She’s 61, He’s 25: Meet Madonna’s new toy boy


Madonna is cosying up to a new man, and the internet has receipts.

A photo of a 25 year old man she is allegedly dating has been dropped online courtesy Page Six, and fans are shock expressing mixed reaction to the news.

‘I thought I was different’ Kevin Harts wife on cheating scandal

For instance Eekiel Kentei says

 Madonna is 54 and her boyfriends 25, Jennifer Lopez is 43 and her boyfriends 26, so if youre single its ok, maybe hes just not born yet.

He’s one of Madonna’s backup dancers. He’s touring with her right now, and on his Instagram, he frequently posts about their tour — including videos and photos with Madonna in them.

madonna toyboy 2

Here are more reactions from fans:

Madonna ?! Canyon Springs really makes legends I swear

Kenyan man, 31, confesses addiction to the blue pill to impress girlfriend

Madonna f**ks with more young black men than the NYPD

Nig*as from canyon springs have brought home gold & platinum records, went to the NFL, Featured at Art Basel, working with the jabbawovkeez & now fu**in on Madonna ! That school bout to be iconic 😂😂


This guy I went to middle school with is dating Madonna. I literally can’t top that if we gave each other life updates 😂

Some people here who don’t have any respect for Madonna (and other 40+ artists),let me tell you: your fav will eventually get to the age of 40, 50, 60…Will she have achieved half of what Madonna has?No.Never. So stop dragging Madonna just bc you’re young. You haven’t got a clue

Madonna, 61, gets hot and heavy with dancer ‘boyfriend’ Ahlamalik Williams, 26, while with daughter Lourdes, 23, and her mystery man. According to sources: ‘Her friends think she needs to start focusing on older guys if she ever wants to find an enduring relationship!’

You know you’re old when Madonna’s current boyfriend is younger than you

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I will marry you out of gratitude but I’m in love with someone else

A bizarre text exchange between a man and woman about marrying for gratitude caught my attention, and for a good reason. It’s something that has landed couples in bad situations mostly …death.

The shocking text shared online shows a female student Sarah telling a man who paid her college fees that she will marry him only because he educated her, but she is madly in love with someone else. Ouch!!

school fees 1

People shared their horro at the situation in the second screenshot of the text message

Well she clearly said she didn’t tell him coz he was paying for her education

@obe2004lix2007..Sad though she’s honest but she took advantage knowing well the guy was so much into her to go that extra mile

school fees 2
@BwalyaCS1..The guy needs to just let her go

The truth is a bit too late, she should have been honest from the beginning not after 5yrs. And him begging is normal at the moment give him a few days he will be alright.

school fees 3
Both were crooked, the man used his financial position to lure the lady and the lady used that privilege to better her education and gain Independence. That’s why some men never pay for their lady’s education unless she is the wife.

She said and spoke her truth ,
His asking her to stay when she Clearly told him she doesn’t love him.
Why would he still say stay he needs to let her go she spoke her truth.

school fees 4

This made me sad honestly
Still shes willing to stay even if she does not love him no more.
I feel its best he lets her go and take the L but his not willing to do that
This is hurting both of them honestly
He needs to let her Go . Take the L
Its life.

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15 petty yet brutal reasons women dump men 


Relationships don’t always break down for deep and complex reasons, going by reasons revealed on social media.

A Twitter thread asking girls to list down the pettiest reasons they have left men shows it’s the small things that make a difference.

Just read through these 15 reasons why girls can leave you at the snap of a finger,

1. Aaina Dada.
Saying yo! instead of normal common hey, am I one of your boys 🙄

2. @briiafua..
he was cross eyed i thought i could avoid it by only seeing him in the evening but i had to eventually see him in day light. couldn’t take it


3. @Jodieevansxox..
Wouldn’t let me put a song on in his car lool

4. @MarilynMill_..
He used to put ‘x’s after messages. Every single time. Made me so sick so I stopped seeing him.

5. @MarilynMill_..
There was a time we were in the park just chilling as you do and he started tearing up. I asked him what’s wrong (whilst trying not to laugh) and he said he just can’t believe how beautiful I am??????????


??????!!? Is that why you’re shedding flipping tears big man?????????

