UoN lecturer Hannah Inyama declared not fit to stand trial in sons death


A university lecturer who kept her dead son in her house for allegedly more than two weeks is not fit to be charged.

Hannah Inyama was arrested last month after the body of her 13-year-old son was found wrapped in a blanket in her house on Nairobi’s South B estate.

An investigating officer told Makadara chief magistrate Heston Nyaga that Inyama is not mentally stable to stand trial over the death of her son, Emmanuel.
According to a psychiatric report, which the officer cited, the University of Nairobi don is not in her right state of mind and was put on medication for a month.

“The suspect has been put on medication, which will be on a daily basis and is required to appear in hospital on November 29 to check her progress,” the investigator said.

He added that Inyama will undergo medication until she gets well. The magistrate released Inyama to her parents, who were in court, and ordered her to report to the police every Friday. He also directed the matter to be mentioned on December 3 for further directions.

Inyama had been detained by the police for 10 days to allow them to finish investigations. The suspect allegedly stayed with the body for at least two weeks in Kifaru Apartments. She had invited church members to her home to sing and praise God.

She is a specialist in post-resuscitation care of the critically ill. This involves optimising ventilation and circulation and preserving organ and tissue function.

Last month, police boss Philip Ndolo told The Star that they were tipped off by neighbours about a foul smell emanating from the house. They broke in and found Emmanuel’s body wrapped in a blanket in the sitting room.

The mother told them the boy had fallen and died in the sixth-floor apartment.
“She said she did not take him to a hospital because she does not believe in hospitals,” Ndolo said.

“My officers tried knocking but nobody opened the door. After five minutes, they broke in. The woman by that time was hiding in the kitchen. It is like she heard us breaking in and rushed to hide.”

Ndolo said the boy was studying in a private school where he was to sit his KCPE exam.

SAD: Francis Atwoli’s brother in law killed

COTU Boss Francis Atwoli’s wife Mary Kilobi has lost her brother.

Mary’s brother, Emmanuel Weyusia was shot dead last night by thugs in Thika.

 Emmanuel Weyusia
Kilobi’s brother Emmanuel Weyusia

The KTN presenter shared the sad news with her followers and she wrote,


Below are messages of condolences from Kenyans to Mary Kilobi’s family

Fredrick Shitubi Just woken up to exceedingly shocking news that a dear friend, Emmanuel Weyusia (left), was gunned down by thugs last night. Death, where is thy sting? Such a sad morning. Rest in peace bro.

Hon Wafula Okumu Emmanuel Weyusia, why you my long-time friend, friend!? and why now!? Why!? I just don’t know how to say RIP! I still don’t believe! It must be a lie!

Wafula Paul How can God let this happen. The killers of Emmanuel Weyusia do not know who they have taken from us. What a dark day. How shocking. What a man. What a cruel world. How do you mourn such a good man?

Lyndah Tabani Aki pole tu sana family anr friends, it is God’s plan. May he rest in peace. Be strong pls.

Etyang Frank This is so shocking. Unimaginable that Emmanuel ‘s life has been ended so fast. REST IN PEACE MY BROTHER. SING WITH THE ANGELS.  Mariah Kilobi Atwoli take heart my dear. It is tough.


We at Classic condole with the family. May he rest in peace.

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Meet the couple in the tragic underwater proposal in Tanzania


A tragic story of a man drowning while proposing to his fiancee underwater broke the hearts of many worldwide.

Kenesha Antoine and Steven Weber, a US couple, were in Tanzania on vacation when things went wrong.

Steven was proposing in an  underwater room at the Manta Resort on Pemba Island, off Tanzania.

Kenesha has now shared a video of moments leading to the proposal.

The video shows the man in the water holding up a note.

“I can’t hold my breath long enough to tell you everything I love about you. But everything I love about you I love more every day!” the note reads.

In the video, the Louisiana man flips the page to show the message

“Will you marry me?” before pulling out an engagement ring box.

Antoine posted on Facebook that Weber “never emerged from those depths”.

Meet the couple:

couple in underwater proposal 3

couple in underwater proposal 2

couple in underwater proposal 1

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RIP: Lugari man holds the most elaborate burial for his ‘BFF’ chicken


A man from Maji Mazuri village in Lugari subcounty conducted a funeral for his favourite hen and cemented its grave. He promised to hold anniversary rites for his bird.

