Precious Blood Kwage Girls student dies weeks after joining form 1

A form one student from Precious Blood Kagwe Girls has died just weeks after joining the school.

According to Ndungu Nyoro, the Founder of Affecto Foundation, the girl identified as Elizabeth was from Othaya.

Through his socials Nyoro shared,

“Three weeks ago or thereabout, a girl visited our office accompanied by her mother. She confidently took us through her journey and how she was staring at not joining secondary school even after securing 372 marks in KCPE 2021 at a village primary school in OTHAYA Constituency.”

Nyoro saw the determination in Elizabeth hence he decided to help her out.
“Elizabeth pleaded with us to support her dream. In her, we saw a determined young girl. We saw focus and commitment to excel. We offered one of our office staff to assist the family in preparation and joining her dream school. She joined Precious Blood Kagwe Girls.

Over midterm, Elizabeth passed by our office. She was very happy about her school. She thanked our team for making it happen for her. “

The late Elizabeth and her mum while visiting Affecto Foundation offices

Elizabeth was determined of making the best out of the scholarship offer she had received.

“She only complained of congestion where three streams had occupied the school’s dining hall making it difficult to hear what teachers were teaching. But she liked the school. She even requested some revision books.
Few days after midterm Elizabeth is no more.”

Before she got the scholarship Elizabeth had written a letter to Affecto asking them to help as her mum couldn’t afford to educate her.

Her mother is a casual labourer who earned her living by tilling people’s land.

The letter Elizabeth had written to Affecto Foundation asking for help to educate her

Elizabeth’s death is not the first death to happen while in school.

Ebbie Noelle Samuels a form one student at Gatanga CCM student died under mysterious circumstances in March 2019.

In May 2022, a form two student from Ringa boys died under mysterious circumstances. The school administration alleged that Rooney Rolex had been sick for a few days before his admission to Kenyatta National Hospital where he breathed his last.

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How MCA aspirant was arrested for defrauding Mpesa agents

Police detectives have been following up on numerous complaints about a gang of thieves who defraud Mpesa agents in various towns.

According to DCI detectives, a known political aspirant has been the brains behind the elaborate operation.

In a media statement, DCI said, “A member of county assembly aspirant from Muthara in Meru county, is behind bars for obtaining over Sh350,000 fraudulently, from Mpesa agents. Benson Thuranira Kathiai, is the mastermind of a notorious gang of fraudsters based in Nakuru, known as Confirm.”

Thuranira who is vying for the Muthara ward seat was arrested by detectives, following numerous complaints from Mpesa agents who had lost money to his machinations.

In Nakuru, he had obtained Sh100,000 from two Mpesa agents before he obtained a further Sh135,000 in Shauri Moyo, Sh60,000 in Busia and Sh120,000 in Meru before he was finally arrested.

Detectives based in Nakuru are appealing to other Mpesa agents who may have been defrauded by Thuranira and his gang to come forward and file their reports.

Thuranira who is in police custody will be facing fraud charges at the Nakuru Law courts on May 30, 2022.


Mirema Drive Shooting: I’m innocent!

A man accused of killing Samuel Mugoh Muvota in Mirema, Nairobi surrendered to police Monday in a dramatic turn of events.

Dennis Karani Gachoki claimed he is innocent and only met Muvota twice, once in Meru and in Nairobi.

He surrendered to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters accompanied by a lawyer.

“I am innocent and I will prove this. I didn’t kill the man they say I killed,” Gachoki said.

He said he felt that his life was in danger hence to move to surrender.

He also confirmed that he has an ongoing court case in Meru where he was accused of receiving money acquired through fraudulent means.

Gachoki who said he has been in Nakuru added that he learnt he was wanted by police on Friday through a friend.

“Someone who recognized my photo alerted me that I was wanted. I have not known peace since then,” he said.

Detectives took Gachoki who hails from Kirinyaga County, for further grilling.

On Friday last week, detectives said Gachoki was armed and dangerous and was suspected to be in possession of a firearm that was snatched from a stupefied police officer, after a round of drinks at a popular joint in Mombasa, in November, 2020.

They said efforts by detectives to arrest him had been futile since he was well loaded and influenced rogue cops who tipped him off once an operation for his arrest has been launched, Directorate of Criminal Investigations said.

