Teen girl beaten to death by 16-year-old boy who then had s3x with her corpse

A 14-year-old girl who was allegedly battered to death by a 16-year-old boy with a hammer was ‘told not to meet him’ by a friend’s aunt because ‘you don’t know what weirdos are out there’, a court heard.

Viktorija Sokolova’s half-naked body was found propped up on a bench at a pavilion known in West Park, Wolverhampton, in April.

The 14-year-old had been subjected to a ‘ferocious’ hammer attack during which she was struck at least 21 times and had her skull smashed in and spine ‘snapped in two’.

A 16-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has gone on trial at Wolverhampton Crown Court accused of murdering the schoolgirl.

He is also charged with raping the Lithuanian youngster and having sex with her dead body.


Today the court heard a police interview with a 13-year-old friend of Viktorija, who told officers how the teenager had planned to move to London the day after the attack.

The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also claimed Viktorija had arranged a midnight rendezvous with defendant, who called himself ‘Lazy Cho’.

She said: ‘The person [Lazy Cho] asked to meet Viktorija at midnight – she said yes but you can see from the texts he was asking to meet her for ages.

‘She told us that she was going to London the next day to get away from Wolverhampton.

‘She did not give a reason she just said I’m going to London for a few months.

‘She said that boy had asked to meet her in West Park at midnight, we just looked at each other – that was really late but I thought nothing of it.

‘She just said he was a mate and did not tell us anything.’

The girl added: ‘Viktorija was with my friend, she was meant to go at 8pm but stayed to 10pm.

‘Her [friend’s] aunt told her to not walk through the park because it is “unsafe and you don’t know what weirdos are out there”.

‘She did not want people to know who she was meeting.

‘We were going to go out on Friday, then they found a body and we knew she went though West Park, she was not answering her messages and calls.

‘I saw it was a teenage girl. I had a feeling it was her

‘I had a text from my friend, she had called me loads – I spoke to her and she said that body was Viktorija’s.

‘My friend had access to Viktorija’s Facebook as it was on her phone – and it showed she was talking to this boy [Lazy Cho].

‘His name was not a proper name.


West Pokot man killed by father, step-brothers over piece of land

A man was on Saturday allegedly murdered by his father and step brothers in Embough village, West Pokot following a long-standing land dispute.

The deceased, Lodou Lokwaloket,40, had been quarrelling with his family over a piece of land belonging to their late great-grandfather.

The incident took place at 8 pm.

According to the star, Sook Division Assistant County Commissioner Bryan Njeru said the conflict escalated when the suspects took a machete and inflicted deep cuts on the deceased.

“The brothers have been fighting over a piece of land left behind by their great-grandfather. On Saturday, they took a machete and cut the deceased severally and died on the spot,” said Njeru.

He said police have issued a warrant of arrest on the perpetrators who escaped after committing the crime.

“The family has been quarrelling for a long time and elders have severally intervened but they continued to quarrel. It is unfortunate that the conflict turned tragic,” he said.

The body was taken to Kapenguria County Hospital mortuary.

Police holding varsity student over death of a casual laborer in Mai Mahiu

Police in Naivasha are holding a university student over the death of a casual laborer in Mai Mahiu trading center a week ago.

The suspect from St Paul University was arrested following an incident where the laborer died after he was attacked by a group of mob for allegedly robbing the student two years ago.

Trouble started after the student spotted the suspect in a bar in the town and raised an alarm with members of the public attacking the suspect.

A witness Jamleck Kiboi said that the suspect robbed the students two years ago and had been in hiding for the period before he visited the town last week.

“The student on spotting the suspect and with the help of members of the public attacked him and he was seriously beaten before police came to his rescue,” he said.

However the suspect died two days later while undergoing treatment and incriminated the student as the suspect who had planned the attack.

“The police arrested the student a day after the death and they are accusing him for the death of the suspect,” he said.

A senior police officer confirmed the arrest adding that the student would be arraigned in court facing murder charges.

“Before the suspect died, he pointed out the student as the person who led the attack in the bar and he has since been arrested,” he said.

Meanwhile, a middle aged driver died on the spot after a lorry he was driving rammed into the rear of another lorry along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

During the midnight incident near Delamere farm in Naivasha, two occupants of the front lorry escaped unscathed although all the vehicles were extensively damaged.

