Diana Marua’s story about leaving at her exes place while married to Bahati is troubling

Diana Marua and Bahati have one of the most famous relationships in Kenya. When you think that you have heard it all as far as they go, the couple stuns with a new and crazy revelation.

Last week the couple dropped a new video where Bahati disclosed that one of the worst memories in his 5-year marriage was her leaving their marital home after things got thick.

The most egregious example of this was leaving with their – at the time five-month-old baby – Heaven Bahati. And that wasn’t the worst part, Diana ended up going to her ex-boyfriend’s place.

“Whenever I remember this thing I honestly get so mad. Imagine guys, I love this woman so much but she once left me and went to live with her ex-boyfriend,” Bahati pointed out.

“Mimi si Mzungu!” Diana Marua tells Bahati as she rejects his gift on camera (Video)

But Diana had a defence for her shocking move saying that she was homeless at the time and needed someone to comfort her.

“He used to send me memes. I was a single mum and I was so depressed. When I went to stay at my father’s place, he was tough and did not have the tenderness a mother would provide,” she defended herself.


However, Diana apologised to her husband and promised to share more details later. While the couple might have moved on from this dark episode, I think that if there ever was a reason to break up with Diana, it was this one.

Why? Let me explain.

First, I don’t buy the excuse that Diana couldn’t find a friend/family other than her father who could accommodate her during the tough period. That she chose her ex-boyfriend is troubling to me.

As many people who have been in relationships know, an ex is always a potential problem for any relationship. That Diana could go to her exes with no compunction about her husband shows me the respect she has for him is wanting.

Also, how were the living arrangements? I fret to even guess.

The second issue for me is Diana going with her 5-month old daughter to the exes place! Is there anyone who thinks this is justifiable behaviour? A lady who is still married is going to her exes place and living there, while carrying her husband’s child in tow! If we still had taboos, this would be one.

Lastly, this shows me that Bahati has no spine and will take even the worst form of disrespect from his woman-which this clearly is to me.

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A Love Like This 🧡

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But what do I know?


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Diana once left me to live in her ex-boyfriends home – Bahati painfully narrates

Gospel singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua are one of the most popular of Kenyan couples. The celebs owe that to Bahatl’s singing career, their influential social media pages and lastly their reality TV shows.

So one would most likely expect to know everything possible about them and their marriage. Guess again. The reason I write this is because of a recent revelation that Bahati made about his 5-year marriage to Diana that had me dumbfounded and shocked.

He said that they have had some bad moments where he felt that their relationship was slipping through the cracks. According to the “Wanani” singer his wife would normally leave the marital home when things got thick.

He even gave the example of her leaving with their at the time five-month-old baby Heaven Bahati. Speaking on their YouTube channel the couple smiled and laughed as they narrated their painful breakup.

But the most shocking part of the story was that Diana didn’t go home to her parents (as one would expect) but to her exes home.

“Whenever I remember this thing I honestly get so mad. Imagine guys, I love this woman so much but she once left me and went to live with her ex-boyfriend,” Bahati pointed out.

Awache kupata watoto hivo! Willy Paul says about Bahati (Exclusive)

But Diana had a defense for her shocking move saying that she was homeless at the time and needed someone to comfort her. “He used to send me memes. I was a single mum and I was so depressed. When I went to stay at my father’s place, he was tough and did not have the tenderness a mother would provide,” she defended herself.

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A Love Like This 🧡

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The former model then promised to give more details of what had happened and apologised to her husband for her past actions

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Poll Results are in – Was it right for Diana Marua to step out in a sheer fish-net dress?

This past week I run a poll about whether Diana Marua was in the right when she stepped out in a sheer fishnet dress that left little to the imagination.

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Highly Favored ⭐

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The results are in and the overwhelming majority of Twitter voters didn’t agree with the way the mother of two had dressed.

The poll results screenshot is below:

Poll results
Poll results

Some of the comments from some Classic105 who saw the poll are below:

ChieKa_Sahara Yes. ‘Wife and mother’ should never be used to dictate what a women can wear, what she can say, or where she can go. We are past the days of defining ‘decency’ as what we are comfortable with.

Arsen Gidraph Yes. This life needs some fresh breeeze always.