Police said Gachoki had recently had a fallout with his boss Muvota over sharing of proceeds from their “pishori trade” and beautiful women who would first pay with their flesh before being enlisted to the mafia-style organisation.

This among other beefs are suspected to have led to a bitter fallout leading to Monday’s daylight murder of Muvota, who left behind seven grieving widows and countless children.

Muvota 40, was fatally shot by a lone gunman on Mirema Drive in Kasarani, Nairobi County on May 16 shortly after dropping off a friend.

New details on the gun used by Sankok’s son emerges

The focus has shifted to the ballistic analysis of two guns belonging to the nominated MP David Sankok following the death of his son at their home in Narok County.

Police took his shotgun and Ceska pistol found in the house for analysis and examination.

They also collected shells believed to have been discharged from the shotgun, which now they believe Memusi Sankok, 15, used to blow up his head.

The detectives at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations want to understand how Memusi could handle the shotgun to shoot himself in the chin.

An autopsy conducted on the body revealed the cause of Memusi’s death was a gunshot to the chin that exited through the head.

Detectives will be seeking to establish whether the bullet head recovered at the scene was shot from the firearm.

They will also be keen to match the fingerprints on the trigger of the shotgun to the deceased.

“Unless it was redesigned, it is hard for a 15-year-old boy to operate the shotgun. It has a long handle,” said an officer aware of the probe.

Narok County DCI boss Mwenda Ethaiba said the guns are at the DCI headquarters, and experts will report on their usage.

He said they had confirmed Sankok is a licensed firearm holder.

“The weapons were legally held by the MP. They are now under examination,” he said.

Ethaiba said they have so far recorded statements from 10 people, including Sankok, his wife and daughter, as well as workers at his hotel who were at his home at the time of the incident.

It is alleged that the legislator differed with the son over his delay to report back to school before a verbal altercation ensued between them.

His son, who was angry at the time, is suspected to have gone for a shotgun in a safe and used it to blow up his head.

Police are planning to recommend that Sankok be charged with negligence in handling his firearm.

A licensed firearm holder is always supposed to ensure the safety of their gun.

Apart from the charges, the team handling the case also plans to recommend an inquest into the boy’s death.

The probe file will be sent to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions with the recommendations, police said.

Sankok was Tuesday grilled by police over the incident.

His son was a Form Three student at Kericho High School.

According to the family, the boy was to return to school last week.

The father, who was out of the country, sent pocket money and cash for shopping.

“He instead disappeared from the home only returned on Sunday. The father also returned home that very day,” said a family friend.

According to officials, the father summoned the boy for a talk on Monday morning. The boy reportedly insisted he was “tired with school”.

But after a lengthy discussion, the boy gave in, and they agreed to go back to school on Tuesday, accompanied by the father.

No one was in the house then because all other family members had stepped out. The MP left the homestead and went to his hotel nearby for a political meeting.

At around 3 pm, the boy accessed the mother’s handbag and took the keys to the bedroom and the safe.

After opening the safe, he took the weapon and shot himself in the chin, with the bullet exiting through the back of his head. His sister and brother were also outside.

It is his brother who stumbled on the body moments after the incident. 


From having 35 bullet wounds to growing in the slums, here are things you didn’t know about DCI boss George Kinoti

DCI boss George Kinoti is not just your random Police boss. He is the man whose ethical values are unshakable even in the face of death.

Star Editors unanimously voted Kinoti and DPP Noordin Haji as the 2018 Persons of the Year for their courage and commitment to fighting corruption.

Here are things you did not know about Kinoti:

1.Walks with a rosary wherever he goes

He walks around with a rosary in his pocket, one he has kept for more than 30 years — it was blessed by Pope John Paul II. He prays several times a day and never undertakes any mission, large or small, without seeking divine help.

2.He grew up in the slums of Meru town

3.He wanted to be a priest

In a recent interview with the Star Kinoti says,

“My childhood vocation was to be a priest. I was brought up by a single mother, a very religious person. She used to teach us that we should not worry about where our next meal would come from,” 

DCI boss George Kinoti. /MONICA MWANGI
DCI boss George Kinoti. /MONICA MWANGI

‘You can only smell my cookie but you cant touch it’ Women tell on why they deny men conjugal rights when they go broke (Audio)

4. He has 35 bullet wounds

28 are from a shooting incident on Jogoo road while the other are from a different incident

5.Kinoti suffered from malnutrition

The DCI boss suffered from malnutrition and a bone ailment, hence spent time at Nkubu Consolata Hospital during his childhood.

