Betty Kyallo’s ex husband Dennis Okari visits the wailing wall. Is he praying for a wife?

Dennis Okari, the estranged husband of Betty Kyallo, is in currently in Asia and just like they say when you go to Rome, do what the Romans do. The multi-talented media personality visited the Wailing Wall to speak to his Maker.

The Wailing Wall is an ancient limestone wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. It is considered holy due to its connection to the Temple Mount. Because of the Temple Mount entry restrictions, the Wall is the holiest place where Jews are permitted to pray, though it is not the holiest site in the Jewish faith, which lies behind it.

Okari posted a photo of him praying and captioned;

“Just presented my petition before God. #wailingwall #israel #israeltour #holyland”

Dennis Okari

Many are speculating that Dennis Okari visited the place to ask God to give him a God-fearing and great wife after parting ways with sexy screen siren Betty Kyallo barely six months into marriage, but only the father of one knows what he prayed for.

Okari was also in Turkey for war journalism training a few days ago, and he revealed that it was one of the toughest trainings he has undergone.

“36 hours of no sleep and rest with Özel Harekât, Turkish Special Forces survival training in war journalism. It’s the toughest test of endurance in the world,” he wrote accompanied by the photo below.

Dennis Okari

Check out reactions from Kenyans after Dennis Okari posted a photo at the Wailing Wall

Nivaasenath: May the desires of your heart be fulfilled. Cling on to Him.

Wagachuiga: In His time, He will make things beautiful for you

Jeffade: Anaye tafuta uso wa Bwana.Kamwe hatachoka..Go go Dennis.

Ragenya: He changes seasons, He is a faithful God, He makes new beginnings

Dave: May your prayers be answ ered @dennisokari nothing is impossible to him

Casperloxh: May the Lord grant ur prayers. You can’t still make it bro

Gathirwa: GOD loves you..HE shall never forsake nor abandon you Dennis

Obenn: Have faith n hope and things will be ok in God’s name @dennisokari

Wanyonyi: It shall be well with you Dennis Okari

Is Dennis Okari Opening Up About His Bitter ‘Separation’ From Betty Kyallo?

NTV’s investigative reporter Dennis Okari has become an influential and inspirational public figure to many.

The estranged husband of sexy screen siren Betty Kyallo has been posting a lot of inspirational pieces on his social media and preaching the gospel in high schools and it’s without a doubt that Okari has moved on after parting ways with his ex-wife.

God Is The Only Way! Here Is What Dennis Okari Has Been Up To After His Separation From Betty Kyallo (Photos)

Well, Dennis Okari has written yet another post about separation


He found himself caught between a deep argument. He could hear a stream of words being exchanged outside his plush tent and he paused. He felt the heavy weight of tension cut through the woven rushes of his safe enclosure, but he didn’t want to get involved. He was avoiding something and so he continued working.

Like scaffoldings against a building, he was hoping their common wealth would hold them together but it was tearing them apart. He had just finished working on a tent partition and was driving pins into the ground using a mallet.

He glanced at his firm grip on the wooden tool and wished he could use it as a weapon to silence the noise around him.

It is ok to fight but when you are fighting your own blood, it’s not just the ground rules that change, but the ground shifts.

This was a confrontation he was not prepared for. Like any wise man, he went inside to cool off. He decided to pray and God was listening but He wasn’t speaking. He opened his eyes expecting change but there was nothing. He prayed again. He wanted to hear sounds of truce but the cruel reality was nothing was going to change. The words of his wife pinged in his mind, “I told you.”

He didn’t want to admit it but tagging his nephew along was a mistake. They had become inseparable. He remembered being told, “Get out of your country, your family and from your father’s house to a land I will show you,”and now their relationship had reached the tipping point.

They were both very rich in livestock, in silver and in gold but money couldn’t buy him peace of mind neither could it heal the ruptured relationships between them and between their servants. Even the land where they were staying together couldn’t support them because of their great possessions.

Abram and Lot had to separate.

