Hilarious photos prove why you should ALWAYS double check a picture before posting

Most social media users don’t think twice before posting their latest selfies. 

But these embarrassing photos prove it is always worth double checking.

People around the world were caught out when they accidentally captured more than they intended in their social media snaps. 

One woman took what she thought was a creative shot of herself lying on a bed of leaves – only to be told by a follower that her head was just inches away from dog poo. 

A second woman unwittingly snapped herself taking a photo that she claimed was captured by her boyfriend. 

Here are some of the best – and most cringe-worthy examples… 

Hillarious Photos

 Hilarious Photos

Busted! This woman was actually caught out taking her own seemingly romantic pictures

 Hilarious Photos

Inches from disaster: This woman came dangerously close to lying down on dog poo

 Hilarious Photos

Wrong door! A bathroom selfie went wrong when this woman wandered into the men’s

 Hilarious Photos

Mirror reveals all: A seemingly innocent selfie taken in a rather embarrassing location

 Hilarious Photos

Best angle: This woman was snapping going above and beyond to get the right picture



Causes of premenstrual symptoms (PMS) and how to fix it

 Feelings of irritability, cravings and fatigue are as common around the time of your period but many don’t know how to deal with premenstrual symptoms

But what you might not know is what is causing your premenstrual symptoms (PMS) and how to deal with it.

Fertility specialist, Dr Nat Kringoudis, believes that stress is one of the major factors that contributes to PMS.

Classy gifts to buy your father this Father’s day to celebrate him

According to Daily Mail Dr Nat  shared the eight ways you can beat or at least relieve symptoms around your time of the month, and the one superfood that will help to balance your hormones.

Writing on her blog, Melbourne-based Dr Kringoudis explained exactly why a hard time at work or home might contribute to your PMS.

‘Stress in the body undermines pretty much every bodily function, and given our reproductive systems are the most sensitive, stress will definitely impact its function,’ she said.

RIP!!!!!Nyamira governor John Nyangarama’s son dies of menengitis

The specialist added that ‘during PMS, that stress can impact our body’s ability to regulate hormones effectively – the additional cortisol and other stress hormones can upset functioning levels of progesterone’.

Progesterone is the ‘feel good’ hormone, and Dr Kringoudis said that when it goes ‘too low, too quickly in our luteal phase, it can feel like PMS is getting the best of us’.

So how can you beat PMS, or at least relieve the symptoms when you’re feeling low?

First, there is one superfood that Dr Kringoudis believes we should all incorporate into our daily regimes: Maca powder.

‘Maca gets the title of a superfood because it delivers on the nutrition front,’ she said. ‘It’s totally full of vitamins and minerals as well as enzymes and amino acids… It’s full of B vitamins, which are good for energy, and magnesium – one of my favourite all-round period fixers.’

Cop Sammy Ngare nominated for Diaspora Awards for his charity work

Next, she said there are eight other things you can do to regulate your hormones and reduce feelings of nausea, bloating and irritability.

‘Drink chamomile tea, as it will help to keep you calm and can also help alleviate cramping associated with menstrual bleeding.’

Dr Kringoudis also recommends loading your plate up with Vegemite, which is ‘loaded with B vitamins which immediately balance out oestrogen and boost the feel good hormones, dopamine and serotonin’.

The eight things you should do to beat PMS

1. Drink chamomile tea.

2. Pull in the reins and go gently.

3. Eat Vegemite.

4. Take some gentle exercise.

5. Prioritise rest.

6. Get some sunshine in.

7. Bathe in lavender oil.

8. Stock up on Maca powder.

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UVA light used in gel manicures is responsible for cancer, study reveals

Gel manicures may come with risks – such as infections, aging skin, and skin cancer.

Dermatologists suggest taking some precautions to protect yourself.

Studies on gel manicures are scant, largely given that technique varies wildly between salons.

Speaking to Daily Mail Dr Chris Adigun a dermatologist in Chapel Hill Carolina says

‘There’s enough for us to recommend to patients to protect their skin,’ 

‘God came through when I had no food and rent,’ cries Mercy Masika

gel nails7

‘You are next in line’ Fans prophesy pregnancy for Joyce Omondi


Gel manicures are set using LED lamps that emit UVA rays.

While UVB rays can give you a burn (as from the sun), UVA is the kind responsible for aging, skin damage, and cancer.

And though there are studies on gel manicures, it’s hard to quantify how well they reflect real life.

‘The problem’ for understanding how risky gels are, Dr Adigun says, ‘is that there’s no standardization as to how this treatment is carried out from salon to salon.’

What we do know about skin cancer risk is based on the sun, not LED lamps placed at varying distances from our hands.

Sometimes once a year, once in a lifetime, once a month, or even every two weeks.

Now that you know be very careful not to risk your health at the expense of beauty.

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Kim Kardashian’s daughter to appear in a video with celebrated star Jojo

Celebrated dancer and singer Jojo Siwa has revealed she would be filming a video with her young fan, North West, after her mom, Kim Kardashian, reached out to her.

 JoJo  has confirmed the upcoming dance session would be taking place this coming Wednesday.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, the 15-year-old former Dance Moms star couldn’t contain her excitement, revealing she was thrilled about the collaboration.

‘Kim reached out to me and I just responded to it. So, me and Kim, we made some things happen together. We’re actually filming on Wednesday. Super excited about it.’ 

Jojo Siwa

It will be a dream come true for North, five, and Kim has made no secret of how much her daughter loves the YouTube star.

In February, she tweeted that her daughter is ‘obsessed’ with JoJo, and revealed how excited she was earlier in this month when the pair spoke to each other on FaceTime.

‘It had been years of pain’ Janet Mbugua speaks on battling endometriosis

And after an exchange of JoJo’s merch, the teen says she and the reality star have become fast friends.

Since sending out the merch, Jojo says she and Kim have become fast friends and text each other about five times a day, according to E! News.

Speaking about one particular communication with Kim Jojo says

I was like, if she ever wants to do a video or you want me to come surprise her, I would love to do anything fun. Here’s my number. Text me.

‘And she was like, ok, I’ll text you in the morning, and it comes the morning and I wake up to a text. She texted me at 9:45 sharp and she said, hey, it’s Kim K.! Northy would love to do a video.


 The original idea was for the video to be shot at the Kardashian home. But it turns out North really wants to see Jojo’s house, so they agreed to switch locations.

JoJo is a YouTube personality who first got recognition for her appearances on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and Dance Moms, along with mother, Jessalynn Siwa.

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North and Jojo are scheduled to film March 27, and there’s word Kim may even make an appearance in it.

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Whoopi Golberg unveils wedding invitations of her daughter’s dog

Whoopi Goldberg famously known for her role in ‘Sarafina’  is excited as she and her family prepare to attend the wedding of her daughter’s dog.

Whoopi Goldberg shared a family wedding invitation via Instagram on Friday.

The actress and talk show host announced that her daughter’s dog – Filmore Dean – is getting married to a fellow French Bulldog – Instagram star Izzy Hendrix.