The driver of the trailer according to witnesses was to blame as he was in high speed when the accident occurred.

A witness Simon Mwathi said that all vehicles were heading to Nakuru from Naivasha when the trailer rammed into the lorry that was ferrying construction materials.

“The driver of the trailer was in his speed when he hit the lorry from the rear and died on the spot,” he said.

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru confirmed the incident adding that the body had been collected and taken to the Naivasha sub-county hospital mortuary and an inquest file opened up.

-Anthony Gitonga

Two People Found Dead In Separate Lodges In Nairobi After Spending The Night

Two people were found dead in two separate lodges in the city.

One victim was found Shauri Moyo area where he had spent a night.

The second one was found in a lodging along Duruma Road after also spending his night there.

Police say they were called and informed of the incidents by attendants at the lodges. The bodies were moved to the mortuary for post-mortem to establish the cause of the deaths.

Crime Wave: Two Pedestrians Shot During a Shoot Out Between Police And Thugs In Kayole

In other news, two suspected thugs were shot dead in a botched robbery incident in Dandora area, Nairobi.

The gang had been attacking and robbing locals when an alarm was raised alerting police on patrol.

Police said the gang had robbed and stabbed a pedestrian in a robbery incident.

This prompted police to chase and kill the two. Valuables that had been robbed from the victims were recovered. The bodies were taken to the mortuary.








Cyrus Okwema

Crime Wave: Two Pedestrians Shot During a Shoot Out Between Police And Thugs In Kayole

Two pedestrians were last night shot and injured in a shootout and chase between police and suspected thugs in Nairobi’s Kayole area.

The gang was on a robbery spree and was riding on a motorbike when they confronted police.

Police say the injured were hit in the legs by bullets and are admitted in hospital in a stable condition.

Heartless! Thugs Shoot a Woman Before Stealing Thousands Of Shillings From Her M-Pesa Shop

The suspects managed to escape on the motorbike and efforts to trace them are ongoing.

Cases of armed robberies have been on the rise in the area in the past months.

In other news, police are looking for a gang that shot dead one patron and injured an attendant in a shooting in Njiru area, Nairobi.

Italian Tourist Killed By Armed Thugs In Kilifi, Husband In Critical Condition

The gang had been drinking alcohol in a bar in the area when a shooting erupted last night. They shot one man killing him before injuring a female waiter.

Police say the gang escaped on foot and no arrest has been mad so far. A hunt on the gang is ongoing.
















-Cyrus Okwema

Police Hunt For Thieves Who Killed a Fourth Year Student During a Bar Raid In Bungoma

Police are looking for a gang that killed a fourth-year student when it attacked a pub in Bungoma County on Wednesday night.

Moses Mukhebi was fatally hit on the head with an axe during the 10 pm incident.

The Egerton University student and his friend Chrispinus Wekesa were the last customers at Mareba bar.

Boniface Wafula, the bar manager, said Wekesa was severely injured as they resisted the gang members.

“The thugs were armed with one AK-47 rifle, a pistol, an axe and a panga. They attacked the two customers whom they met at the entrance as they were leaving. They then came to me and my boss who was about to leave,” Wafula said on Thursday.

He said the attackers stole Sh30,000 from the days’ sales and mobile phones in the 30-minute siege.

“They also took a few drinks and smashed bottles on the ground,” Wafula added.

“[They also took] my boss and a waitress hostage for about 30 minutes, then asked us to undress and run for our lives.”

The man said police response was slow and their security guard took to his heels as soon as the attackers arrived.

South Bukusu chief Julius Barasa said police are looking for the men suspected to be part of a syndicate that has been attacking residents.





-Brian Ojamaa

Armed Robbers Carjack And Steal 1.5 Million Shillings From a Businessman Along Enterprise Road

Police are looking for a gang that carjacked and robbed a businessman of Sh1.5 million last evening along Enterprise Road, Nairobi.

The businessman was abandoned in Thika after being driven around the city while sandwiched between his attackers.

The attackers were armed with guns when they confronted him as he drove along Enterprise Road amid suspicion the victim was attacked out of an inside job.

On Sunday, four police officers were arrested after they robbed a Chinese businessman of Sh2.7 million along Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

The four officers attached in Nairobi alongside three civilians were detained for a week as police conduct investigations.

