Mapenzi haitaki hasira! Diamond and Tanasha performs Gere together (Video)

Tanasha Donna is in Tanzania for whats she says is work.

Tanasha also carried her son to meet with his dad Diamond as well as his family.

Well, Last night Diamond and Tanasha went for a party together and performed their song Gere.

Speaking before the performance, Tanasha expressed her gratitude to the fans.

‘I am so happy to be back in Tanzania and thank you so much guys for having me.’

‘For the longest time, I had painless periods,’ Jahmby Koikai speaks

Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior
Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior in the past

She was invited on stage by Diamond as the crowd cheered her up.

Diamond and Tanasha had not seen each other since their breakup happened early last year.

Tanasha revealed that she left Diamond after six months of trying to make things work in their relationship for the sake of their son.

She intimated that she felt like the ‘Jeje’ hitmaker had lost interest in the relationship and he had stopped trying to work on their relationship.

She added that she felt like her lover and his mother especially were controlling but she wanted to be her own woman so she had no choice but to leave Diamond’s home Tanzania.

On family and motherhood, Tanasha said that she only wants the best for her son, that she wanted to protect him from social media and that they were working on how to co-parent.


Watch the video;

‘Please don’t cry,’ Zari Hassan begs Diamond’s kids as they plan to visit their him in Tanzania

Diamond Platinumz will soon re-unite with his children Latiffah and Nillan sired by his baby mama Zari Hassan.

Diamond will be meeting up with his kids after he ironed out his differences with his South African based baby mama Zari Hassan and is now in talking terms with his kids Tiffah and Nillan.

Diamond has not been seeing his kids for over a year but promised to see them after corona.

This was after Zari referred to his as a clown after he pledged to pay three months’ rent for 500 Tanzanian households who have been affected by the stringent measures put in place to fight Covid-19.

Since I have no access to you…’, Frankie pens an emotional message to son as he turns 5 years old

The mother of five, on her Instastories, said there is no need of pleasuring others while your own are not happy.

Without mentioning names, she pointed out that the father of her two children did not know what his kids ate.

 “… but you don’t know what your kids eat, or how they sleep, if fees and medical insurance is paid. You will never please the world when your own are not happy and taken care of. You’re selling a lie. Some people have become clowns to some of us,” she wrote.
Zari and Diamond party
Zari and Diamond party

Diamond then reached out to his Baby Mama and promised to see them after the pandemic.

The two have been in communication, and in a video shared today by mama Diamond’s bae ‘Uncle Shamte’, he captioned;

Mipaka imefunguliwa Allhamdullillah…Tushanunua dictionary bin kamusi zetu na mkewangu, waje tu kwa kweli.”

In the video Zari is chatting with Tiffah and Nillan asking them not to cry when they visit their papa.

She then says she will not go with them but will visit later.

Simba Ameghuruma! Has Diamond Platinumz responded to Alikiba’s ‘Mediocre’?

Diamond and Alikiba beef seems like it will not end anytime soon.

The two have been beefing over the years. Recently, Alikiba called out Diamond in his song ‘Mediocre’.

He dedicated part of the lyrics to Diamond and Harmonize for attempting to dethrone him as the one and only King of Bongo, saying they are using black magic on their fans as a competitive strategy adding that he blesses his fans with good music that keeps them hooked.

The lyrics include,

“…Njaa mi nashiba, unaishi kwa kuniiga, And I’m Alright / Ushamba mwiko kwa mtoto wa Kariakoo si / Chezi na dada zangu, nacheza na dada ako / Mixer mkong’oto / We unauza siso, mi ndio bishooo / Iga na ku-stop uone, huchuliziki hata tone / Mi nafanya wimbo, we unafanya skendo, uonekaneee.”

‘It is real,’ Joseph Irungu alias Jowie reveals he is fighting depression


Well, fans claims some lyrics from Diamond’s new hit ‘Hainisumbui’ is a directed to Alikiba.

The lyrics are;

“Mwanangoko usonawiri, tope mimi hutelezi, utaishia kututabiri tubomoke inasonga miezi…”

In the song, Diamond has also addressed his other haters in the industry.

According to Alikiba, his fall out with Diamond was caused by the disrespect that the singer showed while they were working together.