‘You can go report to the police’ Khaligraph Jones responds after being blasted for smothering Betty Kyallo with explicit lyrics

Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg

‘Heads up! There’s a wedding in the family!!! My granddog is getting hitched!! What has the world come to? Lol,’ the 63-year-old hilariously captioned the snap.

As Izzy has been featured in Vogue and Paper Magazine, the gorgeous gal has her own stylist ‘that used to work for Dior’.

Izzy’s stylist has designed the wedding dress and Filmore will be ‘getting a tux for the big day from a designer in Ukraine’.

Whoopi Goldberg's dog which is set to get married
Whoopi Goldberg’s dog which is set to get married

Top media personality denies hitting on Msupa S

Whoopi Goldberg
The wedding invitation

A celebrity photographer – Timothy White – will be snapping the newlyweds as they chow down on a cake from legendary baker Juanita Lane of Dulce Desserts.

The New York City venue for the exclusive nuptials is top secret, the reception to follow will be ‘at Whoopi’s pad’.

No word yet if there was a pre-nup.

Daily Mail

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‘Women with long index fingers on their left hands are more likely to have affairs, Study reveals

Women with long index fingers on their left hands are more likely to have affairs, a study has shown,how true is it though?

Having a longer index finger is associated with  more typical female characteristics.

 The longer index finger and shorter ring finger have been linked to being exposed to higher levels of female sex hormones in the womb.

It was assumed that women who were ‘more feminised’ would be more likely to be satisfied with their romantic relationships, and to be less impulsive.

Being more exposed to the sex hormone oestrogen in the womb leads to women’s index fingers growing longer than their ring finger.

‘Most men want to be associated with my mum’s wealth’ Akothee’s daughter on why she is not dating

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By contrast, being exposed to more of the male sex hormone testosterone in the womb has a more ‘masculinising’ effect – and results in a longer ring finger and a shorter index finger.

Men with longer ring fingers than index fingers have been found to be better sportsmen.

Eiluned Pearce of Oxford University carried out the research which has been published in a Royal Society Journal.

She took measurements of the finger lengths of 274 female volunteers and also sampled their DNA.

They also completed psychological tests on their relationship quality.

She found that ‘women with higher (more feminine) left hand digit ratios are more impulsive and rate their romantic relationships less favourably.’ She added that the finding is ‘intriguing, because the opposite might be expected’.

In the research paper, she speculates that women with the higher index finger to ring finger ration are likely to be ‘more feminized’ and more highly sought after by males.

Because they know they have a lot of options, ‘this might be associated with dissatisfaction with current partners’ and this might lead to flings – or as the scientists call it ‘opportunistic mating’ and ‘impulsive’ mating with men who are not their husband or partner.


‘I have had 5 abortions, the last left me lying on the road with excruciating pain’ City woman confesses (AUDIO)

The two main strategies in sex are ‘opportunistic mating’ – in other words having lots of flings – and a strategy ‘focusing on long-term commitment’.

She writes that ‘If females with more feminised morphology [body shape] have higher ‘mate value’, this might be associated with dissatisfaction with current partners, leading to impulsive extra-pair matings and seeking alternative mates.’

The researchers also looked at the ratio of index finger to ring finger lengths in males, but did not find any connection with relationship quality.

Last month research found that women whose ring fingers are longer than their index digits more likely to be lesbian.

Researchers at Essex University looked at sets of identical twins where one of the siblings was heterosexual.

They found that the homosexual twin tended to have a greater difference between the length of their index and ring finger, with the difference most pronounced among women.

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Previous research has indicated that exposure to the male hormone testosterone in the womb could be linked to differences in finger length and also to sexuality.

Women’s index and ring fingers are typically of similar length while in men there is a greater difference.

Both men and women are exposed to the ‘male’ hormone testosterone in the womb.

The study observed that in 18 sets of female twins, the lesbian twin had more ‘male-typical’ hands than her straight sister.

In 14 sets of male twins the gay twin had slightly more ‘male-typical’ hands than their straight brother but the difference between the two was not viewed as significant.

A chart indicated that the index finger of non-straight women was typically around 90 to 100 per cent as long as the ring finger.

Daily Mail

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WWE performer Roman Reigns reveals his 11 year battle with Leukemia

WWE performer Roman Reigns revealed his secret 11-year battle with leukemia live on television during Monday Night Raw leaving his fans in shock.

The 33-year-old WWE Universal Champion – real name Leati Joseph Anoaʻi –  shocked fans as he said that he will be unable to compete until further notice.

As he holds the current top title in the company, he also was forced to relinquish the 10-pound gold belt in front of the thousands in attendance and millions watching on television.

He was fighting back tears as he said:

“My real name is Joe. And I’ve been living with leukemia for 11 years. And unfortunately, it’s back.Because the leukemia is back, I cannot fulfill that role. I can’t be that fighting champion, and I’m going to have to relinquish the WWE Universal Championship.”

Forget Okoth Obado’s mansion worth more than Ksh100 million ,here is Sonko’s million dollar mansion(PHOTOS)


The crowd in attendance at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island were obviously stunned as they cheered ‘Thank you Roman’ after his shocking revelation.

Reigns said he was initially diagnosed with the cancer of blood-forming tissues back after his successful college football career at Georgia Tech when he was 22-years-old.

Shortly after his emotional speech, Reigns left the Universal Title in the middle of the ring.

He walked up the entrance ramp and was met by his two fellow members of faction The Shield, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

‘If you want someone like your mother go stay with her’ Women slam men for wanting them to be like their mother’s (Audio)

Roman Reign
Roman Reign

Rollins (real name Colby Daniel Lopez) was visibly shaken as he had tears running down his face as the trio did their signature pose in which they place their fists together.

Roman had been scheduled to face Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar in a three-way match for the championship at the controversial Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia on November 2.

It was later announced on Raw that Strowman and Lesnar will go one-on-one for the vacated title.

Reigns is one of the most decorated pro-wrestlers of the modern era as he is ninth grand slam champion as he held the WWE’s World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, Tag Team, and United States championships.

He was also ranked number one in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s rankings of the top 500 singles wrestlers rankings back in 2016.

Reigns married Galina Joelle Becker in December 2014. He has a daughter named Joelle as well as twin boys who were born in 2016.

Courtesy:Daily Mail

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‘You smell like a toilet’ Apple founder to his daughter before his death

Years after Apple Founder Steve Jobs died her daughter has come out to show the world how much of a strained relationship the two had in her book Small Fry.

Lisa Brennan-Jobs says that in his death bed her father told her she was  getting nothing and that she smelt like a toilet in what was to be their last meeting before his death.

The Apple founder made the cruel dig at  as he lay dying of cancer because he smelled the rose facial mist she had sprayed on herself.In her new book, Small Fry, which is out September 4, Lisa reveals how her billionaire father once turned nasty and told her: ‘You’re getting nothing’ when she asked to have his Porsche when he was done with it.

Steve Jobs during his battle with cancer

‘I suspect my man is dating his male best friend’ cries city woman

‘You’re not getting anything, you understand?’ Jobs told her.