6. @MarilynMill_..
Last one. When we used to msg on WhatsApp, he’d sit on our chat waiting for me to reply. There’d be times I take 10+ mins to reply and his ticks would turn blue instantly& he’d start typing. Used to make me sick. Why you so eager for a chat. this isn’t love island🤬

7. @Ushyy__..
When he doesn’t know the difference between there,their and they’re 😤😤

8. @ChiSupreme..
Being a ‘loool’ person instead of ‘LOOOOL’

9. @MarilynMill_..
He NEVER used to roast me. He’d bombard me with compliments non stop. Hated it so much because whenever I’d roast him he’d genuinely be upset. Weak yute. Had to lock it quickly


10. @latishac_x..
Replies that are too quick ALL THE TIME. As in I can’t even leave the chat before you open the message and start typing

11. @beautybyaliyah..
He showed up unannounced the day after our first date 🥴 didn’t even let his energy marinate long enough 🗑

12. @__SAGM..
Stand up his 6’2” body and take off his loud shukkushukku jacket in the middle of the film in a cinema date. No cinema training 😕

13. @__SAGM..
Stand up his 6’2” body and take off his loud shukkushukku jacket in the middle of the film in a cinema date. No cinema training 😕

14. @_MaryJana_..
I decided I didn’t like the way his nose fit on his face all of the sudden.

15. @MissRJay..
Asking me if I thought he was attractive. Do you think I gave you my number because I didn’t find you attractive? We’re not in a relationship yet an you’re already asking me to take care of your insecurities?!

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Broke man tells of humiliating experience being dumped by wife


Men who don’t have money go through difficult moments in relationships, as one Kenyan husband confessed his experience being broke as a church mouse.

His sad confession that there is no romance without finance hit home for him as he advised his peers not to console themselves that they will find a woman who will love them in their broke state.

He told Maina Kageni during a topic about broke men that

“I’m David from Njoro and let me tell you Maina, pesa ndio mambo yote. I  was dumped over brokeness. She told me she can’t live with a broke man, and she left. I was left there, lakini saa hii hata sitaki kumwona, kila mtu akae maisha yake”


So painful was the experience that he worked hard and made some good money. And guess what, the wife came back crawling, begging him to give their love another chance.

“I now have money and she wants me back. She is desperate and I have told her I don’t want her. I was sacked from my job in Naivasha and she left with two kid. I was left alone, na kabla nifutwekazi  I was with her for over seven good years. Let men not be cheated, it’s the truth I tell you, this life let me live my life, mwanaume ni pesa, yani I was told naenda hivi nacome: women leave broke men”

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4 main reasons why it hurts to see your ex with someone new


 Whether you were once married or dating, finding out you have been replaced and seeing him or her happy with someone else is a kick to the stomach.
Why does it hurt to see your ex with someone else? Here are three main reasons.

1. Your ego is hurt: You can’t help but think are they happier than you? Or are they having better siecs than you? Is that new bae physique better than yours or are they cuter or smarter than you.

Leave a man only when he tells you with his mouth to leave – Betty Bayo tells women

2. Remembering your past together hurts: Guys, no matter how long ago your relationship ended, you will feel a sense of loss and a blow to your ego more so if you happen to see photos online of them happy without you.

couple pics
couple pics
3. You are angry because you were vulnerable with that person and now they leave you knowing so many personal details about you. You wonder will they spill the information and embarrass you?
4. You ask yourself, ‘am I not good enough?’ Exes who were dumped lose sleep at night thinking what happened.
Dear Classic 105 fam, have you ever discovered your ex moved on and how did it feel? Drop us your comments below.

16 men give women dating tips and relationship advise because why not


What relationship advise would men give women? Men offer the best advice since they know how other men think. This article will focus on 16 tips that men want to give to women.

A thread on Twitter from men giving legit dating advise was prompted by a female twitter user @AnnaFlag of Haiti, who asked men only to respond tot he question


Give us women some relationship advice .

We picked 16 tips you can read and share below:
1. @xysist..
Don’t be afraid to contradict us when we say shit. We will not accept to change that shit there and then but we will subtly change it later on slowly. Men don’t want yes women we want a woman who can criticize us so that we get better for us both.

Willis Raburu reveals if he is still a married man or dating

2. @illestGodAlive..
Put love to the side. Give yourself up to loneliness, keep building yourself. Start a business, get new hobbies, chase greatness…and then once you built yourself up… you will attract exactly your match. It might not be perfect, but it’s better than what you attracting now.

