Diamond Platnumz’ red carpet look at the BET Awards excites fans


The 2021 BET Award red carpet was one for the books.

Stars like Zendaya, Lil Kim, Queen Latifah all came out to show their red carpet look.

Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz came out wearing masai regalia for the ceremony.

Diamond was escorted by former manager Babu Tale.

The theme of the ceremony was #culturesbiggestnight, and Diamond did well representing our culture.

He wrote “Always representing #SwahiliNation #Africa” after sharing the outfit on his Instagram page,

His look got many of his online fans excited and they praised him for the look while comforting him for not carrying the award he expected to win.

Diamond had been nominated for the Bet International Act, and was facing off with Burna Boy and Wizkid among the contenders.

Congratulations Burna Boy

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Diamond Platnumz is a devil-worshiper! Tanzanian singer Barakah the Prince alleges

Diamond Platnumz is the biggest musician in East and Central Africa. While he has many people who admire him, that doesn’t mean that he still doesn’t have his fair share of detractors.

One of those is fellow Tanzanian musician Baraka the Prince, who has come out with some damning allegations against Diamond claiming that he is a devil worshiper.

In a series of Instagram posts, Baraka accuses Diamond’s mother and Chibu himself for using ‘dark magic’ to get them ahead in life.

Baraka further added that Diamond’s WCB company is built on devil-worshipping and that he (Diamond) has gotten by by deceiving his fans.

“Aisee Watanzania Ndugu zangu Tuweke pembeni leo Ushabiki Maandazi na tutumie hekima na ubinadamu na busara uyu @mama_dangote mama yake na @diamondplatnumz ni mama wa ajabu sijawahi kuona Duniani Nakuja na story soon kwanini nimeandika hivi ndugu zangu..Hawa @wcb_wasafi ni mawakala wa shetani Trust me Guys kuna siku mtakuja kuniambia na kama Atutokuja kumkemea uyu Supers star mavi @diamondplatnumz na mkaendelea kumbembeleza kama yai la mwisho ndani atakuja kusababisha machafuko makubwa sana katika taifa hili..”, wrote Baraka this weekend.

Diamond and his mother are yet to respond to these allegations by Baraka.

What is noteworthy is that back in 2015, Baraka had credited Diamond with helping him become a singer. He explained that his own father was against him chosing music as a career path but he had changed his mind after seeing Chibu’s success.

Another interesting point to add is that Romy Jones (Diamond’s cousin), who was the Vice President at WCB at the time, was accused of trying to seduce the wife of Baraka.

In the leaked conversation, Romy is seen sending Baraka’s wife love notes asking her to be his side chick with a promise that their love affair will be kept as a secret.

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Zari brutally trolled after unfiltered photos of her emerge on her tour in Tanzania

Zari Hassan is in Tanzania visiting Diamond with the two kids that the celebrity couple share together. Whenever she goes to the East African nation, the media buzz and blitz surrounding her is insane.

Everyone wants to get a picture of Diamond’s famous and most likely favourite baby mama. Numerous photos of the mother of 5 are also taken of her and that is where the media buzz becomes a curse for her.

The reason for this is that all and sundry are able to get an unfiltered photo of the famous Instagrammer that lack the editing and photoshop that Zarinah’s photos on social media have.

So this visit was no different as the socialite was pictured by paparazzi at event in Bongo land and my my haven’t people gone gaga over the photos!

Zari Hassan raises eyebrows as she spends night in Diamond’s mansion

The photos show a much more different Zari than the one we have come to get used to seeing in her heavily edited Instagram profile.

The new photos show an aging Zari – and as expected Tanzanians came at her with all the force they could muster calling her out for lying in the photos she usually posts online.

But there are those fans who don’t mind being lied to and came to her defense, saying that she was still as beautiful in person as she was in her photos on social media.

Check out the photos that have caused all the hullabaloo and contrasts them with the ones above that she put on her Instagram page:

Zari Hassan looking old 1

Zari Hassan looking old

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Diamond’s mother confused him – Abdul Juma says on paternity drama

Abdul Juma, the man we all thought was Diamond Platnumz’s father all along is still smarting from the revelation that he wasn’t.

The bombshell was dropped by the singer’s mom earlier in the year to the shock and consternation of many. Abdul has for the most part been hanging in there after the news, putting on a brave face.

