‘Not everyone will get you…’ Dan Sonko’s wife Bwire tells haters

Actor Dan Sonko has moved on after losing his wife in 2017.

The father of two recently confirmed that he is dating Miss Bwire who was Dan Sonko’s late wife’s friend.

In a recent interview, Bwire said she knew Dan even before he married Dru, first wife..

“I knew Dan through the acting industry and his wife (Dru) was my friend,” she said.

She, however, said she did not have a romantic relationship with Dan when his wife was alive.

“I don’t think I’ve betrayed her. I never thought he would be my lover at any point in life because he had a family at that time,” she said.

Bwire has been heavily criticized after the interview and she has shared an inspirational post titled.

‘Haukukubali kakufee!’ Size 8 shares a testimony to celebrate her son

Dan Sonko with his new bae
Dan Sonko with his new bae

 ‘Dear human.’

“Not everyone will get you,

 Not everyone will support you

 Not everyone will love you

 You need to learn that it’s ok for people to have feelings, opinions, beliefs that are different from your own.

 It doesn’t mean they hate you.

 It just means they are positioned at a different angle from yours.

 As they see a pineapple eye, you might see the pineapple crown from where you’re standing.

 You’re both right😉. If we all saw the world the same way. It would be one boring canvas.

 Love B♥️.,’ she wrote.

Sonko and his new wife are raising his sons together.

‘I am adjusting to the system,’ Actor Dan Sonko on coping with his wife’s death

It’s been a few years since the death of Dru Sonko, wife to Mombasa based actor Dan Sonko leaving behind two young kids Darrell and Djibril.

They say time heals all wounds and for Dan that has been the case.

‘What’s the biggest challenge in life after Dru and how do you cope?’ Dan’s fan asked

From lamba lolo to rombosa here is what these sheng words mean


From losing his son in accident to fighting rumors he was HIV positive, here are things you didn’t know about Oliver Mtukudzi

Dan responded that it is by God’s grace that he has managed to move on after his wife’s death.

I was raised in a home where we always had a dad and mum.

To date, I still have them around.

Dru’s parents are still alive and kicking.

This is not what I envisioned for my family so to respond to you.

Dan Sonko and his sons Darrell and Djibril
Dan Sonko and his sons Darrell and Djibril

Everything including the moment Dru took her last breath is unknown.

I am adjusting to  system I have no idea about.

I am learning as I go and it’s not for the faint hearted. All I can say is that it is God.

Dan is doing a good job and he is giving hope to widowers out there raising their kids alone.

Dan Sonko (2)


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‘I love Michelle Ntalami,’ Mombasa actor Dan Sonko opens up

Mombasa based actor Dan Sonko has refuted claims that he is in a romantic relationship with Marini founder Michelle Ntalami amidst speculation by the public.

According to Dan the duo only relate professionally and nothing more.

He however said he loved her given that she is a friend and a boss lady.

‘Please marry Michelle,’ A fan begged.

To which Dan Sonko responded

‘I am assuming you mean Michelle Ntalami. She is an amazing human being . We are married in business and I love my #BossLady to bits.’

African Celebrities linked to occult and witchcraft to boost their careers

Dan Sonko and Ntalami

Photos of the sassy and stunning wife to Sport Pesa CEO Ronald Karauri

Michelle responded asking Dan to actualize the rumors and marry her in a white wedding.


Sonko (1)-

Dan lost his wife Dru Sonko after she suffered complications after giving birth to their second born child Darrel Sonko.

Before Dru passed away Dan had taken to social media in search of people who could donate blood for his lovely wife who was fighting for her life in the ICU.

Dan has been taking care of his two sons Djibril and Darrel with the help of his family members and they have indeed turned out fine.

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Celebrity dads who are serving father goals this fathers day

Single dads and widowers bringing up their children single-handedly rarely get recognition as the world marks fathers day.

Here are men who we consider super dads because they are servingssome serious father goals.

1. Tedd Josiah

With a daughter looking up to him for love and guidance, Tedd has had to take up the role of being a dad and a mum to his beautiful daughter Jay.

Tedd Josiah who is a music producer is a true definition of a real gentleman. He has proved that when men put their mind into something they can actually do it.

