I did it all, I had it all – Diana Marua reflects on past party lifestyle

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Diana Marua who gave birth to her second child this year has spoken about whether she misses the party life after getting married to her Gospel singer?

Mrs. Bahati looking great after giving birth
Diana looking great after giving birth

While responding to assumptions fans have about her, the mother of two addressed an assumption by one of the fans who said that deep down she missed being a party girl.

‘Let me tell you something, I did it all, I had it all. I had the party after party, yaani I served my life a good one mpaka sahii mimi hukaa chini nauliza leo ni Friday watu wako dunda? Watu wako tu huko wanashake their bum bum and doing other stuff. Ain’t nobody got time for that, now I’m a mom of three, I’m settled. I think I did all that and I’m content with the way I am right now,’ she said.

Diana Marua with Bahati
Diana Marua with Bahati

This comes a few months after she disclosed that before meeting her husband, she lived the life of partying and drinking.

“My sister is not good for you,” Diana Marua tells Bahati

According to her, Bahati brought her closer to God, a move that saw her stop drinking and even started going to church.

“I respected Bahati so much that sometimes when I was tipsy and I knew I was going to meet him, I would chew many PKs to mask the smell. He would know I was tipsy but I always tried to make light of it,” said Diana in a past interview.

Diana Marua with Bahati
Diana Marua with Bahati

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‘Ooh Bahati ordered for a DNA’ – Diana Marua responds to pesky question

Diana Marua has finally spoken about one of the vicious rumours doing the rounds that Bahati had gotten a paternity test done for his daughter, Heaven.

1 year-old Heaven Bahati ready for school? Diana Marua thinks so

This week a brave and no-chills fan revisited the issue with a question she posed on Diana’s Instagram page. ‘Is it true that Bahati asked for a DNA test to verify the paternity of his daughter?’ the fan posed.

Bahati, Diana Marua and baby Heaven
Bahati, Diana Marua and baby Heaven

Diana was having none of that and promptly questioned why anyone would come up with such a claim, saying,

‘What bothers people? Someone can just sit down and cook up stories? I woke to “ooh Bahati ordered for a DNA.” Anyway, we are still here. Heaven is turning two and we are still striving as parents.’

Mrs. Bahati looking great after giving birth
Diana looking great after giving birth

This isn’t the first time that the couple is dealing with such allegations. In April last year, Bahati was faced with probes regarding his doubts that Heaven Bahati was actually not his child.

“My sister is not good for you,” Diana Marua tells Bahati

Additionally, reports were rife that Bahati secretly conducted DNA tests to confirm the same, without Diana´s prior knowledge.

A source privy to the scandal told Mpasho.com at the time how it all went down. ‘The DNA results were dropped at the flats where he stays and left in the custody of the person who was at the gate because there were explicit instructions not to drop it at his house,’ the source said.

Diana Marua with Bahati
Diana Marua with Bahati

The singer himself refused to comment on the paternity tesr, at the time, telling Amina Abdi on ‘The Trend’. ‘Ukiniangalia, angalia hizi genes. Hata mama yake haoni kitu hapa. Hatari mbaya…ashaanza kushika face ya babake.’

The couple now has two kids with their son Majesty being born a few months back. Clearly rumours will not kill their celebrity marriage.

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“My sister is not good for you,” Diana Marua tells Bahati

Diana Marua has warned her hubby Bahati against keeping her sister Val as the singer’s PA. This was after Bahati revealed on his reality show that he had fired his former PA.

Well, Diana thinks her sister Val is unprofessional and should be shown the door.

Marua told her hubby that, “I really want you to let Val go as your PA. Like umtoe EMB. I’m not saying that in a bad way Val imefika point I don’t think she sees how things work. She there with you misbehaving. I just feel like she is not professional.”

