Father to Cristiano Ronaldo is a convicted drug trafficker sources reveal

The father of Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend is a convicted drugs trafficker who spent ten years jail, it has emerged even as he is sued for sexual abuse.

Argentinian Jorge Rodriguez, 69, the father of Ronaldo’s partner Georgina, 23, served time in three prisons in Spain for two drugs trafficking offences.

Mr Rodriguez, a Buenos Aires-born former footballer, was jailed in 2003 and released in 2013 after receiving sentences of 11 years and two years, although he was on licence for part of that time and not behind bars 24/7.

The revelation comes as Ronaldo faces a new US police investigation over an alleged rape in Las Vegas in 2009, which he strongly denies. The footballer has described the claim as fake news.


Nevada woman accuses Cristiano Ronaldo of sexual assault 9 years ago

Jorge is thought to have been kicked out of the country and banned from returning to Spain after completing his sentence in August 2013.

He is currently in Argentina and said to be seriously ill and being cared for by a relative, who is understood to get by with money former shop worker Georgina and her older sister Ivana send them.

Jorge, who met Georgina’s mother after moving to Spain in the 1980s, was found guilty of trafficking with cocaine and cannabis resin in separate trials at a special court in Madrid called the Audiencia Nacional.

Judges there deal with the extraditions of British criminals and have also tried some of Spain’s most dangerous terrorists including the men responsible for the 2004 Madrid train bombings which killed 193 people and injured around 2,000.

His cocaine trafficking conviction, set out in an 18-page document dated July 28 2003, shows how he masterminded a failed attempt to smuggle more than £100,000 of cocaine from Spain to France using a bolthole where he was in hiding from outstanding arrest warrants.

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Two accomplices were stopped by police near Madrid on January 26, 1999 as they drove towards the French city of Nice to deliver the drugs to an Italian nicknamed ‘Espaguetti’ – ‘Spaghetti’ in English.

The passenger tried to avoid arrest by throwing the drugs – just over three kilos of 83 per cent pure cocaine – out of the window of their Fiat Tipo.

Rodriguez – full name Jorge Eduardo Rodriguez Gorjon – failed to get incriminating phone taps rejected as evidence at his trial which linked him to a Colombian paid for the drugs.

Prosecutors wanted him jailed for 13 and a half years but the three trial judges decided on an 11-year sentence and 120,000 euro (£106,500) fine, ruling he had carried out ‘coordination tasks.’

He received his second sentence on November 22, 2010.

A different Audiencia Nacional judge handed him a two-year jail term for smuggling cannabis resin from Morocco to Spain with six accomplices.

Martinez was convicted of organising a boat drugs drop in the Costa Tropical holiday resort of Roquetas de Mar in December 2008 during a brief early release on licence.

Police discovered nearly a tonne of cannabis resin valued at more than £1million during a raid on a nearby warehouse the drugs were taken to after being smuggled into Spain.

Two guns and six bullets, described as being ‘in perfect working order’ and provided by two gang members who were also convicted of weapons possession, were found in the same warehouse.

Prosecutors demanded a four-year, six-month jail sentence for Rodriguez but he was let off with a lighter punishment because he confessed.

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 A Spanish Prison Service source confirmed he had done his time in Zuera Penitentiary Centre in the northern province of Zaragoza and jails in the provinces of Alicante and Murcia between 2003 and 2013.

He was briefly granted conditional release in September 2008 but that was revoked after his arrest for his second drugs offence.

Newly-signed Juventus striker Ronaldo, 33, forged his relationship with Georgina, ten years his junior, during lock-ins at the upmarket clothes store where she used to work.

The former Real Madrid striker met her at a Gucci store in central Madrid in June 2016 when he was shopping for summer clothes.

She soon became his first serious girlfriend since he broke up with Russian beauty Irina Shayk at the start of 2015.

He moved her into his luxury home on a gated estate on the outskirts of the Spanish capital before setting up home with her in Turin.