Residents on Friday were drawn to the home of Joseph Omulai by the laments he sang after learning of the death of his hen in a nest where it was sitting on 12 eggs that were to hatch in two weeks.

They were surprised when they found him mourning the hen. He played loud music in his home overnight, akin to ‘disco matanga’ during funerals.

Omulai dug a three-foot-deep grave on Saturday, conducted a one-man service, reading the Bible and praying. He wrapped it in a white cloth and buried it. Then he cemented the grave as villagers watched in astonishment.

murdered chickens

In the cement, he wrote, Rass Hen 2019.

Omulai said he loved his hen and was deeply saddened by its sudden death, alleging it succumbed to injuries after it was hit by a villager. He said that instead of throwing it away, he wanted to honour it.

“I bought seven chicks last year and took care of them up to maturity but others were stolen and I was left with this one which had laid 12 eggs. I was just waiting for them to hatch, but unfortunately, somebody hit the hen, causing its death,” Omulai said.

Resident Halima Daraja said,

“I was informed of the incident by my neighbour but I didn’t believe it. When I came here I was shocked to find him mourning his hen. He read the Bible and prayed before burying it as we watched.”

Another resident said she heard of the burial from her children who had passed Omulai’s compound and witnessed the burial.

“In fact, I chased my children and warned them against lying to me, but after they insisted that I see myself, I decided to come and witness. I couldn’t believe what I saw,” she said.

Villager Caroline Awinja said that since she missed the burial service, she is waiting to see how Omulai will conduct the anniversary service.

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‘I’ve selected the music and pictures for my funeral’ man reveals

The late Dutch billionaire Tob Cohens will, will be opened after much controversy over its contents.

His widow Sarah Wairimu has indicated through her lawyer that she won’t attend the planned will reading because the confidentiality of the document had been impugned after the Star, citing a Dutch newspaper, published its contents on September 16.

The Star had reported that Cohen, at the time estranged from his wife, had given his sister his Sh400 million Kitisuru villa.

Algemeen Dagblad (AD), the Dutch newspaper on whose reporting the Star relied on, quoted Cohen’s sister Gabrielle as saying they have planned to take possession of the villa of their murdered brother in a matter of weeks.

The idea of a will being written while the person is still alive has elicited mixed reaction.

A Classic 105 man shocked audiences after revealing the extreme lengths he has gone to, to prepare for his eventual death.

From selecting the pictures to be used, to the wording of the obituary, and the music for the day, the man had no qualms admitting that he is defying African myths about planning for a funeral when still alive.

In my laptop is a folder called finally: it has music to be played, the pictures to be used, and the words for the obituary. I have even written the eulogy it just needs to be edited

He added

Let me do the things the way I want them to be done, because it is me, nobody can write my life history better

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Tupac had a strange request in his Will that his friends did it anyway


The proceedings for a last will and testament are usually so simple, it boils down to leaving houses to family.

But there are those among us, who are so extra that what they wanted in their wills is unbelievable.

The late rapper 2pac was one man who outdid others.

In Tupac’s song “Black Jesus” he mentioned a final wish of his.

The request was so unusual that his friends immediately agreed to do it.


In the song, the rapper expressed a desire for his friends to actually smoke his ashes.

Believe it or not, they actually did. Several of his closest friends mixed his ashes with a joint and smoked it.

Here at Classic 105, we have been celebrating his 23rd death anniversary and we hope you have been listening.

Rest in Peace Tupac.

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‘We didn’t spend our childhood together’ Fred Omondi opens up about late brother


Eric and Fred Omondi’s brother died within hours of being discovered alive heavily addicted.

Fred, in an interview on Tuesday September 10th, revealed that

the last time Eric saw him was two years before he died, and was called to a lodging where our brother had OD’d, and sadly died in the room in that lodging, 


His family was tipped off about his location in downtown, and Eric asked the person to ensure his brother didn’t leave and was as comfortable as could be

the same night is when he died when Eric was going to pick him up to take him to hospital

after confirming and leaving to make hospital arrangements, he found him dead

Fred said the family had tried to help him out of his addiction, sadly he kept running away

It’s been 1 year since his death, we went through a lot, this is somebody we didn’t spend time growing up with, he would disappear coz of mihadarati, so from high school he would disappear, and my dad being a policeman would look for him and find him, and he would disappear again, and we would miss him. It affected Eric and my sister alot.