Abram decided to call for a cease fire meeting. He took the high moral ground and called his nephew Lot, “Please let there be no strife between you and me, and between my herdsmen and your herdsmen; for we are brothers. Please separate from me. If you take the left, then I will go to the right; or if you go to the right, then I will go to the left.” – Genesis 13:8-9

Lot lifted his eyes and saw the beauty and the lush plains of Jordan and didn’t flinch or think twice. He departed for Jordan and Abram was left alone.

Betty Kyallo Okari

He felt abandoned, dejected and his forlorn figure stood riveted to the ground. He felt a twitch in his stomach and his eyelids fluttered as he watched Lot leave.

What Abram didn’t know was that when Lot left him, he created space for God to come in. His house was occupied by a distraction, a hindrance, a veil that caused him not to see the bigger picture.

Lot represents those people or those things that surround and suck life out of you. They are your distraction, your comfort, your escape, your endearment but they are not supposed to be with you. When people leave, space is created. What occupies that space determines how far you go to fulfil your purpose in life.

Immediately Abram and Lot separated, God finally spoke to Abram.

The problem was not that God wasn’t listening to Abram when he prayed.
The problem was not that God wasn’t willing to respond to his prayers.

Dennis Okari

The problem was, when Abram was waiting on God, God was waiting on Abram.
Lot had occupied His space and therefore couldn’t come in.

Abram wasn’t in a position to hear or see anything as long as Lot was with him. There are certain people around you and until they leave, you cannot see.

They could be people you work so hard to love, impress or seek their friendship. You know you don’t fit in but you hope one day things will change. But as long as they are there, you won’t hear God’s voice or see God’s plan and walk in it because they are excess baggage. They will slow you down.

Human beings are relational creatures and no one pursues abandonment, we all want to belong but Lot has to go.

Who is your Lot? He is a dream killer, he will stifle your passion, wreck your life until you become a shadow of yourself, living a strangers’ life and not yours. He will manipulate you, lure you and use you. If Lot was meant to stay he could have told Abram let’s resolve this but he quickly left for Jordan and God allowed it because Lot was not part of His plan.

It’s time to separate from Lot. It is painful but it is necessary.

Dreams are not valid until you chase them. But how will you chase that dream when you can’t see clearly?

Genesis 13:14 And the Lord said to Abram after Lot had separated from him; “Lift up your eyes now and look from the place where you are – northward, southward, eastward and Westward; for all the land which you see I give to you.”

He is the God of abandoned places and abandoned people.

You are not alone and will never be alone. Don’t bend your head but lift up your eyes and now look from the place where you are and look the world straight in the eye.

Is God calling you to a place of separation from Lot? it is time to make that move.”

Dennis Okari piece has gone viral with many echoing his sentiments an there are some of the comments

Collins: God will always be there for his people. He will direct, protect and guide them on the way to prosperity.

Enock: its soo inspiring thanks

Stephen: Okari you’re very inspiring in your writings.

Kish:  Thank you. A very inspiring and life-changing piece

Emma: A nice one am inspired may God help me chase my dreams and I pray against all Lots in my life Amen.Thanks Okari for sharing.

Mercy: Amen! so powerful message

Fridah: It’s so inspiring Dennis Okari. …indeed I have to let certain things go for God to start working, it doesn’t matter however painful it may be…Holy Spirit may you help me in Jesus Mighty name

Wangari: Wow !! What a revelation.

Alex: Hey!! Very powerful bro…am totally encouraged, be blessed, Dennis



Betty Kyallo’s daughter is all grown up

Betty Kyallo a blessed with a beautiful baby girl. And when everything is said and done regarding their love story, this one being, this young girl, is a beautiful testament to their love and an even more powerful legacy of it.

Anyway, a few months back, Betty Kyallo granted a rare interview to a popular Kenyan magazine in which she lifted the veil of her relationship with Denis Okari ever since she left her matrimonial home and vows behind. A man whom she has since accused of being a deadbeat father who refuses to take care of his own child.

You see, Kenya was treated to a whirlwind romance between her and a man she simply referred to as Hassan. But as interesting as the affair was, it was short lived. And now she is back to being single after they parted ways.

