From Uhuru Kenyatta to DJ Mo, here are the best dads of 2018

When it comes to being a celebrity juggling your private and public life is never easy, but to some celebrities it seems they have mastered the art of managing both sides. Different male celebrities have made sure that their kids have the very best and also when it comes to the public’s eye, they haven’t been exposed as much.

1. Uhuru Kenyatta


The President of the republic of Kenya has always ensured the kids at least stay away from the public’s eye. Even though at times they are seen making public appearances during important meetings, events and also at times while having a time of their lives.

2. Shaffie Weru



Famous Kiss 100 presenter Shaffie also has been seen being a good father. He loves taking pictures with her daughters and is also seen going all the way and beyond for his daughters. He deserves all the respect because being a father ain’t as easy as one may think.

3. Collins Injera


Well known rugby player Injera always seems to have joy when he is with her kids. As tough as he may seem in the field he is always there for his adorable family. He has scored the second highest number of tries ever in the World Rugby Sevens Series.

4. Nameless


Famous musician Nameless is never afraid of showing off the love he has for his daughters. He is usually seen posting pictures of them together and also embracing them as a father and even though he posts pictures he still tries to ensure they are safe.

5. Eric Wainaina


Talented Kenyan Singer and Songwriter has also ensured that he takes care of his family by trying not to put them all out there.

6. Chef Ali Said Manthry


Father, Husband, Model, TV personality, face of Chevrolet, Coastal Cuisine Ambassador is also among the fathers who have ensured their kid is out of the public’s eye.

7. DJ Moh


Well known Dj who is married to famous gospel artist size 8 has always shown what his daughter means to him. By taking and posting many pictures together and been seen going for outings together shows how much he loves the daughter.

Even though the daughter is well known to the public because of being featured in different advertisements.

Brace Yourselves! This Is What Kenyan Dads Will Be Doing At Home During This World Cup Period

Ladies and gentlemen, after 4 years of patiently waiting, the world cup is finally here! Yes the biggest showpiece in the world is already underway and yes that is the sole reason why your beloved dad is now coming home early than ever.

The greatest footballing show piece kicked off on Thursday, June 14, 2018 and will run till 15th July, 2018.

Millions of Kenyans have either become first time TV owners or upgraded their sets to ‘accommodate’ their football needs for the next four weeks. Fans across the world have also bought football kits in support of their favorite nations.

With billions of eyes expected to follow the showpiece, we are bound to experience happiness, disappointment, anger as well as hilarious moments from the fans, or rather from our football loving dads.

With the World Cup getting juicier each day, I assure you that our dads will not be leaving the living room any time soon and with some already enjoying their leave days, these are some of the things you should expect from your dad.

Early home arrivals

If your daddy used to arrive home jaded and stressed just minutes to mid night after you have enjoyed your series and tele novellas, those days are gone now. He will be showing up hours earlier than anyone just to catch his favorite matches with games kicking off as early as 3pm.

Football themed decorations

If your living room is full of family portraits, do not act surprised when your die hard football loving dad ‘suspends’ a couple of them just to create room for some art works, flags or even scarfs of the nation he’s backing to bag the World Cup trophy.

Remote manager

When any match kicks off and your interests don’t match your daddy’s, you better keep off the living room or rather forget the TV remote control ever existed. This is because your dad would rather walk with it in his pocket to the washroom than let anyone disrupt his ‘therapy’.

Nyama season!

Do you know what will make you start thanking God for World Cup? The fact that your dad will make sure he does everything to make it up to you for endlessly feeding you with football.

And one way he would easily do that is by ensuring your meat intake doubles since who said football and nyama are not a match made in heaven? So time to meat up!

Fridge stocked with alcohol and refreshments

To add to nyama, dads know way too well that as much as water is essential to the body, the liver kind of understands that a beer or two accompanied by nyama works like a doctor’s prescription. So it’s time to create room in your fridges because daddy is about to fill it with his favorite poison.


Like father, like son: Babies who look like their dad tend to be healthier and get more attention

Babies may get some surprising benefits if they look like their father.

A team of researchers have discovered that infants raised by single mothers are more likely to be healthy by the time they turn one year old if they resemble their dad.

That’s because babies who bear a resemblance to their father get more attention from them.

And the more time that babies spend with their fathers, the healthier they become.

For the study, researchers from Binghamton University and Southern Illinois University focused on 715 families in which babies live with only their mother.

‘Fathers are an important part in raising a child, and it manifests itself in the health of the child,’ said Solomon Polachek, a co-author of the study and an economics professor at Binghamton University, State University of New York.

Dads who looked like their babies spent an average of 2.5 more days per month with their babies than fathers who didn’t resemble their offspring.

This effect doesn’t apply to babies who are born to married parents that live in the same household, as men are more certain that they’re the father and spend more time with children who live under the same roof, the study noted.


A List Of Single Celebrity Dads You Didn’t Know

They are not only famous but responsible single dads.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

The famous football player is known to be single from the very start since his son Christano Junior was born in 2011. His wife has never been known. The child stays with Cristaino’s mother.


Cristiano Ronaldo is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list 26 Famous Single Dads

2. James Wasden

Jack Holden and daughter Mary James with his ex-wife Mary Elizabeth Linde, and son William Luca Costa-Marsden with ex-girlfriend Rose Costa.

James Marsden is listed (or ranked) 18 on the list 26 Famous Single Dads

3. Seal

He became single in 2012 after divorcing his wife, Heidi Klum. He is a famous musician, songwriter and composer. He has among the most iconic celebrity first names.

