Baby number 3? Mama Diamond Platnumz shocks with “pregnancy” photos at 48-years

Diamond Platnumz’s mother shut down the internet in January when she revealed that her son’s father Mzee Abdul wasn’t the stars biological dad as we had all come to believe he was.

The news shocked even the people who don’t care about entertainment news as its impact reverberated because of the clout that Diamond has.

And it seems that the lady wants to cause more tsunami’s in the industry after a recent photo shoot of hers sparked fears that she might be with child at the ripe old age of 48.

Mama Diamond is back with another tale where she claims to be pregnant for her Ben 10, Uncle Shamte who married her 4 years ago.

And while the rumour has been doing the rounds online, her recent photo shoot with her “daughter” Esma clasping her stomach implies that Mama Dangote might be heavy with her 3rd child.

If you doubt this then check out the photos below;

Can a woman her age get pregnant? Yes, It is possible.

As women age, the risk of problems in pregnancy increases, including miscarriage, chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome, and other complications such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and bleeding.

A study in the February 2000 issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology showed that women over 40 are at higher risk of experiencing the sudden death of their fetuses than their younger counterparts.

There’s normally a steep decline in a woman’s ability to get pregnant naturally in her 40s. At age 40, your odds of conceiving after 3 months of trying are around 7 percent.

Over time, the quantity and quality of your eggs decline. Older eggs can have more chromosome problems, which increases the odds of having a baby with a birth defect.

Most women in their 40s can still have a healthy pregnancy and baby, but the risks increase significantly during this time. These risks include:

C-section delivery
premature birth
low birth weight
birth defects

Medical conditions, like diabetes and high blood pressure, are more common in women after age 35. These can lead to pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

After age 40, your doctor may do extra testing and monitoring to look for possible complications.

If you’re over 35 and you’ve been trying to get pregnant for more than 6 months, you might be dealing with fertility issues. Your doctor or a fertility specialist can help determine why you aren’t pregnant yet and recommend next steps for trying to conceive.

Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) can help you conceive, but they can’t entirely make up for age-related declines in your fertility.

Doctors treat fertility issues in women with drugs that stimulate egg production, and techniques like in vitro fertilization (IVF).

But the odds of achieving a successful pregnancy with these methods do get lower as you age.

Another option is to use a healthy donor egg. The egg is fertilized with your partner’s sperm and then transferred to your uterus.

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Excited Tanasha reunites with son Naseeb after Mombasa getaway


Miss Tanasha Donna has been real about the challenges working mothers go through trying to provide for their children.

She has been away from home for a while, and has been holed up in Mombasa where it is said she was pursuing some music deals, courtesy a good financier.

Social media users however noticed more of the fun filled videos she shared accusing her of neglecting her son Naseeb for parte after parte.

Tanasha has now returned home and Naseeb Junior was all smiles as he opened the front door for his popular mum.

She first went shopping and later showed us her favorite home cooked meal of chips and fried chicken.tanasha reunite 5(1)

The instant smile let us know he had missed his mother as Tanasha also gushed over how cute he looked and how much she had missed him.

She captioned in another photo “Feels amazing to to be home with my baby @naseenjunior”

tanahsa reunite 2(1)

The pair spent the better part of the night bonding watching Naseeb’s favorite cartoon and she commented “so this is why you stay up at 1am @naseebJunior”

How cute right?

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My collabo with Davido nearly bankrupted me – Diamond Platnumz reveals

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz’s life at the moment looks like a bed of roses but what many might not know is the sacrifices that he had to make to get to where he is at the moment.

The man was born dirt poor with even one of his early music videos being done in a sewage dump! That’s how bad it was for Chibu.

But things seem perfect for him today yet,  according to him it could have gone awry in 2013. The singer recently explained how his 2013 collabo with Nigerian singer Davido for “Number One” remix cost him a lot of money. The video which was released in January 2014 has garnered 43 million views on YouTube as at the moment.