The brother died in 2018, and a year later Fred reminisced his death

it’s a good lesson. I am a witness that if you have the chance to stop this kind of life, stop it….

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‘We hid under a cave’ man narrates horrific experience at Hell’s Gate after flash floods

Tragedy struck again at Hells Gate National Park, when a group of tourists and their guide got overwhelmed by a flash flood, caused by a severe rainstorm some distance away.
Kenya Wildlife Service and other security agencies have launched a full scale search and rescue mission, hoping to find the group alive.

A man called Dennis Itolia has on Facebook written his traumatic experience together with his family. He wrote

“God is so great.

These photos were taken at Hells Gate. The rains started and we hid under a cave. When it continued to increase, I asked the KWS warden to take us back. They were 2. The one carrying my kid on their shoulders obliged. We bore the rain and came out through an emergency exit.

In the cave to our right were other tourists plus the other warden. They opted to wait for the rain to subside. Too bad, I learnt this morning they were all swept away by flash floods. They didn’t make it.

May God Rest Their Souls In Eternal Peace.”

Condolences messages continue to be received from Kenyans:
Gladys Mumbi Kamau Ndungu Nyoro, ...I wish people would know that there’s power behind every name, It might be positive or negative. The name itself tells you exactly what to expect. I thank God for saving the lives of this man and his family. But people should be careful …

Munjiru Njuguna ..The last time I was there in June , I was told thirty minutes prior the flash floods the walls of experiences tremors. So you have to locate the email emergency exits within that time💆🏾‍♀️😬🤦🏾‍♀️ I am not sure how true that is, but what I can say is, I didn’t not enjoy the place at ALL!!!!!

Nahason Karuri ..You have all the reasons to thank God.For your information,those guards aren’t from KWS.They are from the community who are accommodated to operate guide services to visitors at a fee.I dont know exactly how they operate but one thing am.very use of is
Nimmoh Wa Kahuria ..Apparently the flash floods come from rains from the surrounding hills. The floods happen hata kama the exact place has not rained. The management shld come out with ways to detect the floods and evacuate anyone in the caves in due time. The name shld also be changed, name it Olkaria caves..

Marion Kuria ..I remember years back whn still in high school 12+years, I cldnt get down there…. I literally became sick n had to go back to the bus…. Years later with my friends we went for a walk, again just kuchungulia from top I fell sick… Upto date have never understood the connection btwn that me falling sick…… Anyway its high time thy change its name

Shiro Wa Kamau …N u hear there’s a devils bedroom inside. Reke nemwo. God is great He saved you. N for those who lost their lives may they rest in peace


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Nyandarua man kills two sons, and hangs self in row with in laws

A 31-year-old boda boda rider from Nyakiambi Sub-location in Miragine, Nyandarua County killed his two sons aged 9 and seven and then committed suicide by hanging himself.

His lifeless body was discovered in the evening by family members who broke his house.

He left a suicide not indicating frustration by his in-laws who took away his second wife two years ago. His first wife left him four years ago leaving behind the two children who were killed.

suicie note

Mirangine Sub-County Police Commander Edwin Ogwuari said he could no reveal the details of the suicide note as it is being used in the ongoing investigations.

His second wife Teresia Nyakinyua,said she left him due to violence where at some point he injured her with a knife.

He has continually threatened her and even before he killed his children and took his own life he had threatened her that one of them have to die.


A few days ago he shaved his dreadlocks using a razor-sharp panga saying the symbolized all the problems he has gone through in life.

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Kenyans share bittersweet thoughts on remarrying


Losing a partner is so unimaginably hard to go through. The waves of grief and pain must, at times, be completely suffocating.

But what happens when you give yourself time to heal, and find someone else to share your life with?

On Classic 105 morning show, many people recounted their experiences while others told what they would do in the event they suffered such a loss.
Brave Classic 105 also fans flocked to our social media platforms to share their difficult stories and thoughts, each vocalising one consistent truth: it is bittersweet.

Nisha Gohil wrote

Being emotionally and mentally prepared is the right time. But never tie the knot just because you want your child to have a mother/father. Your well-being is of equal importance.