Italian Tourist Killed By Armed Thugs In Kilifi, Husband In Critical Condition

In other news, the British government has renewed its travel advisory to its citizens advising them to avoid some places ahead of the elections in Kenya.

In an advisory, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said rallies and protests may take place in the lead up to, during and after elections and advised the citizens to monitor local and international media and if a demonstration or disturbance takes place they leave the area quickly.

It also advises against all but essential travel to areas within 60km of the Kenya-Somali border, Garissa County, Lamu County (excluding Lamu Island and Manda Island), areas of Tana River County north of the Tana river itself and within 15km of the coast from the Tana river down to the Galana (Athi-Galana-Sabaki)









-Cyrus Okwema

You Can Run But you Can’t Hide: Sheila Wanjiku Charged With Murder

A US based Kenyan businesswoman who shot her husband dead three years ago has been found guilty of murder by a High Court judge.

Sheila Wanjiku Kibinge who was charged with murdering Leonard Kibinge Kiruri on April 15 2014 at Gitaru Village in Kikuyu on the outskirts of Nairobi city was found guilty of pre-meditated murder by Justice Jessie Lesiit.

“The murder weapon was not recovered and produced in court….failure to do so was however not fatal to the prosecution’s case as the police were not at the scene during the incident and the accused had time to dispose of the weapon,” the judge said in line with the proof that she was guilty.
Wanjiku had claimed that she and her husband had been kidnapped on that fateful night and it was the kidnappers who killed her husband.

Wanjiku in her testimony had testified that she walked away when she heard a blast and then their car crashed into a fence. She said she did not check on her husband who was the one driving the car before it crashed, a fact which the the judge condemned .
“The accused by-passed Kikuyu Police Station and other nearer stations to go report the alleged kidnapping incident at Central Police Station… this was just an attempt at buying time so as to delay the process of investigations that she knew would follow,” Justice Lesiit said.
Witness testimonies also show that Wanjiku had had several change of clothes from the time of the incident to the time of reporting to Central Police Station.

Witnesses told the court that Wanjiku had appeared calm and collected after the incident and that she did not seem to have been shaken by it.
Wanjiku claimed that she had come to Kenya to process Visa for her husband so that they could relocate to the US.

Wanjiku had told the court that she had come to Kenya through Uganda but the court established that there was no point of entry stamp on her passport as required by law.
She had also claimed to have traveled from Uganda to Kenya using Mash bus. She however did not produce bus ticket to back up that claim.

According to a taxi driver who drove her from Kikuyu to Central Police Station in the CBD after the incident, the accused appeared shaken and disturbed and under the buibui she was wearing heard a clicking sound which terrified him so much that after dropping the accused at Central Police Station, he proceeded straight to Kikuyu Police Station where he reported carrying a suspicious person who may have had a bomb.

“The accused explained that the clicking sound heard was the buckle of her belt as she counted coins to pay him,” the judge said.

Justice Lesiit further said Sheila’s explanation that she was sleeping when the vehicle veered off the road does not explain her indifference to the deceased.

“I also considered the evidence of two witnesses who lived near the fence the deceased crashed into,” the judge said, adding that the witnesses said they heard three loud blasts, “and there is no way the accused can feign ignorance that three gunshots were fired since she was seated right next to her husband at the time.”

The judge also said she considered the evidence of the prosecution witness who was the first to see Sheila after she left the vehicle who said she was calm and collected.

“That is someone who was not affected by what had just happened… I find that the accused conduct after the shooting incident was the conduct of someone with a guilty mind,” the judge said.

Her defense requested for time to mitigate.

The Star\ Zipporah Weru

Italian Tourist Killed By Armed Thugs In Kilifi, Husband In Critical Condition

Police have arrested one suspect in the murder of Italian tourist in Kilifi County.

The Police report indicates that armed gangsters attacked the couple at their private villa in Sultan near Kijipwa police station Kilifi county.

The wife died on the spot while the husband is in critical condition at Mombasa hospital. The attackers were armed with crude weapons.

The injured tourist was first rushed to Jochum hospital before being referred to Mombasa hospital for specialized treatment.

More details to follow.

