Mother of Sonko’s secret teen daughter sues for child support

A woman has taken Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko to court over accusations of neglecting their 15-year-old daughter.

In the court papers, the woman claims Sonko has refused to take his parental responsibility and now wants the court to intervene.

“The applicant and the respondent are the biological parents of the minor. The defendant has refused and or neglected to provide for the minor with adequate and or basic necessities such as education, good health food, clothing, shelter, entertainment and medication,” read in part court papers dated May 12..

The case has been filed at the magistrate court in Ngong, Kajiado county.

The woman through Lawyer Dan Okemwa wants Sonko compelled to pay monthly upkeep of Sh448,450.

She wants Sonko compelled to contribute Sh50,000 for food and shopping, 45,000 for rent, 30,000 for security, 20,000 for clothing, 20,000 for househelp, Sh20,000 medical cover, Sh4000 minor’s salon expenses, Sh5000 for DStv, Sh50,000 for minors school debit card, Sh5000 for gas among others.

The woman, whose identity has been withheld to protect the minor, says her form two daughter has not been able to reopen school since April 26 because of a lack of fees.

He wants the former governor instructed to pay Sh86,000 fees, Sh30,450 school-related expenses and another Sh37,000 outstanding school fees balance pending the determination of the case.

The woman says the refusal by Sonko to attend to the child’s needs, yet he is a person of means, has caused minor emotional stress and ridicule among her peers.

“The unequal treatment has affected the minor psychologically as she does not understand why her father is abrasive towards her. Besides, the minor has been bullied and ridiculed in school because of her surname thus causing her emotional trauma and has indicated she wants to be transferred from the school,” she said in the court papers.

She said they entered into a relationship in 1999 which culminated in a romantic affair.

Court papers show the relationship was an on and off affair. The two got their child on April 17, 2007.


Late Janet Kanini’s hubby in trouble over chips funga post

The late Janet Kanini’s hubby, George Ikua found himself in a defensive position when he reposted a popular quote about men and women falling in and out of love.

Ikua posted, “There’s girls that men take home and then there’s girls they make a home with
Girls that men make love to and there’s girls that make men love them
Some girls are a hurricane, some calm the storm
Some girls give everything, wind up with nothing at all
The kind of girl you are is the kind of man you get
Regan Rousseau.”

One Facebooker, Kinyanjui Kibati criticised Ikua for posting the quote.

He wrote, “My elder brother, this post is shallow and sexist. I have never had cause to address you as such, but this one, some sexism couched with simple wisdom but ultimately bogus.”

Ikua explained, “Kinyanjui Kibati, interestingly Regan Rousseau who wrote this is a 23-year-old girl speaking about her dating experiences. And she added , ‘ Wrote this cause I needed to hear it…’ Does the sexist, shallow sentiments still apply? If not interesting how who said it changes the meaning….bring one to ask us the truth or do we paint shade based on the author?”

In a rejoinder, Kibati explained, “George Ikua of course you know I respect that. We are all the compound result of our experiences. She has articulated a view that encapsulates some positive wisdom. The positive wisdom, in my eyes, relates to the consequence of our actions. How that decision making leads to particular results.
It’s the couching that I take issue with. The foundational premise. For men. To be judged by men. You presented a flip of the script. How it could be like switching the sexes. But I don’t think that is the point. No sex or individual should be merely subject to the narrative of another.
I will concede that all of this is in my head. As a rigidly single 43-year-old man, I have come to believe that I could be incapable of understanding the nuance of human relationships that actually make things work. I am an outside observer and therefore can only make comments on intricacies I genuinely have no personal knowledge of. I will therefore not die on this hill.
Do you know how hard it is to live in a society that constantly blares out that women should seek a God fearing man when you are an atheist?”

Tyler Mbaya and girlfriend Georgina welcome first child

Ex Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya and his girlfriend Georgina have welcomed their first child together.

Tyler has a few days ago told worried fans that he rushed Georgina to hospital after a false alarm.