Adding “Val is my sister and I’d feel bad to know that my sister ako tu mahali hana job. But there’s a reason I’m telling you she’s not the best person for you. Acha aende atafute job place ingine. Look for another P.A”

Diana Marua with Bahati
Diana Marua with Bahati

In her defence, Bahati says Val is strict and that she puts everyone where they are supposed to be. He then refused to listen to his wife’s advice

“Firing Val is a no at the moment,” said Bahati

Bahati and Diana started their reality show to give a glimpse of their lives to their fans.

Bahati with Diana Marua
Bahati with Diana Marua

How Bahati’s daughter helped mum from being suicidal

Diana Marua opens up about experiencing post-partum depression

Diana Marua has had 2 kids in a span of 2 years. In that time, she has experienced things as a mother that have given her the justification to speak and advise other women/mothers and potential fathers.

She recently disclosed on her YouTube page the effects that post-partum depression had on her after the birth of her firstborn, Heaven.

Diana Marua with Bahati and Betty Kyallo
Diana Marua with Bahati and Betty Kyallo

The mother of 2 related that she had been overwhelmed despite having a husband and a nanny. ‘When I got Heaven, that was the worst time of my life. I got post-partum depression. I had a husband and a nanny,” she said.

‘The support system is key. My hubby started being busy, he was coming home late and had early mornings. You’ve done everything and the baby is still crying.’ said Diana explaining how bad it had been for her.

Diana Marua gives bedroom tips on how to keep your husband happy

She said that the second time was the charm with Bahati being more supportive of his wife. ‘If your woman has given birth, get paternity leave, your wife needs all the support she can get. Be an inspiration to your woman. It’s a matter of time before you see your child grow. These little babies have nothing to do with whatever is going on in your life. Speak life to your children,’ she added.

Diana Marua with Bahati
Diana Marua with Bahati

What is post-partum depression? According to WebMD, it is a complex mix of physical, emotional, and behavioral changes that happen in a woman after giving birth. According to the DSM-5, a manual used to diagnose mental disorders, PPD is a form of major depression that has its onset within four weeks after delivery.

The diagnosis of postpartum depression is based not only on the length of time between delivery and onset, but also on the severity of the depression.

Diana Marua holding Heaven
Diana Marua holding Heaven

It is linked to chemical, social, and psychological changes associated with having a baby. The term describes a range of physical and emotional changes that many new mothers experience. The good news is postpartum depression can be treated with medication and counseling.

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Why do you support Diana lying about her age!? Bahati viciously asked

Bahati and Diana Marua have probably the most open celebrity relationship in Kenya. The reason for that is their popular reality shows and their well-followed Instagram pages.

This week Diana Marua turned a year older on Tuesday. Such an auspicious occasion must be celebrated on social media for someone like Diana.

Mrs. Bahati looking great after giving birth
Diana looking great after giving birth

She wrote,

‘Today, I’ve stepped into the 3rd decade of my life! I’ve never felt so certain and sure about the purpose that God has called me to live for. My prayer was to have a settled life and a family before this day and for sure, everything I ever wished for unfolded in God’s perfect timing. As I take time to relax, enjoy and meditate about my life, I have so much to thank Him for, the things that worked and didn’t work out in my life, they’ve sharpened me to be who I am today,’ she captioned a photo of herself alongside the singer.

Bahati with Diana Marua
Bahati with Diana Marua

Bahati himself wrote a rejoinder to his wife. His message is below;

‘My Boo just turned 30 today❗I am so glad and thankful to God that you’re in my life. You’ve been here to house my dreams that seem impossible at times, You’ve been my spiritual friend and prayer partner – a major backbone behind my achievements and success. You’ve given me another chance to be called a Father again. My Queen I still don’t know what to gift you on this Great day but just asking God to bless you with long life and show you his salvation.’

Diana Marua with Bahati
Diana Marua with Bahati

While most of their fans had positive messages, some others took the opportunity to ask the singer why he was supporting his wife lying about her age?