They are bringing up daughter Alana Martina, one in November, and the footballer’s three young children.

Earlier this year the footballer’s mother said of Georgina during a magazine interview about her son’s love life, children and his alcoholic dad Dinis who drank himself into an early grave in September 2005: ‘She is the mother of my grand-daughter. She is a future daughter-in-law. She’s not my daughter-in-law yet. She’s a future daughter-in-law. She’s a very calm person.’

The Portuguese-based firm that represents Cristiano, Gestifute, failed to respond to requests for a comment.

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Mbappe to donate almost 36 million from his world cup earnings to charity

Kylian Mbappé recently became a world wide sensation for his sterling performance in the just concluded world cup 2018 games, which saw France emerge as the winners.

The 19-year-old is a talented footballer, but the decision he has settled on after the world cup is what might shock many especially those who feel it was not a right decision.

According to USA Today, Mbappe has decided to forward all his earning from the tournament to charity through Premiers de Cordée, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to sports for hospitalized children.


Mbappé has worked with Premiers de Cordée in the past, and according to French outlet L’Equipe, he came to the conclusion back in June that the money made during the World Cup would better serve the organization than himself.

And it’s a lot of money. According to Sports Illustrated, the 19-year-old earns up to £17,000 (Ksh1,997,829) (approximately $22,537) Ksh (2,262,317.92) per game

Because of their win in Russia, he could be headed back to France with an additional £265,000(Ksh 35,247,509) bonus (about $351,316) Ksh (35,265,939)


He was already a star before his incredible performance in the finals, but these money moves have earned Mbappé more fans than ever.

Among other footballers who give back to charity include

1. Didier Drogba

The ex-Chelsea foward helped end a 5-year-old civil war in his country after plea to support Ivory Coast in the 2006 World Cup.

He also has a charity organization called The Didier Drogba Foundation which works toward the betterment of basic necessities in Ivory Coast.

2. Craig Bellamy

This Premier League star has donated 1.4 million pounds(Ksh10,534.29) of his own earnings in Sierra-Leone to start the Craig Bellamy Foundation, which provides world-class education to young minds along with training them for football.

3. Mario Balotelli

He, reportedly, have been seen giving out 1000 pounds (Ksh1,323,30) to the destitute. And his generosity doesn’t end here-he donates half of his salary to various charities. Super Mario Indeed!

4. Mesut Ozil

He donated his World Cup earnings, i.e. 237,000 pounds(Ksh 3,152,324) to the World Cup host nation Brazil. 23 Brazilian children to will get benefit from this and will be able to use the money for their medical needs.

5. Lionel Messi

Messi has a foundation named Leo Messi Foundation and he is an active member of UNICEF. Besides this, Messi actively donates to his home country Argentina. Be it the construction of his childhood club’s dormitory or restoration of a hospital in his home town, he is there to help out.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo

He donated 1.5 million euros (Ksh 14,939.72)to set up schools in Gaza by selling the Golden Boot he won in 2012. He has helped to set up a cancer center in Madeira. He is now the brand ambassador for ‘Save The Children’ campaign which helps those kids who suffer from hunger and obesity.

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‘Your hair is too distracting’ fans shout at Ronaldo at Champions League

Celebrated Christiano Ronaldo came under fire yesterday for rocking what his fans called pathetic hair for someone of his class.

According to daily mail fans watching the Champions League Final in Kiev last night admitted they couldn’t concentrate on the action – because the 33-year-old’s new ‘do’ was simply too distracting.

The Real Madrid  football star showed off the quirky new look for the huge match – but left fans tittering on Twitter.Noodle hair, don't care! Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo, 33, debuted a new hairstyle during last night's Champions League final against Liverpool

Noodle hair, don’t care! Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo, 33, debuted a new hairstyle during last night’s Champions League final against Liverpool

Ronaldo appeared to have added frosted blonde tips to his new curling brunette locks as he took to the pitch in the nerve-jangling match, which saw Real Madrid defeat Liverpool 3-1 at full-time.

