I took the Covid-19 vaccine and my wife isn’t speaking to me now-Man complains to Maina

A majority of Kenyans are still skeptical about being vaccinated, something that Classic105 host Maina Kageni has picked up on.

Mr. Kageni was curious to know why and what it would take for Kenyans to get vaccinated? Kenyans were quick to respond, with some still able to joke during a time when the country is going through a lot.

Some of the comments are below:

I will be vaccinated by I need a doctor from Russia and a professional photographer.

How can I get the vaccine and yet am at risk of getting the virus?

Mimi na hiyo vaccine ni kama water and paraffin.

Maina wacha hii vaccine iwekwe kwa pombe Kenyans watapona wote.

The only vaccine I need is any vaccine against poverty.

My question is, are we required to pay?? Or it’s free???

My fear is I might be that 0.0001% that gets that clot. Am not against it but am not for it until further research.

Mwingine nmeskia akisema haiwezi dungwa strungi.

I will not take it never.

Confused nation. At least 622 public and private hospitals across the country have been approved as Covid-19 vaccination centres in efforts by the state to have many take the jab as soon as possible.

Avoiding vaccination is like ignoring traffic warning road signs. You know what will happen to you ahead of you. It’s only I’m far in the queue hahaha. I’ll be the first to take when it’s available to the public.

l will never ever get vaccinated Maina, wacha nikae hivo, l only trust God pekee.

Ata Magufuli was there, kwa kutrust God pekee.

Watu wareceive jab. Personally ain’t ready for it.

Me, am not ready for the vaccine,,,

Exactly..and this ignorance is what is killing pple…there is no guarantee whatsoever that following the measures even 100% will keep you safe…and fyi the statement prevention is better than cure that one doesn’t seem to understand it..getting the vaccine is preventing!!!

Vaccination is prevention. Prevention is better than cure you’re right… don’t hesitate to get vaccinated if you get the chance.

True that…. but people need to look at the bigger picture about the vaccine….

Maina ebu wish my son happy blessed birthday!!.he is turning 19 yrs today. I am so proud of him and I wish him nothing but the very best in life. Hugs to him.

Where are under 58 yrs of age getting vaccinated?

Kwani What’s the work of vaccine? It’s prevention not cure.

Vaccination is also an act of prevention.

Kwani vaccination sio prevention? Ujinga itakuua.

This one is mixed up.

But vaccine is for preventing.

Maina whats making people fear taking the vaccine. Like how fast was is developed… It takes about 5 years and above to develop a good vaccine. And this was so fast. Even if its authorised people still have fears…. and they dont trust the healthcare system 

Hata mimi siwezi heri nivae mask, sanitize and avoid crowded places.

Soo much true…ata ya polio was tried around 1938 but was later approved in 1950 apo…

Maina I have been vaccinated but my wife did not want me to get the jab. As we speak she is not talking to me.

Maina I am a healthcare provider for MOH…I have already been vaccinated.. Na saa hii nko job doing gud.

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Poll results are in – More than half of Kenyans say they will not take the Covid-19 vaccine

The Covid-19 pandemic has done a serious number on the World’s economy forcing big Pharma to work quickly on vaccines that were produced in record time.

From early 2021, the vaccine was rolled out around the world and started in earnest in Kenya earlier this month.

Kenya received 1.02 million doses of the Covid-19 Astrazeneca vaccine on March 3 and an additional 100,000 doses of the same from the Indian government.

Within two days of the vaccines being received into the country, distribution was effected to all the nine regional stores and by Saturday, March 6 even the furthest counties like Mandera had received their doses.

From March 8 the counties started drawing their allocations and by Tuesday of this week, all the counties were vaccinating.

The government plans to scale up the vaccination campaign by increasing the number of vaccination centres from the current 47 government health facilities with an additional 622 private and faith-based facilities.

To date, more than 28,000 frontline workers have been reached with the jab since the rollout. The question many are asking is whether the Astrazeneca vaccine which had been pulled of the shelves in some European countries is safe to use?

Some of the European countries had halted vaccinations after serious blood clots cropped up in some recipients causing some of their citizenry to say they wouldn’t take the shot.

And Kenyans have been watching keenly with some saying that they wouldn’t touch the vaccine with a 20-foot pole as their confidence in it had been shattered.

In a poll conducted by Classic105 about whether Kenyans would take the vaccine, the results were split, with more than half saying they wouldn’t take it.