6.He had already made plans to leave for Italy to train as a Jesuit.

A Jesuit is a member of the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic order of priests founded by St Ignatius Loyola, St Francis Xavier, and others in 1534, to do missionary work.

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‘My intestines were on the tarmac, DCI boss George Kinoti narrates how he survived 28 bullets

Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti has for the first time told of how he survived 28 bullets when he was ambushed by thugs.

Five thugs on Jogoo road pumped lead into his stomach, ripping apart his intestines. They also hit his legs.

In an exclusive interview with The Star, Kinoti says that he was headed for the morgue

“My intestines were on the tarmac and those who picked me up declared me dead. On arrival at the hospital, the nurses placed a tag on me saying ‘dead’,” he said.

Kinoti recalled that it was on May 13, 2005, at around 8pm when he was driving alone towards town when he encountered two thugs robbing a woman motorist.

Utawezana? Photos of Vera Sidika’s wigs which can pay your years rent

Director of Criminal investigations George Kinoti in his office at DCI headquarters during an interview. /MONICA MWANGI
Director of Criminal investigations George Kinoti in his office at DCI headquarters during an interview. /MONICA MWANGI

He single-handedly confronted the robbers, oblivious of the danger that was lurking, as the two criminals were not alone.

At that time, Kinoti, who had first wanted to be a priest, was the leader of the dreaded Kanga Squad, a unit he formed to fight rising crime.

He took the dangerous job after leaving his prestigious post of Personal Assistant to the Director of Criminal Investigations.

“I felt the need to personally up take arms and deal with Nairobi’s escalating crime wave. Many people had abandoned expensive homes and fleed Ngong area because of daily attacks and beak-ins.”

On the night of the 28 bullets, Kinoti left his Kanga team, telling them to go prepare for the night operation. They were to wait for him at the Simmers Restaurant (since demolished) at their reserved table, before proceeding on patrol.

But before they could meet, Kinoti faced five armed men who sprayed him with bullets that sent him into a coma for days.

The attack occurred when Kinoti was threatened with assassination for probing the attack on Prof Ngugi wa Thiong’o and his wife at Norfolk apartments in Nairobi.

Utawezana? Photos of Vera Sidika’s wigs which can pay your years rent


He says the case was so sensitive that some of the lawyers almost went physical with him.

“I engaged the five gangsters. I accepted to die but wanted to save the members of the public who had gathered there,” Kinoti said.

I knew the thugs were killing me. I really fought. Fortunately, they did not get the upper part of my body. My stomach was ripped to pieces. Those who rescued me collected my intestines. My leg was in two pieces,” 

The DCI boss says a doctor rescued him after he was already tagged as ‘dead’.

Doctors implanted metal during surgery to reattach his leg. He had also survived seven bullet wounds before the 2005 incident.

The surgery on the intestines was long and complicated the recovery painful. Before the attack, he had also survived seven bullet wounds.

‘How does he expect me to go out and not cheat yet I am so beautiful!’ Shouts city woman (Audio)

Following the 28-bullet near-death experience, the DCI boss says he does not fear being killed for standing with Kenyans who are being ripped off by corrupt leaders and business people.

Attacks were common during his postings at various stations in Busia, Migori and Nairobi counties.

“I have died several times in the field but I have surprisingly found myself alive, maybe rising from the dead,” Kinoti said.

Even now there are active threats on my head. There are quite a number of groupings who are plotting all manner of evil against me,” the top detective said.

Related image

Kinoti, who keeps three crucifixes in his offices and a rosary in his pocket, says it is by courage and the grace of God that he is alive, therefore, he has no fear of attacks.

“The cases we have taken over from other agencies have been a bit challenging. We are raiding the archives which are securely insulated by their owners. It has not been easy to reach where we are,” Kinoti said.

He repeated that he doesn’t fear death in the process of fighting corruption.

