‘Despite of all the ups and downs, I will still say yes to you my love again and again’ DJ Krowbar celebrates 9th wedding anniversary

Kenyan spin master DJ Krowbar is a proud man as he celebrates his 9th year in marriage to the love of his life Wanjiru Karumba.

Krowbar was a spin master with a local TV station KTN for their Sunday morning show Tukuza which he hosted alongside Anthony Ndiema before he relocated to South Africa.


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He celebrated his wife with this beautiful message

“When we find love a couple of things cascade. It stops being a feeling and becomes a decision. For love to thrive it needs peace, for peace to be archived negotiations have to happen. So that arguments becomes points of character solidification.
Loving this girl has brought out nothing less but miracles in our lives. The best being, I am a better human being than I was when I met you @wanjiru_karumba.”


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His wife also took the chance to celebrate her husband with this heart melting message, that has left us envious

“Today as we begin our 9th year in Marriage 😍😍😁, what a journey this has been 😅😅!!! There is no amount of advice that can prepare you for the journey until you experience it. It’s a journey of two imperfect people learning to love each other unconditionally in all season. Despite of all the ups and downs, i will still say yes to you my 💕💕 again and again. @djkrowbar I am so so blessed to be doing life with you, i could not have prayed for a better man than you, thank you for loving and honouring me, i love you to eternity. Marriage is about Forgiveness, unconditional love, grace, support and faith. I am looking forward to spending more great years by your side my KING. Happy anniversary to us😍😘🤗.💞💞💞”

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Meet the most celebrated DJ’s in Kenya and their kids: Photos

DJ’s play a great role in entertaining us during giggs but most of us to do not take into consideration that some of them are parents who also need time to spend with their kids.

We look at some of the Kenyan spin masters and their kids

1. DJ Mo

Commonly known as Baba Ladasha, the gospel spin master is among Kenyan DJ’s who are parents. He is married to gospel artiste Size 8 reborn and they only have one child, Ladasha Wambui.


Meet Jaguar’s baby mama and their first-born daughter Tamara – Photos

2. Creme De la Creme

Dj creme is a proud father of two and his wife is expectant with their third child.


3. DJ Soxxy

The gospel spin master is a father of two adorable kids whom he considers ‘miracle babies’ given that his wife had to battle with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which made it difficult for her to get pregnant.


‘We are 10 Days away from what would have been our 6th Anniversary’ Dan Sonko emotionally pens as he remembers his late wife Dru Sonko

4. DJ Kalonje

Dj Kalonje is a house hold name. His mixes are loved by both the young and the old and he is a doting father to kids whom he refers to as his strength.

Kalonje with his kids

5. Pierra Makena

Pierra is among the top female spin masters in Kenya, having created herself in an industry majorly dominated by men. She is a mother to one.

Pierra Makena with her daughter

6. Dj Krowbar

Krowbar who is a gospel DJ is a proud father to two beautiful girls

Krowbar with his daughters

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Dj Krowbar and family are living the life a year after relocating to South Africa

Kenyan gospel disc jockey, Fredrick Ngatia popularly known as DJ Krowbar is a God-fearing and great family man.

Dj Krowbar

DJ Krowbar, who was the official deejay on KTN’s gospel show Tukuza relocated to South Africa for further studies early last year with his family.

Wanjiru Karumba and her deejay husband together with their adorable daughters have settled and they’re indeed enjoying their stay in the foreign land.

Kenyan Men Take Notes, Dj Krowbar Appreciates His Wife

DJ Krowbar and his wife always serve us with couple goals and marked their 8th marriage Anniversary last year and, the gorgeous mother shared a heartwarming message that read:

“Today as we come to as we begin our 8th year in marriage, we have so many countless reason to thank God, we wouldn’t have come this far without Him. To my main man, my lifetime best friend, father to our two amazing girls, I am so blessed to be doing life with you, you are amazing in very many ways . Today as i look back, we have been through lows and highs of this life and every moment has made our journey worthwhile❤. As we unfold this new one my love , with no doubt I know God has amazing plans in store for us. @djkrowbar I love and celebrate you my King. Happy Anniversary ❤❤”

DJ Krowbar’s wife does not shy away from showing her affection for him and from the sweet messages to photos, she’s the type of woman any man will want to keep. She’s supportive and in one of the posts she shared on Instagram, she showered DJ Krowbar with love.

“It’s never too late to pursue your purpose, it’s never too late to start the journey of becoming whom you want to be. You don’t need to have it all figured out, just take a step of faith and you will be amazed at what God will do. Fear is the greatest enemy of progress and that is what holds most people captive. Faith in God triggers miracles.
@djkrowbar I am so happy to see what God is doing in your life. You are being prepared for greatness.❤ I celebrate you😘.”