‘If you can afford Jameson then pay dowry,’ shouts Mwalimu Kingangi

Tedd Josiah with his daughter Jay
Tedd Josiah with his daughter Jay

The untimely and brutal death of my friend – Charity Ngilu testifies

2. Robert Burale

The stylish pastor Robert Burale is a single dad and he is not ashamed of that fact. He has his daughter to share all the love and affection.

Burale, who got divorced from his wife six years ago, is a role model as to what fathers should be in an age where deadbeat dads are the order of the day.

Even though Burale did not lose his wife, he is still doing a good job and it is worth commending.

Robert Burale

3. George Ikua

When the late Janet Kanini Ikua lost her life after a brave battle with cancer, the world came tumbling down for her hubby George Ikua and since then he has had to adjust by bringing up his kids on his own.

He is a brave man who is still mourning his departed wife but still taking care of his kids as a single man only with the help of relatives and close friends.

The late Janet and husband George Ikua during a photoshoot

4. Dan Sonko

Dan lost his wife to complications after delivery, leaving behind a son who never got to know his mum. Dan Sonko, who is based in Mombasa, has taken charge of bringing up his two sons and he is doing so well.

His young son is now all grown up and their late mum Dru Sonko would be so proud to see how much of a good job her husband has done.


‘Time heals all wounds,’ Bridget Achieng on why she forgave deadbeat baby daddy

5. Abel Amunga

Abel, who is an actor and  father to  gospel artiste Ruth Matete, has managed to bring up her daughter single handedly for years after the death of his wife.

The father of one has on several occasions  stated that his daughter’s well being is what matters to him first and even when he is choosing roles to play, he has to ask for her opinion.


He is among fathers who do a good job and rarely get recognized by the society which is full of praise for single mothers.

6. Nameless

Nameless is a role model to many for his commitment when it comes to family.

He is a father of two, namely Nyakio and Tumiso.

Nameless and his daughters Tumiso and Nyakio
Nameless and his daughters Tumiso and Nyakio

7. Allan Wanga

The celebrated Kenyan footballer who is married to Brenda Mulinya, a TV reporter, is a dotting father.

The sports man adores his two kids going by his photos on social media.

Allan Wanga with his son and daughter

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Kenyan celebs who have remarried/dating after death of spouses – List

Widowers and many struggle to find a footing.

It is never an easy thing to do given that death strikes unexpectedly.

This is because in the African setting a woman is considered the support of a home.

This men have however decided to pick up and move in after the loss.

Sudi Boy

The celebrated artiste lost his wife Salma in 2015.

The mother of one succumbed to pneumonia at the Coast General Hospital.

“She was a jovial lady. In fact, before I proceeded to perform at the Yamoto show at the Mombasa Sports Club, we had lots of fun with her.

It’s very painful and can’t talk much now,” Sudi said at the time

Sudi Boy's late wife Salma
Sudi Boy’s late wife Salma.

At some point he used to point photos of the woman who won his heart after losing his wife but he has since kept her private.

Maybe for fear of public scrutiny.


Dan lost his wife after she developed complications after delivery, leaving behind a son who never got to know his mum.

Dan Sonko, who is based in Mombasa, has taken charge of bringing up his two sons and he is doing so well.

His young son is now all grown up and their late mum Dru Sonko would be so proud to see what her husband has done.

He has since picked up the pieces and found love but that does not mean he loves his late wife less.

Dan Sonko with his late wife Dru and son Djibril
Dan Sonko with his late wife Dru and son Djibril

Dan is brand ambassador with Marini Natural and he is also an actor based in Mombasa.

Pastor Ngang’a

Pastor Ngang’a of Neno Evangelism lost his wife some year ago due to illness. He however married, but his wife left.

Pastor Ng'ang'a
Pastor Ng’ang’a

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‘We are 10 Days away from what would have been our 6th Anniversary’ Dan Sonko emotionally pens as he remembers his late wife Dru Sonko

Its been a few years since Mombasa-based actor Dan Sonko lost his beautiful wife Dru Sonko after she developed complications during delivery.

Dan is still in mourning for the mother of her two sons, Darrell and Djibril,whom he is currently taking care of as a single dad with the help of his close family.

