Most common lies used by married men to have affairs


A photo of married men showing off their rings with a caption that they are faithful, has created a conversation about the lies men tell to get a side chick to fall for his lies and get into a relationship with them.

The photo (above) shared by Twitter user Pholoho stirred Twitter into sharing a thread of lies men tell.

The low down from the responses is that married men are always ‘single and ready to mingle’.

Kweli au rongo?

See the list of lies married men tell single girls in order to date them as a side chick.

Incidentally girls, do tell if you have fallen line, hook and sinker for these lies.

We won’t judge, I promise!!!

Lesego Tlhabi
“I wish I met you first”

“If I divorce her, she’ll get everything so I’m only married by name”

“I’m in the process of talking to lawyers but I need to see what this is first”

“Even my friends say I’m happier when I’m with you”

“I’m only there for my kids”

U have been through a lot😂😂😂😂
IG: Singy.m
“Im married but it’s not that serious”

“There’s no love anymore, it’s just partnership”

shocked meme 1

Lura A Dye
I can’t believe I haven’t seen the classic “She doesn’t understand me.”

YT: Busay Rad
“We don’t sleep in the same room anymore”
“I wash my own clothes”

“You can love 2 people at the same time. “
“She’s just the mother of my children, I can’t kick her out “.

“I can be myself when I am with you”

ntsa shown the door meme

Love Minenhle
” Me having a wife doesn’t change how i feel about you.”

” This ring is just a formality but we aren’t married anymore.”

“she said she’ll kill herself if i divorce her.”

” may we please focus on us and not other people”

Irene DN
“Let’s not talk about her, you are ruining the mood”
“I can take the ring off if it makes you uncomfortable, but I don’t think wearing it should be such a big deal” 🙄

“I’m not happy in my marriage”

“I haven’t divorced her because of the children”

“We don’t sleep together and haven’t for a very long time”

“I don’t love her anymore and I don’t think I ever did”

“I’m in the process of a divorce”

My sister was asking about you. She says she wishes I had married you, she’s feels closer to you.


“I married her because my parents forced me cos she was pregnant”

“We dont sleep in the same bedroom”…2 weeks later you spot them together at the mall wifey 🤰

Black Queen
“I wish I could take you as my second wife but my wife wont agree, she’ll leave with everything”

“I married her because she fell pregnant and I didn’t want my child to grow up like I did.. But it is you that I love”

meme covr for aug

Baby Blue
” we are separating… we no longer get intimate” 🙄

“Its complicated”
“If only I had met you sooner”
“Don’t concern yourself about her”.

She trapped me (((((((drumroll)))))))

نجود the Artist
“I don’t think humans were meant to be monogamous”

girl in meme 1

Michelle Wolfswinkel
She’s using the kids against me in the divorce. If I go ahead, I’ll only see (insert name) in supervised visits once a (insert very long time).

Thembi Love Kobeli
I married her cause she was pregnant and that’s how I was raised at home you impregnate her girl you marry her but I don’t love her …. You are the love of my life …. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Letlhogonolo Mogale
“we are in the process of separation”
“Marriage doesn’t you are happy, you make me happy ”
“I will take you as a second wife”
“What I have with my wife will never affect us”

what in the hell meme

poppy ngakane
A friend of mine was told “She’s been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer so I can’t end our loveless marriage, doctors gave her less than a year to live”. needless to say 5 years later the wife is still healthy😘😘

Ayanda Naledi Mngomezulu
“I wish you were the mother of my kids”

Moyisi Welemva
“Yes I am married. However, I couldn’t stop living because I didn’t know any better then. If you’d ask me to choose again, I’d most probably make a different decision. It’s nothing to do with her or the kids but my choices” .

Inkhosikati Pina Wantmore
“My wife gave me boys only so I want us to make a baby girl

upset kid meme

Got married outta parental/peer pressure

“she hasn’t given me  in months/years”
“She is going through depression”
“We had a car accident, I was the driver and now she has metal pains in her body”
“She fell sick and now she is bed ridden”
The list goes on

“I will divorce her and marry you”
“We are not on speaking terms”
“I don’t want my kids to grow up without a father”

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10 men on the worst date that made them swear off romance


This one is for the guys only, fellas we want your answers.

What is the worst gift/date/outing you ever embarked on with a woman and you had to pretend to be excited/interested/happy?