Sylvanus Ndaso added that

Life must continue……let the dead burry the dead and the living ought to seek their happiness. As long as you consider kids, marry and have a companion

Douglas Kiplagat

As soon as you’ve mourned enough and your heart is ready to have another person in your. After all we all have feelings, yes you’ve lost her/him but feelings bado ziko #MainaAndKingangi

Another man spoke passionately of his loss

I’m a widower and she died three years ago. I have not been able to move on, I’ve not been able to move because I want someone good who will take care of this girl, it becomes difficult because some women want to trap you. I’m thinking of remarrying but after some time, probably when my daughter is a little bit older,

Another man who has no time for grief said

Now death has happened, come on bro, lazima tu move on

A woman shocked at her friends death after the widower emerged with a new babe

I have a friend whose wife died in 2017, and the guy already had another woman, immediately after the burial he went home with her, so disgusting, actually the lady has a baby. I don’t know what’s wrong with these men, watuheshimu kidogo even if its for three months.

Have you lost a partner? Let us know your experience in the comments below…

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‘They deserted him’ KOT slam Ken Okoth’s relatives over burial plans


The final resting place for the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth, 41, is the subject of debate on social media.

Okoth succumbed to colorectal cancer on July 26 at the Nairobi Hospital.

Four days ago we learned that he asked his family to switch off his life support and ‘let him go’.

Reasons Ken Okoth might have asked his family to cut him off life support

ken okoth back from paris

His fathers side of the family want him buried next to his father in Homa Bay. And this is where the dilemma checks in.

The family from Rangwe constituency wants the body buried at Kanyachir-Amoso village in Kochia, where his father was laid to rest.

A family spokesman said this is according to Luo traditions, however KOT beg to differ.

In sharp remarks made on social media, KOT want the late’s paternal side of the family to let it be. Read their reactions below:
Luo culture is funny, you abadon a kid, the kid grows to be prominent, dies, the dads clan claims the bury him. Question, will you do the same to obama?

Stephen Otieno..
I hope the late MP had left a will. He should be laid to rest according to his wishes. Why admonish the late MP to a home he barely knew?

Meet Ken Okoth’s mum who sold paraffin and tomatoes to educate six kids

Will this be a repeat of the famous battle of Nyalgunga (S.M Otieno’s Funeral)
Peharps the battle of Kochia?

Awiti Ochieng’..
And the case was decided on their favour. Did the father claim him when he was alive? And also there is a saying ‘loo oktamrega ng’ato’ Now the jungu wife be wondering about these traditions. NKT
Ole soeni..
Okoths’ relatives are only interested in disco matanga and inheriting the white widow. Where were they when okoth was struggling?
leone ahinga..
These ‘father’s side relatives’ are never there when widowers are left after their sons death but are always the first ones to give rules on burials n dowries,very lazy always

The last thing he did for his constituents was attend a music festival on July 7th with his peers.

‘I can’t be cured,’ Proof that Ken Okoth knew he was dying

He said

Our children have immeasurable talent; it’s a joy to give them a platform to showcase these talents on stage through song, dance, and poetry.

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‘She was in so much pain’ Raila whispers about Joyce Laboso

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has revealed that contrary to what people might think, Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso was a woman in pain.

Joyce, as she is fondly known, had been battling cancer for years. Raila is among the people who had visited her while she was hospitalized abroad.

I visited her in London and we talked about so many things,after that she was taken to India and then she was brought to Nairobi Hospital.

Joyce Laboso
Joyce Laboso with her husband Edwin (seated) and her sons

10 days ago I visited her while here in the ICU.

She could not recognize me and she was in so much pain.

To the entire Laboso family ,Bomet people we stand with you ,.May God rest her soul in perfect peace.

In Conclusion Raila says

I would urge the government to act quickly and put up centres for cancer treatment all over the country.

So that citizens can go anytime and get tested.

Laboso’s husband Edwin revealed that the reason why they kept her condition a secret was because she did not want her ailment to affect her work.

joyce labosos husband

We have to be strong for her,she has suffered for long but we kept it under wraps she did not want it to deter her plans and duties.

We can only reciprocate that by being strong for her in this moment, Give the family to mourn her.

To my family we have to be strong for her.

You have given her such great support against all odds and we are grateful for that.

But for now please allow the family to mourn.

I know you are all sad about her passing but please let us mourn Joyce.

