Man pops the question with five rings after romantic helicopter ride

A man is winning hearts online after giving the woman he wants to marry, the option to chose from five engagements rings.

He has also drawn condemnation from fellow men who are calling him a simp.

The man proposed to his girlfriend with a choice of five rings. He offered a range of ring styles featuring different cut stones and varying band designs for his fiancée to chose from.

The proposal also featured a helicopter, maybe there was a flight after, the man on bended knees in a perfectly fitting suit and the rings displayed for her to pick. Luckily for him, she said yes, and chose a rectangular-cut stone with delicate pavé band.

In one of the photos, ichillwillfixit can be seen getting down on one knee while holding five different engagement rings. In another pic, ichillwillfixit’s fiancee can be seen wearing all five rings, while several others show her flaunting the ring she chose.



He shared the moment with  fans on Instagram

He captioned the photos:

She Said Yes! Asked my best friend to spend the rest of our days together! & gave her 5 different options to choose from! @mz_miller I thought I knew what love was till you came into my life. Can’t wait to see all the blessings that God has in store for us! [[📸 photo credit @jamesdlove ]]

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“We are perfectly happy to stay single” Women tell an excited Maina

On the Tuesday morning conversation April 13th, Maina happily set off a series of responses from woman after asking what is so bad about a woman chosing to stay single for life.

He was basing this question on a a thought by TerryAnne Chebet who shared that she is happily single.

He asked “There is something TerryAnne Chebet posted on Instagram and I think we need to discuss it ladies. This morning I want us to talk about women who have no interest in getting married whatsoever. There is an increasing number of women who are like this.”


A female caller agreed with TerryAnne saying “as much as being married is important, it isn’t a must because some people were made for this life, and others weren’t, just like others weren’t made to be mothers. Men have wrongfully made themselves out to be like our oxygen, mtu aishi maisha yake mwenye anajiskia kukaa single akae, mahali tutaulizwa tuu ni kwa mungu, hakuna mahali kwingine tutaulizwa”

Here are responses to the question on our Twitter page.
Not every woman is ready to become a wife and that’s her life!!We all make our own choices freely!

sometimes women opt to be single because of the ugly things they have gone through in these marriges… Let’s not be quick to judge #MainaAndKingangi

[email protected]
Personally i would love to get married at some point in life….but the rules in marriage scares me away…. imagine doing laundry, catering services and cleaning fora stranger that you just met along life…..shaakaaaa am still thinking but am a good lady though

#MainaAndKingangi Marriage sucks… People are cheating in marriages. Its better to be yourself n enjoy your company. Nishachoka!

Nowadays unmarried women are the happiest and stress Free people ,to hell with this marriages

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Don’t raise your standards too much, you might lose the man you want – Women told

Felix Odiwour is known for his comedic talent and praised for it. But one thing that people underestimate the knowledge that the popular radio personality brings along when he speaks about popular issues.

In a recent back and forth with Chito Ndhlovu, the always-smiling comic advised women not to raise their standards so high, or they may end up losing their men.

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A post shared by JALANG’O (@jalangoo)

He was reacting to Lucy Chemutai, who went viral after her picture looking for a husband caught people’s attention.

”You see the things she has listed are the same things she was looking for from way back. So it got to a point she has looked for a good-looking man and she cannot find one, she has looked for a rich man and cannot find him, so right now, she is not looking for the man but any man,” she said.

‘I want to talk to women out here, do not raise your standards so much, you may be raising your standards here and you may have denied giving a chance to a son of Adam who is ambitious and is headed to where you may want your man to be,” he further said.

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A post shared by JALANG’O (@jalangoo)

The entertainer also mentioned that sometimes women require men to have so many things like having a job with a certain salary, living in a particular area, and reiterating that all men with all these qualities are usually already taken.

He advised women to pick even men with nothing in bank accounts and build their empire together.

Meanwhile, Lucy has come out to clarify that she was playing around when she advertised that she wanted a husband desperately and that she is well and good.