Abdul Juma with Diamond Platnumz
Abdul Juma with Diamond Platnumz

But a recent interview with Tanzanian outlet, Global Publishers shows a man still coming to terms with what Mama Dangote disclosed about Diamond’s parentage.

Mr. Juma said that he didn’t blame Diamond for the saga and instead laid the blame squarely on the singer’s mother. He explained that it didn’t make sense that all of Diamond’s documents bear his name, yet Sanura said he is not the singer’s father.

“Diamond has not spoken because his mother confused him with these claims. I had never heard of Mzee Nyange till Sanura came out with the claims, and that is why I told Diamond to stop using my name,” he told Global Publishers.

Hata Zari! Diamond’s baby mama joins his family in mocking Mzee Juma Abdul

He still doesn’t know why Mama Diamond made the revelations insisting that they were on good terms at the time.

“Before the incident, we were on good terms, and her current husband Shamte even told me to go see my grandchildren. It hurts that my co-parent is living a good life courtesy of the children I helped care for,” he said.

The artist with his mother in a file photo
The artist with his mother in a file photo

However, Abdul said he holds no grudge against Sanura and wished her the best in her marriage and confessed that he had let go of the initial anger.

He explained that he had he locked himself indoors for two months after Mama Dangote’s devastating admission. “I was hurt when Diamond rejected me. I was indoors for two months. People only forgot about the saga when Magufuli died,” he let on.

The artist with his mother
The artist with his mother

Abdul further said that Diamond reached out to him after sending him money for Eid celebrations. “On Eid, I was asleep when I received some money on my phone. I received a call, and it was Diamond speaking. He identified himself as my son. I called Sheikhs and neighbours to my house, and we held prayers and had a meal together,” he said.

He said that Diamond’s half-sister Queen Darlin also sent him money on the same day.

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“Can’t flex on me” Tanasha’s cryptic message as Zari visits Diamond

Diamonds third baby mama and Kenyan songstress Tanasha Donna is deep in music making mode, teasing fans to expect something exciting.

However there seems to be a distraction that got her writing a cryptic message to someone who seems to be showing off.

Zari her nemesis and Diamonds first baby mama, jetted into Tanzania for a CSR activity and it got all our attention. Videos and photos of Zari sharing a meal with Diamonds mother and the singer were shared by his entire family.damdn and kds(1)

So it appears that Tanasha could be silently keeping up with the Dangotes and commented on Intagram stories to someone that “You can’t flex on me, because I’ll just be happy for you. We are not the same”.

The word flex means to show off, to boast, to gloat, or to fake it. One thing we know for sure about Zari is that she loves to show off and hurt others to prove that she s better than them, more so hen it come to her rivals.

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Zari Hassan raises eyebrows as she spends night in Diamond’s mansion

I take my hat off to Zari Hassan. The mother of 5 has this year re-established herself as Diamond Platnumz’s favorite baby mama.

It is plain for all to see. She is clearly doing something right as the Tanzanian superstar has invited the Ugandan socialite back to his abode in Tanzania a month after he visited her down south.

Don’t forget that the two have seen each other 3 times (3 long visits at that) in the span of 8 months without Diamond doing the same for his other two baby mamas. Ouch!

Get married! Fans tell Zari and Diamond as the two spend quality time together

But I digress. Zari and the two kids they share are currently staying at Chibu’s mansion, something that she has decided to flaunt to all and sundry.

From videos and photos posted online, Zarinah can be seen enjoying dinner with Diamond’s parents at the mansion, but the singer had already left the table.

And what was the singer doing? He was enjoying some wonderful time with his kids in the jacuzzi, and fellow singer Rayvanny was spotted interacting with them.

Zari herself also shared a video while in one of the rooms as she confirmed the purpose of their visit, which was to support young girls by donating sanitary pads at schools.

Zari Hassan with Diamond

While some might not have an issue with Miss Hassan staying at the star’s home, others might be concerned that it is wrong considering that she has a new man in her life, the aptly mentioned Dark Stallion.

Some watchers including myself have already noticed the way Diamond and Zari have gotten closer the past 6 months. Her stay will just add to the speculation that they can/might re-ignite their romantic relationship.

Zari Hassan with her new man
Zari Hassan with her new man

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‘Even if you only know one swahili word’ Diamond begs for BET votes

Diamond Platnumz continues to prove to his loyal fans why he deserves to be voted for to win in the BET award as the Bet International Act 2021.