The footballing legend squeezed girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez after picking up his fifth Champion's League winners medal - but fans were bemused by his latest hairstyle

Noodle hair, don’t care! Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo, 33, debuted a new hairstyle during last night’s Champions League final against Liverpool

His new hair was compared to everything from instant noodles to NSYNC-era Justin Timberlake’s wavy tresses.

Some football fans could only concentrate on the 33-year-old’s new hair style, rather than the tense action on the pitch.

One tweeted: ‘Imagine having as much money and fame as Ronaldo and still having frosted tips.’

‘Ronaldo got frosted tips like he wishes he was a member of *nysnc,’ another posted.

A third said: ‘Ronaldo has dyed the tips of his hair honey blonde. Its over for Liverpool.’

‘Ronaldo looks like a packet of super noodles,’ a fourth wrote.

Another said: ‘Apparently Ronaldo keeps his terrible noodle hair as it brings him good luck.’

‘Ronaldo’s hair is a gross violation of my human rights,’ one posted.

'It's all over for Liverpool!' Fans quipped that the new curly-topped Ronaldo - with blonde tips - was the real reason Real Madrid won the final with a 3-1 victory in Kiev on Saturday night

‘Ronaldo got frosted tips like he wishes he was a member of *nysnc,’ another posted.

A third said: ‘Ronaldo has dyed the tips of his hair honey blonde. Its over for Liverpool.’

‘Ronaldo looks like a packet of super noodles,’ a fourth wrote.

Another said: ‘Apparently Ronaldo keeps his terrible noodle hair as it brings him good luck.’

‘Ronaldo’s hair is a gross violation of my human rights,’ one posted.

She seems to like it! The footballer catches a passionate kiss from Georgina after lifting the trophy
She seems to like it! The footballer catches a passionate kiss from Georgina after lifting the trophy

Meanwhile, on the pitch, Liverpool fans were left devastated last night as two horrendous goalkeeping errors by Loris Karius gifted Real Madrid their 3-1 victory.

Karius gifted Madrid their first goal after throwing the ball directly into the path of Madrid striker Karim Benzema.

Sadio Mane equalised four minutes later, but Gareth Bale restored the Madrid lead with a spectacular overhead kick, with little over half an hour remaining.

With five minutes left on the clock, Karius made a second blunder, this time from Bale, by palming the Welsh wizard’s long range shot into the back of his own net.

The young keeper apologized for his mistakes last night amid exasperated criticism. He told Talk Sport: ‘I don’t feel anything right now. Today I lost my team the game and I feel sorry for everyone.’

This Is What Cristiano Ronaldo Has Been Up To After The Portugal Euro Cup Win (Photos)

He went through a range of emotions during the European Championship final, from tears of despair as he was carried off injured in the 25th minute, to sheer joy at raising the trophy aloft following Eder’s winning goal.

And Cristiano Ronaldo, 31, is recovering from the night of high drama in the best possible way, by holidaying in Ibiza with his family.


Joining the Portuguese superstar was his mum Delores and son Cristiano Jr, and the family frolicked in the sun on the back of a luxury yacht, on Wednesday.

The Real Madrid ace showed off his famously athletic physique in a pair of tiny fluorescent green shorts as he soaked up the sun at the rear of the vessel.

Doting dad: Cristiano washed down his son after a day frolicking in the sea

Delores, 61, opted for a bright pink bikini and was spotted cooling off on the platform using the yacht’s on-deck shower facility.

After helping his mum rinse herself down, Cristiano climbed down into sea for a dip, swimming beside the yacht’s dinghy.

Life of luxury: The Real Madrid ace showed off his famously athletic physique in a pair of tiny fluorescent green shorts as he soaked up the sun at the rear of the vessel

Cristiano Jr, five, wore turquoise swim shorts and gently lowered himself into the sea using the platform ladder to join his dad in the water.

