet hata gari sina. Nilikuwa kwa minyororo ya uwoga for so many years I couldn’t even sleep usiku kwa darkness at some point. But now am free In Jesus amen!!,” she wrote.

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Kakunie huko! Size 8 shocks Kenyans in foul take-down of fan calling out DJ Mo

Kenyan gospel musicians are unlike their international cohorts-They don’t have a problem fighting dirty in public just like secular artistes.

Think of Ringtone, Willy Paul and Bahati, singers whose loud and brash style could best be suited to the secular streets of Khaligraph Jones.

But I digress. Size 8 who is now a gospel artiste and burst into the industry as a secular musician, showed her gritty ways in a recent exchange with a nosey and rude Kenyan online.

And the funny thing is she did the brawling on her husband’s Instagram page, after the Kenyan tried to bully the DJ online.

The random fan identified as Chang Sang poked the entertainer by commenting on a photo of him with Size 8.
According to Chang Sang, DJ Mo should not be flaunting his wife because rich men may go for her, leaving him in tears.

”Soon some tycoons will take Size 8 from you then you will start crying on social media,” Chang said. But Size 8 was quick on the draw and came guns blazing, retorting with words that would make even a pirate curse.

Size 8 asked the critic to find a lavatory and relieve himself instead of arguing with celebrities. Many were shocked at the brutality and dirty nature of her response, with some wondering whether it was right that a gospel musician should speak in that manner.

But others backed her and said that she had every right to defend herself and her hubby against haters. Don’t forget that this is coming months after their marriage was rocked by a cheating scandal involving her husband Dj Mo.

Do you agree with Size 8’s decision to stay in her marriage with DJ Mo?(poll)

Size 8 decided to forgive the father of her two children and it seems that her decision from her most recent interaction wasn’t just fluff and hot air.

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DJ Mo reveals the best marriage advice Bishop Kiuna gave him (Exclusive)

DJ Mo and his wife Size 8 celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary late last month. The two have been blessed with a beautiful daughter called Ladasha Belle. Size 8 is also pregnant with their second child.

Size 8 and DJ Mo at the golf course
Size 8 and DJ Mo at the golf course

I recently spoke to the DJ and he disclosed a lot about his marriage. One of the mentors he has in his life is Bishop Allan Kiuna. The Dj told me the most important bit of advice the cleric had given him as concerns marriage.

‘Mimi nishai pack,’ Size 8 talks about life with DJ Mo after rocky patch

‘The Bishop told me that marriage is what you make it to be. If you want it to work, it will work, if you don’t want it to work it will not work. In essence, you will get out of it what you put into your marriage,’ he revealed.

Allan Kiuna
Allan Kiuna

One of the things that I have noticed about him is the way he and his wife love hanging out with Nameless and Wahu. The older couple has been together for 14 years and has two daughters together.

Size 8 with her husband, DJ Mo at dinner with Nameless and Wahu
The singer with her husband, DJ Mo at dinner with Nameless and Wahu

He replied saying that as with everything in life, it was good to seek help from couples who had gone ahead and had faced the issues they were facing now.

‘It is always good to get lessons from the couples that have been there before.’ he said.

And what did he consider the secret for a happy marriage?

‘It is always about tolerating your partner. You know that there are things that someone can do that can really annoy you,’ he opined.

Dj Mo with his family
Dj Mo with his family

He added that friendship was a very important part of making a marriage last. He explained,

‘You know in marriage after the 1st and 2nd year, you outgrow things like physical attraction you are left as friends. This is the person that you are with, 24 hrs.

He added, ‘Even if you married them for their beauty and looks after some time for you to maintain that marriage, one has to become a friend with their partner. Put simply, you have to marry your friend.’

Size 8 enjoying some time with her daughter Ladasha and hubby DJ Mo
Size 8 enjoying some time with her daughter Ladasha and hubby DJ Mo

His last piece of advice for couples looking to get married was in the same vein; That someone should marry their best friend and never receive advice from people who have never gotten married.

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It’s good to know who is and isn’t with you – Dj Mo says about tough 2020 (exclusive)

2020 was a year that most Kenyans (nay the world) would like to forget for Covid reasons. That would be the case too for Kenya’s most prominent gospel deejay, Dj Mo.

The man was rocked by a cheating scandal that threatened to end his 7-year marriage to musician and mother of his two kids, Size 8.

But fortunately for him his wife decided to make it work and forgave him. I recently spoke to the man in a short and candid interview.

Mo was honest and succinct.

On his finances and career, the man said that he had had to learn about diversifying his income streams after the Covid pandemic restrictions. He said;

It was crazy for me. It was one of the years that is a bit difficult for me to describe. In my career, things went well but I still didn’t do a lot of events. It was an eye-opening year. I had to learn a lot about investing but also staying strong and being stoic when income wasn’t flowing.

And what did he learn about his marriage in 2020. He reiterated something he has said all along. That marrying his best friend had been a masterstroke for him despite the challenges they had faced.

It was one year that my marriage had hiccups here and there. It was also a good year because I discovered so many things…you know it was a shaky year. I thank God because what I learnt was that it’s a good thing to marry your best friend. It’s always good to know who is with you and who isn’t with you.

