Why I don’t wear my wedding ring anymore – Daddy Owen

Gospel singer Daddy Owen has finally removed his cherished wedding ring.

Owen has recently been spotted without his rings about one and half years after his split from his wife.

Speaking to Classic105, Owen said it was time to remove it. Asked if it is a sign he has moved on, Owen said he would talk about it later.

“For now, just know it was time to remove it.”

In an earlier interview with Churchill show, Owen said he kept his ring since he wasn’t shying away from challenges or issues. 

“I’m like a bull, I’ll face it head-on. The truth is like a lion, once it’s out, it’s out and I’m ready to fight in the jungle.”

In October last year, South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro asked singer Daddy Owen to look for another woman.

“We have accepted what happened. Pick one, there is a stage here, a pastor,” he said amid cheers from the crowd.

This was during his Chapter IV album launch. Osoro detailed his close relationship with Owen.

He said he was devastated after the news of Owen’s marriage breaking down.

“I can’t believe this is Owen. In December he came to my office and I felt so bad. I had a bigger problem than him, but I had to shed a tear, his life wasn’t looking very okay,” he narrated.

Osoro, who is also Owen’s lawyer, said he had to distract Daddy Owen to prevent him from sinking deep into depression.

He did this by taking him to the South Mugirango constituency and giving him tasks to do.

“It has been around 10 months and I have seen a transformation in him. I had to distract him. I took him to the constituency, gave him a road to build,” Osoro said.

“I see he is back on track and I am very happy today.”


Daddy Owen defends Kibaki’s grandson for ‘snubbing’ Raila Odinga

Singer Daddy Owen on Saturday defended late Mwai Kibaki’s grandson for allegedly snubbing ODM leader Raila Odinga during the former president’s burial.
Kibaki’s grandson was seen looking away when Raila was shaking hands with Kibaki’s family members.
On his social, Daddy Owen called out people who unfairly judged the young man subjecting him to social media trolls yet the video was manipulated.
“I have seen so many people trolling this young man on social media, this is the correct video that u can see clearly from this angle that the young man is shaking the hand of former PM Hon. Raila Odinga.

It is unfair that people have judged him all day yet he was avoiding the photographer and not the former PM,” he wrote in a social media post.
Owen added that social media people conclude issues before being keen.
“It is sad that on the streets of social media you can be unfairly judged by people jumping to conclusions.”
Apparently, the video in question is clear that Kibaki’s grandson shook Raila’s hands before turning away from a camera person who wanted to take a picture of him.

‘Daddy Owen was my roommate when we had nothing,’ says Ringtone reveals old days

Self-proclaimed Chairman of the gospel industry Ringtone, killed the show at Daddy Owen’s album launch last night.

Away from throwing shade at other artistes, Ringtone took time to congratulate Owen for launching his sixth album.

While addressing the audience, Ringtone mentioned that they started music with Owen at the same period.

Narrating their humble beginnings, Ringtone revealed that he did not have a house in his early days in Nairobi.

They lived together with Daddy Owen and his big brother singer Rufftone.

“I used to live with Owen. We would sleep together on the same bed at Rufftone’s house. This one (Rufftone) used to feed us. I did not have a lot of clothes, I used to wait for a cloth he wore the previous day, and wear it. Rufftone used to meet me in town with a T-shirt he had won the previous day and give me.”

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Ringtone also rebuked Kenyan celebrities who have been cross-dressing and those who had decided to use their talent to mislead God’s people

“I rebuke the behavior of men wearing women’s clothes, starting from Bahati and that Mtumba guy. There is no way a man can wear women’s clothes. Mr. Seed should return my money, I contributed to him during his album, kidogo naona ameanza kutoa ngoma za dawa ya baridi ni wasichana. Mr Seed wewe ni mwizi, return my money.”

‘My money will come from your nose,’ Daddy Owen accused of fraud by Rigan Sarkozie

Rigan Sarkozi has called out Daddy Owen for not paying him after writing for him the hit song, Wewe Ni Mungu.

Rigan also took legal action against him claiming that Daddy Owen  owes him 2 million shillings.

Rigan Sarkozi accuses Daddy Owen of failing to pick his phone calls, fails to reply to his SMSs even though the ‘Vanity’ hitmaker has collected 5 years worth of his music royalties.


