7 benefits of hugging your spouse everyday


A study released in 2018 suggested that spouses should hug each other at least four times a day. How are you doing on this end?

And does your woman or man like public or private hugging? Either way make the effort to get one warm cuddle a day at least.


Here are the simple but effective benefits of hugging according to experts who want to encourage more people this year to do so with their baes:

Hugs reduce stress by showing your support. …

Hugs may protect you against illness. …


Hugs may boost your heart health. …

Hugs can make you happier. …

Hugs help reduce your fears. …

Hugs may help reduce your pain. …

Hugs help you communicate with others.


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Stop greeting men – Warns Coast woman after rough experience


No matter how good an offer from a man sounds, don’t take it, is the free advise a coast-based woman is giving to Kenyan women.

She argues that men always come back to collect, even though they insisted that they were helping you for free.

She confessed her regret at accepting free rides to her workplace by a ‘kind’ neighbor who later wanted the favor returned. If you know you know.

cuc laughing

She told a shocked Maina Kageni that ‘Kenyan men don’t do anything for free’ and that getting the cookie is the end game.

Aisha from Mombasa insisted that even a mere greeting everyday will be repaid.

Aisha said

 “nakuambia hapa wanaume wa kenya hata uwape nini, nakuambia kalamu peke yake utalipa, hata kusalimiwa utalipa, nafanya kazi sokoni na naamka saa kumi na kuna jamaa nighbor alikuwa ana otoka na gari akanipea lift, mwezi moja so siku moja akaniitisha namba ya simu, nakwambia kumpee jioni yake naona message ‘njoo nilalle na wewe,’ basi mimi nilikataa, aliniambia nitamplipa juu ya kupewa lift kwa mwezi mmoja, na matatu ni thirty bob, nikajua hata salamu tuu utalipa wacha kupewa hela, utalipa hadi salamu, hata sipendi kuongelesha wanaume, hee”

Dear Classic 105 fam, is there any truth to this and what has been your experience?

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Fed up wife hilariously describes office romance to amused Maina

An honest confession of why a wife is having an office affair had Maina Kageni hollering on air, and happy that women are the GOAT’s when it comes to extra marital affairs.

The woman, described hilariously in her Kalenjin accent why her side man makes her happy when she hooks up with him.

She was prompted to confess by Maina’s declaration that

you men think you are players? you’re women are coaches, fellas your woman has a soul mate and that man is not you gentlemen, i want you to realize that this morning

And the flood of confessions from women were swift. The Kajlenjin woman said

” leo umetumaliza, hapo hatumsemangi. It is true, men are the ones starting this thing, and then they think we are stupid because we are silent, but my work husband treats me like a queen, yet there is someone who treats you kama taktaka, wachana na hawa wakae kwa giza, me I thank God because he (office husband) solves my problems, he gives me money unlike my husband who denies me money, kwani what does he want me to do, na sometimes he tells me kwani hukuwa umejipanga, yet my side gives me all the money I need,”

office affair

“Weuh” whispered Mwalimu Kingangi to this confession.

“There is no Kenyan man who can imagine that his wife can cheat on him” Maina told Kingangi

“Kuna vitu you cannot fathom. Wacha I have a headache, how?” Kingangi added to which Maina laughed, glad that women are teaching men a lesson.


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‘Disrespectful’ Maina Kageni tells Governor Wycliffe Oparanya about parading two wives

During the Mashujaa celebrations in Kisii county on October 20th, Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya showed up with his two wives in tow.

To say he captured national attention is an understatement.

And that also got the attention of Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni who slammed him for being disrespectful to his first wife.

To me the lack of respect is what’s bothering me Maina began his rant as he also took aim at men with multiple wives.

He spoke sharply about it on Wednesday morning where his co host Mwalimu Kingangi told him to ‘tulia’ –  calm down.

“What is the Governor teaching the youth? Maina pondered

I don’t want to be disrespectful, first of all he kosead his first wife, you cannot go to a wedding with two women. I don’t care who you are, it’s  disrespectful”


Why should you tolerate, why should you understand, why should you accommodate? Maina continued ranting about what men expect women to put up with in the name of polygamy.

Dear Classic 105 fam, what do you think about Oparanya and his two wives publicly showing up, and is it any of our bizniz?

Drop your comments below.

