Diamond’s mother goes HAM on ignorant fan who asked about singer

Bi Sandrah alias Mama Dangote is not happy today.

It is obvious that once your child becomes a celebrity, you become  a celebrity especially if you are on social media. Most people in the society opine that it’s a mother’s duty to install strong moral values that will reflect in the child’s upbringing, which is why good parenting is an absolute necessity.

Well, Mama Dangote has always found it rough on her side whenever her child Diamond makes a mistake. Blood is thicker than water.

Today, it was not all about her son, rather it’s about defending herself against a troll.

She posted a picture of perfumes on her social media and her instagram was on fire. The criticism was too much, perhaps it’s because her daughter-in-law Zari has called her son a deadbeat who hasn’t seen his children since he was dumped in February.


Proof that Diamond’s mother loves Zari’s children


One of her fans posted;

mama_dangote uwaonei huruma wale wajukuu zako ?? Wewe ni Mama fanya uwezalo kuhakikisha ile familia unakuwa kama mwanzoni wewe Kwa Daimond ni Mama na Kwa Zari pia ni Mama so sidhani kama yatakushinda na usikubali kushindwa na haya matunga nyanya yanayo mdanganya mtoto wako apa mjini atelekeze familia yake na wtt wake jinsi walivyo wazuri;

Mama Dangote responded to that fan;

unajua maana ya kutelekeza watt? au unaongea tu kutelekezwa mtt hapati matumizi halipiwi shule hawapewi chochote lakini wale kila kitu baba yao anapeleke au mnataka anapo tuma pesa aweke inst au yy hayupo hivyo kwa wanae kila kitu wanapata msipende kujifanya washauri mavi


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Hamisa ameona hii? Diamond Platnumz’ mother reveals the unthinkable about her grandson, Prince Nillan

Diamond Platnumz’ mother Sanura Kassim is a loving grandmother to her grandchildren.

The 50-year-old grandmother’s Instagram account is dotted with photos of Diamond Platnumz and Zari’s children as well as Esma’s (her daughter) kids.


This has always raised eyebrows as to why she doesn’t share photos of her other grandson, who Diamond sired with Hamisa Mobeto.

Diamond Platnumz speaks out after he was dumped by Zari

Word has been going round that there’s bad blood between Diamond Platnumz’ mother and Hamisa, that’s why she never shares photos of her son.

Well, barely a month after Diamond Platnumz and Zari parted ways, the singer’s mother hasn’t talked about the issue but it seems she still loves her daughter-in-law and will do anything to make her go back to her son.

Sanura has been sharing photos of Diamond and Zari’s children, a clear indication that she loves her two grandchildren so much.
The Tanzanian crooner’s mother shared a photo of Prince Nillan and captioned: “Mr handsome. Koffi Annan Mzee wa usuluhishi ????”

Diamond Platnumz' son Prince Nillan
Diamond Platnumz’ son Prince Nillan


Could Prince Nillan be the main reason why Zari and Diamond Platnumz will be back together? Or did Diamond’s mother mean that Nillan was the main reason why Diamond Platnumz chose to stick with Zari after many claimed that he was barren and Princess Tiffah was not his?

Or Could Diamond Platnumz’ mother have meant that Prince Nillan, the singer’s first son brought joy to the family after his birth, considering that in African communities a man must have a son?

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Diamond Platnumz has not seen his children since he broke up with Zari

 Well, we’re keeping up with the Chibus and will update you on this.

The Tanzanian crooner, who is currently in the country on a business trip, is besotted with his daughter Princess Tiffah.

Diamond Platnumz' daughter Princess Tiffah
Diamond Platnumz’ daughter Princess Tiffah

In a lengthy message he shared on Ig, Diamond talked about his cute daughter leaving many speculating that he was hitting back at his estranged wife Zari Hassan and haters.

“People can be so mean, they say you are so beautiful…and they say you look like me… but then I wonder why they don’t wanna take it when I tell them you got your cuteness from your Dad then..??.” translated to

(Yani Binadam Wanahusda sana… Wanasema wewe ni mzuri…. Wanasema pia Umefanana sana na mie baba Yako… Lakini nikiwaambia basi kama hivyo, Uzuri umerithi kwangu mie baba yako Hawataki….?? @princess_tiffah).

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Aging Like Fine Wine! Photos Of Diamond Platnumz’ Mother Looking Young

Sanura Sandra Kassim, alias Kendrah Michael is the mother to the most popular Bongo star Diamond Platnumz.

The star dots on his mum, and one won’t miss seeing photos of the two together. He truly loves and adores his mother.

Being a mother of three adults, people expect her to appear old but surprisingly, Sandra really knows how to manage herself to even look younger like some mothers in our society today.

Her beautiful photos on her instagram page will leave you asking yourself how old she is as she is stunning and aging like fine wine.

Here are photos of how lovely Sandra Kassim looks:

dangote 1


dangote 2