‘I was nicknamed Avocado…’ Sauti Sol’s Savara shares some of his insecurities

Classic 105 has officially launched Sauti Sol’s new song, Insecure and fans are loving it as seen in the comment section because the story behind it is relatable to many.

Savara from the boy band says he was insecure of his face because he had acne.

“I could not even approach a girl those days. Nilikua na maspots all over my face,” he said.

Savara then talked about being insecure about how he conducts himself in the group.

Sauti Sol drops anticipated new single ‘Insecure’

“I am insecure about my ideas because I exist in a group and that means that whatever I bring on the table and how I behave has to be in line with everyone else in the group, I am insecure about my love life and sometimes I don’t know how to approach my girlfriend in certain things I know she is sensitive about.”

This is the third single off the upcoming album ‘Midnight Train’ that will be  launched on June 5.


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‘Suzanna’, the first single and has so far attracted over nine million views on YouTube.

The second single, ‘Brighter Days’, which was released on April 17 has over 1.2 million views on YouTube.

The release of ‘Insecure’ is in line with their commitment to “to brighten up these times of gloom and doom with music.”

Classic 105 launched the song to ensure that we walk together with Sauti Sol on their musical journey so that their fans across the world receive this music from the comfort of their homes now that concerts are on hold.

Check out some of the comments from the song;

starcheptoo: Insecure of my height😂😂..nakuaga mshort so people mistake of a little girl worst of all am always childish

Watch the amazing video to the song

Sauti Sol’s Savara Celebrates His 30th Birthday With A Big Announcement

Sauti Sol’s Savara celebrates his 30th birthday today (25th May 2017), and with it makes a big announcement.

This comes after undergoing a life-changing period this year, having been involved in two separate road accidents, leaving his left his ankle broken. Though still under recovery, he just launched his imprint community initiative dubbed #SaWA (Savara Women’s Advancement Program).

savara 1

#SaWA will roll out a series of community events and projects in the upcoming weeks. They will include a football tournament, Sauti Sol’s first mega concert in Eastlands and the launch of a training and mentorship program for young ladies.

The Birthday Boy, Savara says, “As I hit the Big 30 this year, I want to give back to my family and fans from Eastlands, where I was born and raised. Every time I am back home, I interact with young people and they have always expressed their longing to engage in fun activities like sports and attending a Sauti Sol concert—that’s how my idea of doing activities that engage and empower the community came about. The football tournament, concert and the ladies training program will bring my fans together not only on a fun level, but also on a development level,” adding, “I feel like I got a second chance to life this year, and I want to share it with my fans.”

savara 2

Happy Birthday Savara.