Terrifying! 14-Year-Old Boy Killed During a Brutal Hyena Attack In Tana River










-Calvoh Onsarigo


Suspected Robbery Thief Dies In Muthaiga Police Cells While In Remand Under Unclear Circumstances

Police are investigating an incident in which a remandee died at the Muthaiga police cells.

The suspect was facing charges of robbery and it is not clear what caused his death.

In Ruai a child drowned in a pool of water in an incident. The boy was playing with his colleagues when he drowned.

Elsewhere in Mathare, a body of a man was found on the roadside. He is suspected to have dropped dead in unclear circumstances.

Meanwhile, four suspected thugs were killed in separate incidents in Nairobi in the war on armed crime.

Two Armed Thugs Shot Dead In Dagorreti As They Tried To Rob Women Going To Work

Two of the suspects were lynched by a mob in Komarocks area in a botched robbery and stolen property recovered from them.

Police say the gang had been attacking and robbing pedestrians when an alarm was raised alerting a mob which stoned and burnt them to death.

Two others were shot dead in Kayole area last night in another botched robbery incident. Police said a gang of four had been robbing people in the area when one of the victims alerted them.

Three others managed to escape on foot. The bodies were taken to the mortuary. Cases of armed robberies have been on the rise in the past months forcing police to respond with lethal force.








-Cyrus Okwema

Shocking: UN Worker Arrested For Allegedly Strangling His Wife To Death During Her Birthday Getaway

A staff with the United Nations (UN) has been arrested by police in Gilgil in connection with the death of his wife one week ago.

The suspect was arrested a day to the burial of the wife after post-mortem reports indicated that the deceased was murdered and did not drown in a bath tub as alleged.

Trouble started last week when the couple checked in one of the posh hotels around Lake Elementaita to celebrate the wife’s birthday.

During the weekend retreat, the wife was found dead in the tub and police called in before the body was transferred to Lee Funeral home.

A Year For Each Stab! 20-Year-Old Student Who Killed His Colleague Over a Girl Jailed For 8 Years

According to Gilgil OCPD Serah Koki, the husband claimed that he had left the house for the main hotel but on coming back their room was locked from the inside.

“The hotel management used the spare key to access the room only to find the woman lying dead in the bath tub and police were called in,” she said.

Koki said that a post-mortem conducted on the body established that the man was lying as they were indications that she had been strangled to death.

“We have arrested the man following the postmortem report and he will be arraigned in court facing murder charges,” she said.








-Antony Gitonga

Police Recover The Missing Head Of a Caucasian Torso Following a Murder Incident In Nairobi

Police have recovered a head of a torso that had been missing following a murder incident in Nairobi.

The head was found abandoned on the roadside in Muthaiga area last night by pedestrians.

It was wrapped in a paper and abandoned on Muthaiga Drift and it is not clear who dropped it there.

The torso had been recovered in Buruburu area along Heshima Road earlier in the day.

The torso was found stuffed in a sack and abandoned on the roadside and police said the body seemed to be a Caucasian man and it was decomposing when it was discovered yesterday morning.

Youth In Crime: Six MINORS Arraigned In Court After Being Suspected To Be Members Of Gaza Gang In Murang’a

Police say they are yet to identify the man who seemed to have slaughtered by a hacksaw. The body parts are being preserved at the City Mortuary as investigations go on.

In other news, police are looking for a gang that dug and stole power cables in Langata area, affecting supply to a number of homes.

The gang stole the copper cables lying along the flight path after they realized there was a day long power blackout in the area. Police say they are looking for the gang.

-Cyrus Okwema

Two Armed Thugs Shot Dead In Dagorreti As They Tried To Rob Women Going To Work

Two suspected thugs have this morning been shot dead in a botched robbery in Dagorreti area, Nairobi and a gun recovered from them.

The suspects were killed along Nduaru Road when they tried to attack and rob women who were headed for their errands.

Police say an alarm was raised and alerted police on patrol at about 5 am. The officers shot and killed two while a third suspect managed to escape on a motorbike.

The bodies were moved to the mortuary as a hunt for the third suspect continues.

Heartless! Thugs Shoot a Woman Before Stealing Thousands Of Shillings From Her M-Pesa Shop

Meanwhile, three students of Mhuru Muchiri secondary school in Ruai area, Nairobi have been arrested after they torched a dormitory in an incident.