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Where’s Cupid? 5 reasons why people think they are unlucky in love 


Who doesn’t play around with thoughts about being unlucky in love? Many of us struggle with this and are often left feeling  jaded.

We question why some are always lucky to land the man or woman of their dreams and everything is lovey dovey. So what happens to the rest of us who are ‘unlucky in love’?

Here are reasons why we are unlucky in love.


  1. You’re dating to have fun: Being with someone to pass time Kenyans have normalized this ‘just having fun until I’m ready’ thing. The truth is, it’s often not the fact that you are “cursed” in love. Instead, it’s your own actions that are preventing your desired outcome.
  2. The excuse that I’m bad at relationships: People are not bad at relationships, our casual attitude is what makes our relationships appear unlucky in love.
  3. Not labelling a relationship: When we are unable to answer the ‘what are we’ question we make things casual so that we don’t scare away the other person therefore, we continue to hook up with him/her endlessly.
  4. Just incase: Many of us are guilty of dating multiple partners, just in case one doesn’t work out, we have another to fall back on and to test them if they are for keeps.
  5. Obsession with the ex: When you still pinning your hopes on your ex coming back, we ruin our chances at real love. The sooner you snap out of this delusion, the higher chance you have of finding something better.

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The 5 surprising places couples argue about relationship issues


Emotional bumps in relationships is what many couples go through and there are places where fights are most likely to begin and get intense.

Whew, dear Classic 105 fam, where are some of the places you have seen couples argue? Here is my list.

  1. In traffic Nairobi traffic is notorious and more so for people living along Thika Road, or worse Kiambu road. so while you are stuck in jam and your spouse says something, a fight ensues. It could just be a comment about how they are driving that brings out the underlying drama.
  2. Family events. Couples fighting in family gatherings especially during holiday moments are not uncommon. Holidays are a stressful time for couples who have tension. and the close proximity makes things spiral out of control.black-family-in-laws
  3. In a club
    Picture yourself sitting around happy couples and you and you and bae have some tension, it is highly likely one of you will make some catty remark that may spiral out of control and lead to a meltdown. And many Kenyans are known not to hold back so it will happen that the upset partner will bring up something they know will upset their partner

     “Did you cheat on her?” Dj Mo responds to troubling accusation

  4. Restaurants or big social events
    Eating out is supposed to be romantic and bring spouses close, but if you and bae have marital drama, the cuteness of others in the restaurant will likely get tot you and lead you to draw comparisons why you two can’t be this cute together. The lack of affection then leads to drama in public.
  5. Holidays/vacations 
    Disagreeing between spouses while on vacation happens alot because spouses have to agree on a common itinerary where neither has control over. The likelihood of blaming each other for any mishap on holiday will arise.

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Couples share love stories on viral How it started How it ended challenge  


A new online challenge about how couples met or began talking to how they ended up married has gone viral, giving many of us FOMO.

the couples are sharing screenshots of the chats they had finding love and how it worked out in the end as a married couple.

We picked several beautiful stories that will make you believe in love if you truly are single and had lost hope of finding your forever ever.



Here are

Now this one is really cute, don’t you agree?

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15 petty yet brutal reasons women dump men 


Relationships don’t always break down for deep and complex reasons, going by reasons revealed on social media.

A Twitter thread asking girls to list down the pettiest reasons they have left men shows it’s the small things that make a difference.

Just read through these 15 reasons why girls can leave you at the snap of a finger,

1. Aaina Dada.
Saying yo! instead of normal common hey, am I one of your boys 🙄

2. @briiafua..
he was cross eyed i thought i could avoid it by only seeing him in the evening but i had to eventually see him in day light. couldn’t take it


3. @Jodieevansxox..
Wouldn’t let me put a song on in his car lool

4. @MarilynMill_..
He used to put ‘x’s after messages. Every single time. Made me so sick so I stopped seeing him.

5. @MarilynMill_..
There was a time we were in the park just chilling as you do and he started tearing up. I asked him what’s wrong (whilst trying not to laugh) and he said he just can’t believe how beautiful I am??????????


??????!!? Is that why you’re shedding flipping tears big man?????????

