‘We loved watching TV with you’ Moi grandsons final eulogy

The late Moi’s grandson Clint moved mourners when he recounted how Mzee spent time with his grandkids in a loving way.

Clint, one of the grandsons of the late Moi, delivered an emotional eulogy at Kabarak University Wednesday February 12.

Clint is the son of the late Jonathan Moi – who died in 2019, and in a speech to mourners he said

I stand here before you with mixed emotions for me today. He was a man of such great stature

daniel moi state funeral 3

He added that

he was many things to many people,
to me he was just simply guga I am privileged to be his first grandson. I was lucky to grow under his tutelage, for us his grandchildren, he instilled in us ambition, and love of Jesus, as he took his final vow he was and remains a hero,

I will miss many things, like just sitting with him watching tv in silence, watching national geographic

you were singing your favorite hym. I will mis syou gogo, travel well,

daniel moi state funeral 2

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‘He enjoyed Israeli wine before bedtime’ Moi’s doctor reveals


During the funeral service of the late Daniel Moi, his son Gideon revealed that the late Mzee loved eating meat, that got him in trouble with his family who were concerned.

Gideon revealed that Moi demanded he be served with meat, but Gideon resisted to which Moi retorted asking him if he see’s the doctor.

He caused laughter among the mourners when he revealed how he unsuccessfully tried to stop his father from eating meat after the doctor cautioned him against it.


The late Moi’s doctor Silverstein has let us in on the secret that mzee had some really good taste buds, and his choice of wine was top notch.

He told mourners in the funeral in Kabarnet University that

Mzee was an exemplary patient following my advice for the record as Gideon said yes mzee loved his meat, he also enjoyed sharing kosha wine from Israel, and maybe a wee bit at bedtime, dawa ya mzee he called it

there was only one issue that I had with him and that was working  too may hours, the thing you are doing are not right you will surely wear yourself out, but this did not sway his work ethic. I traveled the world with mzee and to make sure we were not eating exotic animals or drinking buffalo milk in china,

Dr Silverstein caused laughter as he revealed more details about Moi’s visits to Israel, a country he held dear to his heart.

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‘Live life on your terms’ Kenyans say about lessons learnt from Moi death


Classic 105 callers spoke highly of the need to mend fences and live life under your own terms and conditions, following the death of Moi.

Maina Kageni sought to know from listeners some of the lessons they have learnt since learning of the death of the late former President Daniel Moi.

What lesson is going to stay with you after Moi’s death? Maina asked, to which many called in with their life lessons.

‘I carried a Bible to tell dad I crashed his new car’ Gideon Moi mourns

His co host Mwalimu Kingangi began by saying ‘Tenda Wema Nenda Zako’, something many agreed with.

A man impressed Maina when he dropped something worth thinking about. He said

let people like you under your own principles, your own terms and conditions, and if you want to go astray because you want to please some people then you will be misled,



Here are more views tagged on Classic 105 Twitter:

Calvin Queens™..
Maina, it is good to learn to forgive. No matter what the late Moi did, forgive and ease the burden in your heart.

Another man called in and said “As a kid I used to think he was a bad man but now I think he was a good president and a good man.” #MainaAndKingangi

Remarkable photos showing the deep connection Moi shared with wife Lena

David ogeto wa Flowers..
Maina let people forget what moi did when he was in power, what depends is the relationship with God in his final journey
Anthony Thuo🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪..

My lesson is that everything is vanity….just live your life to the fullest and have the best relationship with your God…no man should judge you

moi nyayo
Moi funeral mass in Nyayo Stadium

I’ve learned that one can be loved and hated at equal measures by different pple.
Maina I learned that forgiveness is key be4 you die .. Raila said also was a victim to moi..and no human is perfect also the quote from the Bible
Sharon Shanien💕 …
There’s no perfect human being ,
You got to hav the bad &the good side everything u do counts!!People will live to remember. Perhaps minimize on the bad &maximize on the gud ,that’s what I’ve learnt!Let’s cherish the life we live @ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya #MainaAndKingangi

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Remarkable photos showing the deep connection Moi shared with wife Lena



The funeral service of the late, retired President Daniel Moi was held at Nyayo Stadium Tuesday February 11.

Mzee Moi’s body left State House at 9.18am after the head of state and his family paid their last respects.

The casket covered with the national flag of Kenya was placed in a military truck ready for a procession to Nyayo Stadium.

Moi’s family have shared his memorable moments with wife Lena in the obituary.

Here are photos showing the connection they had when she was alive and their story:


Details of their life together were shared and in one photo we see the happy couple sharing a hug.

Mama Lena died on Tuesday July 27, 2004.


Lena a trained teacher took up the role as a full time housewife as Moi’s career flourished.


She retreated to a quiet life at their Kabimoi farm where she passed on in 2004.

He married Lena in 1950 and were blessed with eight children- five sons and three daughters.




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‘I carried a Bible to tell dad I crashed his new car’ Gideon Moi mourns

The cortege of the late former President Daniel Moi arrived at State House, Nairobi early morning ahead of the State Memorial Service at Nyayo National Stadium.