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My boyfriend of one year married someone else behind my back


A shattered woman discovered her live in boyfriend was planning to say  ‘I Do’ to another woman and there was no sign he was in another relationship.

After twelve months of a committed relationship, the woman spoke about her heartbreak to Maina Kageni and why she will forever remain single. She told her story during a Classic 105 conversation April 9th, why women in their thirties and forties are single.

Maina Kageni cited controversial female blogger Aoko Otieno who said that single women in their 30s and 40s are bitter and obsessed with maligning men online owing to their mistakes.

Mwalimu Kingangi was very excited about this topic saying “hawa ni graduates wa Maina academy and there is no discussion here, we are all in agreement that these ladies are hurt, unafika pale thirty or forty, bado unangoja Maina ama Mr right, yet what is so hard about starting with someone from scratch. These women ignored and snubbed men their age then when they get to forty they are very lonely and very bitter you can hear, ngoja kidogo wanalipuka, when they remember the guy they ignored. They look behind and regret.”sad-black-woman

This prompted Maina to ask listeners “Ladies are you lonely, bitter, vengeful and full of regrets. Is there a man you look back on and say oops”

The woman told her story “I think we should not judge women. I am not bitter. The very first guy I was living with in his house when I was 23 years old was playing me. During that year I realized he was planning a wedding behind my back and I stay with him Monday to Monday. Not a single day I was away from him, and funny enough I went for the wedding people thought I was crazy and I wished him well. Upto this day the guy regrets he still calls me. I really don’t care and he says I wish I could turn back the hands of time, then he tells me it’s good to marry from your tribe and I told him that’s fine. Then the next time we met, I asked him what I did wrong he started insulting me, calling em names and I thought you know what I need to focus on my life. btw if you are married it doesn’t mean you have made it, you haven’t be you be happy have your experiences, good riddance to bad rubbish”

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I will never allow my married boyfriend to dump me “it’s for life”



If you are dating this woman, sorry fellas.

Breaking up is hard to do, and it’s harder when you have a kichwa ngumu woman who won’t accept to be dumped.

One such woman called in and quarreled Maina Kageni why she will never be dumped by her married boyfriend.

Her argument pretty much was that the man had promised to love her forever, and so he cannot dump her EVER.

Even if you cheat on her or find other ways to break her heart, she isn’t going anywhere.cheater-462x450

She was prompted to give her take when the discussion about Karen Nyamu exposing her baby daddy Samidoh in a video. Karen was castigated by many that she should accept she was dumped by her married boyfriend.

The female caller was on Karen’s side arguing that married men promise them love for eternity, so there will be no dumping please.
“ebu nikuulize Maina, if you and I are dating, na kaa saa hi tupendane si utaniambia I am the only one. Unaniacha nini Maina kama uliniambia I’m your one and only, si it’s till death do us part? Si tuliagana till death us part? You told me I am your life, siwezi kubali nimedanganywa, kwa nini ukanidanganya, wewe utaona cha mtema kweli juu tuliagana na wewe tuliagana na wewe you are my life, unaniacha nini niende wapi? Kwanza Maina utakuwa umenipata kwa mlango nimekaa hapo, till death or you take me back to your house because I am your life, you confessed I am your life. I didn’t force you to tell me that”

Fellas, do you have such a side chick in your life?

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Interior CS Fred Matiang’i’s bodyguard shots wife dead, before turning gun on himself

ã• Witnesses said Wakise arrived home at about 9 pm and found his wife taking supper and an argument over her decision to move out arose.

• He then left and went out before walking back and shot the woman in the chest eight times.

A bodyguard attached to Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi’s office died in a shooting incident alongside his wife, who was a traffic officer.

Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai said preliminary investigations showed the General Service Unit (GSU) officer, Hudson Wakise, shot and killed his wife, Pauline Wakasa, before turning the gun on himself.

Officers who visited the scene found the bodies in the sitting room.

Mutyambai who mourned the incident said the couple may have had a domestic quarrel before the shooting incident.