The far-thinking singer thought that it was wise to conquer West Africa having won East Africa and Davido was his best bet for his project.

“He’s made it” Maina says about Diamond being hired to sing Happy Birthday

But the collabo would require a lot of cash from him nearly leaving him bankrupt as he spent almost 20 times more than what he was used to with his previous projects.

“Before doing the first video version of Number One at Ogopa Djs in Nairobi, my video cost used to be about KSh 326, 000 per video. With Number One, I went ten times higher and spent KSh 3.3 million or thereabout to fly Ogopa Djs video crew to Cape Town, South Africa, and shoot my video. The outcome was amazing, and that gave me the green light to approach Davido for a remix,” Diamond said.

Because the video cost was so much for him, he had to approach several banks for loans to see through “Number One” video, “I took loans from Tanzania banks to finance my video and collaboration with Davido in Lagos because I had to travel there with my crew,” Diamond added.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Davido (@davido)

He clarified that the money spent on the project nearly made him go broke but that it had been worth it as the collabo with Davido opened doors for him a new market and opportunities which gave him the money to jump-start his label WCB.

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Tanasha responds to accusations of neglecting her son for music career


Balancing career and motherhood is not easy. Ask any Kenyan woman around you, and for Tanasha this is the same.

She has been hitting the ground running trying to work hard and provide for her son. This as a musician means she is away from home and missing her son.

tanahsa yolo 1(1)
Tanasha YOLO in Mombasa

Trolls have noticed this and accused her of not spending enough time and neglecting her mother duties to YOLO.

For instance just recently Diamond flew into Kenya for a private performance and was seen taking their son Naseeb Junior back with him to Tanzania. All this time, Tanasha was in Mombasa enjoying herself. She was sharing videos hanging out with her friends on a yatch, leading to further condemnation that she has neglected Naseeb.

tanahs ayolo 3(1)
Tanasha talks to Naseeb

To somewhat allay these fears, Tanasha while on the Yatch had a video call with son Naseeb and assured him that the reason she isn’t with him is because she is working hard to ensure she provides for him. She captioned “Mummys working super hard for you”. tanahs ayolo 4(1)

While on the call she told him she would soon be traveling to Tanzania to see her baby. She wrote “see you in a day son…”
One fan @ fantasia asia encouraged Tanasha to keep her head up saying

Achaneni na Diamond, akili zake anazijuwa mwenyewe. Kwa centuary hii ati atamchaguliwa mwanamke kazi ile yeye anayoitaka. Tanasha has her dreams, asiendeshwe na mtu yeyote. Tee pambana in 5 years atafika mbali.

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“If it ends in premium tears let it” Zari tells haters about new mystery lover


Zari has been showing off the hand of a man she claims is her new lover when she attended a birthday party in South Africa. During the all white affair she cozied up to a man, and has been showing small snippets of him. za 1(1)

The new man was shared after Tanasha visited Diamond in Tanzania for him to bond with his son Naseeb Junior. Many fans speculated that Zari was jealous and so to distract from the happenings in Tanzania, she had to show she had moved on from Diamond and was dating again.

The accusations against Zari being jealous didn’t stop there, with other critics saying she only shows off a new man, whenever Diamond pays attention to his other baby mama’s. That her jealousy creeps up and so to deflect she shows off a new mystery man.

And it seems she has heard all these accusations because for a second time on her Instagram Stories, Zari revealed a closer look at his hand, and what she thinks about him being dark skinned.

She now calls him AKA Dark Stallion in a new cryptic message that suggests if the relationship ends, then so be it.

She told hater that even if it ends in premium tears, it’s not your 2(1)

One thing we shouldn’t expect is Zari showing us his full face just like the time when she dated and eventually ‘married’ the first King bae.

With King Bae she showed off the gifts he gave her and other lavish treats, praising him for being a good man. So it just might follow that she will do this in the coming weeks.