The audio of the interview is below:


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“I almost lost my son the 3rd night after his birth!” Size 8 says in powerful testimony

To say that Size 8 has had a terrible experience when it comes to childbirth would be an understatement. The gospel singer famously had a miscarriage in December 2018, something that nearly ended her marriage to her husband Dj Mo.

But the couple weathered the storm and God wiped their tears the next year as they were blessed with a baby boy called Muraya Junior, adding to their daughter, Ladasha Belle.

But even Muraya was born with considerable trouble, something that Size 8 spoke about in the past disclosing that hers and the baby’s life had been in danger during the period.

Yesterday, the singer went deeper into the subject divulging as yet unheard of details about that time in her life. The musician explained that she had almost lost Muraya Junior in ICU.

She posted a picture of Muraya while in the ICU months ago, versus him currently.

”Mungu UMETENDA makuu huyu alikuwa @murayajnr 1st days in hospital in the ICU I almost lost him the 3rd night doctors surrounded him trying their best to save his life and Jesus Christ alive in me did a miracle and my son didn’t die.

You see me always praising God for He has done beyond my imagination!!! I am nothing without God. Never give up on God no matter how hard your situation is. I TESTIFY ABOUT GOD DAILY. Bow down and worship YAWEH…”

Size 8’s story should not be taken lightly as gospel musician Kambua revealed this week that she had lost her son a few days after delivery, showing how delicate those first few days can be for a new-born baby.

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Sorry fans! There won’t be any dining with the Muraya’s this Valentines


Unlike 2020’s expensive Valentine affair, the Muraya’s are skipping this years lovers day, and here’s why.

Valentine’s Day, the celebration of love and affection is fast approaching and for those in relationships, it’s time to show the world how they love each other.

Well, it seems this year things won’t be the same for power couple DJ Mo and Size 8 after having a tough 2020.

In a video she shared, DJ Mo can be heard telling her there’s no money to ‘waste’.

‘@djmokenya says tunajenga so no money for valentine manenos 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 woi,’ the mother of two posted.

The video ignited mixed reactions and below are comments from their followers;

Julius Uscube Rutoh Jenga kwanza, valentine is for emotionally unstable couples, kaa kina bahaa

Phyllis Wairimu Munyoro So hakuna dine with the Muraya’s this Valentine.

Jérémy Ndalz Good Gesture DJ MO [topa de top dj]….Welcome to SMAK

Hezron Njoroge Mutitu Valentine will keep coming year after year therefore if you have a project running finish it first coz it’s about the future progression. Valentine can wait

Alex Maina Mbuthia Valentine we do it every day, so bro buy cement for the house

tabithastylist Wacha wakujengee bwana Valentine’ni ya siku moja tu na inapita focus na vitu za maana😅

directorritchie Watu wajenge😂😂😂😂😂😂tuache starehe mingi

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Size 8 and fellow celebs send DJ Mo wonderful messages as he turns a year older

2020 was a year that Dj Mo would like to forget. One thing that he will remember from it was that he found out who his true friends are.

Despite his cheating scandal, the celeb gospel DJ turned a new year this weekend even as his fans, fellow celebrities and gorgeous wife celebrated him.

The deejay wished himself lovely wishes on his Instagram page and his fans also flocked the comment section to pamper him. He posted: ”Another 1 :Happy birthday to Me..Thank you Jesus.”

His wonderful wife and mother of his two kids, Size 8 also penned him lovely sweet messages on her Instagram page, writing,  ”Happy birthday baba wambo, top-ade-top @djmokenya what a blessing to see a new year yeeeeeeepppppyyyy .”

Just to show that the Dj still has a lot of sway and pull among his fellow celebs, they came out in droves to celebrate him on his birthday.

Some of those messages are below:

Gospel artists Daddy Owen who also turned 40 recently said: ”Happy birthday to him.”

thecremedelacreme Happy birthday G

weezdom254 Happy Birthday Bro

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Dj Mo melts hearts with adorable video of Size 8 and daughter playing


Dj Mp delighted fans with a super cute video of his wife Size 8 and their daughter Wambo playing on his leg and giggling endlessly while at it.

The Dj and his wife shared a glimpse of their family life months after the cheating scandal that almost rocked their marriage.

In the video, Size 8 and Wambo hang precariously on his leg as the Dj warns Kenyans that should they see him in pain, it’s because of the two.

He wrote

2021 …. Leo Niko home early 🔥🔥🔥🔥nikivunjika you know why



Fans reactions include:
Lovely family God keep you going

The kind of jokes we ladies need🙈🙈

😂😂😂😂mnanibamba aki sasa mnacheza ama mnapiga tizi

😂😂😂😂Very nice

Biggest expose’ of 2020-Dj Mo cheating on wife, Size 8

2020 has seen very many dramatic exposes, that even I as an entertainment journalist am shocked and one of the people that is largely responsible for that is Instagram influencer Edgar Obare.

He has exposed many celebs behaving badly this year that he has become villain number one for many of them. One of the most famous expose’s this year has been that of Dj Mo, the famous gospel celeb.