He took to his social media to recollect all the good times they had, adding that in 10 days from now they would be marking six years in marriage

“You have been on my mind quite a bit this week….
The Highs and Lows
The Adventures
The Fights and Make Ups
The Smiles and Tears
The Wins and Losses

We are 10 Days away from what would have been our 6th Anniversary.
Our journey was short but it was full.
I miss and celebrate you.

Dru ,Husband Dan and Son Djibril during her pregnancy
Dru ,Husband Dan and Son Djibril during her pregnancy

Even as we journey on through life, you forever dwell in our hearts. Your memories live on.
Keep soaring!You have been on my mind quite a bit this week….
The Highs and Lows
The Adventures
The Fights and Make Ups
The Smiles and Tears
The Wins and Losses

We are 10 Days away from what would have been our 6th Anniversary.
Our journey was short but it was full.I miss and celebrate you.
Even as we journey on through life, you forever dwell in our hearts. Your memories live on.
Keep soaring!”

He further went on to share a video of him and Dru before her death as they were enjoying some time on the beach. According to Dan having such videos that had captured their memories together gives him the strength to go on.

Dan Sonko with his sons

He wrote

“One more memory for today…. The one time I was not able to keep up! 🏃🏽‍♀️………..🏃🏽‍♂️ You ran your heart out and even when you stood to wait for me to catch my breath and catch up, you were still looking fresh. 😍

Seeing this one actually explains some of my dreams….instances where I see you in the distance and try to run towards you but I never close the gap.
Then before I wake up, I catch a glimpse of you smiling and clapping as if to cheer us on…. These memories keep me going…..Keep us going!💪💪💪#CelebratingDru #LoveConquersAll.”

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See Dan Sonko’s prayer for his cute sons Djibril and Darrell

Prayer is the strongest tool that a parent can use to protect their children, after all there is so much evil going on around the world.

It is no longer news to hear children, old men or women being raped or sodomized, husbands killing wives and children turning against parents thus the need for prayer.


Sad!! Dan Kinyanjui Opens Up On What Really Caused His Wife’s Death

Mombasa based actor Dan Sonko knows too well that one of the most meaningful things a parent can do is teaching children the power of prayer and not just the routine of prayer.

Being a widower, he knows too well that he together with his two sons Djibril and Darrell need God’s favour upon them after Dru Sonko who was both a wife and a mother died due to pregnancy related complications.

Dan Sonko's sons Darrell and Djibril
Dan Sonko’s sons Darrell and Djibril

He took to his instagram page to declare this powerful prayer on his kids

“My prayer for you is that you grow to realise your dreams and reach your full potential. In your journey towards it, I pray for provision, steady growth, good health and an environment that will ensure you thrive.”

5 things you did not know about Mombasa-Based actor Dan Sonko

Well while some fans took the time to celebrate Dan and bless the boys some could only notice how cute the boys are with some wishing inwardly to have them for son-in-laws some day but watajua hawajui.

Here are some of their comments

carolemashaLittle men growing to be the man you are! You are blessed @dansonko. Australia loves you big

wanjiku_lBless these two young kings. Much as we speak blessings into their lives, we speak blessings into yours. For God’s never ending love and grace to guide you to enable them to actualize their purpose

terryy2014Too cute.God bless you boys.

w.magotiAwww they are so cute
ciranderituThey are soooooooòooooooooooo cute 😍😍😍😍😍
joeanm2002Amen…not many men know the value of deep understanding of many issues

cooltotozYou are a wonderful dad to such adorable kids

staicybecksYour babies are just so adorable! You are blessed. And they are blessed too! And you are doing a great job raising them to be all the Kings they are born to be! And they have the best role model of “Kingship”! #keepdoingyou






keshippDarrell can model 😍😍 the sweetest chumby Djibril will win souls



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5 things you did not know about Mombasa-Based actor Dan Sonko

Dan Sonko came to the limelight after the death of his wife Druscillah Walowe Mngoda who breathed her last after developing complications during delivery.

The news shocked not only Dan, but the country as a whole for the loss of such a beautiful soul, but the father of two has done a great job in ensuring the boys grow up loved.

