‘My neighbor is running a brothel despite quarantine,’ woman confesses

Kenyans defying the stay at home orders to halt Covid 19 spread, on Tuesday came under attack from Health CS Mutahi Kagwe who blasted them as  ‘indisciplined’.

Here is what he said about those who defy the stay at home order

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“Kenyans indiscipline is really costing us. We now have 9 more positive cases making the total to 25. Its unfathomable that we can’t adhere to government measures, the day this crisis bites hard, you still turn to government with cries of “serikali saidia”

This formed the Wednesday morning discussion on Classic 105.

Maina Kageni explained that the simple order to stay at home is necessary to break the chain of transmission.

Mwalimu said

“hii mambo ya kukaa nyumbani its not about those who have money, it’s for our own sake, its for a short while itaisha, it’s possible it happened in 1918, na ikapita, we can do better’

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Kenyans responded to Maina with blame games about why some are obeying and others are not likely.

One lady admitted to Maina that her neighbor is running a brothel and the traffic flow is quite heavy as she put it

Caller: “My neighbor has a guest house. People are coming in and going out. Why are they still operating surely?” #MainaAndKingangi

Another added

the level of arrogance is alarming in kenya.

Mutahi Kagwe is tired and stressed. He is a Commander putting a brave face for his soldiers. He is doing a good job but Kenyans need to help him being more disciplined stay home mee

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They are ready any time,
Stay at home and still they will be ready again when U starve,
Are we doing enough really? Italy started with 2 cases end of January, now they have 59,000+ confirmed cases, over 5,500 deaths. Kenyans are not changing. We are still playing with death. #LockDownKenya

lockdown meme
Maina the government showed us how to ignore the covid-19 right from the start. What do you expect?
Kenyans are just ignorant with the highest ,they still feel it’s a joke..two weeks is enough to fight this thing, if we just cooperate..even if it’s by force #MainaAndKingangi

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‘I have to get home’ Pierra Makena’s travel nightmare amid corona outbreak


Dj Pierra Makena was in the US for a couple of days on biashara, and the cancellations amid the coronavirus outbreak has affected her.

The coronavirus outbreak has created worldwide airline chaos, leaving many people either stranded abroad or frustrated or confused about their travel plans due to canceled flights or suspended routes to and from coronavirus-affected countries.

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She is unable to return home to her baby, and things are getting desperate.


Her travel plans are so chaotic and is now anxious.
She wrote

Another Turkish airline has left….i feel sooo bad… i can get to Istanbul but i can’t get to Nairobi…so i have decided to go to Newyork and try get a direct to NBO. S kenya airways…. please God help!🙏🙏🙏 i have to get home.

Many airlines have grounded flights and the Dj is ever more confusion about being stranded.

The worsening coronavirus outbreak has led to numerous flight cancellations, stranded tourists, and frustrated airline customers dealing with uncertainty, chaos, and confusion.


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A few days ago while in Los Angeles, Dj Pierra wrote that

So my flight is cancelled..that is after 2hrs of waiting and two more of trying to reschedule. So @turkishairlines is giving me an option to be taken to Johannesburg or wait for 2 days😥😥😥😥
Seems like ill be here for 2 more days😭😭😭😭 God help.

We hope she will make it back home soon and safely.

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4 productive things to do during quarantine

Kenya has recorded three positive cases of coronavirus, prompting the government to announce measures to contain the spread of this disease.

We don’t know how long it’ll take before things return to normal, but here’s things to do as we self isolate:

1. Fake friends

fake allies

Everyone is all over complaining about fake friends and how to kick them out of their lives. Coronavirus offers the opportune moment to avoid them. Just self quarantine yourself and use that as an excuse for turning down their invitation. It’s free advice guys.

2. Debt


Not unless you still under your mama’s care, most of us are indebted to someone. As the coronavirus takes a toll on all of us, it’s the best to play hide and seek with the ones you are indebted to. Let them come looking for you. Always remember you are on a self-quarantine and no one should dare come close to you.

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3. Home dates

Let’s give a round of applause to Coronavirus. It has come at the best time when the economy is raining blows on the majority of us. Men are the biggest gainers of these problems.

From now henceforth Chama cha Wanaume has asked its members to refrain from public dates and in-place hold their dates at home. Thank God, men are taking a break from this expensive eateries in the city of light.

Don’t Wear Pajamas: Tips for working at home during coronavirus pandemic

4. Hobbies

In Kenya and the world over, the government is urging companies to allow its workers to work from home. With no much supervision, people tend to be reluctant to do things and that ain’t an exemption for Kenyans.


With the majority of you being at home, it’s a time to have fun and to practice your hobbies. You might end up realizing how good of a dancer you are or perhaps you have a killer voice. Maybe you are the next Whitney Houston.

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