Meet the woman who adopted Bahati after his mother died – Photos

In the past, many have questioned the authenticity of Diana’s age and felt like she lies so as to seem closer in age to her much younger husband.

This time wasn’t any different and some of those vocal commenters went HAM on the ‘Mama’ singer. Some even claimed that Bahati’s wife has been stuck at 30 for years and wondered when she’ll grow older past that.

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‘I fear death’ Weezdom on possibly exposing girl to STI



Gospel singer Weezdom has denied infecting a Kenyan girl with an STI. The EMB record signee was exposed by a lass identified as Quinter.


In an audio that has gone viral, Quinter can be heard speaking to Weezdom telling him that he infected her with an STI.


But the controversial gospel singer denies.


The scandal comes barely three months after Weezdom shed tears live on radio after exposing Mr Seed for sleeping with another woman.


Well, while responding to a fan who asked if it’s true he infected a lady, he wrote,


He added,


The singer went ahead to share another post, saying he was blocking all the negativity


Bahati’s wife Diana Marua has defended Weezdom and taking to social media, she wrote,



Listen to the leaked phone conversation below.

Were her pregnancies natural or a C-section? Diana Marua reveals

Diana Marua and Bahati have been open about a lot of things in their life. One thing I hadn’t realised that they had kept close to the vest was the manner in which Diana had her children, that being either natural birth or C-section.

Diana Marua with Bahati and Betty Kyallo
Diana Marua with Bahati and Betty Kyallo

Diana who has been revealing a lot this past week decided to let her fans in on her both her pregnancies.

In a video she shared on Instagram, the mother responded to a question from a fan and said that she preferred giving birth the natural way, but unfortunately it hadn’t been possible for her.

 The ex-model with Bahati
Diana Marua and Bahati when she was still pregnant

The reason for her predicament was that she was suffering from Symphysis pubis, and her pelvic bones were too close to each other and it was painful. She added that at the time, even moving from her bed to the bathroom was with difficulty.

Diana Marua gives bedroom tips on how to keep your husband happy

All these issues forced her doctor to advise her to get a C-section for both her kids.

She narrated;

I did not prefer to go for C-section. What happened with my firstborn baby Heaven, I got a complication where my pelvic bones zilikuwa zinashikana (they were too close together) and it got to a point where walking a small distance was very hard for me. I couldn’t even move from the bed to the bathroom. That condition is called Symphysis pubis. So with that, the doctor had to advise me not to go the natural way. Natural birth was not an option for me and on my second baby, the same happened and that’s why I opted for C-section.

Mrs. Bahati looking great after giving birth
Diana looking great after giving birth

What is Symphysis pubis dysfunction?

It is a group of symptoms that cause discomfort in the pelvic region. It usually occurs during pregnancy, when your pelvic joints become stiff or move unevenly. It can occur both at the front and back of your pelvis. SPD is also sometimes referred to as pelvic girdle pain.

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Diana Marua gives bedroom tips on how to keep your husband happy

Diana Marua and Bahati have a really fascinating relationship, one that has its detractors hoping for its demise and those that are invested in its success.

The couple is prominent in the public sphere because of their popular Instagram pages and their reality T.V shows that exposes the dynamics of their relationships.

Recently, Bahati’s wife Diana Marua has decided to share her tips and tricks to maintaining a healthy marriage. One of her gems concerned what wives should do in the bedroom to spice up their marriage.

Diana Marua with Bahati
The couple together

During a Q and A session on her YouTube channel, Diana urged her fellow wives to spice things up in the bedroom if they want to keep the romance alive.

“There are ways you can keep a happy marriage. Cook your man his favourite meal, be a submissive wife and lastly bedroom matters,” she said.

She also told wives that being spontaneous, creative and thoughtful in the bedroom is very important for keeping a man sated. She gave examples like telling women that they should dress in lingerie, use scented candles and practice some daring styles in bed. ‘When you go to bed do not just lie flat on the bed,” she said cheekily.

