Shock as woman discovers hubby had another family after infecting her with HIV

 A lady by the name of Beatrice, shocked many when she called in on one of the popular local stations and revealed that her hubby infected her with HIV virus and later realized that he was a liar who had another family.

She said that after all that, the two separated and her hubby, Pius, had since refused to take care of his two-year-old kid.

“What have you decided regarding our kid? You have since blocked me even after taking my phone, so I need to know what your plans are.” a dejected Beatrice said challenging her ex hubby.

“I do not want to speak to this lady, first of all she diverted my phone calls and posted annoying things regarding my health status on social media.” Pius defended himself.

Branding himself as ‘responsible’, he added that he has been supporting the child they sired together despite Beatrice’s disrespectful acts of exposing his life in public domain.

An agitated Pius, went ahead to caution his ex wife that he has already taken action against her and that Beatrice’s phone is already with the CID and that she should expect to be arrested soon, before hanging up.

Beatrice later on confessed that she posted about Pius’ HIV status on Facebook saying she did that out of bitterness and frustrations.

Yes I know he is mad that I exposed him on social media but will he reverse what he did to me? I do not know whom to talk to because sometimes I do want to talk but I have no one to turn to.