Well, below are photos of DJ Krowbar and his family which prove that they’re living the life

DJ Krowbar
DJ Krowbar
DJ Krowbar
DJ Krowbar
DJ Krowbar
DJ Krowbar
DJ Krowbar
DJ Krowbar’s family
DJ Krowbar
DJ Krowbar
DJ Krowbar
DJ Krowbar
DJ Krowbar
DJ Krowbar
DJ Krowbar
DJ Krowbar
DJ Krowbar
DJ Krowbar

Gospel DJ Krowbar’s wife pens heart warming message to him (must read)

Fredrick Karumba aka DJ Krowbar was one of the most celebrated gospel deejays in Kenya as he was popular in the show Tukuza.

He left Kenya last year with his wife and two beautiful daughters to South Africa in search of greener pastures.

DJ Krowbar turns a year older today and his wife couldn’t wait to wish him a happy birthday.

She took it to social media and dedicated a special heartwarming message to him.

Screenshot from 2018-04-05 03_09_54_54

“A day like today some years back a Legend was born💙. I have known this amazing soul for 14 years and i can say with no doubt he is one of a kind🤗🤗, he is never afraid to take a route that is less travelled by many. He is intelligent,loving, caring and whatever he set his mind in accomplishing, he do it with excellence. Our girls and I are so blessed to be doing life with you. Thank you for taking your God given mandate to lead us. Today as you turn one year wise, may God’s favour and blessing be your portion and with long life may He satisfies you. The future is so bright babe☄☄ Happy birthday my love.❤❤

Screenshot from 2018-04-05 03_10_27_27

Despite the distance, Kenyans still celebrate and remember a legend.

His fan and followers also wished him a happy birthday. Here are some of the comments.

fxbytouch: Happy birthday karosh one love 👊🏿more life ssskkrrrrrrrra

nemaiyan: Happy birthday @djkrowbar may you have many more 🎉🎉🎊

ester: Happy birthday!thanks God I share birthday date with you

mercy: Happy birthday Karush ,


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Beauty Beyond Measure! 7 Kenyan Celebrities Dating Beautiful And Elegant Dark-Skinned Ladies

For some reason, men seem to consider a lady’s skin complexion before dating her, and if you check most of the Kenyan celebrities who have girlfriends and wives, most of them are light skinned.

But there are still those who see beauty in a dark skinned lady because at the end of the day, it’s more than just the physical appearance.

In regards to this, how about we take a look at some Kenyan celebrities who are dating or are married to dark skinned ladies.

Check them out;

1. Waihiga Mwaura And Joyce Omondi
The two, who have been married for a year plus, do make a wonderful couple. After a relationship which was well kept from the public eye, the two later wedded at an invites only wedding which was graced by the big names in the media industry.


2. Actor Philip Karanja And Celina (Kate)
The two have been dating for the longest time now and they do look adorable. Philip is an actor and Kate is an actress who met in the film industry.


3. Rapper Timmy Tdat And Dela
Even though the two decided to go private in their relationship, it is evident that rapper Timmy has that African taste when it comes to ladies. Nevertheless, all the lasses he has dated before are dark.


4. Pastor Allan Kiuna And Kathy Kiuna
They are one of the celebrity religious leaders in town and without a doubt these two are trendsetters. Their work in the ministry is well recognized.


5. Dj Soxxy And Anne Wanjiku
After dating for almost four years, Dj Soxxy decided to make it official by walking Anne down the aisle. Since then, the two are blessed with two adorable children.


6. Dj Krowbar And Joy
They have been married for some time now with two daughters, not to mention the inspiration they have been giving to other couples.


7. John Allan Namu
The former KTN news anchor and investigative journalist is married to the love of his life, Sheena Makena. The two walked down the aisle back in September 2010.
“My wife and I were very good friends even before I fell in love with her. She wouldn’t judge me even with a high-flying career. She took the time to understand my flaws, weaknesses, and strengths,” Allan said about his wife in an interview a few years back.



In Black And White! Former Tukuza Show Host, Kendi Ashitiva, Reveals How She’s Been a Horrible Wife

Former Tukuza show host, Kendi Ashitiva was one of the most loved gospel presenters on our screen every Sunday, which she used to host with DJ Krowbar and Anthony Ndiema.

The soft-spoken and humble presenter is also the founder of The Purity Foundation and is truly passionate about raising a generation of young women into excellence, godliness, and sexual purity.

Kendi is also a mother to a lovely young son, Nigel, and a wife who believes in keeping her man happy, satisfied and laying her rightful role as a woman when it comes to marriage.

One of the things she loves doing is mentoring young women and sharing inspiring personal stories that motivate and encourage them. This time, she gave her own experience after she realised that she has not been a good wife after all, for some shortcomings that she allowed to mislead her.

