REVEALED: Check out the embarrassing moments in Kainama song by Diamond x Harmonize x Burna Boy

The Wasafi team are at it this new month. The new song Kainama by Harmonize featuring Burna Boy and Diamond Platnumz is one video we have been waiting for. When the video dropped, everyone was excited about it.

Harmonize looks dapper and of course Diamond never fails his ladies. Burna Boy excited fans after dropping a whole verse in Swahili with already half a million views.

The audio already scooped 1 million plus views but there are a few things you might not have noticed in the video that stood out for us.

In the group of girls who are dancing, the lady in the middle seems out of synch. In the umbrella scene, her umbrella refuses to open up at minute 1:52 but she goes on with the show.

The same girl at minute 2:56 all the way to minute 3:08 is struggling to put her wig back on after it fell due to her vigorous dancing

What surprises me is what was the editor doing? Didn’t he notice all this? Don’t they have a team of guys who go through the work before it is published?

For such a big brand this is quite embarrassing.

All in all the song is a good one.

‘I won’t cheat on you’, Diamond Platnumz assures girlfriend Tanasha

These two have been making headlines with their love affair. Now if you don’t know, let me enlighten you. Diamond and Tanasha have been in love the last few months and are looking forward to getting married this year. The two love birds were to get married on valentines day but due to multiple commitments of their wedding guests they postponed it to later this year. They even requested that the day be made a public holiday, can you believe that.

Diamond seems to be in love even after many scandalous relationships in the past. Tanasha posted her photo and diamond went ahead and commented

“Roho yangu mie,…nakupenda mpaka nakupenda tena…..

najua wanasubiri lini….Ila watasubiri sana sana! Sikucheat hata iweje”- Diamond Platnumz


This comes after diamond and his two baby mamas separated for cheating. He seems to assure Tanasha that he will be faithful,but fans think otherwise and some replied and said;

vievy_la;@diamondplatnumz once a cheater always a cheater😆..why tell us though??these days only strong women are getting married because there is nothing like a faithful husband,,but so long as you care for ur wife it’s okay..but don’t make promises that will break her heart one day when she finds out ur cheating..just tell her all sort of lies ,we love Being lied to,,but don’t promise about cheating

mwamvatwalib;Diamond said the same things to the previous ladies you dated.tanasha enjoy

njerilauryn; @diamondplatnumz you have nothing to proof to any of us but her,,,the truth is karma is a bitch if you don’t cheat she will cheat there is no way you will not pay for the hearts you’ve broken,,,na usipolipa kizazi chako kitalipia makosa yako

georgeodina;Those statements sound like those of a cheat, i once said that too to my lady and i ended up banging her friend.

noorah_al_amri;@diamondplatnumz😂😂😂😂 look who’s talking of not cheating 😏😏 tandale boy we all know you’re cursed and no herbal medicine can chase away this curse 😭😭😭😭😭just sit down please

From us we wish them all the happiness as they continue loving each other.



He is my favorite: Lilian Muli reveals why she loves Diamond Platnumz

Lilian Muli has opened up on why she loves Tanzanian music in an interview with Malkia Africa Production adding that  Tanzanians are romantic.

In the candid talk dubbed ‘The Other Side of Me’ Lilian admits that listening to Tanzanian music gives her goosebumps.

“I love bongo because I love LOVE so I love their love stories and my favorite artiste is Diamond but basically all Wasafi artistes they give me goose bumps because they sing from the heart.

There is something about Tanzanians they are very romantic and this is evident in their music.”

Similarities between Dennis Okari’s wedding and that of Nixon Korir

Lilian Muli

‘Kenyan men are just weak, wanapenda easy things’ Men admit

Speaking on what she is passionate about Lilian Muli says

“The first thing is my career Its what I know how to do and I thank God I found myself in something I am passionate about.

The second thing is family both immediate and extended my mother is my rock my mentor my go to person especially when I want to make decisions.

Family is a very special place for me.”

Lilian-Muli with her son


Lilian’s admission of her undying love for Tanzanian music comes at at time when Kenyan musicians have been campaigning for media house to promote their music through #PlayKenyanMusic.

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‘Please sit down and talk to daddy,’ – Diamond’s sister Zubeida begs star

Diamond Platnumz’ father has been sick for almost two years now and all he seeking for is his son’s attention and forgiveness.