In a video doing rounds on social media,

Ni uchungu! Bahati shuts down EMB records, terminates contracts with artistes

Rigan asks to get an answer from Daddy Owen as soon as possible.

“I am sending this message to get to Daddy Owen, I want him to pay my money which he owes me for the song ‘Wewe Ni Mungu’ and ‘Vanity’ which was also my song but he gave credit to Pitson.

I finished everything including the melody of the song. Pitson does not know the people in that song. Daddy Owen please give me an answer to my money,” he says.

Wewe ni Mungu was a hit song done four years ago.

“That was my song, I just gave you a verse to be in the song, you have never written any song and you will never write any song,” he added.

Daddy Owen

Rigan went on to says that he has lived with Owen for two years but he did not borrow anything from him and so he does not owe him anything to refuse to pay his money.

“You will not succeed if you have not paid my money. You are in deep sh*t with a bad person. I have never stolen from anyone. I have never borrowed you anything for the two years we lived together. You know I have lived with you for two years and I never borrowed you anything. I was buying food and even your brothers knows that. My money will come from your nose,” he said.


Daddy Owen (according to Rigan Sarkozi’s) allegations claims that he is not currently in the country.

“Wa Kenya, Daddy owen ame cancel meeting yangu na yeye na J BLESSING na SADAT muhindi eti ilikua iwe leo by 10:30 am Sasa anasema hayuko Kenya. Wakenya mjisaidie 2M siyo pesa kidogo jamani,” Sarkozi shared on social media.

When Classic 105 reached out to Daddy Owen he said he has no comment.

“Rigan is my brother,”he said.

Exclusive: ‘The world have lost a good soul,’ Petra mourns Papa Dennis

Late singer Papa Dennis had many friends among them singer Petra.

The two released a song together titled “Party” after which the two went on to do a media tour together.

Just like friends, family and fans, Petra was shocked by the death of her friend Papa Dennis and has described him as a good soul.

She said this morning in an exclusive interview with Classic 105,
“I found out about the death of papa Dennis through a friend at night.”

“He was a good soul, he was a very kind soul and the world has lost someone who had a very good soul.”

“I had so many memories with him and most of them I hold dear to my heart because they are private and I like mourning in private,” she said.

According to his other friends like Daddy Owen, he says he is saddened by the passing on of singer Papa Dennis.

Owen, who did a collabo Foundation with Papa Dennis has revealed that he rushed to the scene after news broke that the Makekes hitmaker was no more.

In an Instagram post, Owen wrote how he rushed to the scene immediately he was notified only to find a lifeless body.

Daddy Owen has promised to share more about the singer soon.

“When I first heard about his passing I rushed to the scene just to confirm its true.. reaching I found like only 4 people there and they pointed at a lifeless body which I had to confirm is Papa Dennis.. it was a very sad scene. Rest in Peace Papa Dennis. I will share more soon.🙏🙏🙏’ he wrote accompanied by photos below.

Daddy Owen

Father’s day in heaven! Kenyan celebs who won’t be celebrating fathers day with their dads

As the world celebrates fathers day we take a look at celebrities who have lost their dads in the past years.

These celebrities will not have the pleasure of having their dads with them on this great day.

1. Kambua

Gospel singer Kambua Mathu lost her dad, Professor Manundu in 2014.

kambua and her dad

Professor Manundu was the owner of Tabibu Cures International and had a weekly Sunday morning show on NTV which he used to give health advice.

‘If you can afford Jameson then pay dowry,’ shouts Mwalimu Kingangi

2. Daddy Owen

Owens father passed away after a sudden cardiac arrest in October 2017.

News about Mzee Mwatia’s death was first shared by singer Daddy Owen, through a statement sent to close friends and relatives.

‘I pray this finds you well, it’s with sadness to inform you that we lost our dad on Saturday night due to a sudden cardiac arrest at our rural home.


It is, therefore, my honor to invite you to a thanksgiving service this Thursday, 12th Oct at the NPC Valley RD 5-7PM.

Keep us in your,’’ read Daddy Owen’s statement. 

3. Timeless Noel

Citizen Television presenter Timeless Noel lost his father months ago at a Kisumu hospital.

