‘Moving back to Kenya was my toughest moment’ Diamond’s girlfriend Tanasha reveals

Since the turn of the new year, two couples have been trending on social media. Anerlisa Muigai and her Tanzanian bae Ben Pol plus Diamond and his Kenyan bae Tanasha. Kenya and Tanzanian are coming together as one.

It seems like Diamond Platnumz is ready to settle down with his Kenyan bae, Tanasha Donna after he bought her a house, in Dar Esalaam, Tanzania.


She finally revealed how she met Diamond, which was 2 years ago. Back then Diamond was still married to Mama Tiffah and Nilan, Zari Hassan. Diamond was clearly not satisfied in his marriage.

Now he has made it clear he has found the one, Tanasha Donna, and their wedding is any time soon.

Of course with this, she has captured the attention of many Kenyans and Tanzania so she is now famous. During her ‘ask me a question’ segment on social media, one of her fans asked her about the toughest time in her life.

moving back to kenya and my mom being all the way back in Europe. miss her

This could actually have worked in Tanasha’s favor because the way things are going, she might be moving to Tanzania where Diamond has built her their home in Dar Esalaam.

I guess i can call tanzania my second home now

Zari responds to Tanasha Donna’s remarks about meeting Diamond

Tanasha Donna has revealed where she met Diamond Platnumz, a subject many have been wanting to discuss regardless of the fact it does not concern them.

A lot has been said but in a hearty chat with her fans,Tanasha has barred it all.

Tanasha met Diamond at a club two years ago, at the time he was in a live-in relationship with Zari Hassan. She says that they “never spoke until the end of last year.”

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Diamond Platnumz cancels wedding to Tanasha Donna
Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna

Fans are skeptical if indeed the two are dating or nah!

Tanasha responded to a fan who asked if the Bongo star was getting time to spend with his family. The fan’s exact question was

 “Tell your man to be in his kids’ lives looks bad on the gram being with you every weekend but no time for his kids. “

Her response was:

“Don’t talk what you have no clue about. He loves his kids.”

That did not answer the question. In the past, Zari has called out Diamond for not taking time off his busy schedule to hang out with his kids.

Zari responded to this in a subliminal Instagram post that is obviously directed at Tanasha.

She wrote: “Oh this life.😂”

Adding, “Oh hun I actually didn’t respond in a bad way, but my question still stands. She is super sweet…”

Tanasha Donna alongside her boyfriend Diamond Platnumz
Tanasha Donna alongside her boyfriend Diamond Platnumz

Meanwhile, Tanasha has defended the news of her impending nuptials with the Tanzanian music heartthrob. When a fan asked her if her wedding was a mere PR stunt, Tanasha shot back:

“Absolute nonsense. Not at all.”

She also added that she is not planning to change her religion once she gets hitched to Diamond.

“I believe we all serve one God therefore we should respect each other’s religion and appreciate other people’s belief as part of their identity.”

Finally, a fan warned Tanasha that she will be played the same way Diamond played Zari and Hamisa.

But she defended her man saying,

“Clearly, you have no idea who I love then. Thanks for your concern though.”

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Adding that Diamond is “someone humble, honest, hardworking, loving and caring and yes he has them all.”

Check out her posts below.

Tanasha Donna Tanasha Donna Tanasha Donna Tanasha Donna Tanasha Donna Tanasha DonnaRead more

Ali Kiba leads celebrity tributes after Riverside attack

Following the unfortunate 14 Riverside terror attack on January, 16th, 2019, Kenyans from all walks of lives have come together to comfort each other.

They took to social media to pray and comfort those who were trapped in the Dusit D2 hotel as well as the offices located in the premises.

Celebrities among them musicians from across borders who command millions of fans in Kenya, also sent their messages of comfort and support.

14 Riverside Drive: Here is the timeline of the suspected terror attack

Dusit entrance 1
Among them are; Celebrated Tanzanian Bongo superstar, Diamond Platnumz, Ali Kiba, Jamaican artists; Etana, Morgan Heritage, Chronixx and songbirds Cecile and Alaine.

Below are their messages which were warmly received by Kenyans who thanked them for remembering their fans in their time of need.