The poll results are below:

Covid-19 vaccine screenshot
Covid-19 vaccine screenshot

Some of the comments from Kenyans who voted are below:

Kuna sindano naeza dungwa na niyamaze but hiyo nitalia na juu sitaki aibu mbele ya watu,no.

CS Mutahi Kagwe akichanjwa hiyo vaccine in live National Tv cameras, I’ll go for it.

No need if after taking u’ll still be affected.

Science has kept us alive we need to trust and embrace science.

God has kept us alive not science, in fact, science has made life complicated.

Uhuru aki sign in bilashaka ntaichukua bure nooo.

Yes inshallah…

Hii nayo siwezi.

No way!!!

I did already.


Siwez make.

Since I was given a polio vaccine and saved me from polio yes, please.

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Unless our leaders stop their political rallies covid-19 will never end-Kenyans tell Maina

Today morning, Maina Kageni spoke about the recent rise of Covid-19 in the country. He said, “In the past two weeks the Covid-19 cases have gone up in the past two weeks. The BBI rallies will have to go on and some matatus are carrying full capacity.”

He then asked what people were doing enough to deal with the pandemic? Many Kenyans were critical of the government’s handling of the pandemic, especially the re-opening of schools.

Some of those comments are below:

“Hii story ya Covid we should blame the government because they opened the schools knowing that this virus is still with us. The government doesn’t care about the common mwananchi.”
This thing is very tempting but we should not lower our guard. Covid is real because I have lost a couple of friends.”
Yesterday i travelled from Kakamega to Nairobi, there was nothing like social distance. We were eleven in a shuttle that I was traveling with instead of eleven

Hawa politicians kazi nikutupea reports na wao hawafanyi hizo vitu so we are just following the leaders.

Our leaders don’t care. After embezzling Covid funds sasa Wamefungua mashule ndio waweze kufanya 2022 campaigns. Hio BBI ndio most important kwao sio wananchi.

Maina this numbers are cooked. Kwani Tanzania hawapati kwanini. If corona is real all of us would be having it because tunaguza pesa kea matatu daily… Wawachane na sisi.

Corona iko, tukubali vile tulikubali ukimwi, precautions ndio tutek serious, we are fighting a fight tht will never end ata second waver ikikam maina corona haitaisha sai.

Corona is there and it’s real, I work in a hospital and people are dying and others are in ICU fighting for there lives. Guys should wear a mask and sanitize and keep social distance, good day.

I continuously put on my mask, keep distance whenever possible, and go about my daily life as normal.

The laws can be amended but nyani ni wale wale, the native spirits remain to determine.
A mental paradigm shift is necessary.

Me navaa tu mask, sanitizing ata nilisahau manze… .

Reggae itambee ..haha

Here we have nothing to do here but we accept and move on tuikubali kama ukimwi

Wacha kaende kaende kwani iko nini…hawa watu wanatubeba vibaya, those no. are cooked.

Unless our leaders stop their political rallies Corona will Never end in the 254 

We are used to it ,,,so keep safe I keep safe na maisha isongeee

God for us all Maina

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Parents tell Mike Mondo their biggest concerns about schools re-opening

The topic of conversation today during the morning conversation touched on the government’s decision to re-open schools after the long closure due to Covid-19.

Mike Mondo who was standing in for Maina Kageni asked parents the questions on what was their biggest concern as their kids went back to school? “Do you have any concerns that the kids are going back to school? What is your biggest concern?”

Most parents were in agreement that it was hard for them to send the kids to school as they were worried about the lingering effects of Covid-19.

Some of the comments are below:

Things on the ground are very different. You can’t tell kids to wear the mask. I work in Mwingi where there is no water. The masks the kids came with on Monday were already dirty. It’s really hard to control the kids. I wish they had given them until December.

I am still observing. I will see what I will do next week but it’s not looking good.

Adults are showing a very bad example. Even if Covid-19 was to spread, many aren’t following the examples. Grown-ups should start showing a better example. If the adults were serious, our curve would flatten.

First thing I have no job. Secondly, the teachers didn’t have the facilities to support the kids. If I can’t help my kids at home, how will kids be controlled at school?

The problem isn’t with the govt but with us. We aren’t maintaining the discipline. We should maintain it so the kids can do so.

This Covid-19 is a scam. The govt can’t risk the children going to school. The infections are very low. 

My child is a candidate. Things are not safe at the moment even at home. Let the kids stay at school cause they are safer there. 

