Diamond Platnumz spends Sh 5.2m on new gold and diamond chain

Diamond Platnumz has spent Sh 5,238,595 million ($48,000) to buy a new pendant bearing his nickname Simba complete with an image depicting the head of a Lion.

Diamond took to his Instagram page to flaunt the new Gold and Diamonds #HalfManHalfLion pendant.

He also warned that artistes should avoid putting on fake chains because they risk getting cancer.

“Gold and Diamonds #HalfManHalfLion Pendant!….stop wearing fake chains young boys…there’s cancer. USD 48,000…Tsh! 111,360,000 for dependant.

 Aye ye ye! Naondokaje sasa??? kwanza nawahi nini wakati nimeachwa???? #FRESHI @icejewlz.”

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The new chain comes days after the star rewarded himself with several expensive chains plus his entire WCB crew.

Diamond is always splashing million on Gold or Diamond bracelets, Chains and finger rings.

In November 2018, Simba lost a pair of his white gold and diamond chains during the first Wasafi Festival that was held in Mtwara Region.

In May 2021, the Award-winning superstar acquired a new set of expensive White Gold Plated Grillz (Solid 18kt White Gold Top & Bottom).

The WCB president shared several photos rocking the new Premium White Gold Top and Bottom Grillz, customized with his name ‘Simba’ and ‘Platnumz’.

Diamond Platnumz dancing with his kids in ex Zari’s house

Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan are having a good time with their kids in South Africa.

The ex-lovers have been visiting each other in their different countries to spend time with their kids this year.

The two have embraced co-parenting.

Diamond is currently in South Africa, shooting a Netflix reality show dubbed ‘Young Famous and African’ set to premiere soon.

The Tanzanian crooner loves his children so much, and yesterday, he visited them at their home in Pretoria, and they had a great time.

Videos of Diamond looking happy with his daughter Princess Tiffah and son Prince Nillan were posted on their respective Instagram accounts.

They can be seen dancing to his new Amapiano song Iyo.

Zari is heard talking in the background.

This is the second time Diamond was visiting his children in South Africa this year.

In early April this year, the Waah hitmaker visited his kids at their house several times before returning to Tanzania.

Diamond urges Tanzanians to support their artistes rather than creating beefs

Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz is on his way to the US for the BET awards set to happen this weekend.

This is the 21st edition of the awards which were started in 2001 to celebrate black Excellence.

The event will go down from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California.

Yesterday, he urged Tanzanians to work on promoting their artistes rather than creating hatred among them.

“You waste a lot of time creating beefs among Tanzanian artistes. Instead use that opportunity to promote their work and help us compete with other nations so we can bring victory to the country. Shame.”

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Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

Diamond is nominated under the Best International Acts category and is set to battle it out with Nigeria’s Wizkid, Burna Boy and others from other countries.

He is the only East African nominated under this category this year.

Diamond manager cum politician Babu Tale are enroute to Los Angeles for the awards.

This comes just weeks after part of his country people signed a petition to BET to drop the singer from the awards saying that he had not supported his country when they most needed him.

Diamond Platnumz’ side chick Hamisa Mobetto reminisces their lost love in passionate message


Hamisa Mobetto has not been the center of attraction in East Africa’s number one man-whore Diamond. The lady, who has a son with the singer, has been a factor in Zari’s mind but not in his as recent media developments have shown.

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto. photo credit: Instagram/Hamissa Mobetto

The former model-turned-socialite has been outshadowed in the past month by both Tunda Sebastian, Wema Sepetu and Rwandan socialite Shabby Boo. A socialite needs constant attention for her to make money and keep her brand in the spotlight.

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto. photo credit: Instagram/Hamissa Mobetto

This is no different for all the women who try to claim a part of Diamond. The moment you say that you had the honour of housing Diamond’s insatiable cassava, you become a media superstar.

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto. photo credit: Instagram/Hamissa Mobetto

Take Tunda for example, 3 months ago she was largely unknown by most Kenyans, but now because she has been linked to Diamond, her candle burns brighter. Her stock has risen.

Tunda Sebastian
Tunda Sebastian. photo credit: courtesy

A secret for all upcoming socialites out there: Diamond is the way to fame and fortune. Hehehe! So back to Hamisa, she has been feeling left out and she wants back in the limelight. Out of sight equals out of mind. How to do that again? Tada! Tumia Diamond!

Diamond-and-Wema-Sepetu. photo credit: courtesy

She went on social media to pine and moan for the one that got away. Below is her post that shows that even homewreckers can love:

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto. photo credit: courtesy

Although I find what she is doing reprehensible, I still find it extremely smart. Use Diamond and get your money woman!

