Fitness queen Jane Mukami’s 4 weight loss mistakes to avoid in 2020 


These four mistakes can sabotage your progress and so you must avoid them at all cost.

Jane Mukami wrote:

It’s the new year, you’re excited to bring you weight loss resolutions to life and elevate your se3y👙

Here are 4 mistakes that will keep you from getting frustrated and save you a lot of time and energy

1. Doing too much too fast – You plan to go to the gym 5 days a week, cut off carbs, intermittent fasting….and…and…the list of changes goes on and on. Slow down. The more the number of changes you make, the higher the chance that you will not succeed. Pareto’s 80/20 principle holds true – 80% of your results will come from 20% action. All you need to do is change 1 or 2 things and execute consistently. Doing too much too fast can lead to exhaustion and demotivation when results don’t happen.. Less is indeed more

2. Not eating enough can be counterproductive and go against your goal. Weight loss happens when you eat the right foods, in the right portions, at the right time, while providing adequate nourishment and creating a caloric deficit

3. Short term thinking – assuming that losing weight is a one time thing and that once goal is achieved you can go back to old habits. Successful weight loss requires a lifestyle change, hence method used needs to be sustainable.


4. Setting unrealistic goals – Rome wasn’t built in a day just as you didn’t gain weight overnight. Find a sustainable solution that delivers results and be patient.


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Eating AFRICAN ants, grasshoppers and silkworms could protect against CANCER

– Scientists at the University of Rome made drinks out of ground up insects

– They tested them for health-giving antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E

– Some types had five times as many antioxidants as orange juice

– These can prevent DNA damage which may lead to cancerous tumours forming

Eating ants and other bugs could protect people from developing cancer, according to scientists.

Although not an appetising ingredient of a salad or smoothie, the creepy crawlies may be worth stomaching for their health benefits alone.

Research found some types contain more antioxidants than orange juice in a study which saw them ground down to be mixed into a drink.

Antioxidants, such as vitamins, reduce the development of potentially-dangerous free radicals in the body, the scientists said, protecting against DNA damage.

One researcher said nearly a quarter of people in the world already eat bugs and the rest might do well to overcome their squeamishness and follow suit.

Scientists at the University of Rome ground down various insects including ants, grasshoppers, crickets and silkworm.

They then tested the powder to work out how many antioxidants – compounds such as vitamins A, C and E and beta-carotene – were in them.

Only the soluble parts of the insects were used – their wings and stingers were taken off first – with the view of them being consumed as a drink.

The tests revealed silkworm, African caterpillars and giant cicadas had twice as many antioxidants as olive oil.

And powdered cricket, grasshopper and silkworm had five times as many antioxidants as notoriously nutritious orange juice.

‘Edible insects are an excellent source of protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and fibre,’ scientist Professor Mauro Serafini said.


Healthy reasons to take salads on a daily basis

Salads normally consists of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contains essential nutrients that are necessary in the human body. The healthy benefits of taking salads on a daily basis include;


Nutrition benefits

It is healthy to take plenty and varieties of these fruits and vegetables. Its combination enables them to be loaded with vitamins and minerals which increases the level of antioxidants in the blood. Salads can also reduce the risk of getting heart diseases, digestive problems and have a positive effect upon blood sugars hence helping you to control your appetite. You can add vinegar to the salads to have a good taste.

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Skin tone improvement

The high levels of water found in salad veggies improves hydration in our bodies, which is necessary for youthful skin tone and various basic bodily functions.


Muscle performance 

The nutrients found in spinach not only help to build strong bones, they also help to improve the performance of the mitochondria – little structures inside our cells that help to produce energy, as well as inform and power our muscles.


Weight control

Eating a fiber-rich salad before your entree will help you to feel full faster, so you’ll consume less calories than you might when a meal is served without this appetizer. The more raw vegetable in the salad, the more positive results you will get. Avocado is also important in the body as they will help the body to absorb all protective compounds.

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Source of fiber

Raw vegetables and fruits are a natural source of fiber. Fiber in the body has a lot of benefit to the body. They include;

1. Reducing the bad cholesterol in the body.

2. It helps in healthy weight maintenance.

3. It helps in controlling the level of blood sugars.

4. It reduces the chances of getting the different types of cancers.

5. It aids in the prevention of bowel diseases and makes the bowel movements to be normal.

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Tips: Here are the best ways to lose fat in the thighs

We all have fats in our bodies. There are many ways of reducing this fats including healthy eating and exercises. The following are the best ways in which you can reduce thigh fats first;

Squats and lunges exercises. There are times when you don’t want to do the same exercises over and over so you opt to switching them from one to another. This challenges the muscle as said by Ben Launder Dykes who is a strength and conditioning coach and fitness trainer. Front squats work your glutes and hamstringes while lunges work on the stability of the muscles.