Until his death, Mr Noel’s father had been in a coma and admitted at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

‘Time heals all wounds,’ Bridget Achieng on why she forgave deadbeat baby daddy

Timeless Noel
Timeless Noel and his late dad

4. DJ Kalonje

The celebrated spinmaster lost his father following a long illness .

The Kenyan Mix Masters Entertainment’s DJ eulogised his father as an astute man who taught him valuable lessons in life.

“Dear dad, I just want to thank you for everything, you raised us on one principle, love is the answer.

It’s with disbelief and sorry I say goodbye to you. May you rest well. I will take care of Mum for you. Till we meet again,” his post read.

DK Kalonje and his late dad
DK Kalonje and his late dad

5. Sonko

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko lost his dad in 2015 after a longillness.

Sonko had earlier asked Kenyans to pray for his dad before his untimely death.

GOD heal my Dad and all the patients admitted in different hospitals countrywide in the mighty name of JESUS,” Mike Sonko shared earlier.

sonko father post

Not long after that he shared news of his father’s death.

“Dear Kenyans and watu wangu nyote in general I thank each and everyone of you for your prayers during my Dad’s sickness.

We all loved him but GOD loved him more than us. Mzee has just left us.”

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Exclusive: Losing my eye pushed me to work with people with disabilities – Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen never imagined that he would one day have a squint eye, but he did after receiving a severe beating from the public during a robbery.

Speaking exclusively to Classic 105, Owen says that losing his eye made him understand better the challenges that people with disabilities live with.

“I used to face a lot of stigma before I got an operation to make it look normal. It was all white.

When I became a musician I knew what people with disabilities go through and that’s when I decided to start Malaika Trust.

I look for people living with disabilities and then look for sponsors and every year we give 10 people living with disability sh100,00 each.”

daddy owen and wife farida

‘Women who wear too much make up have low self esteem’ Men shout

He further adds

“I work with National Council of People Living with Disabilities since it has all the profiles and bio’s of people living with disabilities.

After giving out the cash, we follow up with the beneficiaries because for some this cash is enough and for some it’s not enough given that their projects are big.”

In a past interview, Owen had narrated how he lost his eye

“My friends and I had planned to steal in a matatu but things did not turn out well as the people in that matatu beat me up. 

This was immediately after leaving high school. At the time my family lived in Eastland’s Umoja estate.

I came to Nairobi from shags, met different people here and as a young person I wanted to fit in the crew.

I joined a gang that we used to call ‘Mbogi’, and our work was to rob people.

I don’t like this story because I was a thug for two to three years but I want to inspire someone.

My hubby loves me the way I am, If I lose weight I might lose him – Senator Omanga


Even as his gang members ended up being killed one by one, Daddy Owen was determined to continue with his lifestyle.

“Most of my friends were killed, others burned down to ashes, but I still kept stealing. You know it is only serious when it happens to you” 

Owen nearly lost his life upon being beaten up by a huge crowd when his attempt to steal from passengers was thwarted.

“There were no phones and so my friends realized that there were askaris in that car and left without my knowledge.

Like we had planned, I started the mission of stealing from the back seats but I was caught and badly beaten. That is when my eye was pierced,” he said.

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Exclusive: Pitson opens up on why he doesn’t care about valentines day

With Valentines around the corner, Kenyans are preparing for it. While some re ecstatic about it, others are busy scheming how to disappear on the big day.

For gospel artiste Pitson, valentines day for him and his wife is just like any other day.

Speaking exclusively about his valentines day plans,Pitson says

“Everyday for us is valentines, because everything I can do for her on valentines day I usually do it every other day. I buy her gifts whenever I come across something she will like, we go out for plays. It’s not really special to us.”

Tips 101: Know the meaning of different roses by color this valentines


Daddy Owen on the other hand says that he is planning something special for his wife Faridah and mother to his two kids.

“I am still planning because I want to surprise her.”

Owen has been married since 2016 to Farida Wambui who is very quiet and media shy. She has managed to keep her life off social media.


Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14. Originating as a Western Christian feast day honoring one or two early saints named Valentinus.

Valentine’s Day is recognized as a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and romantic love in many regions around the world, although it is not a public holiday in any country.