And so with Dark Stallion she will probably do the same until the relationship fizzles off.

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“He’s made it” Maina says about Diamond being hired to sing Happy Birthday


Diamond Platnumz over the weekend briefly jetted into Kenya. He didn’t say what his visit was, but by video we understood it was work related. This is because he had with him, his official DJ, his photographer and bodyguard.

It has now emerged that he was hired to perform at a private function, a birthday party. Diamond on his instagram shared pictures in a private place, as seen below.

Maina on Wednesday reacted to this saying

Diamond Platnumz has made it. He was hired to sing Happy birthday at a private event. Aki yao you know you’ve made it when this happens”

While the identity of the lucky person remains anonymous we must say they are monied.

That individual took the humble birthday party to a new level.

Dear Classic 105 fam, if you could afford it, who would you hire to make your day memorable?

The biggest names in the music business usually charge anywhere between $600,000 and $1.5 million, depending on who they are.

Among the most popular to hire are Jeniffer Lopez, Beyonce, Elton John, Drake etc.


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Turudi usalimie bibi! Diamond tells Naseeb after abruptly leaving Tanzania


Tanasha is said to have abruptly left Tanzania in a huff with baby Naseeb, after Diamond said in an interview that he was single yet she was staying with him during her visit to Tanzania, having given her the impression there could be something more.

It was said that she felt used. Fast forward and Diamond arrived in Kenya for a private function on Sunday Feb 7th, and in a matter of hours the singer showed us how he was bonding with Naseeb.

The video was a few minutes to boarding a private jet to return to Tanzania and has many speculating that he left Kenya with his son Naseeb, and perhaps without Tanasha.

Here is the conversation – albeit one sided-  of Diamond and Naseeb.

Lion, are you the lion eh? Are you the lion?

Lifting him up Diamond then asked Naseeb “Do you wanna go home? we go to Tanzania, you see bibi?

As Naseeb smiles and mumbles Diamond smothers him with cheek kisses then says “come here”

The two get out of the car and we see them going to a white Range Rover where Diamond places Naseeb on top , removes his sunnies that he places on Naseebs head, while laughing and kissing him again.

Diamond again asks Naseeb “We go home? We go home? We go see bibi?”

Then suddenly we see Diamond walking alone to board the private jet, without Naseeb.

Below is a photo of Diamond and Naseeb on Tuesday Feb 9th.

di and naseb(1)

This time round we do not get to see who is inside the jet with him, further fueling rumor that Naseeb was on board or was waiting for Diamond to finish his photo op before following him behind.

A couple of weeks ago on an interview on Wasafi Diamond says he is able to relate better with Naseeb because unlike his other son Dylan, Diamond was with Naseeb when he was was born up until the moment Tanasha left Tanzania in a huff in 2020.

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Diamond bonds with lookalike son Naseeb Junior during brief Kenya visit


Diamond Platnumz has been adoringly loving his son with Tanasha ever since people commented that they look alike.

The similarity was noted when Tanasha and Naseeb Junior flew to Tanzania early February for a bonding session. Diamond took note of the comments when side by side pictures of when he was a boy and Naseebs current pictures were shared.

Diamond went all out to show his bond with Naseeb Junior until Tanasha left Tanzania.

Diamond on Sunday February 7th briefly jetted into Kenya and shared videos bonding again with lookalike son Nasseb.

In the video Diamond can be heard asking Naseeb if he wants to go back with him to Tanzania, while cuddling the son.

Here are pictures





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“Stop blaming others and take responsibility for your actions” Who is Size 8 addressing?

Just a few days after wishing her husband a happy birthday, Size 8 has raised eyebrows after she posted a cryptic message that had many wondering, “What the hell?”

Her message which she posted on her Instagram page concerned someone taking responsibility for one’s actions and not blaming others.

According to the Mateke singer, once a person accepts their own wrongdoings; good things may start happening due to their clear conscience.

