Hamisa sings Diamond’s song making some think she is still in love with him

Hamisa Mobetto has us talking about her again. Why is that? Diamond obviously. The socialite as many before her and many after her have done, are using the mega Tanzanian star’s clout to establish their own.

Hamisa who shares a son called Dylan with Diamond might still be ‘in love’ with him. And why are people thinking this might be so?

Hamisa carrying the son she shares with Diamond
Hamisa carrying the son she shares with Diamond

She has been sharing videos while singing along to some of his songs. She also did this over the weekend posting a video of herself singing along to Diamond’s song ‘Ukimwona’, one of the singer’s older songs.

Hamisa Mobetto posing
Hamisa Mobetto posing

It is a love song and in the lyrics of the song translated is;

Mungu aliumba dunia mapenzi tangu na tangu
yashanipiga sasa sinabudi nielewe
siwezi kung’ang’ania huenda sio fungu langu
japo nishida ila, nitabaki mwenyewe
ohh ila , mpe shukrani kwa kuniumiza suraya
mwambie mi bado mahututi nauguza kidonda changu
na asisikie kisirani, hukumu ya mapenzi mabaya
hata ungali hai kayruki usingetibu gonjwa langu
kutwa nzima moyo unanidunda dunda (dunda)
sina amani nasaga rumba (rumba)
ohh unani dunda
sema chine tembee moyoo
unanidunda dunda (mamii moyooo)
sina amani nasaka rumba (oohh mimii)
ohh unani dunda
eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh ukimuona

Hamisa went ahead and inserted her own words in the chorus instead of the original.

Ukimuona mwambie jichwa lake kubwa sana na ukimwona mwambie nitarumshia mawe.

Who could she be talking to? Some have speculated that it might be Diamond she is referring to with the claim being that they are seeing each other again? How does one get that meaning from the Kiswahili? I don’t get it? Maybe you do.

‘The next man might be better’ Hamisa on relationship with Diamond

Let’s not forget that Hamisa has been the ‘other woman’ previously when Diamond cheated on the mother of his two kids, Zari. Could she do it again to Tanasha?

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Baby Simba is here! Diamond strongly implies that Tanasha has given birth

Diamond Platnumz has given the biggest hint ever that Tanasha Donna his current beau has already given birth. As we all know, the beauty queen has been heavy with child and was expected to give birth anytime soon.

Even last night Tanasha updated her social media followers that she was just a few hours away from delivering her child. Chibu, who has been touring in Germany even posted some instastories of Tanasha packing baby stuff.

Diamond Platnumz screenshot
Diamond Platnumz screenshot of Tanasha

Check out his cryptic message.

Uliye mgoja kaja (the one you waited for is here!)

Diamond screenshot
Diamond screenshot

This information was also confirmed by Tanzanian gossip tabloid called The originaleast that said a close source to the couple had told them Baby Chibu had come today morning.

Hongera sana tanasha !!!!!! Mtoto kazaliwa leo alfajiri 11/09/2019 Aga Khan hospital!!!!! usimtangaze leo !!!! Sie tunamsiba huku tanzania tulivo wanafki hatujawahi kumsupport martha akiwa hai !!!! Hatukumjua !!!! Ila leo kila page itaomboleza.

Pregnant Tanasha posing
Pregnant Tanasha posing

The baby will be Diamond’s 5th and Tanasha’s first. While the details about the birth are sketchy, the Tanzanian singer delivered the biggest inkling that he and Tanasha had had the baby.

I pee every 10 minutes! Tanasha Donna says about her pregnancy

The Kenyan beauty has revealed that their son will bear a Muslim name although she professes the Christian owing to Diamond’s religion.

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Maina Kageni reveals reason Diamond wasn’t at Harmonize’s wedding (Exclusive)

A lot has been said this past month about Harmonize and his relationship with his former record label, Wasafi. Harmonize’s surprise wedding this past weekend shocked many and amplified the rumours of a rift between Harmonize the Diamond-led label.

The rumours claimed that the singer had invited his former Wasafi crew to the wedding but they declined to show up. This was proof to some observers that the ‘Happy Birthday’ singer and his former label had beef.


But that isn’t true. I spoke to Classic105’s Maina Kageni and he reliably informed me that Diamond and Harmonize were still on good terms.

The presenter of Kenya’s most popular radio show told me that that misconception did not stand scrutiny. He explained that both Diamond and Rayvanny wanted to attend but couldn’t as the wedding was held at short notice.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

He said;

They have no beef, they are going to work together again! There is no problem. I don’t know why people are getting this nonsense from! Diamond was at a show in Germany!