I am a teacher and mother. I teach at a posh school in Kilimani. I don’t want the kids to go back to school. I won’t take my daughter back to school until I feel comfortable.

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I don’t see bars being opened! Maina Kageni says to the dismay of King’ang’i

Morning host Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i spoke about the president’s eagerly anticipated press conference that will take place later today.

Many are expecting the president to give direction on the curfew and Covid-19 restrictions that had been placed. Maina said,

I am seeing the curfew being lifted but I also see bars not been opened. A second wave is coming according to the experts.  What if he doesn’t open the bars because of social distancing. Have you heard of the second wave? There are a lot of expectations. I like playing the devil’s advocate. I will give the president these recommendations.

But King’ang’i wasn’t happy with that viewpoint and countered saying;

Ile wave imepiga watu kwa wallet si mchezo. People are tired. There is no money.  It’s like our economy was run by the bars. Politicians have no moral authority as they are holding rallies where people are squeezed. We have herd immunity. The Tanzanians should have died by now. Leave alone things from Britain. We should deal with the reality. I think Kenya is the only country that is still counting.

Most Kenyans chimed in agreeing with King’ang’i’s viewpoint. Some of those comments are below;

Is the virus choosy?

With or without the second wave, he needs to deal with the issue of schools.

The second wave is over but it was between July and August.

For now let’s copy TZ. Kama mbaya ni mbaya.

Let the second wave come, we fight with it.

Does it mean that Covid-19 only spreads in bars? Have you seen the political rallies?

They have to open bars. How can they open churches and not the bars. Shule ingoje. They want to interrupt the school calendar.

Few people are wearing the masks on their chins. I go to bars and people are still drinking. Life is going on. He should open late-night driving. If someone isn’t drinking it means they have no money.

He should open up the country before he opens up schools.

We are tired. Whether it will be the 5th wave, waache tupampane na hali yetu.

Maina please stop saying these types of things. If he doesn’t open up the country, I will carry a placard to State House.

Tunangoja Uhuru kama shillingi. The campaign has already started and people aren’t wearing masks. We are tired of the problems that we have been facing.

There is nothing like Covid-19. It only happens in Europe and America. Why does the wave increase when the president is about to speak?

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Kenyan entertainers who have thrived despite Covid-19 restrictions

Covid-19 has been a tough period for most Kenyans. While the health factor cannot be understated, the financial impact can be seen with many Kenyans losing their jobs in an economy that was already reeling from a terrible 2019.

But there are those entertainers who have not let the pandemic limit but have in fact grown them. By growth, it can either be financial or with their brand which can be leveraged when some of the restrictions the pandemic has caused are removed.

Let’s begin:

Willy Paul

The “Nikune” singer is not a happy man at the moment. Why? The news that a recently released audit report indicated that the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK) and Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP) could have been misappropriating funds meant for artists.

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Good night my people.. kura tunazo!!

A post shared by W.I.L.L.Y.P.O.Z.Z.E (@willy.paul.msafi) on

While Willy might not be making the money he rightly deserves, the musician has been hard at work releasing songs at a high rate with collabos with the likes of Bien and Nadia Mukami, resulting in an increase in his clout and fame.

And the proof is in the pudding with many streaming apps showing that his songs consistently top the airwaves.

Khaligraph Jones

This is another artiste whose clout and brand have increased this year. The “Mazishi” musician is one of the few “old-school” rappers who has maintained his brand of great lyrics, great beats during the gengetone revolution that has been taking over the country.

Khaligraph like Willy Paul has been hard at work releasing hit song after hit song with the rapper topping the charts with 3 bangers this year.

Had it not been for the Covid-19 restrictions, I believe that the rapper would be in a lot of demand for live music shows.|

Sauti Sol

The band who is arguably Africa’s biggest launched their hugely successful virtual album, Midnight Train last month. The concert set Kenyan records and showed the brand affinity and sway the group has.

The Afropop group curated a virtual experience with a record-breaking worth of 2 stadia viewers tuning in, with more than 95,000 fans watching the Livestream at the comforts of their homes, all around the world.

It is estimated that the group would have sold close to Sh. 100,000,000 worth of tickets had they done a live show with an average ticket price of Sh. 1000.


Probably the person who has had the best year so far. The comedian who was fired from his job at Milele FM bounced back quickly with a job lined at for him at Kiss FM.

But that still doesn’t take the cake, his YouTube show, BonganaJalas, has been a cash-cow for him with the celeb revealing that he had made millions in revenue from it.