Diamond Platnumz

Maombi yangu yapo kwenu KENYA…Poleni sana na Inshaallah Mwenyezi Mungu atawasimamia… 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻














Kenyans criticise Steve Mbogo for showing up with a gun at riverside attack scene

Bobi Wine (Ugandan MP)

My heart is with our brothers and sisters affected at the 14Riverside Drive in Kenya where there has been a terrorist attack. #Kenya

Bobi Wine comforts Kenyans following 14 Riverside drive attack

Ali Kiba

🇰🇪 May Allah give you strength during this tough times. We are with you ♥️🙏🏽.


ali kiba

Etana (Jamaican singer) Love and strength to Kenya…stronger together. 💛

‘He died on the eve of his birthday’ Larry Madowo mourns friend who died in the Riverside attack

Cecile (Jamaican singer)Sending my love and my thoughts to 🇰🇪…. eartharunred


Here is the Ugandan prophet who had prophesied the Riverside attack before it had even happened

Morgan Heritage (US Based Jamaican reggae band)


morgan heritage

Chronixx (Jamaican reggae artist)


Alaine (Jamaican songbird)

Praying for my second home Kenya. Praying for the victims and all those affected by the attacks today.


Check out the million dollar house Diamond has bought Tanasha (photos)

Things seem to be looking up for Diamond Platnumz and his bae Tanasha Donna despite the negative criticism following them everywhere.

Many were left talking after Diamond known as ‘Simba’ by his fans, pushed their wedding forward leaving many disappointed.

He recently took Tanasha to visit his mother, Mama Dangote, and going by the video it is obvious that the two have already created a rapport.

How hard did aging hit you: Kenyan celebs do the first viral challenge of 2019

“Somebody met my family for the first time leo…she was Scared as F……..😂😂” Diamond wrote


The affair between the two seems serious. Last year, Diamond confessed his love to Tanasha adding that she is the only woman who has made him feel the way he does.

However he recently pushed forward their wedding which was slated for valentines day

“I have planned my wedding to be on Valentines day which will be on a Thursday. So I will do it from Thursday ,Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

That’s how things are so far if there is anything different I will change the dates.”

Here are photos for the house that Diamond is reported to have bought for his soon-to-be Kenyan wife.


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Shoes worth 58k, vacays here is how much Tanasha spends on shopping

Diamond Platnumz bae Tanasha Donna is one woman who enjoys her shopping and she does so religiously according to one of her recent social media rants.

The celeb apparently spends between 30 and 40 thousand shillings on her garb per month! Her reason for posting was because she was complaining about a particular shop that she buys her clothing at.

Tanasha Donna

Lupita Nyong’o steps out in a dress worth Ksh 99,000 (Photos)

She wrote:

“Imagine buying clothes from a store and spending over KSh 30,000-KSh 40,000 weekly but you ask them not to post your picture without your permission. You are then told not to buy from them because they have dressed way more celebrities than you.”

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna

The screenshot of her post is below:

Tanasha Donna rant

Tanasha’s rant: Courtesy/Urbannews254

That is a pretty penny considering that in a 2016 survey by the KNBS, only 74,000 of employees in Kenya earned more than Sh100,000 per month.

58-year old vet officer arrested for raping and impregnating a 14 year old

Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna wearing her Dolce and Gabbana Serranto shoes

Compare with the screenshot below:

The Serranto shoes

The Dolce and Gabbana Serranto shoes that cost 490 Euros (57,417 shillings)

The report released last year showed that 26 percent of employees in both the public and private sectors took home a monthly salary of less than 25,000 a month.

Over half of wage employed Kenyans earned a monthly salary of between Sh30,000 and Sh99, 999 a month.

Tanasha Donna

Looking exquisite

So Tanasha is spending more on her shopping per month, than what most Kenyans earn per month! Good for her! That means she spends 160k on clothing a month!

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African Celebrities linked to occult and witchcraft to boost their careers

To be young and beautiful, some say, you have to seek dark powers to compel your suitors to obey your every command or to boost your career.

Some of East Africa’s top personalities have admitted, without shame, that they sought the powers of a mganga to give them that supernatural push.

Artistes, socialites, footballers, business people and surprisingly even thugs, are some of the groups that are known to get into this lifestyle.

‘I’ve cried and asked God so many questions’ Size 8 on her miscarriage


Even though many do it on the low key, others have admitted to using uganga to catalyse their craft.

Some of the celebrities that we will be looking at include gospel singer Sarkozi, bongo star Diamond Platnumz, his sister Esma Platnumz, Hamisa Mobetto and Darassa.


Gospel singer Rigan Sarkozi’s life history is an inspiring yet scary one altogether.

In an interview on Radio Jambo, the man who rose to fame thanks to his ‘Wewe ni Mungu’ hit song featuring Daddy Owen, shocked many when he revealed that he once resorted to witchcraft and drug dealing to survive.