Edgar used his popular Instagram page to reveal the intimate details of how Dj Mo had been cheating on his wife, Size 8.


This came weeks after rumours had surfaced that DJ Mo had been cheating on his wife without any proof but Edgra provided the proof.

Dj Mo’s alleged side chick, Margaret Wanyama shared her alleged intimate chats and moments with DJ Mo with blogger Edgar, including photos of DJ Mo while naked.

She also claimed that she had been having unprotected sex with DJ Mo, and that Size 8 was slow in bed and does not satisfy him.

The screenshots she sent indicated that she had been in contact with DJ Mo up to a few hours after she went public with the exposé.

Margaret explained that she was no longer afraid of exposing her identity. Dj Mo later apologised to his wife who forgave him saying that she was committed to making the marriage work.

Size 8 discloses why she stood with DJ Mo despite cheating drama

But it seems that his employer NTV weren’t as accommodating as the man hasn’t been seen on his Crossover101 show since the scandal emerged.

That’s what you call tragic. Losing money for a non-work related issue.

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She has been there for me thru and thru – Size 8 introduces mother-in-law

Size 8 and Dj Mo have revealed a lot about themselves in the last couple of years -never afraid about sharing their most personal of details. But something that the couple has kept close to their chest is their extended families with them rarely posting pictures.

Size 8 posing with Dj Mo
Size 8 posing with Dj Mo

But yesterday, Size 8 decided to post an image of her and her mother-in-law enjoying each others company as they rode horses. Mother-in-laws and their daughters-in-laws might normally have complicated relationhips but that doesn’t seem to be the case as Size 8 alluded to in her Instagram caption writing,

Showered her with love, thanking her for being supportive. She has been there for me thru and thru I can never repay her only god can. God bless our mum Mrs Kanyingi…’ she posted.

Size 8 with Dj Mo's mother
Size 8 with Dj Mo’s mother

Size 8 lost her biological mother Esther to Kidney related illness in 2015, a day after she gave birth to her first daughter, Ladasha Wambo. Many of her fans and followers responded positively to the post. Some of their comments are below:

njeri_kanyingi Kanyingis are always extra kind and caring😍…..mko sure mm si wenu😂😂

belindaellen522 No one like mums💓💓

laura_waswala Shooooshoooo!!!!! Love love her and her advises for me…ata kama munanichokozanga😭😭😭😭😭 Nice

kirubikaruga May God bless her abundantly

ndiemanicholas Hapo ndo kuwa quarintine sasa

suehybz Its a blessing to have a supportive and loving mum in love.

gatreel ❤️❤️❤️love you size 8

mercyshiko So cute❤️

faiemashah 😂😂😂😂😂😂but umeona umpeleke kwa farasi najua anasema maombi kimoyomoyo

lucy.k.kariuki Helmets mummy, helmets… 🔊

mbuguam16 Wow God bless you for the rememberance of good deeds she did coz most people don’t

jamsbrawn97 Nimepatana na mama wambo na mukurino mmoja wakiwa wamebebwa na mafarasi

knic_k_nacks Aaaawww❤️❤️❤️

mcawesomeee Say hi to that gorgeous woman

thehannyway Nice

shikum123 Looking good Nani amenotice posture ya kichwa ni kama inafanana

maureen_nyukuri Lovely 😍
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DJ Mo and family escape thugs in highway drama (video)

DJ Mo and Size 8 have been the most loving couple the past few weeks, wonderfully tying in with the phrase, ” A family that prays together, stays together.”

They have been the image of bliss and joy after the cheating scandal that rocked their marriage and have been inseparable since then.

This weekend, Dj Mo and his two kids were driving in his Range Rover along the busy Nairobi-Naivasha Highway when a bunch of robbers ambushed them.

Mo narrated his experience on his Instagram page where he showed his dented Range Rover. The gospel celeb explained that the thugs had pelted stones at his car but he didn’t stop.

He advised other motorists not to fall for the robbers’ tricks in case they’re ambushed the same way. “God is faithful at all times. be warned !!! those who use nakuru – nairobi highway, listen, if anything happens to you at kinungi especially at night, never ever stop.”

Ati 18k! Kenyans in shock about Size 8 and DJ Mo’s exclusive Christmas event

He went on to add that he had the same incident happening to several people that he knew.

“I have heard several cases and jana it happened to us. ..incase uskie gari imerushiwa mawe, don’t stop, don’t swerve concentrate and even if your tyre bursts enda na rim kindly. Thugs want you stop and they rob you off everything. Be warned especially this holiday season. stay safe watu nguyas.” he posted accompanied by the video below.

His wife also reacted to her hubbies post adding that some things are there to test our faith.

“Temptations from the devil are meant to sift our faith to make us faithless the devil comes to tempt us in five ways ego, fear, pride, greed or moral compromise. jesus helps us keep our faith by praying for us just as he prayed for simon peter!! and he helps us see our weakness and so we run to the father god for support!! we should be confident that he who began a good work in us is faithful and just to complete it!! for jesus himself prays for us continually and his prays cannot fail!!”

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