Kenyans react to video of police pleading with murderer in suicide attempt


Moments before the arrest of Charles Oluenyi for the murder of his ex girlfriend, officers took time to plead with him not to take his life.
 Charles Oluenyi was cornered in a flat in a six-storey flat where he had been hiding since Friday when he allegedly killed his former girlfriend in Njiru.

According to police, the man had visited his girlfriend to sort out their domestic issues but was later seen running away after setting the house on fire.

It was later discovered that he had tied the woman’s hands, locked the house ad set it on fire before he fled. She sadly died in the incident.

On Wednesday morning, detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) who had been trailing him stormed his hideout in Kayole where he locked himself up and scaled the balcony wall where he threatened to jump off the fifth floor.

The video of the dramatic arrest went viral as the narrator took us through his crime, while investigators begged him not to kill himself and instead allow himself to go to court and plead for mercy.
In the video shared below, we hear a detective saying “Nilikuambia you have a life to live. Dont do it, Sasa kisu ni ya nini? Tukuskize tujue upande wako uko nammna gani, si nikutuhumiwa unatuhumiwa? We ni suspect, si umesoma? Wewe unatuhumiwa ya kwamba unaweza fanya kitendo, si ni kweli? Lakini hio kitendo si kuumanisha ati wewe utanyongwa Uklo na haki hata ya kupelekwa kortini Korti isikize kweli kama uko na cae au huna uko na right ya kutafuta wakili mpaka wakati case itasikizwa”
 Screenshot at 2021-01-28 04-20-52
At this point the suspect didn’t seem convinced and hang onto the balcony to jump. But the officer added that
“So uko na haki, ni wengi wamefanya vituko mingi kuliko ile umefanya and yet tuko nao hapa na tunafanya kazi na wao. So ile kitu unafanya mi nikiangalia kabisa kabisa inaeza kuletea aibu hata kwa mungu” The officer pleads more
Charles at this points gets off as seen in the video below.

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A list of cheeky names of places in Mombasa that has King’ang’i hollering


You will have a hard tiem keeping  astraight face when pronouncing these names.

If you are using public transport in Mombasa and have to ask the makanga to drop you off in these places, then you are likely to have a good laugh.

The names are sure to make you laugh out loud according to Classic 105 co host Mwalimu King’ang’i who said he has a hard time telling anyone about those places.

Mwalimu asked Maina if the person naming these stages just decided to have a little fun on the job?

“We need to change some of those names, they have built a very big highway but the name I’m struggling even to explain to wazungu, ati dongo kundu, the road is big but the name ati a small buttock, can we think about those names please?

“Can we think about these names please? ” Here is a list of some names he mentioned.

1. Dunge Unuse in Likoni –  Uhmm in Kiswahili this is nasty.

2. Mwembe Mavi

3. Kaza Ndani

4. Stage ya Paka

5. Stage ya mafisini

6. Dongo Kundu

Maina as well was tickled and also agreed that he has never thought much of it, but now that Mwalimu has spoken about it ‘I can’t unsee it’.
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The cartel detectives want you to know about in drama over missing teens


Back in 2019, police arrested over 30 teens going for a party in Isebania, Migori county raisin outcry among Kenyans

Police raided the club where they were enjoying their time and arrested the students some as young as 11 years.

And now detectives have raised the alarm that teens in Komarock and Kayole are being lured online by a Twitter handle @named Carty-gang-ent. It also includes what appears to be an international number that many KOT have since said is a scum phone number.

@eburebian said ..There  are apps and sites that give random US numbers … usually meant  for pranks and stuffs like that but apparently some bad guys take advantage of this and use the numbers for fraud

While Damieanus Oduor also agreed that….That number is a scam I am in USA I have called the number I have checked that number is a scam so it is not necessarily from USA

DCI notified Kenyans that

Detectives are investigating an online cartel that has been luring high school girls from their homes for partying orgies that goes on for days.


They also added that

As the investigations go on, we wish to issue a stern warning to individuals taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to prey on school girls who are at home, especially through the social media networks, that their days are numbered.

The DCI wishes to inform the public that we are hunting down members of the cartel and they’ll be apprehended to answer for their crimes. The DCI further warns parents to take keen interest in their children’s activities at home and on social media networks.

While being interrogated by detectives attached to DCI’s Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Protection Unit and the Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau, the young girls revealed how they were lured from their home and linked up in partying joints in Nairobi.

This follows public outcry from a relative who revealed that at least six girls have been missing pleading for help to find them as they feared for their safety.


