Proud Dad: Meet footballer Mario Balotelli’s cute daughter


Former Manchester City and Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli returned to Italy to join home town club Brescia.

His cute daughter Pia that he co parents with his ex, is his inspiration and the proud papa can’t help but express his love for her.

The former Inter Milan, Manchester City and Liverpool striker strode out onto the pitch at the Stadio San Paolo carrying her and wrote how much he adored her

a dream come true I love you my love

He shares another priceless father daughter moment below adding that

This is happiness


Balotelli and his baby mama have had alot of drama leading up to the birth of this little girl.

It was alleged back then that the footballers Italian ex was forced to take a DNA test after refusing to accept the pregnancy was his.

Raffaella Fico, his baby mama,  dated Mario for a year before they broke up when she confronted him over multiple affairs.

She gave birth in 2012, revealing that they were done and he had no interest in seeing his child.

But that is all now in the past, as they have made up and are looking after their precious girl.

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Man MOANS about ‘deadbeat’ ex for not taking care of their child

In an angry tirade, a single dad overwhelmed by bringing up his child alone, complained about the mother of his child being a deadbeat.

He said she has refused to be involved in the child’s life, and moaned to Maina Kageni what his experience has been.

deadbeat kenya

On Friday, the on air discussion was about deadbeat’s and men responding to the accusations.

A Male caller traumatized Maina when he recounted his horrific experience with a pregnant college student

I had an affair with a lady in College who was pregnant for me. When she was due I am jobless and because she was jobless I told her I would take complete care of our baby.

Can you guess what happened next?

She left for school after deliverying. I thought maybe she needs to study, so once a month she would come back to see the child.

Basically he is very salty about his situation

I used to wash the nappies, buy food. Maina let me tell you at 19 months they came back for the child, Maina do you know that she went to the Childrens court who allowed her to take the child. The worst thing ni amechukuwa ule mtoto not to be with the child but to take to ushago, now the baby is two years, and I have only seen the child once, she abuses me on SMS, and I decided it’s not worth going crazy because of being abused,


Finishing his tirade he said

I stopped going, I decided never to go back, maybe I will heal if I think I don’t have a child anymore, let me tell you one thing about women, they are good at talking, not like men, some of us men are suffering

Dear Classic 105 fam, is this man the epitome of ‘made your bed, lie on it’?

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