6 day ago, Diamond was named among nominees in that category and his strongest contenders are Nigerian Burna Boy and Wizkid.

The “BET AWARDS” 2021 will air LIVE, Sunday, June 27 on BET at 8 pm ET/ PT.

The nominations are selected by BET’s Voting Academy, which is composed of fans and an esteemed group of entertainment professionals in the fields of television, film, music, social media, digital marketing, sports journalism, public relations, and creative arts.

Diamond wrote on his Instagram stories using the hashtag #swahilinationdamdn bet 2(1)

Diamond also shared screenshots of how his music is always among the top trending, and how his youtube views are huge, and that his songs are always among the top 100 African songs.




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The first jobs celebrities had before the fame: List

Looking at celebrities we sometimes assume that they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. But that is not always the case.

You have heard ‘kazi ni kazi’ and these celebrities took on that mantra to survive. They did what they had to do to reach where they are now.

  1. Otile Brown

Otile Brown was in the past used to help his mother sell changaa.

He is now a celebrated artiste so your past cannot determine your future.

In a past social media post,  Otile narrated how losing his mum affected his life.

Adding that sometime he would be frog-marched by police for selling illicit brews.

“Appreciate and love your mama…feeling kinda emotional tonight.

Wish she could be here so I can spoil her, My mom died when I was about to turn 13.

I don’t like talking about it but I don’t shy away from speaking about it because I know it could motivate someone.

Otile Brown

Sometimes when I would get caught, the officers would frog march me past the school compound where other children would see me. It was embarrassing didn’t like doing it but I had to survive,” 

Willy Paul

The ‘Jigi Jigi ‘ hitmaker used to work as a house help before fame came knocking. Contrary to back then when he used to be paid to work he is now the one who pays people to work for him.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Maina Kageni
Prominent radio personality Maina Kageni was in the past a truck driver in the United States. He has in the past shared how hard it was working under a boss who constantly called him a ni**a.

He is now a renowned MC and radio host with Classic 105.

“I was called a n*gga so many times and the sad thing is that there is nothing you can do about it because you need the job,” Maina said.

Maina Kageni

Mwalimu Churchill

Daniel Ndambuki, best known as the Godfather of comedy, used to work in Industrial Area where he used to wash bottles.




Akothee is currently living the life but that has not always been the case. In the past Akothee, a mother of five used to be a taxi driver.

Her efforts paid off and she is currently living the good life.


Diamond Platnumz

He is considered the most celebrated artiste in Tanzania not only for his good music but also for his energetic performances, but 11 years ago Dangote was just a young man working at Shell petrol station.

Part of his work was refilling the Reserve tank from the fuel tanks.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

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Get married! Fans tell Zari and Diamond as the two spend quality time together

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan will always cause ripples online when they meet up. The former lovers and co-parents might have a complicated past but that doesn’t mean time hasn’t healed those wounds.

They now hang out together when each visit’s the other, without needing the pretext of their two kids to spend time together.

Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the kids
Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the kids

This past weekend the celebs stirred up questions from fans and followers after their latest photos in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The photos shared by his record label Wasafi Classic Baby on Instagram have fans in a tizzy. Why? In the photos, one can see Diamond and Zarinah in a very cosy pose, one that could be misrepresented in the wrong hands.

The photos depict Diamond with an arm strung over his baby mama’s shoulder. The singer who has been completing his 3rd album in South Africa, posed next to a smiling Zari alongside his manager Sallam SK.

The intimate nature of the photos raised eyebrows as many theorized as to how close the two were at the moment. Could they be getting back together after their crazy public break-up in 2018?

Others wondered where Zari’s recent boyfriend, Thee Dark Stallion was, considering the way she has been swooning for him the past two months.

Some of those comments are below;

Ndoo ufunge ndoa sasa😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jameni fungeni ndoa bas

Mmmh ona alivyojilaza Zari hii Co parenting nina wasiwasi nayo 😂😂😂😂 hii inaitwa Sexy partners, lile jamaa lake mwili mkubwa for nothing, huyu Zari si yupo kwenye relationship huyu

Wazazi hawaachani🔥

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Diamond Platnumz deleting his son’s photos is an example of a bad father

Diamond Platnumz has deleted multiple photos of his son, Naseeb Junior whom he sired with Tanasha Donna. He only left only one photo on his Instagram page, an image that he put up in 2019 when the boy was born.