Opening up on his controversial past, Sarkozi said his spirit convinced him to speak out on how he turned to the same God he was fighting in search for prosperity.

“As a Christian and a human being, I got saved in 2011, and since then, I haven’t spoken about this (practising witchcraft),” he said.

“I did not wake up just one morning and get saved. I have been involved in theft cases, witchcraft, among others. I would come into your house and steal your TV set and leave, only for you to realise it hours later.”

‘If I say I want 18 children that’s it, it’s not negotiable.” Brags city man (Audio)

He said it all started with the company he kept in the past. His friends were into women and the partying life, and since their parents would never give them money for such, they resorted to stealing household items.

Sarkozi decided to change his ways for good upon receiving a call from his mother, who dreamt that her son had died.

It is at that point that he fled Tanzania with the little he had and came back to Kenya, where he grew up, and decided to give his life to Christ, despite being as drunk as a fiddler back in 2011.



The news that Hamisa had gone to a witchdoctor to bewitch Diamond raised eyebrows. When Hamisa came to Kenya, she said she had gone to seek spiritual guidance and not witchcraft.

Diamond had spoken about it on his TV station, Wasafi TV, saying she had gone to seek a witchdoctor’s help to secure Diamond’s love.

He called out his baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto, for seeking the services of witchdoctors to compel him to marry her.

“You have gone to witch doctors wishing harm against my family. That means you could kill my mum and here you are asking that I buy you a house,” he wrote.

I have heard those voice notes going round. I heard things that I knew that is her (Hamisa). I know this is you. I even told her I know this is you. You want my mum and sister to look like the bad people. They can never be the bad people.

What you are doing is not right. You should focus on your businesses and your work, instead of going to the witchdoctors to charm me into marrying you.”

“They pretend to celebrate you when you die, yet don’t celebrate you when alive’ Tedd Josiah blasts Kenyans as they mourn Bruce Odhiambo

Hamisa Mobetto with her mother
Hamisa Mobetto with her mother

In his song, featuring Navy Kenzo called ‘Katika’, Diamond admits it actually worked on him. He confessed this saying: “Tunguli zimenibamba, Mobetto.”



Tanzanian rapper Darassa hit the headlines with his hit song Muziki, featuring Ben Pol. He later said he sought the services of a witch doctor at one point in his life.

‘A gentle giant who loved people’ Maina Kageni joins other celebs in mourning Bruce Odhiambo

Darassa, however, said it was long ago, and he did not go to seek black magic powers over his music but for personal issues.

“If I say I have never gone to a witchdoctor I will be lying. I have been to one once in my life. I did not go for my personal issues rather we went as a team, with a group I was playing with football.

My team believed in that challenge, was the team captain yet I was the youngest thus I did not have the sheer will of going against the advice of my elders.”


Jose Chameleone

Joseph Mayanja, popularly known as Jose Chameleone, is arguably the best musician in the East African region. Having stayed in the music industry for 16 years, Chameleone has managed to become one of the most-sought-after artistes around, despite many peers fading into insignificance.

Known for hit songs such as Wale Wale, Nkoleki, Vale Vale, Dorotia, Tubonge, Agatako and Pam Pam, Chameleone’s music has always dominated both the local and international airwaves, a clear indication that he is creative and talented.

The Tubonge hit singer has also worked his way up, and his lavish lifestyle is a clear indication of that. From his palatial mansions to driving expensive cars, Chameleone is a clear indication that indeed, music pays.

“They pretend to celebrate you when you die, yet don’t celebrate you when alive’ Tedd Josiah blasts Kenyans as they mourn Bruce Odhiambo


Well, of late, Chameleone has been accused of using black magic to gain fame and popularity. He recently refuted the claims in an exclusive interview with Mpasho.

Chameleone said there are people out there trying to tarnish his name. He said he is a believer in Christ and that’s why he has risen from grass to grace. He further said, “Witchcraft is nonsense.”

Jose Chameleone is the elder brother of Ugandan singers Palaso, Weasel and the late AK 47.


Diamond Platnumz and Ommy Dimpoz have recently been exchanging unkind words on social media, amid a series of misunderstandings between them.

In the past, Ommy Dimpoz claimed that Diamond was using witchcraft to promote his music.

“One day he came and told me right now I needed to be careful because they were suspecting that I might take him to my witch doctors. So he actually took me and took me to a witch doctor?