Back onboard, Ronaldo made his way to the comfy decking area where he reclined and soaked up some rays, his rippling abs on show.

That's the life: The star's rippling six-pack was visible as he lay down

Ronaldo suffered a first-half knee injury in the final at the Stade de France after clashing with France playmaker Dmitri Payet. He was forced from the field in tears after initially trying to carry on through the pain.

Speaking after their success, teammate Ricardo Quaresma spoke of his admiration for Ronaldo.

‘Even with the injury [Ronaldo] never stopped, he always supported the team and that’s why I say, not just as a friend, that he is the only person I admire in football. I admire the strength he has,’ Quaresma, who replaced Ronaldo, told O Jogo.

Playful: Cristiano Jr climbed up onto where Cristiano was laying on the deck












Daily Mail


A Footballer’s Fury! Cristiano Ronaldo Throws a Reporter’s Microphone Into a Lake Before Hungary Win (Video)

Cristiano Ronaldo reacted angrily after being approached by a television reporter while out walking near Portugal’s hotel in Lyon – grabbing the microphone and throwing it into a lake.

The Portugal captain, facing mounting media pressure after his penalty miss against Austria, showed his frustration after being asked by the CMTV reporter if he was ready for their game against Hungary.

Portugal are without a win so far at Euro 2016, and have scored just once from 18 shots on target, but Cristiano Ronaldo scored two and set up the other in Portugal’s 3-3 draw with Hungary as they scraped their way into the knockout stages of Euro 2016.

First Nani struck just before half-time to cancel out a superb opener from former West Brom and Fulham midfielder Zoltan Gera.

Well, check out the video as Cristiano throws a journalist’s microphone, before yesterday win against Hungary.














The Guardian

Ronaldo to invest €37m in ‘CR7’ hotels

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo announced Tuesday he will invest over €37 million ($40m) in hotels bearing his ‘CR7’ moniker in his native Portugal, Madrid and New York.

Ronaldo unveiled his plans to link up with the Pestana Hotel Group, who like him are natives of Madeira, with ‘CR7’ hotels planned in three cities linked to his career – Funchal, Lisbon and Madrid – and another in the pipeline for New York where he has been linked with Major League Soccer in the future.

“My world is that of football but life changes and I always wanted to own a hotel,” the 30-year-old former Manchester United player told a press conference in Lisbon.

The triple Ballon d’Or winner joined Real Madrid from Man United in 2009 and has a contract which runs until 2018.

“It was impossible to throw myself alone into a project of this scale, to each his own area of competence. Pestana is the best Portuguese group in this business,” he said

“The first project will be born in Madeira, where our roots and our families are,” explained the 123-times capped international, adding that the hotel will be located close to the museum dedicated to his career that he financed at Funchal, the capital of the island.

“All investments are split on a 50-50 basis” between Ronaldo and the hotel group, for a total of sum of €75 million ($81m), explained Dionisio Pestana, owner and son of the founder of the hotel group.

The best paid footballer in the world with €70 million ($76.6m) in earnings last year, Ronaldo already has a ‘CR7’ fashion line, and has lent his image to many other brands.

The first hotel is scheduled to open in summer 2016 in Madeira. It will be followed by Lisbon where Ronaldo moved as a youngster and played for Sporting Lisbon with a Madrid site planned for 2017.

Pestana, founded in Madeira in 1972, is the biggest hotel group in Portugal and is present in 16 countries across Europe, Africa and America with 87 hotels, six golf courses and two casinos, with an annual turnover of €222 million ($240m).

Photo Credits : AFP

Ronaldo tops football’s marketing charts

Cristiano Ronaldo remains Europe’s and the world’s most marketable footballer known by more than 80% of people around the world, according to a study released Thursday.

The 30-year-old Real Madrid scorer beats England’s Wayne Rooney and Spain’s Andres Iniesta on a new European top 10, according to the Repucom sports marketing firm.