The reason why this move is very odd, is that the photos of the kids he got with both Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto are still there in all their glory.

Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the kids
Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the kids

When asked about the move, the singer said that he was just on a random clean-up of his social media pages.

“Nimefuta posti nyingi sana, ata ukiona posti za wasani. Picha zangu nyingi pia nimezifuta. Nimependa sana za show,” he said.

The musician’s reason for deleting his last-born son’s photos is still suspect to me and many others with some wondering whether there was some bad blood brewing between him and Tanasha?

Get married! Fans tell Zari and Diamond as the two spend quality time together

It could be. Why? The undercurrents have been brewing since Diamond decided to visit Zarinah in South Africa in April.

First off, the singer spent an inordinate amount of time with the mother of his first two children, something he doesn’t do with both Hamisa and Tanasha.

Zarinah, Diamond, Mama Diamond, Nillan and Tiffah in the past
The couple with their tow kids, Nillan and Tiffah in the past

Secondly, Chibu and Zari looked so good together that many wondered whether they could be getting back together? And that’s not all, during this year’s Mother’s day, both Tanasha and Hamisa wished each other a happy Mother’s Day while conveniently ignoring Zari.

Diamond for his part played favourites again when he decided to name only Zari’s kids during this year’s Idd celebrations.

Zari Hassan with Diamond


We know that the singer speaks to his baby mamas privately and I think that what plays out in public is normally a manifestation of what is hidden.

I think that him deleting his sons’ photos might be a warning to Tanasha to toe the line.

My thoughts

Despite what might be happening between him and his baby mamas, I don’t think that Diamond should punish his kids. It is unnecessary and they become collateral damage for something that they have had no part in.

Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior
Diamond and Tanasha holding Naseeb Junior in the past

At the end of the day, as a celebrity, his public indiscretions will affect his kids more than the average child. The bottom line, this is a poor example of fatherhood. Very poor…and Naseeb should not bear the brunt of it.

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Producer gives details of Zari and Diamond’s stay in South Africa

Diamond Platnumz is back after weeks of spending time in South Africa. He and baby mama Zari Hassan shared fun moments they had together their kids. The singer had purposed to record his second album while on his trip to SA.

Asked whether Zari and Diamond had rekindled their love, producer S2Kizzy who was with the singer on the trip said;

“You can never know what two people with a family are talking about. They can look happy together and still not be in a relationship. They are happy because of the kids.”

Zarinah and Diamond in a file photo

Photos of the two went viral showing them cosying together at an event stirring rumours that they were back together.

Diamond has maintained that he is single while Zari is dating her South African boo ‘Dark Stallion’.

Iyamzey Don with Zari
Iyamzey Don with Zari

The probable reason Diamond was treated like a hero by a doting Zari last week!

The probable reason Diamond was treated like a hero by a doting Zari last week!

Diamond Platnumz’s is in the news at the moment after his unexpected visit to South Africa where he met Zari Hassan, the mother of his first two children.

The singer was welcomed like a hero by Zari as he stepped into her plush mansion. He was warmly welcomed by Zari and his two kids Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan, who rushed to hug him after arriving at their home.

Diamond-Tiffah-and-Zari in the past

Diamond, who was in the company of three others, had a special time with his kids and even watched a cartoon program on TV before having a meal, which Zari prepared.

A person who wasn’t familiar with their past would be forgiven for thinking that the two were still together, with Zarinah doing the most to make the Tanzanian feel at home. And that’s the rub.

A little history first…

The two had a storybook romance for close to 4 years but their marriage ended abruptly when Zari dumped Chibu over his multiple cheating infractions.

Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past
Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past

And to show how cold-blooded she was? She dumped him on Valentine’s Day in 2018. For 2 years after that, the former couple had a strained relationship that was characterized by a lot of mud-slinging on the part of Zari but Diamond rarely took the bait and stayed above the fray.

Last year, things took a turn for the better and the two mended their relationship for the kids’ sake. They are at such a good place in their co-parenting journey at the moment that one would be forgiven for thinking that they might still get back together.

And I can pinpoint a few reasons for Zari’s change of heart;

Firstly, Diamond’s wealth allows him to cash a lot of cheques for his bad behaviour and philandering. The singer is still minting money during a period when most businesses have contracted. A wealthy provider male will always be attractive to women, despite his flaws.

