9 signs your man isn’t over his baby mama


If your husband is co parenting with his baby mama, there may be challenges along the way. And one way to iron this out is to have a solid agreement between your dude and his ex, how the children will be cared for.

And this is important for a man to be clear that it’s for the children and nothing more.

But if his behavior in anyway suggests he still clinging to his past, here are signs he is upto no good.

1. The ex uses the children as an excuse to call him every time. Yes we understand that each parent must be made aware about milestones, but surely some can wait.
2. She wants all phone calls to be on her line yet the child is old enought to own her/his SIM card plays the middle man.

3. He’s concerned about who she is dating, insisting it’s because you want the right man around your baby mama. Really! If you have moved on as  a man, then you don’t get to have a say who she dates. Why does he care about her private life, if he is not still into her?

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4. The baby mama insists on being present for visits to monitor what the man is doing. Really? Are they a couple?

5. He doesn’t want you around her when their child marks important events like birthdays. He says she will be mad.

6. He live by her rules and that she can change the co parenting when it suits her. If he allows his baby mama to dictate to you his current chick about their child, sis, where there is fire, there is smoke.

7. He needs privacy to have phone conversations with his baby mama

8. He runs to her when she calls for help to fix things like her car when it breaks down. Sis be very suspicious if he is at her beck and call like this. No exe couple would be this free with each other.

9. He acts tensed up when he meets her pals when you are out abd about. If your man is actign weird about such an encounter then this is a sign he could be hitting it and her friends know it, but you don’t.

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Masaibu ya GOAT wives: 11 common complaints first wives have


First wives have been dubbed as GOAT Wives, more so after the drama between Amber Ray and Amira over businessman Jima Roho Safi.

And now that Amber Ray has been dumped and Jimal gone back to the first wife, here are some things you need to know about what women put up with.


  1. You feel overwhelmed by house chores coz he never helps

2. He doesn’t remember key dates

3. You two have the same arguments every day

4. He parties or drinks too much

5. His family drives you nuts

6. He is gone all the time from home

7. He is friends with his exes online

8. He doesn’t understand how hard you work, either at home or in the office

9. He doesn’t compliment you or your appearance.”

10. He doesn’t make time for you + kids

11. He doesn’t support you emotionally

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‘When did you know he hated you’ confessions that are so embarrassing


A topic online asking women to disclose personal instances of humiliation/trauma touched the hearts of users.

The topic was posed by @Oloni on Twitter and got hundreds of reactions.



Here are responses

Noticed the way he spoke about some girl. The awe, the happiness, the pure joy about him made me know that he never thought of me in those terms…

He said he can only post his female bestie and not me because the family knew her

When family members were asking him where he was, he always said « with Thomas ». In front of my face Skull. I still wonder who he was seeing when he was telling ME he was with Thomas

Lol one time he hurt my feelings and I cried and he got the biggest smile and said “are you crying? Girl, have a good day” and left

When he locked me in house on New year’s eve and went to two new year’s party. He didn’t even have food on his house

Was sick and he never checked up me, later on told me he can’t be with me because I’m always sick and I need a lot of attention

Same person told me I was not, “freaky enough” as he had expected

We went to a movie with some friends that made me cry and he rolled his eyes and turned to them and said “She gets like this when she’s desperate for attention”

Proposed to me and refused to talk about the marriage plans. To the extent he told me because I was asking “too much he was not doing the wedding again”. Lied about everything, never knew when he was telling the truth.

He invited me on a camping trip with his friends & their girlfriends. I had too much to drink and accidentally blacked out for the first time ever. He threw me in a tent by myself all night barefoot, no blankets and covered in my own vomit

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He is just my errand boy – Woman says about funding Ben 10

On the Tubonge Tuesday conversation, men were blasted for being lazy and relying financially on women.

An angry man noted that many young men nowadays have the audacity to beg for money from women to live a glamourous life on social media.

Maina delved into the issue of Anerlisa Muigai advising women not to provide for men, after her failed relationship with Ben Pol.

It emerged that she funded his life, pretty much paying for his cars and vacations.

Maina exposed Ben Pol, slamming him for being lazy.

“Aki Ben Pol we must discuss that we can’t ignore it, you know the young men of today me I don’t know you are living off your woman, then there are those men who floss with their womans things, aki ladies why do you let these things happen?”

A woman confessed to Maian that she has a Ben 10, who is so lazy but she doesn’t mind because he serves a purpose – if you know you know.