Dutch forwards Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben and Italy’s Andrea Pirlo round out the top six in Europe.

“In terms of overall marketability, globally, Ronaldo leaves the other European players in his wake,” declared the firm which said 83% of people around the world — 85% of all men and 80% of all women — have heard of the Portuguese superstar.

It estimated that Ronaldo earns between 30 million and 35 million euros ($34 million and $40 million) a year from sponsors.

Rooney of Manchester United is known by 54% of people around the world and rakes in between 4.5 million and 5.0 million euros each year from sponsors. Iniesta is known by 48% of people and earns between two million and 2.5 million a year in sponsorship.

Van Persie and Robben both had a 46% global awareness ranking, according to the study of 6,500 people asked in 13 major football nations — Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Britain, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain and the United States.

Pirlo was known by 41% of the consumers asked.

The top 10 was rounded out by Germany’s Mesut Ozil and Mario Goetze in seventh and eighth and Gareth Bale of Wales followed by Belgian Eden Hazard in 10th.

Even though they were less well known globally, Ozil, Goetze and Bale all had much higher sponsorship revenues than many of the leading five.

Bale’s annual sponsor earnings were estimated at five million to six million euros — more even than Rooney — while Ozil’s was four million to five million euros and Goetze three million to 3.5 million euros.

Iniesta is the most trusted footballer in the top 10. He had a global trust approval from 71% of those asked, while the impetuous Ronaldo got 67% and Rooney was even lower on 62%. Van Persie and Goetze were tied on second with 70%.

If Lionel Messi had been counted on the European list, he would have been beaten by Ronaldo, according to Repucom, known by 74% of people globally and 99% of people in his native Argentina.

Photo Credits : AFP

Cristiano Ronaldo Cheated on Ex-Girlfriend Irina Shayk

They found love after modelling together on an Armani photoshoot in 2010. But earlier this year, Russian beauty Irina Shayk and football star Cristiano Ronaldo shocked fans around the world when they decided to call time on their five-year relationship. And now, it was been reported that the 29-year-old beauty was left ‘betrayed’ by the Portuguese heartthrob when she found out he’d been secretly messaging girls all over the world.

cristiano nd irina
Cristiano and Irina

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model – who is now dating Hollywood star Bradley Cooper – has revealed how ‘stupid’ she felt when the 30-year-old Cristiano confessed to her on New Year’s Eve. According to The Sun newspaper, Irina told a source close to the pair: ‘Now I know the truth and I feel completely betrayed. I trusted him and stuck up for him when there were rumours he had been with other women. I feel stupid that Cristiano has fooled me.’ The relationship began to unravel as the pair planned a party at their Madrid home when Irina spotted one of Cristiano’s phone statements lying around and spotted numbers she didn’t recognise.

She reportedly checked the numbers using messaging apps and discovered they were attached to profiles of women from all over the world, including Colombia, Australia and France. ‘She immediately confronted Cristiano about it, but he initially denied any knowledge,’ an inside explained. ‘After she explained to him what she had found he eventually admitted to messaging the girls. ‘He gave little excuse. She couldn’t believe it so immediately got out of the house. She ended the relationship there and then.’

Meanwhile, Irina appears to have mended her broken heart thanks to the American actor; the new hot couple have been pictured on various occasions, locking lips in a passionate embrace during public outings. Last week the couple appeared to be saying goodbye with their passionate PDA in a London car park, as after finally pulling themselves apart, they headed off in separate directions.

Irina jetted into the UK from a modelling gig in Barcelona a few days ago to join her man who is currently preparing for the London run of his play The Elephant Man at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, which kicks off this week.


Ronaldo is the 1st player in history to score 50 goals in five consecutive seasons

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi often appear to be operating on their own higher plane, competing against each other for the next big record.

Just recently Ronaldo scored his 300th goal for Real Madrid, which was followed swiftly by a Messi record, who scored his 400th for Barcelona.