Thousands of mourners including Heads Of States turned up for the funeral service.

cortege of the late former President Daniel Moi arrives at State 4


The service started with prayers, before his children read their eulogies.

Senator Gideon Moi amused mourners when he recounted the one point in his life when he feared his father.

despite the responsibilities of state that he carried on his shoulders everyday, he still found time to be a wonderful father, he loved his fiends and family

he had bought a new car and like many young men I couldn’t resist the temptation of taking it for a spin, unfortunately I crashed it. I dreaded taking the news to my father so I had the cunning idea to carry the bible in one hand as I entered his room. My father of course had heard about the accident, looked at me shook his head and burst into laughter, he had a wonderful sense of humor,

Moi comforted me when I had my miscarriage – Passaris

Moi had eight children, among them a set of twins.


Moi’s firstborn is Jenniffer Chemutai, second born Jonathan Toroitich who died in 2019, John Mark, Rongai MP, Raymond, after him Moi had twins, Philip and Doris, Gideon is his last born.

Moi died at 5.20am Tuesday morning of February 4.

On Wednesday, there will be a service at Kabarak University 9am and a private burial at Moi’s Kabarak home in the afternoon.

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Moi comforted me when I had my miscarriage – Passaris

President Daniel Arap Moi died last week and since then we have received captivating stories about the former leaders. Esther Passaris has joined a chorus of prominent people giving out their fascinating stories about their experiences with the man who ruled Kenya for 24 years.

She was fire!!! Kenyans amazed at TBT of Esther Passaris from 1991

The Nairobi Woman Representative recently recalled how the late president was a dear friend who stood by her side during a trying time in her life.


Passaris explained her story during the viewing of the body of the late president, saying that Mzee Moi had once called to comfort her when she lost her pregnancy.

“I lost my pregnancy around that time (1997) and he called me personally and said sorry,” she revealed. That wasn’t all as the politician added that the former head of state gave her the first phone in 1997 when she met him over a tender to supply campaign t-shirts.

Esther Passaris seating
Esther Passaris seating

“I got the first phone from him, I was running a promotion company and I got the tender to supply he could called me often because they was pressure to get t-shirts,”

Because she didn’t have a mobile phone for constant communication with the late president, Mzee Moi ordered a senior State House officer to give her the important gadget.

Esther Passaris speaking

Wait, there’s more. The former Baringo leader also intervened when Passaris had an issue being paid after she had done a job for his KANU party.

“They held half of my money, that was about four, five million shillings and he got to hear about it. He called me and ordered the money to be paid to me immediately,” she recalled.

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I did not shower for three days after meeting Daniel Moi

A chance encounter with the late former President Daniel Moi will forever live in the memory of one Kenyan man.

The man called in to the Classic 105 morning show on Tuesday minutes after the announcement of Moi’s death.

He spoke candidly about greeting Moi and being blown away by his presence.

‘Mad respect to our former President. I remember there was a time alikuja kwa primary school yetu and I had the privilege of greeting him. I didn’t wash my hands. For three days I didn’t take a bath until I was rained on It was so, it was so I cannot even explain it he was the man presence and a half.’

Former President Daniel Arap Moi died at the age of 95.

‘He was at ease with his death’ Gideon Moi shares details of fathers last moment

In 2019, doctors at the Nairobi Hospital were forced to Moi back on life support machines several times, after his health deteriorated.

Mwalimu Kinga’ngi shares fond childhood memory of Daniel Moi

At the time, his spokesman Lee Njiru had said the visit was for a normal check-up but since then he has been re-admitted four times.

During Moi’s initial admission to the hospital, he was treated for pleural effusion, a medical condition where excess fluids accumulate around the lung areas.

3 Things Maina Kageni remembers about the late Daniel Moi 

Moi’s health condition is compounded by a knee pain he has been nursing following an accident involving his car in 2006 in Limuru.

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Mwalimu Kinga’ngi shares fond childhood memory of Daniel Moi

The death of former President Daniel Moi has reignited memories countrywide.

Moi died early Tuesday morning, according to a proclamation from President Uhuru who shared the news.

Classic’s Mwalimu Kingang’i has joined Kenyans in sharing his special encounter of Moi while he was a student in Ukambani.

Rest In Peace: Former President Daniel Arap Moi dead

Mwalimu recalled how school going children would be forced to line up the streets in anticipation of Moi’s visit to the area.

Mwalimu Kingang'i Kasheshe

Mwalimu described how a teacher messed the experience for the entire school. The teachers name? Morphat. Read the interesting anecdote

Another day alikuja and all morning we had been instructed to cheer until he arrives with his motorcade. Those days his motorcade was so big, and we lost our voices screaming his praises. By the time he arrived our teacher Morphat would scream at us to continue chanting his praises or face a beating. Tulikuwa tunatingisha bendera, tulipewa the day before almost 10,000 kids waiting in line for the president with  guy ordering us to tingiza bendera. When he came I will never forget.

