‘Mbona’ singer Denno’s anger at Daddy Owen and almost hitting depression


Gospel singer Denno says he almost fell into depression after producing the song Mbona with Daddy Owen.

Speaking to Ala C on YouTube, Denno said while the song was a hit, his pockets were empty.

“All I wanted was to join the music industry and so we did not agree on the terms of the money and so that at first was not an issue,” he said.


“At first, I felt used and my work taken advantage of and even regretted why those who helped me join the industry would not teach me some of the things about the industry.”

Denno said he would wake up without a coin in his pocket yet the song was trending.

“Daddy Owen was used by God to bring me into the limelight but at some [point] life became hard and I almost fell into depression,” he said.

Denno said when he met Bahati they produced the song Story Yangu, through which he rejoined the industry.

“I was very mad at Daddy Owen. Anytime he was around me, I used to feel the hatred,” he said.

After sharing his story with Bahati, the artist used a stunt to bring Daddy Owen and Denno together.

“Owen came home and I opened up to him all my issues with him, we solved and we are good friends,” he said.

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Do not give up! Daddy Owen give hope to couples whose weddings will not happen due to corona

Gospel singer Daddy Owen is still in the mood of celebrating his fourth anniversary in marriage.

Daddy Owen walked down the aisle with wife Farida Wambui four years ago and together they are blessed with a son.

This year, Owen to give hope to all who were supposed to wed between Marth and April this year but unfortunately, they are not able because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He shared an encouraging message saying;

“As my wife and I continue celebrating our fourth anniversary, I want to speak Hope to those couples who had planned the wedding to happen either in March and April, May and even June and at the moment you feel like all the plans are covered with so much uncertainty due to the crisis that is going on now…Do not give up, the devil is a liar…”

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Daddy Owen with his wife
Daddy Owen with his wife

In an open letter to celebrate their four years, Owen described his wife as a supportive and understanding wife.

“To my wife Farida I just say thank you for understanding me and being there for me even when I am stubborn or when things don’t go our way, I love how we try the “let’s sit and talk” and make it work though sometimes is hard but we all know the answer is within us.
I bless the LORD for our sons and the beautiful family we have, all THIS is the LORD’S doing!!

Daddy Owen with his wife
Daddy Owen with his wife

Happy 4Th Anniversary my dear wife, we have been through happy and tough times together, though many will never see or understand but is only the 2 of us who know the Truth but in all things we give thanks to God.
He added that just like any other marriage, they have had fights.
4 years of happiness together is not a joke! (Is not like we don’t fight.. ) but the most important thing is we know how to reconcile after such moments. I love you ❤️❤️❤️

YOU make tHIs Luhya man so happy when I come home and I find amasebhebhe.. lhisutsa.. omurere.. emiroo.. 😂😂😂
May the LORD bless us with more and lots of wisdom.🙏🙏🙏

Kate Actress reacted to Daddy Owen’s letter and wrote;

Hapo kwa fight wewe Ndio unakaa mchokozi 😂 Happy anniversary guys , That girl is so beautiful in and out . ❤️❤️🙏🏿

Daddy Owen’s caption about his beautiful wife gets some Kenyans upset

Daddy Owen is rarely if ever in scandal and that is because he plans his moves as a gospel musician with care and anticipation. But today he is in the eye of a storm after a well-meaning message he posted on his Instagram was taken badly by a section of his online fans.

Daddy Owen with his wife
Daddy Owen with his wife

The artist had posted an image of him and his beautiful wife posing together. The caption is what got the “Kiriro” singer in trouble. He had written, “She’s the Beauty and I am the Brains. #beautyandbrains.”

Daddy Owen with his wife

And that was all it took to set off some very sensitive Kenyans with the comment being seen as a slight on his wife’s intelligence.

It is funny that while they were offended for his wife, none of the comments attacked him for not calling himself beauty. Aren’t we all beautiful?