This story seems to have inspired many married, single and young women from the shares it got. Read it below and find out why she felt like a horrible wife;


I have always thought of myself as a pretty good wife. I mean I kept a clean house, made nice healthy meals, I kept everyone warm with appropriate clothes and beddings, I took care of the sick (read Florence Nightingale without the hat) I mean I was a wonderful woman #‎Proberbs31woman‬!!! 

However a few days ago as I was praying, i began to pray for my marriage and I was going to gloss over it because I thought hey I have a great marriage ??!!! However the Holy Spirit led me not to pray for my husband but to repent for areas where I was falling short as a wife!!! You should have seen my face, I was like say what ?!!!!

But as I began to allow God to deal with my heart, I began to see what God was talking about. I wept and wept with such sorrow as I began to repent for not being fully submitted to my husband as the Lord would want me to. I began to see how I see my husband through the world’s eyes and not through the eyes of God. 

I repented for times when I wasn’t patient with him or I didn’t truly support him like the Lord would have me support him. I repented for secretly holding resentment and offenses against him. Things I wasn’t even aware I was doing. I began to see what a horrible wife I was?.

Here is the interesting thing folks, my husband thought I was an AWESOME WIFE, but God tells me NO you are not AN AWESOME WIFE. According to his standards (GOD) I was falling short. I was lacking in patience, I was lacking understanding, I was lacking in forbearance. Friends as I lay on the floor crying to God to change my heart and help me be a better wife to this amazing man he gave me, I began to understand that being a wife IS A HIGH CALLING. 

I began to see myself for who I really was not WHO I THOUGHT I WAS. Forget how the world defines being a wife as looking hot, dropping it like it’s hot and remaining as age defying as you can possibly be?. I began seeing that being a wife is no joke! The only two people called HELPERS in the bible are A WIFE AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. And what does the Holy Spirit do? 

He comforts, he teaches, he guides, convicts and instructs with such gentleness etc. I began to understand that I am only a good wife by Gods standard not by anyone’s not even my husbands. I began to appreciate that I can never be a great wife in my own strength. I have to lean on the Holy Spirit to help me be a GODLY WIFE. Friends everyone can be a wife but not everyone one is a godly wife.

I began to see how I was lacking in wisdom, in grace, in humility ohhh my goodness I was so off the mark yet everyone around me thought I was a AMAZING including me. Being a wife is a high calling ladies, so the next time you are praying for your marriage, stop and pray for yourself, ask God to show you areas where you are falling short according to HIS standards. 

Are you truly walking in humility? Or are you quietly resentful and angry about one thing or another, are you envious or jealous of other people’s husbands,are you secretly comparing your husband with other men, are you insecure and scared? Where do you get your standards from, Society, Culture, Religion or God himself?

Granted all marriages go through challenges including mine but when the trumpet sounds and you and I stand before the FATHER we will all account for our roles as WIVES? So the next time you see those shiny rings? on anyone’s fourth finger, next time one of your girlfriends gets engaged be reminded that rings are not just cute, they are a SYMBOL, A SYMBOL OF A VERY HIGH CALLING! THAT OF BEING A WIFE, A GODLY WIFE!

God Bless You All


DJ Krowbar Marks 5th Wedding Anniversary With Loving Message To His Wife

Top gospel Dj, Fredrick Karumba aka DJ Krowbar is marking his 5th wedding anniversary today. Love is in the air as he and his wife took to Facebook to share sweet anniversary messages for each other.

The popular DJ who recently left Tukuza show on KTN is clearly still smitten 5-years on and he says, “Joy is the girl everyone wish(es) they had as their wife… ”

He shared the photo below and the sweetest anniversary post ever

This was the first selfie we ever took with Joy quite a number of years back… Today as I celebrate our anniversary I feel like I have been married for like 2yrs… While actually we finishing our 5th year beginning our 6th year today. Joy is the girl everyone wish they had as their wife… I am blessed beyond measure… This pretty girl has held my hand in high and low waters… Looking me straight in my eyes telling me “on top of falling in love with you, I chose to love you. I am here not because of a feeling but a decision” Joy…. I LOVE YOY!!! You are the blessing in my life. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SUPER NYAKO!!!


His wife Joy Karumba also wrote on her Facebook celebrating their successful 5-year marriage
“A day like today 5 years ago, I stood before God and men and I made a commitment to my super amazing husband, it has not been a perfect journey, but a great one. To my loving husband, my companion and my best friend, I would not have prayed for a better man than you. You are amazing in so many ways and I am looking forward to sharing and celebrating many more years with you. You are our family leader, a great husband and a loving dad to our 2 gems. May God bless us in our next season. I LOVE YOU. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US,” she wrote.