Diana Marua reacts after Bahati is awarded the Mathare MP ticket

Diana Marua, wife to Kelvin Bahati has penned down a congratulatory message to the father of her children after he was handed the Jubilee Party ticket to vie for the Mathare parliamentary seat yesterday.

Diana described the act of Jubilee giving the nomination certificate to her husband Bahati as a win for the youth of Kenya and Mathare constituency.

She shared on her social media platform;

“The devil might delay the process but he cannot deny what has been written and stamped in heaven. Victory belongs to Jesus, he has never failed us!

“This is a big win for the youth of Kenya and Mathare constituency!!!. Thank you Mr President and the 5th hon. Raila Amollo Odinga for giving #mtotowamathare a chance to represent the youth on the ballot come august 2022. let the journey begin. Mathare, you have won already. congratulations @bahatikenya. #bahatiformatharemp,” Diana Marua wrote.

In a post, Bahati expressed his gratitude towards his party and their leader President Uhuru Kenyatta for giving him an opportunity to bring Change in Mathare.

“Baada ya machozi…. ni bahati tena!!! the Jubilee/Azimio certificate is back and Mathare constituency can now have their favourite candidate on the ballot.

“It’s official Kevin Bahati Kioko will be running as a member of parliament Mathare constituency with the jubilee/azimio ticket. God has never let his people down… god has done it again.”

In a separate post he added;

“Thank You My President & My Party Leader H.E Uhuru Kenyatta for the opportunity to Bring Change in Mathare. Thank You also for giving the Youth of this Country a Chance to Bring their Contribution in the Azimio Government… May God Bless You, Mr President.”

Bahati added that he is optimistic that he will win in the coming general elections.

“I promise you the Mathare seat will go to the Azimio team… apart from Mathare I will go out there as Kenyans most followed musician to preach the good news of the Azimio government and also to bring change that is needed where I come from, that’s Mathare.”

Earlier last month, Bahati cried while addressing the media after he was asked to step down as Jubilee’s Mathare MP candidate in favour of ODM’s Anthony Oluoch.

More life, More Blessings! Diana B’s plan for nannys’ birthday

Diana Marua’s beautiful family recently planned a surprise for her nannies Josephine and Irene.

Diana Marua took her troop for an outing to celebrate her 2 nannys’ birthday.

Josephine and Irene feature alot on her Instagram and fans have come to know them.

‘i was just in the house randomly, and I had no idea it was her birthday, i was doing nothing and then akina morgan came and told me ngai mum you know its Aunt Josephines birthday today, i ae her Id he i turning 30, so I decided e got a cake for Auntie josephine, e are going to surprise her with the cake’

Diana had also missed her other nanny Irene’s birthday because at the time she was sick and they we are also moving in to their new home.

Diana told Irene that she will increase her salary to make up.

Rillah kahiga…
You’re heart is pure ❤️😊how u Soo thoughtful about others 😭😭MAY GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY DEE🙏🙌❤️

Faith Joshua..
The lord brought you Dee to people’s life as a blessing may you be blessed forever 🙏 🙌 ✨ ❤ and happy birthday to Josphine am learning alot from your family

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‘She passed on in the house’ Bahati on mother’s death

Bahati tells Diana why he is getting into politics.

The singer was interviewed by wife Diana on Friday March 26.

Kevin Bahati Kioko told Diana that he will write a book about his experience growing and living in Mathare and his mother dying at home.

The revelation was made on Diana Marua’s youtube channel on Friday March 25, where he cried about losing his mum on Christmas day,, 8 years ago.

Diana asked him why he wants to become an MP, and he recounted his mothers experience in a health facility, that drove him to want to change things for poor people.

For me it goes a long way, more than being an MP, it’s more about the people of Mathare and my life. Those who know me for long, they know my story. In brief for the newcomers, my mum and dad lived in Huruma, I have seen the god and bad times of Mathare. I remember I was 6 years old I lost my mum. I was going to class one.. It was in December in Christmas day on 25th. I think losing a mum changes everything. I thought about being left in upcountry after her burial . We were so poor and my dad was not in a position to have a househelp kukua na mtu kungangana na mimi, but here we lived in one room and we were two families in one room. we were not related, it’s your dad ameshikana na baba mwingine. So after the burial, I cried hard so I wouldn’t be left in Ukambani. I entered the pick up that ferried my mothers body to Makueni to come back to Nairobi.