Daddy Owen with his wife
The artiste with his wife, Farida

But there were those who could see tthrough the fun comment and said as much.  Some of the comments are below:

willisraburu So umeita bibi fala? Hahahahaha just kidding bro looking great 💯

mercymasikamuguro Asalimiwe, great couple. 💕😍

njerioloye Wachana na Hawa wakuchungulia negativity from your caption..you are a great couple 🙌🏽

margaretw854n Beautiful she is…great looks ❤️❤️

mercykaruru Unamaanisha brain munatumia zako😂😂

chriskirwa Kuna vile by jioni hii caption will change to Beauty and The Beast 😀😀😀

neeni_angel She is both gal power❤️

2mbili Broo unamaanisha hana buruwein, ama unataka ku cause pwein

joy____arungah You’re the head and she’s beauty and brains😁….sidhani ye ni tail 😂🔥

_thesos_daily This statement 😳🤔

fnk_legit That should be the case bods ,continue using your brain to make her happy and beautiful,every wife deserves it!

Daddy Owen later clarified added to a fan that his wife was,  “A strong and intelligent woman. She knows what I mean😂”.

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You were on top musically until you got married! Fan tell Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen is one of my favourite gospel artistes. He is a man who has struggled and shown his grit in coming through the ranks as a gospel musician. Yes, I will admit that having a bigger brother in Rufftone didn’t hurt his ambition but he still made it using hard work and the grace of God.

Daddy Owen with Mariga and Wanyama
Owen chilling with Mariga and Wanyama

The singer is one of the most mature gospel musicians out there who still sings GOSPEL. You see what I did there…Willy…Uhh What was I saying, I lost my train of thought there.

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But there are some who believe that his musical output has suffered since he got married. This was stated by one of his Facebook fans by the name of Fred Nixon who went on to claim that Daddy Owen was one of the biggest artists before settling down with his wife.

“Daddy Owen alikuwa anatesa industry vizuuuuri… alafu akaoa. Smh,” Nixon wrote.

Daddy Owen on their wedding day
Daddy Owen on their wedding day

The message is below;

Daddy Owen's message
Daddy Owen’s message

The musician wasn’t up for the nonsense and tore him a new one with his caption dissing the critic for his myopic view. He wrote;

Oneni huyu sasa na kiherehere….hawa ndio wajuaji wa Nairobi ama? 🤣🤣🤣 anyway.. the Bible talks about seasons.. thrs time for everything my brother.

For those wondering Farida Wambui is his wife and the couple has been blessed with a son. Owen Mwatia (Daddy Owen) married Farida Wambui in 2016 in a grand church wedding.

Daddy Owen with his wife
The artiste with his wife, Farida

The two first met at Java, exchanged contacts, and went on to date for four years before finally tying the knot. The couple is blessed with a son, and despite the fact that Daddy Owen is a celebrity; their marriage has been scandal-free.

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What Daddy Owen does to reassure his wife about female stalkers

Gospel artiste Daddy Owen has revealed that he has had to come up with creative ways to deal with female stalkers for his sake and that of his marriage.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with a local blog, Owen who has been in the music industry for the last 15 years says

Having female stalkers as a male artiste is normal.

I have been in this industry for 15 years and I know how to talk people and handle such things like stalkers.

Stalking is not something new to me and I do not feel like it’s a challenge.

He adds

Before we got here I had to make my wife comfortable on how we handle such things.

Daddy Owen and his wife Farida enjoying a vacation

Daddy Owen who married the love of his life Farida Wambui in 2016 says

What has kept my marriage is me understanding that I must work on myself first.

This is because your wife is someone you are not related to.

In conclusion Owen reveals that marriage is a two way traffic

The way I used to see my dad behave is not the same way I behave in my house.

Marriage is more about communication, marriage is a transition.

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‘We needed an us moment’ Daddy Owen takes wife on birthday retreat


Daddy Owen’s wife Farida turned a year older on Saturday. To celebrate her, the gospel singer took her for an exclusive holiday at Maiyan Luxury resort in Nanyuki.

“I like surprising her but this time around it was more of let’s plan and enjoy. So she knew and she had fun,” Owen told Word Is yesterday. Farida is in her thirties and enjoying it.

The couple exchanged their vows in a beautiful wedding ceremony at the Kenya Assemblies of God Buru Buru three years ago, after privately dating for over four years.


Owen says the marriage has been great so far and keeping up with the hard times.

“You can’t say what has been the best and the worst moments because marriage is not like a relationship which one can just walk out of and go,” he said.

“Rather, when the worst comes, we tackle, handle and settle it maturely. Sometimes what looked like the worst moment can be turned to be the best moment in a flash.”

The birthday was exclusively for the couple.

“It was just the two of us because we had so much domez to talk about, so we just needed the ‘us’ moment,” he said.