Abdul has been in interviews calling out on Diamond and so far, nothing much has happened. For the longest time now, the father of the bongo star has been pleading for help to treat this ailment.

Last year in an interview with Mwananchi, he opened up about his struggle getting out of bed because of a leg problem and the pain he endures.

A few days ago, Diamond’s sister spoke to Global TV pleading for Diamonds help. She jetted into Tanzania to help her father who is very sick.

Diamond Platnumz Nairobi Press conference

Zubeida claims that the fathers medical condition is worsening and she wants to meet up with him so that she can grow her relationship with him and also between him and the father.

She cried out asking what is the major reasons why Diamond does not want a relationship with his father

I am asking you if possible, you can see each other, sit down and talk. see if the problem between you and your daddy can be sorted especially because your daddy is very ill. sometimes i communicate with him at night and he is crying because of the pain from the legs. IF YOU WANT to meet me i’ll be happy. i want you to see the extent of your dads illness we talk then you will understand why i flew in from London

From the video, you can tell Zubeida is very emotional just seeking to mend a relationship. Diamonds father, Abdul is present but all he can do is smile hoping for the best. Hoping that the message will get to Diamond and the response will be good.


Ali Kiba and Diamond in mourning after losing their mutual friend

Tanzanian artiste Ali Kiba is in mourning after losing his friend Tanzanian rapper Golden Jacob Mbunda alias Godzilla yesterday.

According to Global Publishers, Godzilla suddenly passed away on Tuesday night at their home in Dar es Salaam.

The deceased’s  sister Joyce Mbunda said that prior to his demise, the rapper complained of stomach pains, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Khaligraph was being funded by older women while we were dating – Cashy


Born on January 5, 1988 in Morogoro, Godzilla thrilled fans with hit tracks such as “Milele” alongside Alikiba and “First Class” featuring Mwasiti.

His remains have been taken to the Lugalo Military Hospital in Dar es Salaam,Taking to Instagram Ali KIba wrote

“R.I.P ZILLA🙏🙏🙏”

Kiba also shared the video below as a way of commemorating his friend.

View this post on Instagram

#KINGKBA X #KINGZILLA #ripkingzilla

A post shared by ALI KIBA🔵 (@officialalikibaa_) on

‘I sleep with with my father- in -law and we even have a son’ Brags woman

Diamond Platnumz also took to his instagram to mourn Godzilla in the caption below



Ali Kiba’s fans joined him in mourning his friend and below are some of their condolence messages.

kidoti2489:Dunia tunapita daima tutakukumba king zilla mbele yako nyuma yetu

imakocho:Mbele yako nyuma yetu kaka R. I. P

adalbertandrea:Pumzika kwa amani kingzilla

msafiriomi:Daah, mnyamwez umeondoka mapema sana

emwambuzi:Mungu naomba umpokee kiumbe wako

mkushi002:Sote njia yetu moja r.I.p zilla👏👏😮😮😮

mwantumumkweso:Inauma aiseeh tulimpenda san zilla ila mung kampenda zaidi

mtambofrancis:Daaaaaaah so [email protected] Rip king zilla

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Bahati to Octopizzo, here are Kenyan celebs with 2 baby mamas

While many African men are proud to publicly declare they are polygamous, others keep their status on the down low. We take a look at some Kenyan celebs who have more than one baby mama.

1. Ali Kiba

He has sired children with four different baby mamas and the sad part is, he’s not going to marry any of them. The Bongo star and his Kenyan bae walked down the aisle in 2018.Ali Kiba

2. Jalang’o

He leads a flashy lifestyle and he has two baby mamas although rumor has it that he has more. Kwani iko nini, fill the world Mr. Jalas. You have the money.

3. Bahati

The controversial gospel artiste has two children with different women, his first  baby mama is Yvette Obura while the wife is Diana Marua.

A year ago Bahati introduced his daughter Mueni to the world in the caption below promising to always love and protect her.

“Too many Blessings have come my way but 2 Years ago was the beginning of a special lifetime Blessing from God.

Allow me to introduce to you the Angel that God blessed me with, My First Born Daughter- I PROMISE TO LOVE AND PROTECT YOU. I WILL BE THE BEST DAD FOR YOU @Mueni_Bahati”

bahati 1

4. King Kaka

He sired kids with two different women as well his daughters are the same age and you can tell he enjoys being a dad to both of them.

