Zuchu’s mum refuses to acknowledge Diamond as a son-in-law

Taarab singer Khadija Kopa has denied claims that Diamond Platnumz is her future son-in-law.

Kopa in an interview with Wasafi refuted claims that Diamond has paid dowry for her daughter Zuchu.

“If Diamond was my potential son-in-law, he would have already come and given his dowry, then I would have called him my son-in-law.”

She insisted, “Diamond is not my future son-in law and he has not come to me to ask if he can marry my daughter.”

Zuchu has in the past referred to Diamond as her brother and not her lover.

At the same time, Diamond’s brother and the vice president of WCB Romy Jons contunes to hint that Zuchu and Diamond are in love.

Recently, Diamond’s father-in-law said that the singer was going to get married. Diamond has kept people guessing as he has not come out to say who his current lover is.

My daughter is not dating Diamond Platnumz – Zuchu’s mother says

Zuchu’s mother Khadija Kopa has come out to deny rumors that her daughter is dating singer Diamond Platnumz.

And now the latest rumors is that she is pregnant for him.

“I’m single; I have been single really for quite a while. Been single for about a year.” Zuchu opened up about the claims in 2021.

“Most connections that you hurry into don’t wind up well. I’m sitting tight for the ideal opportunity and I will date yet concerning now, I’m not intrigued.”

Zuchu’s mother has now waded into the speculation saying her daughter assured her the two are not together and that she respects Diamond as her brother. Furthermore Khadiaj added that Diamond see’s her as his mother even before Zuchu was signed to the label WCB .

Interesting thing is Diamond recently wrote on his Instagram that ‘I miss you’ and his brother Romy Jons tagged Zuchu making fun of her. ‘uliona jana msanii kizazi kipya nasib aliandika I miss you kwenye kurasa yako wa Instagram’ Zuchu chided him ‘niliona kakangu alipost kibao chetu kipya mimina msanii mwenzangu rayvanny kiitwacho ‘i miss you”

Khadija asked Zuchu that rumors online have been building and needs to answer the question if indeed they are getting married.

Zuchu assured her mother there was no such thing.

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Beard gang! Diamond Platnumz nearly unrecognizable as he debuts beard

Diamond Platnumz will soon be rocking a fully grown beard.

The singer on his Instagram videos, showed off progress he has made growing facial hair, and it’s coming together.

Her showed off his new growth wearing a turban, turning his head on all angles to best capture his new look.

Ladies and gentlemen do you give it a stamp of approval?

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Diamond Platnumz’ daughter Tiffah graduates, shares hilarious message

Princess Tiffah, the only daughter of Bongo singer Diamond Platnum,z has finally graduated from prep school.

Her mother Zari shared how much pride she has in her daughters achievement.

Tiffah on her Instagram account, was more concerned that it had taken so long to graduate.

She noted ‘2022 started off my with last year’s graduation which didn’t happen due to covid numbers being high … But here I am. Home girl graduated and moved a grade up… yeeiii’

Tiffahs grandmother also gushed over her calling her ‘Bint Naseeb’

Meanwhile do catch up with this girl on tiktok. She does some pretty hilarious things.

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Zuchu responds to claims she is dating her boss Diamond Platnumz

Diamond’s signee Zuchu has denied claims she is dating her boss Diamond Platnumz.

The songstress said she cannot date her boss and that reports about their romantic relationship were just rumours.

Zuchu added that she has been single for about a year and that is proof enough she never dated Diamond.

“I am single, I have been single actually for a very long time. Been single for about a year.”

Zuchu further added that she is waiting for the right time and the right man who will make her happy and that she can never rush into a relationship.

“Most relationships that you rush into do not end up well. I am waiting for the right time and I will date but as for now, I am not interested.”

Diamond Platnumz shows off very impressive youtube channel statistics

Diamond Platnumz is coming for anyone who thinks he is not a powerhouse.

The singer has shared details of his achievement about his official youtube channel that includes 1.6 billion views.