Zari and Hamisa react after fellow baby mama Tanasha’s visit to see Diamond

Singer Diamond Platnumz knows how to change the news quickly so as to suit his preferredd narrative. Just a few weeks after his mother revealed the shocking news that Abdul Juma wasn’t his biological father, the Tanzanian singer decided to allow his 3rd baby mama, Tanasha to come and visit him with their son in tow.

That is all everyone is focusing on now as Tanasha who left Tanzania in a huff in early 2020 took their beautiful son, Naseeb Junior to see a father he hadn’t seen for close to a year.

Just like the way Zari’s visit to see Diamond late last year caused a furore, Tanasha’s visit has had pretty much had the same effect.

Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the kids
Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the kids

And what were her fellow baby mamas reactions to Miss Donna’s visit to see Chibu? Exasperated…This after a great number of fans reached out to them with information that Ms. Donna had landed in Tanzania to see her baby Daddy.

“Zari Tanasha Naye kaleta mtoto, unajiskiaje huko ulipo,” asked a fan. Miss Zarinah wasn’t playing around, telling the fan to learn how to mind his business, with a reminder that Diamond has other kids.

“Asante kwa umbea, wacha nijinyonge…learn to mind your business, Mwanaume si ana watoto wengine. Smh!” read Zari’s response.

And Mobetto wasn’t left out being told by fans that she should be preparing to take her son Dylan to spend time with his father as soon as Tanasha leaves.

Diamond Platnumz with Hamisa Mobetto
Diamond Platnumz with Hamisa Mobetto

However, she chose to borrow, Mama Dangote’s saying that “Ukoo Umejaa” as a perfect response to those pressuring her to take her son to Diamond’s mansion.

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Tanasha carries her son to Tanzania to meet up with Diamond Platnumz

Tanasha Donna is in Tanzania to meet up with her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz and allow her son Naseeb Junior to reunite with his dad.

In an interview with Tanzanian media after arriving, Tanasha said she is going to shoot a music video with Nandy.

Tanasha says she is not aware of how much time she is going to spend in Tanzania before embarking to Kenya.

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The couple broke up early last year and this will be the first time Diamond and Tanasha are meeting after announcing their split.

Tanasha’s visit comes barely a month after Zari, another Diamond Platnumz baby mama brought her kids Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan to see the singer after two years.

That was also the first time Zari and Diamond met after their split on Valentine’s day, 2018.

In a previous interview, Tanasha had said that she will send her house manager with her baby to meet the dad.

“Couples break up…. I’m definitely not the first to break up but together we are raising our son and we are in good terms. We are just okay. About taking our son to see him in Tanzania, no way. The baby can go with his nanny but as for me I will remain here in Kenya because I still have so much work to do,” she said.

Tanasha will also meet up with Hamisa during the visit.


Happy birthday love of my life, Diamond celebrates his son with Hamisa

Diamond Platnumz’s son with Hamisa Mobetto Dylan is three years today.

The two celebrated Dylan’s birthday with the Tanzanian crooner penning a touching message.

Diamond described Dylan as the love of his life.

He wrote;

Happy Birthday to another love of my Life… @deedaylan ❤🌹❤

Hamisa on the other hand wrote;

“My handsome, blessed and FAVORED little boy is 3 today. Oh, how Time really passes so fast. Today on your birthday I wish that you become all that God destined you to be.
May goodness and favour never leave you, all the days of your life.
ASANTE SANA for choosing me to be your mommy. HAPPY 3rd birthday Son. @deedaylan 👑I love you to infinity and beyond.”

Check out the posts;

View this post on Instagram

👑 . #Dylanis3 #Dylan #Dylan3

A post shared by Baby Dee! (@deedaylan) on

Simba kamili! Diamond Platnumz causes ripples after buying a Rolls Royce

Diamond Platnumz has bought himself a new machine worth 45 million.

The ‘Jeje’ hitmaker has been spotted with a Rolls Royce that has his personalized number plate ‘Platnumz.’

For a long time now, this car has been his dream machine.

Sometimes in 2018, he said in an interview that he was going to buy such a car ‘very soon’.

The singer hasn’t uploaded the photo or broken the news, but Tanzanian media pundits spotted the Rolls Royce on the streets.

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Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

On his social media biography, he refers to himself as the ‘Rolls Royce Musician From East Africa’.

In 2016, the singer stepped out with a white Rolls Royce only for fans to learn he was only shooting a video.

