Zari’s baby daddy Diamond ready to have more kids

Diamond Platnumz has revealed he is ready to be a father again. This is despite him being a deadbeat dad to his five kids.

The artiste has two kids Zari Hassa a son and a daughter. He also has a son with Hamisa Mobetto and a son with Tanasha Donna.

Diamond had also revealed that he has a child with an unidentified married woman. In a recent post on Instagram, Diamond shared a video, shirtless and whining on his waist.

In the video, Diamond advertised his abs prompting fans to question his motive.

Among those who commented was Peace Hyde, the creator and executive producer of the reality TV series Young, Famous and African, who asked;

“Uncle @diamondplatnumz why are you playing with people’s blood pressure on a Monday is it fair?”

Responding to the comment, Diamond said it was time he added another child.

“You know it’s about time to add another kid… am magnetizing the mothers.”

Another fan gushed about Diamond saying his natamani kuzaa na wewe siyo kwa uno hilo Chibu Denga. 

The reason why many women want to get a child with you is because of that flexible waist.”

Diamond plays with his kids with Zari Hassan.

In the Netflix show Young, Famous and African, Diamond revealed that he has a 10-year-old child with a married woman.

Speaking to the show producers, Diamond explained why he keeps saying he had five or six children, yet the whole world only knows of four – from his three baby mamas.

“I’m single but you know sometimes there is no way I can just be alone the whole year so you know sometimes I can have one-night stands that complicate everything,” Diamond said.

“I have four kids…maybe 5 or 6.”

Asked what that mean, Diamond explained, “A couple of months back, my mum told me, she met this lady, I know this lady, and she said she has my kid but then, she doesn’t want to tell me because she is married and her husband thinks the kid is his. My child is 10 years old.”

He continued, “I got the child with a married woman. It was back in the days when I felt like the world is yours. 

I went on a tour in Mwanza. I know we had a one-night stand and I heard after some months that she was pregnant.”

A sullen Diamond added, “I have tried my level best to get connected to the child but the mother keeps pushing me away. I don’t want to lose my blood.”

In a past interview, Diamond told TBC FM about his encounter with the mother of his first child back in 2010.

“After our one-night stand encounter, she told me she is pregnant. I accepted the responsibility and I would take care of her but during that time, I started dating another girl then a lot of things happened in between.”

Diamond explained that he later went to Mwanza to seek her out to find out how she is doing.

“She told me the pregnancy did not get to full term and she lost the baby. but she lied. When I did my investigations I found out she had given birth and that is when I demanded to see my child.”

To date, Diamond has never seen the child.

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Diamond Platnumz to perform at celebrating Africa concert in UK

Diamond Platnumz is setting standards for musicians.

The singer is se to perform in the UK in August in an event dubbed Celebrating Africa,

The concert will go down at Wembley Stadium.

The news was reveled by the British envoy in Tanzania who gushed over meeting the superstar. Diamond joined British nationals to mark the Queens 70 year reign at the embassy.

David Concar wrote

“Looking a bit starstruck here as I greet African music star
arriving at our #PlatinumJubileeCelebration.”

Diamond will be performing in the UK this year at the #celebratingafrica concert at Wembley Arena on 27 August.”

Elsewhere, Diamond Platnumz’ Senegal concert has been cancelled over insecurity fears.

The concert was to go down today Saturday June 4thm at the espianade of the grand theatre national.

Local event promoter Rakhou Production told of their decision to postpone in a statement that Diamond shared

the series of murders disasters and multiple assaults that we note these days in our capital have plunged our beloved country into great insecurity.
in this present context of consternation and distress the parents as brothers sisters and friends we are compelled to join in their deeo sorrow.
this is why we regret to postpone the concert of the artist diamond platnumz scheduled this saturday june 4th at the esplanade of the grand theatre national.
thank you for understanding.

Diamond Platnumz

Meanwhile, Diamond is set to release a new song today and teased that his fans will love this one.