He’s a father of of three – 2 daughters and a son whom he welcomed last year.

Taking to instagram in a previous post, Kaka thanked God for finally blessing him with a son in the caption below

“A powerful photo a few days ago God answers prayers and one of my prayers this year a son a King is born

Iroma and Asante Nana.”

king kaka

5. Diamond Platnumz 

He’s been accused of having relationships with his female video vixens, socialites, and groupies.

His baby mamas are Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan and Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobeto with whom he has three kids who are known but sources have it that amejaza dunia.

Diamond with his son dylan who he fathered with Hamisa

6. Octopizzo

Octopizzo is among Kenyan celebs with more than one baby mama. In a past interview with Kiss 100, Octopizzo said that he has kids out there and he is not ashamed about it.

“I cant tell people how many kids I have people will know how many I have with time for now let them focus with the two I post on Instagram.

I have kids out there and I have never been embarrassed about my kids.”

octopizzo and his daughters

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‘I almost fell into depression when I started dating Diamond’ says Tanasha

Its easy to imagine that Tansha Donna has had things easy in her much publicized relationship with Diamond Platnumz but that is not the case.

The damsel says that she at one time almost went into depression due to constant bashing by the public.

“I do feel insecure dating Diamond he told me the social media drama I’m facing is nothing compared to his past relationships.

But once his fans realize he is indeed serious with our relationship they will show their support which I’m already seeing.”

Mystery deepens as a Kenyan woman found dead in Nertherlands is cremated against her family’s wishes

Diamond Platnumz cancels wedding to Tanasha Donna
Diamond Platnumz cancels wedding to Tanasha Donna

The model also added that:

“At the beginning of the relationship, I used to cry daily. I almost fell into depression.”

The couple who always publicly showcase their love for each other have never failed to spam our timelines with photos and short Insta-videos of them spending the weekend together.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna

‘My husband must smell my cookie jar every day after work,’ woman cries

in the past the two have also opened up on what really attracted them to each other with Diamond stating that he loves her because she is not after his money.

He said that

“I love Tanasha and she loves me equally. She is mature and does not have the habit of fighting with my Exs online. She is loving, she is disciplined and she is not after something. She is not with me because of my money but love. She can fund herself because her mother is in Belgium and her dad is in Italy so they are well off. She is not hungry for money.”

Diamond Platnumz ex Zari finds a new bae, she can’t keep calm

Zari Hasan seems to have found a new man almost an year after she broke up with Diamond Platnumz the father of her two kids.

She recently flaunted gifts from her mysterious man and they were all purchased from the Louis Vuitton store. In one of her posts, she thanked her man for being the best and she wrote;







The businesswoman, who is among the most successful women in East African region dumped Diamond (the father of her two children) on Valentine’s Day in 2018, citing infidelity as the main reason for their break up.

Her touching message read;

“Understand that this is very difficult for me to do. 
There have been multiple rumors some with evidence floating around in ALL SORTS of media in regards to Diamond’s constant cheating and sadly I have decided to end my relationship with Diamond, as my RESPECT, INTEGRITY, DIGNITY & WELL BEING cannot be compromised. 
We are separating as partners but not as parents. 

This doesn’t reduce me as a self-made individual, and as a caring mother, and the boss lady you have all come to know. 
I will continue to build as a mogul, i will inspire the world of women to become boss ladies too. 
I will teach my four sons to always respect women, and teach my daughter what self-respect means. 
Unlike many, I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 12 years, and through all my challenges I came out a victor because I am a winner, and so are all of you Zari supporters. 

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Meet Diamond Platnumz’ soon to be mother in law

Tanasha Donna has been creating a buzz due to her relationship with Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platnumz.

In most of her posts she refers to her mum, Diana Oketch, who is said to be living in Belgium.

In 2018, Diamond’s mum Sandra Dangote told Tanzanian press that she didn’t have a problem accepting Tanasha as her daughter in law, that is if she’s the woman her son Diamond had settled on.


Diamond Platnumz and his mum

Men protest ruling allowing married women to inherit land from their fathers

Sandra added that she has no objections over her son’s hurried wedding plans and instead went on to express her excitement at her son’s new catch.

Tanasha’s soon to be sister in love also gushed about the relationship.


We have not seen a picture of Tanasha’s mum until now.