The post read; “Stop blaming others for the things going wrong in your life. Man up and take responsibility for your own actions. You and no one else is responsible for the way you feel or for what happens in your life. Look within first.”


“The moment we stop blaming others and we take responsibility for our own actions and out comes in our personal life we have started succeeding!!!! Look within 1st to see what is the problem in you and ask God to help you change all your internal faults in you and you will realise external forces have little effect on you!!!”

While the post can mean many things when scanned on the surface, recent events concerning Size 8 have left me wondering whether it could be directed at someone close to her-Particularly her husband Dj Mo.

Occam’s razor is the principle that, of two explanations that account for all the facts, the simpler one is more likely to be correct…

In this case, could the message be directed at Dj Mo? Who knows? But what many remember is the shocking revelation that Dj Mo was cheating on his wife with a woman in Bahrain.

The scandal threatened to break his marriage but the couple was able to weather the storm with the mother of two saying that she would fight for her marriage. And so far, they seem to be working hard at it.

It should be noted that immediately after she posted the message on her Instagram page, her next post was a video in which she and her husband were smiling together. Maybe, my fears above are much ado about nothing.

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Rayvanny is more talented than him – Babu Tale declares about Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz has done a lot in his career. The man is arguably the most successful musician in East and Central Africa in the last generation.

The man with the Midas touch has done it all, with album sales, breaking YouTube records and being the mainstay for most concerts that he goes to.

He is a tour de’ force to all and sundry. Hate or love him one can’t deny the influence he has had on the entertainment scene the past 10 years even as a mentor to the likes of Harmonize, Rayvanny and Zuchu.

While this might be so, his own manager, Babu Tale is of the belief that Diamond’s mentee Rayvanny is more talented than he is.

In a recent interview with Salama on her show Salama Na, Tale claimed that WCB’s most talented artiste was not Diamond but his protégé, Rayvanny.

This he made public when he was asked by Salama to mention the most talented artiste in the record label. Many people expected him to mention Diamond’s name owing to his vast success in the industry.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by CHUI… 🐯 (@rayvanny)

His short and succinct answer was that Rayvanny was the best. He was not given the chance to support his answer but his message had already gotten out.

Tale also used the opportunity to make it clear that he is still Diamond’s manager and that his salary keeps coming like before even though he had become a politician in Tanzania.

The man also touched on personal issues refuting claims that he had used black magic and killed his wife so that he could clinch the parliamentary seat.

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Diamond shouldn’t attend my burial – Mzee Abdul says after claiming his mom bewitched him

Diamond Platnumz recently spoke about the bombshell that he knew that Mzee Abdul wasn’t his biological father back in 2000.

Mzee Abdul who had already spoken about the issue had more words to say, adding that he was really shocked by Chibu’s words but he is fine and that his life will go on.

Diamond's father
Diamond’s ex-father, Abdul

Speaking during an interview with Mbengo TV, Mzee Abdul held that Diamond should thank him and respect him because he is the one who raised him.

He also said that he deserves recognition as he is the one who encouraged Diamond’s mum when she was pregnant and would have done the opposite, leading to him being aborted but did not, owing to the love he had for Mama Dangote.

Diamond Platnumz's father Salim
Diamond Platnumz’s real father Salim

The pain could be felt in his speech as Mzee Abdul then went on to even bar Diamond from attending his burial should he fall and die today.

”I respect their decision. He has been helping people, his mum and others and ignoring me even in my sickness. I want him to know I don’t need his money and I do not need his help, I will get help from my other children. He is not God.” Mzee Abdul said.

Diamonds dad matatu
Diamonds dad matatu

He wrapped up by stating that Diamond is a good kid who he fears has been bewitched by his mother.

“I know Naseeb is a good kid but am sure his mum influences some of his decision, am sure she even bewitched him. I do not need his money, and even when I die, let him not come to my burial, I have people who will do that,” Mzee Abdul finished.

