‘Don’t take my silence for weakness’ Steve Mbogo to Cyprian Nyakundi

Steve Mbogo has come out to blast Cyprian Nyakundi who has been spreading rumors.

He stated that he has been a victim of cyber bullying for way too long and it is time all that stopped given that it is hurting him and his family.

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In a long post he says

“For the past two years I have been a victim of cyber bullying and slander… many bloggers and journalists have accused and attacked me falsely but I have always kept cool coy they always made me Wronger n my success has always proved .em wrong… Shockingly. they have now taken the war to my family .. just recently a blogger by the name Cyprian Nyakundi published an article accusing my wife of cheating on me.

And stating that I took a girl to Europe to ease my frustrations., a lady I don’t even know this statements are completely false and have caused a lot of pain to me and my family. Publishing such false articles tells us the level of disrespect and jealousy that Is within many.”

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He adds

“l want to remind them not to take my silence for  weakness!, We all have seen such characters abusing  Prominent Leaders and People in the past

They brag about it  I am Steve Mbogo  I assure You this is the last articles you will publish about me and my Just be reminded that Your Stupidity will never bring us down.

#Enough is Enough..#watajuahawai”

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‘Real mean are making love to their wives , you busy guessing what insults you can give me’ Akothee to Robert Alai

Akothee has finally responded to Robert Alai after he claimed that he knows where she gets hard drugs and also trolling her for a miscarriage she suffered .

She is known for her ‘I don’t care attitude’ and despite the fact that she is being trolled she decided to take the bully head on and here is her response.

“IF this is how COCAINE PRODUCT LOOKS LIKE , then Niongezeni dose please 😂🤣😂 I need more🤣😂😂 Any successful woman is a threat, calm down and choose a struggle , this GOAT can make you hate your life , come slow, my success isn’t the cause of your brokenness LANES LANES 🤣😂🤣😂
They are feeling baaaaaaaaaad ,baaaaaaaaad Real men are making love to their wives , you busy guessing on the ceiling board on what other insult you can give to The GOAT🤣😂 I AM EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO SAY TODAY AND TOMMOROW, the fact still remains , YOUR TBT IS STILL YOUR CURRENT SITUATION 🤣😂🤣😂”

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‘You look like a product of a failed abortion’ Akothee to Robert Alai

The war of war started after Alai posted the caption below on his social media platform something that has earned him a backlash with many calling him petty.

He wrote;

“The day she killed the children of a mzungu because he couldn’t entertain her sh#t anymore.

She came with her toy boy whose [email protected]@t is also opened as Akothee pretends that is her manager and lover but that thing is Akothee’s  s#x pet who is pimped to depressed wazungus.

Let me keep you guys busy

Want to know who supplies Akothee drugs and more about the family circle?Keep it here.”

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‘You look like a product of a failed abortion’ Akothee to Robert Alai

Robert Alai is licking his wounds after Akothee, the self proclaimed President of single mothers, blasted him and warned him to stay away from her.

This comes almost a week after Akothee and Cyprian Nyakundi were involved in a war of words online after the later called the artiste a used cartridge.

Well trouble between Akothee and Alai started after Robert contacted Akothee with a job offer, saying:

Hello. Nade Akothee? An tich moro ma akwayo ni igocha wawuoyee. (Hello. I have a job please call me).

But Akothee was having none of Alai’s business responding:

Robert Alai , the last time I heard about you is when you were insulting politicians.Do I look like a politicians to you ? I didn’t even know you are following me until you slid into my Dm begging me to call you , and that you have a job for me.

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Alai then responded

Akothee leo Cocaine zake zimemweka kwangu. Nitaimbwa everywhere. Meanwhile, smells just like a fart with no value. LOL.

‘You are bitter than a horny cockroach’ Akothee blasts Cyprian Nyakundi after he called her a grandmother , who is already a spent cartridge

“Your m%ther sold her pu##y to your dad all years and the only thing she achieved was a disgrace like you! You actually look like a product of failed abortion 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂, may I know how rich your girlfriends or wife are if any, since you started sleeping with them , or you are one of those men who are so broke that only ejaculates water while the real men who respect women were blessed with mercury , mbura get a life, Aloyi nyaka macha nga, jatich koyo , angok matho, get 2 minutes of fame on my wall, before I delete this post , you are so disgusting.”