I was just coming back to Nairobi to try my luck. Juu niliteta sana , in my mind I didn’t want to be left behind. And that is how I ended up back in Mathare. Things were tough . I needed to go to school but my bother Kioko could not pay fees, so I went to a children’s home

My mum passed on in the house and believe me until today you know the people in Mathare still have poor health services. The morning my mum passed there is no level five hospital there is no hospital we say you can get quick attention, the morning my mum passed on for you to get help I remember that week before she died, I woke up at 3am to panga line so that your sick person can be treated by 11 am,, ….tears…and that’s how my mum passed on. My mum passed on waiting when someone on the queue hio hospitali, by the time huyu mtu anakuja kutibiwa it’s almost the next day. I remember ndio hata atolewe kwa hiyo nyumba…let me tell you something it was on a Christmas day, ndio nakumbuka ndio atolewe kwa hiyo nyumba because she passed on kama midday alikua kwa nyumba a few hours ndio hapo sasa afungwe na blanketi, sasa hio till today in Mathare there is nothing improving.

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Diana Marua unveiled as the face of Phoina Beauty cosmetics

Diana Marua has signed a deal to be Phoina beauty brand ambassador.

Photos of the deal have been shared here, and a note about the exciting moment captioned

A dream come true,the deal has been sealed and signed👌
You are now looking at the Brand ambassador and Face of PHOINA BEAUTY COSMETICS
Proud to Announce a major win with my girl @diana_marua
Love her work ethic and how she goes all out to push brands,I count it as a blessing working with her on my product, we are working on amazing stuff and we are excited to share with you guys soon🙏🥂to more WINS

In another picture of the behind the scenes, Diana and Phoina pose with the makeup samples captioning it

‘Told you its winning season, our palettes finally landed, this babies sell like hot cakes, make sure you order yours, call 0711934358,each is 2250/-
A MUST HAVE PRODUCT 🤗 @phoinabeauty
Team Phoina Unboxing 😚✅’

To more wins.

Congratulations from the Classic 105 family.

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‘I’m starting to get used to this’ Diana says of stardom as rapper

Kenya’s newest rapper Diana b is loving being in the limelight and her adoring fans have encouraged her further.

In a note on her Instagram stories Diana wrote after a successful performance at Avery club that ‘I could get used to this’

Diana B is her stage name, and while greeting her screaming fans in the club as she performed, Diana also added ‘the love is madddd!!!’

‘I love you team Diana, avery was litt!!’

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Betty Kyallo’s beautiful message to Diana Bahati about rap career


Diana B was hosted on several tv shows Friday night December 3rd where she performed her new songs.

She was on the Trend on NTV with Amina Abdi.

Earlier she was also on Kiss FM, where she told off Will Paul. She told that ‘ willy Paul is hating on Just because am getting more views on YouTube than him. I joined music industry 3days ago and my first song has surpassed 1m views while him has been in industry over 10yrs na ngoma yake “aheri mama” has 191k views on YouTube in 6days,and that’s where hate comes from!!!’

Diana B’s first rap song has hit one million views days after announcing her entry into the music world in an exclusive event this past week.

She has also released a second song that is also doing quite well.

Her boss moves have caught the attention of media personality Betty Kyallo who had some very encouraging comments to her to push on inspite of the noise.

Betty wrote tagging Diana Marua that

‘You go girl, never listen to the noise You can chase any sunset and choose your horizon. I love it!’

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‘Mueni has brought about alot of love and blessings’ Yvette Obura


Bahati’s daughter Mueni turned 6 years and her parents dedicated sweet messages to her.

Even Diana Marua penned a sweet note to her bonus daughter.

‘And the Birthday Girl @Mueni_Bahati celebrated her birthday in style with her two Mommies @yvette_obura ‘

Yvette has revealed they had a birthday party at Bahati’s residence for her little girl.

She thanked Diana for carting for her daughter, proving love knows no bounds.

‘This baby changed my life in ways I cant explain. Talk of grace, patience, love and humility. If you know Mueni, you know she’s too mature for her age. She has never allows me to sleep without praying and praya for me. She brought about alot of love and blessings. May God keep her long enough for me’

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Diana B lands two gigs after unveiling sh850,000 rate card


Diana Marua has only been in the music industry for two days and landed two concerts.

Her husband Bahati revealed that her asking rate to sing is sh850,000. The confession sparked a fuss online with many saying it’s ridiculous.

But she is proving naysayers wrong.

On her Instagram, Diana B says she has two gigs, ‘I’m just two days old in the music industry and my weekend is FULLY BOOKED 😎This Saturday, I’ll be Performing my first show in NAKURU, BAHATI CONSTITUENCY!!!!’

Two performances means she will rake in 1.7million this festive season.


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6 traits of Bahati that tells he is a supportive husband


Diana Marua launched her singing career and husband Bahati was on hand to encourage and help her launch it.

Bahati shows us he is a lifelong partner who supports Diana’s dreams, allowing her to thrive and become the best version of herself.