Several men have confessed that they pretend to be extremely excited when on a date with you.
1. @Master_Siddiq..
Back in day I was coerced into going church with a ting I was seeing . Pastor says “has anyone here got pain in their heart?” Why did I put hand up. Next thing uno I’ve been asked to go up to front and he’s shouting in my ears. I pretended to faint ☹️☹️

2. @Alkebualien..
I got a counterfeit cologne that she claimed was from Harvey Nic’s. Sh*t said Greed instead of Creed and burnt my skin when i sprayed it. That is when i knew it was never going to be the same.

3. @h_abnrmal..
Got this one a sightseeing trip for 3days for her birthday. & she gifted me a jotter with a note telling me to fill the it with things I love about her for mine🤦🏾‍♂
Not only is your gift undesirable & totally despicable, you’re also giving me a mf term paper?🤷🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂

4. @Harry_T213..
went to a restaurant and the entire time she sent voice notes to her ex shouting at him whilst there were familys/couples sat either side of us. I ‘went to the toilet’ and drove home before the starter had arrived. I had to drive past the place to leave and she was still there 😬

5. @Jayminusthecole..
One time I got a text saying “I got a surprise for you! I hope it can fit 😊.” Me thinking it’s some clothes or shoes and I hardly get surprised. I pull up and it was a dreadlock satin cap… I have 3 of them 🙃

6. First Team Al..
This girl bought me a basketball and a top (this was when I was hooping hooping, already had 4 of that at home), like yeah I know I play basketball but she could have been more creative with the present.
She took me out to get her hair done, which I had to pay for. Said something along the lines of “my presence is a present”.. I wish I was lying.

8. @zugos..
While in uni, I got a “Rolex” watch.

It wasn’t working.

Anytime I think of it, I get pis*ed. Why did she think it a good idea to buy a knockoff watch that didn’t work???

Silk boxers & a coffee mug 😔😔
Master Chef, Lord of Kitchen Cupboard

10. @flowryian..o

Long time ago, got asked out for lunch, I paid for everything and she even took a takeaway, said we should do it again, called me a week later asking for money… Worst EVER!

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The 21 funniest names saved on peoples phones


Do you give people fun contact names on your phone?

Ladies are known to save people they encounter wit the funniest names. From Mike was Nyama to Davy wa Tusker, here is a list we spotted circulating online.



1. @afosewa..
Cockroach, Bike

2. @Loyaltyyy_____..
Do not reply

3. @Kunta_Hendrix..
Bomboclat 😄

cuc laughing

4. @SizzlleBodyGirl..
Never Gonna Happen 😂

5. @AdedotunIfeolu3..

6. @P_Odjugo..
Fool dnt pick

7. @khul_dan..

8. @Mide_caesar..
Don’t call back


9. @KingJudeIII..
Mad Miriam
Mayor of ikorodu🇳🇬

10. @Mayor_ikdu..

11. @ayoblog..
Baby rat

12. @Reys_Reina..

13. @lerat0_..
Wrong number, cute voice doe


14. @homa_kenneth..
Never pickup
God’s Errand Boy

15. @CarthyMister..
Jennifer-Borrow money

16. @Zhulaykha3..
Data consumer😅

17. @Miimzz___..
Baby elephant


18. @That_black_mua..
Next door

19. @teebliz_…

20. @iamChiefStan..
saved my side chicks number as “Bus Pilot”

21. @premebiell…
Weird flexer


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Man throws tantrum after girlfriend buys him apartment and not a Rolex for his birthday


I know it sounds bonkers to many of us Kikuyu’s who love property, and the thrill that it brings along.

A video of a man receiving a a surprise gift from his girlfriend has gone viral. The video has attracted attention because of his disappointment when reacting to the gift she gave him.

All the manz ever wanted was a Rolex to show off, but his girlfriend had a better idea. The video is below.

In the video, the woman is seen surprising him with an apartment, as she hands over a document to him, but he reacts in anger.

It turns out he preferred getting a Rolex from her as a surprise birthday gift.

He is heard saying ‘Dawg I wanted a rolex, or a chain but rental property? He asks her to which she laughs off his comments.


Whaaat? Many people who have viewed the video have reacted sharply to it, arguing about the value of a Rolex to an apartment.

I literally don’t wanna know anyone that would choose a Rolex over a rental property. Lmao clearly you’re full of bad decisions

Rental property = Value Increases over Time & can also be used to create MULTIPLE streams of income

Rolex = Goes Down In Value Over Time & Can be Used 2 attract Thieves.