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Diamond steamy performance with Zuchu cause a stir online (video)

Superstars Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu lit up the stage with their song Mtasubiri last night and fans can’t stop talking about their performance.

Diamond was performing at the Cask Bar and Grill in Mwanza and Zuchu joined him on stage.

A few who commented on the post were been to note that Diamond’s chemistry with his signee Zuchu is on another level.

The video has been shared across various social media platforms.

Diamond’s mum shared a snippet of the performance.

In the video, Diamond is seen grabbing Zuchu by her waist.

He then pulled her close to him as they danced romantically.

Fans were left screaming after the intimate moment.

Here are a few comments;

halimanakatto: Even Tanasha was on da same stage with Diamond.

killer_platnumz: Kipenz changu Zuu.

This is not their first romantic video together.

A while ago, the two alleged lovebirds yet again fueled dating rumours after their alleged bedroom video went viral on social media.

A short video clip showing Zuchu conversing with a man believed to be Platnumz, raised eyebrows among their fans.

The video in question was captured strategically with only Zuchu visible on camera and a man’s voice audible in the background and as they say ‘No face, no case’.

In their Mtasubiri song, the two confess how they love each other, telling off critics that they are not going to breakup anytime soon.

Watch the video of Diamond perform with Zuchu;

Zari angry at fraudster haunting her life

South African beauty Zari Hassan has accused a man of using her photos to con people.

Zari said he uses her charity photos to con people.

Zari shared the social media accounts of the alleged fraudster, saying he edits names and adds his own to make it look legit.

“Dude, did you think we wouldn’t find out? Please, if you paid him claim your money and have him arrested. He is a fraud. I’ve got a message for you in my last slide.”

On his bio, the alleged man said people were creating drama revolving around him out of jealousy.

“I don’t give any reason for anyone to hate me. They create their own little drama out of jealousy. My life not your business.”

He has 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

List of Africa’s most influential stars

The African Fact page on Twitter has released the list of the most followed Africa personalities.

It is interesting to note that the list includes a majority of North African stars and personalities.

Check out the list below of the most followed Africans on Instagram.

  1. Mohamed Salah (50.5 million)
  2. Davido (23.9 million)
  3. Tamer Hosny (22.3 million)
  4. Mohamed Ramadan (20.2m)
  5. Yasmine Sabri (19m)
  6. Mustafa Hosny (18m)
  7. Ab De Villiers (17.8m)
  8. Candice Swanepoe (17.5m)
  9. Hannah El Zahe (17.4m)
  10. Yemi Alade (16.6m)
  11. Ahmed Helmy (16.4m)
  12. Yasmin Abdelaziz (15.7m)
  13. Dorra Zarrouk (15.6m)
  14. Funke Akindele (15.2m)
  15. Tiwa Savage (14.9m)
  16. Diamond Platnumz (14.6m)
  17. Wizkid (14.5 million) 18. Amr Diab (14.3 million)

According to African Facts
Meanwhile, here is a list of top accounts with most followers on the photo and video-sharing social platform Instagram.

This is as of May 2022, the most-followed individual is footballer Cristiano Ronaldo with over 441 million followers, and the most-followed woman is reality television star Kylie Jenner with over 336 million followers.

Instagram’s own brand account on the platform is the most-followed account overall, with over 504 million followers. National Geographic is the second most-followed brand account, with over 221 million followers.

Pray for me! Zuchu asks fans after accident

WCB’s leading female vocalist lady Wasafi signee Zuhura Othman Soud who is known by her street moniker Zuchu is in hospital being treated after a freak accident.

Zuchu informed her fans that she sustained a knee injury after being involved in an accident.

Zuchu shared news of the accident with a video of her knee getting patched up after the road accident.

“Nimepata ajali ndogo iliyo umiza goti langu jana siku moja kabla ya safari yangu kwenda kuperform Kwenye show Ya Muhimu kwangu nchini Nigeria. (I was involved in a minor accident that left me with a knee Injury yesterday night, ahead of my scheduled show in Nigeria),” she said.