Tanasha once posted the mum on her social media and wrote:


Looking at the photos it is easy to understand why they say ‘The apple does not fall far from the tree.’ given that Tansha looks every bit like her mother.

Below are the photos.




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Co-wives battle: Zari and Tanasha go at each other with these cryptic messages

The much publicized relationship between Tanasha Donna and Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platnumz seems to be getting murkier day by day.

Don’t get me wrong, but going by the look of things Tanasha has big shoes to fill so that she can be twice the woman Zari was for Damond.

In a sarcastic post shared on her Instagram, Zari takes a jab at Tanasha stating that her shoes are too big to be filled

“My shoes are either too big to fill or too small to fit. 👑Z.A.R.I💕”


In a different post, Tanasha seems to hit back adding that there is no room for jealousy for a confident woman such as her.

“True confidence has no room for jealousy. When you know you are great, you have no reason to hate. 😉 #Watajuahawajui”

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

He has them all : Tanasha Donna reveals what she loves most in Diamond

Recently, Diamond opened up on what attracts him to Tanasha and one of the major reasons is that she is not after his money.

I love Tanasha and she loves me equally. She is mature and does not have the habit of fighting with my Exs online. She is loving, she is disciplined and she is not after something.

She is not with me because of my money but love. She can fund herself because her mother is in Belgium and her dad is in Italy so they are well off. She is not hungry for money.”

Diamond Platnumz cancels wedding to Tanasha Donna
Diamond Platnumz cancels wedding to Tanasha Donna

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Block mode activated: Zari blocks Diamond and his family on social media

Diamond Platnumz’ ex wife Zari Hassan is clearly done with the Dangote’s after she blocked them all on her social media platforms most notably Instagram.

Let me take you down memory lane where Zari proved to be Diamond’s mother favorite. Mama Dangote has mentioned a couple of times that Zari proved to be the wife Diamond needed. From her maturity and her love for Diamond


Diamond is dating Tanasha now but the chemistry between the mother and Tanasha is nowhere close to hers with Zari back then. Mama Dangote still refers to Zari as the queen.

Despite all the love from Diamond’s family, Zari is done with the whole family. She doesn’t want to see what is going on in their lives and the best way to do this is to block them on social media.

Could this be because Diamond cannot stop posting about his new love Tanasha?

In an interview with Global Publishers, the singer’s brother Rommy Jones said;


Esma Platnumz also told Global Publishers she could not get involved in her brother’s relationships, and she was only concerned with his happiness.


Zari dumped him on Valentines Day last year and she revealed that they were no longer an item but co-parenting.

“There have been multiple rumors some with evidence floating around in all social media in regards to Diamond’s constant cheating and sadly I have decided to end my relationship with him.

My respect ,integrity,dignity and well being cannot be compromised.We are separating as partners but not as parents.”

“I will teach my four sons to always respect women and teach my daughter what self respect means.”

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Aaaw:Diamond opens up on why Tanasha makes his heart skip twice

During an interview with Wasafi TV Diamond Platmumz made it known that Tanasha is not with him because of his money because she can fund herself.

He further added that she  doesn’t fight with his ex’s online.,Diamond broke up with Zari in 2018 and the two have kept their issues out of social media.

‘My wife and I are together we can NEVER part’ Shouts KRG Don

“I love Tanasha and she loves me equally. She is mature and does not have the habit of fighting with my Exs online. She is loving, she is disciplined and she is not after something. She is not with me because of my money but love. She can fund herself because her mother is in Belgium and her dad is in Italy so they are well off. She is not hungry for money.”

One of Tanasha’s fans asked her the qualities that attract her to a man and if Diamond has them and she calmly replied,

someone humble, honest, hardworking, loving and caring and yes he has them all

Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna

Tanasha also revealed when she met Diamond.

2 years ago in a club but we never spoke up until end last year

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He has them all : Tanasha Donna reveals what she loves most in Diamond

The big question on everyone’s mind is Tanasha Donna chose Diamond, considering his track record with various women who later stated he is not loyal.

Tanasha has an answer for all doubting Thomas’ in this order:

“Someone humble, honest, hardworking, loving and caring and yes he has them all.”

I have carried out 5 abortions, unknowingly killing my twins in the process

Tanasha finally broke the news as to how the two met and why she fell in love with him despite his reputation out there. Diamond is a father to 3 children that we know of and he is known to be a man of many women but after Tanasha, he seems to have found the one to settle down with.

