‘I miss the hugs and the kisses…’ Betty Kyallo on what she misses

You all have something you miss during this quarantine season.

From going out, spending some good times with family and friend among others.

Well, Media personality Betty Kyallo has mentioned some of the things she misses.

Among them is a hug and a kiss.

whoops! yes, in a post on Instagram, the talented media personality wrote;

My son laughed at my threat to discipline him with a belt-Julie Gichuru writes

“I miss the normal life, handshake, kisses and hugs, strategy meetings, hustling meet ups, hanging out with my daughter in the malls and playgrounds, her going to school, lazy park sitting, going out, dancing, meeting friends, traveling… However this will pass. lets try in our own ways to keep off spreading the virus. lets educate ourselves. We need to pray and act right so we can beat this.”

Betty Kyallo queening
Betty Kyallo queening

In a recent video went live on Instagram where she went harm on people who always want to bring her down.

“Whoever is watching right now, I came from work, did my show…f**k everybody out there who thinks that Betty is not good enough,” she said.


“I don’t care because I do my best and work so hard, I am a mum, not yet a wife but hopefully soon. I’m also a businesswoman so for anybody who’s gonna hate on this video and say Betty Kyallo spotted drunk f**k you!

All of you can attest that indeed quarantine is not an easy task and everyone is hoping that the country will overcome this pandemic so life could be back to normal.


Betty Kyallo in maroon
Betty Kyallo in maroon

God is punishing us! Rapper Prezzo says about what is going on in the world now

Musician Jackson Makini alias Prezzo has an interesting take on how the world is at the moment. The rapper posited humanity is being punished by God at the moment for it’s sins.

In a post seen by Classic105, the rapper claimed that God is angry with human beings for constantly sinning without repenting.

Prezzo seating
Prezzo seating

Prezzo mentioned that one of the things that seems to have angered God the most is the act of people endorsing same sex marriage, when in the beginning He created only Adam and Eve. His controversial post is below:

“God is punishing us. Mwenyezi Mungu anatupiga adhabu dunia nzima kwasababu amekasirika na sisi kwa dhambi tunazofanya. He created Adam & Eve, lakini binadam tumejiamulia ni sawa kufungisha ndoa baina ya Eve na Eve/ Adam na Adam. Amekasirika kwasababu hatufati amri kumi alizotupa. Tupigeni magoti na tukiri makosa yetu. Kufanya kosa sio kosa ila kurudia kosa ndio kosa. Binafsi mimi sio mlokole lakini nawapa ukweli wangu ninavyohisi na mnaweza kunikosoa kama nimekosea. Its never too late because our God is a living & forgiving God. Lets do right by him. Have mercy on us & forgive us through it all 🤲,” said Prezzo.

Prezzo speaking in public


His followers were almost unanimous in their support for his opinion and even chimed in with their own thoughts. Some of those comments are below:

shedadi32 Kabisa tumekuwa Kama Wanyama


mfaume28 Well speaking… 👏👏

k_a_m_k_e_y_002 Words brother🙌🙏

mkopitijr Nakubaliana nawe kk

miss_nyakundi Hata hii kitu ni man-made jamani tusibebeshe Mungu mzigo, He is so understanding thought na atatokoa kutokana na hili janga ila wahusika pia wabadili, the tower on Babylon is collapsing right before our eyes.

brian_dandy_sisty A very strong words for 2020 calendar year💪..Mungu tusamehe🙏

theslimchid you are right bro…we are in this together..

spk_worldwide Umeongea point sana Mzee. fACT!FACT!

jeremy_kadima So true bro

bobwhite_pamba Umeongea point babu👏👏✔✔

officialmussashiganga Kwenye hii post kuna Msanii kacomment kweli????🔥🔥
ilihamshomar Ni kwel kabisa bro

His post comes at a time when the world is being ravaged by covid-19. Yesterday, Kenya recorded its first covid-19 death, after a 66-year-old man died while receiving treatment at the Aga Khan University Hospital.

Kenya has so far reported 31 cases of COVID-19.

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