5 easy ways to enjoy yourself on a night out at the club

Going out to a club during the weekend and wanting to have fun is pretty much what guys young-ins (allow me to use this word) do.

It is a good thing thing to want to go out to that newest club and just want to have fun, you know after a long week.

This not only happens for young people, even the older generation where they only want to feel young again and enjoy life.

We have highlighted ways in which you can enjoy a night out in a club

1. Tag friends along

Do I really need to explain this?

Well alright, friends make the world go round (did I get that right?)

Well, what I am basically trying to say is that the more the friends, the merrier the night.

Tag those close friends once in a while as you go out, they make it more fun and even after a long stressful week, you get to enjoy the night.

Group of young people making toast at party

2. Try out a new club

If you are used to only going to one particular place for most weekends, why don’t you switch up?

Try out new places with different drinks and cocktails.

Maybe this new place would make it even more fun for you than the other night outs that you have gone out partying.

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3. Dress up

Look good when you go out.

It does make a difference you know. It gives you confidence when you are looking good and classy at that night out.

You never know, your prince charming  might be there you know…

image-2019-06-14 (4) (1)

4. Dance

It really doesn’t matter if you can dance or not.

The rhythm that comes to your mind even with the 2 left feet should be able to get you off the night making it fun for you.

You don’t have to go and just sit through out the night at the club while everybody else is having fun, make it as enjoyable as possible.

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5. Don’t drink and drive

Do not drink and drive….. Enough said


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5 Reasons why salsa dancing is good for you

Are you a fitness enthusiast or just want to learn that simple routine that will make you love a good work out? Well salsa is the thing you need to try.

There are so many reasons why people stay faithful to a certain sport, routines, or habit.

Salsa dancing has so many benefits including both health and physical benefits.


Here are reasons who salsa dancing could be what you are looking for.

1. Keeps your body fit

Everyone has a unique way on how to keep their body fit. Well, you might need to rethink on how to include salsa.

Salsa has so many areas of fitness. For instance, it can help you reduce excess body weight and also toning of your body muscle.

Those who learn this exciting dance also notice an improvement in their balance, body awareness, memory, and coordination. Dancing requires you to be moving your feet in one motion, while your arms, hands, and head are doing something different.


2. Keeps your body looking younger

Keeping your body fit has it advantages including making you look younger. It also benefits your whole body including keeping fit, benefitis your lungs and also your heart.

It is said that dancers performing  in one dance competition could amount to those cyclists and swimmers covering more than 400 meters.

3. Improves your emotional health

Dance elevates your moods giving that different feel when you put your heart out to dance.

This may help reduce stress or even sins of depression making change the mood to the rhythm of music.

It helps improve ht relationship between the mind and the body making you feel more relaxed and at peace.

4. Improves your self esteem

Salsa dancing helps you build on your confidence through interactions that you make with members of the opposite s3x and also everyone in the dancing hall.

Salsa dancing may also bring much attention to you while dancing. This at times could be a little intimidating.

However, this may also be one of the ways you could build up on your esteem by bringing out the best in you on that dance floor.

58950169_2272316156317870_7011223827102081936_n (1)

5. Fun is guaranteed

Salsa is no doubt fun.

It does not matter if you are a pro’ or not, shine with those simple moves that you know and you are guaranteed a fun adventure.

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