According to numerous studies, the benefits of having se3 more often in marriages is that;

Psychological Benefits-Happiness, stress relief, improved mood, improved self-image.

Physical Benefits-Improved physical fitness, better immune function, reduced pain, better cardiac function, brain Effects

Sexual Effects-In women, being more sexually active actually boosts lib*do and increases va*inal lubrication in women. Making love is more often associated with lighter menstrual periods and less bothersome period cramps.

Bahati with his wife
Bahati with his wife Diana Marua

For men, while it was once thought that intimacy caused an increase in prostate cancer, a 2016 study found that men who had more ejaculations (21 or more per month) were less likely to develop the disease than men who had fewer (seven ejac*lations or less per month). Since prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in men, and this is worth noting.

Bahati reveals secret of how he keeps Diana Marua happy

Other Physical Effects
A number of other physical effects have been associated with more intimacy activity, such as an improved sense of smell, healthier teeth, improved digestion, and that healthy-skin glow that’s related to an increase in the release of DHEA by the body.

The couple together
The couple together

Relationship Benefits
Having pekejeng often can benefit you and your partner individually, but it can also help your relationship in a number of ways.

Having regular intimacy in a monogamous relationship can increase your level of commitment and help you connect emotionally.

The relational benefits of intimacy are assisted by the chemicals our bodies make: The release of oxytocin, in addition to being calming, can contribute to bonding and greater emotional intimacy.

Are we togeza!?

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Congrats! Kabi wa Jesus and Milly wa Jesus welcome new-born son

Celebrity couple Kabi wa Jesus and Milly wa Jesus have welcomed a new-born son into their family. The couple revealed this good news in a 10-minute Vlog, that shows their pregnancy journey.

Milly said,

‘Glory to God we held our baby for the first time. Hi Baby. The best moment was the cry. Yes, Guys the baby is already here and we are very excited that you guys have been part of us. It’s been a very wonderful journey, thank you for walking with us, thank you to everyone who showed concern because we have been quite for about one week, because we really wanted to get hold of our baby and understand him, as we start this new journey that we are in. Thank you for praying for Us. Being part of the pregnancy journey, it’s a new chapter and we can’t wait to share with you, the labour and delivery story and even just to introduce our boy to guys. Thank You.’

Kabi wa Jesus with Milly wa Jesus
Kabi wa Jesus with Milly wa Jesus

The announcement received overwhelming love from their over 111K YouTube subscribers, as the video has now gained over 160K views since its release.

She’s Loved: Milly Wa Jesus’ second baby shower 

“Thank you for the warm welcome back 10K views in 2 minutes, we love you right back” wrote Kabi.

“Wow we have been waiting for you literally every minute! So relieved to see you back, ni Jesus!” Matial

Kabi wa Jesus with Milly wa Jesus
Kabi wa Jesus with Milly wa Jesus

The Wa Jesus family had attended the baby shower of another celebrity couple in Bahati and Diana Marua. The latter were blessed with a son called Majesty in August 2018.

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Hold Onto Your Edges Girls: Betty Kyallo stuns in this red dress


When you are so excited you have no other word for it but to yell, YAAAS!

K24’s Betty Kyallo wardrobe choice this weekend is receiving raving reviews from fans.

Betty stopped us in our tracks this weekend when she showed off a stunning red dress.

The TV presenter showed off her look on Instagram including one where her edges were slaying.

Betty has been showcasing her style online and spoke out about the red dress.

Leo sijui tupitie mahali? Hii Valentine dress haiwezi lala.. 


Sure enough she did not go home and partied at Kiza, after her late night shift. She was hosting Bahati and Diana Marua, where Diana opened up about her days as a ‘bad’ girl who loved to party. Bahati confessed that he once picked her up from the club and it was clear to him she was drunk.

She loves this club and frequents it alot.