Wakise, who had been off duty since April 1, reported back to work on April 6 but left at 3 pm and went home outside the GSU camp in Ruaraka where the incident happened.

They had argued over the move by Pauline to move out of the GSU camp.

She apparently moved out to the new house on Saturday.

Their two children aged five and two survived the tragic incident.

Witnesses said Wakise arrived home at about 9 pm and found his wife taking supper and an argument over her decision to move out arose.

He then left and went out before walking back and shot the woman in the chest eight times.

He turned the gun on his chin bursting his head.

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My ex girlfriend told me she will never let me move on

The topic of bitter exes who won’t let you move on to a happier relationship has been the trending topic in Kenya.

More so with the video that politician Karen Nyamu dropped online reminiscing happier times with ex Samidoh who dumped her.

Besides the video, what was on the minds of Kenyans was that Karen has not accepted she was dumped and that her ex and baby daddy Samidoh has moved on.

A man called in with his personal story of his ex who won’t let him be.

Maina Kageni was of the view that women need to be dumped ‘nicely’ adding that “women need closure, you need to leave them nicely. Do you have one of those exes who cant leave you? Maina asked “BTW Karen if you can all in please do, coz I need to understand what is going through your mind.” Coz you can imagine Samidoh’s wife when she saw this video what is going through her mind?’


The man from Meru described his horror story after attempting to dump his baby mama and move on in peace.

‘Back in the day I used to work for Nakumatt in Mombasa. So there was this lady I was with for five years. We had a daughter and eventually after Nakumatt collapsed, I lost my job and that when things didn’t work out between us she started blaming me. So it got to my head one time, and I had to leave everything I had ever worked for, including the side hustle. I left everything for her and I returned to Meru. She followed me and she told me to my face that yeah I know things are not working out between us and I know I made it worse, by playing you, but I cannot sit on my own and watch you happy with another woman. She told me that her problem is me being happy somewhere else’

Dear Classic fam, how have you ever handled an ex who won’t move on? Drop us your gems we share with others below.

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Yasmeen aka Maria says she doesn’t have a boyfriend


Help me understand why people out here have made it such a priority that when you’re famous, being in a relationship should be part of their life.

Well, not the famous Maria whose real name is Yasmeen Saiedi. A girl from Kibra out to make the best out of her life and being the main character of the Citizen show, was the best thing that must have happened to her last year.

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A post shared by Yasmeen (@yasmeen_saiedi)

With fame comes ‘friends, suitors and family’. Note they are in quotes because where were they when you were not on screen?

Anyway, Maria told Churchill that having a manz is not a priority. I mean she is just 20-years-old and has just jumpstarted her career. No destructions please. Yes, I said it.
“Also I am a Muslim and in my religion, dating is haram. The right thing to do is to wait until you are married to your husband. Having a boyfriend leads to so many things, it is all fun and games but you cannot predict the outcome.” She told Churchill

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A post shared by Yasmeen (@yasmeen_saiedi)

More to the love side of her life, Maria has also lost a lot of friends. The notion that when you see someone on Tv it automatically means money is what pushed them away.

So the next time you think of asking her for money, pass through her mother because Maria has no control of her bank account.

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10 legit reasons why your man isn’t picking up your call

When a man ignores our phone calls, alarm bells immediately ring in our heads. Yes fella, that’s just our DNA.

Here are some possible reasons why he may not be immediately picking up your call girls. Guys. am I right with these ten reasons, or is it a stretch?

1. Driving: Girls, you have probably been told this as the reason why he didn’t immediately pick your call. Remember it’s a traffic offense to use your phone while driving.

2. At work: Perhaps his workplace is strict about employees picking personal calls, or his workload for that day is crazy and he simply can’t find time to chat. Cut him some slack.

3. Multi tasking

4. Sleeping: Some humans prefer to sleep peacefully without any interruption from the phone, and if your guy is this type of person, please be understanding.