Lisa writes that Jobs spoke in ‘such a sour, biting way’ and that he once told ‘I’m one of the most important people you will ever know.’

Her memoir gives unprecedented detail about the troubled relationship with her father which was featured in the 2015 biopic about him with Michael Fassbender in the lead role.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup and outdoor
Lisa Brennan-Jobs

She says that for her father, her very existence was a disappointment and a source of shame.

As she puts it, in his eyes she was a ‘blot on a spectacular ascent, as our story did not fit with the narrative of greatness and virtue he might have wanted for himself.’

She writes:

“My existence ruined his streak. For me, it was the opposite: the closer I was to him, the less I would feel ashamed; he was part of the world, and he would accelerate me into the light.”

Celebrated spin master DJ Crème de la Crème expecting his third child

Lisa, now 40, was born in 1978 after Jobs had a five-year relationship with her mother Chrisann Brennan which ended when she became pregnant.Acrimony and a court case followed during which Jobs took a paternity test and still denied that he was Lisa’s father.

According to Daily Mail Jobs, who died in 2011, even claimed that he was ‘sterile and infertile’ yet went on to have three children with his wife Laurene Powell.

Jobs finally reconciled with Lisa and apologized when she was nine years old, but the wounds of his behavior never really healed and the two had a strained, difficult relationship.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and shoes
The late Steve Jobs founder of Apple and his daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs

In an excerpt of Small Fry in Vanity Fair magazine, Lisa writes about how she used to tell her school friends: ‘I have a secret, my father is Steve Jobs’.

She told them that her father had named an early Macintosh computer after her.She would boast to friends saying that

“He’s famous. He invented the personal computer. He lives in a mansion and drives a Porsche convertible. He buys a new one every time it gets a scratch’. For a long time I hoped that if I played one role, my father would take the corresponding role”

She adds

“I would be the beloved daughter,he would be the indulgent father.I decided that if I acted like other daughters did, he would join in the lark. We’d pretend together, and in pretending we’d make it real. If I had observed him as he was, or admitted to myself what I saw, I would have known that he would not do this, and that a game of pretend would disgust him.”

Celebrated WWE wrestler Kane elected Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee

During one visit to Jobs’s house Lisa plucked up the courage to ask her father about his Porsche and said: ‘Can I have it when you’re done?’

Jobs replied: ‘Absolutely not’. Lisa writes that, judging by his reaction, she thought the story she’d been told about him replacing it after a scratch wasn’t true.

But worse was to come,She writes: ‘I wished I could take it back. We pulled up to the house and he turned off the engine. Before I made a move to get out he turned to face me.

‘You’re not getting anything’, he said. ‘You understand? Nothing. You’re getting nothing’.

‘Did he mean about the car, something else, bigger? I didn’t know. His voice hurt – sharp, in my chest. The light was cool in the car, a white light on the roof had lit up when the car turned off. Around us was dark. I had made a terrible mistake and he’d recoiled’.

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Father to Cristiano Ronaldo is a convicted drug trafficker sources reveal

The father of Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend is a convicted drugs trafficker who spent ten years jail, it has emerged even as he is sued for sexual abuse.

Argentinian Jorge Rodriguez, 69, the father of Ronaldo’s partner Georgina, 23, served time in three prisons in Spain for two drugs trafficking offences.

Mr Rodriguez, a Buenos Aires-born former footballer, was jailed in 2003 and released in 2013 after receiving sentences of 11 years and two years, although he was on licence for part of that time and not behind bars 24/7.

The revelation comes as Ronaldo faces a new US police investigation over an alleged rape in Las Vegas in 2009, which he strongly denies. The footballer has described the claim as fake news.


Nevada woman accuses Cristiano Ronaldo of sexual assault 9 years ago

Jorge is thought to have been kicked out of the country and banned from returning to Spain after completing his sentence in August 2013.

He is currently in Argentina and said to be seriously ill and being cared for by a relative, who is understood to get by with money former shop worker Georgina and her older sister Ivana send them.

Jorge, who met Georgina’s mother after moving to Spain in the 1980s, was found guilty of trafficking with cocaine and cannabis resin in separate trials at a special court in Madrid called the Audiencia Nacional.

Judges there deal with the extraditions of British criminals and have also tried some of Spain’s most dangerous terrorists including the men responsible for the 2004 Madrid train bombings which killed 193 people and injured around 2,000.

His cocaine trafficking conviction, set out in an 18-page document dated July 28 2003, shows how he masterminded a failed attempt to smuggle more than £100,000 of cocaine from Spain to France using a bolthole where he was in hiding from outstanding arrest warrants.

Jacque Maribe confesses that Jowie shot himself! Here is why

Two accomplices were stopped by police near Madrid on January 26, 1999 as they drove towards the French city of Nice to deliver the drugs to an Italian nicknamed ‘Espaguetti’ – ‘Spaghetti’ in English.

The passenger tried to avoid arrest by throwing the drugs – just over three kilos of 83 per cent pure cocaine – out of the window of their Fiat Tipo.

Rodriguez – full name Jorge Eduardo Rodriguez Gorjon – failed to get incriminating phone taps rejected as evidence at his trial which linked him to a Colombian paid for the drugs.

Prosecutors wanted him jailed for 13 and a half years but the three trial judges decided on an 11-year sentence and 120,000 euro (£106,500) fine, ruling he had carried out ‘coordination tasks.’

He received his second sentence on November 22, 2010.

A different Audiencia Nacional judge handed him a two-year jail term for smuggling cannabis resin from Morocco to Spain with six accomplices.

Martinez was convicted of organising a boat drugs drop in the Costa Tropical holiday resort of Roquetas de Mar in December 2008 during a brief early release on licence.

Police discovered nearly a tonne of cannabis resin valued at more than £1million during a raid on a nearby warehouse the drugs were taken to after being smuggled into Spain.

Two guns and six bullets, described as being ‘in perfect working order’ and provided by two gang members who were also convicted of weapons possession, were found in the same warehouse.

Prosecutors demanded a four-year, six-month jail sentence for Rodriguez but he was let off with a lighter punishment because he confessed.

‘I don’t want them to ever think that I hate their mother,’ Tedd Josiah opens up about his ex-wife and teenage kids

 A Spanish Prison Service source confirmed he had done his time in Zuera Penitentiary Centre in the northern province of Zaragoza and jails in the provinces of Alicante and Murcia between 2003 and 2013.

He was briefly granted conditional release in September 2008 but that was revoked after his arrest for his second drugs offence.

Newly-signed Juventus striker Ronaldo, 33, forged his relationship with Georgina, ten years his junior, during lock-ins at the upmarket clothes store where she used to work.

The former Real Madrid striker met her at a Gucci store in central Madrid in June 2016 when he was shopping for summer clothes.

She soon became his first serious girlfriend since he broke up with Russian beauty Irina Shayk at the start of 2015.

He moved her into his luxury home on a gated estate on the outskirts of the Spanish capital before setting up home with her in Turin.

