Tips For Erasing Your Ex From The Cyberspace

When you break up after being in a relationship for a while it’s hard to move on. It’s not something that can happen immediately as it will take time.

However if you want to move forward there are things that you will have to do. Granted they may hurt but with time you will be ready to start afresh. Social media keeps our memories alive and hence one is required to let go of all the  memories in order to move forward.

Clean out your cyberspace – Delete those Instagram photos, Facebook and any other place you have photos of your ex. You don’t need reminders of what used to be if you are going to move forward.

Don’t call them – You can either delete your ex’s number from your phone or block the number if need be. Delete all the messages whether on whatsapp or texts, messages of “I love you” “I miss you” as they will keep taking your memory back to the past.

Delete all the ex mail – If you have been together for a while, chances are you will have a lot of chats and emails buried in your inbox. Instead of deleting them one at a time. Use a search string, type his/ her name in the search field and it will throw up all the mails/chats at one go. Hit the delete button, and then block your ex and delete his/her email id from your email contacts.

Change your status – Last but not the least, if you have changed your relationship status from single to in a relationship, it’s time to change it back to the former. Tweak your dating profile and get ready to move on.