Akothee was just getting ready ready to fire back and below is another one of her response

“Robert Alai threatens to close my account , which one and which branch, I hope not shoshomidia this is embarrassing 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️, kijana I don’t live under threats , nyakundi designed a customized coffin for me 🤣😂🤣😂😂 oooh men , I wish he used that intelligence to design a new bed for his parents my life is sorted , this boys should spell my name correct
MADAMMBOSS . I am too addictive no antidote . I am fully here for you , you can only live in peace when you don’t get into my shit ! Robert is even accusing me of being injected with cocaine 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂💉💊💉 madam I was born with it in my veins I dont need overdose , this in Kenya is too fake 🤣😂Akothee chumbi chuo kama otuone ema otuche 🤔🤣😂😂, they shall live in peace only if you leave my shit out of your dirty brains, cyber bullies .

Robert Alai

May all the curses land on where they are designed, leave my baby sister out of your broke a**e ! We have screenshots of you trying to threaten her with some nyakundi sh*t and asking her out, Shame on you 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ you are the kind of men who have wrong approach to women , because you know you not worth their time and beauty ! You already suffering from self esteem issues 🤣😂and when they say no , you get offended and create drama !”

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She then adds

“Nkt , who can date ugly broke a**e like you , if you had money , may be someone would think about covering your face with dem dollars, hauna pesa sura pia ndio hiyo ,na tabia ya mwanamke ,nkt Oyuech check where you went wrong, YAHOO BOYS, I have lost so many family members to death , so death is not news it’s the only thing we share in common , the only difference is nature and time 💉💊 come slow


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‘I know you want me to lay you but I am afraid you might infect me with Herpes’ Cyprian Nyakundi claps back at Akothee after her response

Cyprian Nyakundi has responded once again, after Akothee the self proclaimed President Single Mothers said he deserves to live inside a condom.

Below is the response and as you might expect it is lethal given that they both have zero chills

“People are giving me pressure to respond to the spent cartridge abuse Akothee. I tried reading the post with so many typos and I just couldn’t. The typos are so many almost nearing the number of her kids. I did hear about her bragging about sleeping in Sankara.

What is so glamorous about that ? Just opposite that hotel is a club where prostitutes are carried and ‘eaten’ in Sankara by white guys. Being a house help whose grip (down there) has gone is not a privilege.

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Wait I heard you said that I belong to a condom. Do you even know what a condom is?

Have you ever used a condom, when you have almost 200 kids.  You are over rated,house helps need to chill. Bring up your kids in peace, personally I was just giving Victoria some advice I had not even addressed you.

I know you want me to bed you but I am afraid that you might infect me with herpes.”

The two have been back and forth after Akothee posted a photo of her and Victoria Kimani.

Click on the link below to see where all the drama began.

‘You are bitter than a horny cockroach’ Akothee blasts Cyprian Nyakundi after he called her a grandmother , who is already a spent cartridge

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-12 at 18.42.11


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‘You are bitter than a horny cockroach’ Akothee blasts Cyprian Nyakundi after he called her a grandmother , who is already a spent cartridge

Akothee, the self proclaimed President of single mothers has blasted Cyprian Nyakundi after he took to social media to troll the female artiste.

Cyprian is loved and hated in equal measure by Kenyans given that he has on a few occasions  trolled and exposed people leaving them vulnerable to online bullying.

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Akothee. photo credit: Akotheekenya

Trouble started after Akothee posted a photo of her and fellow female artiste Victoria Kimani enjoying some time on the beach.