5. Fighting: He could be trying to stop or has started a fight with another man, so he needs time.

6. Getting a haircut: Girls, we also like our time alone at the salon, and maybe he does too.

7. Speaking to his folks: A respectful man will keep all distractions aside while hanging out with his parents, and be engaging with them.

8. Counting money: That kadeal has come through and manz needs space and time to count the shmoney babe.

9. Phone on silent: Ok he may be ignoring you for real. Have you been a nag of late?

10. Taking a leak: Self explanatory
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16 men give women dating tips and relationship advise because why not


What relationship advise would men give women? Men offer the best advice since they know how other men think. This article will focus on 16 tips that men want to give to women.

A thread on Twitter from men giving legit dating advise was prompted by a female twitter user @AnnaFlag of Haiti, who asked men only to respond tot he question


Give us women some relationship advice .

We picked 16 tips you can read and share below:
1. @xysist..
Don’t be afraid to contradict us when we say shit. We will not accept to change that shit there and then but we will subtly change it later on slowly. Men don’t want yes women we want a woman who can criticize us so that we get better for us both.

Willis Raburu reveals if he is still a married man or dating

2. @illestGodAlive..
Put love to the side. Give yourself up to loneliness, keep building yourself. Start a business, get new hobbies, chase greatness…and then once you built yourself up… you will attract exactly your match. It might not be perfect, but it’s better than what you attracting now.

3. @QuestMalloy..
Believe our actions the first time, and don’t make excuses for it. If he shows you he ain’t shit once, believe it. If he consistently shows up for you, believe that.

4. @isellwypeepo..
Please stop asking “do I see myself with you in 10 years” like I barely know what ima do tomorrow let’s just enjoy the vibes we got now and see where it takes us, just know if we dating I’m obviously tryna build a future together

‘Divorced or a single father…’, Betty Bayo gives the qualities of a husband she wants

5. @hills_j..
Don’t expect your man to be a mind reader. WE STUPID!!! Just be straight up and exact what you want and expect from us. Lay your standards out and don’t settle for nothing less from him. If he starts slipping check him. When we love you it’s nothing we won’t do to make you happy.

mid adult couple holding hands and praying
mid adult couple holding hands and praying

6. Brother Shaquille Sunflower
Simple shit, if he’s not doing it then you aren’t the one 🤷🏾‍♂️ and that goes for anyone. Stop letting people condition you for abuse. If you point out a behavior or how something mad you feel and their response is to argue/get defensive or cut off access to them just dead it

7. @pray4luve..
If a dude’s energy changes and he isn’t as attentive & caring, please be the Queen that you are and move on. You don’t have time for niggas to be inconsistent. Don’t give him the benefit of doubt either, someone (another female) is the reason he’s changing 90% of the time.

8. TheFan4Life..
1. Keep your girlfriends out of your business.
2. Never compare your relationship to other people’s social media highlights
3. Support his goals and dreams
4. Set boundaries, standards and expectations from day 1.
5. Pay attention to your senses. They never lie.

Linus Kaikai shares sweet last words to his late brother Maurice

9. @CJforShort..
Get ahead of the B.S by letting a man know what you’re looking for in the relationship BEFORE you start anything. And if he says he’s looking for something serious with you too, wait before you’re an active part of his life before doing anything you would regret if he was lying.

10. @PercivalPenman..
Stick to the lines and standards you set. Compromise is fine but if you have a standard or a non-negotiable, don’t negotiate it. A man will rise to it if he really want you

11. @BriantheBranana..
Your friends should never be treating you better/hyping you up more than the man you’re dating (meaning he needs to do better for you). Men can not be “stolen”, if they slept with someone else it’s because they WANTED to.

12. @washingtondame..
Don’t believe who he seems to be until after the 3rd or fourth month. That’s his representative you’ve been seeing. It normally wears off around then and he can’t keep up the good guy BS if it isn’t in him to begin with.