Screenshot from 2020-02-24 11_17_15

The HealerRed heart..
The whole Rolex vs rental property conversation is really a BOSS vs consumer conversation. He’s mad cuz he wouldn’t know what to do with it. It’s a different kind of flex, he’s not there yet. That’s it

Black Mamba Lives Forever..
Guys. A Rolex costs between $5k-8k If she bought him a rental property at that price chances are high it needs a lot of repair, has backed taxes, and will take time to be profitable. Imagine somebody giving you work for a birthday gift cus LLC Twitter told them it was smart.
LeeRelieved faceTwo hearts..
Why prefer a Rolex over something you can make money off off every month, use that money to invest in more rental properties, and get that Rolex yourself Face with rolling eyesFace with rolling eyes mfs so narrow minded fr


Crown Dro👳🏽‍♂️🧎🏽Crescent moon..
Any nigga who want a Rolex over a rental property is truly a dumb NIG*A , If you do the property the right way you could potentially get money for years if done correctly and obviously she up so she gone help the nigga as he learns !!! You nig*as are dumb ….

L♡vely Leo..
Sooo if he didn’t want the house why not sell it get his Rolex? If I buy my nig*a a house it because we have already talked about it and he showed interest. You don’t just randomly buy people property that never showed interest.

hope ayala..
Rental properties have the potential to be income while you’re literally sleeping and Rolex’s don’t do anything but lose value once you buy them. Sad Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing


Da Homie Chris..
She brought that nig*a a property… And he ungrateful… She brought something that he will have even if they break up… They not even married….. Shawty raw af for that… She business minded – on his behalf….. But the nig*a mad he ain’t got a Rolex Man facepalming

Tyree A. Winslow..
You can’t judge her decision unless you actually see it. Rental properties can put him at $80k, $600k or even a million annually.
A Rolex is an asset, but it won’t sell for what it was bought.
Instant gratification should never exceed long term a Wealth

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I regret wasting years of my life with my exe


Are you wasting your best years on the wrong guy?

Life is too short to waste on the wrong guy, was the resounding theme from female callers on Classic 105 on the topic of men wasting womens time.

Hst Maina Kageni sought to know from women if they are in a relationship and feel that their time is being wasted. The responses were quick.

Three woman called in with their tales of time wasters and how they got over it.

One woman told of her heartbreaking story of spoiling her ex rotten with cash gifts only to realize he wasted her life.

I fought for the relationship until the end! Maureen Waititu on break-up with Frankie

I’ve been a victim. I once dated this useless guy who put me in the box for four years. I was waiting for him to come back from the States. We were initially together for four years – two years in Kenya and two years he went to UAE and I was the one sending money for his upkeep in UAE and then I saw he is wasting my time after four years and I decided to move on and just last week I have a new phone from a new man and by the end of the year I will have a new car. My advice to girls is to move on, he never invited me to UAE and he never sent me anything most of the time I sent him money

Another said how she was ready to walk away if the man wasn’t going to commit.

I was very attached to a young guy. We dated for like five years and every year he introduced me to his family as only a girlfriend and I was like why am I wasting time and I am young and now when i dropped the relationship. I got into another and got married quickly and I’m happy now, anazubaa tuu introducing me like a girlfriend. When he heard I was married, he came back to tell me we get back together, but I reminded him that he wasted my time, and I don’t want him ever in my life. Now I hear he is in America and has married several time, and his family always tell him I wish you married that Luhyia lady, and this man I just met him after three months we were married in fact the first time he got my number,….


Monica Kimani always wanted to be in the best schools, her father opens up

If you are in a relationship that drags you down more than it supports you to rise, then seriously consider if that person is the right life partner for you according to the third woman. She recounted how she and her spouse have become strangers to each other

I regret every minute I married this man because I was really focused. I wanted a family and other goals but then I realized for so many years, over ten years we have nothing to show for it,

She adds that she felt blessed to have him, but along the way things became bumpy

but I don’t mean money or children, I mean emotionally, si ati hana pesa , but I regret it every day and he makes double what I do, it was so hopeful when we were starting and I sit here thinking ngai I have wasted so many years


Your partner, we are always told by experts should elevate you to grow and be a better person, and vice versa. If you’re pining over a man who doesn’t reciprocate your effort, he is just not that into you. Trust your instinct and make a run for it.

If you have to convince someone that you’re worthy of his time and investment, you are wasting years on a man who will probably walk away years later according to the above experiences.

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If a man takes more than six months to propose, dump him – Bishop advises


Girls what’s the absolute longest you would wait before your bae proposes?

An article about why men waste women’s time in the Standard newspaper formed the basis of the Monday morning conversation on Classic 105.

Maina and Kingangi debated the matter with Maina insisting that too many Kenyan men are wasting womens time instead of making their intentions clear from the beginning of the relationship.