They are bringing up daughter Alana Martina, one in November, and the footballer’s three young children.

Earlier this year the footballer’s mother said of Georgina during a magazine interview about her son’s love life, children and his alcoholic dad Dinis who drank himself into an early grave in September 2005: ‘She is the mother of my grand-daughter. She is a future daughter-in-law. She’s not my daughter-in-law yet. She’s a future daughter-in-law. She’s a very calm person.’

The Portuguese-based firm that represents Cristiano, Gestifute, failed to respond to requests for a comment.

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‘He raped me as the wedding party was still going on downstairs.”Heart wrenching story of a woman kidnapped as a teen ,raped repeatedly and forced into 8 abortions.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than the story of Sarah a girl who was abducted as a teen held captive for 12 years and raped repeatedly.

As if that is not enough Sarah was forced to carry out eight abortions,Sarah’s haunted face stares out under a red Islamic head-dress in her wedding photo. Beside her, guests eat cake while celebrating the marriage, conducted by the local mosque’s imam at a terraced house in the Home Counties.

Yet Sarah is not a willing bride. She is being made to marry a member of the gang that effectively forced her into sex slavery after abducting her in a Tesco car park in the English suburbs one autumn afternoon. Her captivity lasted for 12 long years.

Within minutes of her wedding picture being taken, the white English girl was pushed upstairs into a bedroom and raped by her new husband, a man she had set eyes on for the first time only half an hour earlier.

Sharon Otieno rejected a house worth Sh 10million and demanded one worth Sh 35 million in Westlands from Okoth Obado before her gruesome murder.


It was just one of the unimaginable torments Sarah endured after she was kidnapped as a shy 15-year-old. She had never had a boyfriend. She was studying at college, hoping to train as a midwife.

Sarah’s story is described by House of Lords crossbencher Baroness Caroline Cox, who has taken up her case, as the most serious example of sex grooming yet to emerge in this country.

Sarah’s abuse went on while her distraught family’s pleas for help were, they insist, ignored by a police force that refused even to list her as missing.

Her family were forced to keep up the search for her on their own after she failed to return from Tesco.Her mother says that the Police seemed less bothered by the case.

“The police kept saying leave it a few days, she’ll come back, ‘But she never did.”

‘ I wished they could tell me they want to kill me’Emmy Simwoto woman stalked for 1 year emotionally says

Sarah was snatched five years before the scandal of sexual abuse of young white girls by street grooming gangs was first revealed in 2010, after investigations by the Daily Mail and later by the Government.

The kidnap gang were ruthless and bent on making Sarah utterly dependent on them. They hid her in various houses and cut off her contact with the outside world by refusing her a mobile phone or computer. She was raped, beaten and made to swallow strong sedatives every day to make her docile.

During her ordeal she had eight abortions, five of them overseen by the same doctor at an NHS hospital and others in illegal backstreet clinics.

She was made to learn the Koran in Arabic and allowed to speak only in the Pakistani languages of Urdu and Punjabi.

When we asked the police force involved in Sarah’s case why they took so long to act, they replied:

“Our understanding of and approach to issues such as child sexual exploitation and modern slavery has evolved and improved over the past decade, as is the case with police forces up and down the country.

We have had major success stories in recent years in these areas, securing lengthy prison sentences for those perpetrating such crimes and establishing specialist support services to help victims.

Officers are far more aware of issues around vulnerability, while we also have specialist, dedicated resources to deal with such cases, including historic ones.”

Forced to wear Islamic robes with a head-covering hijab, she had to cook, clean and iron for hours every day.


It was only last year that Sarah, at the age of 26, finally escaped the gang’s clutches.In her first harrowing interviewat a safe house Sarah says

“Ever since I was a young teenager, I have known nothing other than life under the gang’s control.”

In her years of captivity, she says, she fell victim to Stockholm syndrome, where a prisoner forms an emotional attachment to a captor, believing they must co-operate in order to survive. She became particularly attached to the gang leader, whom we will call Jerry.

She explains

“I began to think that Jerry loved me because he kept telling me so. He said my parents didn’t care for me because English families don’t look after their girls like Pakistani Muslim ones.

I soon felt I couldn’t breathe without him. My mind was being twisted. I was dependent on him for food, for clothing, for a roof over my head. He said my family would be killed if I tried to tell them where I was or what was happening to me.”

Sarah’s horrific story began in the autumn of 2005. She is the youngest of four children, her father is a builder and her mother a housewife. For legal reasons and her own safety, we cannot use her real name or identify where she was kidnapped, held, or where she lives now.

After college one afternoon she walked to a Tesco food store a few minutes from her house. Her mobile phone rang and she answered. A man’s voice said in a Northern accent that he was watching her and had something for her. Would she go over to a black car in the store’s car park?

Sarah, to her eternal regret, went naively to the passenger door.

‘A man in his mid-30s opened it and in the same Northern accent told me to get in. So I sat in the front seat to hear what he wanted to give me. He instantly drove me away,’ she says.

She thinks Jerry found her number after spotting her a few days earlier when she took a minicab with her brother to get a takeaway burger. She had noticed a dark-haired man in a black car staring at her as they got in the minicab with their meal.


Crucially, to book the ride, Sarah had given her number to the minicab firm where friends of Jerry’s worked. The gang leader, she assumes, then got hold of it.

In the car with Jerry speeding off, she began to panic. He put his hand on hers and said he would look after her. Sarah was trembling and told him her family would be frantic. It was to no avail.

After half an hour they reached a house next to an industrial estate, where he asked for her mobile phone, taking out the sim card and snapping it in two.

“He took me inside and I saw a lot of Pakistani men in an open-plan room. Jerry led me past them up the stairs to a tiny boxroom with a bed and the curtains taped up,’ she says. ‘Then he left, closing the door.”

For the first 24 hours she was alone apart from a few visits from Jerry, who brought her bottled water and some curry, which she ate with her fingers.

It was on the second night that Jerry first raped her.

“I could hear voices in the open-plan room below me. I now know these men were all friends and relations of Jerry and part of his gang that dealt in drugs.

I was pulling back from him and I was scared,’ she remembers. ‘I felt angry, dirty and disgusted after he had finished.”

For three hours each morning she had to cook curries, clean and iron for the gang. If she didn’t, she was beaten.


She was allowed out of the house occasionally with two of Jerry’s sons to go to the local supermarket. ‘I had to wear the hijab, partly because the gang ordered me to and partly to hide the bruising to my face and head where I had been beaten.’

Meanwhile, Sarah’s mother Janet was continuing her frantic search. ‘Her dad and I had been looking for her for two months by this time,’ she tells me.

“We had put up missing posters, never stopping. Finally, a friend said he thought he’d seen her in a Pakistani area. We went there every day, showing her photo to people in shops and on the streets.”

During this relentless hunt, there was an agonising near miss. Jerry’s sons and Sarah were in the supermarket when she saw her mother, who was looking for her in the area.