13. @natedaagreatt..
If a guy leaves you and comes back its because he found something better but they wont put up with his bullshit.
A confused man is a man with options
If he keeps saying he doesn’t want a relationship right now, the ” with you ” is silent.

Kenyans concerned after troubling video emerges of former NFL player Daniel Adongo

14. L.A quan
If a man seems interested one day and uninterested another. He talking to 5 other women and doesn’t know what he wants. Leave his confused ass to play games with someone else.

15. @BBCinNoVA..
Understand a man may shy away from an independent wmen bc he thinks she can provide structurally for herself & thus doesn’t need him.

Recognize this & tell him you need him for emotional fulfillment, for the nurturing relationship you desire…which he can provide.

16. @Gimme_SomeMO_..
1. Men who know they want you do not “take it slow”
2. Don’t fall for the leash method
3. Effort is key. Pay attention to how hard he tries to make time
4. Good men won’t ask you to do something they wouldn’t do.

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5 signs that clearly show you are a jealous baby mama

Urgh, my head just spins thinking about all the baby mama drama Maureen Waititu and Corazon Kwamboka have been treating us to. All in the name of their man Frankie just Gym It.

When your man clearly moves on to another woman without giving you a chance at reconciliation do you decide to bring in all your baby mama drama?

I had to leave my house at midnight cause of her – Corazon says about Maureen Waititu

Bitter and vindictive ex baby mamas behave in the six ways this writer describes below

  1. She doesn’t respect boundaries. By this I mean that she steps out of her place in that relationship, making it stressful for the tow parents to co parent. If you do the most to create unnecessary drama between your man and his current bae, then you are a jealous baby mama.
  2. You blame the other woman for your problems:  be it financial or emotional, a jealous baby mama squarely pins her troubles to the new love interest who has taken up your mans time and resources leaving you and your baby broke and unhappy.jealous-friends
  3.  She loves to bring up the past. a jealous baby mama will always rekindle memories int he hopes that she will make the other woman jealous and perhaps drive a wedge between the two lovers. My free advise? Leave what were your romantic memories in a vault and move on.
  4.  Being nosy:  A jealous baby mama goes to all extent to find out details about her ex mans new relationship and will do things like snoop on their social media or meet up with his people to find out whatever moshene she can.
  5.  A jealous baby mama will talk trash about her mans new love interest. Some jealous baby mama’s even go to the extent of roping in his family to back bite his new babe to sway their opinion. Most times, this backfires especially when a man has resolved to move on.

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7 explanations about ‘Dating’ ‘Just ‘Talking’ and ‘Being Exclusive’


Hey Classic 105 fam, in the murky world of relationships how do you know what is what and what type of relationship you’re in?

If you’re dating someone, have you put some sort of label, because talking is so vague. He or she can be talking to multiple people, so where do you lie? happy-couple-4

This discussion was held on Twitter recently after someone asked netizens the difference between all these terms.

1. @KiTii_G0_pUrrr
And when somebody tells you to go with the flow to see where it goes they’re about to waste your time. Establish intent.

2. @IAmQuisB
Talking: just having conversations(done with multiple ppl)
Dating: going on actual dates(can also be done with multiple ppl)
Exclusive Dating: going on dates with just 1 person but haven’t made it an official relationship
Relationship: yall explicitly said yall bf/gf

Some say dating is you going out with multiple different people and exclusively dating is you dating one person. Which is why most say exclusively dating and a relationship are the same thing.

4. @carlos_with_a_k
At the end of the day, it’s all about communication. Being open and honest with the person(s) you are dealing with. The crux of most issues in dating is communication in my opinion.

5. @issabigfine
This shit makes my head hurt. I’m not going thru all that. Either you mine or not. A man who gotta take you through all these damn hoops (labels) aint worth the trouble.

6. @GlaxxPack
This is the best explanation. Exclusive dating is the only term I can see people ever being hung up on but it actually helps build a much strong we relationship if it were to get there and allows that deep understanding before a relationship

Some say dating is you going out with multiple different people and exclusively dating is you dating one person. Which is why most say exclusively dating and a relationship are the same thing.