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My late wife told me not to remarry – Diamond’s manager Babu Tale says

Diamond Platnumz’s Manager and MP Babu Tale has revealed that his late wife Shamsa Kombo aka Shammy advised him not to remarry before she died.

Babu Tale with his late wife
Babu Tale with his late wife

He explained this in an interview with Salama Jabir on SalamaNa, Tale mentioned that while on her hospital bed, Shamsa insisted that he should not think about marrying another wife but instead just take care of their kids.

“Marehemu mke wangu tulifahamiana Magomeni Kota kwa sababu na yeye alikuwa anaishi pale, nilimtongoza mwaka mzima hajanikubali. Enzi hizo nilikuwa mtu flani rafu halafu yeye ana mambo ya kizungu.” ameeleza Babu Tale.

“Mke wangu aliniambia nisioe, nakumbuka hiyo siku nimeshinda naye Muhimbili, akaniambia nimechoka kuishi hii hali, akanishika mkono kuniambia mimi naondoka, lea watoto lakini usioe, usioe, usioe” said Tale.

Babu Tale with his late wife, Shamsa Kombo
Babu Tale with his late wife, Shamsa Kombo

The “Morogoro Mashariki” Member of Parliament added; “ Kinachoniliza ni kupoteza mtu ambaye angeweza kuniongoza kwa vitu vingine, nimepata uongozi lakini yule aliyetakiwa kula good time hayupo.

“Marehemu #Shammy enzi za uhai wake alifahamika zaidi kutokana na asasi yake aliyoimiliki ya ‘Nasimama Nao’ iliyokuwa ikiwasaidia kina mama na mpaka mauti yalipomkuta. Shmmy ameacha watoto watatu, wawili wa kiume na mmoja wa kike”.

Shammy as many called her died on June 28, 2020 after a short illness.

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Diamond advises baby mama Hamisa how to get along with his mother


There has been so much drama in the house of the Platnumz’ after news broke out that Mzee Abdul is not Diamond’s biological father.

This came from an interview Ricardo Momo -Diamond’s real brother- did. He dropped bombs and they were all backed up by Sandra Dangote, his mother.

Speaking for the first time on this, Diamond had an interview at Wasafi FM during Lil Ommy’s show The Switch and he admitted all that was said was true.

Then he opened up about Hamisa’s relationship with his mother, Sandra Dangote, and he cautioned that ego must not take cover one’s life.

“Hamisa is a mother and so is my mother. Each of them has a position in my life.  You see when two people are not in good terms, it is up to the two of them to sit and talk. Also as young people, we need to be humble. Do not fight an elderly person, just respect them and let them be.”

When asked why he does not support Hamisa musically as he does Tanasha. He simply said,

“When it comes to music it is tough. By the time we are going to get a child, I loved either of these women. It hurts me to see any of my baby mamas follow the music route because it is cruel. I am usually like can’t you even venture into business? I will fund it.” Diamond Platnumz

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Diamond doesn’t love all his children equally although he thinks he does and here’s why

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz has been trending this past week after his third baby mama, Tanasha visited him with their son Naseeb Junior.

The two had not seen each other for the past year after Tanasha’s dramatic exit from Tanzania when things were going badly in their relationship.

Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha
Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha

This week, to capiltalise on all the publicity he has been generating, Diamond went for a long-overdue interview with his own Wasafi FM radio.

Don’t forget that Zari had also visited the family with her two children; Tiffah and Nillan late last year.

Subsequently, fans were left wondering why Hamisa has not taken her son Dylan to see his dad, yet she is in Tanzania at least to bond with the family. To clear the air, Diamond revealed that he has been meeting with Hamisa and their son Dylan.

“I meet my son many times just that we do not post on social media. Actually, Dylan was to come and visit my family for a week before Tanasha’s son visited. he would have come and spent sometime with my family.”