Mwalimu shocked Maina by declaring that infact men want to propose but it’s the woman who wastes his time. Really? Maina wasn’t having this story.

A Classic 105 fan named Bishop called in to weigh in on the matter. He advised woman that if a man doesn’t propose within six months of dating, then she should ‘run for it’ because he will waste her time eventually.

Kwani unakojoa juice? Diana Marua trolled after her confession of peeing in the pool

Girls, when dating how long do you wait for the proposal? Is six months good enough for you or too soon?

Here are things a man considers before popping the question to you.

He thinks about himself as a husband and family man. He also considers your parents and trying to impress them. He is trying to figure out the method of proposing, that also goes hand in hand with the type of ring to buy the woman of his dreams.


While some would prefer to be in a relationship for years before thinking about getting married, others said time doesn’t really matter. Read reactions from Classic fans below:
Alphas Arap Lagat©..
@Classic105Kenya When a man dates you for a long time you ladies, he’s trying to understand, learn, know who you’re, tests your patience and your true love. If you fail on those that’s when he knows you aren’t the one. No time wastage ladies but ultimate test. #MainaAndKingangi

I fought for the relationship until the end! Maureen Waititu on break-up with Frankie

Maina you are misleading women ! Propose what ? Try put a ring on her hapo ndo shida and real her exposes itself . Utajua hujui ni kichwa

A caller said “Men who date for more than one year without proposing to ladies are just wasting their time. If it goes more than that ladies dump that man”

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My girlfriend wanted me to raise another mans child

A discussion about why men would never take back their wives who dumped them, led to an interesting revelation from a Kenyan man who as he puts it is being ‘tricked’.

His girlfriend wants him to raise someone else’s child, according to the confession made on Classic 105.

Maina Kageni sought to know from men if they would take back a wife who left them, in the same way that wives take back husbands who leave.

Many men were emphatic they would never do that, and Maina reminded them wives take back men who dumped them, so why not reciprocate?

Co host Mwalimu Kinga’ngi

by the time a woman comes back she has seen you have money and she is here to finish you

The man told his story of how his cheating girlfriend tried to trick him into accepting she was pregnant and raise another mans child.

I had this girl she was in school from form two, we dated until she finished, that was in 2008, she moved in with me but continued with university. after she cleared she came we lived together and got pregnant.

I can tell you aot of things started showing up, when she went to hospital she lied to me the hospital she is in, I looked for her only to come find out that the hospital she was in, she confessed to my neighbors that event the child is not mine, she never talked to me about the child. I took her in even with the child. after I found out the child is not mine, I took her back, I came to find out even the birth certificate is not written anything, even today I can tell you she is trying today to get back to me, I cannot take her back, every time I was with her I can see everything she was telling me, was a lie

you can’t take someone you were with four years ago, you don’t know what she is bringing back

Men reacted to this story advising their peers to never take back an ex wife, because they figure she could return with alot, including diseases from other men. Really guys?

Dear Classic 105 fam, when a woman has been away for say ten years, and realizes she made a mistake and wants to go back to her relationship, would you take her back?

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We feel inferior dating military girls –  Kenyan men confess



A cry for help from a women in the military to Maina Kageni to find a boyfriend elicited a heated discussion on Classic 105.

The woman, who is with the Kenya Defense Forces, told Maina in a letter that she is finding it difficult to date, because men are all afraid of female cops.

This lady sent a picture to me. She is beautiful and she was complaining that men keep away from her kind, she works in the defense forces and she says they are desperate for love, but hawakatiwi, and she wants to know what do Kenyan men want?

This perception was supported by men who called in saying they fear dating or even marrying Kenyan female cops.

Mwalimu gave his opinion saying ‘Weuh utanyoroshwa (you will get a beating) How do you shout at her and ask her to cook? Do you know what will happen to you, Mwalimu added

‘She won’t beat you’, Maina shouted at Kingangi to which he responded saying

‘She will, you will be embarrassed’  mwalimu insisted aiiiii.

So who is going to love them Maina asked the audience?

Here are the views of men who called in.


Maïna,,our men are cowards,,they can’t handle strong,rich and learned and beautiful women,no wonder akina vera,,anerlisa muigai,Sarah Hassan and others wameenda tz and SAfrica,,,


Try with your own risk


G3 AK47 M7 ain’t spoons Those people are so inhumane coz of the training they go through Never Never attempt to date them


Men fear marrying soldiers queens because they know they are disciplines & they can’t entertain them to do whatever they want, #kukaliwa chapo lazma upende usipende mkioana


Si she will be asking me for hongo in the house bedminton ikifika

wacha nikae bila bibi kama ni hao


This photo wraps it all Just imagine that vigorous training and you expect her to be submissive #MainaAndKingangi

Maina hao wanafaa kuoana wenyewe kwa wenyewe. Sometimes they are rough. unaimagine ukikuja nyumbani late itakua shida.”

