‘Heartbreak Hurts…’ Cross Over 101 TV Host Grace Ekirapa Reveals3

Even celebrities experience heartbreak.

True story.

Cross Over 101 host opened up about a heartbreak she went through back when she was young.

In a Facebook post to encourage her fans, Grace wrote about how God loves unconditionally, she also gave a parallel example of when she loved a guy in the same way and he never reciprocated the love.

Grace Ekirapa
Grace Ekirapa

Here is what she posted.

“Loving Unconditionally
Have you ever been in a relationship but clearly you are in it alone?? Well, for the longest time I was in a relationship with the man of my dreams, then. I truly thought it was a fairy tale. The only thing i forgot to see was that he was the man of my dreams but i wasn’t his. I loved him and respected him as well as i knew how. I didnt care whether he reciprocated and this was because i fell in love with him more than anything else. It was so crazy that i would look forward to just being around him even if he did not speak to me. I spoke about him to everybody who knew me and i’m sure they thought I was crazy. The relationship was one sided and only worked on his terms but i was too blind to see because i was in love. I communicated so often but he only responded when he had nothing to do. I bought the best gifts, and with the only money i had, sometimes. but to him, i was just another girl in love and i would get over it. He came first to me but for him i was never first.
Today i look at this and i reflect on our relationship with God. He is the one on the relationship that loves us unconditionally. We dictate how the relationship runs and only talk to Him when we have nothing else to do. We spend time with Him when we have run out of plots. We give to Him what we don’t even treasure. We don’t speak about him to everybody. I don’t know who you are out Thea but I know the pain of loving somebody who does not love you back nor appreciate. i’m not saying God will cry or leave like I did but what i’m saying is, work on your relationship now. Don’t miss out on the chance to love God back now while you still can. This is the time to adore Him even if your heart is heavy because He will lift the heaviness. God bless you as you reflect on the Unconditional Love.”


Grace Ekirapa
Grace Ekirapa

In another post, Grace wrote:

“Often at times we have heartbreaks in our life and it seems like the walls have been tipped over, the stones have been overturned and we are just left soo devastated and disappointed.¬†Heartbreak hurts, maybe its a loss of Job or a health situation, death in the family, divorcee or maybe your girl/boyfriend left you.”