The irth on Saturday was announced by Tyler who said

She Came on my Birthday😭😍🥳
We would love to tell you guys that baby and her Momma are doing great and being taken care of here @komarockmodern It’s a whole rollercoaster of how things happened😂😍 Can’t wait to take you guys through the

We Love You🥰 A.N.K💖

And the best news for Tyler? The baby came on his birthday. On their yuotube channel Georgina had hinted that the baby could share a birth date with Tyler, and he too expressed happiness at the news.

Tyler Saturday May 7th

The cute couple refer to themselves as Gee and Ty and we adore it.

Congratulations as you embark on your journey to parenthood.

Happy mothers day Georgina from the Classic 105 fam.

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Madonna breakups with ben 10 boyfriend

Madonna has split from her boyfriend of three years.

Madonna and Ahlamalik Willimas started dating back in 2019.

The 63-year-old shared a very telling post after news broke on Tuesday that she has parted ways with the backup dancer, 28, whom she first met in 2015 but didn’t become romantically involved with until years later.

Madonna shared a cryptic quote, which read: “Karma said: when somebody in your life is not right for you… God will continuously use them to hurt you until you become strong enough to let them go.

The Queen of Pop seemed to allude to the rumored split on her Instagram Story.

Madonna and Ahlamalik were first linked back in 2019 after she shared a photo of them together on Instagram, with his father, only to later confirm to gossip channel TMZ they had been dating for more than a year.

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Noti Flow announces break up with her girlfriend King Alami

Singer Noti Flow and King Alami have split.

Noti Flow told that King Alami was cheating with a mubaba.

‘There were rumors going round that she’s an ecort. I confronted her but she denied. So last night, she told me she was going to her cousins birthday party in westi. I felt she was lying and decided to follow her on the low and yea she went to Runda instead. Some big house. Some old bab opened the gate for her, they hugged & ki**ed’

Noti Flow Instagam April 24

This is not the first time they have ended the relationship. Back in 2021, they told they are taking a break after Noti Flow claimed King Alami tried to kill her. Noti Flow called her a psycho who wanted to strangle her.

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11 travelling tips for women who want to go solo on vacation


An online discussion prompted by a woman wanting to go solo on vacation but hesitant owing to insecurity, elicited many tips that women can use to travel solo.

Here are 11 such helpful things you can do.

  1. Just stay hyper aware of your surroundings at all times

2. You just have to have your “bi*ch face” on lock so people don’t harass you

3. Walk with confidence

4. carry protection like pepper spray

5. Share your location

6. Don’t get too tipsy away from the room. Don’t panictravelling-smart-tips-for-travel-750x632

7. Talk to someone while you’re out

8. Stay near your hotel and area don’t really go out of bounds if you don’t have too

9.Choose your destination with Intent

10. Pack light so strangers are not forced to help and discover you are solo

11. Protect your documents, cards and cash
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5 ways you’re unknowingly killing your relationship

There are many things we all unknowingly do that put our relationships on life support.

From criticism, to lack of space and jealousy, here is a list of five things that could help you rectify your situation.

  1. Being jealous. You’re basically unknowingly telling them that they have to feel lucky to be with and have you.
  2. Not letting her/him initiate contact with you. If you’re the one always reaching out through the day it’s a sign they need time to miss you.
  3. Allowing them to get comfortable. Their effort or investment in you has to match regardless. Those things that you allow to happen become normalized and you lose.
  4. Too much one sided conversation. Allow them to initiate hugs and non s#ual affection too.
  5. Trying to make them like you. You put in effort to maintain a healthy situation, not to make them like you. Trying to make someone like you never ends well.

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Don’t help a man when he’s down – woman advises

Why women don’t believe in helping a man when he is broke

When a man is down, don’t help him. Those are the musings of several women who have told that men switch up on you when he eventually recovers from that broke episode.

A Twitter thread from @boojieshay that

Helping a ni**a when he down is a real risk. I don’t give a f what anybody got to say because a ni**a will switch up & act different once they’re back on their 10.

Her thoughts elicited similar reactions

I was with homeboy when his dad was diagnosed with aggressive cancer and ended up with a stoma. He was going through it and I was there every step of the way taking care of him when he couldn’t. Man let me know after his dad passed I was nothing to him. Never again.