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Good morning from @villa_ameera

A post shared by JALANG'O (@jalangoo) on

The channel is one of the fastest-growing Kenyan channels with over 200k followers. The impressive thing is that he started it off as a joke barely 3 months ago.

Betty Kyallo

Betty also resigned from her job at K24 in May 31st. While some might have thought that she was down and out, Betty had a surprise for them.

Not only did she re-launch her salon Flair by Betty at a cost of Sh. 4 million, she also bought herself a 2019 Porsche Cayenne and an apartment at what the 88, Nairobi’s premium 44-floor apartment in Upperhill.

The apartment will be the tallest residential building in Sub-Saharan Africa once it is completed in 3 years’ time.

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3 changes to expect when partying after Covid-19 restrictions are removed

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on the world economy. The virus has shown mankind that at times we aren’t the masters of our destiny and that a disease can completely change how people deal with each other.

The COVID-19 pandemic is considered as the most crucial global health calamity of the century and the greatest challenge that the humankind faced since the 2nd World War.

In December 2019, a new infectious respiratory disease emerged in Wuhan, Hubei province, China and was named by the World Health Organization as COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019).

Since then, things have changed in life and the world has been living in a sort of siege mentality. But with Covid-19 becoming a part of life, it seems that in the next few months countries will open up their borders and ease restrictions.

Kenya is already tentatively thinking about opening schools and this portends great things for an entertainment scene that has been shut down during the period.

The clubs will be opened but what you will see will most likely be different from what you remember. Some of the things you might see are;


This old phrase meaning, “You only live once” will come back in full force as people who have been shut down in their homes during this period will come out to do what they haven’t been able to do so for a while.

So expect car accidents( I really dislike predicting this) and dumb decisions from many partygoers with their go-to statement being YOLO.

2. Slay queens is clubs demanding that men pay up-front for their company

Life has been tough for most slays during this Covid-19 period. They have seen that the phrase, “He will never leave his wife for you.” And with Covid-19 have come some hard facts, there is no time for games with the men they are dealing with.

These slay queens will now be up-front separating the wheat from the chaff and demand the “cheddar” before they deal with any man.

3. Clubs that you frequented will be no more

Many entertainment hubs you frequented in the past will have closed due to the restrictions that Covid-19 placed on all clubs. So expect to start looking for new hang-out scenes.

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The unseen effects Covid-19 has had on many Kenyans lives’

Covid-19 will forever be etched in people’s minds as far as the year 2020 is concerned. The reason is the simple-The virus has taken such a toll on the world like no pandemic or crisis before it.

It is a never before seen event that can be explained by the number of deaths it has caused. Worldwide the disease has infected over 25 million people, with 17 million recoveries and nearly 900,000 deaths.

In Kenya, the disease has infected over 35,000 people, with over 20,000 recoveries and over 500 deaths so far. And medical experts predict that we might have not seen the end of the deadly flu-like virus like SARS and Bird-Flu before it.

Meaning, it might become part and parcel of our lives for the foreseeable future. While the death toll can be put into neat little numbers, what many might not see is the toll that the flu has had on many people’s lives.

As is happening worldwide, COVID’s impact in Kenya has spread beyond the sphere of healthcare and the virus’ spread, affecting economic development outcomes both globally and locally.

Kenyans(unless you are one of the new Covid-19 millionaires) have been affected from top to bottom in different ways. Kenya’s economic growth in Kenya is predicted to contract significantly with the Central Bank of Kenya revising its estimates for 2020 from an initial 6.2% to 3.4%.

The stock market was an early indicator of the changing winds that the virus would inflict on the country with the bourse suffering a 5% drop the first day a COVID-19 case was reported in the country.

And the bottom was the place it would continue going as the bourse had shed more than 25% on a year to date (YTD) basis as of 09 June 2020.

The result has been that most investors have taken a net selling position due to uncertainty in the market. One investor I spoke to named Robert revealed that he would not be investing in the bourse as it was already performing poorly before the virus. So how could he invest now after the virus had wrecked havoc on most bourses?

Another area of the economy where Kenyans have been most affected is the aviation industry which was already struggling before the pandemic hit. The sector has also seen massive layoffs in both small charter and behemoth airlines like KQ.

Since the Kenyan government temporarily suspended all international flights starting 25 March 2020, Kenya Airways (KQ) which was already suffering before has had to apply for a state bailout to avoid collapsing.

This has resulted in the airline laying off most of its workers while the management team has taken a 75% pay cut and the CEO getting an 80% pay cut.