3. @QuestMalloy..
Believe our actions the first time, and don’t make excuses for it. If he shows you he ain’t shit once, believe it. If he consistently shows up for you, believe that.

4. @isellwypeepo..
Please stop asking “do I see myself with you in 10 years” like I barely know what ima do tomorrow let’s just enjoy the vibes we got now and see where it takes us, just know if we dating I’m obviously tryna build a future together

‘Divorced or a single father…’, Betty Bayo gives the qualities of a husband she wants

5. @hills_j..
Don’t expect your man to be a mind reader. WE STUPID!!! Just be straight up and exact what you want and expect from us. Lay your standards out and don’t settle for nothing less from him. If he starts slipping check him. When we love you it’s nothing we won’t do to make you happy.

mid adult couple holding hands and praying
mid adult couple holding hands and praying

6. Brother Shaquille Sunflower
Simple shit, if he’s not doing it then you aren’t the one 🤷🏾‍♂️ and that goes for anyone. Stop letting people condition you for abuse. If you point out a behavior or how something mad you feel and their response is to argue/get defensive or cut off access to them just dead it

7. @pray4luve..
If a dude’s energy changes and he isn’t as attentive & caring, please be the Queen that you are and move on. You don’t have time for niggas to be inconsistent. Don’t give him the benefit of doubt either, someone (another female) is the reason he’s changing 90% of the time.

8. TheFan4Life..
1. Keep your girlfriends out of your business.
2. Never compare your relationship to other people’s social media highlights
3. Support his goals and dreams
4. Set boundaries, standards and expectations from day 1.
5. Pay attention to your senses. They never lie.

Linus Kaikai shares sweet last words to his late brother Maurice

9. @CJforShort..
Get ahead of the B.S by letting a man know what you’re looking for in the relationship BEFORE you start anything. And if he says he’s looking for something serious with you too, wait before you’re an active part of his life before doing anything you would regret if he was lying.

10. @PercivalPenman..
Stick to the lines and standards you set. Compromise is fine but if you have a standard or a non-negotiable, don’t negotiate it. A man will rise to it if he really want you

11. @BriantheBranana..
Your friends should never be treating you better/hyping you up more than the man you’re dating (meaning he needs to do better for you). Men can not be “stolen”, if they slept with someone else it’s because they WANTED to.

12. @washingtondame..
Don’t believe who he seems to be until after the 3rd or fourth month. That’s his representative you’ve been seeing. It normally wears off around then and he can’t keep up the good guy BS if it isn’t in him to begin with.

13. @natedaagreatt..
If a guy leaves you and comes back its because he found something better but they wont put up with his bullshit.
A confused man is a man with options
If he keeps saying he doesn’t want a relationship right now, the ” with you ” is silent.

Kenyans concerned after troubling video emerges of former NFL player Daniel Adongo

14. L.A quan
If a man seems interested one day and uninterested another. He talking to 5 other women and doesn’t know what he wants. Leave his confused ass to play games with someone else.

15. @BBCinNoVA..
Understand a man may shy away from an independent wmen bc he thinks she can provide structurally for herself & thus doesn’t need him.

Recognize this & tell him you need him for emotional fulfillment, for the nurturing relationship you desire…which he can provide.

16. @Gimme_SomeMO_..
1. Men who know they want you do not “take it slow”
2. Don’t fall for the leash method
3. Effort is key. Pay attention to how hard he tries to make time
4. Good men won’t ask you to do something they wouldn’t do.

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3 signs you can’t fix a toxic relationship

How many time shave you heard someone say that you should fight to keep your relationship?

That anything you are going through can be fixed?

Toxic relationships cause feelings of low self-worth, helplessness, fear, anxiety, depression, insecurity, paranoia, and even narcissism.

Fighting to keep this relationship won’t change anything because one or both people have emotionally moved on. Perhaps they were never really there in the first place, or not in the way you needed them to be anyway.

Even worse, if your relationship is toxic, you will be more and more damaged by staying in it.

Fighting to hold on to something that is not fighting to hold on to you will ruin you. Sometimes the only thing left to do is to let go with grace and move on.