“She was super excited the whole journey coz it’s been a while since we just had our son the other day, so trips zilipungua kiasi. Happy Birthday, my LOVE, we had such a wonderful time together.”

‘Break-ups among friends we got married with are many’ – Daddy Owen

Gospel musician Daddy Owen has finally opened up about married life.

As he enjoys married life, it turns out things for some of his friends are not turning out as well, and many are call it quits.

He explains about break ups affecting marriages in a passionate message he hopes you will read and take seriously.

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, Daddy Owen goes ahead to say

I am in marriage and the rate breakups among the friends we got married with at the same time is big


Daddy Owen, who is married to his beautiful wife Farida since 2016, was also quick to point out why there is a rise in domestic violence in marriage and also in relationships saying,

The reason why people are killing each other is because of frustrations. You are like “How am I arguing with a woman? Haniskii aje?

Back then, women had no opinions. Women are changing and men are not changing because they were not prepared for this “Revolution”

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He addressed the fact that the main factors that have contributed to break up in the society is the empowering of the girl child while neglecting the boy child.

He went ahead to say;

The world is changing. People should understand that we are in a transition period where women are being empowered without preparing the men.


In conclusion he finishes by giving advice saying

The solution to some of these problems is for us to prepare the boy child so that asiingie kwa marriage thinking he is the “boss”.


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‘My eye was pierced while I tried to rob’, Daddy Owen recounts life before salvation

Many people assume Daddy Owen has a natural squint in one of his eyes, but that isn’t the case.

Speaking on Radio on Tuesday, the singer said he got the squint eye from a beating he got from an angry audience he was trying to rob in his thieving days.

“My friends and I had planned to steal in a matatu, but things did not turn out well as the people in that matatu beat me up,” Daddy Owen said.


This was immediately after leaving high school. At the time, his family lived in Eastland’s sprawling Umoja estate.

“I came to Nairobi from shags, met different people here, and as a young person, I wanted to fit in the crew. I joined a gang that we used to call ‘Mbogi’, and our work was to rob from people. I don’t like this story but I want to inspire someone who will hear it. I became a thug for two to three years,” he said.


Even as his gang members ended up being killed one by one, Daddy Owen was determined to continue with his lifestyle.

“Most of my friends were killed, others burned down to ashes but I still did it. You know it is only serious when it happens to you?” he said.

Owen nearly lost his life upon being beaten up by a huge crowd when his attempt to steal from passengers was thwarted.

“There were no phones and so my friends realised that there were askaris in that car and left without my knowledge. Like we had planned, I started the mission of stealing from the back seats but I was caught and badly beaten. That is when my eye was pierced,” he said.


Fortunately he escaped death and was rushed to hospital.

“I realised I needed to change my life as well as behaviour. I had fought so hard to fit in the gang, but all of them did not come to visit me in hospital,” he said.

“The most supportive person was my brother Rufftone, who completely stood by me because my dad was away, working to keep the family going. He was the big brother and he really helped me. He mentored me and my music journey was inspired by him. Immediately after I was discharged from hospital, I got saved,” Owen said.

Owen is currently doing music and married with a child they welcomed in July. His songs include Wewe Ni Mungu, Kazi ya Msalaba, Mbona and System ya Kapungala.

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Mwanaume ni kujipanga! See the mansion Daddy Owen is building for his family (photo)

When you are busy drinking and partying out there with slay queens, real family men like Daddy Owen are busy building homes for their families.

The legend in gospel music is doing well in the industry. He is also the current ambassador of NHIF  which he was signed last year.

Well, the Mungu Yupo Singer has just posted a picture of the home he is building for his family.

In the picture he captioned;

Yes it is good to be “famous” u make money at that time but most of us creatives we fail to invest and the most unapata shida kiasi then our loopholes zinaanza kuonekana.. it’s sad when most of us end up poor and with nothing to show at the twilight years of our careers. As I finish building my house I challenge us today.. buy land.. invest wisely.. build houses.. etc! In short let’s take care of our future now!

‘You Are The Perfect Gift From God,’ Daddy Owen Sends Nothing But Love To His Wife



It is a seven bedroomed house, located somewhere in the suburbs of Nairobi.


‘I Will Miss You Forever Dad’! Daddy Owen pens down a touching message to his late dad

Gospel stars Rufftone and Daddy Owen are in mourning after they lost their father early this month. Their late dad after he succumbed to cardiac arrest.