Here’s another angle of the dress. How cute does she look.


She is definitely giving us FOMO.

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Oh Really! Bahati threatens Diana’s ex boyfriend after revealing tell all


The love story of Bahati and Diana Marua is quite something according to the revealing details on their youtube channel.


In one of her vlogs, Diana talked about how she was heartbroken by her ex-lover on the day she was going to shoot a video with her now-husband Bahati.

My heart was torn apart on the morning we were going to shoot Bahati’s Mapenzi video. I found my ex-boyfriend (my lover during that time) cheating on me. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Bahati insisted that she reveals the name of the guy but Diana only gave the first letter, J.

Sio Baba yangu Jblessing because he’s a good player?’ the singer posed.

The mother of two responded saying, ‘Babe take back your words’.

Diana once dated Kenyan international Victor Wanyama, and Bahati while trying to figure out who Diana’s ex was, said,

He is the biggest player at AFCON right now. He scored three goals.

His wife just responded, ‘I’ll let that pass.’

Bahati added,

I’m just kidding. Wewe J nakujua wewe. Wacha ninunue gun, I’ll deal with you.

Diana and Bahati

Diana went ahead to explain how she caught her lover with his pants down.

I actually found this guy in a car with the chic and they were naked. I had called him several times but he wasn’t picking yet I wanted him to drop me at the video shoot venue. I saw his car in the parking lot and as I walked towards it, I saw someone wearing a vest in a hurry,’ she said,


Walking nearer to the car, I saw him throw a blanket to the lady in the car and upon opening one of the doors, I was shocked. I lost words. I cried my heart out that morning.

Diana, who later moved on with Bahati, said she’s happy and content with her relationship now. While commenting on the issue, the singer said,

I thank God for what happened that morning because that’s ‘what brought you to me’.

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Diana Marua reveals first cute photo of her son, Majesty

Diana Marua is now a proud mother of a baby boy. The mother of two gave birth today with the news being released by her husband, Bahati on his Instagram page.

Bahati and Diana Marua at he baby shower
Bahati and Diana Marua at the baby shower. The couple have now had a baby boy

The two-time mom herself has now also revealed an image of the baby on her Instagram page. The image reveals the little ones cute hands and a side of his face.

A file photo of a pregnant Diana
A file photo of a pregnant Diana

Her caption read;

They call me Mama Morgan, Mama Heaven and Today, My King has been Born 💃 Wednesday 14. 08. 2019 at @RFH_healthcare at exactly 1:04pm MAJESTY BAHATI @majestybahati 👑 weighing 3.5kgs 😍 GLORY TO GOD 🙏 WELCOME @MajestyBahati @Majestybahati @majestybahati

The one-day-old baby already has close to 5000 thousand followers and is already the RFH Hospital brand ambassador!

Diana Marua and Milly wa Jesus
Diana Marua and Milly wa Jesus

God bless the family!

More information to follow

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His name is Majesty! Bahati and Diana Marua welcome second baby

Bahati and his wife Diana Marua are the proud parents of a new baby son. The couple who already had a baby girl called Heaven Bahati who was born last year, welcomed their son whose name is Baby Majesty.

Bahati,Baby Heaven and Diana Marua
Bahati,Baby Heaven and Diana Marua

The couple broadcasted the news on Bahati’s Instagram page. His caption read;

GLORY TO JESUS 🙏 At Exactly 1:04 pm @majestybahati Has Been Born #MAJESTY 👑 .

The video of the delivery room is below;

Their fans were quick to congratulate them. Some of their messages are below;

size8reborn Congratulations


cigar_babe Mtoi ashapata job already na mimi nazurura hii Kenya..Want to be born in celebrities womb next round dear lord😂😂😂
gabu_bugubugu Congratulations my small brother

queen_chirstine_ Congratulations bahati 😍

sarahkabu Ooh am joining him to cry… birth is a miracle… a gift straight from heaven… God has entrusted you to take care of him and guide him fulfil his purpose in this world… all the best.