Diamond-Platnumz-with-son, Dylan in a very old photo

Diamond added;

“I love all my children and I have respect for all my baby mamas. they go through a lot of hate on social media but I respect them equally.”

Actions speak louder than words

While his answer sounds plausible, I am calling bull on it. Diamond is a man who knows the power of social media in this day and age.

He knows how powerful a single picture of him and his son, Dylan would be. Of all his kids, Dylan is possibly the only child who has not been photographed with his superstar father.

Hamisa Mobetto with her son

While I might be wrong about the above statement, one thing that I am sure about is that Dylan is the one child that Diamond rarely poses with and something about that stinks worse than the politics in our country.

Why wouldn’t you post images of your flesh and blood son on the interwebs? Make that make sense.

Another thing, Dylan is the only child that Diamond has been sued successfully for child support. A few years ago Chibu was dragged to court so he and Hamisa could iron out their issues on co-parenting and supporting their son.

All his other kids have not suffered the same fate despite rumours online that Prince Nillan might not be his biological son.

The two points above, while not many are an indication that his love is shown differently, something that is very problematic for a young boys physche growing up.

And why does Diamond behave the way he does with Dylan? I think this comes down to how his mother feels about Hamisa.

Of all his baby mamas, Hamisa is the only one Mama Dangote has blatantly shown her disregard for. Find a photo of the two together, if you can, if you don’t believe me.

And we all know how important an endorsement from Mama Chibu is to the musician. For now Hamisa is persona non grata for Mama Dangote, something that Diamond follows through with how he treats Hamisa and their son, Dylan.

Mama Dangote has never wished Dylan a happy birthday, unlike all her other grandkids. Talk about rejection.

But I could be wrong…

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I dislike that my baby mamas are in the music industry – Diamond Platnumz reveals

Diamond Platinumz has admitted something that most of his fans didn’t know and expect-that he doesn’t like it when his baby mamas participate in the music industry.

For those who don’t know, Zari is a singer with a few singles under her belt. If you don’t believe me, go and check on YouTube. Yes, she is a terrible singer but at least she tried!

Zari leaning on her car
Zari leaning on her car

As we well know, Diamond met his second baby mama Hamisa on the set of his song and since then has tried to establish herself as a singer.

Same goes for his third baby mama, Tanasha who started her music career after getting a baby with Chibu. Speaking on Wasafi FM’s The Switch yesterday, Diamond said the reason he does not support the decision is that the Music industry is very evil.

Diamond Platnumz shirtless
Diamond Platnumz shirtless

He says that he does not want to see them stressed because of the industry.

“Wazazi wenzangu ni watu ambao nawapenda sana kufikia mtu umezaa naye inamaana kwamba ni mtu unayempenda. kwa hivo ninapoona wanajiingiza kwenye muziki, naskianga uchungu sana sababu naona nikama wanaenda kuteseka.”

Diamond added that he will also not allow his daughters to join the music industry.

“Ndio maana ata simtaki mtoto wangu wa kike aimbe. wanaume tumezaliwa kuteseka. kwa hivo sipendi mateso yenye mimi nayapitia nao wapitie. it makes me feel like they will be stressed and my babies will also be affected. when it comes to supporting them, I do but shingo upande. i am always like, why do you want to do music, try something else like business and i will support you.”

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I learnt that Mzee Abdul wasn’t my dad in 2000 – Diamond Platnumz finally speaks

Diamond Platnumz’s has finally spoken about the news that Mzee Abdul Juma wasn’t his real biological father. The man has confirmed that Juma wasn’t his biological dad through an interview on Wasafi FM.

According to Diamond Platnumz there is a lot that has been said, but those reporting do not know his background or how he grew up.

Unlike what we expected, Diamond Platnumz did not show any bitterness; but was kind enough to reveal that he still loves Mzee Juma despite the recent revelation confirming that he is not his biological dad.