The two brothers broke the sad news of their father’s passing away, and Daddy Owen is now speaking up about his death.

Their 62-year-old father is said to have complained of chest pains.

In a message to family, friends and fans, Rufftone wrote,

“Bwana Asifiwe ….
I pray that this finds you well. It is with great sadness that i wish to inform you of the loss our Dad which occurred on Saturday night due to a sudden cardiac arrest at our rural home in Kakamega.  It is therefore my honor to invite you to a thanks giving service /fund drive this Thursday 12th Oct at NPC Valley rd 5-7pm.keep us in your prayers.”

Well, Mr  Josephat Mwatia will be laid to rest on October 21st at their home in Kakamega after they had a successful fund-raising at Nairobi Pentecostal Church.

Daddy Owen has taken it to social media write this heartbreaking message to his dad, who he says has been an inspiration to his success and promises to do his best to make his dads name great.

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He wrote,

Dad.. I wish I could turn back the hands of time.. I will forever miss u.. I miss your jokes already.. your advice.. many call me “Daddy” because it’s a stage name but to u that’s what u called me when I was a baby and that’s the name u used always..my passion for music and football was influenced by u dad…thrs so much i wanted to achieve in life just to show u that i learnt from the best and just to make u proud as your son..thrs more that i want to say but i am too emotional to write..I promise u i will do my best in life to make the name MWATIA a great name! i miss u “Fathe” .. LALA SALAMA MZEE MWATIA.

Rest In Peace.


Daddy Owen Reveals That SIDESHOWS Is The Real Reason Some Young Gospel Artistes Are Not Making It Big (AUDIO)

Owen Mwatia, popularly known as Daddy Owen is one of the gospel artistes in the country who has been in the industry for more than a decade and his music no doubt speaks for him.

The veteran singer’s successful musical career is attributed to his hard work, his amazing talent, his down to earth and lovable personality and resilience to make it to the top of the game over the years.

The Mbona hitmaker is revered for his impact on the local entertainment scene, not forgetting his immense awards. He recently received a Groove Awards nomination for the Best Male Artiste 2017 category.


In regards to this, he recently opened up about what he thought of Bahati and Willy Paul being snubbed for the second time by not receiving any nominations, saying that; “maybe this was their plan all along, not to be caught in Groove awards or they are changing what they are doing, or that they are right and other people are wrong.”

But what is it that he’s doing differently that has helped propel him to stardom, with such a huge fan base over the years and still making it big time?

Daddy Owen Gives His Candid Opinion On Why Willy Paul And Bahati MISSED OUT On Nominations For Groove 2017 Awards (AUDIO)

In a recent interview, I spoke to Daddy Owen to get his opinion on how the musical industry is fairing now compared to a few years back and what he thinks new artistes should do to have a successful career and still remain respected and popular for years to come.


According to him; “Gospel is more about people appreciating what you do as a musician” but you have to be a genuine gospel artiste.

Still on that, Daddy Owen revealed that some new artistes should stop sideshows just to please their fans because you can never depend on sideshows for a successful music career since it’s expensive and people get tired of them with time.






‘You Are The Perfect Gift From God,’ Daddy Owen Sends Nothing But Love To His Wife

Daddy Owen is among the most celebrated male gospel artistes in the 254. Over the years he has proved that gospel music can be celebrated and embraced just like any music genre.


He came to the music industry a few years back and he can clearly testify that the welcome he received was breathtaking. He was clearly giving other artistes who have been in the industry way before him sleepless night.

About two or so years ago his brother Rufftone, said, ‘I do’ to his long term love Crystal who is also a gospel artiste. Daddy Owen was not going to be left behind and after a while he proposed to his girlfriend Farida. The got married last year in a colourful wedding.

Daddy Owen Ties The Knot With The Love Of His Life Faridah Wambui (Photos)

Well, a year down the line Daddy Owen and his wife are now celebrating their one year anniversary and Daddy Owen couldn’t let that moment pass without showering his wife with love.


He took to social media to jot down a beautiful message to his wife.

He wrote, “Its 365 days after.. I don’t know where to start.. all I know is u came to my life and made me a better man. I thank God for you babe, honestly you are the perfect gift from God. I pray that God continues to make us prosperous and strong. I love you babe.”