That however hasn’t stopped her from enjoying her life and she recently took to social media to enjoy her day out with her daughter. Check them out below:

Meet The Kenyan Men Who Are Thriving After Parting Ways With Their Wives

The local showbiz industry is flooded with many celebrities but most of the times we talk much about the successful and influential women forgetting about men, especially those behind these women.

Well, we have married men, single, divorced and bachelors who also play a major role in our showbiz industry.

After doing an article about women who are thriving after parting ways with their husbands, I thought it would be interesting to do a list of the men who have made it after separating from their wives.

Well, from Dennis Okari to JBlessing, here are the Kenyan men who are thriving after parting ways with their wives.

1. Dennis Okari

He married Betty Kyallo in a colourful wedding ceremony back in 2015. It was termed the wedding of the year but six months later, they broke up. Betty moved on with life and apart from being a top presenter at KTN, she is also the CEO of a highly rated salon in the city. Okari, on the other hand, has been busy with his career at NTV and besides that, he is a preacher and motivational speaker. He preaches in schools.

Dennis Okari


2. Pastor Eric  Omba

The estranged husband to award-winning singer Gloria Muliro. The two broke up in 2015 after staying together for sometime with Infidelity cited as the main reason for their breakup. Gloria’s career continues to flourish while Omba is a video director and pastor. He later married yet another Congolese gospel singer, Bel and they are blessed with an adorable daughter.

3. JBlessing

He is a video producer and director who was once married to secular singer-cum-actress Chantelle and were blessed with a son who sadly died. JBlessing is currently working with Blaze and he recently bought a new expensive machine, a clear indication that he is doing fine.

Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome!”


4. Daniel Ng’ang’a Heho aka Hey Z Da Brand

The gospel singer’s wife is said to have cheated on him with another man. His wife is heavily pregnant for her new man while Hey Z is still single. The gospel singer decided to focus on his career and his music has always dominated the local airwaves.

5. Victor  Kanyari

The controversial man of God was exposed in 2014 as a con pastor which saw him face a lot of criticism from the public but that has never deterred him from ‘spreading the gospel’.

From building a multi-million shilling palatial home, to acquiring some of the most expensive machines around, the man of the cloth is indeed living like a king. His estranged wife Betty Bayo, continues to shine in the gospel industry. The two were blessed with a daughter and are co-parenting.


6. Phelix Oduor aka Jalang’o

The comedian-cum-presenter also parted ways with his baby mama Cheptoek Boyo though they are co-parenting. Boyo recently revealed that they are no longer an item.  Jalang’o married someone else and he is doing fine career-wise. Have you seen the kind of cars he drives?



7. Moses Njuguna Kanene

The estranged husband of sexy TV siren Lillian Muli is also doing well after they parted ways a while back. They have a son together and they are co-parenting.


8. David Makuyu

David Makuyu and Cynthia Nyamai married in 2007 when he was 31, after a year and half of dating. The two parted ways three years later. Cynthia Nyamai, a PR guru moved on and so did Makuyu who remarried in December 2015. He runs Kipawa Music Production.

David Makuyu

Love Hurts! See What Betty Kyalo Had To Say When She Heard Dennis Okari Has A New Bae

Betty Kyalo is our TV beau when it’s news time. We all did not like her when we thought she cheated on the sweet Dennis with The Sultan himself.

 Then she took it to True Love and opened up about her whole journey and struggle and now we sympathize with her

Hurt breaks are so hard to deal with for sure, I mean we don’t expect her to just move on straight away, there was love involved and to make it worse, a baby was also in it!

Betty Kyalo

So, she went on to make a funny video talking about Dennis Okari, I mean he is the last guy we knew was her man right?

She said:

So I was at the salon getting porshed up and a girl walks up and says, ‘Girl I saw your man with another woman’ I turned and looked at her like girl I saw your man with another woman too! fist bump


Well, we do know the inner meaning of this comment now don’t we? It hurt her to hear that and so she looked for the easiest way possible to just get out of that struggle!

Here is a video of what she said:

God Is The Only Way! Here Is What Dennis Okari Has Been Up To After His Separation From Betty Kyallo (Photos)

NTV journalist and Betty Kyallo’s estranged husband Dennis Okari is now a preacher. The father of one, after being exposed for being a dead beat dad, is now ministering in local high schools. It seems he has chosen to live according to God’s ways.