Diamond Platnumz said,

“Ni kweli Mzee Abdul si baba yangu mzazi, Lakini tangu mtoto nilikua nampenda sana . Mpaka Mwaka 2010 ndio Mama yake @romyjons akaniambia ukweli.. Hakuna mtu ambae alikua anajua ukweli kwasababu Ndugu zangu wote niliwakusanya kwa Upendo, Kuanzia wakina Ricardo na Queen Darlin.”

During the interviw, Chibu said he learnt that Mzee Abdul is not his biological father in 2000 after being informed by Romy Jons’s mother. The WCB CEO went on state that he will continue respecting Mzee Abdul as his father.

“Hata baada ya Kujua Ukweli bado Mapenzi yangu makubwa yalibaki kwa Mzee Abdul kama baba yangu …Kwa bahati mbaya yeye aliniweka mbali sana, na nadhani kuna Kipindi mama yangu alichukia kitendo cha yeye kusema kwenye vyombo vya Habari kuwa simsaidii Lakini Kiukweli nimekua namsaidia,” said Diamond.

Diamond and his father
Diamond and his father

Diamond’s clarification come weeks after his mother made it public that Mzeee Abdul Juma is not his Biological father, as opposed to the information that was out there.

Mama Dangote mentioned that Chibu Dangote’s biological father Mzee Salum Iddy Nyange passed on some years back.

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Tanasha Donna finally speaks after viral video of Diamond snubbing her kiss emerged

Singer Tanasha Donna has for the first time commented on a humiliating video doing the rounds on social media. The mother of one spoke about the video that showed her being snubbed for a kiss by her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz during a live performance in Tanzania.

Some even theorised that Diamond hadn’t seen her as she tried to draw in for the kiss as others wondered what the star herself thought of the awkward moment?

Using her Instagram platform, Miss Donna responded to a fan who had commented on a post she had made featuring her beautiful son, Naseeb.

The fan named @tilesmombasa_, defended Tanasha saying the incident was misinterpreted as she was not trying to kiss the Bongo star but whisper something to his ear.

Replying to the post, the artiste urged the fan to let “them have fun” by reacting as they felt fit and also added a few laugh emojis at the end. “@tilesmombasa_ It is what it is. Let them have fun recreating the whole scenario,” she wrote.

I really like this reaction from Tanasha that shows that she has come to terms with the prize of fame. She has been the laughing stock since she went back to Tanzania with even Khaligraph Jones wife’ Georgina Muteti going on social media to defend her fellow woman from what she thought was unfair criticisms.

“This girl receives so much hate literally for no reason. The amount of negativity spewed around her name isn’t at all fair,” she wrote.

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She is fat! Diamond’s friend calls Zari after her visit to Tanzania

Things between frenemies Zari Hassan and Juma Lokole are back to being bad. The two have traded barbs in the past and now Juma is back to speaking out the side of his neck about the mother of 5, Zarinah.

The man has gone for the jugular as pertains the light-skin Ugandan socialite with him attacking her weight. Something you don’t do in this overly-sensitive world.

Zari's weight gain
Zari’s weight gain

Lokole focused on the excess weight Zari had put on before her trip to see Diamond and his kids in late-October 2020, saying that she is actually heavier than she appears on her Instagram photos.

The outspoken blogger and gossip monger did not filter nor play nice while discussing his friend’s baby mama.

According to Lokole, the new figure left ‘them’ feeling some type of way; since they were not used to this new Zari. He said;

“Ni mnene….unajua mtu ambaye umezoea kuwa naye, mtu English figure mwanamke mwembamba – Leo unakuja unaona ni mnene… kuna ile appetite inapotea.”

Since the interview manager to go viral, it seems that Zarinah came across it and unlike the way she used to attack Lokole in the past, Zarinah decided to subliminally respond. The screenshot is below:

Zari's screenshot
Zari’s screenshot

Well of course it’s obvious to see who Zari was targeting or isn’t it?

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