Beth Mugo’s romantic poem to husband on 61st wedding anniversary



At their family home in Kitisuru, Nairobi, guests including family members, friends and dignitaries among them Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka are seated.

Nominated Senator Beth Mugo and her husband Nicholas Mugo hold hands as they march slowly to a tent where a service is being held.

Behind them is their best couple and then their grandchildren.

“There come the bride and her team,” Evangelist Lucy Wangunjiri, the leader of Prayer Without Borders Ministry announces to the now cheering gathering.

beth mugo wedding anniversary

The Mugos take their place in the front row. Wangunjiri is leading the service with hymns and interludes of prayers.

It is a celebratory service marking the 61st anniversary of Beth and Nicholas Mugo’s wedding.

It was also a celebration of the senator’s 80th birthday, having attained that in July.

It is approaching the climax and the gathering is in a refectory mood; Wangunjiri invites the couple to make a speech.

“[Couples present] please join us and read to each other, meaning every word. Those in relationships or still praying for partners also read it,” Senator Mugo arose and told the gathering.

The couple read from a poem printed on the programme booklet.

“Sometimes, I know I have behaved stupidly, let me acknowledge, you have forgiven me happily. On such occasions, I have more understood that together, we are meant to overcome our stupidity. For indeed, you are the bone of my bone,” part of the seven stanza poem read.

Reverend Lucy Mbugua, the founder of Homecare Spiritual Fellowship in her sermon taught about ‘keeping the fire [of love] burning.’

uhuru at beth mugo anniversary

Mbugua hailed Beth’s commitment to her marriage and family, quoting the senator’s speech during one of her campaign stops in 1992.

“If you are deciding to give me your vote, decide quickly because it is almost six and I want to go home and cook for my husband,” Beth is said to have told a gathering at Uthiru area during her first campaign for Dagoretti seat in 1992. 

Reminiscing on her marriage, the senator said her public life came second to her role as a wife and a mother.

“My public life has never kept me from being a wife and a mother. In fact, I know I’m a wife first, then a mother and them the public life,” she said. 

Beth said only tolerance and communication has sustained their marriage.

“In all my married life, I have known that no conflict or disagreement is too big to be overcome by dialogue. Nick and I have always known that dialogue is the only way to solve things,” she told reporters after the service. 

Having been married at 19, the former minister and Dagoreti MP recollected that both of them did not have money to afford a honeymoon, hence stayed at home after their wedding.

“In fact on the eve of the wedding, Nick was arrested because it was the times of a colonial State of Emergency. It took the intervention of my dad who was a D.O in Gatundu to have him released for the occasion,” she said. 

The couple has four children and five grandchildren.

On what melted her heart for the first time, Beth said,

“He told me that loved me and that I’m the only girl that he ever loved.”

Her cancer foundation was at the heart of the celebration with guests told not to carry gifts but to donate towards the foundation.

The foundation conducts prostate, breast and cervical cancer screening for free.

As part of the celebrations, free screening camps were held on Saturday and Sunday at St. Andrews church in Nairobi.

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‘I would rather cry in Dubai than waste time with a broke Kayole man’

Kenyan women have made it clear they will not wait ten to twenty years for a man to make money.

Take for instance this woman who tagged Classic 105
Purity Ng’ethe..
#MainaAndKingangi i have seen many women who got married to broke men treated eventually when this man gets some good cash.They are never grateful and forget easily how their women stood with them so i would rather go for the ready made man!! 

In a round of calls to Maina Kageni, many said they don’t want to begin hustling with young men, and so are on the hunt for married men who have made it in life.

Even Maina agreed with them advising young men to ‘first get money, then think about settling down’.

In this economy, you want a woman to wait ten or twenty years for him to make money?


Read their views on not dating broke men:

woman caller: We are getting married to broke men to do what? If I get married to him, when broke, I will vumilia and when he makes money he dumps me for a younger woman, I will never date a broke man, why build him up when he will eventually dump you? Let me go to that old 45 year old and be heartbroken in Dubai than in Kayole nyumba bila choo, let me be heartbroken with the rich men. If you don’t have money go to your mothers home and stick to your lane, otherwise we are looking for rich men who have reached their goal, otherwise stay there trying.


You know it’s a good comment when even Mwalimu Kingangi keeps quiet and grunts on air.

Woman caller: Why should I date a young man whereas  kamtu kafupi kanono wants me and will provide everything for me? We need men who will provide what we want, there is no need I waste my time dating a young man who will eventually cheat on me, let us date these old men who will feed our egos

Caller: Maina I would never date a broke man. I would rather be heart broken in Dubai than in Githurai.” If you don’t have money go to your mothers house and stay there.” #MainaAndKingangi

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