DJ Exclusive shares experience at massage parlor that men need to read about

Having a massage after a long week is something that most people look forward to, the tricky question however is, fellas – would you let a fellow man massage you?

DJ Exclusive was left in a dilemma after he booked for a massage appointment only to be told there was no female masseuse available.

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DJ Exclusive

He says

“I went for a massage in Zanzibar town. I ran late and by the time I reached I was told the ladies were going home.

But there is a guy who usually remains and he can give me the massage. I was like hell no how can I allow another ni**a touch me like that?

Then there was this lady who started complaining on why I was refusing to let a man massage me yet I had booked for it? I told her unless she was doing the massage I was no longer interested.”

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He adds

“I walked out. Never let another Ni**a touch you in that way, but my question is if you go to a physiotherapist would you let him touch you?”

A man enjoying a massage
A man enjoying a massage

So what’s your opinion? As a man would you let a fellow man massage you and if you were a woman would you let a female masseuse massage you?

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