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Exclusive: Daddy Owen opens up on how he bonds with his son

Daddy Owen is a trend setter when it comes to creating good music, but not much is known about his relationship and his fatherhood roles.

Speaking exclusively to the Star Owen shared what fatherhood means to him and some of the things he does to bond with his kids.

She never showed up on our wedding day only to resurface carrying another man’s baby


He says

“Fatherhood is ok,everyday I learn something new from the kids,You know being a parent helps one understand better the struggles our parents went through when we were young.

Being a father also makes one understand things they could not understand before.

I ALWAYS   drop my son to school every morning ,this is despite the fact that the school offers an option where one can pay for transport when paying school fees.

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Technology has taken over,instead of them spending all their time in the house playing video games we take long drives

That’s one way for us to bond and know whats going on in his life its very important to me ,on weekends we also take long  drives alone.”

Daddy Owen and his wife Farida Wambui
Daddy Owen and his wife Farida Wambui

Larry M Gibson man once said that

“Everyday you are teaching your children what it means to be a father.You are laying a foundation for the next generation.Your sons will learn how to be husbands and fathers just by observing the way you fulfill these roles.”

Going by the above statement Daddy Owen is unknowingly setting a foundation for his sons,In a world where morals have been thrown out of the window he is standing by what he believes in.

DJ Exclusive shares experience at massage parlor that men need to read about

In an earlier interview the musician who welcomed his second born in July 2018 narrated how he almost lost his son after the umbilical cord went round his neck.

Daddy Owen and his wife Faridah
Daddy Owen and his wife Faridah

Speaking about it he says

“Just before booking the hospital for delivery. The doctor told us to go for a scan because my wife said she was in pain, yaani kama labour pain, yet her due date was not near.

We went for the scan and the results [showed] that the cord was around the baby’s neck… Thank God my late dad told me that pregnancy matters need to be planned [for] in advance, so I was ready financially. Farida was forced to go through emergency delivery five weeks before her due date.”

The doctor said for a very long time he has had such cases, and those kids ended up dying. I was so stressed about losing my son. I decided to ask the doctor what the reason could be, and he said there is no documented reason.”

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Haiya: Hit songs you didn’t know were written by other people

‘Ghost writting’ is the term used to describe people that write songs, which are later performed by other artistes,This is currently the business in Kenya.

Here are songs written by other people but performed by your favourite artistes. Meet the top Kenyan song writers…

‘They wished me death after a miscarriage that almost killed me’ Akothee

Sweet love

Written by Rayvanny performed by Akothee and Diamond

From Willy Paul going secular to pregnant stars, here are predictions for 2019


Written by Pitson performed by Daddy Owen


Written by Mr. Vee performed by Mercy masika

Afadhali Yesu

Written by Pitson performed by Size 8


written by Goodluck Gosbert a Tanzanian gospel singer, performed by Ommy Dimpoz

Moyo Mashine

written by Goodluck Gosbert performed by Ben Pol

Beauty and the beast: ‘ Not so handsome African Celebs with gorgeous baes


written by Pitson performed by Makena

Nainua Macho

written by Pitson, performed by Boss of M.O.G

Shule Yako

Written by Pitson and performed by Mercy Masika

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‘My eye was pierced while I tried to rob’, Daddy Owen recounts life before salvation

Many people assume Daddy Owen has a natural squint in one of his eyes, but that isn’t the case.

Speaking on Radio on Tuesday, the singer said he got the squint eye from a beating he got from an angry audience he was trying to rob in his thieving days.

“My friends and I had planned to steal in a matatu, but things did not turn out well as the people in that matatu beat me up,” Daddy Owen said.


This was immediately after leaving high school. At the time, his family lived in Eastland’s sprawling Umoja estate.

“I came to Nairobi from shags, met different people here, and as a young person, I wanted to fit in the crew. I joined a gang that we used to call ‘Mbogi’, and our work was to rob from people. I don’t like this story but I want to inspire someone who will hear it. I became a thug for two to three years,” he said.


Even as his gang members ended up being killed one by one, Daddy Owen was determined to continue with his lifestyle.

“Most of my friends were killed, others burned down to ashes but I still did it. You know it is only serious when it happens to you?” he said.