Sad!! Dan Kinyanjui Opens Up On What Really Caused His Wife’s Death


Weeks after Dru was laid to rest, her husband, Dan Kinyanjui, came out to explain what really happened to his beautiful wife Dru in 2017

On Saturday night, May 20, we arrived home at 10pm after an awesome evening at our pal’s, Michael Otieno, popularly known as DJ Lenium. We went to bed, but at 1am she woke up complaining of heartburn,” remembers Dan.

She wanted to brush it off, but when she threw up, I immediately rushed her to Nyali Healthcare in Nyali, where we were ably assisted by Dr Kevin Kinyua, who then referred us to Aga Khan Hospital for admission.”

She was okay when they arrived at Aga Khan, and even got out of the car unassisted. She sat on the wheelchair and was wheeled to the maternity wing as Dan sorted out the admissions paperwork.

While at admissions, Dan heard the four words that would forever change the course of his life and that of his two sons.

Dan Sonko’s sons Darrell and Djibril

“Maternity Wing, Code Purple!” someone bellowed from down the corridor.

“I lost friends after Dru died, thanx God for the kids” Dan Sonko opens up

I rushed there to find my Babe convulsing,” he says, using the affectionate name, Babe, to refer to his wife of six years. “She was in a fit and foaming, and once she was stabilized I signed the consent forms for her to go for emergency Caesarian section.”

Doctors told him the fit was indicative of high blood pressure complications during pregnancy, referred to in medical terms as eclampsia. If unmanaged, it could destroy the liver, kidneys and even the brain.

What Dru was going through was a severe complication of pre-eclampsia, a condition that affects some pregnant women, usually after the 20th week or the second half of pregnancy, or soon after their baby is delivered.

Baby Djibril left behind by Dru Sonko after her death

Dan took to his Instagram to interact with his fans in a questions and answer session and here are things you did not know about him

  1. His mum is Rwandese


“You inspire me my brother” Ted Josiah tells fellow widower Dan Sonko

2. He is a supply chain professional , a biker and has great love for theatre.


3. His wife the late Dru Sonko was from Taita


4. He is related to the twins Paul Ndichu (Grace Msalame’s ex husband and Eddie Ndichu (Janet Mbugua’s husband)

image-2018-07-13(35)(1)  5.



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“I lost friends after Dru died, thanx God for the kids” Dan Sonko opens up

“I lost friends, people aren’t who they appear to be” Dan Sonko said while talking about his journey as a widower after losing his beautiful wife Dru Sonko. Continue reading ““I lost friends after Dru died, thanx God for the kids” Dan Sonko opens up”

“You inspire me my brother” Ted Josiah tells fellow widower Dan Sonko

Ted Josiah and Dan Sonko are two inspiring widowers who’ve taken up the task of raising their children alone, following the demise of their wives.

Yesterday, on mother’s day both Ted and Dan gave a shout out to each other on social media for taking and embracing the role of being a mother.

Ted Josiah appreciated Dan by saying,


“You inspire me brother and I celebrate you as a great #DaddyMommy so please do have a happy Mother’s Day knowing that Mommy in heaven is watching after you all.”

Dan Sonko’s Mothers Day message to Ted was,


“Its #MothersDay.This one is different….I raise my glass to a different kind of “mother“.@teddjosiah aka #PapaBear and the King of #Swagamente himself. For taking up both roles in raising #GummyBear I salute you Bro!”

On another post during International Women’s Day, they each gave a heartfet message to their late wives.

Dan Sonko posted a picture of his wife on social media saying,

dans wife

“It never too late to commemorate all Women. Its International Women’s Day today. A day to celebrate those who are ironically regarded as the weaker sex yet the strength they possess cannot be quantified. Women give life. Women are home makers. Women are leaders and Women are trendsetters. Hats Off to you all! #International women’s Day.”

Ted Josiah on the other hand said,

ted wife

“On this special day for women I celebrate 🎊 two Empresses and one angel 👼🏼 up in heaven. I was lucky to meet an angel & to be loved unconditionally by her, i was lucky that she allowed me to become the father of her little #Empress. Anyone who knew @reginahkatar would tell you she would give you the biggest smile and the shirt off her back. I hope that more women will lobby harder for mothers health post birth and make sure more mothers see their children grow. Reginah you are ALWAYS LOVED DEEPLY DEARLY ETERNALLY 😘😘😘😘 look at our #GummyBear 🐻 she’s lighting up the world with that little candle you gave her! Watch over her please #MamaBear our angel.”