Shereen White heart Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joywow didn’t see that.

uthie_amor8 Nakupendaga lkn sasaaa,, Highly Favored n umevaa vtu gani iyo sasa

jackie.lynn.587268 Diana please don’t lower your dignity…what’s this that you’re wearing my dear?

rishdevocalist Preach what u drink…..I love u Sana but kama bibi ya mtumishi this is a fail

What do you think?

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Is it OK for mother of two Diana Marua to step out in a sheer fishnet dress?(poll)

Diana Marua and Bahati cannot seem to avoid being the topic of scandalous stories on and it is something that the couple seems to revel in going counter-culture to most other “Christian” couples out there.

And as far as I can tell, their style of engaging their fans has worked a treat as the couple has done exceptionally well on their social media pages.

Diana who gained fame after becoming Bahati’s lover and then-wife has gained a large following with both her Instagram and YouTube pages being some of the best followed.

And people are constantly scanning her pages for any news or information that they can gossip about. This week Diana caused a whole hullabaloo after she posted a photo that had many of her fans praising her. But not everyone was giddy about the photo with some calling her out.

What was the fuss? The photo she had posted was of the mother of two in a nothing but a sheer black fishnet dress, exposing a lot of what her mama gave her.

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Highly Favored ⭐

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The photo shows off a lot of what only Bahati sees in the privacy of their bedroom and that was cause for concern for some-Who called her out especially as she is the wife of a man who launched his career in the arena and still testifies to being born-again.

Some wondered why someone in the gospel industry would show off her body publicly just like that. Others admitted they still loved her a lot but she had disappointed them with her latest move.

What do you think? Is it OK for a Christian lady like her to expose acres of flesh or are people making a fuss about nothing?

Please vote below:

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Generous Diana Marua goes all out for pregnant nanny on her final day

Diana Marua and Bahati have proved in the past that they are generous. The couple normally preaches what the Bible teaches with many acts of them giving to fellow singers/people in their lives.

In a recent airing of her show, Diana had to let go of one of her nannies after she discovered that she was pregnant. But she did it with class and panache.

Diana went all out for the nanny with the former model buying the lady a beautiful smartphone that she bought at Chris Kirubi owned Two Rivers. Not only that! The mother of two also gave the departing nanny piles of children’s clothes.

In a video shared on YouTube, Diana confessed that she would miss her employee but did not have the power to make her stay.

“Jane had gone to visit her kids and mum before COVID-19 hit the country and when the borders were closed, she got stuck upcountry. She returned a few months ago but told me she was with child,” Diana said.

She explained that her nanny, Irene Nekesa had rightfully said she wanted to take time off so she could watch over her children. “She enjoyed her stay at home and ended up getting pregnant. I just want her to have something she can use to care for her baby and these clothes will help her greatly,” the YouTuber added.

Diana said that she was doing all those wonderful things for Nekesa because she had been a very good helper and had treated her kids with love and devotion. Watch the video below;

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“Mimi si Mzungu!” Diana Marua tells Bahati as she rejects his gift on camera (Video)

Diana Marua and singer Kevin Bahati share almost everything they do on multiple public platforms. The couple have weathered many storms as far as hate from a section of Kenyans goes but it seems that the criticism is a form of fuel to their fires.

The pair seem to just thrive and even in this year when Corona has done a number on many Kenyans, they are growing stronger and stronger.

One of the places where they have thrived is on their family YouTube page where they post snippets about their life. The page currently has 206k followers and is one of the most followed, showing that the couple has a life that Kenyans deem to be interesting.

And one of their latest videos shows that their formula is? That is to air their dirty linen in public, prooving that even they have issues.

So they sell an authenticity that gels with a starving public tired of celebs who fake it with their make-up, filters and perfect little life.

One of their most recent episodes showed the depths of their relationship honesty. In the episode, Diana is seen standing up for herself complaining about a certain gift the Wanani hitmaker had given her.

Bahati had noted that Diana was a dedicated gym-goer and so decided to gift her with a smartwatch that would show her how many calories she is shedding and what not.

Could a IUD cause swollen feet like Diana Marua revealed her doctor suggested?

He gave her the gift after she had finished a gym session but her reaction wasn’t what the singer was expecting. The mother of two told him he could keep it as she wasn’t happy with the gift.

She told him that she was expecting a brand new phone from her lover and not the watch. She even accused the father of her two kids of buying the watch for himself that he would pass off as her gift only to keep it after she declines it.