6. @MarilynMill_..
Last one. When we used to msg on WhatsApp, he’d sit on our chat waiting for me to reply. There’d be times I take 10+ mins to reply and his ticks would turn blue instantly& he’d start typing. Used to make me sick. Why you so eager for a chat. this isn’t love island🤬

7. @Ushyy__..
When he doesn’t know the difference between there,their and they’re 😤😤

8. @ChiSupreme..
Being a ‘loool’ person instead of ‘LOOOOL’

9. @MarilynMill_..
He NEVER used to roast me. He’d bombard me with compliments non stop. Hated it so much because whenever I’d roast him he’d genuinely be upset. Weak yute. Had to lock it quickly


10. @latishac_x..
Replies that are too quick ALL THE TIME. As in I can’t even leave the chat before you open the message and start typing

11. @beautybyaliyah..
He showed up unannounced the day after our first date 🥴 didn’t even let his energy marinate long enough 🗑

12. @__SAGM..
Stand up his 6’2” body and take off his loud shukkushukku jacket in the middle of the film in a cinema date. No cinema training 😕

13. @__SAGM..
Stand up his 6’2” body and take off his loud shukkushukku jacket in the middle of the film in a cinema date. No cinema training 😕

14. @_MaryJana_..
I decided I didn’t like the way his nose fit on his face all of the sudden.

15. @MissRJay..
Asking me if I thought he was attractive. Do you think I gave you my number because I didn’t find you attractive? We’re not in a relationship yet an you’re already asking me to take care of your insecurities?!

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6 times it’s OK for your partner to be friends with their ex


It’s human nature to jump into conclusions and assume the worst if your partner is friends with their ex, however some remian friends after breaking up because it’s the respectable thing to do.

Here are reasons when you should not worry or stress yourself wondering if bae is upto no good.

1. They share mutual friends

If your partner shares mutual friends with their ex, they may run into each other alot, therefore the decison to remian good friends makes sense to avoid awkwardness.

2. They started out as friends

Siz, if your partner and their ex were really great friends before they started dating or married each other, then it follows that they will still maintain that friendship.

3. They work together

This the the mother of all problems for new baes The two ex lovers can’t avoid seeing or talking to each other, unless you want him to drop his job for you.black-couple-break-up

4. If They have children

Responsible exes will agree to remian friends for the purpose fo co parenting successfully for their children’s sake. And perhaps not just the children but for their new spouses.

5. They agree on and keep to clearly defined boundaries

Your partner will remian friends with the ex if they put boundaries for how they will continue to be friends, while respecting their new lovers. The red line shall not be crossed.

6. They’re working together on a project

This applies more so to a business they used to run together and makes sense that if they had plans for the biashara, they must remian friends.

Do you agree with this list or not Classic 105 fam?


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7 questions we all have about couples who argue in public


This past weekend the explosive story trending online was about singer Size 8 and Dj Mo’s drama in a public space.

The couple have been very open about the tribulations in their marriage and their Youtube channel has this proof.

I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty awkward and downright uncomfortable,  if I have to witness a couple have a public disagreement. I am no sure if I should eavesdrop or nijipe shuguli.

The fault in our stars-The problem with DJ Mo and Size 8 airing their marital issues

Allowing bystanders to witness a fight can lead to more feelings of anger, embarrassment, humiliation and resentment possibly contributing to the end of the relationship.

As bystanders here are 7 questions we all have about the couple:


  • Did one of them have a bad day and venting is the way out or they’re going through something more serious?
  • Is he having an affair or is this negative energy about her cheating?TNMCoupleArgueBlame_feature-588x260


  • Were they ever nice to each other before this or it’s kawaida for them to always fight and make-up?
  • Why bother being with each other?
  • How do you go home now and get into bed with each other as if nothing happened?
  • Does it turn them on or something weird BDSM lifestyle?
  • Are they trying to break up?

What do you think Classic 105 fam? Do other couples fights in public make you ask these key questions, or am I reading too much into peoples business?


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Maina screams his lungs out after hilarious chat with drunk woman

A drunk woman entertained Maina and King’ang’i with her tale about why some married women wet the bed (I thought it’s men who do this) and flirt endlessy with men when intoxicated.

Maina sought to know from angry men why it is a problem whata  woman does with her life to which Kingangi responded saying ‘kuolewa itakuwa ngumu.’

Her slurred speech and bizarre excuse for being drunk early morning cracked the ribs of the talk show host who was curious if she was drunk as Kingang’i tried to drown out her explanation.