2 years ago in a club but we never spoke up until end last year

He is proving to be the man she describes him as because just recently, he bought her a house in Dar Esalaam where Tanasha also met his mother.

All that is left now is for Diamond to tell us what he saw in her that led him to leave his marriage, and immediately declare his intention to marry another woman one not long after.

Perfectly Imperfect: Check out Kiuna’s daughters and their kids (photos)


Diamond Platumz and his bae Tanasha Donna

Tanasha has received backlash from Tanzanian’s, but that is not stopping her from being part of Diamonds future.

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‘Moving back to Kenya was my toughest moment’ Diamond’s girlfriend Tanasha reveals

Since the turn of the new year, two couples have been trending on social media. Anerlisa Muigai and her Tanzanian bae Ben Pol plus Diamond and his Kenyan bae Tanasha. Kenya and Tanzanian are coming together as one.

It seems like Diamond Platnumz is ready to settle down with his Kenyan bae, Tanasha Donna after he bought her a house, in Dar Esalaam, Tanzania.


She finally revealed how she met Diamond, which was 2 years ago. Back then Diamond was still married to Mama Tiffah and Nilan, Zari Hassan. Diamond was clearly not satisfied in his marriage.

Now he has made it clear he has found the one, Tanasha Donna, and their wedding is any time soon.

Of course with this, she has captured the attention of many Kenyans and Tanzania so she is now famous. During her ‘ask me a question’ segment on social media, one of her fans asked her about the toughest time in her life.

moving back to kenya and my mom being all the way back in Europe. miss her

This could actually have worked in Tanasha’s favor because the way things are going, she might be moving to Tanzania where Diamond has built her their home in Dar Esalaam.

I guess i can call tanzania my second home now

Zari responds to Tanasha Donna’s remarks about meeting Diamond

Tanasha Donna has revealed where she met Diamond Platnumz, a subject many have been wanting to discuss regardless of the fact it does not concern them.

A lot has been said but in a hearty chat with her fans,Tanasha has barred it all.

Tanasha met Diamond at a club two years ago, at the time he was in a live-in relationship with Zari Hassan. She says that they “never spoke until the end of last year.”

Beauty and the beast: Here is wife to Dusit attacker Ali Gichunge

Diamond Platnumz cancels wedding to Tanasha Donna
Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna

Fans are skeptical if indeed the two are dating or nah!

Tanasha responded to a fan who asked if the Bongo star was getting time to spend with his family. The fan’s exact question was

 “Tell your man to be in his kids’ lives looks bad on the gram being with you every weekend but no time for his kids. “

Her response was:

“Don’t talk what you have no clue about. He loves his kids.”

That did not answer the question. In the past, Zari has called out Diamond for not taking time off his busy schedule to hang out with his kids.

Zari responded to this in a subliminal Instagram post that is obviously directed at Tanasha.

She wrote: “Oh this life.😂”

Adding, “Oh hun I actually didn’t respond in a bad way, but my question still stands. She is super sweet…”

Tanasha Donna alongside her boyfriend Diamond Platnumz
Tanasha Donna alongside her boyfriend Diamond Platnumz

Meanwhile, Tanasha has defended the news of her impending nuptials with the Tanzanian music heartthrob. When a fan asked her if her wedding was a mere PR stunt, Tanasha shot back:

“Absolute nonsense. Not at all.”

She also added that she is not planning to change her religion once she gets hitched to Diamond.

“I believe we all serve one God therefore we should respect each other’s religion and appreciate other people’s belief as part of their identity.”

Finally, a fan warned Tanasha that she will be played the same way Diamond played Zari and Hamisa.

But she defended her man saying,

“Clearly, you have no idea who I love then. Thanks for your concern though.”

Things you did not know about the slain Briton in the Dusit attack, whose girlfriend is a Kenyatta University student

Adding that Diamond is “someone humble, honest, hardworking, loving and caring and yes he has them all.”

Check out her posts below.

Tanasha Donna Tanasha Donna Tanasha Donna Tanasha Donna Tanasha Donna Tanasha DonnaRead more

Ali Kiba leads celebrity tributes after Riverside attack

Following the unfortunate 14 Riverside terror attack on January, 16th, 2019, Kenyans from all walks of lives have come together to comfort each other.

They took to social media to pray and comfort those who were trapped in the Dusit D2 hotel as well as the offices located in the premises.