Zarinah and Diamond in a file photo

Secondly, his relationship with Zari started mending the moment he became single. His time with 3rd baby mama Tanasha had just come to an end. This one is minor but it certainly made it easier for Chibu to re-engage with the Ugandan socialite.

Thirdly, Zarinah must have realised that in terms of eligible men, it doesn’t get any better than Diamond. The musician is in his own stratosphere, a man with who she can satisfy her hypergamy with.

Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past
Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past

Lastly, she did it for the kids. My hindbrain tells me no.

But what do I know…

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More money that God!? Diamond shows off beautiful SA mansion he is staying at

While others have been surviving after the Covid-19 pandemic, Bongo star Diamond Platnumz’s has been thriving making money hand over fist.

On his recent visit to South Africa, this past week the man was welcomed by his baby mama Zari at her beautiful mansion and many wondered where he would stay? At her home or in a hotel complex in South Africa?

“You’re late” Zari jokingly scolds Diamond for delaying dinner plans

Neither!? Diamond is staying in his own home in South Africa! Yep, you read that right! According to his most recent post on Instagram, Diamond is set to stay in Mzansi for a month as he continues to work on his upcoming album.

The singer shared videos showing off the stunning villa that he will call home for the next month and was excited, as evident in the videos.

He gave fans a nice pan of the two-story mansion as he stood in the backyard filled with nice, trees and a well-trimmed lawn.

The “African Beauty” also showed off the large swimming pool at one end of the backyard and was seen dancing at the edge of the pool, with his bodyguard watching from a distance.

It is not yet clear whether he is renting the mansion or he bought it, but either way the Diamond is staying there for a month, no cheap feat.

Diamond has informed fans that he is in album-making mode and was probably dancing to one of his yet-to-be-released hits.

Check out the videos of the man in the new mansion below;

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Diamond finally speaks on beef between former mentees Rayvanny and Harmonize

Without WCB president Diamond Platnumz, singers Harmonize and Rayvanny would most likely not be as successful as they are right now.

The two singers are currently locked in a vicious back and forth that has deteriorated so much so that the Tanzanian authorities have had to get involved.

But what does the man who originally mentored them think? For the past year, Diamond has been remarkably silent and well-behaved, nary being involved in any scandal starting to look a distinguished and experienced older gentleman.

The man has finally weighed in on the current hullabaloo involving former signee Harmonize and Next Level Music CEO Rayvanny.

In an interview, Chibu advised the two to focus on creating good music instead of getting personal with their beef. He said that they should emulate the competitive musical ‘beef’ with Alikiba with whom they have always been pitted against each other at Tanzania’s top dogs.

“Naskia mara sijui wanapelekana Polisi…sio kitu ambacho unaweza sema niliwafunza ama …ukitizama hata kwetu sisi kaka zao wakubwa Mimi na Alikiba hatukuwahi kuskia kuna mambo ya kupelekana polisi ama Mahakamani , tulikuwa tunashinda tu kwenye maswala ya kazi….washindane kujua huyu ana views zake sijui ngapi, huyu naye sijui subscribers ngapi, yaani ivo” said Diamond in part.

For those not in the know, Harmonize and Rayvanny have trended on social media over the relationship drama involving actress Frida Kajala and her daughter Paula Kajala.

It started earlier in the year when Harmonize claimed that Rayvanny was hitting on Kajala’s 19-year-old daughter, with even the likes of Hamisa being dragged in.

Harmonize with Rayvanny
Harmonize with Rayvanny

But in a crazy case of role reversal, Rayvanny came out with his own receipts on his Instagram where he presented screenshots showing that alleged private chats and nudes between Harmonize and Paula.

The chats even included alleged nudes that Harmonize had sent Paula. This led to Frida Kajala and her daughter Paula Kajala being arrested hours after landing in Tanzanian from Dubai.

They were then taken to Central Central Police station in Dar es Salaam, where they were questioned, before being released on bail.

Frida Kajala with her daughter, Paula
Frida Kajala with her daughter, Paula

Before that, Rayvanny and Wasafi FM Presenter cum singer Baba Levo had also been questioned by detectives.

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“You’re late” Zari jokingly scolds Diamond for delaying dinner plans


Zari and Diamond on Wednesday April 21 proved that they are successfully co parenting and doing it for the kids.

Diamond jetted into South Africa and shared behind the scenes of his first moments hugging Tiffah and Nilan who were excited to see their papa.