Here’s how tell you can’t fix it:

  • moodiness, anger, unhappiness become the norm
  • you avoid each other more and more
  • work and relationships outside the toxic relationship start to suffer

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I was in a relationship for 8 years, then he secretly married someone else


People are going through the most in relationships that seem happy.

During a discussion about Kenyans who have never gone on holiday, a woman sheepishly said she found out about her boyfriends secret wedding after seeing photos on Facebook.

The man has been her lover for eight years and they have three kids together. Worst thing is, she had no clue he was in another relationship. He was a loving man to her throughout their time together until she landed on the wedding photos.

The emotional and confusing story made Maina Kageni offer her a trip to Mombasa to take the steam off.

Fed up woman in come we stay relationship sues man for not proposing

“I would love to go on holiday. I’ve never gone for one. I got married after Primary school and immediately starting having children. This has been a tough year for me. I have had the toughest year because juzi my guy who I’ve been with for eight years secretly married. I saw pictures on social media, imagine the guy has been very good to me all those 8 years even when I confronted him about the wedding, the guy just denied and he didn’t even have the decency to tell me, yani even on whatsappp. Can you imagine and I had been with him for eight years, and not even a clue. Ok I found him cheating once and we sorted it out, yani this guys is good, he does everything well, he treats me well, yani then I see pictures on social media, it hurts but I have to move on, there is nothing I can do at this point”

Dear Classic 105 fam, what would you advise this woman as of right now her mind is a mess?



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Fatuma Zarika’s inspiring message about being a single mother


Fatuma Zarika has opened up about her struggles as a single mum, and says she would do it all over again.

The boxing champion says she is handing being a single mother completely on her own with grace and style.

Her message is a reminder to others that they aren’t alone. She shared a picture of her all grown up daughters with a hearty message about confronting the hardships and struggles.

Fatuma was also raised by a single mother in Satellite and to help pay family bills, she worked as a housemaid after completing primary school.

She got pregnant in her teens and delivered a girl, Sophia, in 1997. Her daughters father was a deadbeat and in an interview with The Star, Zarika noted that

“Sophia was a bundle of joy and she was one of the very few things that would put a smile on my face after every long day. Though she fell sick quite often and as a mother being unable to help by simply catering for medical expenses, is a feeling that is almost impossible for one to get over,” she stated.

Men, always do DNA – The crazy case of the late MP Justus Murunga’s DNA results

The boxer after a few years got pregnant again with a girl.

Her inspiring story of fighting the odds reminds us of singer Akothee who often speaks out about being a single mum and all she has had to go through to make it in life and provide for her five children.

Go Zarika, we are rooting for you.

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Here’s 11 ways you can keep your girlfriend interested

How do you keep a girl constantly fascinated by you?

Keeping a woman interested can be a real challenge for alot of men. We are simple, but not simple. Does that make sense?

Here are some simple things you can do to keep her happy if you already don’t, to keep your relationship fun, fresh and exciting for the both of you.


1. Go on adventures together especially early in the relationship

2. Give her room to want you

3. Take staycations together

4. Try new twa twa stuff

5. Take control of the relationship

6. Always be creative

7. Stay mysterious

8. Great conversations matter

9. Be a gentleman.

10. Maintain your personal spaces

11. Be truly interested in her

Keeping a woman interested can be the real challenge, but hopefully you can use all or at least some of these tips to get things going in the right direction.

Good luck fellas.

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Fed up woman in come we stay relationship sues man for not proposing

After spending eight years with her man and not seeing any hopes of  a wedding, a Zambian woman has hauled her bae to court  for wasting her life.

Gertrude Ngoma was disappointed as her partner Herbert Salaliki didn’t go down on one knee and asked her to marry him and so the frustrated woman went to court for a resolution.

Sunday Times of Zambia via Mwebantu reported that the 26 year old woman also suspected that he was about to make a move with another woman when she saw texts to someone else.

She said, “He has never been serious, that is why I bought him to court because I deserve to know the way forward and our future.”

The man hastily defended himself saying some form of dowry was paid, what they call lobola, that Zambians use an an appreciation fee to his in laws.


Woman with a Headache
Woman with a Headache

The man amused many when he said he wanted to get married but didn’t have the money to have a wedding.