Adding, “Canceling a show is one of the hardest decisions siwezi as an artist leo ndo nimejua. Nitakwenda hivyohivyo. (It is a hard decision as an artiste. I will go as I am, injuries and all.”

The Sukari hitmaker went on to ask her fans to say a silent prayer for her.

Zuchu explained, “My manager keeps telling me Afya ni muhimu ila najua ntajiskia vibaya zaidi kutaka kucancell kwenye show kama hii naona bora nikapambanie stagini so pray for me. (My health is more important. And I would feel even worse if i cancelled on my fans. I will push myself and perform well on stage.)”

“I am hurt and confused,” Zuchu confessed.

Diamond and Zuchu angrily respond to Mtasubiri video banning

Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu are unhappy with a decision taken to ban the airplay of their video to the song Mtasubiri.

Zuchu told a fan of the constant banning that ‘art has left music’.

The two sent a protest letter to BASATA and TCRA saying they did no wrong in the video scene in church and it’s not blasphemous as alleged.

Zuchu wrote a long message that read

Huu ndio umauti wa Tasnia hii unapoanzia .Sijui nileleze vipi hisia zangu zipokelewe kwa heshima ya kutosha na utii bila ya kuchukuliwa kama mjeuri ila kwa hili mumetuonea .Sisi ni vijana tunaotafuta rizki bila ya kuchoka lakini pengine Wazazi wetu @basata.tanzania mmekua mstari wa mbele kutuvunja nguvu mbele ya jamii bila kujali hisia muda vipaji na uwekezaji unaofanyika .Hapo awali mlitoa mirabaha Wasanii wa Wcb Hatukunusa Top List Wakati kitwakwimu za namba ,MAUZO na ufanyaji vizuri Katika Chati zote Kasoro yenu nyinyi @basata.tanzania@cosotatanzania Nini shida wazazi wetu .Inawezekana vipi . Kisha hapo Tunalaumiwa kwa kutoshiriki Tuzo .Ni wazi kua Hii imekua wazi sasa kama mamlaka ya kisanaa inafanya kazi Kupinga juhudi za WCB lakini pengine hii hasira mnayoipandikiza juu yetu tunaihitaji kwa mafanikio chanya yetu na mashabiki zetu wanaotupigania .mwisho niseme kazi iendelee Mashabiki zetu ,Maboss zetu mtusamahe sana kwa kero mnayokutana nayo haiko mikononi mwetu Wenye mamlaka washasema sisi ni nani? tuwe na subra na msituache mana nyinyi ndo kimbilio letu la mwisho Nawapenda sana .Sikukuu njema KAZI IENDELEE’

Diamond under a post on Zuchu’s Instagram said ‘najiuliza kuna baya lolote limefanyika hii scene? Mlivaa vimini?hapana! nlitwerk ama mliimba matusi humo kanisani>?Hapana! Mlivuta sigara au bhangi humo? hapana! Mlikiss mama kunywa pombe?hapana!simu iliita,ulipokelea ndani? hapana!..’

Their individual responses have further split their fans opinions on the video.

Let’s hope this will be resolved.

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Times Diamonds’ songs have become controversial

Times Diamonds’ songs have landed him in trouble

News from Tanzania is that Diamond and Zuchu’s video for the song Mtasubiri has been banned from airplay.

TCRA and BASATA have warned all TV stations to halt playing the video until the singer changes the video scene. 

The Government bodies TCRA and BASATA in a statement told that numerous complaints from Christians about the blasphemous nature of the video led to the ban.

Here are other times Diamonds songs have landed him on the hot seat.