This is likely to be the first celebrity born as Bahati’s close friend Diamond Platnumz and his bae Tanasha Donna are expecting a baby anytime soon. Also Millie wa Jesus and Kabi wa Jesus also have a baby boy on the way.

Bahati Diana Marua and Wa Jesus family at their combined baby showers.jpg
Bahati Diana Marua and Wa Jesus family at their combined baby showers.jpg

The couple has also opened a page for their baby son. Majesty’s Instagram page already has close to 2000 followers. This mirrors the same procedure they followed for their daughter Heaven last year. The couple immediately created an Instagram page for her and it now has 173 thousand followers! That is more than provocateur Ringtone has!

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Diana Marua pens heartfelt message to unborn son

Diana Marua and Bahati are over-excited. The two are ready to welcome their second born, a baby boy.

Marua will give birth anytime now.

Diana Marua
Heavily pregnant singer Bahati’s wife 

In a post she shared on her Instagram, the heavily pregnant mother of one said she can’t wait to hold her second child in her arms.

For this Little Boy, we have Prayed 😇 I am Ready to hold you in my arms Baby M 💙🙏

Bahati with wife

Over the weekend, the couple hosted Bahati’s adopted parents at their home. The singer narrated how his ‘parents’ took care of him and promised to start a children’s home and help street kids as well.

Bahati's foster parents

On the other hand, Diana showered the couple with praises for helping her husband, promising to take care of the two.

Thank you Mum Thourun and Dad Sammy for taking care of my hubby @bahatikenya and my son @morgan_bahati during their childhood days at ABC Kenya Childrens home when they had nowhere to call home. They are who they are today because of the foundation you raised them on. The memories my hubby shared of the faces of life he went through were quite overwhelming and inspiring. You are a cheerful giver and that is what @bahatikenya is today. It was a pleasure hosting you at our home. Today… we laugh, we dance, we eat, we celebrate at the goodness of the Lord in our lives. Everything happens for a reason because He is an intentional God. My heart is grateful you raised a man after the heart of God and to him and my son, I will always take care of them the best way I possibly can,’ she wrote.

Other heavily pregnant celebrities who are in their last trimester include Tanasha Donna, Kambua, Milly wa Jesus just to mention but a few.

Diana Marua
Bahati’s wife and his brother

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It’s A Boy! Photos of Diana Marua’s gender reveal baby shower

One of the most exciting parts of being pregnant is finding out whether you’re expecting a little boy or girl, and a gender reveal party is the best thing.

Diana Marua and Bahati hosted friends and family to such a party on Saturday 3rd July, where they revealed in a video they are having a baby boy.

The moment they revealed was such a magical moment in the epic reveal party.

Diana wore a white and gold themed dress as she expressed her excitement:

My God YOU’RE TOO GOOD OHH!!! My #GenderReveal and #BabyShower will forever be cherished. It was a beautiful Day today.


Babe, @bahatikenya you out did yourself and not a day goes by without realizing how Favoured I am, thank you for loving me unconditionally and showing it everyday!!! IT’S A BABY BOY AND OH BABY, I WISH YOU KNEW HOW MUCH YOU ARE LOVED ❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


This brings to mind the huge party Diamond Platnumz threw for his new bae Tanasha.

Bahati also attended the party and must have taken some inspiration from it.

We wish them the best.

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Overflowing With Love: Diana Marua can’t wait to welcome baby number two

The second baby is on the way for Bahati and Diana Marua and it’s pretty soon according to her..

Diana announced to her fans on Instagram,

“I am so ready to welcome my second born, mama is so ready and can’t wait to meet you. It has been a good journey and I can’t wait to pop. In a few weeks, this will be memories down the lane,” she said.

Just like their firstborn daughter, Diana Marua has not revealed her second baby’s gender.