Tokeo la picha la squats

Protein and fibre meals. The meals you take should be rich in proteins and fibre that will supply the body with less calories and weight loss. Protein have a great role in building the lean muscles in the body. This will make your legs to look good and reduce thigh fat.

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Water. This is one basic need to a body. A lot of water in the body helps in reducing appetite since dehydration causes hunger. It also helps in reducing excessive salts and fluids that are not essential to the body. Water also plays a role in preventing bloating.

Tokeo la picha la water

Reduce carbs intake. Plenty intake of carbs always leads to weight gain. When the carbs are transferred into glycogen they are stored in the liver and muscles. High intake of carbs means more glycogen will be stored in your muscles hence weight gain. This will help you reduce thigh fats easily.

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Salt intake. When observing weight in general you should reduce your salt intake. Salt makes the body to retain excess water which leads to bloating that affects the whole body thighs included.  “Water follows salt, so the more you eat, the more water gets stored instead of being filtered out by your kidneys,” says Moskovitz. “By cutting back, you’ll notice almost an immediate change in how you feel and how your clothes fit.”

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Diet Facts: Here are reasons why you should eat dates daily

Dates are fruits that are rich in fiber, nutrients and antioxidants. They are also a good source of energy, vitamins and minerals such as calcium and sodium. The following are some of the benefits for taking dates;

Tokeo la picha la dates

Relieving constipation. Dates are rich in fiber. Foods rich in fiber are essential for promoting healthy bowel movements and ensuring comfortable food passage through intestinal tract. A 2005 study also suggests that these dried fruits have high levels of dietary fiber and insoluble fiber, in particular. The insoluble fiber found in dates promotes healthy digestion by bulking up the stool and may also aid in preventing constipation.

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Prevent heart disease. Taking these fruits helps in reducing the chances of getting oxidative stress which is the risk factor of heart disease. They are also rich in potassium which aid in reducing the risk of getting stroke as well as other heart related diseases.

Tokeo la picha la heart disease


Prevent night blindness. High intake of dates helps to prevent night blindness and preserve healthy vision. This is because they are rich in carotenoids.

Source of energy. They are rich in natural sugars such as glucose, fructose and sucrose. Many people around the world eat natural low-fat dates for a quick afternoon snack when they are feeling lethargic or sluggish to help bump up energy levels fast.

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Cancer fighting proper. Research conducted by Prof Dr. Jeremy PE Spencer  suggests that eating dates may help improving bowel health and slow down the development and spread of colorectal cancer cells and anti-tumor activity. This helps in decreasing chances of one getting cancer.

Boost brain health. The fruits are rich in fiber and other natural antioxidants. This helps to protect the body against oxidative stress and inflammation of the brain. When taken in plenty aids in the refreshing the mind and how the brain works under normal circumstances.

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The Raw Vegan Diet: Grammy winner Mya shows off results

Grammy award winner Mya in 2018 opened up about how a bad relationship inspired her to be better.

Mya bust onto the scene when she was just 18, and hasn’t stopped since.


She has been impressing fans on social media for her healthy lifestyle.

May is completely vegan and shares her recipes on her website.


She explained in an interview in 2018 why she chose to go vegan

“I was vegetarian before. I got into a relationship that didn’t work out for several reasons, and I went back to my vegetarian ways after the relationship to shed the weight that I had gained, as that can often happen,” she explained.


The singer shared that she still keeps in touch with Sisqo and the members of Dru Hill as well as her “Lady Marmalade” collaborators.


Her fans have noticed a change in her body and commented so

irene_ntale..She hasn’t aged at all 🥰

marcuspaulk…👀 I’m going vegan

aaronjustinn…Mya and Ashanti are most unproblematic women in the industry. They stay on vacation collect a check and mind their business.

industryminaj…wow just wow 😍 sis from back in the day & she look better than girls today!!

joiiesade…Man she’s so bomb. Didn’t age at all 😩🔥

maqlyfe…Loveeee her! She hasn’t aged not one bit!