But why didn’t the other former label mates from Wasafi attend the wedding? Maina explained that Rayvanny was at an already scheduled appearance in West Africa. ‘Don’t forget it was a quickly planned wedding. I didn’t know until 4 days to the wedding. it was very quickly planned. I went to the wedding on Saturday.’

Maina and Harmonize in studio
Maina and Harmonize in studio in a file photo

Harmonize and Diamond began working together in 2015 after the blonde-headed singer signed for Wasafi Records. His run there featured numerous hits with songs such as Matatizo, Kainama and his collaborative piece (with Diamond) Kwangwaru that ruled the airwaves last year.

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Lulu Diva denies claims that she is pregnant with Diamond’s child

Lulu Diva has learnt how to keep her name in the spotlight this year. And how does a socialite keep her name on the lips of fans and followers alike? Make sure that people associate you with huge East African personalities like Diamond Platnumz and Starehe MP Charles Njagua alias Jaguar.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

The Tanzanian has been in the news for all the wrong(right?) reasons after many blogs from her home-state said that she was pregnant with Diamond’s child.

Diamond touching Tanasha's belly
Diamond touching Tanasha’s belly

Speaking in an interview with Dizzim Online during a DSTV event in Dar Es Salaam, the singer said the reports do not bother her because they are all lies. She also explained that she can hold her head high as the rumours about her are unfounded;

It is okay for people to say all manner of stuff. The most important thing is your reaction, the way you react to say false news will determine how people will perceive the whole thing. I always keep off rumours and unfounded reports because I know I did not do anything, as long as my heart is at peace, people can say and do whatever they want. A lot of scandals popped up recently but because I am innocent, they did not bother me.

Lulu Diva
Lulu Diva

There are cross-sections of the East African media that reported that Lulu stormed Diamond and Tanasha’s baby shower demanding an audience with the singer over a pregnancy she was carrying.

Why Diamond Platnumz skipped Harmonize’s grand wedding

Diamond has also strenuously denied the reports saying that he had no relationship with Lulu, warning rumourmongers to respect his family.

Diamond and Tanasha at the birthday
Diamond and Tanasha at the birthday

The rumours about her and Diamond were also fuelled by a short video that was circulated widely showing Diamond interacting with Lulu Diva at the listening party of Romy Jon’s album. The video was interpreted in different perspectives by lots of gossip pages in Tanzania forcing him to quash the reports.

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Why Diamond Platnumz skipped Harmonize’s grand wedding

Alot has been said about Diamond and Harmonize that has to do with a purported beef over switching labels.

This past weekend, photos of Harmonize’s secret wedding were leaked and his fans were surprised.

Bongo sensation Harmonize and his longtime girlfriend Sarah Michelotti exchanged vows in two wedding ceremonies.

The first ceremony was a Muslim wedding which where the couple solemnized their union in accordance with Islamic wedding rites.

Harmonize’s mother in law lavishes praise on singer after nuptials


After the Muslim wedding, Harmonize and Sarah exchanged vows in a colorful white wedding which was also held in Dar es Salaam on Saturday September 7th.

At the wedding none of his WCB pals were present, leaving tongues wagging.

But there is an explanation for Diamonds absence from the nuptials.

Diamond is currently in Germany on tour. He moves to Canada in October for performances mid month.


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Lulu diva pregnant with Diamond’s 6th baby-Tanzanian blogs allege!

Diamond Platnumz is in a spot of bother. There are allegations swirling in Tanzanian media that the man who doesn’t know what/how a condom looks like might have impregnated 19-year-old Tanzanian socialite Lulu Diva.

As far back as July, there had been rumours that Diamond was cheating on his Kenyan bae Tanasha after a video of Lulu and Diamond cuddling emerged.

The two enjoyed each other’s company and were a pair for the whole night. The video was taken at the launch of Wasafi Vice President, Romy Jones’ music album.

Lulu Diva
Lulu Diva

Diamond later spoke about the video saying,

I tried avoiding her but …I do not have any relationship with her. sina mahusiano nae! na naomba tuheshiamiane kwa kila anayesambaza usenge huu. (Whoever is spreading this nonsense, let us respect each other).