Nyakundi replied by posting the response below

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-12 at 18.42.11

Well Akothee is not impressed and as you know she has zero chills thus she decided to give Cyprian a dose of his own medicine. Read her response below

“Just Monday vibes, ever wondered why bees have their own beehive and flies hope from one dustbin to the other , Bees have a selective process of searching for raw materials like pollen bring back and build a beehive, that human beings scramble for, flies don’t have selective process in life ,? So they even hope onto rotten wounds weather dead or alive, forgetting that some wounds are toxic and might not be digested causing them stomach upset or death. In short , I have never heard anyone protect the flies coz they got no value in life, they are annoying & disgusting just to cause destruction so is Nyakundi , tell this broke A$$ MAN to go get A life, men are busy buying range rovers and he is busy carrying politicians handbags left and right, chasing for next news , licking one bottle of fanta for 2 hours in sankara ! A$$ licker, hiding behind some Keyboards teaching people how to live and when to give birth, don’t even start with me. I will insult you, arrest you ,and build your entire village a refugee camp, pieronondoni, when you will stop paying rent, you will know the meaning of life, wasted sperm, you embarrass your parents .”

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As if that is not enough Akothee adds

“Show me your wife and children, or are you impotent, enemy of progress, you belong inside a condom, enjoy 2 minutes of fame. I live in sankara for more than a week, you only come there to be bought fanta with other men  and I am not a politician, and I don’t date frozen heads like you briefcase slave. At my age, I own what your father is seeing on TV if at all he knows the full meaning of KPLC , which I doubt, save your parents first before you point fingers on success, mandoyuech, YOU HAVE NO LIFE , YOU LIVING YOUR LIFE ON PUBLIC PUBLIC FIGURES I PITY YOUR MOM if I was her, I would have squeezed you in between the pelvic bone, that you never see light again 4 us 4 us 4 you are bitter than a horny cockroach. Go get some sex and calm down .”


WhatsApp Image 2018-11-12 at 18.36.31

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Fashion Blogger Nancie Mwai Responds To Cyprian Nyakundi’s “Slay Queens Wall Of Shame”

Back in December 2017, controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi published a list featuring some popular women and labelled them as “using their Instagram handles to bait men into financing their expensive lifestyles.”

The list had Talia Oyando, Serah Teshna, Francene Chettle, Sheila Kwambox and other personalities. Also included was fashion blogger Nancie Mwai, whom I got to talk to about the whole thing and she had an interesting comment.

“Si being a slay queen is a good thing? You are slaying and you are a queen. Everyone defines it the way they perceive things. I believe in the fact that people have a right to opinion,” she concluded.

Cyprian Nyakundi has lately branded himself as a fighter for the boy child. He strongly feels that the so called slay queens are making use of their looks and wit to extort money from helpless young men.

The most recent rant he put up is of Emmy Kosgei being a gold digger hiding behind the name of gospel music.

What’s your take on this?

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Cyprian Nyakundi Renews His Beef With Larry Madowo

NTV presenter Larry Madowo and Cyprian Nyakundi have clashed one too many times. The last time they had a beef, Nyakundi sued the NTV anchor.

Nyakundi, a twitter bigwig sued Madowo for defamation sometimes in December 2015; the NTV anchor took on his blog and said that Nyakundi was always paid money to attack and tarnish brands and various individuals in the society.

This was after an audio with a voice purporting to be Nyakundi’s surfaced on the conversation in the audio was about a person trying to extort a billionaire corporate executive.

Nyakundi still harbors ill feelings towards Madowo. This was evident after Larry wrote an article ‘Nasa must get its act together, or lose again’ on his column on Daily Nation.

Nyakundi was quick to respond and dismiss Madowo’s article saying that he should go back to dealing with socialites because politics wasn’t his cup of tea.

Here is what Nyakundi tweeted, “Did NASA really lose? Some people should stick to analyzing socialites as real men talk politics.”

These are some of the comments from readers;

TEDD JOSIAH‏: Your working title should have remained just that! Can you not think in proper English? Did NASA loose? NO Remember the ruling dude

Jakanyawino‏: CN, forget about this socialite seeking establishment attention for media tenders

TEDD JOSIAH added, “Brown paper journalism or should we say #MpesaJournalists.”

Areba Silas‏: “…I wonder if @LarryMadowo has lost his lustre. The heading was seemingly a rouse to maximise his audience.”