“Maina let me tell you, I have this guy. He does errands for me. I give him my car coz I don’t have time. He was like my errand boy. but I couldn’t have a talk with him of things important to me like investing, because he is not mature, all I tell him is do this and this for me. I feed him na jioni tunapatana coz he has been home the whole day he will give it to me mzuri sana. He is for fun, I couldn’t have a constructive conversation with him”

A young man corroborated what she said admitting it’s a financial favor in return for the family jewels.

“I dated such a woman hakuna pesa tamu kama kupewa na mwanamke, alikuwa na pesa kuniliko and I dated her while in college, and she a treating me well. It’s just nice you feel good there, from my point of view I don’t see any problem with that Maina, that’s the only way men can survive”


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Meet 28 year old Ciru Njuguna who is proving inter racial marriage works


Ciru Njguna is a 28 year old Kenyan woman from Nakuru who is married to a 60 year old mzungu.

The age difference is 30 years but she has told naysayers that they are madly and deeply in love. “Age for us is just a number. We love each other” in a kikuyu interview.

Ciru and her mzungu have two children and very popular on Tiktok for their marriage videos. They met when she was 20 years on Facebook. Their conversation led to a love like no other as she told Journalist Monica Kagoni in an interview recently.

She tells alot about dating a white man having been with him for 8 years now and two children. “Patience is very important when you are trusting for significant changes in your life. It’s hard not to worry or wonder but surely sometimes it’s necessary not to think too hard when you can’t seem to find solutions to your problems.
I’m thankful for my journey. I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful for every person who has been part of my journey. I’m a happy woman.”ciru 2 (1)

Ciru is also judged alot online and hits back at critics to defend her man and their marriage.

Ann Njuguna
She is mature, well mannered, and full of respect, and beautiful inside out, God bless your marriage and family.

Eunice Wambui
Am also 28 and my husband is 55 and we are happy what matters is happiness in the marriage.
Shiru be happy

sue wa kuria
Kaa anaprovide kila kitu na huna dry spell tuliza huko age is just a number.

John Ngure
Was watching barothi wa bururi,,, and one story was like,,,shire is in heaven on earth and the character wa barothi was even hell ni nothing to her story,so the major focus is just one genuine love and care,keep up the good family shiro….

ciru 3 (1)
Shiro is such a strong girl! I admire her maturity and courage.

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My boyfriends mother organized a fake funeral to get rid of me


A cruel mother reportedly told her son’s girlfriend that he had died in a horrific accident and that she should not bother attending his funeral.

The girlfriend mourned him, only to meet him much later at the mall with a complete family of a wife and children.

The story was told in a viral Twitter thread below. She began

5years back on this day,I received a call from my boyfriend’s mother telling me her son was involved in a car accident and dies on the spot, 2 make it short,she asked me nt 2 attend his funeral since we we’re ain’t married,today l met her son at the Mall with his wife and twins

I remember mourning his death, used to cry to sleep,we dated for 10 months, everything was perfect,we loved each other but fake death happened

I remember meeting his only freind l knew nigga console me even wiped my tears, showing sympathy towards me, telling me it will pass and shall go on with my life, he’s in a better place

I was so shocked seeing him today even told myself even they say people do look alike but that’s him

then l wanted to clear my doubts l turned and followed them,l call out his name, little l didn’t know know he turned back and say”yes can I help you?l went straight towards them

“I am not a chicken to go home at 6pm” Man shouts about going home late

As l was standing in front of him with my eyes straight onto his face,he said to his wife”babe can you and kids wait for me in the car I’m coming, Me,so you not dead neh like your death was a lie? Nigga said l had no other choice but lying about death it was his mom’s ideas,

Went on and said he impregnated her and both families wanted him to marry her,so they got married later she gave birth to twins,I was out of words still shocked didn’t know what you say or do,Nigga plead me to come with him til by their car coz he doesn’t want troubles later

Being as stupid as lam l agree,when we get there he told his wife he knows me from the church and he said Lisa meet my family,he opened his wallet and give me R200 note And say it ws nice to meet you after so long time”uyazifihla neh Lisa,Boom they left me standing in parking lot

Kenyans hilariously describe the moment they realized they hated Kanairo

Someone advised her @NdifunguNjawuza

It was a blessing in disguise for you dear. The love was definitely one sided, from your side only. If he had loved you, there is no way he would’ve went on with his life as if you never existed.

Here is the link if you don’t believe it.