Actual and factual. I helped a guy get his credit up and now he in a relationship. But not with me like boy byeeee. Siri play Alicia key’s lesson learned.

Main reason I’m carrying things the way I am TO THIS DAY🤷🏾‍♀️ you never know a persons plans, plot and/or intentions.

YES!! Tell me how I waited hand and foot on this man when he literally got leukemia, as SOON as he was done with chemo and healthy, he LEFT!!! Like?!?

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Cute reasons why bae gives you forehead kisses

Ladies, what does it mean when bae gives you a forehead kiss?

This question was posed to men in a viral Twitter thread and the responses will restore your faith in love.

@doseofsay asked men their reasons for doing this to their partner.

Expression of genuine love and vulnerability that means so much. Caring, protecting, providing for her and more but mostly the perception of her is so much more elevated to me. Hard as I have to be, just to be, she has made me accept it’s ok to be, open.

If I do it, I really love yo ass 🤷🏾‍♂️😂
I adore you.
If we cuddling, I’ll wake up to check on you and kiss your forehead before going back to sleep.
If we arguing and can’t come to agreement, I’ll do it before I walk away.
Idk 😂

That exclusive for your wife or girl that’s another form of us saying I love you without saying I love you!

Some girls be tripped out (still like) when I give them a kiss on the cheeks… do guys kiss anywhere other than lips (not sexual)? To be fair my dad missed us on the cheek growing up and a good bit of girls I’ve talked to ……kinda didn’t have a dad (idk if that explains it idk)

Technically yes to me. Means I care for you cherish you and I want to protect you, and will give maximum effort to make sure you’re always appreciated and safe with me.

It’s more of a nurturing kiss for me. Lips is more “I love you” but forehead is “I care about you and want to reassure you”

I feel it’s just a wholesome sweet way to kiss your woman. I mean obviously kissing her li*s is the ultimate but maybe she’s asleep and you wanna kiss her but don’t wanna go and kiss her li*s so you just plant a wet one on her forehead. Kissing her hand should make a come…

Back as well. May sound corny to some but he’s believe if I ever find my soulmate she’s getting all types of kisses. That’s the love of your life. Treat her as such. Make her believe it every single day. ☺️

Kisses on the forehead are treasures. Definitely means there’s LOVE there. Strong Bonded. Unconditional. Intended for you to feel, so it’s important to land it on the third 👁 .

It’s an extension of my love for a woman. An endearing thing personally. Like here’s a little peck to remind you how much you mean to me. I’m sure others have their own meaning but that’s mine.

Going both ways it’s very touching/heart warming to me. My love languages don’t often evoke very much emotion they simply my favorite types of interactions, but cheek/forehead kisses very much FEEL and COMMUNICATE “we have a bond and I have love/adoration for you”
It feels right

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7 Signs you have abandonment issues

Abandonment issues may be a type of anxiety disorder that can make it difficult to develop and maintain healthy, long-term relationships.

Abandonment fears can impair a person’s ability to trust others. They may make it harder for a person to feel worthy or be intimate.

Abandonment issues involve a deep fear of being hurt, rejected, or abandoned.

  1. You jump quickly into relationships
  2. You stay on in toxic relationships
  3. You have difficulty trusting in relationships
  4. You overthink and analyze everything your partner does
  5. You keep looking for red flags
  6. You constantly wait for them to leave even when they don’t
  7. You self sabotage your relationships

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10 things a man should never ask or tell a woman

Communication and conversations are very important in winning over a woman.

These points below however show how weak you are.

From asking if she really wants to wear that outfit to whether she has gained weight, here are some questions a man should never ask of or tell a woman.

  1. Don’t tell your woman NO. What do you mean no?
  2. What makes you different?
  3. Why are you single
  4. Are you crazy?
  5. I’ll think about it
  6. Let me get back to you
  7. Why don’t you smile
  8. What are you doing
  9. Send me a picture
  10. Can I borrow sh10,000 until the end of the month?

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Late gospel singer Osinachi was a domestic violence victim

She was in an abusive marriage.