To wit; one job in the airline transport industry supports approximately another 24 jobs in the economy.

The manunfacturing sector has also seen mixed results with sectors like food and health products being more stable than others as they are a virtue in the economy.

The production of food will be constant because of the persisant demand for food products. The health sector meanwhile has seen a boon as seen with the expansion in the manufacturing of essential medical and protective equipment to deal with the unfolding pandemic.

One of my neighbours told me that 2020 had been the best year for his family’s business. The man who didn’t want to be named said that he and his wife, who supply medical supplies had made money hand over foot. In fact, he said that he hoped the pandemic would go on for a long time.

The construction and real estate sector has also been affected with shorter working hours, a decline in construction materials due to supply disruptions, and lower demand for housing.

The sector which was already undergoing tough times in the high-end demo has been reeeling with many projects stalling as some Kenyans have had to scale back during the Covid-19 period. Other smart money has had to pull back entirely from investing in the sector.

This has seen such high-end areas like Kileleshwa and Kilimani see tenants re-locate to much more affordable locales like Ruaka and Thindigua. Many of my peers have told me that the it was best to scale back on the rent they were paying as many of them had suffered wage cuts or were playing it safe.

The banking and financial sector has also seen a significant drop in revenues with SMEs being particularly vulnerable to the crisis and unable to service loans or conduct meaningful transactions.

There has already been a significant increase in non-performing loans and moratoria issued with auticoneers even compalining that they are struggling to sell re-possessed properties at reduced prices.

The tourism and hospitality sector looks like a shell of itself at the moment with the heavy restrictions placed on people’s movement.

Intercontinental Hotel, one of the biggest hotel chains is set to close its doors after a 51-year operation in the country, while another prestige hotel, the Norfolk closed its doors a few months ago, firing all its employees indefinitely.

The agricultural sector has seen a local uptake from many Kenyans who have lost their jobs in many white-collar jobs. It isn’t uncommon to see many youth selling veggies from the boots of their expensive cars along busy roads like the Northern Bypass or along Kiambu Road.

The vegetables and fruits markets for exporters has minimal activity at the moment as they are shipping at only 25% to 30% of their normal capacity.

Our flower exports have more than halved with indications that production is currently at less than 10% and facing the risk of total collapse.

The industry has seen large farms laying off workers and struggling to service their loans despite a general off-season for farms running at 30-40% of capacity.

This is because of the way Covid-19 restrictions have limited flights and also weak demand in major markets like Europe and Asia.

The same can be been seen in the coffee and tea sectors which used to be bulwarks in the economy, which have also seen weak demand and low commodity prices in target markets.

But the biggest disruption has happened in the informal sector, which is estimated to employ 80% of Kenya’s working demographic. These workers live on a day-to-day basis and provide primarily low-end services.

I spoke to one lady who used to wash clothes for different people who said that the Covid-19 pandemic had lost her many employers.

She said that the employers said that they had to scale back on their commitments as many of them had either had salary cut-backs or some of them had even been declared redundant.

Many of the men and women I spoke with were unhappy with the way that the president had closed the economy. One lady Rhoda, who sold tomatoes and onions was of the opinion that president Uhuru Kenyatta had handled the Covid-19 crisis poorly.

“Look at Tanzania, they are allowed to freely move and work without restrictions, while we here have all these measures but we look like we are worse of than they are. Uhuru should open up the country. We are suffering because of a virus.”

Her sentiment is one I had mirrored by most of the Kenyans I spoke to. They felt that the handling of the pandemic had been worse than the flu itself.

In fact, many of them weren’t wearing the masks because they believed it would stop the spread of the virus but because it was a government mandate.

All in all, most Kenyans are struggling with the pandemic and many asked for Uhuru to open the economy saying that the cure shouldn’t be worse than the disease.

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I can’t taste salt from sugar! Jeff Koinange says about terrible Covid-19 experience (video)

Jeff Koinange is rarely if ever the man on the other side of an interview table. Jeff who has a booming voice has earned a reputation as a formidable interviewer whose talents have led him to host world leaders and news influencers.

But yesterday was a different kind of day for the man who is known for his “smooooookiiiinnnnn” phrase. He was the one being interviewed by Victoia Rubadiri about his experience battling Covid-19.

Jeff Koinange
Jeff Koinange

Jeff said that despite being asymptomatic, he has since lost his sense of taste; he can’t tell salt from sugar, lemon from a mango.