Owen nearly lost his life upon being beaten up by a huge crowd when his attempt to steal from passengers was thwarted.

“There were no phones and so my friends realised that there were askaris in that car and left without my knowledge. Like we had planned, I started the mission of stealing from the back seats but I was caught and badly beaten. That is when my eye was pierced,” he said.


Fortunately he escaped death and was rushed to hospital.

“I realised I needed to change my life as well as behaviour. I had fought so hard to fit in the gang, but all of them did not come to visit me in hospital,” he said.

“The most supportive person was my brother Rufftone, who completely stood by me because my dad was away, working to keep the family going. He was the big brother and he really helped me. He mentored me and my music journey was inspired by him. Immediately after I was discharged from hospital, I got saved,” Owen said.

Owen is currently doing music and married with a child they welcomed in July. His songs include Wewe Ni Mungu, Kazi ya Msalaba, Mbona and System ya Kapungala.

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Kenyan celebrities you didn’t know were siblings

Not many Kenyan celebrities show off their siblings, however for those who do, fans love it.

Here are some Kenyan celebrities you did’t know were siblings.

1. Joey Muthengi and Holy Dave

Joey was an artist specifically rapping. She’s however dropped it to become a great TV Presenter, MC and host while her brother Holy Dave is an artist and presenter in the Kenyan gospel music industry.


2. Madtraxx and Dj Stylez

 Madtraxx is part of the Kansoul, he was an independent artiste dropping one hit song after another. While his brother DJ Stylez,  has been in showbiz for a long time now as a DJ and has built his entertainment and motorbike empire.


3. Kid kora and Lenana kariba

Kid Kora is a performing artist who is one of the Kansoul’s members while Lenana Kariba is an actor who is taking the entertainment industry by storm and leaving ladies wanting more.


4. Victoria Kimani and Bamboo

Both have taken Kenyas music industry by storm. Bamboo started way back paving the way for his sister who has outdone herself.

5. Rufftone and Daddy Owen

Both brothers are big artists in the gospel industry and have massive hit songs

6. Scott the violinist and Dj Protoge

Scott is a diverse violinist who has been received well by Kenyans. He’s work has been seen in many artist music and events. While DJ Protege created his niche as one of the top electronic music DJs in the country.


7. Eric Omondi and Fred Omondi

They both are Comedians who both got a breakthrough at Churchill show.

8. Collins Injera and Humphrey Kayange

Both brothers took up Rugby as a passion and are flying Kenya’s flag high

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‘Whenever I hear the songs you used to like I shed a tear’ Daddy Owen mourns his dad

Daddy Owen is still mourning the death of his dad, a year after he passed on.

In an emotional message on social media, he reminisced about their good old days.

He wrote

It’s 1 year since u left us dad.. we miss u alot.. u taught me alot Dad.. how to relate with people of kinds.. how to respect and love .. how to be a man.. whenever I hear the songs u used to like from the likes of Madilu.. Tabu Ley.. Franco.. Luseno.. I shed a tear.. u loved us , even though u dint go to school u made sure all of us went to school and u gave us what u never got when u were young.. U took a huge sacrifice to go to Nairobi to work so that we can go to school.. U exposed us to the best life yet for u no one gave u that life when u were young.. I love u dad.. I love u daddy .. RIP Mzee.”


Forget Okoth Obado’s mansion worth more than Ksh100 million ,here is Sonko’s million dollar mansion(PHOTOS)

Almost a year ago after losing his dad, the musician penned how his dad was among the first people in their village to come to Nairobi.

“It was so hard, he was my inspiration in so many things. My dad never went to school but he struggled, came to Nairobi and worked hard for himself and us. He was among the first people in our village to go to Nairobi, he was about 14 then, he was a hero, and his nickname was ‘mzungu’.

The thing that hurts me the most is that when I last talked to him, he had gone for a medical check-up, I had processed medical insurance for him and it’s just the other day that the guys from the insurance company called and told me ‘your dad’s insurance is ready’ after he died. It was so painful because I wanted him to live a good life.