Seal is listed (or ranked) 17 on the list 26 Famous Single Dads

4. Kevin Hart

The famous comedian became a single dad after divorcing his wife, Torrei Hart, in 2010. The couple have joint custody of the children.

Kevin Hart is listed (or ranked) 19 on the list 26 Famous Single Dads

5. Jamie Foxx

The musician is a single father and has been known to show off his beautiful daughters at red carpet events and has openly discussed his appreciation of fatherhood. He is ranked among the best actors working today.


Jamie Foxx is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list 26 Famous Single Dads

6. Ricky Martin

The handsome actor adopted his sons, Valentino and Matteo, as a single parent. He is ranked among the best actors who started their career on soap operas.

Ricky Martin is listed (or ranked) 12 on the list 26 Famous Single Dads


VIDEO: Dear Kenyan men, this is why we take so long to get out of the house

Move over batsman, superman and super girl, there are new super heroes in town. Mums are extraordinary and the real deal superheroes. They juggle so many chores and smile while doing it that perhaps onlookers think, it must be easy. I have news for you, juggling between the kids, the husband, work, at times even school is no small job – it’s Huuuuuge!

A dad had the blessing of his wife leaving for a meeting. So he was left in charge of their two kids. Hehehe ;-). Dressing young kids requires martial arts skills. They do everything in their power to either escape from you during dressing or pouring stuff on their clothes so that you have to change them again! Check out his frustration.

Feeding them, especially on fruits and vegetables requires heavenly patience and great ingenuity. You have to turn yourself into a Michellin star chef if you want them to even attempt to put fruits and vegetables in their mouths. If not, most parents resort to threats.


So to all mothers out there juggling all you need to do, bravo! You’re truly super heroes.

The top 50 skills dads need to have

The top 50 dad skills have been revealed – but less than half of fathers reckon they have mastered them all.

Driving while distracted, keeping calm during family arguments, and fixing punctures topped the list of skills all dads should attain by the time their kids are teenagers.

Fathers should also know how to erect a tent, plaster holes in walls and set up a Wi-Fi network, according to the poll of 2,000 dads.

A spokesperson for Bob the Builder, which commissioned the poll, said: ‘The huge list of Dad Skills show just how many roles dads have to fill in the upbringing of their children.

‘They’re fixers, builders, comedians, sportsmen, the list is endless.

See the required skillset below;


1. Being calm during family arguments

2. Driving while constantly being distracted

3. Fixing a bike puncture

4. Undoing difficult knots

5. Putting up a tent

6. Keeping confidences

7. Double checking nothing has been left behind

8. Setting up and tuning the TV

9. Cooking on a barbeque

10. Tying shoe laces

11. Blowing up lots of balloons

12. Tying school ties

13. Changing a tyre

14. Setting up WiFi

15. Plastering holes in walls

16. Flipping pancakes

17. Putting up a bunk bed

18. Teaching to swim

19. Able to cook a fry-up

20. Setting up a new game on the computer

21. Lighting a fire

22. Fixing toys

23. Telling bad jokes

24. Go-to person for opening jars

25. Setting up a new games console

26. Cleaning stains off carpets

27. Fitting a loose bicycle chain

28. Removing adhesive substances off surfaces

29. Taking kids to after school clubs

30. Removing toys from tough packaging

31. Setting up new toys

32. Teaching how to play football

33. Taking good family photos

34. Pumping up footballs

35. Picking blackberries

36. Flying kites

37. Making a good bacon sandwich

38. Rebooting computers

39. Setting up a paddling pool

40. Fixing scooters

41. Building tricky playsets

42. Updating mobile phones

43. Putting up birthday banners

44. Always having the right batteries

45. Soothing a nettle sting

46. Role play

47. Installing tricky software on laptops

48. Building good sandcastles

49. Throwing properly

50. Cleaning football boots


Reasons why you should date a single dad

Many women looking  for love often frown at the mention of single dads, well many associate them with baby mama drama.

Well single men are some of the best men you would want to date because not only are they responsible and know what love is, what more could one want?

Here a list of why you should look out and embrace single dads as potential boyfriends and husbands.

No hurry –  A single dad has no time to play games so he will take his time to know you if he’s interested in you. This is because for one he has responsibilities and his first priority is his child, so before he makes things official he will want to know if you will be able to embrace and accept his child because its not about him alone. This means he will take things slowly to get to know you better.

Responsibility – Unless he’s a dead beat who you shouldn’t even look at twice, a single dad who takes care of his child and doesn’t trash talk his baby mama is the kind you need in your life. This is because you can trust him to take care of business at home or elsewhere and know that he will do it unsupervised, the guy has changed enough diapers  and made hospital visits at night so being responsible and stepping up when you need them is second nature.

Listening – Having a kid has enabled him learn and master the art of listening so he won’t shy away from holding long conversations with you. They listen, they talk and they solve problems on a daily basis with their child so its not hard for them to repeat the same with you.

He wants you as part of their lives – Single dads who are dating do not look for hook ups, they don’t want someone who will be around for a while and then disappear. They are looking for something solid, someone who will be there for the long run and also one who will positively affect influence the child.

He doesn’t seek attention – For him its automatic that his number one priority is his child and he therefore he will put others priorities before his own. Having a child makes him realise that the world doesn’t revolve around him and he therefore swears to protect his child with all he has. This means that he will not have time to deal with petty issues unlike a man who is childless, he will only pursue things that matter.

The Author Ms. Chituyi is a relationship writer.