Barely a week can go by without either of the two breaking some record or other, and with Ronaldo scoring his 50th goal of the season against Malaga last week, the 2015 Ballon D’Or made a quite incredible new record of his own.

By reaching 50 goals this season, Ronaldo has now reached that figure in five different seasons – making him the first player to ever achieve that feat.

Ronaldo had previously been tied on 4 seasons with 50 goals alongside Pele, but he’s now out on his own with that simply astonishing record.



Cristiano Ronaldo sets new European goals record

Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice for Real Madrid in the first half of their Champions League last 16, second leg, match against Schalke on Tuesday to set a new record for goals in European competition with 78.

Ronaldo’s header in the 25th minute from a corner by Tony Kroos cancelled out an opener for the Germans by Christian Fuchs five minutes earlier and equalled the record of 77, held by former Real striker Raul.

After Klaas Jan Huntelaar had restored Schalke’s lead, Ronaldo equalised for a second time just before the break, with his 78th European goal in all.

It also took him to a Champions League total of 75, equalling the record held by his Barcelona arch-rival Lionel Messi.

Real won the first leg in Gelsenkirchen 2-0.

Photo Credits : AFP

Cristiano Ronaldo ‘is dating Spanish TV presenter’

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is said to be dating Spanish TV presenter Lucia Villalon, following his split from Irina Shayk.

Ronaldo with Lucia. Courtesy of uk.eurosport.yahoo.com

Ronaldo is rumored to be dating Spanish TV presenter Lucia Villalon. The 29-year-old sports star, who split from model Irina Shayk over the Christmas period, has been linked to the brunette beauty by Spanish newspapers, after they were seen together at the recent FIFA World Player of the Year event in Zurich, where Ronaldo collected the prestigious award.

Neither the Real Madrid player nor Lucia – a law and journalism graduate – have responded to the rumors, which have surfaced shortly after Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend denied that their split was caused by a family feud.

Last week, it was claimed that Ronaldo dumped Irina because she refused to attend a 60th birthday party he was organizing for his mother Dolores.

However, a spokesperson for the model-and-actress has refuted those claims, saying: ”She has been very close to his family throughout their relationship.

Irina Shayk. Photo courtesy of www.101greatgoals.com

”Any negative rumors about Irina’s and Ronaldo’s family are completely false and have not been a factor in the cause of the split. Irina has no comments at the moment.”

The pair dated for five years, but the future of their relationship was called into question when Ronaldo failed to thank Irina at the event in Zurich.

Ronaldo named Portugal’s player of the century

Triple Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo was hailed as Portugal’s player of the century at a gala to celebrate the 100th anniversary of their football federation.

Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho picked up the award as Portuguese coach of the century at a red carpet event at the Estoril casino near Lisbon on Wednesday.

Real Madrid star Ronaldo, who scored 60 goals in 61 games in 2014, came out of a vote ahead of Eusebio known as the Black Pearl in the 1960s, and Luis Figo, who won the Ballon d’Or in 2000.

Ronaldo himself clinched a third Ballon d’Or on Monday, having previously won the ultimate individual award in football in 2008 and 2013.

The 29-year-old, who led Real Madrid to the Champions League title last season with 17 goals in 11 games, was absent from the gala preparing for Real’s clash with crosstown rivals Atletico.

Photo Credits : AFP

Ronaldo leaves Messi in shade with third Ballon d’Or

Portuguese and Real Madrid great Cristiano Ronaldo won his third Ballon d’Or on Monday at the FIFA ceremony in Zurich to edge within one of his eternal rival Barcelona’s Argentinian magician Lionel Messi.

The 29-year-old forward — who played a key role in Real Madrid’s charge to a 10th Champions League trophy — beat Messi and Germany’s World Cup winning goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

Ronaldo was the star of the night in which Real teammate James Rodriguez won the goal of the year award and Germany’s Joachim Loew was declared coach of the year.

“I never thought I would win this trophy on three occasions,” Ronaldo said in his victory speech, signalling there would be no letup in his quest for football glory.