The certainly is the case in Kenya where many men argue that they are broke and cannot afford to have the wedding that their baes desire and so many end up in come we stay situations.


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My husband expects me to treat him like a King when he’s broke

The issue of which spouse mistreats the other more took centre stage on Classic 105 in a heated discussion where both genders blamed each other for failing marriages.

One woman told of how her husband mistreats her when he has money, but turns around and wants her to be good to him when he is broke. Huh?

I give my husband ten bob for fare and ignore him at the matatu stage

She told of her pain and agony in a horrible marriage

“Let me telll you Maina, these men don’t feel sorry for them when they are bullied by their wives. There is a reason she is behaving that way, Because when they have money and a job they have girlfriends and they stay away in weekends. They show us mathadrau then by bad luck they lose their job and money then come back home and sit there expecting to be treated like a King. If he is being bullied by the wife and told to wash clothes and dishes, wacha he does it. They also mistreat us, when he is broke he is with me, but when he has money he madharaus me with tons of girlfriends, they deserve to wash dishes. I was hustling with my husband, we made money and he had three side chicks that time. Suddenly he got broke and jobless, then he started coming home early expecting me to be nice to him, mimi? wacha wabadilishe diaper na sisi tukae chini tukiona tv, they deserve it”

Dear girls, does your husband or boyfriend mistreat you when he has money but expects you to treat them like Kings when broke? Drop us your comments below.

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I give my husband ten bob for fare and ignore him at the matatu stage

Relationship drama for a feuding Kenyan couple shocked many when the wife revealed she bought a fancy car and would refuse to give her husband a ride, choosing instead to give him ten shillings for bus fare.

What prompted this drastic action? She explains that it’s years of mistreatment when she was jobless and he was balling with lots of money and a good job.

She told Classics Maina Kageni that

“When you see a wife mistreating her husband, just know that he showed her madharau sometime in their marriage and she is fed up”


Her personal experience was something like this

“I got married young. I didn’t finish University but he did and got a good job. He used to mistreat me and call me uneducated and say I didn’t finish school because I was lose, then he would leave me 100bob to buy food. He would even call me to find out what I bought with that money.  Yet in the evening he would buy his friends drinks. So at some point I left him, went back to my parents, enrolled in school and finished my college education. I applied for many jobs, and finally got a really well paying one. Then along the way he lost his job, and became broke,  then I thought I won’t mistreat him, I used to give him cash, but he would show me madharau after that until he needed some more money from me. So I got fed up and revenged the same way. I would give him 100 bob, and quarreled him about how he spent that money, I also became angry when I found he hadn’t cleaned the house, . I also bought a nice car and I refused to give him a ride. I would give him ten bob for transport”

But her guilt quickly set in and she decided to leave him. She packed her bags and left with her kids for peace of mind.

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My wife treats me like her houseboy because I’m broke and jobless

An open discussion about marital abuse led to a man quietly whispering how his wife mistreats him owing to his jobless situation.

His depressing story elicited similar comments from other men who spoke about Kenyan wives being bullies at home.

Here is his story. He began by saying

“These woman, hawamabiliki. My name is John Koech and this is happening to me. I’m 47 and been married to her for 47 years, the way I’m treated at home for being jobless, it’s….When I get home late and come empty handed, she gets upset. When she goes to work, I’m left taking care of the kids. She leaves instructions of what I should do throughout the day. She says I must wash dishes, what I should cook for the kids for lunch, and what to dress them in”

Classic co host Mwalimu King’angi told a disbelieving Maina that this is what many men are going through by hardcore woman. Maina wasn’t buying the argument that women are bullies.

The sad husband continued his story adding that

“I’m the houseboy/girl. I used to have a job and pay all the bills, then things went bad for me, I lost my job and our relationship went down. She always calls me to find out if I am in the hosue and have down the housework, She has no respect for me asa man. I wonder if there are other men out there suffering like me?”

He ended his tale.

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Money is like HIV, no one says they have it – Men on always being ‘broke’

It is only Kenyan men who never have money to give their wives, Maina Kageni told co host Mwalimu in a discussion about stingy husbands.

Maina told of how Kenyan men are so stingy that one of his friends hides money in his car exhaust when he goes home in the evening, so that the wife doesn’t find any money in his car.