Instinctively, Sarah ran over and hugged her mother. ‘Mum asked me who the young boys were,’ recalls Sarah. ‘I said they were the sons of the man who had taken me away months before.’

But the startled boys quickly hustled Sarah away from her mother, who kept shouting to her: ‘Are you in trouble?’

Janet continues:

“When I saw her in the supermarket I couldn’t believe it. She was in Islamic dress. I saw from her eyes she was terrified. She begged me not to say anything. She was panicking and obviously scared of the gang we now know was holding her.

She was scurried off by the boys. But my husband and I followed them at a distance and carefully watched the direction they went.”

Seconds later a black vehicle with Sarah inside and an Asian man at the wheel screeched past them as they stood in the street.

‘We saw a flash of blonde hair under a scarf but that was all. We had lost her. We were heartbroken,’ says Janet. She reported what had happened to the police, only to be brushed aside again.


What had happened was that Jerry’s sons had taken Sarah back to the house and told Jerry her mother was near by.

“He was furious. He ordered me to get into his car,’ recalls Sarah. ‘He smashed my head against the dashboard and windows, which became splattered with my blood.’ Then he drove her quickly to yet another house, in a different town.”

In her new home, she was prevented from going out.

One day, out of the blue, Jerry told her he had married her. ‘I hadn’t been to any ceremony but he showed me the Islamic wedding certificate signed by an imam at the local mosque,’ she says. ‘I now think this marriage was to make the police believe I was a willing wife if they ever found me.’

Bewildered — she was being given 20mg of Valium each morning to stupefy her— Sarah continued her life of hell, regularly being abused and raped.

Inevitably, she fell pregnant.

“After one termination I was fitted with a coil, but Jerry made me go back to the hospital with him and have it removed because he said he could ‘feel it’ when he raped me.

I wasn’t allowed to speak to doctors at medical appointments. I had to walk 5ft behind him, keep my head down and wear a hijab. He said I was his girlfriend.”

As if this were not horrific enough, the first abortion didn’t work. The five-month-old foetus survived the drugs given to Sarah on a Sunday afternoon in a side room at an NHS hospital.

On the Monday morning, she was taken for a scan and the baby was still alive.

“I was in labour for nearly 24 hours,’ she says, with tears welling. ‘I was begging for help. One nurse ran from the room and said she couldn’t take it any more.’

I was rushed to the operating theatre, where they surgically carried out the abortion,’ she says. ‘I don’t know if I was carrying a boy or a girl and I hope one day the NHS will tell me, as I cannot forget that child.”

mum pregnant

‘He raped my daughter, beats me yet I am only a few months past delivery’ Cries city woman

How could all this happen to an underage girl in the modern NHS? Perhaps because Jerry was so intimidating or because the gang network had its tentacles everywhere.

Whatever the case, the rapes and abortions continued.

One day, Jerry announced their marriage was over. Under Islamic rules, he told Sarah three times that they were divorced.

Then she was suddenly married off to another man. On her ‘wedding day’ in 2012, nearly seven years after the kidnap, she was lying in her room when two women came in carrying a clear plastic bag.

They took out the red dress and told her to put it on. They tied back her hair, put make-up on her and said she was about to marry.

Sarah was pushed downstairs to the ceremony and clapping guests. It was over in minutes and she was ordered back upstairs — with her new husband.

“The women had put petals on my bed in the Muslim tradition,The strange man began putting his hands all over me. I was so weak I couldn’t fight him. He raped me as the wedding party was still going on downstairs.”

This shocking episode was the beginning of the end.

Time and again she had tried to run away down the street, only to be grabbed by Jerry and brought back for a beating. But now she managed to escape.

“When Jerry was asleep upstairs one morning, I found his mobile phone and called for a taxi. I took £20 to pay for it from the pocket of his jeans. When the taxi arrived I was in Islamic clothes. I raced out through the back gate and told the driver, a white man who kept asking if I was all right because I was so pale, to take me to where my brother lived.”

Sharon Otieno rejected a house worth Sh 10million and demanded one worth Sh 35 million in Westlands from Okoth Obado before her gruesome murder.

She had grabbed the certificate of marriage to Jerry and the red dress. ‘They were the only possessions I had,’ she explains.

Sarah thought she was free. But Jerry’s gang did not give up.

After Sarah left her brother’s house a month later, she moved to a flat in a different part of Britain, away from her family, so they could not be threatened by the gang for protecting her.

Yet the gang leader found her through his extensive network of contacts. The coercion, the beatings, the rapes continued.


Finally, after an especially savage beating, a neighbour called the police to report a domestic violence incident. Sarah was taken to hospital and there started to tell police she was a prisoner, sparking inquiries into her kidnap which continue today, more than three years later.

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22 year old woman dies after falling off a cliff while fleeing a swarm of killer bees

A 22-year-old Colombian woman Paula Andrea Ramos has died after falling off a cliff while fleeing a swarm of killer bees.while carrying out an assessment.

Paula Andrea Ramos Molina, a forestry engineer, had been part of a team carrying out an assessment in a rural area of the central Colombian district of Caldas.

Ms Ramos Molina and three of her colleagues accidentally dislodged a bee hive and were immediately attacked by a swarm of furious insects.

They quickly divided into pairs and as Ms Ramos Molina and her colleague fled the killer bees, they fell off a cliff.Ms Ramos Molina broke her neck in the fall and died instantly.

Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Lulu finds love again months after being released from prison


Her colleague, who has not been named, suffered severe injuries and multiple bee stings and remains in a ‘grave condition’ in hospital.

Killer bees, also known as ‘Africanised bees’, are a hybrid of the European honey bee and the larger and more aggressive African honey bee.

They were first introduced to Brazil in 1956 in an effort to increase honey production. However, the following year, 26 swarms escaped, and the hybrid bees rapidly spread out across South America.

Shock as 24-year-old man kills 3 kids, wife and mother-in-law and keeps the dead bodies for six days before being found out

Their aggressive behaviour and highly venomous sting soon earned them the name ‘killer bees.’

Killer bees gather in swarms of up to 41,000 insects and have been known to chase people for up to a quarter of a mile.

Since their introduction to Brazil, they are believed to be responsible for the deaths of over 1,000 people as well as numerous horses and cows.

They continued to spread across America and in 1990 they were first spotted in Texas.

Daily Mail

Shock as 24-year-old man kills 3 kids, wife and mother-in-law and keeps the dead bodies for six days before being found out

Police allege Anthony Robert Harvey murdered his partner Mara Harvey, 47, her daughter Charlotte, 3, two-year-old twin girls Alice and Beatrix.

The murder took place in September 3 at their Bedford home, in Perth’s north east.The 24-year-old murdered his mother-in-law Beverley Quinn, 74, the next day on September 4 when she visited the home. several weapons including a blunt instrument and knives were used, WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said on Monday.

The grandmother and children who were found dead in their home have been remembered as a loving family. The tragedy unfolded on Sunday when Mr Harvey drove 1400 kilometres to the remote Pilbara mining town of Pannawonica and provided police with information.