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13 signs you are with the man you should marry ASAP


The God of Ciara and Vanessa Mdee and Lori Harvey is listening girls, it’s just your turn to trust him to send Mr Right your way.

If he does these 13 things, girlfriend you are well on your way to Mr Right.
1. He loves to spend time with you – If he doesn’t mind taking you for your mundane run arounds, this is a sign he is meant to be.

2. He supports you – Girls how many times do we pray for a wing man?

3. He is always open and honest with you – Especially with accounting for time spent away from you to avoid suspicion and jealousy

4. He respects you – nuff saidhappy-couple-4

5. He sees a future with you and his actions tell he is serious about a future a Mrs
6.He doesn’t judge you – your past is your past and he will not hold it against you

7. You both want the same things – including career, family, holidays and food goals. Cute isn’t it?.

8. His job is important and can prioritize you at the same time –  Siz if he is not too busy for you, here is the sign you have been waiting for.

9. He respects your boundaries – For instance, if you have to spend one weekend a month with your folks without fail and he gets this, ladies this man is meant to be. After all, we all have other commitments regardless of who we are dating.PDA

10. You trust him going to the shops if you forgot to buy something – Say for instance you forgot to pick break, you trust you can send him and he will come back with the type you like.. Sometimes it’s not even a supermarket run, but picking up things you forgot at a friends place that you need.

11. He doesn’t mind negative feedback – Sis if you can tell him what he did that made you mad and he listens, and changes it he is the one for you.


12. He does small small things as Kenyans like to call it, without thinking it’s irrelevant or time wasting for him

13. He unfollows so and so on social media without hesitation after you tell him, because that chick annoys you

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Never ask your husband why he doesn’t come home – Nagging wives told

It’s okay if your husband stays out all night or doesn’t come home all weekend, according to a wife who advised that  it helps to avoid stress in marriage.

The woman told this in a discussion about marriage expectations about spouses returning home on time.

The female caller impressed Mwalimu King’ang’i when she said she gives her husband free reign to come back home whenever he pleases.

Mwalimu blasted women saying “kuna mahali inafika unawacha maisha iteremke otherwise utaisha.  You can’t tell a man to be home by 6pm. How do you tell an old man with 32 teeth to be home by five pm how? Kwani ni clinic?”Happy-Couple-The-Trent1-e1411679930875

And the woman agreed giving her example

“I think it’s not good to tell a man what time he should be coming home. Let him be free. You know as a wife if you are takign that time, you are a drama fgestival, instead whne he comes back home, even if it is after several days I don’t care, I don’t ask where he has been. I welcome him with a nioce greeting, it’s obvious you are sharing. Hii ni kanairo. So if you pay attention you will die of a heart attack, jut set your man free don’t look what he is doing”

Dear ladies of Classic 105, is this advise you would take for the sake of peace?

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God Ciara and Vanessa Mdee! People are praying for flourishing relationships


If the relationship between Ciara and her husband Russel, or Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi does not impress you, then this is not for you. Skip to the next story.

People want to know what kind of powerful prayer singer Ciara and Vanessa prayed that manifested Russell Wilson, and actor Rotimi.

Ciara has severally told that she had prayers that were specific.

During a live-streamed interview with Angie Martinez in 2019* to promote her seventh studio album Beauty Marks, Ciara divulges the exact type of man she asked God for after her breakup with ex-fiance Future. “I thought I was going to be single for four years, I had that in my mind,” said the 33-year-old. “And I don’t know why that number was four years but I was really ready to take my time and be patient and let love really fall in place the right way. I desired something new, I desired something different, I desired to be loved [to] the highest capacity and to be loved the way that I deserved.”

“I prayed for a God-fearing man. I prayed for discernment. I prayed for wisdom, to really learn from the wisdom that I’m gaining from the experience that I’m going through,” she told Martinez. “I prayed for a man that loved kids, because, obviously me having my son, if you’re gonna love me you’ve gotta love him. I prayed for a man that was worldly as well. Because I love to explore. So someone that was gonna edify my world, that was important to me. I was ready to level up!”

Vanessa Mdee said that people laughed at her when she said she had met her husband after being together for a few days.

She went on to say that she had completely different plans for 2020, but God had different plans for her.

Vanessa Mdee noted that Rotimi saved her life in ways only a man sent by God can save someone, adding that she spent so much time looking for joy and happiness in places she could find them.