The most expensive Rolls-Royce is the Phantom with its price going for more than $450,000 (About Ksh 45,000,000).

Diamond is known to be a car lover and he refers to them as his ‘babies’.

Recently, Platnumz inadvertently shared a rare glimpse of his majestic mansion as he panned across to showcase his enviable car collection among them three Prados and a sleek BMW.

Check out the photos;

diamond-p-493x385 diamond-platnumz


Things Diamond should do for his relationship with Tanasha to survive

Diamond Platnumz recently welcomed his fifth child with Kenyan damsel Tanasha Donna and we can’t help but notice his excitement.

He recently turned 30 and being a father of five is a huge responsibility, He has made his mistakes and below are things he should learn.

1. To keep his relationship off social media

If you haven’t noticed Diamond has in a way matured, he no longer blasts his critics on social media and he does not over post his bae Tanasha as he did in his previous relationship.

Now that he has turned 30 he needs to style up and avoid giving critics something to talk about.

2. To be engaged in his kid’s life.

Time and time again we have heard Diamond being accused of being absent in his kid’s lives.

He should try to make changes in his life by making himself present in the life of Tanasha’s son otherwise we will be on his case like a tick sticks on a cow.

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Diamond Platnumz in his crazy suit
Diamond Platnumz in his crazy suit

3. To zip up.

We have all heard the phrase the internet never forgets, Being a celebrity means that things will be written about him every day.

Much has been written about him being ‘Father Abraham’ and fathering kids left, right and centre. It’s time he learnt to zip up.

4. Condomize it

No one gets a kid when all wrapped up unless your sperms are stronger than missiles used by North Korea to disrupt countries.

So one thing Diamond should do is to use condoms or advice Tanasha to get on family planning, she is still young asituzeeshee msichana wetu kwa kumzalisha.

5. Blasting his ex’ on the media and in his songs

Diamond has in the past blasted his ex’ on interviews and in his songs and that’s a habit he should drop ASAP.

The one thing he should keep doing is giving us dope music.

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Diamond’s sister blasts Vera for wearing mosquito net to his baby shower

Members of the Dangote family are unhappy at the fact that Vera Sidika attended Tanasha and Diamonds baby shower in underwear to the shock of many.

Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz took to her social media to cast some shade at Vera Sidika’s choice of attire to the baby shower saying:

We are told every day to be careful with mosquito so I decided to come with my net early enough for more protection.

This is despite the fact that there are very few mosquitoes in the beach but I met a friend of mine who has won a mosquito net alone.

Diamond and Tanasha dance lovingly as Vera is criticised (videos)


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Speaking during the event Vera said the reason she did not want to miss the event is because she and Tanasha had know each other for almost four years.

Diamond was clad in white pants and a light blue shirt while Tanasha complimented his look with her own light blue pant-suits.

Chibu ever the showman was giddy like a kid and led his better-half in the wonderful tune.


The event was an all white party except for the parents to be.

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‘Mind your own business,’ Tanasha tells off troll

Diamond Platnumz bae Tanasha Donna has blasted a female fan after she told the soon to be mother that she is too young for motherhood.

Tanasha and Diamond are expecting their first child any time from now.

Taking to her Instagram, Tanasha penned a caption in anticipation of her baby shower.

Hey munchkin, 👶🏽❤️ It’s your day my love. Maman t’aime tellement mon bebe d’amour 🎈🎉 @bestwesterncoralbeachhotel See you later!


Videos and images from Tanasha Donna and Diamond’s baby shower

One fan wrote,

‘Too young to be a mother.’

Tanasha was quick to respond to the fan asking her to learn how to mind her own business.

‘Too old to be minding other people’s business. mxieeeeew’ She wrote.

Below are some of the reaction comments from her fans with many defending her.

kish_bunde:@cambrynz This is her account..she is minding her business..why the bile???

santineriminza:@cambrynz she is on her page and making posts that concerns her … not u haters i love the way true friends are reducing your numbers to rags

mishkeds: Some people think from their stomachs, your mother got married at 17 yrs due to your pregnancy and you are busy yap yapping at a lady who’s above 24,too young to be mother.. kweraaa

dextaellis:@nyabokelenah,I thought she was over 18???…can you people please leave this lady alone enjoy being a first time mother like we all did? Geeez!

chuma37:@nyabokelenah if she is over 18 she can have kids she is an adult

gasyombua:@nyabokelenah 24 not young to have a baby,she is old enough

ninsareano:@_lenadaisypeople gonna hate, and u’ll never understand y that’s so… No one can avoid that but all u got is urself and yourself to live on ur terms and make urself happy

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‘Diamond slid in my DM and invited me to Tanzania’ Tanasha reveals

Diamond Platnumz is one hella fellow when it comes to romance and just like his name ‘Simba’ he is a lion in the jungle of love.