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Long lashes to bonnets! 20 things girls wear that irritates men


Men and women have different views when it comes to what’s fashionable and what’s not. That’s a discussion one Twitter user @aniete_emah asked men to contribute their thoughts. He asked “MEN ONLY: Name something that women wears, that irritates you”

Majority said the long lashes, bonnets and waist beads were some clothing items that annoys them.


1. @Real_jaeflex
That Cabin biscuits shoecabin shoe

2. @Oladapomikky

3. @Wizzfarukk
Pant and bra

4. @mikeishere01
Crazy amount of waist beads

5. @Acedouglas1
Heavy make-up

6. @bigdaddyvinz
Waist beadsWoman measuring waist

7. CleverlyAhmed
Push up bra

8. @aystickz
Skinny girls wearing leggings

9. @Aro_tobs
Excess makeup and bra straps

10. @Spend0Gustav0
Palazzo rubbish

11. @Ememmoses_
Waist bead and ankle chain

12. @Tegadeyforyou
Overly long eye lashes.lashes

13. @Deminathor_
that helmet is annoying asl.

some even wear it to church.

are you mad?

14. @triple448
Big ear rings

Armless top that expose armpits in this hot weather.
And most importantly, pot belly.bonnet

16. @Blazin_Frost
Gigantic eyelashes

@17. JayMungaa
Jeans on a date

18. @chuksmarcello
Wearing leggings when you’re not thick

19. @Nonoza_Matsik
That t-shirt which is also a panty, I don’t know whether it’s a costume or wat.

20. @nycAbdul

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Should you split the bill on a date? Men and women weigh in


There’s one particular dating topic that always seems to arouse a heated discussion: the age-old question of whether you should split the bill.

The question about it is going viral on Tiktok with girls showing how horrified they are that a man dares think about asking her to chip in.

The single girls are ranting that if a dude wants to split the bill instead of paying for everything, then that suggests he is a cheap man, who should be


A twitter user Burgermoyo @OllieMutai_even asked the question “Mlisema hii mambo ya bill kwa date inafaa kuwa aje wakurugenzi? How y’all do it? Naona ati if you ask a lady on a date you’re supposed to pay the bill. Aight I am just learning from y’all.”

The answers are quite telling, with many split how to tackle it.

If you invite someone for a date the bill should be on you unless you stated otherwise when inviting them

You are the prize, set your own standards. Make sure your upfront and straight forward about it, she will decide on her own. Nyege ni ku nyegezana.

A black couple on a date
A black couple on a date

We could split it, and if he can’t split the bill I’d pay, but we prolly wouldn’t go on another date, bc he’s the one who asked me out
Face with raised eyebrow

I think whoever initiates the date pays
But If you guys have something like a date night ama regular dates, like every Monday Y’all meet, that one Y’all could split the bill.

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“Maina ako na sura personal” Woman explains cheating with Jimmy mcute


An ardent Classic 105 fan suggested that the reason wives have mpano wa kando’s is because their husbands may have ‘sura personal’.

Sura personal refers to a joke that a man is not good looking and so she needs to go out and find a cute Jimmy to console her and warm her bed where her husband has failed.

The comment sparked laughter from Maina who had sparked a heated debate that Kenyans are in open relations but are in denial about it.

Maina commented that “Why cant we be honest, we are living this this kind of a lifestyle” and  female caller agreed with him, but said she will never publicly admit to man cheating 4

Maina provoked comments when asked if open marriages can work in Kenya “I know its already happening in some circumstances and I’m not agitating for it before you say I’m rooting for it. There is a couple I met in Kirinyaga who are in an open marriage. Can open marriage work in Kenya? Are you in one I would love to hear from you”

Mwalimu his co host was offended and said “No. in Kenya we have what is a fixed marriage, like a fixed deposit account, you cannot open. Nijipate, ile wivu tunakuwanga nayo hapa ni abnormal, yako ni yako, uwiii realistically kuna vitu ni ki Africa especially when it comes to Kenyan men, there are things you can’t condone, you can’t fathom”

The woman called in with her excuse for being in an open marriage.