“Really? Is this yours or mine. I thought you were getting me a phone. I don’t need a watch. I appreciate but you can do better honestly. Mimi si mzungu. My expectations were higher. It’s not even feminine,” she remarked.

That kind of realness! I might not like their show, but I respect how honest they are with each other. Check out the video below:


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Could a IUD cause swollen feet like Diana Marua revealed her doctor suggested?

Diana Marua had a shocking revelation this past week. The mother of two revealed on her YouTube page that she had been forced to get rid of her family planning coil popularly known as the Non-hormonal IUD (Intrauterine device) Coil after her feet started swelling.

“I want to remove an IUD that I put…when you are a woman you will understand why we need such contraceptives. Family planning guys… I have a history of swelling my left foot since high school, imekuwa on and off. I have been to hospitals severally, done so many tests but hakuna kitu ilikuwa inashow. Late on iliwacha tu kufura yenyewe, and that was it. But the last 5 days hii mguu ilianza tu kufura with a lot of pain. So the Doctor suggested we get rid of any foreign material in my body” Said Diana Marua.

Diana herself was reluctant to ditch the coil although Bahati countered that he was the king of withdrawal and so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Family dynamics aside, Diana’s revelation is very interesting as far as the side-effects to intra-uterine devices go. Is it possible and can it happen as it did with Diana?

Let’s take a look

First off, there are two types of IUDs available. Nonhormonal: Copper-containing IUD (ParaGard and others)
Hormonal: Progestogen-releasing IUD (Mirena and others)

The first type secretes hormones while the other contains copper. Hormone-secreting IUDs release the synthetic hormone progestin while the copper option prevents sperm from fertilizing the egg.

In addition to preventing pregnancy, hormonal IUDs may help to reduce the incidence of painful or heavy periods. Even with the benefits that IUD have, they also have many side-effects like:

-Irregular bleeding for several months
-Lighter or shorter periods or no periods at all
-Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), which include headaches, nausea, breast tenderness, and skin blemishes.

But does the swelling of the feet occur? Yes, it can. But it is seen in cases where a woman has had a hormonal IUD. According to medical professional John P. Cunha, (DO, FACOEP), popular hormonal IUD called Mirena has been shown to cause puffiness in the face, hands, ankles, or feet.

So what Diana said can happen. although in rare cases.

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So cuuute! Diana Marua shows off Majesty in new hairstyle

Diana Marua’s life is an open book for most of her fans as she shares almost every minute detail on her social media pages and on the reality show she stars with her husband, Bahati.

The mother of 2 loves the attention that comes with it, par for the course as a former model and she knows how to keep it with most of the posts she makes on her social media.

Diana Marua's son, Majesty
Diana Marua’s son, Majesty

This week was no different as Diana decided to post an image of her second-born Majesty that got tongues wagging. The reason was simple, Majesty was seen in a new, cool hairstyle, cornrows to be exact.

‘I cried and had mixed emotions the whole week, Diana Marua celebrates son’s first birthday

One of the captions she wrote was hilarious considering the response her husband Bahati made to it. She had written; “TO THE ONE WHO MAKES MY HEART BEAT…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SON.”

To which Bahati responded by hilariously poking his wife with the counter, “TENA SIO MIMI NAFANYANGA HEART YAKO IBEAT???? 🤭” 

Diana Marua's son, Majesty
Diana Marua’s son, Majesty

From the pictures, one can see that the 1-year-old boy will become a lady-killer when he grows up, something that most fans noticed instantly.

Some of those comments are below:

millywajesus Aish

ladyrisper Happiest birthday 🎂 💓

weezdom254 Eishh🔥🙌 najua hii hairstyle ni wewe @diana_marua ulicome up nayo..can’t be @bahatikenya 😂😂

africanfabricanddesignske He is soo adorable. Happy birthday MJ ❤️

esterkason2 Hbd mtoto mzur

_mapishitunayo_ Cute baby❤️❤️

i_am_barbelle ❤️❤️

uhunye_ Gorgeous 🙌

hype_tyso 🔥🔥

natashawinnex 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

robbie_254 🔥🙌🙌

kid_mella 😍😍😍😍

beckie_brown777 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Bahati finally reveals the one trait he hates about Diana Marua

Kevin Bahati has had one really really memorable song during his time as a musician.