Fellas! Here’s how to be a supportive husband like Bahati

-A supportive partner allows their significant other to make choices. whether they change jobs or go back to school and tell them they are capable of meeting their set goals.

-Being a supportive partner also means making your partner feel important and respected. This requires listening to and considering your partner’s opinion and making them a priority in your life.


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by BAHATI (@bahatikenya)

-Being a supportive husband means being helpful to your wife.

-Being a supportive spouse also means respecting your partner’s time and individual plans, just like you would expect her to respect yours

-Being a supportive spouse also means having gratitude for your partner and taking the time to express it


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Be all that you can be! Lilian Nganga encourages Diana on music career


Diana Marua on Sunday November 28 officially launched her music career.

She revealed in an invites only event, her she was now a female rapper and dropped her new song dubbed Hatutaachana.

She excitedly told fans to go to youtube

Eiiiiiiiiiishhhhh 🔥🔥🔥 Who Starts their Music Career at the Top 🔝 Like I Just Did??? Glory to God 🙏

Cameras <> Lights <> Action!!! and I Surprised the Audience 😍😍😍 Tomorrow at 10 am I Premier My First Official Music Video On My YouTube Channel Subscribe ‘

Akothee showed her support for Diana as did former Machakos first lady Lilian.

Lilian Nganga wrote a sweet encouraging note to Diana Marua now dubbed Diana B that ‘Each o us can be ANYTHING we want to be. Diana Marua, Be ALL that you can be! ALL of it’

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32 and glowing! Diana Marua hits the gym hard after birthday celebrations


Diana Marua turned 32 on November 5 and marked her born day with a surprise party from her husband Bahati.

Her love message to Bahati for his effort was captioned below

Thank you Baaaaaaaabbbyyy@BahatiKenya that was the Best Birthday Party Eveeeerrrrr!!!!! Thank you for Always putting me on the front row. I appreciate you and I love you so soooooo much. Photos Loading Year 32 is the Year of GREATNESS!!!!’

She has now hit the gym hard and described how the experience is, in a note on her Instagram.She wrote ‘Going to the gym is like going to a battle field. Winning is a mind game. fight for your thoughts. There’s nothing as refreshing as like knowing that you nailed it’

She captioned a picture wearing a black leggings and and a neon green shirt. Meanwhile enjoy her youtube video below.

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Times Bahati has proved to the world he is the sneaker King


If you are looking to buy sneakers, your best bet is musician Bahati. He is always rocking amazing looks and should be your inspiration.

27 year old Kevin Mbuvi Kioko is ruling the airwaves with his collabo Adhianbo with Prince Indah. It’s all the rage on Tiktok and if you haven’t heard it, click here.

Here are pictures of his shoe game

Bahati in the studio
Bahati in the studio


Bahati with his wife Diana Marua
Bahati with his wife Diana Marua

Bahati wearing shades
Bahati wearing shades

Bahati posing
Bahati posing

Bahati with Diana Marua kissing
Bahati with Diana Marua kissing


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Diana Marua’s priceless reaction to iphone 13 and 100k birthday gift


Diana Marua turned 32 on Friday November 5 and was excited to know what her husband Bahati planned for her born day.

It turns out he had a surprise party where friends joined the couple for dinner and drinks.

As her friends took turns wishing her the best, one of Bahati’s friends Jimmy stood up and told her he had a gift for her. From his jacket, he took out a phone.

He said ‘Dee happy birthday and I have something for you it’s an iphone 13’

Guests in the background screamt ‘wewe ni bibi ya mwenyewe bana’ as Diana Marua stays shocked at the gift.

Bahati then tells Diana’ mrudishie anipee nikupee’

All the same Diana is so excited nd can’t wait to bank her cash.


Weeeeuuuuuhhh, Jana was a movie i got a Surprise gift, an IPhone 13 and a 100K ontop of it from my Hubbys Friend @ngechus_jimmy I am over the moon literally when I think of the Precious Memories We Made Yesterday; I Can’t Wait to Open all the Other Gifts and Bank the

Dear Classic 105 fam, what luxe gift have you ever been gifted? Ama bora uhai?


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The Kabu’s bless Diana Marua with a birthday vacation in Mauritius


Musician Bahati threw his wife Diana Martua a surprise birthday parity on Friday night.

Diana turned 32 on Friday November 6th and was curious what plans her husband had for her big day. He kept it a secret and on her Instagram srtories she ranted about him seemingly ignoring her.

But the loving husband had planned an all white party with her family and friends.

The party was attended by Phoina, the Kabu’s, Hopekid, Terence Creative and Milly Chebby, Ringtone among others.

While toasting to her day, Sarah and Simond Kabu announced that they were giving the popular couple a birthday vacation to Mauritius.