In a past interview with Tanzanian media, he stated that the moment he found out that Diamond was disrespecting him, he decided to remove him from his circle of friends.

Listen to the whole song;

You might move in with a rapist, Zari tells women who get hooked up in DM’s

Zari Hassan has called out women who get hooked up with men on social media.

She advised women to be more cautious and take time to know their partners before starting a relationship.

In a recent live session, she said;

“Nowadays you meet once and he starts to like you. The second day he slides in your DM , the third day you give him your number, the fourth day you’re in his house and on the seventh day you move in. Aaa from DM to bedrooms. You might be moving in with a serial rapist, a murderer… you just met via DM and you’re already dating,” she said.

‘I’ve been through hell,’ Tanasha Donna reminisces relationship with Diamond

Zari Hassan in white
Zari Hassan in white

Fans speculated that her message was directed to Tanasha, who got pregnant for Diamond three months after they met.

In previous interviews, Tanasha revealed that Diamond sent her a DM and that’s how they hooked up.

“He slide into my DM, we started talking. We exchanged numbers, I was single and he was too. So I went to Tanzania, He invited me as a friend. He was doing Wasafi festival. Things happened quick and when we were in Mtara thats where the chemistry started.”

The next thing, Diamond posted Tanasha and revealed that the two were in love. A year later they broke up leaving Tanasha raising his son.

‘I have forgiven him… Tanasha on man who claimed he fathered Naseeb

Diamond wants peace with all his baby mamas.

The Jeje hitmaker says he patched things with his first baby mama Zari Hassan and has since been sharing videos of their kids.

After a Tanzanian presenter Mwijaku made false allegations about fathering Tanasha son, together with Diamond Platnumz, they sent Mwijaku a demand letter and almost sued him.

Mwijaku apologized at a press conference, saying that he didn’t mean what he was saying.

‘I am rich but my uterus remains my strength,’ Akothee celebrates her five children

And Tanasha has since forgiven him.

“As long as you realize that you are wrong, I believe everybody deserves forgiveness, so I have forgiven him.

I filed a court case and I sent a demand letter me and the father of my child, we were about to sue him cause its very wrong for one to claim another man’s child and a woman you’ve never met, for stupid clout,” Tanasha said in a recent interview.

Tanasha Donna posing
Tanasha Donna posing

Mwijaku’s intention of clout chasing could have bore fruits because he is being spoken about all over.

Diamond and Tanasha patched things up for the sake of their son Naseeb Junior but are yet to let the public know whether they are back together.

Asked why she unfollowed him together with the Wasafi crew, Tanasha explained,

“I am always on social media because that is where I promote my work. Following the Wasafi family would have taken a toll on me for they would have acted as a constant reminder of my failed relationship so I had to do what I did,” she said.

‘It will be well if Diamond remembers me,’ his father begs after the singer supports needy families

Diamond Platnumz father, Mzee Abdul Juma is asking his son to help him just as he is helping others.

In in a video doing rounds the star’s father asked for assistance.

Platnumz vowed to pay three months rent for 500 Tanzanians during this pandemic.

“It will be well, if he remembers me.
We don’t meet all the time unless its an emergency. That’s the problem. We don’t talk but sometimes I speak to Babu Tale.
You cannot force someone into doing something.
He shouldn’t stay too long to a point that he forgets me, God forgives, he should also forgive.
I am still his father and I believe he will come back here to me. He will not have another father,” he said

diamond platnumz

Last year, Diamond patched things up with his dad at the singer’s radio station and did an interview together.

In a recent interview, Baba Diamond said that he can’t blame Mama Diamond for their misunderstanding.
“Families have their issues and I want to believe that we spoke and patched things.
He is an adult and his mother cannot influence him to do things. I believe that one day he’ll come to acknowledge that both father and mother are important.”

He added in an interview that Diamond’s kids live with their mother and they cannot at any point be influence once they are grown.

“When we patched things, he’d come and we’d sit and laugh but unfortunately, things change and that how life is.
The last time the two were together was last year at Queen Darleen’s wedding.”
Baba Diamond still says he battles a leg problem
Yes, I still have the leg problem but its not as bad as it was before.

This comes barely a week after Zari also called him out for not taking care of his own children.

The two talked and solved the issue.


