Disability is not inability! Meet the Tanzanian politician winning hearts


Petro Magoti is an assistant secretary at the Chama Cha Mapinduzi CCM ruling party in Tanzania who on September 4 married his longtime lover Joyce three months after their engagement.

President Suluhu attended his nuptials.

The jovial politician is loved by many and even his celebrity friends always share his messages of life.

Here is Petro Magoti and his new wife.

petro magoti 1

petro magoti 2

petro magoti 3

petro magoti 4

petro magoti 5

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11 travelling tips for women who want to go solo on vacation


An online discussion prompted by a woman wanting to go solo on vacation but hesitant owing to insecurity, elicited many tips that women can use to travel solo.

Here are 11 such helpful things you can do.

  1. Just stay hyper aware of your surroundings at all times

2. You just have to have your “bi*ch face” on lock so people don’t harass you

3. Walk with confidence

4. carry protection like pepper spray

5. Share your location

6. Don’t get too tipsy away from the room. Don’t panictravelling-smart-tips-for-travel-750x632

7. Talk to someone while you’re out

8. Stay near your hotel and area don’t really go out of bounds if you don’t have too

9.Choose your destination with Intent

10. Pack light so strangers are not forced to help and discover you are solo

11. Protect your documents, cards and cash
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‘Never be unfaithful even if you think you won’t get caught’ Tedd Josiah shares


The ability to fully trust your spouse is one of the most important parts of a relationship. Trust according to many relationship gurus, is the foundation from which a strong connection can be built by couples and without it, there may not be growth and progress emotionally.

And these are some of the questions music maestro Tedd Josiah posed to hi fans on Instagram.

His tips for building a healthy relationship are below. Do you agree Classic 105 fam?tedd joiah 1 (1)

tedd joiah 3 (1)

tedd jpiah 2 (1)

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On again off again! Zari cozies up to ‘dumped’ dark stallion


Weeks after dumping her bae Dark Stallion, in a strongly worded message Zari has reunited with her mysterious boyfriend in a heartfelt moment.

When dumping him on July 5th, she wrote that I miss him, but i had to let him go. If it doesn’t build me i won’t keep it“,

Zari, despite having gone her separate way with him, teased her man endlessly about not being able to take cute pictures of her.

ari and dark tallion (1)

The two seem to be in a special getaway and their casual outfits suggest they may be rekindling their relationship.

zari and dark (1)

Zari and Dark Stallion started dating in December 2020 and moved in together in March this year.

It will be interesting to see how she explains this to trolls.

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Tonto Dikeh’s ex married the side chick embroiled in his marital drama


Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh’s marital drama got our attention when she accused her then husband Churchill of illicit affairs and domestic violence.

Tonto Dikeh accused him of having an extramarital affair with his then P.A. in 2017.

Tonto released video evidence of domestic abuse and pointed fingers at another actress Rosaline Meurer, whome she says slept with her estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill.

Rosy Meurer is back in the news again after Churchill confessed he married her after that drama.

Tonto and Churchill 2017

Churchill, in a birthday message penned to Meurer on Monday, on his official Instagram handle @olakunlechurchill, addressed Meurer as Mrs Churchill.

“A special sunrise, on this precious day, a great woman was born. During my hard times when depression would have taken the better part of me, you were my bedrock

“When it was like the whole world was against me, you stood by me, even took some missiles because of me.

“When I thought I lost it all, you encouraged me to hope in God that He will give me back all l have lost.

“Happy birthday Mrs Churchill. Age with grace, l have got your back 24/7 by the special grace of God.”


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