‘If you want someone like your mother go stay with her’ Women slam men for wanting them to be like their mother’s (Audio)

daddy owen

I don’t know whether this is a good or bad thing; my father brought us up to be strong men, that even when you’re suffering you power through it. I wish he would have opened up more because even when he was going through something he would suffer in silence. He brought us up to be tough, to not complain all the time,” said Daddy Owen.”

The Malaika Awards founder also revealed that their father was so secretive and died before telling them more about his life

“He kept so many things to himself. Sometimes as men we get into this ‘cave’ in our heads and tell ourselves we will solve whatever’s going on then come out, but it gets deep and dark and you die inside there. I think my dad died inside his ‘cave’. There’s so much he didn’t tell us,’ he added.

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‘We nearly lost our son’, Daddy Owen narrates the shocking experience

Gospel artiste Daddy Owen and his wife Farida welcomed their son a month ago.

The couple held their wedding two years ago, held at KAG Buruburu church.

Speaking to Classic 105, Owen said he nearly lost his son.

Exclusive: Heartwarming photos of Daddy Owen’s pregnant wife

“Fatherhood is and has always been amazing and I thank God for that. The biggest challenge was after the last check with the doctor, [just] before booking the hospital for delivery. The doctor told us to go for a scan because my wife said she was in pain, yaani kama labour pain, yet her due date was not near.”



The result was shocking and his wife had to undergo emergency Cesarean section.

“We went for the scan and the results [showed] that the cord was around the baby’s neck… Thank God my late dad told me that pregnancy matters need to be planned [for] in advance, so I was ready financially. Farida was forced to go through emergency delivery five weeks before her due date.”

Future Javelin champ! Legendary Julius Yego Welcomes Baby Boy!

daddy owen and wife farida

The doctor told the couple there was a possibility of losing the baby.

“The doctor said for a very long time he has had such cases, and those kids ended up dying. I was so stressed about losing my son. I decided to ask the doctor what the reason could be, and he said there is no documented reason.”


Daddy Owen encourages men to support their women during childbirth and afterwards.

“Once you have your wife in the delivery room, you appreciate your parents even more for the effort they put on you and for lack of sleep.

“You must be there during the day and even at night to support your wife, otherwise she might end up in depression. Depression in this way, the baby is crying, she tries everything but the baby is still crying. That can lead to mental depression if we, men, are not careful.

“Sometimes the baby might just be requiring a new environment which you, as a man, are capable [of providing]. Give her the confidence and assure her that you are with her all through.

“My wife and I have shifts at night to take care of the baby and I am happy about that.”


Daddy Owen’s son was born the same day as Javelin superstar, Julius Yego’s in Nairobi Hospital.

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‘ I miss my dad and wish I could just receive a call from him’ Daddy Owen says as he commemorates his late dad

Gospel artiste daddy Owen  lost his dad Mzee Mwatia  in October 2017 and many months later the artiste still misses him.

Daddy Owen’s father, Mzee Mwatia died of a cardiac arrest at his rural home in Kakamega.
Owen took to his instagram  to commemorate his dad with the photo below followed with a caption urging people to value their parents now that they are still alive.

He wrote

“I am one of them.. how I miss my dad.. if your Dad or Mum calls just pick up… talk to them.. they listened to u when u were young and a baby and u had so many things u wanted to say! Maybe they just want to talk to someone..

Woman misses her own wedding after realizing her man lied about being rich

Some of his fans come out to also share on losing their parents in the comments below
otingaimmaculate19years down the line…but still thankful my mum is always there for us…

dee_mwale3 years 1 week since his demise and life has never been the same again. I miss my dad so bad and as long as I live he will be remembered

conchessaI too wish for that call. Yesterday marked 2yrs since his demise. I miss him…

misskeziah_I’ve met my dad twice in my whole life, never keeps in touch or take any responsibility because I was born out of wedlock. The last and second time I saw him was in 2012. How I wish….

kamau.marley#missyoudad my dads anversery niya 12 #missyoudadmore

naomimburuh my hero
254to49Hi mum am doing fine and and ……. that love

eva_korieVery true, that’s a call I would like to receive. I miss my dad every single day.

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‘Pray for us,’ Daddy Owen asks his fans after losing a brother

Just days after Daddy Owen and his wife welcomed a baby boy, his wife Farida has lost his brother.

In his social media, Owen has requested his fans to pray for them at this hard time of their lives.