Lulu Diva shows off engagement ring after claiming she is dating Jaguar

Several Tanzanian pages are reporting that Lulu is indeed pregnant but neither her nor Diamond has commented on this. The Tanzanian gossip pages claim that Diamond’s mother is aware of the relationship between her son and Lulu.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

Check out some of the screenshots below;

The screenshots
The screenshots


The screenshots
The screenshots


The ‘African Beauty’ musician already has 4 kids at the moment! His first with a woman whose name he can’t remember. Two from Zari Hassan and one from Hamisa.

His two sons, Prince Nillan and Dylan (from his affair with Hamisa) came weeks apart. Now Tanasha is about to get his 3rd son any moment now.

Diamond-Platnumz's with his kids in the past
Diamond-Platnumz’s with his kids in the past

If the allegations are true then Chibu really needs to think of getting the snip! The man clearly doesn’t know what a condom or pull-out is.And let’s not forget that he is an ambassador for safe se3 in Tanzania promoting condom use!

Lulu Diva
Lulu Diva

At the end of the day, I still think that this might be a stunt fueled by Lulu. She already alleged that Jaguar had proposed to her, this new rumour seems to have her fingerprints all on it.

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He will be a Muslim-Tanasha Donna reveals about her unborn son

Diamond Platnumz’s pregnant baby mama Tanasha Donna has spoken about why the couple hasn’t revealed the name of their unborn son.

Pregnant Tanasha posing
Pregnant Tanasha posing

The beauty spoke on her Instagram page in a live session and explained to her followers that she feared the repercussions of such a move. Tanasha, who is a radio presenter told her followers that she dreaded exposing her son’s name because evil people may harm him.

Tanasha Donna, Diamond and Maina Kageni
Tanasha Donna, Diamond and Maina Kageni

She added that it is dangerous for her and her fellow parent, Diamond, to reveal the name at the moment. Miss Donna explained that she was a deep believer in God and she knew that bad people existed who wished to harm others. She also told a fan who asked for the unborn babies name,

I am afraid that bad and evil people will harm him, we have already discussed about the name but we can not share it at the moment.

Pregnant Tanasha holding her bulging belly
Pregnant Tanasha holding her bulging belly

The singer, who is a Christian, also explained that her unborn son will have an Islamic name because he will be a Muslim, owing to Diamond’s religion. They aren’t the first celeb couple to have an interfaith relationship/marriage.

Tanasha responds to fan after she was told, ‘Diamond will dump you!’

The late English musician David Bowie was an Agnostic, and his former Somali-American wife Iman is Muslim were married from 1992-2016. Iman was raised in her faith. It is unclear what faith Bowie was raised in, but his 2013 video for “The Next Day” featured Catholic imagery.

David Bowie holding Iman
David Bowie holding Iman

The two had one daughter, Alexandria Zahra Jones, born 15 August 2000.

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I pee every 10 minutes! Tanasha Donna says about her pregnancy

Tanasha Donna is Diamond Platnumz’s current bae and is carrying his 5th child. Yes, the modern father Abraham has had 2 children with Zari, one with Hamisa and one with an unnamed woman who Diamond admits he can’t recall.

Miss Donna held a baby shower last week that was both a success and was also very strenuous for the model. She said as much when she described the planning process.


That wasn’t the only struggle that she has been going through. Apparently, Tanasha has been going to the loo a lot during this period of her pregnancy, something she confided to her followers on her Instagram page.

What about Zari’s? Diamond reveals thing he would give Tanasha’s son

Miss Donna revealed that she is at a stage in her pregnancy where she has to pee many times and she loves every bit of it! What! That is what she said. Her caption read,

I am at a stage whereby I literally pee every 10 minutes. Annoying but I love it.

Pregnant Tanasha holding her bulging belly
Pregnant Tanasha holding her bulging belly

Why do women pee a lot when they are pregnant?

A pregnant woman pees often because of the increased amount of blood in her body. To process this blood flow, the kidneys need to produce extra fluids, which then end up in your bladder. Although peeing often during pregnancy is annoying, it’s also a normal and common pregnancy symptom.

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Don’t be afraid of being different – Vera says after criticism of her mosquito dress

Vera Sidika was criticised recently for the get-up she wore while she was a guest at Diamond and Tanasha’s baby shower. Her costume could be described as a mosquito net for some.

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika

The garment even received a harsh diatribe from Diamond’s sister, Esma. Loosely paraphrased and translated she said, ‘We are normally told every day to be keen and be prepared to have a mosquito net beforehand. Today I met someone who had worn a mosquito net to the function even though there were no mosquitos at the function.’