History repeats itself! Diamonds rude responses after breakups with baby mamas

WCB president Diamond Platnumz is a player.

It is not news that he is headed into a new relationship hours or even minutes after a break up.

He has also been branded a ‘Father Abraham’ for fathering children with most of the women he dates.

It is documented that after a breakup, he moves on from his lovers and his children too. With no care in the world.

After every break up, Diamond always manages to come off it smelling like a rose.

Lets get back to some of the reasons he gives for breakups with his bae’s.

Zari is said to have dumped Diamond over shamelessly cheating on her.

Zari wrote a lengthy breakup message on her Instagram during Valentines day 2018.

The mother of five expressed disappointment in Diamond’s cheating behavior which she cited as the reason for their break-up.

“Understand that this is very difficult for me to do. There have been multiple rumors some with evidence floating around in ALL SORTS of media in regards to Diamond’s constant cheating and sadly I have decided to end my relationship with Diamond, as my RESPECT, INTEGRITY, DIGNITY & WELL BEING cannot be compromised. We are separating as partners but not as parents.”

Zari Hassan with Diamond Platnumz in the past
Zari Hassan with Diamond Platnumz in the past

In an interview, Diamond instead accused Zari of being unfaithful to him by cheating on him with Peter Okoye, of the former P-Square plus her gym instructor.

Diamond mentioned that he saw messages and even pictures on Zari’s phone but decided to let go because he was cheating too.

“Namheshimu Zari ni mzazi mwenzangu, alikuwa wife material. Alikuwa anataoka na Peter wa Psquare, niliwahi kukuta sms nikamuuliza. Alikuwa anachepuka pia na Trainer wake na alikua anamleta hadi kwangu, lakini sijawahi kufunguka. Na ukweli sijawahi kuachwa na Mwanamke, Ukizingua nitakupiga matukio utaondoka mwenyewe,” said Platnumz.

Diamond also dated Hamisa Mobetto but it was an on and off thing.

Diamond came out to speak about their relations and even called Hamisa a witch.

In voicenotes that leaked, Hamisa and her mom are heard begging a ‘Juju Man’ to hex Diamond so that he can buy them a house and marry Hamisa.

The voice notes also ask the witch doctor to ensure that Bi Sandrah (Diamond’s mom) and Esma his sister, stop hating the beauty queen.

Hamisa denied she was the one in the voice notes.

Diamond said,

“Voice-notes were spreading of a woman. I don’t even want to mention her name, asking a witch-doctor to bewitch me to buy her a house.

When I listened to them, I sent them to her and asked why she would do such a thing to me. I am very sure it was her.”

Diamond then adviced his baby mama,

“You should have bewitched your own business not me. If I am to love and marry you, make me drunk in love with your actions; not with witchcraft.”

In short he called Hamisa a witch.


Another clip of Diamond bragging about dating many women also went viral.

In the video, Diamond can be heard saying;

“If I am dating many women, I don’t hide because there is no authority that hinders me from doing that. After all, where will you take me. Is there any law that prohibits a man from dating many women? I keep it open because I don’t fear anyone.”

He also broke up with Tanasha Donna for being disrespectful. She revealed in an interview on True Love magazine in March that there were many issues that affected their relationship.



Diamond with Tanasha
Diamond with Tanasha





Maturity! Diamond Platnumz admits that his ex-girlfriends have contributed to his success

Diamond has admitted that it is because of his exes that he is famous today.

Today being the International Women’s day, Diamond Platnumz has addressed his breakups.

A week after Tanasha left him, he has now responded by saying ‘thank you’ to his three baby mamas Tanasha Donna, Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto.
In a celebratory post, Diamond wrote,

“Happy International Women’s Day ya leo Naidedicate kwa hawa Super Women wangu….Wanaake ambao wana Mchango wa kipekee kwenye Maisha yangu…
“Wao walinifanya nikafanya kazi kwa bidii, nikapatia, nikakosea, Nikafurahi, nikalia, nikaonekana Mzuri na wakati mwingine Mbaya…
“Lakini mwisho wa siku yote ilikuwa ni Safari yangu niloandikiwa Duniani ili inifanye kuwa mimi niitwae DIAMOND PLATNUMZ.”