Man take care so that no one passes you over in the music business.”He said

 Bwana jamaa angalia mtu asije akakupita usilete ushikaji kwenye mambo ya mziki,” he said.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

‘Acoustic neuroma, a non cancerous tumor paralyzed my face ‘- Raila Junior


Esma Khan is Diamond Platnumz’s sister. She said she does seek witchcraft to protect and grow her business.

In an interview with a Tanzanian based website, the celebrity sister said she is not afraid to confess to this dark secret.

“Kwa mganga mimi naenda, huyo ni mshikaji wangu. Unaweza ukaenda dukani ukapata kuna irizi mlango. Usipojikinga itakuaje? Kwa mganga sikatai, naenda, naroga,” she said.

“Naenda kwa ajili ya biashara zangu.”

Esma Platnumz

Esma owns a business in Tanzania, where she sells vitenge and beauty products.

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Diamond Platnumz cancels his valentines day wedding to Tanasha Donna

Diamond Platnumz has cancelled his planned wedding to Kenyan damsel Tanasha Donna, weeks after he claimed that he was ready to wed her on valentines day.

It will be remembered that last year’s Valentine’s day was the day Diamond was dumped by Zarinah, his baby mama.

‘Acoustic neuroma, a non cancerous tumor paralyzed my face ‘- Raila Junior

Tanasha Donna

Well, this date is not a revenge anymore as many fans were saying because the WCB artiste has postponed it.

“I will get married in 2019. My wedding was supposed to be on the 14th, Valentine’s day but we’ve pushed it forward.

Many people are slated to attend, the likes of Rick Ross, artistes that i’ve done collabos with, family and friends.

I want it to be a Royal wedding. I believe i can do that because fans love me, the government likes me, people support me. everyone would like to see it.But there is something i’ll do on Valentine’s day.”

“I had it all, fame, celebrity status, before everything came crumbling down’ Former TV host Eddy Kimani narrates


Earlier on he had stated that if anything came up he would inform his fans and he sure did.

“I have planned my wedding to be on Valentines day which will be on a Thursday. So I will do it from Thursday ,Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

That’s how things are so far if there is anything different I will change the dates.”

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Aww: Tanzanian artiste Nandy buys her parents a grand home (photos)

Tanzanian damsel Nandy has gifted her parents a home as a way of appreciating them ,this is a sweet gesture given most people forget their parents.

Its not everyday that people build their parents houses hence this is not just a ‘Kawaida thing’ ,Sharing the photos on instagram she penned on how happy she was.

Willy Paul with Nandy
Willy Paul with Nandy


“Nilikuwa na furaha sana wakati na shoot hii nyumba!!! So so so happy for 2018…🏠.. (I was so happy while shooting this house,so sos happy for 2018.”

Hatujaachana: DJ Kalonje denies claims he’s broken up with his wife


Below is a video of the house and to say the least we are impressed

View this post on Instagram

Mungu wangu na Baba yangu najua nakukosea sana kama binadamu na kama kijana ila nikipiga goti unajua namaanisha kutoka moyoni mwangu na unajua hakuna ninaye mtegemea zaidi yako… Asante kwakunipa uvumilivu, unyenyekevu, katika maisha yangu hasa kipindi hiki cha mwaka 2018!! Asante kwa hii zawadi ndogo ya wazazi wangu najua hii ni ndoto ya kila kijana mwenye kutafuta!!! Ni kila ndoto ya mwanadamu yoyote duniani kuona wazazi wake wako na furaha na ndiyo baraka zenyewe . Nashukuru media zote , blogs zote, ma producers wote, ma promoters wote, familia yangu ya THT, familia yangu ya clouds ,management yangu, Team yangu, marafiki zangu, Baba yangu wa kiroho Mtumishi MWAMPOSA , na mafans wangu wote ,bila kusahau na hatters wote kwa kunipa nguvuu na supports kwa namna moja au nyingine uwepo wenu ndio mafanikio yangu…….. Nili jipa nguvu kabla sijapewa Nilijipa moyo kabla sijapewa Nilijiamini kabla yakuaminika Nilijikubali kabla yakukubalika Popote ulipo kijana mwenye ndoto yoyote ile jua inawezekana ukiweka nia ukikubali mazuri na mabaya yote yakufikie sababu ni daraja na nguzo ya mafanikio yako bila kusahau MUNGU ndio kila kitu. Nawapenda HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE 👑 #DADAMWENYENYUMBA

A post shared by NANDY (@officialnandy) on



Bridget Achieng goes all n#ude during a maternity shoot (photos)

