‘We stood with you in your lowest time, stand with us’ Kenyans tell Uhuru over covid funds expose

On the Monday morning conversation, the topic was on the minds of many Kenyans after watching NTV expose on the misuse of Covid-19 funds.

The investigative piece by Dennis Okari showed how some Kenyans are making money from covid 19, while the disease continues to ravage the country. The profiteering from KEMSA and the Ministry of Health is incredible to say the least.

Maina called on Kenyans to speak openly to Uhuru Kenyatta.

We are addressing one person and one person alone.

Talk to Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. After what we saw on Tv yesterday you know as I watched it, and thank you Dennis Okari and the entire TV crew, the one thing that I kept thinking about was for how long are we going to keep listening to nonsense and nothing is done about it. There you are struggling complying with the law, paying the taxes, then there are people who walked into KEMSA and walked out with grossly inflated tenders? For how long? We are going to make Uhuru Kenyatta act, we have to, we can’t go on like this, we lose a third of our GDP to corruption, do you know what a trillion shillings is? What the hell, oh he’s gonna listen whether he acts or not that is his decision, but we shall make it known, the hashtag is Dear MR President, and just give him a message,

These messages will get to him, what he chooses to ignore or acts upon what you are feeling that is his choice now, but talk to him we must. #DearMrPresident.

I felt so defiled it was crazy what I watched on NTV. Now let’s talk to the President, whether he chooses to act or not that’s his decision.

Caller: I’m talking to the one who took covid funds, your kids will pay, its painful, people are not going to work, instead of you helping you are eating Kenyans money, huyo mtu he doesn’t have a heart, Maina what is happening? I’m so mad right now

Caller: Dear MR President the big fishes are outside there stealing and nothing is being done, nothing is happening just because the big ones have not humbled your self, you are going to be responsible


Caller: It’s very sad that some of these things happen in our country sometimes you wonder where the leadership is. They are out of touch with what we are going through. Choices do have consequences.

Caller: Dear President, we are really tired, punda imechoka na hii serikali yako ya ufisadi, people are suffering my friend, and what is going on at KEMSA, people should not tell you they don’t know where the funds went, everyone has to be held accountable and the buck stops with you

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