Experts Offer Tips On How Cuddling Can Help Couples Conceive

Lifting your legs, making love under a full moon, drinking cough syrup, having sex every day: there are all kinds of superstitious and strange practices meant to help couples conceive.

While the vast majority of these fertility fixes are total fictions, science and anatomy give merit to at least a few, experts told Daily Mail Online.

One in every eight couples will likely have some difficulty conceiving. Infertility can be a result of a number of environmental and genetic factors, but there are a lot of moving parts – literally – involved in getting pregnant.

While some of these factors – especially timing – are out of the control of individuals or couples – reproductive and sexual experts told Daily Mail Online that some tricks might help boost couple’s odds, and they might even be fun.

1. Keeping the sex in sexy could help couples conceive 

The problem with having sex to have a baby is that it’s not very sexy, according Dr Sheryl Kingsberg, a psychologist who specializes in sex and reproductive therapy at University Hospitals in Ohio.

‘Sexual procreation is really bad for sex,’ she explains, ‘it can really kill a couple’s romance, so they need to make sure that they focus on pleasure and not pressure,’ to make a baby.

2. Having sex twice in an hour could as much as triple the odds of conception – but not if you do it every day

On the other hand, a 2015 study also found signs that if a man can go for round two within an hour, it might as much as triple the odds that he and his partner conceive a baby.

3. Foreplay, sex for its own sake and cuddling could all help you make a baby

‘Fertility can be a little challenging. Men feel like they have to perform, that causes stress, and that can cause problems with erections,’ he adds.

So while it may be helpful to have sex twice in a row, most experts say to only make attempts every other day, during a woman’s ovulation period.

But not matter how couples do it – in an hour or a week or a month – Dr Rossi says: ‘we can get them pregnant without them having sex at all, but that’s not what we’re trying to do…we want to make sure they have a happy sex life, too.’


Professional cuddler opens a pro cuddling shop

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Source: Independent