  1.  Diamond has been accused by fans upset that he has ripped off/sampled Otile Brown and Jovial’s Such Kinda Love in his song ‘Naanzaje’.
  2.  Diamond was also accused of stealing Namibian singer King TeeDee in his new song “The One”. Diamond explained that he was the owner of the beat and has the right to drop the song as a solo project. “Wakati nimeenda kuperfom Namibia, ilikuwa ni show yake yeye (King TeeDee) na akarequest tufanye collabo, but of-course Beat ile ni yangu so mimi nikaanza kuandika ile Nyimbo na kila kipande umekiskia mule ndani nimeandika mimi, so yeye alikuwa na producer wake lakini aliposkia beat yangu aliyotengeneza Laizer ndo akaipenda. So akaenda akaandika Verse yake na ngoma ikatoka ambayo amenishirikisha mimi, na audio ipo na tutafanya video pia. Lakini hapo hapo nikahisi kufanya another version of the song kitu ambacho akikatazwi Kabisa. Na ni nyimbo ambayo mimi naipenda sana. So hata yeye (King Teedee) anajua kuwa nimefanya another version” said Diamond.
  3. Bongo singer H Baba once accused Platnumz of stealing his songs including ‘Nataka Kulewa’ hit song. H Baba went public to complain tht the ‘Zilizopendwa’ single released by Platnumz was also a song he wrote that was stolen from him by Diamond. Diamond defended himself that ‘Zilizopendwa’ is my song, I was robbed of my songs, so should I keep quiet? If people feel that I am lying, I should be arrested … I am not drunk, it was mine and I wanted to share it with the Q-chief who took it and sang it.’
  4. Willy Paul also at one time claimed that Diamond copied his song “NIkune” to make “kamata

5. Days after the release of Tanasha Donna’s Gere music video, contoversy arose that the song was copied from a famous Brazilian artiste known as Iza, real name Isabela Lima. The Brazilian told that Diamond and Tanasha copy pasted her video “Diamond Platnumz: Friend, can I copy your work? Me: Okay, just don’t do the same thing. Diamond Platnumz: ctrl+c/ ctrl +v,” read a rant under Diamonds social handles.

Diamond and Zuchu’s video Mtasubiri banned from airplay

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Diamond and Zuchu’s video Mtasubiri banned from airplay

The Tanzanian regulatory body of music and arts (BASATA) has asked the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) to immediately stopthe distribution, broadcasting and playing of the brand new video Mtasubiri of by Diamond and Zuchu.

The brand new video is supposedly blasphemous and its content has ruffled some feathers.

The video shows Zuchu impersonating a decent Christian girl singing in a church choir. After the session ends, the lady departs the church on Bodaboda while speaking via phone to her boyfriend, Diamond Platnumz, who later meets at a cosy place, singing, touching, and hugging. 

The part has upset Christians saying that scene suggests most choir girls behave like how Zuchu acted in the video.

, TCRA and BASATA have warned all TV stations to halt playing the video until the singer changes the video scene. 

Tanzania’s communications watchdog TCRA

Meanwhile , Zuchu was named Spotify’s new EQUAL Africa music programme ambassador for the month of May.

The EQUAL programme aims to strengthen gender equality in music by showcasing talented African women making waves in the industry and providing a platform to celebrate them.

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Diamond Platnumz youtube back after ‘hack’

His vevo affiliated accounted was taken over.

Diamond Platnumz had his youtube account allegedly temporarily hacked on April 22 according to claims online.

A screenshot showed a video of Elon Musk address the internet, but for a short while.

The anonymous hacker changed the profile picture and the notification received by surprised fans who thought he had new music out.

The account has since been restored.

The attempted hack has not been addressed by the WCB boss who is in London for his FOA album tour.

The youtube account for Diamond has a massive following of 6.58million subscribers.

Others superstars whose accounts have been hacked include Diana Marua, KRG the Don, Tansha Donna, Kelechi.

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Rayvanny’s music is not well promoted, says Zari

Diamond’s baby mama Zari has praised Wasafi’s signee Rayvanny for his good music.

In a video on her social, Zari recorded herself jamming to ‘I Miss You’ by Rayvanny.

In the video, Zari acknowledged his prowess in music but acknowledged that he is not well promoted.

“Rayvanny has a good voice. Every song is good. He can sing and he just doesn’t get that promoted but Rayvanny can really sing.”

This comes a few hours after allegations that Rayvanny has ditched Diamond’s record label.