“I want to be one of the greatest players of all time and of course this requires a lot of effort,” added the Portuguese striker who also won the award in 2013 and in 2008.”

Ronaldo, whose son and mother were present and burst into tears when he went up to collect the award, praised his team-mates but he also paid homage to his family.

“I would like to thank my mother, to my father, who is in heaven and who is looking down on me, to my family,” said Ronaldo.

“It has been an unforgettable year and to win a trophy of this importance is unimaginable.”

The always well-groomed Portuguese then took to Twitter to express his joy.

“2014 was full of incredible moments. Thank you all!” he tweeted.

Ronaldo led Real Madrid to their 10th European Champions League crown — their first in 12 years — in sensational style in 2014, smashing Messi’s record of 15 Champions League goals in a single season with 17 in just 11 appearances.

The only real disappointment for him was that a patellar tendinosis problem in his left knee contributed to an underwhelming World Cup for the Portugal captain.

Ronaldo cruised to victory garnering 37.66% of the votes of the 181 national team coaches, 182 national team captains, and 181 media representatives who voted. Messi finished second with 15.76% and Neuer just adrift of the Argentinian with 15.72%.

Loew, who moved up from assistant coach to the top job after the 2006 World Cup which Germany hosted and reached the semi-finals, said that the award rounded off a sensational year.

“It is for me a huge honour, it is the icing on the cake and the cake was winning the World Cup,” said Loew.

Loew, who also guided Germany to the Euro 2008 final where they lost to Spain, said that Germany’s win in Brazil was no accident but had been the fruits of long hard labour.

“Winning the World Cup was the consequence of many years hard work and lots of right decisions.”

Loew won the award with 36.23% of all votes.

Real Madrid’s Italian handler Carlo Ancelotti was second with 22.06% with Atletico Madrid’s Argentinian coach Diego Simeone third (19.02%) after an extraordinary season in which he led them to the Spanish title, ending the dominance of Real and Barca, and also to the Champions League final where they led their city rivals till the final minute.

Rodriguez’s sublime volley for Colombia against Uruguay in their last 16 match at the World Cup was a worthy winner for goal of the year voted on by the public.

The 23-year-old — who was outstanding as Colombia reached the quarter-finals only to lose to Brazil — came out ahead of Robin van Persie’s header at full stretch against Spain in the World Cup final group game against Spain and surprise finalist Irishwoman Stephanie Roche.

Rodriguez, who earned a big money move to Real Madrid on the back of his performances at the World Cup, said this was a special award for his country.

“I am happy, I would like to thank all those who voted,” said Rodriguez.

“It is a very special goal for me and for all of Colombia. These are words of happiness and gratitude.”

Photo Credits : AFP

King Cristiano hits his devastating peak

Cristiano Ronaldo shut out Lionel Messi for the second straight year in the battle for the Ballon d’Or and he is showing no sign of giving up his grip as king of world football.

The 29-year-old Portuguese forward has been at the height of his powers again this year, terrorising opposing defences in the Champions League and Spain’s La Liga.

He is also hungry for more. Asked at the Ballon d’Or ceremony what his favourite goal had been, Ronaldo was only half-jokin when he said: “For me the next goal is always the most important.”

Despite a patellar tendinosis problem in his left knee that contributed to an underwhelming World Cup, the Portugal captain was clearly a deserving winner of a third Ballon d’Or in a year in which he guided Real Madrid to their 10th Champions League title (but first in 12 years) and continued to rewrite the history books.

That night in Lisbon on May 24 illustrated better than most the two sides of Ronaldo’s character that has at times made him a divisive figure.

Battling through knee troubles and frustrated for over 90 minutes, Ronaldo and his Galactico team mates looked set for one of the most embarrassing defeats in Real’s history as they trailed poorer city rivals Atletico Madrid until Sergio Ramos’s towering header in stoppage time.