Diamond and Tanasha dance lovingly as Vera is criticised (videos)

She has now come out to defend her choice of attire. She shared a photo in which she was skimpily dressed accompanied by a message which read,

Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else. 👑qvb👑

Vera Sidika in a skimpy outfit
Vera Sidika in a skimpy outfit

The controversial socialite will do anything to trend despite the backlash on social media. Her post ignited mixed reactions among her fans.

Vera recently said that she had been invited to the shower by Tanasha who she has known for a long time. ‘I have known Tanasha for about five years now and she is my Kenyan sister and when she said you have to come to my shower I said yes. And she being a first-time mother I wish her well and I know Diamond and her mother are very supportive.’ She wrote on Instagram.

Tanasha at the baby shower
Tanasha at the baby shower

Vera was not the only one who left heads turning at Donna’s birthday but also Tanzanian socialite Irene Uwoya. She wore a see-through white dress with a skyrocketing thigh-high-slit showing off her tender assets.

Irene Uwoya at the baby shower
Irene Uwoya at the baby shower
Irene Uwoya at the baby shower
Irene Uwoya at the baby shower

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Diamond and Tanasha dance lovingly as Vera is criticised (videos)

Tanasha Donna and her man Diamond Platnumz held their son’s baby shower yesterday in Tanzania. The couple showed how much they loved each with danced a set for their guests who were in attendance.

Diamond was clad in white pants and a light blue shirt while Tanasha complimented his look with her own light blue pant-suits. Chibu ever the showman was giddy like a kid and led his better-half in the wonderful tune.

Diamond Platnumz on stage
Diamond Platnumz on stage

Tanasha seemed a bit forlorn, maybe tired as is expected of expectant mother’s at this stage of their pregnancies.

Diamond did most of the dancing drawing his woman into his frame for the pleasure of the assembled guests. Check out the lovely couple below;

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About last night #tanashadona baby shower.

A post shared by PRESSPLAY EAST AFRICA (@pressplay.ea) on

The event was well attended by many celebs with some like our Vera stealing the show at the event. Vera stole the show with her jaw-dropping outfit choice. The socialite wore a see-through outfit that showed her inner-wear.

‘Fake love!’ Kenyans tell Vera Sidika about her new relationship

Her choice has been derided by many on social media who feel like her dress sense was inappropriate considering that both Diamond and Tanesha’s mother were at the event.

Vera Sidika at Tanasha's baby shower
Vera Sidika at Tanasha’s baby shower

Check out the video below of Vera at the event;

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What about Zari’s? Diamond reveals thing he would give Tanasha’s son

While known for his singing and singing and dancing prowess, Diamond isn’t exactly a contender for father of the year.

Not by any means and here I am not simply referencing his ex “wife” (to be fair, they were legally married under common law) Zari’s complaints.

I am simply making both a deductive and inductive observation.

The way he carries himself both publicly and with regard to his private affairs is rather sloppy and that informs in great part my opinion of his paternal skills.

Then again, when all that fails, we can simply fall back on what Zari said about him:

Zari and Diamond in a file photo
Zari and Diamond in a file photo

Zari washes her dirty linen in public, accuses Diamond of being a deadbeat dad

Zarinah and Diamond in a file photo


‘Be ready for anything with him’ Zari warns Tanasha about Diamond

So while at his baby shower for the child he and Tanasha Donna are expecting, Diamond was put on the spot as to what exactly he was going to offer his son that he has learnt to offer after his previous abysmal parenting sojourns.

He acknowledged that this was indeed a difficult question before eventually saying that he will teach his son to love and be loved, he will ensure his son wants for nothing and he will try to be involved more in his son’s life.

He wants to inculcate a sense of family in his son as well so he may live with the community and his family in a harmonious fashion.
Diamond will clearly have to teach his son these things because his is truly a blended family.

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Videos and images from Tanasha Donna and Diamond’s baby shower

Yesterday night East Africa’s most famous celebrity couple held their unborn son’s baby shower.

The couple(Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna) who have been together for close to a year now, had been teasing about the day for some time now.

Tanasha at the baby shower
Tanasha at the baby shower

And the day went smoothly with the shower looking like it was an all-white party. The whole crew was there from Diamond’s side and the question was whether Tanasha’s mother, Diana would grace the event? She did.