It is still not clear what caused the death of his brother-in-law.

I Will Miss You Forever Dad’! Daddy Owen pens down a touching message to his late dad

“Peter. RIP bro. This is really hard, no one can prepare you for a loss; it comes like a swift wind. However, we take comfort in knowing that he is now resting in the arms of our Lord. Guys pray for us more so for my wife Farida…losing a brother or any family member is not easy!”

Celebrity fans have started sending in condolence messages:

missnjau254: My heartfelt Condolences to you and family, may he rest easy, to Farida God give you peace.

hopekidhk: My condolences bro.

djshiti_trhk: May his soul rest in Eternal peace.

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Congratulations! Daddy Owen and wife Farida welcome a bouncing baby boy

Daddy Owen and his wife Farida Wambui are the newest parents in town after welcoming a bouncing baby boy.

Earlier on, Daddy Owen had hinted to Classic 105 that he was expecting a son whome he would name after his late dad.

The couple held their wedding two years ago, in a colorful wedding ceremony held at KAG Buruburu church and after the wedding, Farida has kept off the public until a baby shower was publicized by her husband in Karen, Nairobi.

Today, Daddy Owen took to his Instagram page to announce the birth of his son with a photo of the new born captioning;

Mwanaume ni kujipanga! See the mansion Daddy Owen is building for his family (photo)

“Thank you LORD for blessing us with this little angel, tho he may have the littlest feet but he makes the biggest footprints in our hearts!

I decree and declare a blessing from above! You shall be the head and not the tail! U shall be more than a conquerer! God has a plan and a future for u!
Welcome my son! I believe u r a Fisher of men and u carrying the biggest net! This is one of the best experience in my life, We never know the love of a parent until we become parents ourselves, Children bring us a piece of heaven on earth.
Son, u fill a place in my heart that i never knew was empty… I love u so much!
For real a baby is an inestimable blessing.. I dedicate my son to u LORD.”


Celebrities have flocked in his page to congratulate the new parents in town;


kalekyemumo…Aaaawww congratulations my brother. May God bless and lift the little one high.

antondiema… Hongera sana bro

officialjanetmbugua…Congratulations! So happy for you and Faree! God bless you and your family big time!


danaceda…Congratulations!!! Tena sana

ghost_mulee…Congratulations bro may God grant you more blessings








Bae Manenos! Meet these Kenyan gospel artistes and their amazing spouses

Marriage is ordained by God and whoever finds a good wife /husband finds favor from above. Married local gospel artistes are enjoying that favor completely.

Although most artistes are in the public limelight, most of them have managed to keep their spouses away from the limelight leaving Kenyans guessing whom the artiste is married to or dating. Most of the artistes are married by laid back spouses who do not enjoy being in the limelight .

Such artistes make such decisions to be able to protect their spouse from public scrutiny, public attack and for privacy purposes which is something most of these artistes do not enjoy.

Below are some of the gospel artistes and their spouses.


The soft spoken gospel artiste is married to the love of her life Jackson Mathu who is a church minister. The two have been married for six years and we must say they look good together.

2.Mercy Masika

Mercy is known for her uplifting music such as ‘Nikupendeze’ ‘Mwema ‘ and’ shule yako’. Apart from being a musician she is also a mother and a wife to a supportive husband David Mugoro.

Although Mugoro is always away from the limelight, the two have been spotted together on different occasions.

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3.Size 8

Mama Wambo as she is known is married to DJ Mo who is also in the gospel industry. The two are considered a power couple given the fact that both of them are in the lime light and are brands by their own rights.

They have a daughter Ladasha Wambui.

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4.Daddy Owen

He who finds a wife finds favour from the Lord so they say and gospel artiste Daddy Owen is a lucky man for being blessed with a beautiful wife Faridah Wambui  who chose him to not only be her husband but father to her kids as well.


The ‘Lingala Ya Yesu’ hit maker is not only talented in music but he is also a good husband and father. He is married to his sweetheart Carol Mwai with whom they have two kids.


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6.Joyce Omondi

Joyce Omondi is loved not only for her beauty but for her musical talent which leaves most of us blessed but what most people do not know is that she is married to TV presenter Waihiga Mwaura.

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