How smart shoe-shiner helped Jeff Koinange earn plum CNN job

The acclaimed TV personality explained that the experience had been tough for him as he tried to acclimatise to the new disease.

“Complete madness in my head. Coz the clock in my head, still wakes up at 4 am. It’s been crazy trying to adjust but I know I’ll be back on sooner than you think probably. This is only temporary. But this thing is real!”

Jeff Koinange

The TV host recalled that he went for the test after one of the colleagues at Citizen TV tested positive, with Jeff being traced as a possible contact.

‘It probably happened in the radio station because someone at Citizen was tested positive and I was traced as one of their contacts. My boss, Wachira Waruru came up and told me “Jeff, you gotta be tested” and I said “for what? why? You know I have no symptoms” and that was it.’

Jeff Koinange smiling
Jeff smiling

Mr. Koinange was lucky that after he went into self-isolation, his wife and son had tested negative for the virus. The popular presenter was bombarded with supportive messages from Kenyans online with over 3,000 messages on WhatsApp and another 2,000 Text messages and tweets from of well-wishers.

“Majority have been incredibly warm to me and it’s really comforting,” he said. Watch the video below:

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Stay SAFE folks! #JKLive

A post shared by Jeff Koinange, MBS (@koinangejeff) on

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I was scared…I got angry…I was devastated-Burale narrates about Covid-19 diagnosis

Covid-19 is real people! While many Kenyans might have become jaded about the pandemic, many celebrities that we like and maybe care about are experiencing the disease first-hand.

After Musa Otieno’s infection a few weeks ago, Robert Burale is the latest celeb to suffer the consequences of the dangerous flu.

Robert Burale in a suit
Robert Burale in a suit

The pastor and motivational speaker revealed this sad news himself on his Facebook page. Burale expained that he had developed breathing complications on Wednesday last week.

He was rushed to Nairobi Hospital, where he was tested for Covid-19 and the results turned out positive. He said that he had been waiting for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s announcement to share details of his situation.

His sad, long and inspiring monologue is below:

THE battle belongs to the Lord …

So I waited for the president to give his speech before I put up my post ..Now that the country is opened..I owe it to family, friends and people I love this information…Above all, everything we go through Is for Gods glory..

Last week Wednesday I(after recording an FB program that airs of Fridays)was struggling to breath and rushed to Nairobi Hospital where I was tested for Covid-19 (the doctor in the PPE was the most intimidating thing at that moment) 24 hours later the results were out…

The doctor walks in to the isolation room and she says “Hello Mr Burale your results are out,” and I reply “So I can go home” ..she says, “Unfortunately you have tested positive for Covid and we have to now take you to the isolation ward.” A lot went through my mind …I was scared….I got angry….I was devastated…Then I worried for my daughter (thank God she is perfectly okay)…

Burale praying
Burale praying

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, still in shock, you are taken to a treated lift. It opens for you and you are briefed, “When the lift opens you will find somebody waiting for you” and I find a gentleman dressed in the full PPE…(this I only see in movies )…Kudos to Nairobi Hospital…..He immediately calmed me down and walked me to the bed…..As I walked through I saw grown men fighting for their lives …I was scared …VERY SCARED

For two days I fought for my life under the great care of the Doctors and Nurses at Nairobi Hospital….I saw the Hand of God…My progress is good ..My vitals are responding well…

FOR anyone who thinks this thing is a joke ..May the Lord have mercy on you ..I gathered courage and called a few people who have tirelessly prayed for me …and sent encouraging messages ..

Please guys be careful…Where did I get it ? Your guess is as good as mine …I wish I knew..

I have seen the Doctors and Nurses work so hard to keep people alive …Please remember these frontline warriors in prayer ..Encourage them…

The food is served wrapped securely….Opening your food to eat is like opening a bank vault and for a Luhyia like me, Time is of the essence..Visitors strictly not allowed….This is my first taste of power …Security is as tight as that of the president…

Please be careful..

The battle is the Lords ..We shall overcome

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‘For anyone who thinks it’s a joke’ Burale discloses he tested positive for covid

More than 17 top politicians have been have been the first public figures to be tested positive for covid 19.

The Star newspaper several months ago revealed the shocking details that left Kenyans in shock.

And now swanky pastor Robert Burale has disclosed he has tested positive.

He captioned below in a social media post

Exclusive – Tedd Josiah speaks after rumours that he has a 4th kid in Nigeria surface

THE battle belongs to the Lord …

So I waited for the president to give his speech before I put up my post ..Now that the country is opened ..I owe it to family, friends and people I love this information…Above all, everything we go through Is for Gods glory..