The woman was contributing to the morning conversation why Kenyan women are drinking more than ever and gave her testimony

‘”Kingangi unataka hii economy irudi nyuma, shida ya wamawake ni kukunywa na kukojoa. I am buying alcohol with my own money, what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with you King’ang’i? If I met you when I was a drunkard, and then you still married me, why do you have issues that I am still drinking? The only problem arises when we wives wet the bed. Ile shida tunakuwanga nayo ni kujikojolea, hio hatukatai alafu we find every man attractive. Hio tuu ndio shida. I will continue to be your wife shida iko wapi? kingangi shid aiko wapi? tunajikojolea kwasababu kabla ukimbie kwa choo inatoka, nataka watuambie shida ni nini, saa hii nimeguza kidogo, nishatoa lock kidogo tuu hivi tuu, siwezi acha, ehh mimi ni mangaa”

She sent Maina Kageni into hysterics and we all know that when he can’t talk all he says is ‘nie digehota’. That was the end of th conversation with the city mum.


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Top 4 Reasons women suddenly leave their partners

You’ve been dating or married for sometime and you thought everything was going fine. Then you come home to find she has suddenly disappeared, and she won’t pick your calls, text back or have any for of communication with you.

Why did she leave suddenly, yet everything seemed rosy? Here are four plain reasons why women just pack and leave

1. Your partner/spouse felt like you became more like a sibling than a partner, so there is no need to put effort in a relationship where a spouse is now like a sibling. is there?

2. Your partner/spouse felt ignored and unappreciated throughout the relationship.

3. Your partner/spouse met someone else who fills the gap her man is not able to.

4. Your partner/spouse doesn’t have anything in common with you anymore, so the lack of connection leads to her decision t pack and leave suddenly.black-couple-sad

Sometimes women have no idea how to voice what they need if they are in a relations that just isn’t working for them.

Other times they struggled silently for months or years, then get to the red line or what we all call our breaking point. Do men know women have a breaking point or they think they can push our buttons endlessly

Another reason is if she tried to talk about what she felt, but the man brushed it off and she continued, then it turned into a fight.

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My boyfriend added his side chick to our Whatsapp group

The person who came up with the phrase ‘love is blind’ knew exactly what they were talking about, Because WOW!!!

A woman, who is an events planner, had a rather rude shock from her man. She describes in a somewhat hilarious manner how he formed a group for them


He cheated when I found out he decided to introduced me to the girl and surprisingly I didn’t have a problem with it, then he went on and created a whatsapp group added me and the new Bae, we used to talk on that group we were even planning a vacation.

Every morning he would Greet us in the group like “Good morning my two beautiful wives” and we would each reply “morning love

She is so chilled out about the relationship and reveals why she isn’t stressed

Right there and then I realized that I have no problem with polygamy marriage at all.
Guys I’m not making this up, this is the girl we still talk.
 man clapping hands
Her confession has triggered a flood of question with many asking how they were able to cooperate, whether they did 3Sums, and to date how things are going. Really guys?
Read how people are praising the man and calling him a legend:
Legendary stuff, can he be invited as a guest speaker to the men’s conference next year!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂, I still can’t believe what I have just read 😭😭😭@mandla20..
This guy should be given the podium for an hour in next year’s mens [email protected]
He’s our Secretary General for next year’s men’s conference

In respect…i salute ur ex…he was living on another planet…a true legend…tell him …i said i owe him money ye six pack..4 doing the most 😂😂

This guy is a legend. Whatever he did tou you girls should be studied in school.

This is actually very possible when you’re in love. I have been in a very similar situation and I wonder why I didn’t mind.

This is what happens when you’re in a relationship for your partner and not for yourself

Reminds me of this girl who created a WhatsApp group and added all the guys in the squad she had smashed

List of famous Kenyan men who’ve dated/married older women


The switch has been flipped *pun intended* and society is now contending with younger men dating older women.

The paradigm shift has recently been called into question when Gospel singer Guardian Angel said he is dating a 50 year old woman. So you can see where the hollaballo is coming from.

So here is a look back at Kenyan male celebrities mocked for dating or marrying older women.