The awe-inspiring and emotional “Mama”, an ode to his late and dear departed mother.

The song launched his career into the stratosphere and since then he hasn’t looked back.

He has parlayed the fame and popularity he made of the song into one of the best examples of how positioning is so important in keeping one relevant as a celebrity.


I write all the above to as a prayer (more from him) and a note that the singer has been a disappointment since that first song.

But his knack for keeping his name in the spotlight while having tepid music is something for the sages. It should be studied in marketing classes.

Who do you think becomes submissive between them? Willy Paul mocks Bahati’s marriage

One of the ways that the singer keeps fans interested in his life is through his reality TV shows that showcase his private life with his wife Diana Marua and their kids.

Bahati with Diana Marua

The singer was recently interviewed on radio and spoke about his decision to ditch the gospel industry.

He said that he would always choose his wife over the genre because she had blessed him with beautiful children.

“Ukiambiwa uchague between gospel music ama Diana,” asked the radio presenter.

He added,

“Ah Bibi yangu tu. Huyo ni mke wangu, naenda na mke wangu. Unajua Gospel music sio Yesu ndugu yangu. Yesu namtambua ako kwa moyo wangu lakini hapa duniani Diana kila siku…Wewe angalia unaona watoto warembo, ndio huyo nimeanza kuongeza weight what else?” posed Bahati.

Bahati with Diana Marua

The singer also went on to explain that the one habit he doesn’t like about his wife is the fact that she easily gets annoyed.

“Yaani anakasirika haraka sana,” added Bahati.


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Husband swap? Fans ask if Diana Marua and Milly wa Jesus are swingers


Rules of engagement here people! You can thirst on anyone as long as your spouse (or the person being lusted over) is cool with it.

Something that doesn’t happen very often is married women jointly thirsting for one anothers husbands.

It’s very easy to find one celebrity or person thirsting for another. But to see two thirsty equally? That’s a potential relationship or hookup on our hands, folks. And with two people as stunning as Dian Marua and Milly wa Jesus, what’s not to love?

Over the last couple of days, Diana and Milly have outdone each other sharing pictures of the others husbands, and we gossipers are here for it.


Moshene is our business and we will give it to you.

Diana shared Kabi’s pictures on Instagram saying ‘How I crush on this man everyday 💕💕💕 @kabiwajesus, and he liked it commenting ‘haiya’, and then Milly uploaded a very cute selfie of Bahati and then said a few salacious words ‘You are a whole shhnnnaaack baaaabbbyyyy 😋MINE 😍 @BahatiKenya’.

It’s the usual strategic Instagram moves that the Bahati’s are famous for. What project do they have in store?


Their famous pals jumped in liking and commenting on the pictures. WHAT IS HAPPENING!?

Keep it going please.

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Just accept that controlling wife- Bahati on secret to a happy marriage

Bahati and Diana Marua have the most scrutinised marriage in Kenya. The reasons for that are numerous-from the many TV shows that expose them to the general public and to their various tics that they display on their popular Instagram pages.

The two seem to grow stronger together despite the negativity that they seem to get on a daily basis-something that they revel in.

Bahati with Diana Marua kissing
Bahati kissing Diana Marua

One of the most divisive aspects people target in their marriage is the age difference between the singer and his wife.

Many concerned Kenyans normally complain that she wasn’t a right match as she was “much” older than Bahati and thus she controls the relationship.

It is something the couple has addressed many times before but that doesn’t seem to assuage the fans with that point being the bulwark for many other criticisms.

Bahati with Diana Marua
Bahati with Diana Marua

This past week Bahati addressed those concerns yet again but with an admission that will get more hate than understanding.

In an interview with NTV’s Sameer Bry, Bahati called upon all Kenyan men to allow their wives to take control.

“The house belongs to the woman. By the way, advice to men outside there, if you want to survive, if you want to be as happy as I am, just accept that controlling wife and you will be very happy in your marriage,” explained Bahati.

“You repeat boxers even when I give you clean ones!” Diana Marua shades Bahati

He also added that the issue of age doesn’t bother him as he remains the head of the house despite being younger than his wife.

“The age difference is just three years. The issue doesn’t disturb me but in the house, I am the man”.