Nandy is loved by Kenyans for her collabo ‘Njiwa’ with our own Willy Paul ,the two are tight and have on a few occasions been photographed together setting

Her fans were impressed and many went on to congratulate her and below are the comments

fancy_8th:Congratulations nandy ……that is thanks your returning to your parents

paulrugata:Hongera sana Nandera,keep it up..mpanderehema:Nandy nimekupenda bureeeeee wazazi unawajal mmwaaaaaaa

zenambalaukwa:Hongera mwaya umejitahid sana

shahida8461:Big up nandy salute to u

platumz_diamond:You are de icon you rock it girl now hvyo ndivyoo baraka zitakazo mimi nikaa ndo maana auteterekii u rock it nandy👏

ashamaokola1914:Hongera nandy unatupa changamoto na wengine

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Sights and sounds from Wasafi festival

Wasafi festival, arguably one of the most anticipated concerts of 2018 went down on New year’s eve at Uhuru Gardens.

The concert was headlined by WCB artists; Mbosso, Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, Queen Darlene, Rayvanny and Lava Lava as well as Grammy award winning reggae band, Morgan Heritage.

Kenyan acts; Naiboi, Band Beca and Nadia Mukami thrilled the packed grounds before the Wasafi crew and Morgan Heritage took to stage.

As much as I love Bongo music and the Wasafi crew, I honestly feel like they should have done much better and it is only fair to say Morgan Heritage outshone the entire crew with their spirited performances.

In case you missed the show here are photos from Wasafi festival.


Here is why Diamond and Rayvanny risk a jail term if they perform in Kenya

Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny have been banned from performing in and out of their country until further notice by the Tanzanian government.

The ban was initiated by a Tanzanian government body that regulates music, movies and other creative works (BASATA)

Rayvanny and Diamond

Rayvanny and Diamond

Planning on marrying Betty Kyallo? Here is one meal she can NEVER cook for you

In a statement that has gone viral, BASATA has revealed that the action was taken because of Diamond’s rebellious character. Read the statement below

Diamond Platnumz

Statement by BASATA on Diamond Platnumz

‘I always thought men with a big manhood can never go broke, But I am so broke despite my heavy load’ Cries a member of team mafisi

The body called for the song to be pulled down from YouTube barely a week after it was uploaded. Diamond later responded to BASATA, saying that he saddened by the act.

“The song mwanza by rayvanny and diamond has been banned by BASATA. they have been banned from performing it because of it immorality”

In a previous interview, Diamond angrily said that even if his songs were banned in his home country, he would still perform them elsewhere.

“If you ban my songs I will still perform them.If you still don’t want me to perform I will leave and perform else where.

I will move to another country because they wont follow me there.

You can’t block my songs both in Tanzania and Kenya because you don’t feed me or my children.”

Clearly, this is a huge problem for Diamond and his fellow artistes under Wasafi.

They work too hard to create content that people will listen to and love for them to put food on their table.

This is not the first time has been in trouble with the Tanzanian government when it comes to their content.

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Ametosha Mboga: Here is why Diamond Platnumz mum has finally approved of his marriage to his Kenyan bae Tanasha Donna

Diamond Platnumz mum, Mama Dangote has given him the go ahead to marry his Kenyan heart throb Tanasha Donna in a touching message.

The Bongo star recently announced that he has plans to walk down the aisle in a wedding that will be held for four days from February 14th to 17th 2019.

Well, Diamond’s queen, Tanasha Donna has received approval from Diamond’s family despite criticisms from Tanzanians. As Tanzanian’s went ahead to compare her to Zari and Hamisa.

Tulikosea wapi: Kenyans whose wedding was graced by President Uhuru Kenyatta (List)

Tanasha Donna

In the past, Diamond’s mother Sandra Sanura was openly opposed to her son marrying his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto.

Unataka kumridhi Diamond Platnumz? Otile Brown spotted cosying up with his ex bae (photos)

However, Sanura fully supports her son’s decision to marry Tanasha.

Speaking to a Tanzanian based website, Sanura, who is popularly known as Mama Dangote in social media circles, revealed that it was time for her son to get married and she wouldn’t oppose if it Tanasha turns out to be her daughter-in-law.

She continued stating that she was pleased with Tanasha’s young age;

“Sasa nimkatae amenikosea nini mtoto wa watu? Nani amesema nimemkataa mkwe wangu? Kama mwanangu amemuona anamfaa basi nipo radhi amuoe maana umri wake unaenda na umri wa kumuoa (Why would I say no to Tanasha? Who said I have refused my in-law? If my son has seen her fit for himself, who I’m I to say no? After all their ages are both conducive for marriage.”