He wants to be a role model to young souls who are ready to take Jesus Christ as the saviour of their lives.

Over the weekend, Okari attended the much-anticipated Hillsong concert that went down at Citam Valley Road on Saturday.

“A big thank you to media. shamamah for capturing the worship moments at Hillsong concert. Let’s do it again bruh!,” he posted accompanied by the photo below.

On Sunday, Okari ministered at Nairobi School and State House Girls respectively.

‘Nairobi School in a praise eruption. We are celebrating 39 souls that received Jesus today. Blessing God for life and His grace. Shared a message titled “Above ONLY” – Deut 28:13 Onto the next one. #SchoolMinistry’

Dennis Okari

The students at State House girls were so overwhelmed by the word of God and broke into joy and jubilation.

“State House Girls was lit with hungry girls after God. Shared on Judges 6:12 “The LORD is with you” #SchoolMinistry,” Okari shared on social media.

Dennis Okari


Well, Dennis has accepted to spread the word and just like Betty Kyallo revealed in her interview with True Love, her ex-husband is so deep in religion.

Dennis Okari

The sexy TV siren said that after their honeymoon in Dubai, they went to his rural home and this is when reality started checking in.


Back in Nairobi, their relationship was shaky, nothing to smile about.

“The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Dennis got into a religious group.”

She went ahead to explain how Okari once showed up with a prophetess at the hospital where she was admitted, something which changed Betty’s mind totally.

“One time when I was sick at the hospital, he showed up with a prophetess at the Accident and Emergency to heal my stomach. I was used to a certain way of religion so I was shocked by it all!’ Betty had had enough. ‘I was tired, tired of being the power couple, tired of the religious practices that I could not fathom, and tired of not feeling protected by him.”

And it’s at this point where Betty asked for a separation.

See The Belly Betty Kyallo Has Been Hiding Under Those Stylish Clothes (PHOTOS)

2017 seems to be the year for Kenyan celebrities to hit the gym. We have seen the likes of Willis Raburu, comedians Jalang’o and Obinna and Maureen Waittitu among others hit the gym and it seems they have decided to live healthily. Or is there a competition that some of us haven’t received the memo?

Well, sexy TV siren Betty Kyallo is the latest celebrity to embark on a weight loss journey and she recently enrolled at a local gym. She is about to burn the calories and soon, she will be slaying as she flaunts her toned body.

The mother of one who recently told all about her past rough life experiences seems to have settled now and she is busy concentrating on her career, child, and health.

“Never been a gym person but I’m loving the challenge, especially the sweat 😅😅 Work it!”

Betty posted on her social media accounts her fans have encouraged her to work hard.

Hello Team Mafisi, below are rare photos of Betty Kyallo showing off her belly


Betty Kyallo


Betty Kyallo


Betty Kyallo

Dennis Okari responds to dead beat dad claims after ex wife’s revelations

These allegations aren’t explosive, they are boombastic! Telefantastic! But seeing as I do not know the lyrics to the rest of that Shaggy song, I shall move on and simply drop the bombshell!

According to Betty Kyallo, ever since she and Denis Okari went their separate ways, he hasn’t provided a dime for their daughter Ivanna nor has he made any attempts to see her. In her words, what she said was:



We reached out to Denis Okari for a comment on the matter and the conversation though not explosive was laden with nuances and subtle jibes that you cannot miss (well, not now that I have highlighted them).

He has basically not seen nor provided for his daughter for a year and a half and when I spoke to him, this was his incendiary response:

“I do not owe you or anyone else an explanation about anything!”

Fortunately, we were talking to clear the record and he took his right of reply which you can listen to in an unedited audio -just so no one claims anything about it being edited. I even left the incendiary bits in because I can both dish and take some fire.

Betty Kyallo Reveals The Strange Advice She Got In Regards To Having A Good Voice For TV

Betty Kyallo, just like every human, has had friends or colleagues who have given all sorts of advice. But the latest one she has revealed is in regards to her voice.

According to SDE, Betty stated that she was advised to take whisky and smoke so as to have a good voice for TV. This sounds absurd, but she also added that she was also told to take yoghurt. Confusing right?