Bahati, Diana Marua and baby Heaven
Bahati, Diana Marua and baby Heaven

He declared that to make Diana happy, it is always about the money. The EMB CEO was asked whether Diana loves him for the money as many fans of the show would say he said,

“I do not enjoy my money with someone who we have not been born and brought up together with. So Diana is just enjoying the little money I have.”

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Bahati reveals why he used wife’s best friend as video vixen in his new song

The entertainment landscape in Kenya is odd in that the gospel musicians are the ones who court more controversy than the secular ones.

Musicians like Bahati, Willy Paul (who has still refused to state whether he remains a gospel musician) and Ringtone are regularly in the news for something incredulous that they have done.

Bahati smiling
Bahati smiling

Bahati has been in the news this week for two noteworthy “scandals”. First, the father of 4 decided to dye his hair to a bright red that is so striking it not only gets the attention he is seeking but also makes one question the lenghts to which the musician will go to clout-chase!?

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for his fans, the singer also went out of his way to start an Instagram beef with Tanzanian heavyweight Harmonize who was smart enough not to bite and just unfollowed his Kenyan counterpart.

Bahati with Harmonize in the past
Bahati with Harmonize in the past

And the reason for all his sh!t stirring was made apparent after he released his song “Wanani” soon afterwards. The song raised eyebrows as it featured his wife Diana Marua’s best friend Phoina as the video vixen, something some Kenyans noted in astonishment.

‘If only Diana Marua was the video vixen’ Kenyans react to Bahati’s new song

And why was that? The musician recently spoke to comedian Felix Owiduor and explained that the reason he wanted to have Phoina as the video vixen was that he had already worked with his wife on two other songs and wanted to have fresh and unique elements in his videos.

“Sikumtumia Diana sababu yupo kwa nyimbo zangu nyingi, nimefanya naye mapenzi na kuna video yangu special inatoka 2021 bado ni yeye yupo. Isitoshe, ndio maana naitwa gospel artiste, nafaa kuwa artistic nisifanye vitu ambavyo watu wanategemea,” said Bahati.

Bahati with Phoina
Bahati with Phoina

The artiste reassured Kenyans that he is still in the Gospel industry and is the best gospel artist in Kenya – a notion that some Kenyans are curious about after his latest release which added to the questionable music he has been putting out.

And in case you want to check out the song on his YouTube page, it has been pulled down due to a copyright complaint from a company called Jivu but you can listen to the audio below;

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Diana Marua shows what a beautiful bride she is in gorgeous wedding gown (photos)

Diana Marua was a model before she married Bahati, something many forget when they relentlessly roast the famous celebrity couple.

They forget that on her day Diana could compete with the most attractive women out there and did so this past weekend when she modeled exquisite bridal gowns in an excellent photoshoot she did yesterday.

Bahati with Diana Marua
Bahati with Diana Marua

Diana modeled several different gowns, each for a different occasion from traditional gowns, to those made of Ankara/African print and closed with a white wedding gown.

One of her captions read;
“If I could repeat my traditional wedding ceremony AGAIN!!!!! Gosh, How Amazing is this Coral plaited African Gown?! 😍 The picture isn’t even doing justice to it 😭 @AfricanFabricandDesignsKe is the real plug, she’s the BEST IN TOWN,” said Diana Marua.

Diana Marua wearing the African print dress
Diana Marua wearing the African print dress

In another post, Mrs. Bahati added that her favourite was the white wedding gown.

“This was by Far my best outfit and my best bridal photoshoot EVER!!!” said Ms. Marua.

Earlier this year Bahati promised his wife that he would give her the best wedding in Africa! In an Instagram post, the singer posted a gorgeous picture of Diana in a red and white short dress and captioned it, saying, “Babe just after this Corona, I promise to give you the Biggest/Baddest/Best Wedding that Africa has ever witnessed forever my #WCW @Diana_Marua.”

‘If only Diana Marua was the video vixen’ Kenyans react to Bahati’s new song

One can see that Diana isn’t short of beautiful dresses for the day she walks down the aisle. Not one bit. Check out the rest of the photos of Diana in the gown below;

Diana Marua in bridal gown
Diana Marua in bridal gown
Diana Marua in bridal gown
Diana Marua in bridal gown
Diana Marua in bridal gown
Diana Marua in bridal gown
Diana Marua in bridal gown
Diana Marua in bridal gown
Diana Marua in bridal gown
Diana Marua in bridal gown

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‘If only Diana Marua was the video vixen’ Kenyans react to Bahati’s new song


Bahati dropped a new song ‘Wa nani’ and his fans are feeling the vibe. The song premiered on June 11th.