Rayvanny has been missing some of the label’s big events like Zuchu’s ‘Mahaba Ndi Ndi Ndi’ concert and Diamond’s “FOA EP” launch.

While asked about the allegations during his ambassadorial endorsement event, Rayvanny said;

“It’s normal when you are under a label for there to be disagreements on various issues.

There will come a time when Rayvanny will leave but for now, I am Wasafi for life.”

Diamond has not commented on the rumours.

Diamond has of late been promoting Zuchu’s music more than any other signed artiste on his label.

Why Diamond Platnumz no longer takes part in local awards

Diamond Platnumz says he will no longer compete for local awards.

While speaking in London where he is promoting his new EP, Diamond was asked why he did not take part in the recent awards in Tanzania.

He said his ambition is to go international as he has no trust in local award shows occasioned by a failure to honour him in the past.

He claimed that despite his accomplishments, the awards were unfairly awarded to his fellow musicians.

He promised that he will never participate in the awards until they give him what he deserves.

“Sikua bado na imani na tuzo. Tuzo za Tanzania zilikufa sababu yangu. Mimi nilinyimwa tuzo wakapea watu wengine ambayo mimi nilistahili. Hizi zinazokuja mpya naziamini vipi? Lazima nizitazame kwanza nione zina uhalisia ama vipi.

“Tanzanian award shows died when they failed to honour me. I deserved the awards but they gave them to some other people. I need to take my time to observe the new shows to see if they are authentic or not.”

Diamond recently skipped the Tanzania Music Awards(TMA) saying he was busy elsewhere.

Diamond Platnumz was initially called ‘Almasi’

Diamond Platnumz says people nicknamed him Almasi before he settled for his brand name ‘Diamond’.

Speaking to a London-based media house, the singer recounted how his music journey started.

He said his fans then used to like his music and some would even cry when they listen to his Swahili songs.

“Tanzanian people love you when you do proper Swahili lyrics. People used to cry when they listen to my songs,” he said adding that he changed his style of music to attract an international audience.

“Since I researched and found out that there are songs you do for your country and there are those you do for your global audience, I started mixing Swahili and English.”

Asked how he built his brand, Diamond explained;

“The first thing when I started doing music was to come up with a brand name. I didn’t find someone called Diamond those days. People used to call me Almasi, which is Diamond in English. People used to appreciate my work. Then my brother Rommy started calling me Platnumz. That is how my brand name Diamond Platnumz stuck and I thank God I have come this far.”

Natamani ndoa! Diamond Platnumz speaks about his wedding plans

Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz says that he does not hold any grudge against any artist in the world.

Speaking during an interview with BBC, Diamond said that he doesn’t care who insults him.
He said the only person he could have a problem with is one who insults his mum Mama Dangote.
“The only way I’m going to engage anyone in online war is if they insulted my mother. For me, I don’t care even when you insult me for a whole week,” he said.

Asked about his marriage plans, Diamond said people should stop forcing him into marriage.

“Natamani kuoa, naelekea kwenye kuoa. Everyone wants to be married. It could be soon. It could be a person they know but we cannot force people to get into marriage.”
Asked if it’s his mum who is planning for him the woman to marry, Diamond said his fans are hurting her.
“At this age, how can my mum plan my life? That life is long gone when a parent used to plan for who their son can get married to.”
Asked if the lady he is getting married to is from Zanzibar, Diamond laughed off.

“I don’t know for real.”

Diamond reveals there is a Season 2 of Young, Famous and African reality show

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz is in London for a world Tour and to promote his EP ‘FOA’.

Speaking to No Signal, a London-based media house, Diamond spoke about various topics about his success this year.

Among them was his reality show on Netflix, Young, Famous and African saying the show has opened a million opportunities for him.

Diamond said his fans have increased globally.

He explained that on the premiere day, his DM’s went crazy with people from all over the world calling and sending him congratulatory messages.

He said that he had a different experience working on the show unlike when he is shooting music videos, Diamond said the reality show took time.