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‘You set foot into heaven on this day, 6 months ago,’ Dan Sonko pays tribute to his dead wife

Dan Kinyajui better known as Dan Sonko has penned a beautiful message for his late wife Druscillah Walowe Mngoda who died 6 months ago during child birth.

Losing a loved one leaves a gaping hole in one’s heart. One that cannot be filled easily.

Dan wrote in a past Instagram post. “We are not even assured of the next hour, minute or second…. We live by faith and faith alone. We should be thankful and consider ourselves fortunate to be counted amongst the living. Each breath we take brings us closer to our last…. I lost half of me – half a year ago. My whole world collapsed. I was tossed into darkness
Confusion, Anger, Fear, Disappointment, Despair….these are what dominated me in an instant! I chose to stand in the Lord. I chose to hang on to the faith that we proclaimed.”

dansonkoandlatewifeDan who is known for his moving poetry has written a moving piece of art

Exactly 6 months ago on this date, our world took a downward spiral…
From what was an awesome Saturday night with friends to having to rush to hospital at 1am…
From bursting out in laughter over dinner to calling people in the dead of night overwhelmed by confusion, sadness and fear.

Here we are today….
#D1 is his usual happy self
#D2 is growing at an unbelievably fast rate
I need to make sure they progress well and that their growth is steady and consistent.

I have learnt more about managing a home in these past 6 months than I ever did.
My Baby was a Superwoman. Women are Superheroes…..and my Mom must be their Head Coach!

There are moments where it is too much
There are moments where loneliness dominates
There are moments where I question God
There are moments where I want to give up

This is not what we had planned
This is not how this script was supposed to have played out
This is not where we were supposed to be at this point in our lives.

Through it all, I choose to exalt His name.
Through it all, I choose to #CelebrateDru
Through it all, I choose to be the best I can be for my 2.

Life is not guaranteed.
It is not in the longevity of life but rather the quality of life in that time that we have been given.

I thank God for you Babes.
Our 4yrs 9months and 8days of Marriage and a couple more as Friends, Bestfriends, Prayer Partners, Lovers, Companions…..
I cherish every moment – the lows n the highs, the fights n the make ups, the losses n the successes.

I can go on n on n on….
I miss you…. #CelebratingDru

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Kenyan Man Whose Wife Died During Childbirth Pens Yet Another Heartbreaking Message

Dan Sonko is a lonely man. The father of two who lost his wife during child birth is yet to come to terms with the loss of his better half Druscillah Sonko.

He always writes emotional messages reminiscing the moments they spent together. Well, Dan has once again shared a very touching message about his wife.

The power couple were to celebrate their 5th anniversary in a few days time but unluckily, Druscillah went to be with the Lord.

Here is Dan Sonko’s moving letter to his wife. Go through it:


It’s Sunday…..I had told myself that I was going to keep these messages in my heart.
Today was impossible. Last night was long.
You should have been here….then God

In 18 days, we would have been celebrating 5yrs since we took our vows. A milestone of sorts….then God

Your boys are doing well my love, we really are. We could have been better….then God

I wish you could see their smiles. I wish you could see them growing. I wish you could see them winning. You were supposed to….then God

I keep your memories alive. I keep our promises. I protect and defend ours. I push on babes. It would have been a smoother journey….then God

He brought us together and He took you home. Rest well my love.

I Love You….I Do and Always Will.”

Dan Sonko

Sonko’s followers were touched by his message and they joined hands to pray and console him. Check out some of the comments:

Morine: She is proud of who you have become, a strong father in the world, bless you Dan

Thisker: Even though God may not explain Himself. He will Always reveal Himself

Natasha: Just do something for Dan dear Lord..too much to bear.sending hugs n love your way❤

Maggy: God makes things happen with reason bt take heart man….I like you spirit

Liz: May the Lord give you strength and comfort that surpasses human understanding

Cynthia: I don’t know you but this has touched my heart the God  above will to continue blessing you

Queen: Soo emotional..May you find peace

Veronicah: Its so sad but take heart nd take good care of your beautiful kids..God has a reason

Brenda: It will be well. You can keep these diarized and some day, when you are ready you can author a book which will help other people deal with a loss like this. Praying for you to have strength.