Betty Kyallo Mutei

She said, “I was told that whisky would make my voice husky and that smoking would make it deeper. But of course these were never an option for me. James Karani (former KTN anchor) convinced me to take yoghurt before going on air to make my voice softer. I do not know if he was being serious or playful because I ended with my mouth being full of saliva. I had to pause and swallow in between sentences while reading news.”

‘I Lost So Many Friends When I Separated With Dennis Okari. They All Ran Away,’Betty Kyallo Shares Her Heartbreaking Story

Betty has also been rumoured for the longest time to be dating a top government official and she finally decided to clear the air about it in an exclusive interview with True Love Magazine.

Betty True Love

On her relationship with Hassan, she told the magazine, “It wasn’t until May (2016) that I became close to Hassan. He was going through the same thing, a separation, and we connected on that level. We tried to have something and it gave me comfort because we understood where we were with each other. He was easy to talk to, hang out and have fun with.”

Betty Posh

‘He Was Going Through The Same Thing’ – Betty Kyallo Finally Reveals Her Relationship With This Politician (Full Details)

She continued, “But after a few months I decided that this was not what I wanted for myself. We had a culture clash and a religious clash. I also wanted to be a strong woman; I wanted to make something of myself and my daughter. I wanted  to start a business because I am young and energetic. But he wanted someone who was chilled; there was conversation of me quitting my career and just staying at home. We did not see eye to eye on this. It was a painful discovery, and I knew it was going to hurt once again, but I had to walk. I left with what was mine and gave him  what was his and we parted ways peacefully in December 2016.”

Read the full story here.

‘He Was Going Through The Same Thing’ – Betty Kyallo Finally Reveals Her Relationship With This Politician (Full Details)

For a really long time, Betty Kyallo has been the talk of town and all this started way back after splitting with her then husband, Dennis Okari.

So much was said about their relationship, with many filling in the blank spaces without having the full story. This went on for months, with neither of them wanting to comment on anything, in regards to their split.


Well, Betty finally found her voice and decided to clear the air about everything once and for all. The revelations were nothing close to what many had thought.

Speaking exclusively to True Love Magazine, Betty finally opened up about her relationship with a man named Hassan. It had been stated that she was in a relationship Mombasa governor Hassan Ali Joho, so could she be referring to him?


Anyway she stated that she was going through so much after her breakup, even though it was claimed that she was in another relationship with another man when she split with Dennis.

She rather shut down the rumours and stated that if anything, the infidelity was on Dennis’ side.


On her relationship with Hassan, she told the magazine, “It wasn’t until May (2016) that I became close to Hassan. He was going through the same thing, a separation, and we connected on that level. We tried to have something and it gave me comfort because we understood where we were with each other. He was easy to talk to, hang out and have fun with.”


Betty was felling much better having to talk to someone who was going through the same thing, but along the way she realised that whatever they had was not what she wanted.

She continued, “But after a few months I decided that this was not what I wanted for myself. We had a culture clash and a religious clash. I also wanted to be a strong woman; I wanted to make something of myself and my daughter. I wanted  to start a business because I am young and energetic. But he wanted someone who was chilled; there was conversation of me quitting my career and just staying at home. We did not see eye to eye on this. It was a painful discovery, and I knew it was going to hurt once again, but I had to walk. I left with what was mine and gave him  what was his and we parted ways peacefully in December 2016.”

‘I Lost So Many Friends When I Separated With Dennis Okari. They All Ran Away,’Betty Kyallo Shares Her Heartbreaking Story

Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari’s glitzy wedding left many tongues wagging for days. It was the wedding of the year in 2015. Their fans were convinced that they were a perfect match made in heaven and that they would age gracefully together.

After their nuptials, the industry bigwigs took off on their honeymoon that was planned in three phases covering three different romantic destinations from Mauritius to Diani to Dubai where they enjoyed every moment spent together.

Okari and Betty posted photos of their honeymoon escapades on their respective social media accounts , flaunting their sweet moments together, much to the annoyance of their haters.