Property of unknown value was destroyed in the incident that happened last night as other students were in night studies.

Police say no one was injured in the incident that was contained by fire engines that rushed there. The students are expected in court this morning to face.

Police say the suspects are expected in court this morning to face arson charges and that a number of students lost their valuables in the incident.












-Cyrus Okwema/The Star

Ruthless: A Human Head Found Dumped In a Ngong Town Market, Investigations Underway

Police are investigating an incident in which a human head was found dumped in a market in Ngong Town.

The body without a torso was found wrapped in a paper bag and efforts to get those behind it are ongoing.

Police say they are yet to identify the man and locate the torso but efforts to investigate the incident have been launched.

The head was moved to the mortuary as investigations continue. The incident disrupted business at the busy market last evening before police arrived there to pick it up.

Heartless! Thugs Shoot a Woman Before Stealing Thousands Of Shillings From Her M-Pesa Shop

In other news, two suspected thugs have this morning shot dead in Pangani area in a botched robbery and weapons found on them.

The men had tried to rob a woman of her belongings when an alarm was raised. This attracted police attention who chased and shot them dead.

Witnesses said the same gang had earlier hit and injured a guard of a premise in the area in an attempt to gain entry there in vain.

Police say they recovered a pistol from the men after the 5 am the incident. The bodies were moved to the mortuary.

Youth In Crime: Six MINORS Arraigned In Court After Being Suspected To Be Members Of Gaza Gang In Murang’a

Cases of armed robberies have been fluctuating with police responding with lethal force.

In Majengo slums, a man was found dead in his house in an apparent suicide incident. The man’s body was hanging from the roof of his house and it is not clear if he was killed or committed suicide.

The body was moved to the mortuary as a probe was launched into the incident.









-Cyrus Okwema

Suspected Thug Lynched By a Mob In Dandora As He Tried To Hijack a Matatu

A suspected thug was this morning lynched by a mob after he and two of his accomplices tried to hijack a matatu in Dandora area, Nairobi.

The suspects had boarded a matatu posing as passengers while headed for the city centre when they tried to hijack it.

Other passengers turned against them and caught up with one lynching him while his accomplices managed to escape. Police say they are investigating the incident.

Mob lynching is criminal and police ask the public to surrender suspects they arrest for processing.

Heartless! Thugs Shoot a Woman Before Stealing Thousands Of Shillings From Her M-Pesa Shop

Meanwhile, the postmortem to determine the cause of the death of interior cabinet secretary Joseph Nkaissery is expected to be conducted today, Monday, July 10, at the Lee Funeral Home.

The exercise was scheduled for yesterday but was pushed to today because one of Nkaissery’s sons had not arrived from the US.

The son arrived last evening and pathologists from the government and the family says they are ready for the exercise.

Police have so far questioned more than ten people including his bodyguards as part of the probe into the death. The probe into the incident continues.

Rest In Peace: Karen Hospital Doctors Rule Out Heart Attack In Nkaissery’s Shocking Death




-Cyrus Okwema



Mysterious! A Middle-Aged Man’s Body Recovered Dumped In a Forest, Suspected To Be Extra-Judicial Killings

Police in Kijabe has recovered a body suspected to be a victim of extra-judicial killing dumped in Kinale forest along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

The body of the middle-aged man did not have any identification documents and had been mauled by wild animals before it was discovered.

This brought to eight the number of bodies that have been found dumped in the forest since the year began after been killed elsewhere and ferried to the area.

One of the area residents only identified as Gitau said that the body could have stayed on the scene for around three days.

Youth In Crime: Six MINORS Arraigned In Court After Being Suspected To Be Members Of Gaza Gang In Murang’a

He said that though it has started to decompose, they had confirmed that the man did not hail from the area and could have been killed elsewhere.

“The man has been dumped around the same area where other bodies were found and police have since started their investigations,” he said.

A senior police officer who declined to be named confirmed the incident adding that only a postmortem could determine the cause of death.

Meanwhile, a group of youths who had invaded private land in volatile area of Maella in Naivasha have been kicked out and security intensified in the area.

Heartless! Thugs Shoot a Woman Before Stealing Thousands Of Shillings From Her M-Pesa Shop

The close to 50 youths had started tilling some of the unutilized land leading to tension and anxiety in the agriculture rich area.