An excited Diana exclaimed how happy that made her as the Kabu’s and guests encouraged Bahati to give her a big smooch.

Happy birthday Diana from the Classic 105 family

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Diana Marua humbled to meet Health CAS Mercy Mwangangi


The Bahati’s, the Muraya’s, The Kabu’s were among a host of celebrities’ who gathered in Komarock Saturday October 23 to unveil a new maternity wing.

The Chief Guest was Health CAS Mercy Mwangangi whom Kenyans love.

While sharing pictures of their encounter, Diana Marua is pictured in discussion with the CAS and gushes about their encounter.

Diana wrote ‘I was honoured to meet the Chief Administrative Secretary of the Ministry of Health Dr. Mercy Mwangangi who officially Launched The Oxygen Plant and The New Maternity Wing @KOMAROCKMODERN HEALTHCARE earlier today.’


As the Bahati’s walked through the hospital building, Diana also told of her pride in being brand ambassadors in a hearty note

We are Proud Brand Ambassadors of @KOMAROCKMODERN HEALTHCARE and I’m proud to officially announce the Launch of The Oxygen Plant and The New Maternity Wing opened by CAS Minister of Health, Mercy Mwangangi.


Diana also took to the stage to address the guests

‘Earlier Today with the CEO of @KOMAROCKMODERN HEALTHCARE after a successful launch of The Hospitals Oxygen Plant and The New Amazing Maternity Wing.

Thank you Dr. Nyamu for raising the bar so high. I am a Proud Brand Ambassador Representing the Best Facility we have in the country.’

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Diana Marua shares cute video of her children praying


Diana Marua is doing a phenomenal job raising her four children.

She has two –  Majesty and Heaven with Bahati, and bonus children Morgan adopted, and Mueni from a baby mama.

On Saturday night October 9th, she shared a cute video encouraging her children to pray before bedtime.

This lets us know that she raises them with biblical values.

She also lets us know that children are a gift from God, and we must lift up our children to God.

See the cute video of how each takes a turn to pray before bedtime.

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Diana Marua admits she is not legally married to Bahati just yet

We have said or thought about it. And now from the horses mouth, Diana Marua has made it clear that she is not married to Bahati.

Two children later and years of living together does not mean they are legally married.

Speaking during the launch of his new album, ‘Love Like This’, Diana said the reason they are not legally married is that they want their kids to be able to understand when the two hold their wedding ceremony.

The mother of two exclusively said,

“We are not legally married but we are set to start our wedding plans very soon.

I just wanted my son to grow up to know and understand that my parents are actually walking down the aisle. But not this year but soon.”

Diana added that she does not see Bahati as a star, like his fans, but as the father to her kids and a friend.

“When he has his low moment and so on. It is not something big to me. We are not there for the people, we are public figures but at the end of the day, we have our own family issues that we keep to ourselves.”

Speaking about the album, Diana gushed over her husband saying she loves the album and that she has been supporting him fully in the music.

“There is no reason to be insecure, I know my man. He knows me and we are a family. This is his work and so am here to support him fully. My favourite song from the album is ‘sweet darling’, he has featured Burundian artiste. It was the first song.”

Diana also drop a scoop that reality show, Being Bahati will be back soon.

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Groove Awards kicked me out for dating Diana Marua-Bahati

Singer Bahati says his wife Diana Marua is the reason he was kicked out of annual gospel awards Groove. The “Mama” singer made the claim in a lengthy post that he made on his Instagram page.

In the post, Bahati said that he met Diana and made her his girlfriend within five weeks of seeing each other. “In 5 Weeks of Meeting this Girl I Proclaimed her to be Mine; it Was Só Weird Juu Siku Nilimuambia Tuna Date ata Yeye alishtuka…” he began.

He said that the decision to wife her up was made 5 months later, and that is when he introduced her to the world as his ‘prayer partner’, a term that became popular back then.

“In 5 Months of Our Dating I requested to Meet her Parents to ask for their Blessings Because I was Ready to Marry her. In Only 5 Months??? But Yeaaa Why Wait Forever if Your Know She’s the One??? 😉.”

Isn’t he married!? Bahati shockingly reveals ex from the past as he dedicates song to her

He says soon after making the announcement, his relationship with Groove awards panelists was dented.

“I Remember this is When I announced her as My Prayer Partner Something that Led to my ‘Kicking Out of Groove Awards by the So-Called Panel’ 😢 Story for another day 🙂.”

And what lesson would he love his generation to learn from him?

“In 5 Words I’d Like to Teach My Generation One Great Lesson About Love- Life 🙂 DONT WAIT FOR SO LONG!!! Yes Because Time is Not Waiting for You so if You Can get into that Relationship/ Marriage Do it Right away Hizo Lessons zingine Utashikia Mbele.”

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