“It was amazing doing the reality show. I wasn’t used to shooting shows. You know music videos take a day or so. The show took like a month. Everything went perfectly and they had a great team.

It proved to the world that Africans can deliver something like the best. We were trending the whole world. That experience changed me. I remember after the reality show, my DM was crazy, calls, my WhatsApp,” he said.

Diamond added that the reason people appreciated him more is coz he was real and people want to be entertained and see celebrities’ love life.

“After the show, even people who never treated me well started calling me. It changed my life and added me fun-base to me. I have got a world tour after that. I respect that and I can’t wait for the next season to come.”

Diamond Platnumz never imagined falling in love

Wasafi CEO is smitten.

He took to his Instagram on Sunday April 10th to gush over his new found love.

He wrote ‘dunia bwana ina mambo ya jabu sana. yaani ghafla unajikuta kwenye upenda ambao hujawahi kuufikiria, unajikuta unafuraha na kuridhishwa na kila unachofanyishwa kweli kuna uyaone..’

It’s all about love as on Friday April 8th, he also shared a video of flowers, chocolates and other gifts captioning it that ‘your my one and end’ to his new wife.

The singer married last week and his secret revealed by his Wasafi employee Diva The Bawse and friend Juma Lokole.

In a phone interview with Juma Lokole who is also Diamond’s close friend, he revealed that Diamond’s wife is from Zanzibar.

“Diamond has married secretly. Tena Mtoto mbichi. Tena mtoto anayejua dini vibaya mno. Diva, I am giving this exclusive. I found him (Diamond) praying in his house something he rarely does, he starts praying at 1 am.”

“A prominent person in the government also hinted that to me as well. She is from Zanzibar and. It was time for him to get married as he had already achieved all he wanted.”

“He will reveal details after the Ramadhan period and he might also post on his social media. Mama Dangote is also very happy since her son has been on people’s mouths about him being a single man despite his wealth.”

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Diamond’s subliminal diss after missing Tanzania awards

When Diamond a week ago told he doesn’t need local awards, he meant it.

On March 30th, Diamond told he doesn’t need recognition in Tanzania because they no longer interest him.

Platnumz and the entire Wasafi Records artistes missed on this year’s list of nominees for the Tanzania Music Awards.

Reacting to this, Diamond said his focus is on International recognition.

And true to his word, Diamond on Saturday April 9th showed off all the awards he has earned abroad. The collection is pretty impressive and perhaps a rebuttal at his countrymen.

He subliminally dissed his countrymen saying ‘Dam*! I need to collect my other trophies that have won’.

After missing out on an award, he told ‘I respectfully asked not to be included in the TMA awards because I want to put my focus on International awards.’

He added ‘I urge everyone to support the awards because they have been organized to help boost the industry. But we should encourage healthy competition and not allow infighting among ourselves as this is the reason foreign performers are able to be ahead of us in the industry’

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You are my first and end – Diamond croons to new wife

Days after secretly wedding, Diamond Platnumz has taken to his Instagram stories to share a video of gifts.

He also gushed over his new found love, captioning the video ‘you are my first and end’

He also added ‘“Kumpata anayekupenda ni jambo moja, ila kumpata atakae kuelewa na kukupa unachotaka ni jambo lingine kabisa.”

A third sweet note read ‘Lion loves you alot’

According to Wasafi presenter Diva, Diamond Platnumz tied the knot days ago in a private ceremony attended by s close friends and family.

Diva claims that some government officials also reached out to her on the same issue.

“A prominent person in the government also hinted that to me as well. She is from Zanzibar. It was time for him to get married as he had already achieved all he wanted,” Diva said.

In another phone interview with Diamond’s close friend Juma Lokole he confirmed that the Wasafi boss’ new wife is from Zanzibar.

“Diamond has married secretly. Tena Mtoto mbichi. Tena mtoto anayejua dini vibaya mno. Diva, I am giving this exclusive. I found him (Diamond) praying in his house something he rarely does, he starts praying at 1 am,” Juma Lokole said.

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