Tanasha is his latest catch after first sliding into her DM and later inviting her to Tanzania where he poured out his heart on how he felt about her.

The Kenyan model has come out to tell Wasafi Fm that she and Diamond were first friends and later became lovers after he hit on her during a show in Mtwara, Tanzania.




Although she says she was hesitant in dating Diamond, Tanasha says her instincts felt like it was right to love him.


Donna admits that her fame is thanks to Diamond therefore, crediting him for her success.



The Tanzanian singer has always said that he wasn’t willing to date a fellow artiste. Did Diamond have any misunderstanding with her after she released her debut song?


Tanasha is currently ruling the airwaves with the song Radio featuring Barak Jaccuzi.

Exclusive: ‘I started off my career as a rapper’ – Rayvanny

Rayvanny has revealed that his career started off with him as a rapper before he joined Wasafi where he is currently signed alongside Diamond.

The singer was in the Classic 105 studio on Monday where he opened up about his career

I used to listen to music in matatus and sing along to it. People would encourage me to start singing because according to them I had a very good voice.

It was at that point that I started teaching myself how to play a guitar.

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 Speaking on his Tetema song Rayvanny says

‘When the idea of Tetema came along I was not sure Diamond would have time to sit down and listen to it as he was busy.

I like giving him a song to listen to when I am with him that way I am sure he will listen to it and he will give me an immediate response.


So one day while in a tour bus nkampa the song askize and he was so excited and I instantly knew he loved it. We then shared it with everybody who was in the bus and the response was mind blowing.

After the show we were going to, we added a few lines to the song and completed the final work while here in Kenya as we had music tours here.

In conclusion his fans says

My fans should expect nothing but the best because I have so many videos that I have not yet released.

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‘I’m stuck with you’ Tanasha assures Diamond amidst online beef with Zari

Tanasha Donna is a woman in love despite all the negativity she and her Tanzanian bae Diamond Platnumz have been going through lately.

According to Tanasha she is grateful because Diamond has stuck by her.

Here is her post that will make you want to fall in love.

This man… Oh Lord where do I begin. Words cannot express how grateful and thankful I am to have such a kind, supportive, hardworking, loving gentleman like yourself.

I almost forgot how lucky I was when the pressure and negativity and all the BS used to get to my head…

You stuck by me. I’m in love with who you are inside and out, you inspire me in so many ways, I’ve learned so much from you and you are a blessing from God D…

‘Wahu really pulled my hair during her labour pains’ Nameless shares

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

The way you support what I do without me even asking you to, honestly made me realize how lucky and blessed I am to have you. Je t’aime and I’m stuck with you mon amour.

May God continue to bless you in so many ways for the heart you have. IDGAF what people think or say, but just know I will forever RIDE FOR YOU TILL THE END. @diamondplatnumz ❤️❤️❤️

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Maina Kageni’s response to Diamond Platnumz’s comments about him

Maina Kageni is set to appear in Diamond Platnumz’ upcoming video thanks to their close friendship.

According to many, the feeling is too surreal.

I shall be addressing the public shortly.

When a global megastar intentionally asks you for advice by dropping your name in his latest hit!!!!!!! Aaaakiyao …whuaaat??? …and yes, my brother @diamondplatnumz sent this to me. Humbled …yet that swahili is on another level, aye?



Check out the video below.

Among other celebrities whose names have been named in songs include Caroline Mutoko,Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe, Kalekye Mumo, Akothee, Amina Abdi among others.

Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans

ms_gichuhi_j:You have made it boy child😂😂😂

kahi_ambuku:Haaa!! Akiyaaaooo! Wa Kageni, you have a patency for that name? Our Manager is also claiming it!🥂

sonyasoraya57:😂😂😂😂😂is it Maina or Marina? 😂😂😂lol
jackline.faith:Call a brother right away Maina, imegensi yake may be more urgent than it sounds

alex_mwakideu:Hands up my brother! 🙌🏽

[email protected]_b:so Maina won’t let us rest, it’s gonna be his anthem the whole month

Well we cannot wait to see how this new video will be.

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‘I will sacrifice my kids souls if I ever cheated on you’ Zari to ex Diamond

Zari Hassan has responded to Diamond Platnumz’ allegations that she cheated on him with her gym instructor and Nigerian artist Peter Okoye of P Square.