History repeats itself! Diamonds rude responses after breakups with baby mamas

The Bongo star added,

“Leo….kila Mwanadamu ana Mazuri na Mapungufu yake, jifunze kukubaliana na hilo na uthamni kila aliyegusa Maisha yako kwani hakuja tu kwa Bahati mbaya ni iliandikwa na Mwenyez Mungu ili ikufikishe ulipo….

“Mchango wa hawa ni Mkubwa na Ndio maana Upendo na thamani yao kwangu itabaki milele Moyoni…. Hawa ni Super Women wangu🙏🏼 Happy International Women’s day to all the #SUPERWOMEN in the World 🌍

Most of the fans commenting on the post seem to have fallen in love with Diamond over his admission that he may have wronged his exes.

Beside branding his baby mamas, super women, on the list is his mother, sisters Queen Darlene and Esma and his only daughter, Tiffah.


‘He’s still gonna wife me! ‘ Diamond Platnumz new bae Tanasha Donna shouts

Tanasha Donna is currently in Tanzania to accompany Diamond Platnumz to his Wasafi Festival show in Mwanza. When she landed, the video vixen shared a photo of herself in a bikini and threw shade at her haters.

Some of Tanzania’s celebrities and close friends to Diamond Platnumz have been seen in interviews saying Tanasha is not fit for the singer.

This didn’t go well with the Kenyan slay queen as she took to social media to roast them. She wrote:


Adding that:


In another post, she is seen holding hands with Diamond with the caption.


Tanasha Diamond

Ommy Dimpoz father savagely attacks Diamond Platnumz father during interview

Not so long ago, Diamond Platnumz released a song that seemed to troll Ali Kiba and his best friend Ommy Dimpoz.

In his lyrics, he said he should not be compared to the Cinderella guy who in this case was Ali Kiba. He went on to tell both the singer and his friends that he (Diamond) already gave them a bed to sleep on.

According to Maina Kageni, this is why Diamond Platinumz can’t keep women in his life

Ali KIba,Diamond Platnumz and Ommy Dimpoz
Ali Kiba,Diamond Platnumz and Ommy Dimpoz



Ommy Dimpoz responded by posting a photo of himself and Diamond’s mother just
to mock him.

During a recent interview with Rasasi Ommy Dimpoz’ father called out Diamond Platnumz’ father for openly criticizing his son (Diamond ) in public.

According to Ommy’s father, Diamond’s dad should stop embarrassing or rather critizing his son during an interview with Rasasi.

“Unajua mimi ni mzazi wa tofauti sana, siwezi kumlalamikia au kumsemea mabaya mwanangu kwenye vyombo vya habari kama anavyofanya baba Diamond, ninachofanya huwa namuombea mwanangu awe na maisha mazuri maana nikimuombea mabaya anaweza kupoteza dira ya maisha yake nitakuwa nimefaidika na nini. Nilimuona baba Diamond akizungumza kwenye kipindi kimoja cha runinga akimlaumu mwanaye huyo na kumlalamikia kwamba hamsaidii nikamshangaa sana kwa kweli maana siyo tabia nzuri,” Ommy Dimpoz’s father said.

Ommy Dimpoz father  urged Diamond’s father to borrow a leaf from him and support his son whether they’re in good terms or not.

“Namshauri baba Diamond awe anamuombea mwanaye mafanikio, aungane naye wawe kitu kimoja, afurahie mafanikio yake ipo siku Mungu atamrudisha kwake amsaidie na siyo kumzungumzia maneno ya kumlaani na kumlalamikia kila siku.

Aige mfano wangu maana mimi huwa simlazimishi mtoto anisaidie bali huwa napambana na hali yangu kwa kufanya kazi kwa bidii na ninampenda sana mwanangu Dimpoz na siwezi kumlaani au kumlaumu maana jina nililompa la Omary ni la baba yangu inakuwaje sasa nimlaani ni sawa na kumlaani baba yangu,” he added.

When reached for a comment, Diamond Platnumz’ father told off Ommy’s father.

“Sitaki shobo, huyo baba Dimpoz simfahamu kama hana la kuongea anyamaze, amzungumzie mwanaye hata kama niliongea kuhusu Diamond si mtoto wangu yeye inamuhusu nini? Kuhusu huyo Diamond sihitaji kuzungumza chochote kuhusu yeye wala watoto wangu maana hawana faida yoyote kwangu kwa sasa,” said Diamond’s father.”