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‘She had all the time for you’ Maina Kageni reminisces meeting Joyce Laboso

The late Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso died Monday 29th July.

Laboso succumbed to cancer at the Nairobi Hospital.

She had been admitted at the facility’s ICU  last week after her arrival from India where she was receiving treatment.

BREAKING NEWS: Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso is Dead

Laboso had left the country on May 29 for the United Kingdom (Royal Madden NHS hospital) where she stayed before being transferred for further treatment in India.

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni paid tribute to her, and asked that Kenyans speak out about how Cancer is ravaging people.

She was the nicest person ever. She had such a clean heart, if you came across her and you had a god demeanor, she had all the time for you.

I saw her husband on Tv and I thought oh my gosh, he is so strong.

joyce laboso addesssing

Over the ages, human kind has gone through plaques, this is the plaque of our time. We lose 80 Kenyans a day to cancer and that’s the craziest thing about it, and it’s not just her, it’s all over the world

RIP: Millie Odhiambo’s glowing eulogy to girl pal Joyce Laboso

Cancer is the biggest killer.

Maina also sought to start debate around the disease and asked listeners some challenging questions:

It’s the most painful thing ever. You hear 50 per cent of bed occupancy in India are Kenyans, and this morning I want us to have our early morning chat.

Does it worry you? Have you gone for screening, everyone has cancer cells, what are you feeding yours?

Have you been screening and does the statistics worry you? If not are there any fears you’ve got? If we don’t talk about it, information will never pass on.

Reasons Ken Okoth might have asked his family to cut him off life support

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RIP: Millie Odhiambo’s glowing eulogy to girl pal Joyce Laboso


Joyce Labosos was a powerful lady who knew no limits in her abilities.

These are part of the glowing words Kenyans are describing the late Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso, who died Monday afternoon.

The late Laboso died at the age of 58, after a long battle with cancer.

Her close girl pal MP Millie Odhiambo has also penned down a moving tribute.

The two were invited earlier this year to the JKL show on Citizen TV where they had a happy interview.

Millie wrote

Nothing i can say now… Am afraid God help us. Go well girl.

Muranga woman rep Sabina Chege who was also in the same interview wrote

At different times we are born to this world and we make different friends. We later go back to our eternal home at different times.
Greatly saddened by the demise of my sister, friend, colleague leader and Bomet Governor H.E Dr. Joyce Laboso.
It is so sad that today was your time to leave us.
Not easy for me to say it is well……
Rest with the angels Joyce. Your body is lifeless but your legacy lives on.

joyce labosos and millie odhiambo
Millie Odhiambo, Joyce Laboso, Jeff Koinange on Citizen TV

Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru also penned down her tribute saying

 I will miss her warmth, laughter, friendship and steadfast support. She was a phenomenal wife, mother, sister, & friend. 


‘Why’? Maina Kageni whispers to Esther Arunga admitting to lying to protect husband

Former KTN TV presenter Esther Arunga admitted to misleading Australian police about her son’s death.
She told a court that she had gone to the bathroom on the night of June 17, 2014, only to come out and find Quincy hitting Sinclair in the stomach.
She said, her pastor, co-founder of Finger of God kept saying


The 38-year-old lawyer had lied to paramedics that Sinclair had fallen down the stairs.

Arunga is set to be sentenced on Thursday.

Esther Arunga admits to lying to cops about sons death to protect husband

Maina Kageni weighed in on the topic, asking women why they lie to protect their men.

I admire the loyalty aspect 100 per cent, but look at her she is facing sentencing for lying for her man, a forko jembe man, me if that happens I don’t know what I will do.

Esther Arunga and son Sinclair

Is this love or stupidity? Maina posed the question.

In this case where a man in your life kills your child and you lie for your man, how?

Girls, have you ever lied to cover up for your man?

And they are never good for you. Why do you defend them, Maina asked.

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Esther Arunga: A timeline of her downfall

Esther Arunga on Monday July 15, 2019 admitted before a court that she lied about knowing of the events that led to her sons death.

She will be sentenced on Thursday.

Meanwhile here’s what you need to know about her life since she became a media darling.

She started off at a local radio station, but was at loggerheads with another popular presenter in the same media house leading to her exit. Their on air drama trended on social media for a bit.

Esther Arunga admits to lying to cops about sons death to protect husband

Esther then moved on to KTN, where her cute self caught national attention. Her poise and elegance won her the admiration of Kenyans.