Last week Wednesday I(after recording an FB program that airs of Fridays)was struggling to breath and rushed to Nairobi Hospital where I was tested for Covid-19 (the doctor in the PPE was the most intimidating thing at that moment) 24 hours later the results were out…
The doctor walks in to the isolation room and she says “Hello Mr Burale your results are out,” and I reply “So I can go home” ..she says, “Unfortunately you have tested positive for Covid and we have to now take you to the isolation ward.” A lot went through my mind …I was scared….I got angry….I was devastated…Then I worried for my daughter (thank God she is perfectly okay)…

Robert Burale
Robert Burale

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, still in shock, you are taken to a treated lift. It opens for you and you are briefed, “When the lift opens you will find somebody waiting for you” and I find a gentleman dressed in the full PPE…(this I only see in movies )…Kudos to Nairobi Hospital…..He immediately calmed me down and walked me to the bed…..As I walked through I saw grown men fighting for their lives …I was scared …VERY SCARED

Mercy Kyallo explains why she missed Betty’s salon relaunch and her relationship with Okari

For two days I fought for my life under the great care of the Doctors and Nurses at Nairobi Hospital….I saw the Hand of God…My progress is good ..My vitals are responding well…

FOR anyone who thinks this thing is a joke ..May the Lord have mercy on you ..I gathered courage and called a few people who have tirelessly prayed for me …and sent encouraging messages ..

Please guys be careful…Where did I get it ? Your guess is as good as mine …I wish I knew..

I have seen the Doctors and Nurses work so hard to keep people alive …Please remember these frontline warriors in prayer ..Encourage them…

Robert Burale
Robert Burale

The food is served wrapped securely….Opening your food to eat is like opening a bank vault and for a Luhyia like me, Time is of the essence..Visitors strictly not allowed….This is my first taste of power …Security is as tight as that of the president…
Please be careful..

Did Kasee have a premonition of his death? One of his last interviews suggests as much

The battle is the Lords ..We shall overcome

I humbly ask for your prayers

I shall stand TESTIFY

May the Lord have mercy on All of Us

Please the responsibility is now on You and I …stay safe

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Alabama youth throwing Covid-19 parties with first person infected getting payout!

It seems that it isn’t only in Kenya where the youth seem to be taking the Covid-19 pandemic seriously. In the state of Alabama in the USA, the youth there are making Kenyan youth seem like amateurs after recent news of how they are not only flouting social distancing rules but actively trying to get infected with the flu.

This news was first reported by CNN stating that young people in the state are throwing Covid-19 parties. In the parties, the young people compete to be the first to get the flu from an already infected person.

The first person to get the infection wins a payout with the parties being held in Tuscaloosa and the young people are urged to attend so others can intentionally contract the virus

“We thought that was kind of rumours at first. We did some research, not only do the doctors’ offices confirm it, but the state confirmed they also had the same information,” City Council member Sonya McKinstry told CNN. She said she heard about the trend from fire officials.

Uhuru shockingly discloses that one of his son’s broke Covid-19 curfew orders

The first person confirmed by a doctor to have coronavirus after the exposure wins the money made off the ticket sales, she said.

“This is not political. This is a public health issue. People are dying and there is no cure. We have to do whatever we can to save as many lives as possible, McKinstry said.

This story reminds me of the Kenyan “equivalent” where a bunch of youth stole their father’s ambulance so that they could attend a party. The ambulance would allow them to pass police checks after the new curfew rules were introduced.

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Hilarious tweets about dating during the coronavirus outbreak


Governments worldwide are encouraging citizens to stay home as a preventative measure against coronavirus.

Many are documenting their stay at home experiences and most affected are single people, who are sharing the most hilarious memes and thoughts about dating in the coronavirus era.

1. corona date

Idris Elba tests positive for coronavirus 

2. corona joke dating

4 productive things to do during quarantine

3.corona joke

Nyce Wanjeri reveals intimate details of the new man she is dating (exclusive)

4. corona dating 4

That’s Your computer Lab? KOT blown away by Brookhouse school pictures

5. corona dating 6

6. corona dating 8

Being with Diamond is like watching the Titanic movie praying it doesn’t sink – Hamisa

7. corona dating 7

8. coroan dating 5

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Quarantine and Chill: 30 things to watch if you’re stuck at home


A majority of us are staying home as part of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

But with so much time on our hands, how exactly will be fill up all the time spent in the house?