Diamond at the baby shower
Diamond at the baby shower

She came all the way from the Netherlands where she stays. From the images and videos, we have seen the couple and their guests were all smiles and the mood was pleasant with laughs aplenty.

Tanasha's mother at the baby shower
Tanasha’s mother seated at the front at the baby shower

Check out some of the videos below from the Instastories of the beautiful shower;

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Tanasha responds to fan after she was told, ‘Diamond will dump you!’

Tanasha Donna is due anytime soon but that hasn’t stopped the model, presenter and mother to be of Diamond’s son.

She is still working hard even shooting beautiful baby pregnancy photos last week.

Tanasha Donna admits she’s stressed planning baby shower

Not only that, she is planning to hold a glamorous baby shower and she is still interacting with her fans while still at it.

She recently had a back and forth with some of her followers on social media.

Pregnant Tanasha holding her bulging belly
Pregnant Tanasha holding her bulging belly

The conversation, as usual, drifted to the topic that most people care about when they think of the pretty point-5, Diamond.

One fan posed a question to Tanasha about whether she worried Diamond would dump her after she had had his baby?

Diamond and Tanasha Donna in the past
Diamond and Tanasha Donna in the past

She said that she would not be judging Diamond on his past as she too had a past with three ex-boyfriends.

Watch video of Diamond and pregnant Tanasha Donna getting cozy in bed

“Everyone has an ex, everyone has a past kabla nimjue Diamond mimi mwenyewe nilikuwa na exes. I had three different exes before I was with him so siwezi judge mtu based on their past and it doesn’t mean I’m going to completely ignore it,” she said.

Tanasha Donna, Diamond and Maina Kageni
Tanasha Donna, Diamond and Maina Kageni

Tanasha added that the ‘right now’ was the most important thing for her and that is what she was looking at the moment.

She said,

I am looking at my situation right now, if you treat me good right now then we’re good. Lakini siwezi kuangalia sikuamini kwa sababu umefanya hivi, that’s your past. The reason I can’t judge him on his past is because it’s his past point blank period.

She also said that she wouldn’t have a problem having another child with Diamond but in 5-7 years, would she think about it.

As everyone now knows, no woman has been able to lock down the Tanzanian playboy with Zari and Hamisa (who both have his kids) valiantly trying.

Diamond Platnumz with Zari and their kids in the past
Diamond Platnumz with Zarinah and their kids in the past

Will Tanasha be the exception?

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Fans plead with Zari to introduce new hubby to her Ugandan family


Five months after introducing her mystery man to social media, fans are asking Zari if she has taken her man to officially met her Ugandan family.

Zari jetted out of South Africa and landed in Uganda where she shared some pictures of her lavish arrival.

While Zari said she’s in Uganda for a wedding, her fans are speculating if she is in town to introduce King bae to her peeps.


“Hello UG Queen Bae is here,” she wrote

Next weekend she arrives in the 254 for a function with Akothee.

While we await official wedding pics, all we know is that she was bought a Sh20m ring that left us all envious.

Zari was in Uganda in July for the Miss Uganda grand finale where she was one of the judges. She caused drama on the stage with her nemesis-cum-show host Anita Fabiola.


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‘The next man might be better’ Hamisa on relationship with Diamond

Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond have had an interesting relationship especially since we found out about their affair.

Now their song Daylan is showing signs of taking up the role of both his parents as artistes.

Hamisa, in an interview with Tanzania’s Dizzim said that the two-year-old has been a fan of music since he was born, especially his father’s work.

She told Dizzim that;


Diamond sired the child with Hamisa just after his relationship with her grew as they were working on Salome where she was a video vixen.


Back then he was married to Zari but he stepped out of the marriage and a blessing came upon his dynasty. Though Diamond severally denied his child but after Hamisa’s push, he finally accepted.

It might not have worked out with Baba Daylan but she holds no grudge.




Zari also talked about her situation seeing as they are almost similar to Hamisa. She also says she has forgiven Diamond for all the disrespect he showed her in the marriage.

Both Diamond’s exes have sent warnings to Tanasha who is expecting his child that she should be mentally, physically and financially ready for anything. Because based on his trends, he is not one to depend on.

But we must give it up to Diamond, he has managed to leave a legacy in all East African countries. Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

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Watch video of Diamond and pregnant Tanasha Donna getting cozy in bed

Diamond Platnumz and his Kenyan bae Tanasha Donna are expecting a baby son any time soon. The couple who have been dating for less than 1 year and their love seems to be growing stronger and stronger with each passing day.