Thanks to his hard work and talent, Diamond ha also through youtube garnered 6 million subscribers.

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Hamisa Mobetto: A case study of women being their worst own enemies

Hamisa Mobetto unpacked a lot when she was interviewed by Wasafi media. The mother of two had a lot to speak about but the vignette that stood out for most was her revelation of the trials she had faced having a baby while dating Diamond Platnumz.


Speaking in an interview with Wasafi TV Hamisa confessed that she had suffered three miscarriages before giving birth to her son, Dylan.

“If there’s someone who was 100 percent sure that Dylan was his kid, it was Diamond. I suffered three miscarriages before I gave birth to Dylan. During the pregnancy, we were together until the day I went to give birth.”

While I am happy for Hamisa and Diamond that they were able to finally get a child from their apparently short liaison, I still think the whole affair stinks to high heaven.


My issue

What get’s me is that Miss Mobetto was perfectly OK to date a man that she knew was already dating another woman. At the time of her affair with Diamond, the singer had already had a child with Zari Hassan his first baby mama.

Not only that, his second-born Nillan with Zari would be born a few months before Dylan was born. Tiffah, Diamond’s eldest daughter was born in August 2014, while Nillan was born in December 2016, with Dylan being born in August 2017.

Tanasha’s latest confession proves Diamond can’t have a long-term relationship (opinion)

This means that Diamond was seeing (sleeping with) Miss Mobetto for some time and not as a fling like we were made to understand. The rumours we had had at the time about the affair was that they met on the set of Diamond’s song, “Salome” where Miss Mobetto was the video vixen.

The joke doing the rounds since then was that Diamond would get kids on the first try because his pull-out game was as weak as Genghis Khan’s. But now that story can be put in the trash-bag as Hamisa revealed that she had 3 miscarriages before she got Dylan.


That tells me that the two had had a long-term situationship-one that can successfully fit in 4 pregnancies(I am not a doctor but the period must not be less than 6-8 months).

According to data; women who know they’re pregnant, about 10 to 15 in 100 pregnancies (10 to 15 per cent) end in miscarriage.

Most miscarriages happen in the first trimester before the 12th week of pregnancy. Miscarriage in the second trimester (between 13 and 19 weeks) happens in 1 to 5 in 100 (1 to 5 per cent) pregnancies.


Women are their worst own enemies

This brings me to my point; Miss Mobetto knew that the singer was in a long-term relationship with Zari but that didn’t stop her from still giving away the guava to him.

That Zari was pregnant with Nillan while Hamisa was sleeping with Diamond didn’t matter one bit to her. In fact, she slept with a married man so much so that she had multiple miscarriages during that time.

Dylan was not an oops baby but borne out of premeditated desire. She knew what she was doing with a married man and didn’t care what would happen when the world(Zari) found out. In Miss Mobetto’s world, it was (Me, Myself and I).


Zari would later on dump Diamond in early 2018, attributing his philandering to her decision. Many of her fans blamed Hamisa for the break-down of the relationship, something I didn’t quite understand then as I blamed Diamond solely for not keeping his zip up.

But with this new info, I see Hamisa in an entirely different light, that of women being their worst on enemies.

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Diamond Platnumz’s brother teases singer about new bae


Diamond Platnumz may have a new woman, and we learnt this when he showed off new shoes and thanked her for buying him such a luxurious early Christmas gift.

The shoes costing sh115,000 are from the luxury brand Bottega Veneta brand, highly sought after by celebrities.

His brother Romy Jons teased about it telling Diamond that it’s a beautifully thought gift.

He also wondered which country the mystery girlfriend is from saying

‘msanii Diamond anunuliwa zawadi ya viatu vya sikukuu na mpenzi wake. na kavipenda kweli kweli.je msanii huyo atakua kwenye penzi jipya?maswali sasa hivi ataiwakilisha nchi gani?maswali na majibu yenu yote kesho mlimani cite

He signed off ‘ka ke Mond.