Teh family moment showed fans that they can separate any issues they have with one another for the sake of their children’s best interests and well-being,

Diamond with Zari in South Africa April 21
Diamond with Zari in South Africa April 21

And a feast was laid out for Diamond with Zari scolding him that he was late for dinner.

But Diamond cheekily responded that there was a delay beyond his control,”actually we were supposed to be here at six, I don’t know what happened, but we got lost”

An excuse Zari dismissed happily saying “that’s your story” while insisting that Diamond and his team are” the latecomers”.

We are happy Zari and Diamond have put aside their differences for the sake of their children.

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Co parenting at its best: Diamond visits Tiffah and Nillan in South Africa


Diamond Platnumz jetted into South Africa on Wednesday April 21 and his first stop was to see his kids with ex wife Zari.

He shared behind the scenes videos jumping off the van from the airport to hug Tiffah and Nilan as they excitedly called him daddy.

The two famous celebrities back in December 2020, told the world they are committed to successfully co parenting and this visit proves they are putting their kids first.

Diamonds latest bonding moment sees him walk into Zari;s beautiful home holding his two children as they happily wave him in.

He proceeds to sit in the living room where the kids watch cartoon, explaining to him what it is all about.

Diamonds mother and step father also shared the cute family moment on Instagram declaring that Diamond is a good dad,.

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Diamond’s mom Mama Dangote raises eyebrows with huge pregnancy bump

Diamond Platnumz’s mother, Sandra Kassim aka Mama Dangote might be in her early 50’s but that doesn’t mean that she still can’t elicit pregnancy rumours.

Yep, despite being at the age when most women’s bodies are done with the whole process of making babies, fans are still speculating about whether the mother to East Africa’s most popular musician is pregnant.

And they aren’t wrong to do so. Why? Sandra herself has fuelled the rumours with curious photos that seemingly showed a “baby bump.”

Mama Dangote has in the past clarified that she was not ready to have a baby, but her Friday pictures seem to be sending a contrary message to her over 3.6 million followers.

And she went further to release more photos on her Insta-stories, capturing her bulging stomach, while calling on gossip pages to weigh in on her situation.

Many are now wondering whether she might be pregnant for her husband Uncle Shamte aka Rally Jones or she is just playing mind games with her followers.

Don’t forget that in October 2019, Mama Dangote declined Esma Platnumz (Diamond’s sister) appeal to have a baby with their step-daddy Rally Jones.

Her smart reason was that she was not ready to get a child due to her age and complications that may arise in the labour room.

“Sasa Katika utu Uzima wangu huu nizae, sisi tumeoana kuhava a good time. Tuzae nini na utu uzima huu, mnataka nifie Labour na mambo ya Kuzaa… Sitaki mambo ya kuzaa sasa ivi,” Mama Dangote said at the time.

What do you think? Are the photos a smoking gun or a carefully manipulated ploy by Mama Diamond to keep fans engaged?


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Diamond Platnumz links lucrative Ksh 500 million deal for his WCB Wasafi Label

Singer Naseeb Abdul Juma aka Diamond Platnumz is continuing to experience arguably the greatest purple patch for an East African musician. The man has been making money hand over fist for the past half a decade and it seems that that will not stop anytime soon.

Most musicians normally have a 3-5 year cycle where they have their best years but it seems that Diamond is joining that rarefied air of the musicians who can stay at the top for a much longer time.

Chibu has now signed a 5 Million Dollar distribution deal with African music streaming App, Mziiki, through his record label, Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB).

The “Jeje” singer made public the new deal of Friday (Night), stating that things were opening up for his record label.

“Today I signed a 5 Million Dollars Distribution deal with @Mziiki for my @Wcbwasafi_ Record Label… May God continue blessing our Bongo Fleva industry!,” shared Diamond.

Mziiki were also happy to have the WCB family writing, “Karibu kwenye familia ya Ziiki 😇@wcb_wasafi, @diamondplatnumz, @mbossokhan, @iamlavalava, @Rayvanny, @officialzuchu. Tunatarajia kufanya kazi pamoja na mwaka huu,2021 ni yetu sote.”

Ambassadorial deals.

This comes after news that Diamond had become Chinese mobile phone company Itel’s brand Ambassador in the whole of East Africa.

Not only that, in March 2020, he was appointed the brand ambassador of Coral Paints (Tanzania), under its parent company, Insignia Limited.

Added to this Diamond has a lucrative deal with Pepsi to promote their drink in Tanzania.

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