‘She picked our baby and left,’ Mr Seed’s wife packs and goes back to her home (Video)

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel has caused a stir online after he introduced his girlfriend who is twice his age. Angel, whose real name is Audiphaxad Peter Omwaka, recently announced he is dating fellow gospel singer Esther Musila, who is 50 years old. Kenyans on social media are split whether he is mad or love wins.

I AM PROUD OF MYSELF. #LOVEWINS❣. the singer wrote


He added,


John Allan Namu

The hunky former KTN journalist is married to Sheena Makena, married in 2010 while working at KTN. He was only an intern at Standard Group while Sheen was an editor.

“When were started working together at KTN, I was an intern and i was scared… And she was a scary editor like anybody who remembers Makena was like “if you don’t have your time codes get out’ you know. And interestingly enough we just started to vibe and we talked a lot like when we were in the edit suite we had a lot of stories. I would often get late, a lot of my stories would run late because we were talking and that sort of thing,” John Allan Namu narrated during an interview with Ebru TV.

10 things you should not do if your spouse wants to leave

He has been nicknamed Mtoto wa Diana, his wife Diana Marua, who is alleged to be way older than him. They are cyber bullied for this fact and once on their youtube channel, Bahati apologized to Diana asaying his fame has hurt her. “Right now Diana is in the public eye because of me. She has been abused because of me. She is hitting a million followers for the wrong stories,” he said.People say she is at least ten years older, but we dont know for sure.

Bahati with Diana Marua

Pastor Pius Muiru
His wife Lucy is older and they have been together over 20 years. The televangelist who runs the Maximum Miracle Centre in Nairobi, lavishes praise on her alot, describing her as a loving, beautiful, compassionate spouse.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan
Although now long divorced or separated, Zari and Diamond got the streets talking and debating about their age. We knew Diamonds age, but never Zaris’ after they hooked up in 2017. According to claims she made as recent as 2019. she was born in 1980, while Diamond was born in 1989.

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6 things that girls do that men consider dating red flags

They say when you are dating one must hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Kweli, rongo?

If she’s flaky, possessive, and high-drama that girl is toxic

We have all experienced and ignored red flags when dating. Don’t deny it. We all see those not so great things about the other person but overlook it.

Here are 6 red flags men look out for when trying to make something blossom into a serious relationship

    1. Kukula fare: This is a terrible habit that all lads are saying they can’t stand in us. Girls if you don’t want to see him, don’t kula fare and make mankind think all females are trash
    2. Replies the next day with ‘oh I was asleep’ response: But in all fairness, men do it too.

      Dating Kenyan women is a waste of time – men tell Mike Mondo

      3.When hanging out with him, you somehow never receive phone calls. If a guy has been consistently dating a girl, but she never recieves phone calls or notifications, is that even real? Perhaps she is hiding something, who knows?

4. Jealous rage. Having someone feeling a little jealous and protective of you can be flattering, but exhibiting extreme jealousy — especially very early on — can be alarming and a cause for concern. Jealousy often leads to fights and can even be bad for your mental health, so you’ll want to proceed with caution.

5. Rude girls. Dating a girl with serious emotional outbursts can be tricky.

6. Keeping him a secret. Every dude is worried whether he is your main man or the side kick. It’s a pretty big deal for fellas to be labelled yours and society told that he is your man. Imagine how many other people your bae has lied to in the same way? You may not be the only secret boyfriend.

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‘My man loves me yet I met him while procuring an abortion,’ Brags woman

Does where you meet a man determine whether he will marry you or not ?Well this is the dilemma one woman has found herself in.

They say you can meet the love of your life in a bar, church or at a bus stop but for * Nelly she met him as she was visiting a clinic to carry out an abortion.

Yes you read that right. The problem is that every time Nelly gets pregnant he takes her for an abortion and she feels he is using her past to judge her.

“My priest tried to penetrate me from behind,”cries city woman

Narrating her sad ordeal on a social media platform, she says

” I met him on my way to go and do abortion, because he was so nice I opened up to him, told him everything and he loved me for me.

I wanted him to taste my body before I take out the pregnancy so we had S#x in the car that same day , after s#x he drove me to the place I did the abortion and even paid and bought me drugs . 

Since then we have been dating and he is so sweet .

Photos of Beril Ouma woman allegedly killed by her husband in Kahawa


He does everything for me but I am scared he might not marry me I am scared because anytime we get intimate and I tell him I am pregnant, he will just drive me straight to where he met me and pay for the abortion

He even collected the docs number, I have 3 of his pregnancies since we met and I feel that he is judging me with my past .