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Unataka kumridhi Diamond Platnumz? Otile Brown spotted cosying up with his ex bae (photos)

Otile has made moves weeks after his public break up from Vera Sidika.

He has even changed his hair color to mark a new beginning.

According to a psychologist, one reason for changing your hair is to exert a sense of authority. It is a statement to show one is in control of their appearance as well as their life.

The other reason could be that they want to let go of their former, possibly unhappy, selves when they were on the relationship.

Inspiring stories of Kenyan celebrities raising their kids after being widowed


‘There is no way I could have aborted his child. I just made sure I could get not get pregnant from him’Vera Sidika spills the beans on why mbegu ya Otile haikumea

Otile made a special guest appearance at Space Lounge with a beau, Kim Nana and took pictures of the two looking a bit too cozy.

Kim Nana is the same lady Diamond was with as a rebound, days after he broke up with his baby mamas Hamisa and Zari Hassan.

Here are the photos.



‘His ex sent me her photos full of bruises,’ Vera Sidika opens up about the red flags she saw before she started dating Otile Brown




Kenyan Actors you didn’t know had quit TV forever (photos)

Below are some of the comments…

queen_risperh: Wow I only needed to here that from you Otile🤜Hawa watu wamekuzoea Sana zidi kuwapa vidonge vyao👏👏

essykarr: Hapo ucheze chini @otilebrown husiombe pesa kwa text message always make calls.

kirubiraphael: Hata wakikutakia mabaya ur still a lucky guy a woman that does not know ur worth waende wajinyonge na tissue ur my guy🙌🙌🙌.

christine254kenyan_gal: @otilebrown still l rem 3weeks ago there is my comment, try to look God fearing lady who will not disappoint u mfunge harusi ndo utupostie shemeji wetu hizi taka taka eti @official__kimnana bureee kabisa hawezi tulia huyu ameachia nani kwanza Koran kumalizia kusoma 😂😂😂😂😂juu ndoto yake alitaka aolewe n diamond platinum naye dee akawa sungura kuvuka Kenya 😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁.

smile_of_gucci: @otilebrown.. Umeamua kumridhi diamond😜😜😜.
nassyr_hassan: Twende kazi Wa bongo wakivamia sisi pia tunavamia 😂😂👌[email protected] kamatia kabisa.

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Usijidharau: TBT photos of your favorite celebs will leave you laughing

Its that day of the week where we look at throw back photos of your favorite celebrities,some of them walikua wamechapa but as they say ‘bora uhai’.

While back then most musicians could not afford to live a good life most of them now can easily afford to travel around,drive expensive cars buy designer clothes and shoes while back then they could only see such in magazines

Here are some some musicians who have undergone serious transformation you would be shocked to see their old photos


Born Hubert Nakitare,nonini has seen a major transformation not only in his body size, but also in his fashion sense ,music growth,he is a true definition of ‘watu hutoka mbali’

Genge musicians Nonini and Juacali


Don’t get it twisted ,your favourite artiste diamond hasn’t always been an eye candy but with the money and the fame things seem to have greatly changed for him.

He can now afford the best of things money can buy and he can mostly be seen rocking designer attire,entertaining beautiful women and of course going for vacations something he could have only dreamt of


3.Timmy Tdat

Don’t let the biceps lie to you back then Timmy had nothing to flaunt but he can now comfortably buy himself whatever he wants thanx to his music career.

His sense of fashion was way below poor but he has greatly transformed and the meek Timmy is gone.

Before and after photos of local artiste Timmy Tdat


Wyre the love child has always been an eye candy but nevertheless less he has seen a major transformation ,as he now looks more mature and confident unlike when he ventured into this music industry.

From back then singing as necessary noize Wyre has remained a sweetheart to many women but too bad he is off the market.

Wyre the love child

5.Dj Sadic

Forget the good looks and the well kept dreadlocks back then Dj Sadic rocked short hair which made him look so naive an easy target for nairobi thieves who steal from you in broad daylight.

Sadic has seen a major transformation given the fact he is among the best dressed DJ’s in Kenya something he never thought he would achieve

Before and after photos of Dj Sadic


The self proclaimed queen of single mothers hasn’t always had it easy in life ,with time she has seen a major transformation and the photo below is a proof of that.

She now boasts of designer shoes,clothes,watches and a beautiful mansion to top it all.