Here’s what she said;

“The answer is YES!!!! 💍

A year and a half ago the world laughed at me when I said I knew YOU were my husband only days after spending time with you. I didn’t blame them, after all it’s an uncommon and inexplicable feeling when you meet your soulmate. (Also they’d met the Vee who had no plans to be married).

On my 30th birthday my plans for the years to come were so different from where we are now, but GOD laughs when we are making plans. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for YOU, they are plans for good and not for disaster, to give YOU a future and a hope.
And then I met YOU.

… YOU saved my life in ways only a man appointed and anointed by GOD could. There are no words to describe the power of surrendering to GOD and in this case to LOVE. GOD IS LOVE! I spent my whole life searching for joy and peace in things and places that couldn’t offer nothing but a temporary high. With your love I bask in abundance. For everything I did right GOD blessed me with YOU.

The answer is YES! YES TO my best friend, YES to my soulmate, YES to the love of my life. Over and over and over again in EVERY lifetime. How you located me in this time and loved me in ways only YOU could is a testament to GOD’s divine order of things and FAVOR and GRACE.

And suddenly it all makes sense.

New initials V.A ♾💍💫🤍🕊”

Honestly, my future was feeling bleak and I was losing hope in what I thought was a perfect plan.

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It’s miserable dating women older than 30 ‘feels like a job interview’


Fellas, come here. Do you feel like dating a woman over 30 is like putting yourself through a job interview?

A man on Twitter certainly thinks so.

Twitter user  @pizzahmwitu prompted debate after saying

‘Dating  a woman after 30 is miserable it’s just a job interview. Where do you do for a living

Do you rent or own

What kind of car do you drive etc

These women want to qualify you materialistically to see if you can be their retirement plan’

He finished his thoughts.


The topic trended on international blog Unlocked Hollywood where women blasted men for wanting the bare minimum relationships.

A woman explained its just because she doesn’t want to take care of a man that’s why she asks those questions.

@girlmeetsblunt said ‘I’m 26 and ask those questions. I’m just making sure  your not trying to make me your retirement plan boo boo’.

Another woman @wifematerialsince 1986said that” men who have it together don’t mind. Actually they answer b4 u can even ask’

@paolo-moreauxsaid ‘These questions should always be asked no matter the age’ as a fifth woman @lamluisamc insisted ‘ if youre poor an insecure just say that’

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you ask these same questions when dating, to make sure the opposite gender isn’t trying to make you their retirement plan?

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On again off again! Zari cozies up to ‘dumped’ dark stallion


Weeks after dumping her bae Dark Stallion, in a strongly worded message Zari has reunited with her mysterious boyfriend in a heartfelt moment.

When dumping him on July 5th, she wrote that I miss him, but i had to let him go. If it doesn’t build me i won’t keep it“,

Zari, despite having gone her separate way with him, teased her man endlessly about not being able to take cute pictures of her.

ari and dark tallion (1)

The two seem to be in a special getaway and their casual outfits suggest they may be rekindling their relationship.

zari and dark (1)

Zari and Dark Stallion started dating in December 2020 and moved in together in March this year.

It will be interesting to see how she explains this to trolls.

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“I act and pretend I’m msoto” Man brags about deceiving slay queens 


A man who loves to act broke to stop slay queens from laying claim to his money bragged about his actions to Mike Mondo on Tuesday during a conversation about spouses hiding their salary from each other.

The rich man told Mike that it’s necessary to hide how much you really earn from your spouse because that gender is too demanding.money

He is currently dating, and advised married fellas to pretend to be broke to get away from the expectations of women.

“Mike you should keep money a secret. /If I die, the Government has a recovery agency. I fear she will kill me one day if I tell her the truth about how much I make. Si poa kumwambia. mimi sijaoa, dame yangu anajua mimi ni eam msoto throughout, hajuangi ako na billionaire hapa. Weuh don’t tell them. kumbe nimejaza mfuko na pesa I act and pretend I’m team msoto.”

He told Mondo that this way he has been able to keep a check on his finances and keeping a broke image is important.

He also advised that acting broke tests a womans loyalty.


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“We meet 5 times a day” Adoring wife shares about co worker hubby


Working with your spouse is a delightful experience that one woman told Classic 105 audiences who were skeptical about it.

The wife told that she and her husband are cab drivers working together as they conquer their career goals together.

If you want a heavy dose of relationship advise, the wisdom is right here.

