Fans defend Lupita against Kenya Moore diss

Fans of Kenyan actor and Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o took down reality show star Kenya Moore for alluding that she has a “big head”.

Page Six reports that the Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore was displeased when Lupita did not consider her request for a snapshot. On her Twitter, Kenya claimed that there were a lot of cool people at the Golden Globes after party, but Lupita was not one of them.

When a fan asked her who she hang out with during the party, the reality star answered, “Lots of people who were so cool @taylorswift13 was so sweet but @Lupita_Nyongo refused 2 take pics After 2 movies.” This tweet however, has since been deleted after it was posted on Monday.

The fan also asked Moore if she has just dissed Lupita with her response and the reality star was quick to defend her comment. The reality star said she was a “huge fan” of the Oscar winner; however, she was disappointed that even though there 1,000 A-listers on the event, Lupita chose to act that way. “I want 2 always stay humble,” she tweeted.

Lupita’s fans went ham on Kenya calling her a “desperate”, “attention seeker” who is trying to “remain relevant”.

Image courtesy of bravotv

One fan wrote, “She just don’t get it, no respectful human being wants to caught on the same side of the room with a skallywag let alone on film, hell Stevie Wonder can see that WHY can’t kenya (sic).” another added, “Kenya is desperate to make some contacts…”

Another angry fan added, “Kenya how about ‘Girl bye’ to you!! Lupita is on another level of perfection that you will never be on! Ratchet trash like you will remain in the lower ranks of Hollywood!”

– The Star