Do you think he will marry me or should I ask just  him?”

Woman narrates how man used and abused her body during s#xual ordeal

Below are some of the comments some full of wisdom while some are straight to the point

doyinsolatolulope:Some ladies eh,they r just a disgrace.. Mumu, he will marry you you think he is so stupid like you. Uncle is using you as a mopping stick. When u r not useful again then you will know whatsapp

goldshuga_zika:Helping you destroy your future & you ask if he’s gullible enough to wanna be part of what he destroys?….Hell no! You’re just a tool for distraction & evacuation. He ain’t dating but using you. I’m sure his real gf is somewhere prolly still a Virgin. Please grow up.

posh_alicia:Seriously!!! You don’t need to cos he will not marry you gosh!!! Wake up

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I divorced my husband after he tried poisoning me while pregnant

A discussion on Thursday morning about how divorce has become an easy option for women led to a confession that sounded crazy.

Maina Kageni weighed in on why women are quick to divorce nowadays saying there is no point for a woman to stay in an unhappy marriage, and should walk out ASAP.

ati our mothers use to vumulia being beaten just because of for better or worse. Nie reke nemwo.

Ati stay with a man who mistreats you, disrespects you and violates you because of the vows he swore on?

I’ll never ever go back on my belief ladies that if your being mistreated, walk out.

if a man hits you and you forgive him, he will hit you again, I swear Maina advised, that is a fact. If a man hits you once he will do ti again

A female caller confessed that her husband started trying to poison her when she gave birth.

I walked out and I’m telling it’s not an easy road but it’s comfortable. I’m happy I walked out 12 years ago, oh my goodness, what did he do? when I was pregnant at one point he tried food poisoning me. He wanted to kill me nd my child because he had so many affairs he was trying to figure out the best way to eliminate us. And then when my baby was almost two months old,  he set house on fire that’s now when I walked out that was too much, I’m happy


Her sentiments were echoed by another woman who said ‘if your living with a man who is full of anger how can you survive how can you survive, if you’re living with a man who gives you silent treatment, who asks you to leave anytime you have an argument, how can you survive?

However this theory didn’t hold with one man saying ‘the most of these women who are beaten and mistreated are the ones who are staying the one leaving are leaving for petty issues, the mistreated ones oh ati alejandro alifanya hivi na wewe hufanyi, women are leaving for petty stupid issues,’

Is his judgment a little too harsh? No according to Wakanai who said ‘Marriage is not easy venye sisi tunawavumilia pia wao watuvumilie.’

Maina’s co host Mwalimu agreed adding that ‘Marriage is an institution tukona wewe mpaka mwisho.’

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They’re cute! Maina lavishes praise on Vanessa Mdee and boyfriend Rotimi


The candid moments that Tanzanian beauty Vanessa Mdee and her American boyfriend Rotimi are capturing have left us all mesmerized.

The two lovebirds hooked up secretly in 2019, and were exposed by an American blog that insisted they were a couple.

After much pressure Vanessa shared pictures that confirmed the rumors of a relationship.

And since then, the couple are shacking up together in the USA, treating us to their love online.

Classic’s Maina Kageni has noticed and thinks they are a cute couple.

He shared his thoughts saying

‘I saw a video of Vanessa teaching him swahili and my god, it was funny. Yani he tried. Ako na boyfriend mpya and he is a pretty good singer if you ask me’ Maina said about Rotimi,


View this post on Instagram

Huku kwetu tunajifunza Kiswahili taratibu. Ameweza au? #Swahili #Swahili101 #InMyBed video link in bio 📺🎬

A post shared by God’s Favorite 💫 (@vanessamdee) on

Maina has watched the video above repeatedly and so have other Kenyan celebrities who lavished praise on Vanessa, including Madam boss. Here are some comments

Vee love is sweet oooh, I miss you ,sikujua ukiolewa nitakukosa hivi 😭😭, happy for you sweetheart enjoy every moment

Awww… how cute is this, 😍 mimi the last words I hear before going to bed is “kojoa tulale Or we ndio wa mwisho zima stima”


So cute 😍😍😍
5d228 likesReply

BTW God ni sawa… God ni vile utaamua tu

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