MCA jailed 15years for defiling a minor

Member of County Assembly was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment over a defilement offense by a Migori court on Friday.

Lukas Masa Hura will also serve a separate three month jail term or pay a fine of sh10, 000 after he was convicted for an offence of escaping from custody on a day he was arrested for defiling a 13-year-old schoolgirl in Kuria East Sub County.

Rongo Senior Resident Magistrate Purity Rugut said the prosecution had proved beyond reasonable doubt that Hura, who served as a County Representative for Ntimaru East Ward, had committed the offence of defiling the class six pupil at a local primary school.

“The Prosecution had effectively showed through the evidences adduced before court that the accused had assaulted the minor on May 11, 2014,” said the Judge in her two hour judgment.

The Court had earlier heard that the MCA committed the offence at a lodging where he had forcefully dragged the girl into the room after he lured her into the premises.

Details provided to the prosecution by the minor indicated how the politician held hostage the victim for several hours before she was saved by Police from Ntimaru police station who had been alerted by members of the public at around 7pm.

In her long narrative to the court, the girl had earlier stated that she had gone to collect charcoal and vegetables from her mother at Ntimaru market but while on her way back home, the MCA pounced on her and dragged her into a nearby bar before pushing her into a room where he defiled her.

But the accused who made a self-defense in court after dropping his long time lawyer on accusation of not being serious with his case told the court that on the material day, he was at his home celebrating a newborn son.

“I never saw any police officers then, and if I had done anything wrong, they would have come for me. They only arrested me on May 20, 2014 while I was headed for the County Assembly in Migori Town,” he said.

But a report by police had indicated that after he was arrested, he managed to escape from two policemen.

A medical officer from Ntimaru District Hospital, where the girl was taken for screening to ascertain if she was defiled, testified in the case and told the court that the alleged act was confirmed after the victim was presented at the facility.

The medical officer testified despite failure by the Government Chemist to establish a DNA link between the fluids taken from the victim’s linen and those of the accused politician.

Magistrate Rugut said: “Whereas the evidence of Government Analyst showed that there was no link between DNA profile of the accused person and prosecution witness number one(the girl), the medical evidence of Prosecution witness number six(the clinical officer from Kehancha District Hospital) confirmed that the girl’s hymen was broken subsequently corroborating the evidence.

“Although the accused is a first offender and I do reckon that the court’s hands in sexual offences are tied. I proceed to sentence him for 15 years in jail for defiling the minor,” the magistrate said.

The Rongo law courts were cordoned by a contingent of policemen who ensured that there was no interference during the court process that took over 30 minutes.

The case was supposed to be heard at the Kehancha Law Courts but authorities took caution against crowd trouble and moved it to Rongo more than 100 kilometers away.

– The Star

Watchman gets 20 years for defiling a minor

A watchman found guilty of defiling a 14-year-old girl was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Thursday.

Oliver Omusugu Okwakau, 22, was charged that on August 19 at Kiandege estate in Naivasha he lured the minor into his house in the pretext of wanting to send her to a shop.

He appeared before Naivasha Resident Magistrate Selina Muchungi.

The court heard that the girl’s mother had gone for a burial leaving the rest of her children in her care and requesting Okwakau, their neighbour, to keep an eye on them.

The girl said she woke up in pain on Okwakau’s bed two hours after taking the tea and mandazis he served her.

She said she also had a severe headache and that he threatened to harm her if she reported the incident to anyone.

She however informed her mother upon her return on August 25, who then reported the offense to police officers at the Karagita police patrol base.

She was taken to Naivasha Subcounty Hospital for an examination.

Okwakau reportedly relocated to another estate when he learned that the police were carrying out an investigation.

He was arrested with the help of village elders.

-The Star 


Man accused of defiling 2-year-old out on Sh300,000 bond

A man was charged with defiling a two-year-old child at a Nyahururu court on Wednesday.

Jackson Lelesit faced two charges of defiling the minor and touching her inappropriately on December 2 at Maundu-Meri, Laikipia County.

Leselit had earlier denied the charges before Nyahururu Resident Magistrate Peter Muholi.

The magistrate ordered his release on a bond of Sh300,000, but he was remanded for failing to raise the amount.

The case will be mentioned on December 18 and heard on March 25.


Teacher sentenced to 15 years for defiling a student

A former headteacher  from Uganda broke down after he was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for defiling a student in his office.

The man known as  Geofrey Muliika, was a head teacher of St. Mary’s College Lugazi in Buikwe district and commited the said offence in March this year.
The 15-year-old victim testified that Muliika sent for her at 5:30am local time (EAT) and when she entered his office, he locked it.

She said Muliika warned her of a bad peer group she had joined and that she risked being expelled before forcing himself on her.

The Prosecution  prayed for a deterrent sentence and  had suggested 40 years, saying Muliika freely initiated the act and planned to execute the same.

Source : Newvision