The scene of the music video is set in Nanyuki, a perfect love setting where Bahati took along his crew to shoot the video.

One thing that has caught the eye of Kenyans about the song is the video vixen, Phoina, who gains the affections of Bahati.

Her umm assets are glorious but there’s one thing missing according to his fans – chemistry. Their attempt at seduction in the music video isn’t convincing and everyone thinks Diana Marua would have done a better job.

Bahati seems to differ with your opinions and praised Phoina after casting her. He said

You Killed it too. Thank you for being part of this

They are trying to ruin his life! Luwi Hausa’s girlfriend responds to attacks on Maria actor

Lil Majesty..
Who is here wishing Diana was the vixen? 😂😂😂😂
Great hit tho❤️❤️
Moses Madsen..
This is a banger 🔥🔥I don’t get it why people think love belongs to the secular society. Love everywhere,so for the haters ⚔️ grow up and understand small but crucial elements of substance.

Bahati and Phoina

Stella Nduhiu..
Diana would have sold it better…. because chemistry would have been Epic!!!
arnold baraza..
wooow,,,,great song baha…..but ungeimba na Diana……anyway nangojea ringtone kesho sijui atasema nini

Otile Brown explains controversial album cover photo

Mary Mutiso..
The song is sweet beutiful great and a amazing love song it remanded me The book of Song of Solomon 😘❤🎤🇧🇭👍

Bahati and Phoina in Nanyuki/courtesy Instagram

Vero Wangui..
The song is lit🔥🔥🔥but I wish my Dee was the vixen😔
Shillah The 254 BOSS..
I see some people attacking those who say Diana should have been the vedio vixen. I feel that too. Ni vile tunampenda and we want everything good to be about her. Imagine if she was the vixen here.. Yes the song is perfect but it could be more perfect. We don’t have hard feelings but just wishing Diana was the Vixen.

Saumu Mbuvi reveals date set for wedding to baby daddy Senator Loitiptip

milly Mburu..
I love bt Diana would have been perfect🔥🔥🔥
Doris k Njenga..
The song is so sweet but it good be more than that if Diana diye tunaona 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️💓💓💓💓💓

daisy Muthoni..
Wish it was Diana. I love this. Songs of Solomon

Cici Gitau..
Beautiful song 🎵 ❤…..Daina would have bring the magical to live…🔥🔥🔥🔥


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‘Unakaa Coronavirus’ Bahati mocked after he debuts new daring haircolor 


Just like the rest of us, celebrities are also self-isolating. That means their glamorous lives and looks are no longer the same. What are they doing when they want to make an aesthetic difference?

Doing it themselves, of course.

All of me loves all of you: Rashid Abdalla and Loulou Hassan’s matching outfit to swoon over

Bahati has gotten on the nerves of many after showing off his new red hair, that doesn’t look professionally done I must add.

He showed off his makeover rocking bright red locks that fans say is terrible. He however begs to differ saying

All Girls Like My New Hairstyle 😉🌷 NIMEWEZA ama NIMECHOMA??? #Bahati

Here are some hilrious reactions about his new look.

This isn’t the first time he has experimented with such a daring hairstyle.

Hizo dreads zinakaa spikes za Corona Virus

Amekaa tu corona virus Rolling on the floor laughing

Betty Kyallo comes clean on her relationship with her ‘Somali Guy’

My mans out here looking like a coral reef

Lmao,unaka mabuyu

brian charles..
More like diagram ya covid

DJ Mo removes impediment preventing him from “servicing” Size 8 regularly

LAUGHING GASDirect hit..
Unakaa beetroot

Willy The OG1..
Hhaaaaa no no you looking like kale ka brush kakuosha choo Aki


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Mother of 2 Diana Marua shows off her banging body in swim wear (photo)

Diana Marua might be a mother of two but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a body to die for. The former model and only bean in Bahati’s githeri stew (an old joke, sue me!) showed off her body to many of her fans and followers yesterday.