Officers worked on the information they were provided and arrived at the house and found the television still on, before they found the five deceased bodies.

One of the Bedford family victims, Mara Harvey, with Anthony Harvey in 2016.

Mr Harvey was then charged with five counts of murder. The murdered mother’s sister, Taryn, issued a statement on Monday remembering her loving mother, her proud sister, and bubbly and energetic nieces.

Taryn said there were no words to explain the emptiness that the family is experiencing following the horrific murders.

“She said her sister ‘loved being a mum’ and was that her daughters were her world.She was so proud of each of them and was doing a great job of raising them. Her girls were her world,’ ‘Charlotte was an energetic, bubbly confident little girl who loved people and loved socialising. Alice was outgoing, adventurous and cheeky, while Beatrix was at times a little bit more quiet but gave the biggest hugs.”

Taryn also said her mother, Mrs Quinn would have done anything for her children and grandchildren.

“Beverley was a kind hearted, caring mother and grandmother and was always there for her family. She was very much family orientated and she loved her daughters and grandchildren, and would have done anything for them.

This world is a sadder place with the loss of these five beautiful people but Heaven has gained five new angels.”

Migori Governor Okoth Obado’s PA Michael Oyamo arraigned in court over alleged involvement in Sharon Otieno’s murder

She also thanked family, friends and the community for their support during this trying period, and has asked for privacy as they grieve the losses.

The children’s father, Mr Harvey, who ran a Jim’s Mowing franchise with his wife Mara, told a neighbour he was struggling financially and felt under pressure to work even when sick to keep the business afloat.

The couple ran the business in Morley, north-east Perth, after previously working for a Sino Steel Pilbara mine.

Neighbour Richard Fairbrother described Mr Harvey as slightly socially awkward and under pressure due to money troubles.Speaking to the Australian Richard says

“There was a couple of times he had been quite ill with the flu and he was having to get up and go to work anyway,’ He said there was no money coming in unless he was out there.”

Ms Harvey, who owned the property on Coode Street, in the city’s north-east, has been described as ‘unlucky in love’, and her husband Anthony Harvey was 18 years her junior.

The couple lived together in the small brick house, and had daughter Charlotte a year after Mr Harvey proposed in 2014.

Forensic police and other officials remove a body from the scene of the crime in Perth 

Located on a large corner block in the city’s north-east, Ms Harvey bought the modest three-bedroom brick-and-tile home in 2008. A compact kitchen and large stand-alone outdoor garage can be seen in photos of the home’s interior, along with a covered back patio area facing the lawn.

Both had worked for a Sino Steel Pilbara mine, and Mr Harvey then started his own business using income generated from the sales of some of Ms Harvey’s properties.

Facebook group Perth & Districts Multiple Birth Association Inc, of which Ms Harvey was a member, paid tribute to the victims on Monday.

“It is with a heavy heart and our deepest condolences that we are informing our community today that one of our own has been taken, in what can only be described as a shocking tragedy.

News reports today confirm the death of one of our members Mara, her mother, her twin girls Beatrix & Alice and their big sister Charlotte.Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who know the family & have been touched by this tragedy.”


Rebecca Della, who lives next door with her partner Richard, told Daily Mail Australia there was no sign of anything wrong.

‘Even the week before they seemed happy and cheerful, I never heard them have any fights,’ she said.

‘We’re all shocked, no one thought something like this would happen with them.’

Migori Governor Okoth Obado skipped Kigali event that kicked off on the same day Sharon Otieno’s body was found dumped in Kodera forest

Kimberly Shackelton said the area was a safe close-knit neighbourhood where you would never expect violence.

“They were just a normal, everyday family, You’d think with something like this there would be warning signs but they were so quiet and seemed happy.

You’d never see them fight or shout at each other, just those lovely kids playing and running around the front yelling ‘daddy’ as he left for work.Those poor kids, they never got to have a life.” 

Police have not said how the women and children died, and it’s believed Mr Harvey stayed with the bodies six days after he allegedly murdered them.

Homicide detectives and specialist forensic police will on Monday continue to comb the home for evidence and clues to what happened after the shocking discovery on Sunday.

‘Depending on the size of that crime scene that will take a period of time, and it could be a number of days,’ Assistant Commissioner Metropolitan Region Paul Steel said.

‘It is a tragic thing when incidents like this occur. It does send a ripple through the community of Western Australia.’

First responders have been offered access to a police chaplain to help them cope with the horrific scene inside the house, which remains sealed off with police tape.

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BBC reporter with terminal breast cancer wraps 18 years worth of birthday presents for her son after doctors tell her she only has a few days to live

BBC presenter Rachael Bland’s heartbreaking final arrangements made for her family as she bravely faces death have been revealed by her tweet.

The mother-of-one, 40, who has terminal breast cancer, has wrapped 18 years worth of birthday presents for three-year-old son Freddie – but could struggle to finish a memoir written just for him.

She has also built up a collection of handwritten notebooks, perfume and other personal items so the little boy grows up knowing how his mummy wrote, smelled and sounded once she is gone.

And in order to not upset her husband Steve, she has set up a WhatsApp group with his sister detailing her wishes for their little boy as he grows up including not cutting his hair too short and ensuring he helps choose his school.

Rachael’s final plans have been revealed in a blog written last week – just before she learned she had days to live – but published for the first time today.

Racheal Blands

Her brave tweet yesterday announcing she has ‘only got days’ has sparked thousands of responses praising her inspirational dignity and bravery in the face of terminal illness.

Mrs Bland wrote an emotional goodbye message to her social media followers this afternoon

Yesterday the BBC broadcaster tweeted the news, sparking an outpouring of grief among friends and fans, and today she agreed to publish the plans she has made in the event of her death.

She wrote on HuffPost:

“I have a Whatsapp group with Steve’s sister where I send her things I want for Freddie and his future. The things that might overwhelm and upset Steve now but she will make sure happens.

Like not cutting his hair too short until he really insists, or my wish for him to go to the very best school and university possible, so long as that’s what he wants.I’m also planning and wrapping birthday presents which he can open between the ages of four and twenty one.

‘Personal effects like my notepads – so he can see what my writing was like. Or the perfume he helped pick out for me earlier this year so he’ll remember my smell. And his all-important box of newborn keepsakes’.”

Rachael is also writing a memoir for her son, called ‘For Freddie’, and faces a race against time to complete it.

She added: ‘It’s a collection of all those stories your parents tell you over the years from their point of view, mixed in with all the advice they give you.

‘I’d only known Steve for such a short period of time before we married – I feel there’s so much he needs to know from my point of view and in my voice. And I think I best get my personality down on paper’.

Rachael has been documenting her fight against the disease in a blog called Big C Little Me since she was diagnosed in November 2016.

The Welsh journalist also hosted a podcast series called You Me & The Big C where she discussed the highs and lows of battling the illness.


Former BBC colleague Susanna Reid was among those to show their sympathy, writing on Twitter: ‘Oh Rachael. You have so much courage.

‘You are loved beyond measure by people you haven’t even met because of the way you have dealt with this. My love to you and your family.’  