Zari says that Diamond’s words should not be believed.

Never believe a man who once too many times denied HIS OWN blood, I mean HIS OWN. What other truth can come out of his mouth?

I will sacrifice my kids souls if I ever cheated on you. Own your mistakes and use them to grow and change into a better man. You can still reform.

Celebs married to spouses younger/older than them by almost 10 years

Zari blasts Diamond
Zari blasts Diamond

‘She was dating her gym instructor’ Diamond on why he dumped Zari

When your music is no longer enough…… Kik ni nani… Z.A.R.I Nyt fam

Zari Hassan's message to Diamond
Zari Hassan’s message to Diamond

‘I rejected my husband for 5 years before I gave in’ Naliaka confesses

She adds

By now my ex will be telling hi! new girlfriend, how bad I was and the girl too will be feeling pity for him… thinking she’s a Saint two idiots.

Zari's message
Zari’s message

Well the drama between the boss lady and her ex seems to be getting crazier by the day, keep it Classic as we watch this unfold.

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‘She was dating her gym instructor’ Diamond on why he dumped Zari

Diamond Platnumz has revealed the reason why he broke up with Zari Hassan, the mother of his two kids Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan.

Among the many reasons is the fact that Zari had been dating Nigerian singer Peter Okoye and even bringing other men into their home.

Zari Hassan was dating P-Square’s Peter [Okoye] a few months before she and I got our first baby, Latiffah Dangote.

I read [love] messages that she and Peter sent each other via mobile phone.

The late Wambui Otieno’s husband weds again 8 years after her death

Peter Okoye (P Square)
Peter Okoye (P Square)

‘I suspected it too’ Tanasha Donna clears the air on pregnancy rumors

I even confronted her.

Zari also brought her gym instructor into our house [in Madale, Tanzania]. She started secretly seeing her gym instructor after we had already gotten our first baby.”

Among the other reasons why Diamond strayed is because his baby mama refused to relocated to Tanzania so as to be closer to him.

Zari refused to relocate to Tanzania where we could be close to each other.

As a young man, who is a superstar; and my sexual urge is still high, there was no way I could stay for close to three months without being intimate with someone.

What were you expecting me to do; especially with all the attention I am getting from women, given my superstar status?

Kenyan female politicians giving men a hard time in parliament – Photos

Diamond platnumz


The power couple broke up last year with Zari stating that she was tired of being disrespected.

I loved him so much and everyone knows about that.

You can go cheat there as a man but when it comes in with madharau that is when it become too much.

I felt that my integrity was so low. Like, when my big boys see trolls, Diamond misbehaving on social media, they will not have respect for women when they grow up.

I asked myself, why do I have to settle low for this? My children were insulted on social media.

Being the fact that they do not have a father, they will know that in future they need to respect women and that is why I left.


The father of three has since moved on and is currently dating Kenyan heartthrob Tanasha Donna whom he plans to wed.

I love Tanasha and she loves me equally. She is mature and does not have the habit of fighting with my Exs online.

She is loving, she is disciplined and she is not after something. She is not with me because of my money but love.

She can fund herself because her mother is in Belgium and her dad is in Italy so they are well off. She is not hungry for money.

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‘I love you so much Mr M’ Zari praises her new bae – Photo

Its no longer a secret that Zari Hassan has moved on after her break up with Diamond Platnumz.She has found a new man and she is love struck.

The mother of five has been keeping her new man a secret but has been quick to flaunt his gifts to her on social media.

Well  she is still trying to grasp the fact that her man still finds her sexy at 38 and five kids to top it all.

I’ve been there before and it still doesn’t make any sense to me.Yea I am weak, I need to accept, Wana know why?

I give my all. I build my men, I’m not the type that takes, I’m the type that looks at what we have and consider how we can double or triple the blessings.

Photos of Diamond Platnumz grown up kids with Zari and Hamisa Mobetto

Zari and her new man

With you I’ve learnt so much, I appreciate life itself because of your humbleness.

I always imagined my forever but didn’t have an idea what my forever looked like.

Diamond and Zari throw shade at each other in an online spat – Screenshots

She adds

5 kids, other guys etc but you still found me the sexiest woman alive. Wooooo ain’t I so blessed🙏.

I love you so much Mr M, it’s not the material things you shower me with, I’ve seen those and even bigger and better.

But, its you, your heart, your whole being and how you make me and my kids feel.

It takes alot of courage from YOU Mr M.. 5kids, 38, wow….. you Heaven sent babe, That said, I end here! I l you M😘

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