Early 2016, KTN TV siren Betty Kyallo had parted ways with her husband Dennis Okari, barely 6 months into their marriage.

Betty Kyallo

This saw the once upon a time media power couple trend for the days and many stories were said and written about them.

Betty Kyallo, who had hyphenated her husband’s name on her handles (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), deleted it changing all her social media handles to now reflect her single status Betty Mutei Kyallo. On the other hand, Okari deleted all the pics on his social media accounts and unfollowed everyone on Instagram. (he currently follows no one on Instagram).

The mother of one moved on, dated someone but later parted ways after a mutual agreement, started a hair spa business and focused more on her career and daughter Ivanna. On the other hand, Okari was mocked on social media everytime he ran a story on TV but this did not deter him from doing what he loved most.

Continue reading “‘I Lost So Many Friends When I Separated With Dennis Okari. They All Ran Away,’Betty Kyallo Shares Her Heartbreaking Story”

‘Dennis Okari Stood Me Up On Our Traditional Wedding’ Teary Betty Kyallo Spills The Beans

KTN’s news anchor Betty Kyallo has revealed juicy details about her divorce with NTV’s investigative journalist Dennis Okari.

Talking to True Love, the TV personality has revealed that during her traditional wedding, Okari stood her up and did not pick her calls.

“I needed to find out what time their entourage would arrive. But he did not pick up my call. I tired calling him again after an hour and once again it went unanswered.’

Betty’s parents tried to contact Okari which saw their calls go unaswered too.

“At 3pm, when we tried to call again, all their phones were off. By the time the sun was going down, it was obvious that I had been stood up on my traditional wedding.”

All this time, Betty’s mother had invited almost 250 friends from her chama, they had used lots of money to prepare for the traditional wedding.

“My dad wanted to go and tell everyone what was happening, but i told him that i would go. I started by thanking them for coming and then i told them that things did not work out. I would sense that nobody understood what I was talking about, but I let them know that I was grateful to have them home since we had not connected for a long time.”


EXCLUSIVE: Check Out Dennis Okari’s Birthday Message To Betty Kyallo


Everybody in her family wanted her to break up with Okari after what he had put her through. Three years down the line, pregnant Betty Kyallo would then go back to Okari as she talked to him behind her family’s back.

The two agreed that when their daughter turned one year, they would do a second traditional wedding even though Betty felt that she was not being protected by Okari when it came to his family’s side.

This time round, the traditional wedding was attended by only ten people. Betty explained,

“We then decided that when Ivanna turned one, we would have the wedding. The second traditional wedding leading up to this day was attended by only 10 people. My mum and dad were the only ones present from my from of the family. But ultimately, it was not the marriage ceremony I had dreamed of.

‘Good Marriages Are Created’ Popular Gospel Singer Pens Down Inspiring Message On How To Build A Successful Marriage

They say that he who finds a wife, finds a good thing.  But at the rate that Kenyan marriages are breaking up, perhaps we could question this saying.

Examples of celebrity marriages that lasted less than 12 month include Kenya’s no 1 hype man DNG and Yvette, Dennis Okari and Betty Kyalo and Prezzo, Eunice Njeri and Izzo among others.

They are an example that all that glitters is not gold.


Surprising enough some marriages do work and should serve as an inspiration to us.

Popular gospel songstress Evelyn Wanjiru is one of few who are enjoying the fruits of a happy marriage. She recently took to social media and gave out tips on how a happy marriage is created

In a marriage the little things are the big things.
It’s never being too old to hold hands
It is remembering to say I love you everyday
It is never going to bed Angry at each other
It is speaking words of appreciation
It is demonstrating gratitude in thoughtful ways
It is having the capacity to forgive and forget
It is giving each other a safe place in which to grow
It is not only marrying the right person,it is being the right partner.

Evelyne and her hubby Bwenieve Akweyu walked down the aisle back in 2012 and they seem to be enjoying every single movement of their marriage. Bwenieve also doubles up as Evelyne’s producer and the two own Bwenieve production.

People should at least borrow a leaf from the couple and make an effort to ensure that they work on their marriage. By doing so, perhaps we will see less divorce cases.