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‘Dylan is not Jaguar’s son’ Hamisa Mobetto denies her son is fathered by MP Jaguar

Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto attracts controversy wherever she goes with the latest being that her son Dylan was fathered by Kenyan MP Jaguar.

Born Charles Njagua Kanyi, the politician is publicly known to have kids with different baby mamas but Hamisa has denied ever meeting the politician .

Mheshimiwa Jaguar
Mheshimiwa Jaguar

Hamisa Mobetto mocks Diamond Platnumz’ mother days after being beaten

The Tanzanian beauty set the record straight while speaking to Millardayo.

She clarified that she has never met Jaguar despite many claiming that the reason why she frequents the country is to meet him.She said

“I have never met Jaguar in my life, I have been to Kenya many times but I have never met him. I don’t know him. And so it surprises me when people claim that Jaguar is the father but fame comes at its price,”

Hamisa Mobetto's son Dylan
Hamisa Mobetto’s son Dylan

Mwacheni Mwanangu!! Hamisa Mobetto’s mum warns Diamond’s family

The mother of two went ahead to say that it’s only her who knows the father of her son because the two of them were in bed together and no one didn’t witness to go around spreading rumors.

“When they say Dylan belongs to Jaguar I get annoyed because I know who the father is. Because I was the one who had sex so I know who the father is and I am not the kind to cheat in a relationship. I will be faithful until we break up. But I cannot mix when I’m with you, that’s my nature. A lot of girls can but I can’t,” she added.

Diamond Platnumz and Hamisa were lovers for the longest time and their relationship was on and off until October 2016 when they started dating seriously.

She has been under harsh criticism from Diamond Platnumz family who can’t seem to fathom the thought of accepting her as one of their own.

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Diamond Platnumz’ cute son proves that kids too can slay in Gucci

Prince Riaz the youngest son of Celebrated musician Diamond and Zari seems to be creating a niche for himself with his top notch fashion sense.

The handsome kid, who has barely celebrated his 3rd birthday, seems to only have a taste for fine things in life thanks to his wealthy parents. While some of us are busy trying to bargain for clothes, young Riaz has been seen rocking designers clothes and shoes leaving us envying him.



Prince Riaz seems to be enjoying his parents wealth the way he should, unlike back in the day when parents used to overdress kids in the name of protecting them, nowadays parents are more open to embracing change in the fashion industry.



If he continues this way, he might as well end up being a model for kids clothing and a model in the future.

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Iron Lady! Hamisa Mobetto beaten up by Diamond’s mother, runs like hungry dog

Hamisa Mobetto received ‘Kipigo cha mwaka’ as they all call it. Diamond’s mother Sanura Sandrah Kassim has finally spoken up about how she mercilessly beat up the singer’s baby mama.

It all started when Hamisa sneaked into the mansion of Diamond’s mother and slept in the singer’s bedroom without the mother’s knowledge.

Speaking to a Tanzanian based publication Ijumaa, Sandrah pointed out that she didn’t want Mobetto in her compound.

“Hayo mambo ya mzazi mwenzie ni huko, pale Madale ni kwangu na simtaki nyumbani kwangu kabisa.”


“Yaani kiufupi simpendi na simtaki na kila akikanyaga hapa kwangu ni kipigo tu.Alipokuja kiwizi usiku ule na kulala nyumbani kwangu, alipaswa kuondoka kabla sijamuona kwa nini alisubiri mimi nimkute maana siku hiyo asubuhi yake nilitoka na nilivyorudi ndipo nikamkuta.”

Mama Dangote

All this time Diamond Platnumz was trying to separate the mother from further beating up Hamisa. Her wig was removed prompting her to run with her shoes in her hand.

Diamond Yupo na yeye ndiyo alimsaidia kumuamulia mimi nikabaki na wigi la sivyo ingekuwa shida.Alikimbia na viatu mkononi, maana nilikuwa nimeshavitupa nje ya nyumba yangu.”

She insists that she won’t allow her son to get married to the fashion icon-cum-video vixen calling her a slay queen who isn’t wife material.