Tips: Check out 5 healthy ways to lose weight

When losing weight one needs to follow some steps in order to attain their targeted body goals. The following are ways to lose weight in a healthy way;

Drinking lemon water every morning

Its healthier for one to drink lemon water first thing after waking up on an empty stomach. This helps with digestion and metabolism of the body.


Observing diet

The human body is more active in the morning hence it’s healthier to have a heavy meal in the morning in readiness for the day activities.

The body is less active at night hence one is required to have a lighter meal in the evening. Eat like a king in the morning, a queen at noon and beggar in the evening.

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Take plenty of water

Water is very essential in the body. It helps in digestion and also keeps the skin glowing. One should take 8 glasses of water in a day. Taking water in the morning on an empty stomach is very important to the body.

Avoid taking much wheat products

In order to cut weight one should avoid taking wheat products such as bread, cakes, cookies and all wheat products. The wheat products contain more carbohydrates which when taken in plenty can lead to one adding weight easily.


Exercise is very important to the body. It makes the body to be active and function well. This includes morning run when the body is still active, sit ups are also important especially when working out for the belly and the core.

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Study: Diet rich in coffee, fruits protects against breast cancer

Diet rich in coffee, fruit and vegetables could protect against breast cancer, a study suggests.

The  study has found that a diet full of vegetables in not only good for health but can protect you from breast cancer as well.

Scientists have found evidence of a protective effect from a diet full of phenolic acids on the risk of post-menopausal breast cancer.

Chlorogenic acids, a certain type of phenolic acid which are found in coffee, fruits, and vegetables had the strongest effect.

image-2019-05-06 (2) (1)


The study was led by a team of academics from the University of Navarra and the University of Jaen in Spain.

They looked at the link between phenolic acids, including hydroxycinnamic and hydroxybenzoic acids, and breast cancer in 11,028 women.


‘Alcohol was going to kill me, pancreatitis saved me’ – Journalist Tom Mboya

During an average follow-up of almost 12 years, the researchers found 101 cases of breast cancer among the group of women.

All the women had completed a food questionnaire at the start of the study saying how often they ate 136 different food items.

Their intake of phenolic acids was calculated by matching food consumption data from the questionnaire with a database on the phenolic acid content of each food.

Researchers split women into three groups according to their intake of phenolic acids.

image-2019-05-06 (4) (1)

Those with the highest consumption of hydroxycinnamic acids had a 62 per cent reduced risk of breast cancer compared with those with the lowest intake.

Women consuming the most chlorogenic acids had a 65 per cent reduced risk of breast cancer compared with those consuming the least.

The researchers concluded: ‘A higher intake of hydroxycinnamic acids, especially from chlorogenic acids – present in coffee, fruits and vegetables – was associated with decreased post-menopausal breast cancer risk.’

My son had to undergo 17 surgeries and 300 face stitches’ Tom Mboya

They said the diet could possibly reduce fat tissue inflammation, oxidative stress which can damage tissue, or resistance to insulin.

The findings were presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Glasgow.

Susannah Brown, acting head of research interpretation at the World Cancer Research Fund, said: ‘This is an interesting study that further confirms the importance of consuming a diet high in fruits and vegetables for cancer prevention.

‘It also suggests some of the potential underlying biological reasons as to why fruit and vegetables are protective against cancer.’

-Daily Mail

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5 everyday superfoods you should eat

Inspite of the harsh economic times we are facing as Kenyans, these are very simple healthy and readily available food items that everyone must ensure they take every day.


Water is very important in our bodies. It helps balance body fluids that help in absorption, digestion, circulation, creation of saliva, health skin glow and mainitain body temperatures. It energizes muscles thus keeps you ernergised.


It helps maintain a healthy looking skin because of vitamin c and fibre content. In  young children, it reduces the high ristb of child leukemia.  Due to the high water percentage, oranges maintains body fluids, health blood pressure and prevents stroke.


Very simple but very beneficial as most people use this as a vegetable. However, you can eat it raw. Tomatoes have a compound that protect from the high risk of bladder, lung, prostrate, skin and stomach cancer.


 carrots are a very important in our daily meals. Apart from the common benefit, carrots reduce the high risk of cancer, prevents inflammatory conditions such as asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

Ground nuts:

Yes, simple ground nuts, they are good in boosting memory power due to vitamin B3, lowers the risk of heart diseases, it’s a natural man power in bed and it fights depression and promotes fertility in both men and women.