Writing on Instagram and Twitter yesterday she said: ‘In the words of the legendary Frank Sinatra, I’m afraid to say the time has come my friends. And suddenly I’m told I’ve only got days, it’s all very surreal.’

‘I am pregnant for my sister’s father-in-law and he wants me to keep it’ Immoral Nairobi woman confesses

Colleagues, friends and followers posted online to offer their support and express their sadness.

Victoria Derbyshire wrote: ‘Bloody hell Rachael. Courage, grace, laughter – that’s you. You are amazing X.’

BBC Breakfast host Naga Munchetty said: ‘You have touched the lives of so many and inspired many more. Thinking of you and your loved ones.’

Her BBC colleague Eleanor Oldroyd posted: ‘Dear Rachael, you have lived a life to inspire millions.

‘Your many friends will be there for Steve and Freddie. Love and peace and prayers from all of us xxx’

Her BBC Radio Five Live colleague Phil Williams said: ‘Rachael – sending love. I’ll message Steve separately. I hope I have just an ounce of your gusto. Lots of love x’.

Racheal during her wedding day

Radio 5 colleague Richard Bacon also offered support on Twitter, writing: ‘Days. Devastating. Rachael I know saying I’m thinking of you (and our magnificent time together on air, especially all that late night fun) doesn’t change anything.

‘But I am and I’m so very sorry. Your podcast has helped change the way people talk about all this. You’re wonderful.’

And LBC presenter Iain Dale wrote: ‘You are in all our thoughts dearest Rachael. I’m sitting here preparing for my new show with a tear or two in my eye at the thought we will never hear your lovely voice on the radio again. Love from everyone at LBC.’

Her tragic journey has been an inspiration to thousands of people.

Mrs Bland, a BBC news presenter of more than 15 years, has documented her fight with the disease with her blog Big C Little Me. Putting the Can into Cancer’ and a podcast called ‘You, Me & The Big C’.

Writing in her blog previously, Mrs Bland told of how she was with her son and his friends at an ice cream farm when she was given the earth-shattering news her cancer was terminal.

 ‘My heart raced as I answered it, knowing a phone call did not bode well.Then came the words “I am so sorry, it’s bad news. The biopsies have come back showing the same cancer is back and is in the skin”.  

Describing the moment she broke the news to her family, Mrs Bland said: ‘I watched my little Freddie innocently playing away in a tyre in the barn and my heart broke for him.

“I scooped him up and dashed home and then had to break (her husband) Steve’s heart with the news that my cancer was now metastatic and therefore incurable.”

The news anchor had written that she felt she had become a ‘lab rat’ after starting a medical trial in a bid to buy her more time with her husband Steve and then two-year-old son Freddie.

Thousands of listeners tuned in to BBC Radio 5 Live to hear her weekly discussions with fellow patients Lauren Mahon and Deborah James on the highs and lows of living with cancer.

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Woman sues employer for forcing her to wear a bra to work

An Alberta woman has filed a human rights complaint against her employer after she was told she had to wear a bra to work.

Christina Schell was fired after refusing to comply with an updated dress code, which meant she had to wear a bra or an undershirt while she worked outdoors serving tables.

She told CBC when she confronted the general manager of the Osoyoos Golf Club, Doug Robb, she was told the rule was to protect her from members.



Schell claims he told her: ‘I know what happens in golf clubs when alcohol’s involved’.

The 25-year-old said she stopped wearing bras about two years ago, because she found them ‘horrible’.

Schell said she chose to use the human rights act to complain as she noticed men did not have the same amount of restrictions surrounding how they dressed.

“It’s gender-based and that’s why it’s a human rights issue,’I have nipples and so do the men.”

 McDonald’s cook Kate Gosek said she also struggled at work because of her choice not to wear a bra.

Gosek, 19, told CBC she had been confronted by multiple managers at the store who were displeased with her choice. She said one female manager had gone as far as to poke her shoulder looking for a strap.

‘When you walk in the streets with a child with cerebral palsy, people stare at you like a devil’Heart broken mother narrates her journey with cerebral palsy

‘She just told me that I should put on a bra because, McDonald’s – we are a polite restaurant and no one needs to see that.’

Gosek, who doesn’t wear bras for comfort reasons, received an apology from two of her managers this week, with McDonald’s Canada confirming there is no requirement for female employees.

Under discrimination law, it is illegal for employers: ‘to discriminate against any individual because of his race, color, religion, sex, or national origin’.

While Gosek can now breathe easy she knows her employer has a positive view towards going bra-less, Schell is still waiting to hear back about the success, or lack thereof, of her human rights complaint.

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‘Taken.. With all my heart and soul’ Priyanka Chopra officially announces her engagement to Nick Jonas as they hold traditional ceremony in Mumbai

Nick Jonas and his fiancée Priyanka Chopra have confirmed their engagement as they held a traditional roka ceremony in Mumbai on Saturday.

The singer, 25, treated fans to a glimpse of their romantic occasion as he shared a cosy snap of the pair on Instagram, where he branded his wife-to-be, 36, his ‘Future Mrs. Jonas’, ‘heart’, and ‘love’.

Looking every inch the dapper fiancé, the Camp Rock star donned a sleek sherwani garment – regularly worn for formal occasions in India.

Deputy President William Ruto honored with Lifetime Achievement Award in Uganda


The newly-engaged couple gazed adoringly at each other, as Priyanka rested her hand on Nick’s chest – showing off her dazzling ring.

Posting the same snap, the New York resident captioned her image: ‘Taken.. With all my heart and soul..’

The Don 2 actress exuded elegance as she slipped her slender frame into a yellow sari, which was embellished with elaborate diamond details throughout.

 Nick Jonas and his fiancée Priyanka Chopra appeared in the throes of love as they rang in their engagement with a traditional roka ceremony in Mumbai on Saturday morning


The Plan star styled her tresses into a straight fashion, and opted for her trademark dark red lipstick.

The pair performed a series of rituals during their roka, which is usually followed by a thaka ceremony and finally the big wedding.For another snap, Nick went barefoot as he kissed the screen star’s check in front of a personalised banner with their initials ‘NP’.




Congratulatory comments started to pour in for the couple as Nick’s older brother Joe and his fiancée Sophie Turner took to Instagram to share their wishes for the occasion.

Mwalimu King’ang’i’s hilarious reaction to the Francis Atwoli Tv interview

Reposting a snap from the ceremony, the DNCE star, 29, who is engaged to the Game of Thrones star, wrote:

‘I couldn’t be happier for my brother. Welcome to the family @priyankachopra We love you (sic).’

The 22-year-old actress followed her beau’s lead as she took to the social media site, commenting:

‘Wow. First I’m blessed with an incredible future brother-in-law, and now such an beautiful, inside and out, future sister-in-law. I’m so excited to welcome you into the family @priyankachopra . I love you both @nickjonas.’ 

Nick’s eldest sibling Kevin, 30, also joined in on the praise, penning:

‘Congratulations @nickjonas and @priyankachopra.’ 