A little bit extreme isn’t it? But Mwalimu said this action is necessary because Kenyan women are incessant in their demands.


Maina told that

“guys why are you like that coz that’s the crazy thing, your man will not tell me no, he will ask what time I need it, me I wish you would go to Nigeria for one month, before the husband leaves he puts 300k naira on the table for their wives, Congolese men are just generous, mzungu hawezi danganya bibi yake. Me I’ve got a friend when he comes home in the evening anaficha pesa yake kwa exhaust pipe,”

A man told why Kenyan men are perpetually broke when their wives ask for money.

“I’m Freddie, pesa ni kama ukimwi na hakuna mtu anasema ako na ukimwi. Let me tell you Maina, these wommen have a bad habit of always demanding for money. When she asks today she will come back tomorrow, we are not stingy men like that, she incessantly asks for money, where is she taking that money? They don’t appreciate the men in Kenya, they can go to Nigeria where they will be spoiled”

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‘Even the neighbors dog will bite you’ Terrible things broke men face

Being broke is not a crime, however with that said …

The shameful things broke men face in society was discussed heavily on Classic 105, in a discussion about dating or marrying such fellas.

One man aptly described the humiliation saying

“If you don’t have money hata mbwa ya jirani itakuuma, men should stop saying they are the head of the family if you are broke. If you don’t have money nobody will respect you, hamtakula mapenzi, look for money mapenzi itakuja tuu because everybody loves money, hata ukuwe sura mbaya aje, wanaume watafute pesa”

Another man added that

“Let men stop consoling themselves ati a women will love a broke man, there is nothing like this, if  you are in a family gathering you are broke you will be sent to the shops to buy groceries, you will cut the matumbo, but if you have money you will be treated right”


Maina weighed in slamming such men as ‘romantic fools’. He added that

A woman will tolerate you if you are broke for a while, but will not tolerate you if there is no dalili of the situation changing. What is any same woman going to do with a permanently broke man? Of what use is a broke man, lets be honest. stop consoling your self. Gentlemen tafuteni pesa”

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree that a broke man is of no use to a Kenyan woman?

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I fear my husband will stab me in my sleep after cheating on him

Whew chile. People are going through the most out here.

A woman shared her story of being caught cheating on her husband and how his reaction to the incident has her living in fear.

She wrote that he caught her in bed with another man in their marital home, and instead of rage, he has been very loving towards her. She is confused and thinks he might be preparing to stab her to death while she sleeps.

“My husband found me in bed with another man, in our bedroom. I expected him to shoot us right then and there but he didn’t. He nicely asked my side guy to get dressed and leave. He told me to go take a shower. I tried to apologize but he told me he didn’t want to talk about it because there was nothing he can do to reverse what happened. That was the last time we spoke about it. Ever since that day he has been nice to me. He buys me flowers and takes me out at least twice a week. My husband is doing everything I want as from my man.”

sad-black-woman (1)

Now here is the tricky part, the husband is even planning a vacation before Christmas. But that is the least of her problems. It’s killing her inside not knowing what he is thinking. She said

“What he saw last month is eating me everyday. especially since he doesn’t want to talk about it. I’m even losing weight. I expected him to chase me away, punish me or call a family meeting to report me. He’s doing the opposite. I think he’s planning o do something bad to me. Sometimes I open my eyes at night and find him looking at me. When I ask him he says he’s admiring my beauty and thanking God for blessing him with a flame of a woman. I think he’s planning to do something to me when we are overseas. Am I being unnecessarily paranoid?”

Dear Classic 105 fam, is the woman reading too much into it or is the man silently planning something because of all these nice things he is doing instead of being raging mad?

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Are Y’all Ok? 12 tweets about dating fails that will have you hollering


Guys seriously is everything okay?

The online community has got many of us thinking things aren’t ok in the dating world, and thoughts, memes shared are testimony to that.

People are sharing what it’s really like and I’ve selected for you 20 of the most insane dating thoughts.datign fail 1(1)

datign fail 3(1)

datign fail 4(1)

datign fail 5(1)

datign fail 6(1)

datign fail 7(1)

datign fail 8(1)

datign fail 9(1)

datign fail 11(1)

datign fail 12(1)

dating fail 2(1)


If you have tie to kill today, kindly try and figure out what’s going on here please and drop us your comments below:

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