Local Kenyan artiste Akothee

7.Jua cali

Juacali popularly know as ‘Baba yao’ has seen a major transformation in his physical appearance ,going by his throw back photos,the only thing the musician has maintained all these years is his beautiful hair which seems to be growing longer by the day.

left:Juacali back in the day Right:Juacali with fellow musician Wyre the love child.


The ‘Shoulder back’ artiste has changed alot from the skinny young man he was to a true ‘gentleman ‘ who leaves ladies yearning for more,through the years the only thing he has maintained is his durag for reasons only best known to him.


9.Anita Nderu





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Diamond Umeona Hii:Photo of Diamond’s new bae and Ali Kiba emerge

Diamond Platnumz new flame Tanasha Donna Oketch has tongues wagging after the two were seen together on different occasions.

She has been in the showbiz industry for quite a while and unearthing facts about her continue to emerge as days go by.

Photos of Tanasha with Ali Kiba have surfaced and people can’t stop talking about them given that Ali and Diamond are obviously not bff’s.

The Kenyan beauty was once in a relationship with Nick Mutuma but they later parted ways , the photos of her and Ali Kiba, were from a shoot of a music video.

‘He called me another woman’s name’ Kenyans confess of most embarrassing things during s#x


The day Raila Odinga escaped assassination and how he did it

The photos have however left us wondering Diamond anafeel aje after seeing bae ‘s photo with his frenemy.

Diamond even confessed that she is the woman he is going to marry

The father of three revealed that Tanasha was the only woman he was going to marry.

“Tanasha is the only lady who showed me some seriousness on the (marriage) idea and I now officially announce that I am marrying her. She got all the qualities of a woman any man would wish to marry. Many of us men only focus on the physical attractiveness of a woman, body shape among other things, which she got as well, but what convinced me more and attracted me is her good manners.”

Below is the photo of her and Ali Kiba


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Here are the worst celebrity breakups in the year 2018

2018 has seen many celebrity relationships end for one reason or the other.

We take a look at some of the worst breakups we have seen in 2018.

People break up everyday but the list below has been termed the worst due to the publicity they attracted:

1. Zari

The mother of five broke up with Diamond Platnumz over what she termed as constant disrespect. She wrote


“Understand this is very difficult for me to do. There have been multiple rumors some with evidence floating around In ALL SORTS of media in regards. Diamond’s constant cheating and sadly I have decided to end my relationship with Diamond.

As my RESPECT, INTEGRITY, DIGNITY 8, WELL BEING cannot be compromised. We are separating as partners but not as parents. This doesn’t reduce me as a self-made Individual, and as a caring mother, and the boss lady you have all come to know.


I  continue to build as a mogul, I will Inspire the world of women to become boss ladies too. I will teach my four sons to always respect women, and teach my daughter what self respect means,unlike many.

I’ve been in the industry for 12 years and through all my challenges I came out a victor because I am a winner,and so are all of you Zari supporters.HAPPY VALENTINES.”

2. Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

The two broke up in what has been the most publicized relationship in the recent past.Vera opened up saying that Otile was using her for his own gains.

The last few weeks have seen the public entertained after the damsel leaked their conversations online even airing Otile’s wanting bedroom performance.

‘His ex sent me her photos full of bruises,’ Vera Sidika opens up about the red flags she saw before she started dating Otile Brown

verah and Otile Brown

3. Chipukeezy

He recently broke up with his fiancée of 3 years saying that they had both agreed it was the best for both of them. Talking to Classic 105, he said

“People fall in and out of love, and maybe the plans I had for her did not work out.

We moved on because there is more to life than just love and relationships. People should stop speculating things, but instead let her move on with her life. She is free to be out there and get other people.

To be honest, we agreed that whatever we wanted to do together would not work out, and it was a peaceful agreement. Tulikua tunaenda Canaan tukapata mamba.”


EXCLUSIVE: ‘Tulikua tunaenda Canaan tukapata Mamba’, Chipukeezy opens up on why his relationship hit rock bottom

4. Bridget Achieng

The damsel, who is expectant with her first child, recently opened up on being left high and dry by her boyfriend while heavy with child, adding that he wanted her to terminate the pregnancy.

In an interview with SDE, she says

“He left when I was two months pregnant but God has been faithful. Rejection is one thing I can never wish for my worst enemies.
I can never harbour bitterness or hard felling on him. Everything happens for a reason. My baby will be great that’s for sure. It’s said that when you are with God the rest is a peanut.”

Bridget Achieng

Reasons why Vera may be desperate after being dumped by Otile Brown

5. Corazon Kwamboka

The curvaceous lady parted ways with her mzungu bae this year. Taking to her instagram she posted a long post on the reason for their breakup.