Further goals in extra time from Gareth Bale and Marcelo made the long-awaited “La Decima”, a tenth European Cup, secure in Lisbon. But it was not enough for Ronaldo who surged into the Atletico box and collapsed under the attentions of Gabi.

His moment had finally arrived in the homeland he left 11 years ago for Manchester United at a crucial crossroads on the road to being the world’s best.

Inevitably he slammed the penalty home to take his record-breaking tally to 17 goals in a single Champions League season.

Yet, his outrageous show of vanity as he tore off his shirt and flexed his muscled torso was a reminder of why many had in the past preferred the more modest Messi.

The preening side of Ronaldo will always exist. His latest Ballon d’Or will likely take up residence in the museum he opened to honour himself in his home city of Funchal on the island of Madeira.

His story, though, is also one of a testament to extraordinary hard work and sacrifice. Ronaldo came from a poor background and many would say he has less natural talent than the elegant, diminutive Messi.

But Ronaldo has transformed himself from the skinny kid that arrived at Old Trafford into a physical specimen of the type football has rarely seen.

That physical transformation is a symbol of his desire to improve and raise the bar of achievement to a level previously thought impossible. When he scored his fourth hat-trick of the current campaign against Celta Vigo in December, he moved through the double century mark for goals in La Liga in just 178 games.

His overall tally is a staggering 285 goals in 274 appearances for Madrid. It is no longer a question of whether Ronaldo will become their leading all time scorer, but when. Moreover, he is likely to pass Raul’s record tally of 323 having played more than 400 fewer games.

There is more than goals to his game too. His wonderful reverse ball for James Rodriguez to open the scoring against Espanyol on Saturday took him joint top of the assist charts in La Liga too. As in the goal charts, Messi lurks behind in second.

The rivalry between the two has marked an era unlike any other. Maradona and Pele, Johan Cruyff and Franz Beckenbauer never played in the same league, at the same time, for the two of the biggest sides in the world, judged head-to-head, week in, week out.

And for Ronaldo, the rivalry is certain to go on — just look at the Ballon d’Or count: Messi has four to Ronaldo’s three.

Portugal’s king of football always wants more.

Photo Credits : AFP

Ronaldo wins third Ballon d’Or

Portuguese and Real Madrid great Cristiano Ronaldo won his third Ballon d’Or on Monday at the FIFA ceremony in Zurich.

The 29-year-old — who played a key role in Real Madrid’s charge to a 10th Champions League trophy — beat eternal rival and four-time winner Lionel Messi of Barcelona and Germany’s World Cup winning goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

Ronaldo was the star of the night in which Real teammate James Rodriguez won the goal of the year award and Germany’s Joachim Loew was declared coach of the year.

“I never thought I would win this trophy on three occasions,” Ronaldo said in his victory speech, signalling there would be no letup in his quest for football glory.

“I want to be one of the greatest players of all time and of course this requires a lot of effort,” added the Portuguese striker who also won the award in 2013 and in 2008.

Ronaldo led Real Madrid to their 10th European Champions League crown in sensational style in 2014, smashing Messi’s record of 15 Champions League goals in a single season with 17 in just 11 appearances.

Photo Credits : AFP

Cristiano Ronaldo takes part in ‘ice bucket challenge’

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has become the latest celebrity to accept an Ice Bucket Challenge nomination after stripping down to his boxers to be covered with cold water. 

The Real Madrid star was soaked by his Portugal teammate Fabio Coentrao while sat on a chair wearing just a pair of purple boxer shorts at the club’s training ground at Valdebebas, Spain.

Ronaldo then called on musicians Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Lil Wayne to join in.

On Friday, former Manchester United team-mate Darren Fletcher challenged Ronaldo to take part, and the Portugal captain posted proof he had braved the ice cold water on social media platforms on Sunday.

The Ice Bucket Challenge craze originated in the United States with the intention of raising money for the Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Association.

Since it began, celebrities around the world have joined in with Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Timberlake and even Bill Gates.

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