The two unveiled their pregnancy after a romantic holiday to Dubai to mark ‘babymoon’.

During their first child’s pregnancy, the duo kept it under wraps, with no single photo of pregnant Diana or baby shower. They only announced their child’s birth.


In a past interview, she said her first pregnancy was marred by problems including hyperpigmentation, sore feet and a pelvic condition that hurt her walking.

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Let your wife hen-peck you – Bahati’s advice to men for a happy marriage

Bahati and Diana Marua’s relationship is one of the most scrutinised of marriages in Kenya. And that isn’t by accident. The two have allowed it to be that way with their reality show that reveal the intricacies of their relationship.

During an interview on NTV last month, the singer saw it fit to give men some advice. The advice was as shocking as it is strange.

1 year-old Heaven Bahati ready for school? Diana Marua thinks so

Bahati had been asked by the interview panel whether Diana (who is 3 years older than him) had sat on him, a theory that many keen observers of the couple might have had.

Bahati and Diamond posing
Bahati and Diamond posing

His response proved that they might be right by saying that men/husbands should let their women ran the home the way they see fit.

You know women are the ones who run our homes. Whatever they say should go. By the way, advise to men out there, dear men, if you want to survive, if you want to be happy like me and not stressed like Samir, pleas allow your wife to hen-peck you. That way, your marriage will be happy.

Diana Marua and Bahati
Diana Marua and Bahati

The hen-pecking was experienced recently on their reality TV show, Being Bahati, in which Diana was captured shaving his dreadlocks against his will (I think that was a stunt BTW).

Bahatis new look
Bahati when he had dreads in the past

Call me cynical, but I think the advice he has dolled out is terrible, something Adam followed to the detriment of humanity. Even Eve who lived in paradise wasn’t satisfied with it.  Look where humanity ended after Adam’s lack of leadership. Paradise Lost.

5 Reasons why relationships are failing in this millennial era

Another point, show me one couple where the woman sits on her man and they are both TRULY happy? Never happens.

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Kenyan celebrities that nailed the baby bump fashion

Pregnancy is a blessing. With it comes along changes in the mother’s body.

However many tend to hide depending on how they feel but here are some of the celebrity mummies that nailed it with the fashion they portrayed in their baby bumps.


The musician is famously known as the one half of Navy Kenzo. Aika never disappoints on how she dressed her baby bump.

When motherhood came along, she still maintained her stylish looks. She still glowed all through the journey as she welcomed her baby number two.

Picha inayohusiana



Janet Mbugua

The popular media personality seemed to be killing it during her pregnancy. Janet brought her A Game on when it came to dressing for baby number two.
Tokeo la picha la janet mbugua pregnancy

10 Weird things every couples does whenever together

Milly wa Jesus

Milly has been killing with her outfits as she goes through her journey of motherhood. She seems to be happy on the journey as she has been all glowed up.

Tokeo la picha la wa jesus family

Diana Marua

Bahati’s wife has been killing it in the style sector. Her dress sense has attracted many as it fits her well showing how lovely and curvy she looks.

Tokeo la picha la diana marua


LGBT just like any relationship should it be legalized?


The gospel artiste’s news on her pregnancy brought joy to her fans. She has been showcasing beautiful looks as she welcomes her first baby to the world.

Picha inayohusiana


Stylish Jowie Irungu and Dennis Itumbi appear in court wearing bow-ties!(Photos)

Lillian Muli

Lillian Muli’s motherhood fashion left many amazed. The news anchor dressed in the most adorable way as she welcomed her newborn into the world.

Picha inayohusianaRisper 

Risper Faith is the queen of curves. as such she has been killing it with the way she dresses. However, the baby bump never prevented her from dressing well and showing how curvy torso.

Tokeo la picha la risper


Jacky Vike famously known as Awinja is one stylish mama. She showcased her pregnancy shoot to all and sundry. Her fans were impressed.

Picha inayohusiana

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