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Woman’s surprise date to ‘1824’ sparks a ton of drama on Twitter


Have you ever gone on a surprise date and been shocked? Badly?

He asks you out on a date, you stress about the clothes and makeup you will wear, then boom…. he takes you to a bar.

The experience twitter user Malaika went through is so mesmerizing as she shared in a Twitter thread below:

Imagine being told you’re going on a surprise date, he says you should look extra nice. You’re excited, you call your friend to help you pick between the flowy red dress you bought last week for Yvette’s birthday this weekend (the theme is burgundy) +
+ and the white one that makes your bum look nice. She says red, you’ll get another one on Friday.

5 signs the guy you’re dating is immature 

Off you go into your 3 hour prep…he says he’ll pick you up at 7pm, so at 4 you’ve decided to do a spa day level shower…you’re using your nice body wash and scrub that you got for Christmas…

Skin glistening and the heels of your feet pumiced raw, you go into 2 hours of hair and make up. Half an hour of that time is taken deciding if you really want to go with the red or if the white is more becoming.


You choose the white and send your friend a picture, it looks nicer with the heels you like too. The ones that look nice but really aren’t meant for walking…
The “house>cab>sit>cab>back home” heels

Huddah and Juma Jux dating? Kenyans think so (photos and video)

You’ve got your playlist going and sip on some wine as you powder your face.

Possibly doing a little twerk cause you’re having a good skin day and everything’s blending divinely…

He texts, “Hey beautiful, will let you know when I’m close by, 😘”
You have a big, stupid smile on your face.

An hour later, hair done, make up done, you’ve done your panty line check and taken a roll of pictures because you look fine AF.

He says he’s at your gate.

You spritz a bit more perfume on your neck, smooth your dress and walk out.

Bae, sponsor or fossil! How to identify the kind of man you are dating

The watchman opens the gate and smiles “Uko smart leo,”

You smile and say thank you.

Of course you are…you’ve been at this for 2 hours.

Your date is in a leather jacket and Timbs. You’re a little confused but smile anyway…maybe that’s just his style. Seems he’s showing out today too, he’s wearing Invictus. It reminds you of your problematic ex but that’s a story for another day…

He seems genuinely blown away. You look fantastic. He says he really hopes you enjoy the dinner date he’s planned. You’re excited again and curious about where you’re headed.

On the way, you talk and he shares why he thinks the locust invasion is a ploy by the government to distract Kenyans from big embezzlements happening.

Eyebrow raised slightly, you ask why he thinks so and how he would know that…

Cradle snatcher?! Zari comments about older women dating younger men

He gives a brief, confident chuckle “I just know, you get this kind of intel when you know people up there,” he looks to your side anticipating an impressed expression.

You change the topic and sweetly ask what the plan is for the night.

He says it’s a great place, he sealed a business deal with his boys there last week. That you shouldn’t worry, you’ll love the scene.

As you go down Langata Road, you start to guess, Mombasa Road, maybe Eka?

It is in fact not Eka or Sereni or wherever you thought dinner could be. He stops at a familiar parking space by the road.

Does he need to pick something up?


No, he calls someone to ensure your table is still reserved.

You text your friend as he’s on phone. “Babes we’re near 18, do you know any dinner places around here? I’ve tried to guess but nothing’s coming to mind.”

She says you should relax and just enjoy the date. You guys have been talking for a while, for a fact he has something good planned.

You decide she’s right and breathe out. You need to relax.

He’s off his phone now, he unbuckles his seatbelt and gives you a sheepish kiss on the cheek. “You look so nice,”

You are confused. Why is he not backing out of the parking lot? Why is his seatbelt off? Why is he giving you romantic eyes in a dingy parking lot at 8pm?

He gets out and opens the door for you. With your heels that you can’t really walk in, you dodge potholes and cracked tarmac to find yourself outside 1824.

He waves to the bouncer and guides you by the small of your waist.

It dawns upon you that this is the dinner date as Yemi Alade’s- 911 booms from the inside of the place. He looks very pleased with himself.

You have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amuck and flat out deceived.


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16 first date questions to spark conversation

Dating does not call for people to be timid, how else will you strike up a conversation that will hopefully lead to something serious?