“I’m an uber driver and so is my spouse. We hook up many times a day, then we eat and wash our cars together as we plan how to go home. I love working with him, it’s not bad. We meet five times in a day”

A disbelieving King’ang’i demanded to know how this was possible in Nairobi. She responded “yes in this Nairobi alafu kama hakuna kazi tuinatoka nje ya parking, we go and wash our cars, there is alot to talk about  the whole day like the crazy clients, and the chums we have made that day”.love pic

Another woman however disagreed saying in the police force this is not possible owing to suspicion of marital affairs.  She said “Pande yetu sisi askari huwa tunaprefer we don’t work at the same place coz you can be assigned amale colleague and your husband worries alot if you are having an affair, coz fikira za watu ni tofauti ndio unaona askari wanapigana risasi coz of insecurity feelings”

A doctor called in and said owing to his practice and workign closely with clients of the opposite gender, suspicion will always arise and so he would prefer not to work with his spouse.

A matatu driver also called in painting a situation where the conductor is the wife and she is slapped by an angry passenger. “unaeza pata abiria apige conductor ngumi can you imagine if it is your wife, hiyo ni noma buda”

Her words prompted Mwalimu King’ang’i to point out that ‘lazima mtakosana” to insist that couples working together is a nightmare.

Dear Classic 105 fam, does working alongside your spouse work?

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“Our marriages fail because of suspicions of affairs” Cop tells Mike Mondo

In April, Internal Secity CS Fred Matiang’i announced that police officers will no longer be allowed to marry each other.

He based this decision on multiple cases of sexual harassment and gender-based violence within the police service.

 “We do not expect you to leave here and go having affairs with the officers you manage. One of you will have to leave,” CS Matiang’i said.
And on 19th July, a female cop called in to tell Mike Mondo just as much. This was from an on air discussion about spouses working together.Police carrying away the body of the deceased
She told Mike that the reality is their marriages fail because they are insecure about each other.
“Mike let me tell you,  sisi askari huwa tuna prefer we don’t work with each other. Working together is bad. For instance if I’m assigned night duty, I will work with a male colleague, and this is where the problem is. I may have been assigned to a male colleague and he will be worried about what I’m doing with him at night, coz fikira za watu ni tofauti ndio unaona askari wanapigana risasi coz of working environment. Your spouse doubts why you are always assigned to a male colleague or when they find out your male boss is favoring you, they question why and it brings grudges your spouse they suspect you are having an affair, that’s why I would prefer not to work together” She concluded
She also pointed out that there are careers where spouses should not work together.

9 tips to follow for announcing your divorce on social media


Is it ever a good decision to announce your impending divorce on social media? Celebrities do it and Billionaires such as Bill and Melinda Gates did together after 27 years together.

They took the decision jointly, raising eyebrows about the announcement and it’ timing.

They stated ‘”After a great deal of thought and a lot of work on our relationship, we have made the decision to end our marriage,” the pair tweeted.

When splitting, here are tips to follow:

1. It may be distressing for your children and other family members to read about it

2. Remember your words and actions can be used against in the case of divorce proceedings

3. Like the Gates above, have a common statement, accompanying photo to make sure you get your message across

4. Don’t share all the details immediately

5. Be polite about sharing details

6. Change your relationship status online

7. No ranting and raving about your soon to be ex and your marital problems until you really want to disclose it to the world. It is tempting to malign him or her, and the insults only excites us strangers as we debate your marriage.

8. Keep it short and sweet. No one needs to know it was because so and so couldn’t deliver in the bed. TMI

9. Give your soon to be ex a hint that you will say something, because if you think about it, would you want them to drop such information without alerting you?

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Women share the signs that let them know their guy hated hated them 

It is different for every couple when things go sour in a relationship. Whether it is dating or marriage life, couples quarrel and realize they no longer have feelings for each other.

A Twitter thread shows us just that below. A woman asked for responses from women about the moment they realized their man hated them, and it can make you cry if you believe in love.

The tweet attracted over 70k likes and comments showing how passionate people are about the topic.

Silent treatment like a dog, being scolded like a child, being mistreated in front of ppl and brushing it off as jokes New moon with face talking down on my interests unprovoked, and then literally cheating right under my nose and saying nothing until provoked

After confronting him, He told me he was raised right and knows how to treat women. He just didn’t think I was worth the effort.

When he got into a relationship with someone else 3 months after we split but it took 8 months of talking before we got together and at first he said he didn’t want a relationship.