Check out photos of the Akweyu’s that will make you believe in love again










Check Out These Hot TV Anchors Who Will Make You Ditch Your Guy

Journalists grace our screens to deliver news, but some are an eye candy and we can never fail to notice and appreciate ‘ Work On their good looks.

Even though news is meant to be a serious affair, it can sometimes turn boring and their good looks is the only motivation that keeps us going when watching boring news. Even with fame and money, some of this journalists have managed to maintain their good looks.

Even with most of them either being married or engaged, that does not stop ladies from wanting a piece of them. After all, no one hates nice toys.

Check them out some of the anchors and presenters below. But remember. You can look, but can’t touch.

1.Jamal Gaddafi

The sexy eye candy is the host of a local programme called Mzuka which airs on KTN. He is married and is a dad to a handsome boy. So ladies, he is taken.


2.Mark Maasai

The hot news anchor at NTV is so humble yet so handsome. He is among the few people in the media who manage to keep away from bad publicity.

He is married to his longtime sweetheart Fiona Nduta.


3.John Allan Namu

The hot investigative journalist has a body to die for despite being a father of three. He shows young men the real meaning of ageing gracefully. He is married to Sheena Makena.


4.Dennis Okari

The hot eye candy is the ex husband of Betty Kyallo with whom they have a daughter. Apart from his good eye for news, he catches women’s attention for his good looks.


5.Johnson Mwakazi

Former Citizen TV journalist, is an eye candy for his good look, a deal breaking smile and a deep inviting voice. Even though he isn’t much in the public anymore, only a fool can deny his good looks.


7. Hussein Mohammed KTN

KTN news journalist Hussein is a hunk even with his small body frame. His smile is infectious and we can’t deny he is an eye candy.


8.Eric Njoka

He is undeniably good looking. He is both beauty and brains. The K24 anchor joins the battle of the most handsome journalists in the media fraternity.

eric njoka

9.Waihiga Mwaura

The talented Waihiga has a smile to die for and good looks to go with . He is married to the beautiful gospel musician Joyce Omondi.



‘Good Over Evil’: Betty Kyallo Takes Shots At Haters As She Shows Off Her Media Personality of The Year Award Trophy

A lot of people attacked her when she revealed that she had been nominated for the 2017 OLX Soma Awards as the Media Personality Of The Year category, but it looks like they still voted anyway.

Betty Mutei Kyallo walked away with the prestigious award as the Media Personality of The Year at the gala event which went own at the Radisson Blu Nairobi.

TOUGH COOKIE! 10 Photos That Prove Betty Kyallo Is All Grown, Sexy And Bada**

This ceremony marked the 5th edition of the annual awards, which was attended by several public figures and celebrities from all sectors in the entertainment and corporate industry in Kenya.


Betty Kyallo was thrilled by the victory and could not help but share the good news with her fans, thanking them for the continued support, but she did not forget about her haters and critics.

As you know Betty Kyallo left her baby daddy and ex-husband Dennis Okari just a few months after they had exchanged their vows at a colorful wedding ceremony at the Marula Manor back in 2016.

WOW! Betty Kyallo Reveals The One Thing She Really HATES, And It’s Not KOT

For some reason, some fans felt like her move was not the best especially after she was linked to a certain public figure after her nasty separation with the NTV investigator, which was part of why they didn’t think she deserves the award.


But that’s in the past now and Betty Kyallo is doing a good job at raising their daughter who recently turned 3 years old;

Happy birthday my angel. You are my slice of heaven, my little hurricane❤️. I love you so much my baby. Happy 3rd Birthday. You are destined for greatness because God loves you and your mama will always work hard for you. #IvannaTurns3

Betty Kyallo took to her social media to thank and appreciate her fans, and had a few words for her haters;

Some people fear the fire, some people become it! We won fam! Thank God, Thank you!
Winning feels sooo damn good oh and For the confused fans aka haters be patient, there’s more coming in Jesus name👊🏼 Good Over Evil

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Read Betty Kyalo’s Message To All Dads On Father’s Day

Celebrated TV personality Betty Kyalo was among the many local celebrities who took to their social media platforms to celebrate fathers on Father’s Day.