Kwanza tu siyo mwanamke wa kuoa (wife material) hajui kutandika hata kitanda wala kufanya tu usafi ni shida.”

Diamond's mother
Diamond’s mother

So Mama Diamond, what happens when Diamond decides to marry this woman?



Siwezi kukanyaga kwenye hiyo harusi hata siku moja watasherekea wenyewe.”



The angry celebrity mother said this in an interview with Ijumaa publications.

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto.


Here Are East Africa’s Showbiz Power Couples (Photos)

Being in a relationship is hard, being a celebrity in a relationship is even harder. They are always in the spotlight regardless of what they do.

Due to being in the public eye, some have garnered haters and fans but despite all the things society says about them they stay together through thick and thin.

Meet East Africa’s Showbiz Power Couples:

1. Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan

Zarinah Hassan, is a Ugandan artiste, reality Tv star and an entrepreneur who grew  up in Jinja, Uganda. She has a Diploma in Cosmetology and has won the diva award of the year 2009 in the Diaspora. Currently she is based in South Africa and married to the famously known Bongo Flava artiste Diamond Platnumz who is known for his hit songs such as Nomber One and Nataka Kulewa. This is a couple that many admire and they are blessed with two kids.

diamond with zari

2. Chameleone and Daniella Mayanja

Jose Chameleone, born Joseph Mayanja, is a Ugandan afrobeat and reggae musician. Chameleone sings in Luganda, English and Swahili. Several of his songs have become hit songs, including Basiima Ogenze, Shida Za Dunia, Nekolera Maali and Badilisha. He is married to socialite Daniella Atim, a daughter of a local religious figure.


3. Bebe Cool and Zuena Kirema

Bebe Cool is a pioneer of modern contemporary Ugandan music and an influential presence in the East Africa reggae game with more than 200 songs. He has won several awards and other local and foreign honors. He is married to model, TV presenter and former Miss Uganda contestant Zuena Kirema.


4. Marek Fuchs and Annabel Onyango

Marek Fuchs is the entertainment managing director of Kenyan Hearttrobs Sauti Sol and has worked and toured with the group all over Africa, Europe and the United States. He is married to  Annabel Onyango who is a fashion stylist and a blogger under the brand Dressupnation. With a Bachlor’s Degree in Environment and Resource Studies and a Masters in English, her unexpected career  in fashion began as a fashion editor for True Love and Drum East Africa magazine.  She’s now a freelancer for television shows, commercial advertisements, music entertainers such as award winning East African super band Sauti Sol among other jobs.


5. Nameless and Wahu

David Mathenge better known by his name Nameless is a Kenyan pop artist signed to the Ogopa DJ’s record label. He is commonly known for his hit songs such as Butterfly and Salary. Nameless is married to fellow musician Wahu whose real name is Rosemary Wahu Kagwi also a singer, song writer, former fashion model, actress and an entrepreneur. Her songs include Sweet love, Niangalie and Still a Liar.

nameless wahu

6. Chris and Kate Kirwa

Chris Kirwa is a popular event organizer and a media personality. This lovely couple is always celebrated for their unending love and support for each other. Chirs Kirwa and his wife Christine are inseparable despite being married for years. They are mentors for many celebrity couples and most of them look up to them for marriage advice and guidance.


7. Dj Mo and Size 8.

Sammy Muraya commonly known as Dj Mo is a Kenyan gospel Dj and currently hosts the show on NTV Crossover 101. He is married to musician Size 8 whose real name is Linet Masiro Munyali. She is a singer, song writer and actress who switched from secular music to Gospel music known for her hit song Mateke.



7 Celebrities Who Slay Ripped Jeans

How you dress tells a lot about you and many times people go out of their way to stand out and make a fashion statement.

Ripped jeans were common in the 1980s,1990s and 2000s during the hard rock /heavy metal era during the grunge era. They are very popular and are sold in almost all stores.

Celebrities especially in the entertainment industry are spotted most of the time wearing ripped jeans as a fashion statement.

1. L Jay Maasai: A renowned gospel musician known for his music especially in his maasai language and attractive attire


2. Bahati: A controversial singer who is loved. He came into the limelight with his hit song ‘Siku Ya Kwanza’ back in 2012.