Diana and her squad of female friends sneaked out of Nairobi after setting their sights on a beautiful cottage tucked deep in the cracks of Nanyuki.

Diana Marua in Nanyuki
The former model in Nanyuki

She and her friends decided to swim, eat, drink, laugh and have some fun away from their significant others and children. Their definition of a good time was letting loose and going for dips as they watched the sun go down in the evening.

Not only that, Diana showed her banging and curvy body as she wore a tight and tiny swimsuit. She was thick and proud and her thighs were also out for the day. This girl was not about to let her skin stay hidden during her vacay.

View this post on Instagram

Bibi ya mtoto wa mama hacheki na watu.

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She went in front of the mirror, held her phone up and recorded herself looking super fine in her black get up. The mother of three had on a pair of little booty shorts which showed off her curvy behind.

Diana is taking a break as she has been constantly attacked the past month over claims that she might have had many more lovers before Bahati, something she had denied.

Diana Marua smiling
Diana Marua smiling

Just recently, wife to American Basketball superstar, Stephen Curry, Ayesha decided to flaunt her hot summer body in a tiny swimsuit.

The mother of 3 showed of a considerable weight loss and shocked many on the interwebs considering the conservative nature of the Curry’s

Ayesha Curry
Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry in swimsuit

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Wako Na Roho Chafu? Sudi Boy blasts Gospel singers for clout chasing


Gospels artiste Ringtone has been stirring controversy for as long as we can remember, with his latest antics being unveiling Tiktok star Azziad as his ‘new catch’.

Turns out it was all for a music video which he dropped.

His penchant for stirring the pot has caught the attention of Mombasa based musician Sudi Boy, who dropped some words of advice.

Sudi believes these kind of people need to do some soul searching.

Sudi wrote

Kupost ngoma za gospel na mistari ya bible jumapili haitufanyi tusahau tabia zako upoooooooo


Although it could be taken as a dig at just about anyone, Sudi’s fans believe it is a timely message perhaps aimed at Ringtone.

Are they dating? Exclusive intimate photos of Ringtone and Azziad emerge

Ringtone with Azziad
Ringtone with Azziad

Other Gospel artistes who have been quite controversial over the past weeks are Bahati and his wife Diana. They have just about rubbed everyone the wrong way.

Click this link below to read their online drama,

Bahati mocked after video of him dancing in Diana’s dress emerges

and this could also be what Sudi Boy is referring to. Oh and let’s not forget our favorite boy Willy Paul.

Netizens in shock as Diana Marua carries Bahati on her back like a baby!

Bahati with Diana Marua
Bahati with Diana Marua

There is also Bahatis’ former signee Weezdom who quit gospel amidst much drama.

Anyho keep it Classic 105 for more moshene in these covid 19 times.

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“You repeat boxers even when I give you clean ones!” Diana Marua shades Bahati

Diana Marua and her husband Kevin Bahati have a reality TV show where they reveal intimate details about themselves. Some of the things they disclose are to say the least very cringy.

If I was their publicist, I would ask them to leave it out of the show but what do I know? Diana recently revealed some disturbing information about her husband that reinforces the diss that she is mama Bahati.

Bahati with Diana Marua kissing
Bahati with Diana Marua kissing

In a YouTube video shared on her page, she discussed some of the things she found weird and wished Bahati would change.

Diana Marua comes clean about allegations she was married before Bahati

The former model said that she did not like Bahati’s behavior of recycling his innerwear even though she gives him a cleans one every time he has a shower.

Diana Marua carrying Bahati with Morgan looking on
Diana Marua carrying Bahati with Morgan looking on

“When you get out of the shower and dressing up, I always find you have not worn the boxer I provided. Then I ask why you have not, and what do you tell me? Diana posed. “I don’t remember,” Bahati said laughing cheekily. “You always tell me, ‘I wore this yesterday so its still clean, let me wear it today,’ but I gave you another one to change,” Diana said.

Bahati tried to garner support from male fans saying that it was common among men, something I emphatically disagree with!

Diana Marua with Bahati
Diana Marua with Bahati

Anywho, the boxer issue wasn’t the only one that got her panties in a bunch (see what I did there?). Diana also doesn’t like Bahati’s long usage of his phone.

But on that claim, the singer countered saying that they were both guilty of the infraction. Check out the video below:

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