The girl in particular Shanice has since been found and her family heaved a sigh of relief.


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Outrage as woman’s assaulted in supermarket in Kajiado



A video of a woman attacked in broad daylight in a Supermarket in Kajiado has gone viral and upset many.

Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment a terrified woman tries to protect herself against a violent man as she sits behind a till.

The vicious attack has attracted the wrath of many Kenyans who have asked detectives to find and arrest the man.

Screenshot from 2019-11-23 12:43:22

The woman scrambles as the man pulls her hair and repeatedly slaps her, as she attempts to protect her face from the blows.

From parts of the video we see another employee in the shot but who does nothing as the man continues to attack her.

Police say the man is a supervisor at the shop. KO T have reacted with anger.

The supermarket has written a statement on action taken

eastmatt reaction

This is very unacceptable, we should not allow such cowards to live within us.
What on earth did I just watch😠😠…that’s beyond assault that’s attempted murder. Shame on that primitive man!!!

Huyo attendant ako hapo nyuma mwanaume apewe bra🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ i hate weak men

And men were in that supermarket just watching. Very useless men. Wanaume wengine ni ndume suruali tuh! Just try to hit alady while am watching,tutapambana vilivyo. Hata kama utakuwa wewe ni boss yangu,heshima kando. Some men are just a disgrace to manhood.
What are the two useless people doing there just staring when a lady is being pounced on? We have a serious problem.

This is sickening. Why would that dude beat up the lady and her co workers just watch?
that’s assault.

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‘Love Is But A Dream’ Ciku Muiruri comments on Billionaire Cohens death


The death of billionaire Tob Cohen has really shocked the country with the details of its gruesome nature being revealed by the police.

Whenever there has been drama between spouses, media girl Ciku Muiruri has chosen to respond.

When Esther Arunga back in July admitted she knew her husband killed their child, she responded.

Ciku Muiruri, ‘Esther Arunga was always the problem’

The same thing happened when singer Adele divorced her husband.

One of the excerpts from her book suggests to couples that

“When the curtain comes down on your relationship, you should damn well walk away with something other than just tears and wounded pride.”

Ciku has once again responded to billionaire Cohens death and KOT are unhappy. They have blasted her for her comments

‘Love is but a dream’: Ciku Muiruri’s beautifully written novel about love

So,to you bonding with dogs and making them your friend is the most significant thing you can talk about here?, a life has been gruesomely lost,you can’t talk about that you telling us about dogs?,who bewitched these slsyqueens aki?
This tweet is distasteful and insensitive… Even by your standards this is really low
Sometimes it’s better to be silent and be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
And you wonder why only 7 people have bought your book


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Things you should know about displaying a firearm in public


According to numerous people, having a gun is the new status symbol in Kenya.

Countless celebrities/personalities have been spotted in public with these weapons, and some of them arrested after a public outcry. From Paul Kobia to Prezzo to Steve Mbogo, the list is endless.

senator paul njroge
Senator Paul Njoroge in gun drama

Article 88 of the penal code prohibits brandishing of weapons in public, warning that “any person who goes armed in public without lawful occasion in such a manner as to cause terror to any person is guilty of a misdemeanour, and his arms may be forfeited”.

space lounge dj firearm

If you legally own a firearm and want to show off in public, it is important you read these laws about brandishing a firearm.

The improper exhibition of a firearm could land you a jail term.

Whats is brandishing?

It is pointing, holding a firearm or an object similar in appearance. It’s unlawful for any person to point, hold or brandish any firearm whether capable of being fired or not, in such a manner as to reasonably induce fear in the mind of another of being shot or injured.

j Moh Spice arrested after showing off gun

Githurai thug

If you lose your ish real quick, then owning a firearm could be a problem, and you may need to re-think carrying a gun

The officer then tables the application before the district security committee (DSC) with his recommendations.

The documents are then forwarded to the provincial police officer (PPO), who places them before the provincial security committee, which deliberates on the application and makes its recommendations.

The PPO submits the PSC’s recommendations to the Inspector General of Police for final approval.

The Inspector General then forwards the application to the Chief Licensing Officer, who in turn informs the applicant in writing on the decision that has been taken.

controversial businessman Paul Kobia/Facebook

If the application is successful, the applicant receives a firearm certificate allowing him or her to purchase the weapon he or she applied for.

Section 33 of the Firearms Act states that “any person who is drunk, or who behaves in a disorderly manner, while carrying a firearm shall be guilty of an offence and liable to imprisonment for up to one year or up to Sh10,000 fine, or both.”


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