This is a day set aside to celebrate all the fathers and father figures out there who are present in their kids lives. On this day, Betty decided to celebrate dad’s and mom’s who double up as fathers to their kids due to different circumstances in life.


While some fans on her social media wished her the same, some had no chills to the extent of wishing her ex-husband Dennis Okari happy fathers day instead.

The couple’s break up did not go well with some Kenyans some who still harbor grudges against Betty Kyalo for leaving Dennis. The couple have a daughter together although she is not much in the limelight.

Here are some of the comments after Betty put up a message to fathers out there:


Betty who is not new to controversy, has been bashed severally by her fans, but that does not seem to deter her from living life to the fullest.


WOW! Betty Kyallo Reveals The One Thing She Really HATES, And It’s Not KOT

Celebrated KTN news anchor Betty Kyallo has become a household name in the Kenyan media and showbiz industry in the last few years.

Other than being one of the most beautiful and popular TV presenters in Kenya, Betty Kyallo is also a mother to a cute little girl by the name Ivanna, with her ex investigative journalist, Dennis Okari.

Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari walked down the aisle back in September 2015 at an invites only wedding at Marula Manor, but sadly, they did not even finish a year together after the grand ceremony, citing ‘irreconcilable differences’.


But now, Betty Kyallo has completely moved on with her daughter and is doing well so far, if what she posts on her social media is anything to go by.

In fact, she seems to have turned over a new leaf and of late, she’s all about motherhood, looking good, traveling and focusing on her work and new business venture.

Betty Kyallo is also known to confidently take on haters and critics on social media, especially Kenyans On Twitter who recently attacked her after she was selected as a nominee for the Media Personality Of The Year Award.

She’s Too Extra: Betty Kyallo Throws Shade At Haters After She Was Nominated For An Award


The sassy lass hates cyber bullying and people who troll celebrities on social media, and now, she’s gone to reveal something else that she really hates, needles.

She revealed this after sharing a photo while in the hospital getting an injection after she suffered extreme fatigue. Betty Kyallo had been rushed to the hospital before her bulletin started, to the point that she couldn’t move.

Feeling much better after recovering from extreme fatigue. Yesterday I left work for hospital a few minutes to my bulletin after it caught up with me proper and I couldn’t even move. Learnt that sometimes you have to slow down from the hustle and rest. Happy Wednesday🦋

TOUGH COOKIE! 10 Photos That Prove Betty Kyallo Is All Grown, Sexy And Bada**

Betty Kyallo shared the photo, with a caption that read; “I hate needles.” Who knew that Betty Kyallo is the type of women who fears being injected in the hospital?

We wish the elegant mother a quick recovery.





TOUGH COOKIE! 10 Photos That Prove Betty Kyallo Is All Grown, Sexy And Bada**

Betty Kyallo has over the last couple of years become one of the most popular and celebrated female news anchors in the media industry.

The KTN news anchor has also grown in her career and is doing well for herself, with her Friday Briefing show being one of the most watched in the country.

Though Betty Kyallo is happily single at the moment after she separated from her husband investigative reporter Dennis Okari, just 6 months after their lavish wedding, which was the talk of the town.


When they were together, Betty and Dennis Okari were blessed with a beautiful baby girl by the name Ivanna, who is all grown up now and is currently living with her mother, who has embraced motherhood over the years.

Betty Kyallo’s break up with Okari was not easy and the devastation was evident after she took some time off after the whole saga, but when she bounced back, she did it effortlessly and looks better than ever.


The stunning news anchor turned a year older a few days ago, which was not just a happy moment for her but also a chance to turn over a new leaf and unveil a side we have never seen before.

Money Talks! Betty Kyallo Takes Time To Unwind And Celebrate Her Upcoming Birthday In The Most Amazing Way (PHOTOS)

Betty Kyallo, is also a business woman who owns a luxurious beauty spa and salon, and to celebrate her birthday in a unique way, she showed her fans her fierce side, with a totally different attitude, exuding confidence and boldness, in new breath-taking photos.

From the photos, she displays an independent woman who makes her own decisions and runs her own life the way she sees fit.

Check out these photos that prove that Betty Kyallo is all grown up and a bada*s!