First dates are nerve-racking for anyone, PERIODT. Thinking of questions to ask becomes harder when a cute girl or boy is sitting across from you.

Here are some general run off the mill questions for that tricky first date, to avoid awkwardness of silence.

1. Are you a morning or night person? This determines whether you strike up conversations at what time of the day, so you don’t irritate someone.

2. What’s your favorite restaurant? This helps avoid taking her on a date to a place with food she hates.

3. What’s your dream job?

4. What would your perfect vacation look like? Guys can gauge if she is adventurous or not, and how to handle things going forward.

5. What would your perfect morning be like?

6. Who are your kind of people?

7. What odd talent do you have?

8. What do you like to do in your free time?
Know her hobbies, and join her in one.

9. Am I what you expected from my profile?’
Some people are different from what they present on social media,

10. Who is the most fascinating person you’ve met?
She or he might have an interesting story to tell.

11. What was the last book you really got into?
If you are looking for a widely read date, this would definitely be a question you should ask.

12. What are some movies you really enjoyed?
This might give you an idea of the types of movies she enjoys.

13. What TV series do you keep coming back to and re-watching?

It’s something to bond over.

14. What music artist do you never get tired of?

15. Where would your friends or family be most surprised to find out about you?

16. What do you like but are embarrassed to admit?
We all have our guilty pleasures.


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A list of the weird and funniest dates people have ever experienced

What is the weirdest date you’ve ever gone on? And did it lead to another one? A twittter thread is exposing the encounters people have on dates that are simply out of this world.

Remember what may be weird to you, could be so cool to someone else. so read on and have a good laugh.

1. @postgrad_barty
what’s the weirdest date you’ve been on??? I’ll go first

we were going to see a movie and didn’t buy tickets in advance and couldn’t get two tickets next to each other so we ended up sitting on opposite sides of the theater and then the movie ended and we were like cool ok bye

1. We were seeing incredibles 2 I wasn’t gonna leave and pass up my opportunity to see it
2. It was assigned seating and there were 2 seats left in the whole theater and no gaps between groups so people couldn’t move
3. No, I never saw this man again
crying! at the disco

Anita Nderu – I’d rather sleep with Octopizzo than Prezzo

2. Twitter user @s1cken1nggg recounted
Met the guy on tinder, about 3 mins into meeting him he goes “can you buy me water and a pack of cigs”, I comply, I think I spent $70 because he kept pressuring me to buy him stuff and he didn’t spend a dime, he kept farting too ?? Then he tried to catch a pigeon with his hands

cuc laughing

3. Vanilla AlmondMilk
He kissed me and pulled back and said ‘wait there’s just a little…’ I was embarrassed I thought I had something in my teeth he put his hand in my mouth and said I think this tooth is wobbly, I was 19 with all my adult teeth

 reasons why you should marry in your 50’s

4. Stephanie is 🐶-10
Guy I wasn’t very interested in bugged me until I agreed to a date. We went to a pub and some friends randomly joined us. After a while I guess he was feeling neglected or something. Stood suddenly, tossed a wad of cash on the table in front of me and said “Thanks for the date”

5. Fringe ♍️
This dude kept saying I should let him take me out when I come back to atlanta. Soo I finally did. I ubered to the restaurant. We ate, like 5 mins after the check came a female walked in looking crazy as HE*L and sat right next to him. Likeee I thought it was some cheaters sh**..


Pastor Nganga blows away Kenyans with impressive dance moves (Video)

I went over to this guys house for dinner and drinks and he was a bit off. So I went to the bathroom and he has a DIL*O in his tub and he came running in and was like WAiiT and I’m standing there looking at it… i gave him a courtesy 20 minutes then left

7. Brian Abrams 💭
She wanted to walk to the bars near where I lived because it was nice out — by the end of the night we were both pretty drunk & it was now a half snow half sleet snow storm but she insisted on walking back to my place anyways. Long story short I woke up at the bottom of a hill near my apartment with TWO sprained ankles , phone dead and had to crawl up the hill ..wet and freezing and walk home.
Texted her later that day after overcoming my hypothermia “wth happened last night?”
She replied sorry for pushing you down the hill I got scared

8. MAMA🌻
We matched on tinder and he happened to be in a wheelchair and he took me to a hotdog place where he ate four hotdogs and then to the beach where he asked me to blow up his arm floaties for him and we sat there for three hours watching vine complications because he couldn’t swim

9. Kyndall Elizabeth🌹
Went to lunch with this guy and in the first 5mins told me that both of his siblings were in jail and then while driving me home he said let’s take a longer route and goes to this lake in the woods and there was a cemetery and he looks at me and says “I’m not going to kill you”😅

How crazy do these dates sound to you?