But fate once again wouldn’t let her live her best life. She met up with Joseph Helon, the spiritual leader of the Finger of God.

1560968429224_dr.marijuanapepsi__WIDE.jpgesther passaris meets grace onyango.png

That was in 2009. She became engaged to Wilson Malaba, a follower, but after a year they called it quits.

She moved to live with Helon and his wife plus others in a Runda home, where their activities sent tongues wagging.



Together with helon and Quincy, the trio formed a political party dubbed the formation of the PlaCenta Party (Platinum Centralizer and Unionist Party) of Kenya.

Yes this also trended, and the outrage was too much.

Esther Arunga resigned from KTN, and drama followed her once again.

Their political activities attracted the attention of police who swiftly arrested them.

Rumors of what transpires in their Runda home also went viral.

Let your wife hen-peck you – Bahati’s advice to men for a happy marriage

She was arrested, and in that whole mix she suit her father and other for wrongful imprisonment and torture.  She was released and after married Quincy.

Spiritual leader Helon performed the ceremony, according to her. Is your head spinning yet?

Esther Arunga and her husband then left Kenya for Australia, where they went quiet for a bit.

We later heard she became a lawyer and got citizenship.

Then drama about their marriage and the sad events of their sons death emerged online.

Esther and Quincy were charged with the murder.

She was granted bail. That was in 2014.


Esther Arunga after being released on bail

She testified that the 3 year old boy died after his father attempted “healing techniques” which included Quincy pressing down on the lad’s stomach and throwing him against a wall.


Esther Arunga admits to lying to cops about sons death to protect husband

Former KTN presenter Esther Arunga has shocked a court after admitting she misled investigators on events that led to the death of her three-year-old son who died as a result of blunt force to his abdomen.

Her son Sinclair Timberlake suffered fatal injuries in June 2014, in an incident that she witnessed in the family home.

Esthers husband Quincy Timberlake was charged with his murder.

 According to an article published in the aunews, Esther on Monday pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact to manslaughter.

The 38-year-old admitted misleading police in order to help her husband escape punishment.

The prosecutor Danny Boyle told the court Esther called police (triple o) just before 2am on June 18.


When paramedics and police arrived, she told them her son had fallen down the stairs.

But an autopsy revealed Sinclair died “as a result of a severe blunt force such as punching or stamping or similar” and his injuries were inconsistent with a fall.

Mr Boyle said Esther diverted the spotlight away from her husband for 26 days.

It wasn’t until Quincy was involuntarily admitted to a mental health facility that Esther changed her statement.

She told police she went into the bathroom on the night of June 17 to find Quincy hitting Sinclair in the stomach.

“He then threw him against the wall,” the court heard she told investigators.

Esther claimed her husband was saying “there’s a devil in his stomach, I have to get it out”.

1560968429224_dr.marijuanapepsi__WIDE.jpgesther passaris meets grace onyango.png

She said Quincy had a strong arm and “even a grown man can’t survive that punch”.

The court heard Esther didn’t speak up earlier because she was afraid.

“I was terrified of being alone and I felt terrible because my husband was sick as well,” she told police.

Mr Boyle said although Esther had not interfered with evidence, her inaccurate account delayed the investigation and her husband’s arrest.

“She was the only eye witness to what could be described as the brutal killing of her son,” he said.

Defence barrister Katarina Prskalo said her client believed her husband was mentally unwell and she had gotten him help in 2013.

Esther Arunga 16th July 2019/ pic courtesy AAP

“She had not realised how unwell he was until the night of her son’s death,” she said.

Ms Prskalo said Esther also had her own mental health issues.

Justice Martin Burns will sentence her on Thursday.

Courtesy AAP,

Former Kakamega Politician shots dead wife before committing suicide


Former Isukha Central MCA, Richard Muchesia on Tuesday night shot dead his wife before turning the gun on himself.

Police sources say Muchesia might have a domestic difference with his wife who was an Administration Police officer.

Police say the incident happened at the couple’s matrimonial home in Ongata Rongai, Kajiado County with a gun whose ownership is yet to be identified.

The deceased’s family in Shinyalu, Kakamega County on Wednesday confirmed the incident.

Muchesia unsuccessfully vied for the Shinyalu parliamentary seat in the 2017 general election.