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Diamond Platnumz gifted sh115,000 shoes by new girlfriend


Diamond Platbnumz has sort fo revealed he is dating a new woman.

He showed off a pair of Botega Veneta tire boots that he was given as a Christma gift gushing over her ‘Thank you baby’ on Thursday night.

The shoes cost 1,140 dollars on farfetch.com and are highly soughtfor their black, calf leather, slip-on style, round toe  and ridged rubber sole.

While opening the beautifully covered package, Diamond told that he feelx loved . He wrote ‘I love them’.


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Tanzanians would’ve said he’s fake rich! Diamond tells haters on P Diddy house


American rapper, singer, producer, and entrepreneur P Diddy’s Beverley Hills mansion is on sale for 14.5million dollars.

The three-level home boasts five bedrooms and six bathrooms, plus incredible views of Los Angeles. It also includes a movie theater which can seat 35 people, a wine room, a beauty studio, a massage room, and a sauna.

Diamond Platnumz has reacted to the story, taking shots at haters.

He responded under the article on Wasafi tv Instagram that ‘Angekua anauza mbongo angeambiwa kafulia’

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Wasafi TV (@wasafitv)

Diamond has been under fire from his countrymen who think that he fakes his riches.

Diamonds lavish lifestyle always manages to catch the attention of the interwebs as showing off is his regular.

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I have not divorced Diamonds mother – Uncle Shamte tells haters



Rumors have been rife that Diamond Platnumz’ mother Sandra and her ben 10 husband have been separated.

The rumors seemed true because the couple have not been seen in public together yet they always love showing off their love on social media.

Over the weekend after attending a wedding with Sandra, Uncle Shamte was interviewed and asked to address the rumors.

In an interview with Refresh Wasafi TV, Uncle Shamte claimed that he did not marry Mama Dangote so that they could divorce.

‘kwetu talaka ni kitu cha thambi, sisi waislami talaka ni dhambi sio kitu kizuri sio kitu cha kushabikia sio kitu cha kushauri mimi nilisafiri, sis hatuko huko mimi nilisafiri tuu in short’ mimi nilisafiri sionekani si atitumeoana tuachane, mimi sionekani hatujaonaa kuachan tumeoana kwaajili ya kuishi,’

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A post shared by UNCLE (@uncle_shamte)

Uncle claimed that his son Diamond owns around 67 buildings, which means that in the five years they lived together, Uncle Shamte oversaw the construction of 31 buildings.

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Ali Kiba advises Harmonize about escalating beef with Diamond Platnumz


It was no holds barred when Harmonize returned from his American tour and told about the tribulations Diamond Platnumz put him through.

Konde Music Worldwide CEO Rajab Abdul Kahali alias Harmonize shared details of his contract with former record label, WCB Wasafi and why he parted ways with them.

Harmonize claims Diamond Platnumz never appreciates musicians who become more influential than him. Harmonize said this is the reason why he left Wasafi Records. “Yeye akikutengenezea uadui, mashabiki wake wote wanakukataa na kisha unapotea.” he said.
He also told of a difficult contract as a signee ‘I was signed into a 10-year contract at WCB. Any money I earned within the contract, Diamond would take 60%, leaving me with 40%. I would have to add my own money to my share in order to push my music’
He also added that Diamonds mother Mama Dangote feared he would overshadow Diamond.

Kiba has now weighed in on the drama, advising Harmonize that it is what it is.

‘Mwambie Kondeboy aache kulia aulize wakubwa tunaishije na yule wa tandale’ He laughed off the comment

Diamond Platnumz has pretty much kept off from responding to Harmonizes accusations, but as we know the singer, he does so after much time of reflection. So may be soon he will open up?


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Diamond Platnumz’ extravagant sh8million wedding gift for close friend 



Diamond Platnumz arrived late for his close friends wedding interrupting the ceremony. The musician and his entourage caused a sensation as they walked in to the Sea Breeze hotel where the wedding reception was taking place.

He gifted them cash, coverage through his media house and land.