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9 things women do when flirting with a workmate


If you’re currently in this situation and unsure whether you’re imagining things or not, check out these sure-fire signs she’s flirting with you at work.

From eye contact, smiling, to laughing at your lame jokes watch out for these  signs she’s flirting with you at work:


1. She greets you every morning without fail

2. She always asks about your weekend or what you did that evening

3. She tells you about her weekend and evening

4. She always tries to get the seat next to you

5. She always offers to help and collaborate

6. She asks you to do things together outside of work

7. She asks you to go to lunch

8. She brushes into you when walking by

9. She sings your praises to other coworkers

If a woman is flirting with you at work, then she is going to treat you differently. Some signs are subtle yet others super obvious. So be on the lookout for these signs.

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Woman seeks advice after finding out about husbands secret family


You’ve known him even longer than that. And then one day, boom, without warning, you suddenly find out that there is another family.

A woman calling herself Blu Heart @toni_mat wrote a hear breaking confession of discovering her husband had children out of wedlock.

My boyfriend added his side chick to our Whatsapp group

She was stunned, confused and angry as a thousand questions ran through her mind. How could he have two kids when they had been together, in a monogamous union she believed — for the past 7 years?

She couldn’t imagine he was capable of infidelity.

Coming to terms with his secret has been hard.

She wrote

Discovered that my husband has 2 kids, a year older than our oldest child, born on the same year, with different women.

But now came a sickening feeling that made her head spin. She added

After 7 years of marriage.

Woman celebrates splitting from husband with divorce lunch photo

People reacted with kind words on her heartbreak:

2/3 of my married friends have kids out of the wedlock and their wives are not aware.

If ur married u sud be scared, never trust a married guy the things they say to us singles but hey…

The kids are the one’s going to suffer the most. First hand experience.

Now this is just wrong … Sorry

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How I discovered my boyfriend was living a double life 


One never really knows when their partner is leading a double life, and only learns of it in the most unexpected ways.

A female twitter user King Gigi, wrote of her despair on discovering how her man had been cheating on her.

She shares her story – and shocking discovery.
@Gigibolts wrote

My ex boyfriend once told me that he is uninstalling his whatsapp because he needed a break from social media, this ni*ga went on and blocked me. I took my cousin s phone and saved his number, his dp was him, the baby mama and the kid..

She feels betrayed believing the whole relationship was a lie

Joh was super shocked

Her social media followers have reacted to what he was getting up to behind her back.

🤦‍♂️💔😂How do people manage to live a double live?

🤣🤣🤣That’s a men’s secret, you should’ve apologized for finding out.

He needed a brake from u

How well can you know a person 🤔

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My girlfriend used her allowance to finance her new boyfriends baecation


A man who identified himself as Masindi on Twitter made a rather fascinating confession about being taken for a fool by a girl he was madly deeply in love with.

It happens to the best of us, just let it be a lesson is what I can tell him.

He narrated that
My ex once asked for Sh21,000 (girlfriend allowance), so I gave her the cash.

Girl took the money and used it to pay off her holiday trip for her and her boyfriend.

I found out when she returned from her baecation.

Left her shortly after that weekend.

What did do about it, a curious follower wanted to know. He said

Absolutely nothing besides leaving the relationship

Saw the most in that relationship

His story touched a man who commented that ‘You only give that much to your wife bro, rather be called stingy’. To which he responded that

I know better now.

Others had just as much to add:
Never give a girl cash. Spend money together instead. A relationship is not a job, and Boyfriend’s should understand they’re not their Fathers

Wen a girl really loves you,she wont ask you for girlfriends allowance,she wil make a plan. U wer her plan for her true bae

Next year on men conference avail your self.
Mr Masindi Sir

I Stan a focused queen 😂😂😂😂

I’m sorry what is with this gf allowance thing I’ve been seeing? People really feel entitled to someone’s money just because you’re the girlfriend? No man! Nonetheless Askies buthi . May you find what God has in store for you. 🙏🏾

Women! But all comes to pass my brother. She’ll meet a man, that will teach her a lesson one day. It won’t end well for her.

Women can be very cruel. A friend of me was asked to pay several months allowance upfront. She used it to finance her trip to her new boyfriend. Heartbreaking to see.

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My boyfriend added his side chick to our Whatsapp group

The person who came up with the phrase ‘love is blind’ knew exactly what they were talking about, Because WOW!!!