Popular gospel artiste Osinachi Nwachukwu died a couple of days ago.

The “Ekwueme” crooner passed on in hospital after battling an undisclosed ailment.

It is now emerging that the singer died as a result of domestic violence.

Sh was on life support for five days before her demise. She went into coma after her husband beat her and kicked her on her chest.

The toxic marriage revelations have saddened many and Rose Muhando has mourned her revealing they were to do a collabo.

She has been eulogized as one of the best voices of gospel singers, and a wonderful woman whose love for God and affection for worship was well known.

May the Good Lord rest her beautiful soul in peace.

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‘I’m a better man now’ Weezdom regrets being violent

Musician Weezdom has addressed his supposed beef with Willy Pozzee, Bahati and his ex girlfriend Mylee.

The singer opened up about thes details in a Qn A where he told he is no longer stressing about anger and violence.

‘huku njewanasemawewe ni violent. So is Mylee Yaani nyinyi hupigana mbayaa.Guzia hiyo’ one fan challenged him to address the matter.

Weezdom denied saying ‘Walijua wapi hio na hatujawahi ishi nje lol..Theres a plan by some people to mkeevery woman ouyt here anichukie but sio rahisi juu madem wananipenda sana wanaonijua vizuri I’m not that kind of person vile inasemekana’

But a second fan was not convinced and asked about his repatebef with everyone ‘mbona unakosana na almost everyone around you?’
He said ‘Kwani hata Ruto wamemetenga bn abado hajajitoa kwa debe ama? huwezi chagua nani atakulike in this fake world of betrayaals and disloyalty’

A third fan asked surrounding his constant argument with Mylee ‘uakeza rudiana na Mylee unanyamaza tuu..we love that boss lady na hatutaki akasirike tena’

Weezdom agreed ‘Wah SizI’m a better man now’ telling of his regret.

Then he was advised to reunite with her and he hesitated.

‘utarudiana na Mylee kweli?’

‘Sijui maze God ndio anajua’

Another fan was concerned that he take advantage of her ‘Is it true ni Mylee anakuweka’

He retorted ‘Rohoni ama wapi juu haezi kubali kuweka boy venye namjua.labda vice versa’

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Women have darker pasts than men – King’ang’i

Ladies if your man knew your deep secrets, can he handle the truth?

If your man knew the truth about you ladies, what would happen? Can he handle the truth? Men if you knew everything about your wife, can you handle it?

This w as the interesting question Maina Kageni had for ladies in the Friday April 8th conversation about women and keeping secrets.

Maina told that women hide children from a new man and wondered why and how they do this.

Kingangi told Maina that while men can be found out about cheating or secret children, it is not easy to find out about women. he said they hide so well their lives.

‘why do you hide your children with mathee ushago? It’s 2022. what is the problem with telling your men I’ve got 2 or 3 children out there, and men why do you find women with children a no go zone? in 2022? Me I’ve met women and are single mothers and have got the most beautiful babies ever, I don’t know why you feel the need to hide them’

Kingangi agreed tyhat women should open up ‘Tell men I aborted 1, ni kuambiana tuu ukweli, kwa nini hutaki huo mtoto mwingine, tell me the truth.’

‘can you handle the truth?’ Maina queried. Kingangi retorted ‘tutajua hapo mbele, we realized we hardly know them, it is a given a man will be found out, but you will never know your woman’

So ladies, can your man handle the truth about you?

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Things girls should never do to a man

You are suffocating a man doing this.

Most women or girls do these things to get what they want from a man, arguing it’s about wanting or needing his attention and affection.

-If he asks you out on a date, don’t show up with a friend or two

-If you know he does not stand a chance with you, make it clear to him, don’t string him along

-Never compare him to another man especially your ex

-Short men are not confident. If he is height challenged don’t make fun of his height .He has no control over it.

-Pestering him with phone calls when he is at work

-Stopping him from hanging out with his friends to stay with you

-Going through his phone

-Use emotional blackmail

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I’m single but live with my girlfriend

Ladies, before dating that man ask him who he lives with and not if he is married.