The cash was in Tanzania and Nigerian currency

Diamond gushed over the friend saying they have a ttrue friendship ‘nitaanza tu na rndi elfu sabini kwahesabu za haraka na milioni 11 na kesho ndugu yangu Ari kama utakuwa free utakutana na fumbwe atakuchukuwa moja kwa moja kigamboni atakugea kiwanja’

Diamond also added that the reason for his generosity is because of their deep friendship and the love tyhey have for one another.

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Harmonize suggests Diamond Platnumz was afraid of his success


Harmonize landed back in Tanzania on Thursday and in an hour long interview tore into his former boss and WCB CEO Diamond Platnumz.

Harmonize accused Diamond of being envious and afraid Harmonize would outshine him, leading to their fall out.

He told the press that  ‘Mimi nilikuwa nakimbilia ndoto zangu. Kwa kukimbilia ndoto zangu ndio nikaonekana kuwa mi ni mbaya, nikaonwa kama ninataka kuovertake.’

‘Ukichunguza kwa makini wasani wote ambaowamegombana na Diamond walikuwa wanafanya hivo pale tu wakianza kushine. Wakiwa wako chini wanakuwa marafiki,’ he said.

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‘If I’ve given you a hit song’ Davido tells Diamond Platnumz to send cash


Nigerian singer Davido is seeking to raise 100million Naira urgently.

The star instructed his celebrity friends to send money to his account if he has ever worked with them on a hit song.

Diamond Platnumz is one of the mentioned celebrities who was told online that he needs to send money ASAP.

Davido has been updating his audience on the status of the public donations to him with screenshots of his account balance.

Davido also told fans they won’t be spared and should send him money if they’ve enjoyed his music over the years.

At first, his goal was to hit 100 million naira and needs money to clear his Rolls-Royce. He has surpassed the goal.

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Zari tells netizens to leave her alone after Diamond’s surprise visit


Zari and Diamond reunited this past weekend in South Africa.

Zari shared videos of the two and their children hanging out at a mall shopping.

Their cozy moments went viral and git the internet abuzz. She has since reacted to the rumors saying she is only minding her business and we should leave her alone.

She told ‘Darlings let me say this, minding my business leaves your unattended. I said minding my business leaves your unattended. Zari this, Zari that, Zari didn’t do that, baibe I’m living my best life, minding my business;

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Harmonize unfollows Diamond Platnmuz on social media

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has finally unfollowed Diamond Platnumz. The singer took this step after being in a feud for over two years. But Diamond on the other hand still follows Harmonize on Instagram.

A screengrab from Diamond's IG showing that he still follows Harmonize
A screengrab from Diamond’s IG showing that he still follows Harmonize

Harmonize and Diamond’s relationship scattered after the ‘Ushamba’ singer left Diamond owned label WCB to form his own, Konde Music.

Since then, the two have never seen eye to eye and at one point, Harmonize said he had to sell some of his property to pay WCB as compensation as he left the label before the contract had ended.

2015 was the year that Diamond took Harmonize under his wings as his mentee and signee and was introduced to the World.

Meet Diamond Platnumz’s grandfather

Diamond Platnumz’s grandpa made his first public appearance over the weekend at an event dubbed “Twenzetu Kigoma”.

The grandpa who is father to Diamond’s mother Sanura Sandrah told Wasafi Media that he was overwhelmed by his grandson’s success.

Diamond celebrated ten years in the music industry over the weekend which was marked by performing in his homeland Kigoma.

“He used to sing but we never thought he would take it seriously. But singing was his talent since he was young. We used to listen to him and think he was just doing it for fun.”

His words of advise for his grandson?

“He should plan himself well and should follow advice from his elders.”

Congratulations! Diamond Platnumz celebrates a decade in the music industry

He went on to say that his daughter, Mama Diamond has always helped the family

“She knows her family and siblings. I will not really praise her but she is kind and loves people. She is generous and should continue that way. She helps us a lot.”

Meet Diamond’s grandpa;