“Let me tell you Maina, sometimes open marriages work, and the current life we are living in mipango ya kando zimekuwa mingi, as much as, nowadays we get married and I know that if I date Maina he will provide for me, but there are some things Maina can’t do for me like bedroom things, Maina akona sura personal, so I will have Maina as my husband but for outside I have a cute jimmy, so these two can provide two different things”

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4 rules to use to successfully do the open marriage thing right

Dear Classic 105 fam, if you are marriage, but also in an open relationship, here are rules you MUST follow to do this thing right.

This follows a discussion with Maina and King’ang’i who sought to find out if it can work successfully like in the US and Europe.

“Most Kenyan men are in open marriages, then they tell their wives to tolerate ‘me’. Maina shouted. Alot of Kenyans are in open marriages, they just haven’t realized that that is what they are called. Tuambiane ukweli “

An open relationship is a consensual, non-monogamous relationship in which both partners can pursue se3, and often emotional attachments, with others.
So now that we have established what this thing is, follow these steps.

1. Establish who you can each hook up with: Are cousins, best friends out of bounds? Without establishing who you can each hook up with, things will not work out and may be disastrous to your marriage eventually.

Group Of Friends Having Fun Together Outdoors
Group Of Friends Having Fun Together Outdoors


2. Set emotional boundaries; Can your spouse go on regular dates in social places where others see them? Or should it be a random hook up?
3. Establish how much time you get to spend with others: Is a weekend getaway ok, or should couples hook up once a week?
Group of friends having fun at party --- Image by © Michael Patrick O'Leary/Corbis
Group of friends having fun at party — Image by © Michael Patrick O’Leary/Corbis


4. Establish if you can talk to each other about your hooks up: Married couple need to agree if there will be a don’t ask don’t tell policy, or if it’s okay to talk about your hook up after the date happens.

‘Don’t gain weight after marriage or he cheats’ Pastor tells wives



A US pastors sermon on how women can keep their husbands from being “distracted.” did not go too well for him.

The Missouri pastor has now gone on leave after lambasting women that they should make sure they stay skinny, wear make up and be monsters in bed to keep their husbands interested because “God made men to be drawn to beautiful women.”

Someone in the congregation shared the video of Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark’s sermon before the 1st General Baptist Church in Malden that has elicited sharp reaction.

According to NBC News in an article published by By Elisha Fieldstadt he slammed wives who gained weight after marriage adding they should look good for their husbands, because

“it’s important that he thinks you’re hot! Men have a need for their women to look like women. Sweatpants don’t cut it all the time. Wearing flip flops and pajamas to Walmart – that ain’t going to work. Ain’t nothing attractive about that. It’ ain’t, and men want their wives to look good at home and in public, can I get an Amen!”

“I really don’t think women understand how important it is for a man to have a beautiful woman on his arm,” he said. “Amen, ladies?” (“Yes!” shouts a male voice.) “Why is it so many times that women after they get married let themselves go? Here’s how way too many women are: ‘I got him now!’”

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Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage gets married for the fifth time


Two years after ending his four day marriage, American actor Nicholas Cage has wed for the fifth time.

In the photos from the wedding ceremony, the bride Riko Shibata, 26, was seen in a handmade bridal kimono, while Cage was wearing a tuxedo.

This is Cage’s fifth marriage following his public split from Erika Kookie after a four-day marriage in March 2019, which also took place in Las Vegas.nicholas cage marry 5times


Cage was previously married to Patricia Arquette, Lisa Marie Presley, Alice Kim, and Erika Koike.

A section of Kenyans reacted to the news:

Haki wasungu,what kind of wedding Gown is this halfu you should google the price ushangae

Bride amevaa slippers

Na huyo aliamua kuvaa slippers kwa harusi? Maajabu!!!

what in the name of yellow fever

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