A woman, who is an events planner, had a rather rude shock from her man. She describes in a somewhat hilarious manner how he formed a group for them


He cheated when I found out he decided to introduced me to the girl and surprisingly I didn’t have a problem with it, then he went on and created a whatsapp group added me and the new Bae, we used to talk on that group we were even planning a vacation.

Every morning he would Greet us in the group like “Good morning my two beautiful wives” and we would each reply “morning love

She is so chilled out about the relationship and reveals why she isn’t stressed

Right there and then I realized that I have no problem with polygamy marriage at all.
Guys I’m not making this up, this is the girl we still talk.
 man clapping hands
Her confession has triggered a flood of question with many asking how they were able to cooperate, whether they did 3Sums, and to date how things are going. Really guys?
Read how people are praising the man and calling him a legend:
Legendary stuff, can he be invited as a guest speaker to the men’s conference next year!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂, I still can’t believe what I have just read 😭😭😭@mandla20..
This guy should be given the podium for an hour in next year’s mens conference.

He’s our Secretary General for next year’s men’s conference

In respect…i salute ur ex…he was living on another planet…a true legend…tell him …i said i owe him money ye six pack..4 doing the most 😂😂

This guy is a legend. Whatever he did tou you girls should be studied in school.

This is actually very possible when you’re in love. I have been in a very similar situation and I wonder why I didn’t mind.

This is what happens when you’re in a relationship for your partner and not for yourself

Reminds me of this girl who created a WhatsApp group and added all the guys in the squad she had smashed

The one thing Kenyan men do that annoys women 

Every woman says a good Kenyan man is hard to find.

And it all boils down to the one thing they don’t do.

When a fella visits a woman’s house he must go with something.

Unfortunately, many Kenyan men turn up at a woman’s house empty handed, then place demands for food and a place to sleep after the nights activities.


Like seriously, why would a man go to a woman’s house, where he doesn’t pay rent, knock on the door empty handed and expect a good time with her? It’s no wonder, women are playing the field.

On the morning conversation, Maina opened up the phone lines to men about allegations from women, that men are the ones who are cheap.

Mwalimu argues men are not cheap they just pretend. ‘Kenyan men have a lot of dignity, if you think they are cheap they are just pretending, and end up gaining’

Ladies have you ever encountered a cheap Kenyan man and it astounded you? Maina asked women.


This after on Wednesday a caller accused women of being the cheapest, that all they need to buy a Kenyan girl is a mzinga, and she falls for it.

Here are a sample of views from women about this annoying habit

Jennifer Kanyiri..
Why would a man go to a lady’s house, men need to style up and be the gentlemen they claim to be #MainaAndKingangi

Some men are just lazy and want everything the cheap way. He’ll come eat, sleep alafu asnore till morning lol


“Kenyan men are cheap! Nowadays you will meet a guy, he will come to our house, hajakuja ata na nyama ama maziwa alafu anauliza tutakula nini? Who does that?” #MainaAndKingangi

Thaimoni wa gasmonkey..
chali kulala kwa hao ya dame iyo nayo haileti shangwe,,,nyumba hulipi wachana nayo
@ItsMainaKageni Men of today are annoying!! Begging money from ladies. Sisi sio fuliza, tala, branch, okash … Cheap=Men period @Classic105Kenya




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I borrow money to show off I’m rich like Maina Kageni


A Kenyan man has been closely following Classic’s Maina Kagenis lifestyle, with awe.

He is so impressed with Mainas rich lifestyle that he has decided to go into debt to have the same experiences.

The man confessed to Maina that, ‘You think I don’t want to live like you? You are showing us that you enjoy the life because you have money, because you have a good job, I’m a hustler i want the same thing so I borrow’ 

He explained another reason for living the lifestyle he can’t afford is also to make his extravagant girlfriend happy.

‘I will take loans even if I can’t afford to repay. 

I am a hustler but I can borrow and take a beautiful lady somewhere I make her enjoy. You know what, I have an expensive girl, I can’t take her to local clubs int he neighborhood, so I need to do something big and flashy to make her happy. I don’t want to embarrass her, so lazima nikope I take her there, to enjoy and God will help me to pay the bills,


This confession came from a morning discussion where Maina quoted an article on the Standard that suggested Kenyan men between the age of 25 and 40 have 4 outstanding mobile app loans, brought on by a desire for a flashy lifestyle.

Another man told Maina about getting into debt that

I would rather be blacklisted by CRB, but not by my women for failing to meet her financial needs. Mwanaume kamili ni deni, he finishes off his thoughts

Dear Classic 105 fam, what is your excuse for being trapped into debt by these mobile loan lending apps?

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