3. Willy Paul: Even with the endless controversies, the award-winning gospel artist has proved to be unshakable and is going forward with doing international collabos.



4. Hopekid: A celebrated gospel artist with a unique sound of dance hall, and his love for fashion has seen him design his own clothes.


5. Diamond Platnumz: The popular Tanzania bongo flavor artist never disappoints when it comes to fashion, he has his own fashion line dubbed Wasafi Clothing Line.


6. Nameless:A veteran musician who has been able to remain relevant even in the ever growing and changing music industry. His fashion style always stands out.


7. Dj Mo: The celebrated  gospel Dj always pulls it off when it comes to fashion no matter the occasion.




You wont Believe What Diamond Platnumz Did To His Kids

The name Diamond Platnumz has become a household name. Diamond, is not only one of the biggest bongo artistes but also a father of two. He and baby mama Zari Hassan are blessed with 2 kids, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan. Its called Royalty!


“The Boys Got It” Maina Kageni Praises Willy Paul’s Move To Work With Diamond Platnumz, Defends His Previous Scandals (AUDIO)

One thing that stands out is the striking resemblance between Diamond and his kids. I must say especially in the lip area. Now that you thought the statement was so funny, Diamond Platnumz has gone ahead to identify his mouth resemblance with his kids.

diamond platnumz kids

Money Ain’t a Problem! Diamond Platnumz Rocks Jewellery Worth a Whooping Ksh7 MILLION (PHOTOS)

Posting their photos, Diamond wrote;

“Prince & Princess Lion!!!.. Midomo mkaitumie vizuri hiyo watoto….😊”

However, in a recent interview the Salome hit maker revealed that he has another kid, hence Tiffah is not his first kid. Diamond cited that he had fallen in love with a woman in Mwanza, Tanzania which after a one night stand, the woman got pregnant and according to Diamond, he and his baby mama have not gotten in touch.


Living In The Fast Lane! Diamond Platnumz Shows Off Sexy New Ride (PHOTO)

Diamond Platnumz is a man on a mission -and his mission seems to be to let the rest of us in on the secret. What secret pray tell?! Well that his life is just awesome and he lacks for nothing!

Diamond, one of East Africa’s biggest and most successful stars is out here looking like a million bucks after he launched a BMW i8 similar to the one Kev Mullei of Mo Sound drives. The car is estimated to cost around a hefty 13M Kenya shillings. Hizo pesa zili toka wapi???!!!!

BMW i8

His, however, is blue -to match his shoes –  and he seems not to have been scathed at all by the recent drug busts in Tanzania that targeted top artists whom the government wanted to snitch on their dealers. The reason why I bring this up is because his own brother was among those arrested.

He even went ahead to spend millions in celebration of his new-born son’s 40th day on earth in an extravagant party.

 Diamond Platnumz’s Wife Oozes Elegance And Class During Their Son’s 40 Day Celebration (Photos)

Check out the big bad sexy machine he has launched:

diamond platnumz i8

Bongo Singer Diamond Platnumz Debut’s His Sons Face Proudly Proclaiming ‘Das My Handsome Son’

After holding out for forty days, Tanzania’s finest singer Diamond Platnumz has finally revealed his new-born son’s face to the world.

Diamond and his wife Zari, have been holding out on revealing their son’s face to the public just like they did with their first-born daughter Tiffah Dangote.

And while the celebrity couple was very forthcoming with information about the pregnancy, the two love-birds have preferred to keep their baby’s faces hidden from the public for forty days in anticipation of an unveiling ceremony.

Diamond Platnumz 3-Day-Old Son, Prince Riaz Bags Thousands Of Instagram Followers But Doesn’t Follow The Singer

Zari and Diamond flew to Tanzania from South Africa where they live in a lavish mansion, to hold a special ceremony for their new-born son, Prince.

His fans took to social media to praise the boy’s good looks at the same time congratulating Zari for a ‘job well done’.

Athumani Siwa Kafanana na dada yake halafu ujue

Lizz Osimbo Finally we’ve seen daddy lk son.he resemble Tiffa too.cute boy.

Brandina Siame Hongera sana diamond muheshimu sana zari amekupa heshima kubwa yakuitwa baba

Malemba Mwanjala Congrats to you and your family,, wamefanana na Tiffah kweli

Here is their cute son