If he stutters, girl he has a whole wife at home.

One of the biggest moves a couple can make is move in together, but what if that man you are staying with still considers himself single? Ole wako. Here are confessions from single men who are living with girlfriends.

A twitter question has left some people unsettled @astrogirl563..asked

‘Single men: do you live alone or with your girl??’

Moving in together reduces the worth of a girl in a guy’s eyes. When he starts getting husband benefits without making her his wife, she devalues in his eyes over time. Bitter truth men won’t tell.

That’s my roommate. We just share beds

@undertaqer_16 so that’s my roommate

Man my girl and my kids live with me, im helping her get on her feet

If you live with an ex you minus well say y’all still together because there are lot of people out of relationship still with there ex because they still want them but don’t want the title so they FEEL single but once they go home they have someone. Anyone living with an ex

Single meaning unmarried? I’m unmarried and live with my fiancée. But if you mean single like not dating then the question doesn’t make sense lol

She spend the night whenever her babydaddy got company. No big deal.

Being single from Tuesday to Thursday be like 👍👍😀😀 come Friday Rea coupola 4 the weekend till Monday.

Wife and girlfriend but I’m single tho

That’s just my homegirl that I had a kid with.

With my girl but we just roommates tho

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Harmonize begs ex Kajala with sh250k necklace

Harmonize’s deep desire to get back with his ex actress Frida kajala has led him to spend sh250,000 on 2 chains to woo her back.

He showed off the sparkling necklace to his fans telling he spent a pretty penny.

He captioned the video ‘someone to deliver. Big deep, tell her to take me back’ He added a pleading emoji.

in another video of a second chain, Harmonize told ‘she love Gold and Gold’

He also showed a video fo the billboard he spent sh500k to advertise their love in Kinondonai Dar Es Salam..

Lastly he begged ‘Nothing sweet than spending your monay for someone you love ‘ adding the dollar emoji.

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Men confess the dilemma of keeping love children a secret

A topic on men having secret children and fearing telling their wives got others confessing their deeds.

Maina and Kingangi on Thursday April 7 spoke about a friend of theirs whose wife found out that her daughters best friend is the husbands secret child.

Maina told that their friend is still trying to digest the fact that his wife knows.

Here are confessions from men on the show:

One man told ‘acha tuu maina, I do have children out there, but how do I start telling my wife, how can I start telling my wife babe I have two kids out here, how will her reponse be? I see the kids once in a while. One lives near me, the other one is far. The one near me lives 3 kilometeresfromme, the other one is in Mombasa. I am not sure I want to tell my wife I can only imagine how she will respond. I provide support to the other kids, and I also make sure I take care of my wifeshe has no reason to believe I am out there. It’s something you can start a conversation about with your wife. It’s a tall order’,

Another man told ‘I went to live with my aunt in Kitale after finishing school, and I befriended a girl. We had a thing going on and then after a few months I left to nairobi. Recently, like five years ago, i met one of my cousins who asked why I left my child. I was shocked ati I have a child. So it turns out she got pregnant and I did not know. I went to look for her to make up, but she toldme she is happily marrid and doesnt want anythign to do with me, that if I say some4thing I wilkl spoil her marriage. The man doesnt know he is raising aniother mans child.

More opinions about the topic below

Its impossible maina let them know by themselves coz u will b invoking problems which you will never come to solve….Man should not b caught its in our genes,sometimes lies is important to keep your marriage alive…we are here to reproduce immensively…its who we are🤷‍♂️

Maina Maina Maina, vitu zingine ni za kuwachwa tu hapo. Cause it would break hell loose. #MainaAndKingangi and when the wives know by themselves hawatawai leta shida vile as compared to when she’s told by another person. And you’ll realize that choices have consequences

Add some Volume That Today’s Topic. No, and I repeat No man should say he does have outside or mpango wa Kando kids .let the woman find out herself. Mbona uruke kwa Mafuta ya Kupikia Mandazi ukiona????

Aty unakaa hivi kwa hao alafu una anza topic with wife about having children out of marriage wewe sasa utakuwa uki chimba kaburi yako

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