The couple shared a rarely seen video of the two in the hallowed confines of their bedroom. In the video, the pair are seen lounging lazily on their king-size bed and showed off the fondness that two have for each other.

Diamond and Tanasha Donna in the past
Diamond and Tanasha Donna in the past

In the short clip, we also see Tanasha who was draped in a tiny vest warmly clasping her man’s face close to her in a show of trust and tenderness.

‘He tries to be like Michael Jackson!’ MCA Tricky compliments Diamond (Exclusive)

Diamond himself responded with a kiss to her cheeks. The mother-to-be closed her eyes just then, showing the trust and emotion that she feels for the Tanzanian superstar.

Diamond Platnumz on stage
Diamond Platnumz on stage

The video of the two lovers enjoying each others company is below;

Miss Donna has been having the time of her life while she has been away in Tanzania. One of the most memorable parts of her stay in TZ has been the bonding session she has had with her mother-in-law Bi Sandra. The two were like old friends walking hand in hand and embracing each other showing the endearment they have for each other.

Tanasha with Diamond's family
Tanasha hanging out with Diamond and his mother

What is fascinating about the couple so far is the question about the about their unborn son’s religion? Tanasha who is a Christian by birth, said in the past that she would not convert to Diamond’s Islamic religion.

So where does that leave their unborn son? To chose for himself or…

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His name is Majesty! Bahati and Diana Marua welcome second baby

Bahati and his wife Diana Marua are the proud parents of a new baby son. The couple who already had a baby girl called Heaven Bahati who was born last year, welcomed their son whose name is Baby Majesty.

Bahati,Baby Heaven and Diana Marua
Bahati,Baby Heaven and Diana Marua

The couple broadcasted the news on Bahati’s Instagram page. His caption read;

GLORY TO JESUS 🙏 At Exactly 1:04 pm @majestybahati Has Been Born #MAJESTY 👑 .

The video of the delivery room is below;

Their fans were quick to congratulate them. Some of their messages are below;

size8reborn Congratulations


cigar_babe Mtoi ashapata job already na mimi nazurura hii Kenya..Want to be born in celebrities womb next round dear lord😂😂😂
gabu_bugubugu Congratulations my small brother

queen_chirstine_ Congratulations bahati 😍

sarahkabu Ooh am joining him to cry… birth is a miracle… a gift straight from heaven… God has entrusted you to take care of him and guide him fulfil his purpose in this world… all the best.

This is likely to be the first celebrity born as Bahati’s close friend Diamond Platnumz and his bae Tanasha Donna are expecting a baby anytime soon. Also Millie wa Jesus and Kabi wa Jesus also have a baby boy on the way.

Bahati Diana Marua and Wa Jesus family at their combined baby showers.jpg
Bahati Diana Marua and Wa Jesus family at their combined baby showers.jpg

The couple has also opened a page for their baby son. Majesty’s Instagram page already has close to 2000 followers. This mirrors the same procedure they followed for their daughter Heaven last year. The couple immediately created an Instagram page for her and it now has 173 thousand followers! That is more than provocateur Ringtone has!

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Reactions to viral photo of Diamond Platnumz’s East African baby mama’s that are spot on


It’s …Just…Too..Much!

The internet is losing it’s collective cool.

A tweetheart has shared a screenshot of Diamond Platnumz’ three baby mama’s and the collective thought is that he is doing a better job at uniting the East Africa community than the leaders.

Well, in a sense it is true.

This is the screenshot of the post on Twitter that has all of us falling off our chairs in laughter.

diamond baby mamas screenshot

Below are some of the best reactions that followed the screenshot.
@jackndunya.. community husband! 😋😋😋
Next stop.. Rwanda 🇷🇼 and Burundi 🇧🇮


The thing with men who come from broken homes and women with daddy issues.
Congrats simba father of East Africa


A true East African
This one wins. The accuracy is outta this world 😹😹😹

Red Pepper!!

🤣🤣🤣…..he’s an envoy
Halali kazini simba🤣
Aitwe fisi…😂
Huyu ni EAC community husband..

Michezo ya bunduki usije kwa ngumi. Simba MLA nyama😂😂😂
uniting the continent one pregnancy at a time
andrew musyoka..
Ndethe merchant
Level 1, 2, na 3 complete. Level 4 ni Rwanda-Burundi juu ni tudogo
Picha yake iwekwe kwa passport za EA community
el patron 🇰🇪..
Mans should be nominated to EALA


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