His convoy stopped then he asked a representative of the school to come forward and tell him our problems. We picked teacher mophart. Mophart told him we didn’t need anything, that tuko nyuma yako, how do you say we don’t need anything yet we don’t have water, roads, arrh teacher morphat I shall never forget him.

What all Kenyans also remember about Moi is that he started the tradition of building gabions.

Mwalimu recounted his experience seeing Daniel Moi help build gabions in Ukambani.

The memory was so funny that to this day, Mwalimu Kingan’gi couldn’t help making Maina laugh with tears.

He said

He came another time to Ukambani when it was times of mumonyoko wa udongo kujenga gabions. I was there then akaumia kidole hapo ndio tulijua power, the way he was evacuated from the stones, ndio nikajua power ni kitu 

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3 Things Maina Kageni remembers about the late Daniel Moi 


Kenyans are sending in their condolences following the news of the death of Former President Daniel Moi.

Moi died at the age of 95 at 5am at the Nairobi Hospital. His body was taken to the Lee Funeral Home.

On behalf of all Classic 105 fans, Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingangi eulogized Moi.

Maina said

he is one man we shall never ever forget

Please  join me in extending our sincere condolences to his children and family members. 

We are going to give him a kayamba 

Rest In Peace: Former President Daniel Arap Moi dead

daniel moi

He expressed his sympathy and support

 man he lived a long life, we gotta remember that

to Gideon and the rest of the family, my sincere condolences.

Mzee Moi passed away last night my sincere condolences, we will be playing his official obituary and what we remember about him

Tanasha sends cryptic message after Diamond misses album launch

What does Maina remember about him?

Man I remember the suits, they were classic. At his age you don’t even mourn you celebrate

I also remember maziwa ya Nyayo, that was one hell of a logistical nightmare, can you imagine delivering milk to every school in Kenya without fail?

Another thing was the schools he held close to his heart, Kabarak University and Moi High School. Kabarak University and Moi High School, si you guys were like princes and princesses, yani the way he treated you guys, so special


Mzee Moi rest in peace.




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Rest In Peace: Former President Daniel Arap Moi dead

Former President Daniel Arap Moi is dead.

A proclamation from President Uhuru announced the demise of the former President died early Tuesday morning.

Moi had been ailing for sometime, and was hospitalised multiple times at Nairobi Hospital.

Daniel Moi was Kenya’s second President until her paved the way in 2002.

May the lord comfort his family in this time of mourning.


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Only preacher Moi endorsed – Maina and King’ang’i talk about Mr. Bonnke

In the early morning conversation today, Maina and King’ang’i remembered the popular German-American Pentecostal evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke.

King’ang’i regaled listeners with tales of how the man had been received in the early 90’s, with such huge crowds attending his events.

Mwalimu King'ang'i
Mwalimu King’ang’i

‘He was a phenomenon. I have never seen so many people. When he came to Machakos there were so many wheelchairs at the crusade. JB Masinde was the translator for Reinhard Bonke.’ King’ang’i said before Maina interjected with a question.

‘JB was the translator. I didn’t know that,’ Mr. Kageni said before King’ang’i went on about Mr. Bonnke’s visit to Kenya.

‘Demons came from the mountains. That is the only preacher that Moi actually endorsed. He even attended the event himself. He died at 79. He made 79 million give their lives to Christ. In one crusade in Nigeria, a reported 1.5 million people attended.’


Maina finished the segment by praising JB Masinde and wishing the late Mr. Bonnke peaceful rest. ‘JB Masinde you inspire me so much. There are times that I have listened to you and you helped me. RIP Reinhard Bonke. You have run your race.’

‘He loves drama’ Maina and Kingangi weigh in on Sonko’s arrest

Mr. Kageni also spoke about the current issues facing Nairobi governor, Mike Sonko. Mr. Kageni asked whether the court cases facing the governor were his last hurrah?

Sonko arrest
Sonko arrest

Most listeners believed that we were witnessing the final act in Mr. Sonko’s political career. Some of those comments are below;

I think it is the end of an era-One listener said.

His election to be Governor of Nairobi was a problem-Another listener said.

Which type of city is it where veggies are being sold in the CBD. We don’t have a governor or a deputy governor. He was the worst mistake Nairobi ever made-Another added.

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List of popular people celebrating a September birthday


It’s the ninth month of the year and several popular people we know will be marking their birthdays.

  1. Retired President Moi: He turns 95 on September 2nd.president moi
  2. Beyonce: She turns 38 on September 4th, and is known to have several pre birthday parties as she counts down to the door.beyonceinyellow
  3. Zari: She will be almost 40. No one really knows her age, and i’ts been rumored she could be 42, but has denied it. Last year, 2018, her former bae Diamond wrote her a heartfelt birthday message and she responded. It will be interesting to see what he does in the next few days. Well whatever age she is turning, have a good one boss lady.zariinchicago
  4. Vera Sidika: Your favorite socialite closes down the month with a birthday on 30th. She insists she is 29, so this year she turns the big 30. She has always celebrated her birthday by travelling abroad, and so far she hasn’t indicated what her plans are.veraonsafari

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