“I loved this guy! But the distance just couldn’t allow us to be together, it’s been tough and we were not happy. I’m single and happy, focusing on myself and law practice. I’m sure I will find love and when it’s real; it will be easy,”

After endless struggle and fights for little things because we were both agitated about everything coz we missed each other, we finally decided to quit.”she wrote.


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Inaweza? Kenyan celebrities who should consider starting a reality show

Reality TV shows are the latest trends not only in Kenya but world wide.

Celebrities like Bahati,Janet Mbugua have already jumped onto the band wagon.

Here are more celebs who should consider starting reality shows.

1. Eric Omondi

He was recently nominated as the funniest man in Africa. He mostly shares his funny video clips on his social media pages maybe it is time he considered starting a reality show.


2. Willy Paul

He calls himself ‘Heaven Material’, he is loved and hated in equal measure, and don’t you think his reality show would be a hit?

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

3. Akothee

The self Proclaimed president of single mothers lives by the mantra ‘My life your entertainment.’ and what better way to entertain us than to start a reality show.


4. NJugush

He keeps his fans entertained with funny videos online but as you might already know Instagram limits large videos hence the best way to maximize on his talent is to start a reality show.

Local comedian Njugush with his wife Celestine Ndinda
Local comedian Njugush with his wife Celestine Ndinda

‘I learnt after our honey moon that my new wife had robbed a bank of Ksh 700K, ‘ City man confesses

5. Nameless

He and his wife Wahu are considered among the darling celebrity couples in Kenya and we all know why. Unlike other celebrities, this couple is rarely caught up in drama.

Starting a reality show would be a good step given that they would help their fans by giving them advice on what keeps a marriage going.

wahu nameless

6. Diamond

He is considered among the most sought after artistes in Africa and with a huge fan base.

A reality TV would help build his brand even more given that his fans love keeping tabs on his love life.


7. Zari

She has millions of followers on Instagram, so what better way to maximize on this than to start up a reality show.

Love her or hate her, she is a force to reckon with not only in her country but in Africa as a whole.

8. Betty Kyallo

Her life is a reality show ever since her marriage to Okari broke, and details of her life emerged. She can give us a glimpse into her life through a tv show.

‘My four sponsors send me 100k every month but I have nothing to show for it,kwani ni pesa ya black magic ?’ Cries city woman (Audio)

Betty Kyallo

9. Vera Sidika

Her life is too dramatic in a rather entertaining way. Imagine a reality show dubbed ‘Keeping up with Vera’ si inaeza kua moto?

Vera Sidika

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Utashtuka: Here is the amount Diamond Platnumz is paid per show

You might be wondering why there is so much fuss on why Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platnumz is among the highest paid artistes,well here is how much he is paid.

Diamond Platnumz  revealed the minimum amount he is paid in every show that he graces. The singer unveiled these details after his hit song with Rayvanny dubbed ‘Nyegezi’ was banned.

“As you might know my charges are not below 70,000$ for every show,that is 160,300,000 in Tanzanian currency and a whooping Ksh 7 million in Kenyan currency.Just for one show I am able to contribute a tax of not less than 48,090,000 (In Tanzanian currency).”

Hotness Galore: Photos of Awinja looking like she is worth a million bucks

As you might already know Diamond is an international artistes so  you do your math.


This December, he and his Wasafi artistes will be performing here in Kenya. He and the company must be walking away with a lot of money as well.

Recently, we found out that Harmonize, a WCB signee walked home with a whole million bob after a performance.

‘His ex sent me her photos full of bruises,’ Vera Sidika opens up about the red flags she saw before she started dating Otile Brown



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Wanaume ni muhimu!!Zari admits that bringing up her kids alone after parting with Diamond Platnumz is HARD

Zari has finally revealed that bringing up five kids single handedly is not easy, after losing her first husband Ivan and parting with Diamond Platnumz.

Taking to Snapchat she expressed that raising her kids is tough but God has been grateful.

“Thank you God for my children. It’s tough raising them alone but then again you arealwayss there. #Grateful and blessed.”

Zari Hassan

Royal Media finally addresses Jacque Maribe’s issue weeks after she was charged with murder,Read their statement below

After breaking up with Diamond Platnumz on Valentine’s Day,  BBC after the break-up, Zari revealed that she will raise her kids alone in case the singer didn’t want to. She said this during an interview with BBC.


We hope soon she will find a father figure to help her raise the kids.

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