“I have seen death with my own eyes. If someone wants to shoot at me, let them go ahead if they so wish but it won’t deter me. I have had bullets in my body.

They can poison me or do anything,” the top detective said, “but let them know that death is our destiny and it is God who holds the destiny of men.”

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Man and his daughter arrested in connection to murder of businessman

A father-daughter duo have been arrested in connection with the murder of a man in Nanyuki.

The two were also found in possession of the deceased’s car.

They were also found with electronics belonging to the deceased at their home in Gatanga.

Ms.Jane Wanjiku-a waitress at a Hotel in Nanyuki accused of murder alongside her dad

How I unknowingly became my pastor’s mpango wa kando

The duo were identified as Charles Macharia and his daughter Jane Wanjiku-a waitress at a Hotel in Nanyuki.

“Detectives acted swiftly on receiving information about the stolen car and laid an ambush. After a short while, it was spotted being driven to a petrol station in Kirwara, Gatanga. The driver, Charles Macharia, was arrested,” the DCI said.

The vehicle and all items stolen from the deceased were recovered.

The car recovered by DCI


Source: Twitter

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Senior DCI officer shoots colleague dead in fight over car

Interior CS Fred Matiang’i has ordered the arrest of an officer who gunned down his colleague in Kiambu on Thursday over a car.

Chief inspector Duncan Maina of DCI headquarters fatally shot Evanson Kipngetich Busienei as the latter was walking back to Thindigua police post.

A police report said that Busienei, in the company of another man, stopped Maina and demanded he be given the vehicle he (Maina) was driving.

Maina, the report adds, informed his colleague that the vehicle bearing reg no KAU 429U belonged to the DCI.

“After warning him he would shoot, Busienei told him to do so while advancing towards him. “This prompted him (Maina) to stop the vehicle, drew his pistol and shot Busienei at close range.”

‘I have murdered my wife and I am about to commit suicide’ Haunting last words of Nakuru man who committed murder most foul

Maina then alighted and shot continuously at Busienei when he further advanced towards him. He then shot towards the other man accompanying Busienei, but the fellow took cover in a construction site.

Maina further shot towards a short chase Land Rover reg KBY 037Z, where four other men were standing. They escaped. He reported the matter at Thindigua police post – OB 2/23/11/2018 at 12.32am.

The body was found with two exit wounds on the back and two gun wounds at the chin. The Land Rover was shot at once and the rear screen smashed as its driver drove off to report at Kiambu police station.

Busineni’s body was taken to Kenyatta University mortuary pending an autopsy. Four cartridges of 9mm were collected at the scene.

None of the other five people at the scene was injured. “The DCI officer has since been disarmed,” the police report reads.

Speaking in Nairobi on Friday, Matiang’i said he had talked with Inspector General Joseph Boinnet over the issue. “Something is not adding up,” he said.

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Police arrest guard in Lamu after bragging online on his encounters with minors

Police have arrested a suspected paedophile William Hanga Mwazombo who bragged online of his alleged sexual encounters with minors in Lamu.

Mwazombo was arrested in Mpeketoni, Lamu County on Wednesday evening, He is a Wells Fargo employee. Detectives picked him from his work station after they were tipped off about his whereabouts. Read beow a tweet by the DCI thanking the public for their quick action to report the matter.

“Good Morning tweeps! Mwazombo … is currently in lawful custody for posting defamatory children photographs on the media. We thank you the members of the public for alerting us,”

In pictures that have gone viral on social media, the man boasts that he is untouchable by the police.

‘Whenever I need a man I just select from the many young men on social media with no strings attached’ Brags city woman

Image may contain: 1 person, text and closeup

One of his victims in the photos appears to be a girl between five to six years, while another is in her mid-teen years.

The photos are captioned with stomach-churning details of how he lured his victims into his trap and what he did to them.

The suspect could be charged with violating Section 12 of the Sexual Offences Act, which notes a jail term of not less than five years or a fine of not less than Sh500,000.

The law states that a person commits an offence if he/she manufactures or distributes any article that promotes or is intended to promote a sexual offence with a child.

It is also illegal to supply or display to a child “any article which is intended to be used in the performance of a sexual act, with the intention of encouraging or enabling that child to perform such sexual act”.

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