Their roka ceremony comes just a few days after Priyanka finally confirmed their engagement with an Instagram snap of her diamond sparkler on Wednesday.

Ahead of their intimate bash, a source recently told E! News: ‘It’s a tradition for them to meet before the wedding and Priyanka’s family insisted on hosting the Jonas family in their country.’

‘Priyanka wants everything to be traditional to respect her family’s values, and definitely an Indian wedding.

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Fast and Furious actor Tyrese Gibson going through financial challenges and can’t afford to maintain his lifestyle

Tyrese Gibson’s much documented money problems appear to have gotten worse after his financial records proved that he is struggling financially.

The model turned actor responded to his ex-wife Norma Gibson’s request for him to pay for her divorce attorney.

According to his financial records obtained by TMZ, not only can’t he afford to pay for her legal fees, he also can’t afford to keep up his lifestyle.

Tyrese and his ex-wife Norma Gibson’s

Those records show The Fast & Furious star spends about $114,000 a month on bills that includes: his mortgage, utilities, child care and groceries. Add another $10,000 a month in child support payments to his estranged wife and that brings the monthly total to $124,000.

Currently he brings in about $51,000 a month, which translates to a $73,000 a month deficit.

Things have reportedly gotten so bad the 39-year old’s savings account has withered down from $800,000 in cash to $130,000 over the last nine months.

Tyrese has cast blame on his ex for his recent money problems — maintaining that the bad press that he got after she accused him of domestic violence last year made it difficult for him to land more movie rolls.


The former couple have been engaged in a bitter custody battle over their 11-year old daughter Shayla. At one point, Norma requested a restraining order against Tyrese, who she claimed allegedly beat their daughter. A judge ultimately denied the request, claiming there wasn’t an ongoing pattern of harassment against Norma or their daughter.

The former couple currently have shared custody, but Tyrese wants Shayla to live with him at his Atlanta mansion rather than remain with her mother in Los Angeles.

Tyrese with his daughter Shayla
Tyrese with his daughter Shayla

Last year, the LA native tied the knot with New Jersey-born Samantha Lee and they announced in April that they are expecting a baby together. The baby girl is due in September.

Tyrese has been a part of a number of blockbuster films that includes: roles in five of the Fast & Furious action movies beginning in 2003, Annapolis (2005), Transformers (2007), Death Race (2008), Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009), Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) and Ride Along 2 (2016).

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Man loses his You Tube channel with 5.6 million followers after recording himself feeding his kids ice-cream laced with laxatives and in serious pain

Cordero James YouTube channel has been suspended after posting a ‘prank’ video of him feeding his kids ice cream laced with laxatives and recording them.

Cordero James Brady, 29, from Nevada, runs the YouTube channel CJ SO COOL, which has over 5.6million followers. The channel is monetized – which means he sells his channel to advertisers, with the more people watching the ads, the more money they stand to make.

Last week his channel was suspended over the vicious practical joke that appeared to have made his children physically sick. The ‘laxative ice cream’ video was permanently removed.

In the vlog, Brady films himself dosing his children’s ice cream with Pedia-Lax and then feeding it to them. He then films 90-minutes later, showing his children screaming and crying in pain.

You Tube vloger Cordero James Brady with his wife and kids

‘My stomach hurts,’ screams one of his kids. ‘Oh my goodness, this boy’s stomach is broken!’ he jokes.

Then, he films his youngest two- a boy and a girl, in separate bathrooms, as they sit on the toilet crying, trying to close the door on him- as he continues to hold the camera on them.

‘You smell like a toilet’ Apple founder to his daughter before his death

A Henderson Police Department source told DailyMail.com: ‘There was a case that was investigated in 2016 involving laxatives and this individual. It was a joint investigation with Clark County Child Protective Services. It was submitted to the DAs office and it was recommended as a criminal case.’

According to Daily Mail It is not yet clear what charges have been made and although it would seem the video was filmed two years ago, it appears YouTube only removed the video last week when the site babe.net initially reported on it.

In a call to Clark County Child Protective Services, they said they are unable to comment on any potential investigations.

Dr Kortney Peagram, founder of Bulldog Solution, an anti-child abuse organization, told babe.net, the site that originally reported on the laxative video: ‘Harming your child on purpose with laxatives is child abuse. That’s child endangerment.’

She added Brady is ‘harming his children and bullying them to pull pranks on each other, it is really disturbing.

Tedd Josiah sadly narrates the last thing his wife did before passing away

‘He’s modelling inappropriate behavior and encouraging it by laughter … He’s teaching his children that it’s okay to harm each other for a good laugh.’

Brady’s ‘pranks’ have left his children in tears before.

In what appears to be another since removed video, he lights fireworks in the kids’ room as they sleep, and when they start crying- he laughs saying ‘it’s a prank because they think somebody was shooting!’

In another video, which is still up, that he calls ‘The Drowning Baby Prank’ he tells his partner Royalty Johnson, 28, their child has drowned.

When she frantically runs out of the house, Brady shouts: ‘It’s a prank, sucker!’

And, in yet another of the disturbing and upsetting content he posted, he filmed his partner coming out of a haze after just having miscarried.

In another horrifying prank, it is Royalty getting Brady, using their son, who she has pretend to get a pencil stuck in his eye.

By the end of that particular gag, Brady is crying and so is his son- after they both are left terrified.

Once babe.net posted their article on the laxatives ‘prank,’ YouTube released a statement saying ‘content that endangers minors is unacceptable to us and we have strict policies prohibiting child endangerment and harmful and dangerous content. We remove content that violates our policies as soon as we’re made aware of it.’

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Shakira’s private jet makes emergency landing due to technical problems

Pop superstar Shakira had a fright when her private plane suffered technical problems and had to stage an emergency landing.

The 41-year-old Colombian singer was not hurt in the incident in the city of Barranquilla, in the northern Colombian department of Atlantico.

She had just taken off to fly to the north-eastern Spanish city of Barcelona, to meet up with her footballer boyfriend Gerard Pique, 31, and their children, when the plane developed a problem.

The pilot opted to return to the Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport at Barranquilla, which is Shakira’s city of birth.

She had been performing a concert as part of the opening of the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games which is being held in Barranquilla.

I am torn between wanting to abort this child and being a baby mama


Shakira and Pique, who plays for Barcelona and Spain, had been planning a short family holiday, alongside their sons Milan, five, and Sasha, three, during a break in the singer’s current world tour and the footballer’s close season.

She is still hoping to fly to Barcelona for the holiday but it is not reported whether she has yet succeeded in finding a flight,this was to her first   performance in her city of birth in 12 years.


Serena Williams slams US anti doping agency for discriminating drug test

In a press conference before the concert, she said that she was touched to be back in the city adding that 2017 was a tough year for her due to the vocal problems she suffered.

She says

“Many times I wondered why I was living so many obstacles. There were days that I did not want to get up. I have never thought I could lose my voice.I thought I would lose other things in my life, but never my voice. When I found this situation, there were the hardest moments of my life.”

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