It was that moment I realised the “with you” was silent Face with tears of joy

He invited me on a camping trip with his friends & their girlfriends. I had too much to drink and accidentally blacked out for the first time ever. He threw me in a tent by myself all night barefoot, no blankets and covered in my own vomit Slightly smiling face

When he cheated and said he was thinking about me the whole time

Lol one time he hurt my feelings and I cried and he got the biggest smile and said “are you crying? Girl, have a good day” and left Loudly crying face

Upset young woman shouting at a man --- Image by © Moment/cultura/Corbis
Upset young woman shouting at a man — Image by © Moment/cultura/Corbis

When he locked me in house on New year’s eve and went to two new year’s party. He didn’t even have food on his house Loudly crying faceLoudly crying face.

Replying to
Noticed the way he spoke about some girl. The awe, the happiness, the pure joy about him made me know that he never thought of me in those terms…

He said he can only post his female bestie and not me because the family knew herRolling on the floor laughing

When family members were asking him where he was, he always said « with Thomas ». In front of my face Skull. I still wonder who he was seeing when he was telling ME he was with Thomas Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweatClown face

My high school boyfriend called me chubby. I weighed 112, 5’6 and the year before lost my period from lack of body fat from running cross country. When I said what the hell, he said he was “only joking” He also like the nickname A-cup. Christ, I wish I could shake my 17r old self

Nothing I said was ever taken seriously. The way he spoke to/about our friends was passionate vs me who got an “idk” if asked how he felt about me. He was also jealous of my achievements and would get “randomly” moody about it but never admit to it

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Women share the moment they knew their husband was madly in love


Ladies you deserve all the flowers if your man treats you right and a man that loves you unconditionally is a rare gem.

A discussion online about when women realized their men were madly deeply in love has gone viral.

And even if you are going through a rough patch, the comments from women below will somehow restore you faith in love.

Twitter user Afroflytine asked “When did you realize he loved you?” She got thee responses below:’

  1. @Miamore5623
    After everything even me pushing him away, he always made sure i was ok….always made sure he could be there even if i wanted to vent. He looked through my emotional state and still wanted to make me his wife. He is the calm in my storm and has helped me so much.

2. @lssues
After telling him I was extremely weak and nauseous after my first round of chemo, he came with bud, a smoothie, and stayed with me overnight. That was a couple months in, and he’s still my best friend a year later.
3. @ladyyy510
When he gets up in the middle of the night to turn the A/c on & off for me. Showing me grace & patience no matter the situation. Being able to give me constructive criticism. Always being my friend before all else

4. @Estrellitzz
I didn’t realize it myself at first. One of my best friends realized it first and told me.

I realized for myself when I realized he was showing up for me, every single day. Even on the bad days – he was holding it down. Even from states away – he was there for me 24/7.
5. @RidetheMaverik
When he figured out I didn’t have food and came an hour and a half across town via 3 buses with a full chicken, a huge container of rice and fresh garlic sauce. He wanted to make enough so I could eat for the week

6. @NeshaJay
When I told him I didn’t like one of his bad habits and he changed it immediately! Didn’t question me, doesn’t sneak and do it, just nipped it in the bud! Plus he cooks for me and thoroughly enjoys it

7. @artbyastoria
He did a lot of small things that showed me but, when he did something that really hurt me, he took accountability, apologized by changing his behavior, & when I felt like it was my fault he did it (past abuse) he got upset w/ me for even thinking to blame myself for his actions

8. @ChasingMariel23
Crying even thinking about everything my husband has done for me, for us. I think the 1st time was back in HS. His family took me in during a rough time w/my mom. He stood up for me, never judged me, never threw it back in my face, + he was my everything when I had nothing.

9. @MarlaCarfizzi
He kissed me good night and started to walk away. Then turned back around to kiss me again.

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10 Signs your spouse is emotionally neglecting you

Emotional neglect could be a sign that your relationship is in trouble and you need to do something to arrest the situation.

Neglect in a relationship is when one spouse feels the connection fading, and you feel you are being taken for granted and no effort is being put in your marriage.

It hp[pens to the best of us. Here are signs you are emotionally neglected:

1.They never want to talk about your day

2. They intentionally refuse to argue when there is need to

3. They walk away mid argument, leaving you hanging

4. They shut down rather than open up

5. They don’t care for intimacy anymore and comfortably sleep away

6. Youu notice that they stopped being playful like before

7. Your partner refuses to make eye contact during conversation, if at all their is conversation

8.Your birthday, anniversary are forgotten and other important dates

9. They never congratulate you for any effort made or achievements made

10. They never understand why you’re upset because they are done

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