Celebrities among them musicians from across borders who command millions of fans in Kenya, also sent their messages of comfort and support.

14 Riverside Drive: Here is the timeline of the suspected terror attack

Dusit entrance 1
Among them are; Celebrated Tanzanian Bongo superstar, Diamond Platnumz, Ali Kiba, Jamaican artists; Etana, Morgan Heritage, Chronixx and songbirds Cecile and Alaine.

Below are their messages which were warmly received by Kenyans who thanked them for remembering their fans in their time of need.

Diamond Platnumz

Maombi yangu yapo kwenu KENYA…Poleni sana na Inshaallah Mwenyezi Mungu atawasimamia… 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻














Kenyans criticise Steve Mbogo for showing up with a gun at riverside attack scene

Bobi Wine (Ugandan MP)

My heart is with our brothers and sisters affected at the 14Riverside Drive in Kenya where there has been a terrorist attack. #Kenya

Bobi Wine comforts Kenyans following 14 Riverside drive attack

Ali Kiba

🇰🇪 May Allah give you strength during this tough times. We are with you ♥️🙏🏽.


ali kiba

Etana (Jamaican singer) Love and strength to Kenya…stronger together. 💛

‘He died on the eve of his birthday’ Larry Madowo mourns friend who died in the Riverside attack

Cecile (Jamaican singer)Sending my love and my thoughts to 🇰🇪…. eartharunred


Here is the Ugandan prophet who had prophesied the Riverside attack before it had even happened

Morgan Heritage (US Based Jamaican reggae band)


morgan heritage

Chronixx (Jamaican reggae artist)


Alaine (Jamaican songbird)

Praying for my second home Kenya. Praying for the victims and all those affected by the attacks today.


Check out the million dollar house Diamond has bought Tanasha (photos)

Things seem to be looking up for Diamond Platnumz and his bae Tanasha Donna despite the negative criticism following them everywhere.

Many were left talking after Diamond known as ‘Simba’ by his fans, pushed their wedding forward leaving many disappointed.

He recently took Tanasha to visit his mother, Mama Dangote, and going by the video it is obvious that the two have already created a rapport.

How hard did aging hit you: Kenyan celebs do the first viral challenge of 2019

“Somebody met my family for the first time leo…she was Scared as F……..😂😂” Diamond wrote


The affair between the two seems serious. Last year, Diamond confessed his love to Tanasha adding that she is the only woman who has made him feel the way he does.

However he recently pushed forward their wedding which was slated for valentines day

“I have planned my wedding to be on Valentines day which will be on a Thursday. So I will do it from Thursday ,Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

That’s how things are so far if there is anything different I will change the dates.”

Here are photos for the house that Diamond is reported to have bought for his soon-to-be Kenyan wife.


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Shoes worth 58k, vacays here is how much Tanasha spends on shopping

Diamond Platnumz bae Tanasha Donna is one woman who enjoys her shopping and she does so religiously according to one of her recent social media rants.

The celeb apparently spends between 30 and 40 thousand shillings on her garb per month! Her reason for posting was because she was complaining about a particular shop that she buys her clothing at.

Tanasha Donna

Lupita Nyong’o steps out in a dress worth Ksh 99,000 (Photos)

She wrote:

“Imagine buying clothes from a store and spending over KSh 30,000-KSh 40,000 weekly but you ask them not to post your picture without your permission. You are then told not to buy from them because they have dressed way more celebrities than you.”

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna

The screenshot of her post is below:

Tanasha Donna rant

Tanasha’s rant: Courtesy/Urbannews254

That is a pretty penny considering that in a 2016 survey by the KNBS, only 74,000 of employees in Kenya earned more than Sh100,000 per month.

58-year old vet officer arrested for raping and impregnating a 14 year old

Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna wearing her Dolce and Gabbana Serranto shoes

Compare with the screenshot below:

The Serranto shoes

The Dolce and Gabbana Serranto shoes that cost 490 Euros (57,417 shillings)

The report released last year showed that 26 percent of employees in both the public and private sectors took home a monthly salary of less than 25,000 a month.

Over half of wage employed Kenyans earned a monthly salary of between Sh30,000 and Sh99, 999 a month.

Tanasha Donna

Looking exquisite

So Tanasha is spending more on her shopping per month, than what most Kenyans earn per month! Good for her! That means she spends 160k on clothing a month!

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