Speaking on phone, Naivasha Assistant County Commissioner John Opondo accused some politicians of inciting the youths.

He warned that anyone flouting the law would be arrested adding that all land owners in the area had valid title deeds.

“We have managed to kick out all the youths from the private farms and warned them that they face prosecution once arrested,” he said.

Opondo added that members of the provincial administration and churches had embarked on a major peace campaigns across the sub-county ahead of the general elections.







-Antony Gitonga

RUTHLESS! Man, 22, Kills a Muslim Girl, 17, Who Was Found DEAD Just Hours After She Was Attacked And KIDNAPPED While Walking To a Mosque

Police in Virginia believe they have found the remains of a teenager who went missing while walking to a mosque with her friends.

Fairfax County police began their search for a 17-year-old girl, who was identified by friends as Nabra, around 4 am Sunday.

Police charged Darwin Martinez Torres with murder after they found what they believe is the girl’s body in a pond Sunday afternoon.

Torres was arrested after he was seen driving suspiciously in the area as police were searching for the teen. Police said they arrested Torres after a search. Officers also said a baseball bat was recovered nearby.

Nabra and her friends were walking from breakfast at IHOP when they were confronted by a man who drove by in a car, according to the Washington Post.


Police spokeswoman Tawny Wright said the man assaulted her and she became separated from her friends.

The other teens made it safely back to the mosque where they notified authorities of what happened.

Authorities later found a body in a pond near Ridgetop Circle in Sterling, Virginia.

The girls had been participating in at a sleepover at a religious institution that authorities did not identify.

But the All Dulles Area Muslim Society confirmed in a news release that the teens were affiliated with the mosque.


‘We are devastated and heartbroken as our community undergoes and processes this traumatic event,’ the society said in the news release.

‘It is a time for us to come together to pray and care for our youth.’ It said the society was enlisting licensed counselors to assist anyone in need.

Police said they looked into whether the murder was a hate crime but said they found no evidence it was.

Racial justice and civil rights activist, Linda Sarsour, expressed her outrage over the incident on Facebook.

‘Nabra, you and your family will get justice.


’17-year-old Muslim sister from the ADAMS Center beaten to death with a bat and thrown in a pond in Virginia. Driver of the car that stopped to assault Nabra and her friends is in custody.

Sarsour, who was one of four co-chairs for the Women’s March in January, continued: ‘This is NOT OKAY. This is NOT OKAY. As a mother of a 17-year-old daughter – I am HEARTBROKEN. SHATTERED. Nowhere is safe.

‘During these last few days of Ramadan, please pray for Nabra and her family, and pray that God protects us and all of our children,’ Sarsour wrote.

The medical examiner’s office will confirm the identity of the remains found and the manner of death.

Police said the investigation is ongoing.


Daily Mail

Relentless Police! Two Suspected Thugs Shot In Kayole In a Botched Robbery

Three suspected thugs were shot dead in two separate robbery attempts last evening in the war on crime in Nairobi.

The first incident happened in Mowlem area in the city where one suspect was killed by police after a brief chase.

Police say a gang had been attacking and robbing residents when an alarm was raised alerting police who were on patrol.

Crazy World! 13 Year-Old Boy Found Guilty Of Killing His Girlfriend By STABBING Her Three Times

The second incident happened in Kayole where two suspects were killed by police in a botched robbery.

Police say they recovered two weapons from the slain men and that the bodies were moved to the mortuary.

Up to 15 suspects have been killed in the last two weeks in separate incidents in the war on crime.

Three Suspected Armed Thugs Shot Dead In Kayole And Soweto Slums As Police Try To Curb Crime Menace

In other news, more than 100 families were left homeless in a fire incident in Riruta area, Nairobi. A man was injured as he fought off the fire that had been caused by a burning fire.

Police say up to 243 structures were flattened in the fire that took long to contain.

Those affected by the incident have urged for help to reconstruct the structures. In Shauri Moyo, a similar fire flattened 20 houses rendering many homeless.

Police say they are yet to know the cause of the incident.

Youth In Crime: Six MINORS Arraigned In Court After Being Suspected To Be Members Of Gaza Gang In Murang’a









-Cyrus Okwema