That’s Your computer Lab? KOT blown away by Brookhouse school pictures

Here is a list of things you can watch with bae as you quarantine and chill:

Green leaf baby

Altered Carbon

On my block

Lost Girls

Don’t Wear Pajamas: Tips for working at home during coronavirus pandemic


THE 100



Locke and Key

Bien Aime had a ‘good’ budget for his wedding to Chiki



October Faction.

Somewhere between


The hurricane heist


‘Fake news’ Tanasha screams after Diamond’s friend claimed Prado he gave her isn’t hers

jane the virgin,

All the Bright Places

The invitation

green leaf


Peaky blinders

The rain

Love jacked

From drama queens to quiet ones, here are the type of women in chamas

Paid in Full

The 100


The last OG

Locke & Key

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‘Your kids watched you being flogged like dogs’ Mike Mondo blasts partygoers

Kenyans arrested partying past curfew hours this past Easter weekend, have been the subject of discussion on social media.

From a Magistrate to an Mp being arrested drinking outside curfew hours, Kenyans are defying a dusk to dawn curfew put in place to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Classic 105’s Mike Mondo on the Tuesday morning conversation, asked Kenyans to say why they love breaking directives in these trying times.

‘I wonder what happens in the mind of Kenyan men to break curfew to go to a bar and drink. If you watched clips of news, majority of those arrested are men. I’m wondering where are your families, why can’t you stay home you bond with family?’

Alcohol. photo credit: CBC.ca

So I’m asking why don’t Kenyans men like staying at home?

Ni kama tumerogwa, a man admitted after calling in to the show. It’s such a bad thing that even kids are seeing their fathers being whipped by police on Tv for violating curfew. It’s so bad.

Mike Mondo added that

I am not trying to sound holier than thou, we all enjoy a good drink, but when you are not maintaining social distancing, wewe unajipeleka kwa bar, tunakuona kwa Tv ukitandikwa viboko kwa bar, and bundled in police vehicles, must you drink?
‘If you watched the video being played the majority of those being arrested were men, you know I sat back and thought what is it with us Kenyan men and the weekend where the need to stay at home just disappears. There is a curfew in place and you break the social distancing, is it a must we go out on public holidays, ngai si these men have families’

Group of young people making toast at party
Group of young people making toast at party

Fellas, why can’t you stay home? These are special times that call for you to be responsible.

Another man defended his action saying ‘aiii it’s boring being at home, my wife is nagging me, so we end up going out to the bar’.

Another man blasted Mike Mondo asking him ‘Have you ever drunk alcohol at home? Because sometime drinking at home with children is weird, we don’t have a no go zone for kids at home, it’s not possible. It’s a lifestyle we are used to.’

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RnB legend Babyface reveals he tested positive for coronavirus on 62nd birthday


Singer and Producer Babyface has revealed on his birthday that he and his entire family tested positive for coronavirus.

In a post seen by Classic 105, Babyface wrote that’ it’s an incredibly scary thing’ as he also admitted that they have now tested negative and are on the way to full recovery.

Njugush and Wakavinye’s son excites Kenyans as he rocks different wigs

On Friday, the Grammy-winning singer shared a lengthy Instagram post with the news that he and his family tested positive for COVID-19.

“I feel so blessed to celebrate another birthday… it’s an incredibly scary thing to go through my friends,” Edmonds said of his diagnosis. “I’m happy to report we have now tested negative and are on our way back to full health.”

He then went on to announce that he will be taking part in one of Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s Instagram Live beat battles on April 18.


“I would like to officially accept the invitation from the legendary Swizz Beatz & Timbaland to participate with my little brother, Teddy Riley in what I’d like to call a Celebration of Black Music Excellence in — Teddy vs. Babyface…,” he added. “So get ready for a night of groove and love. Ladies… put on your red dress… light the candles, pour some wine, and don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes.”

‘Diamond didn’t mind’ Wema Sepetu finally reveals why she shaved off all her hair

Read the full post below”

babayface corona

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National issues coronavirus is exposing


For the past three weeks or so, Kenya has been grappling with the increasing numbers of covid19 patients. The numbers keep rising in every press briefing, as authorities urge Kenyans to stay home and flatten the curve.

But are we listening really?

The government has taken a personal responsibility to take care of the infected. Over the period, issues affecting governance have been exposed and here are a few:

1. Failed leadership

The easiest way to fight coronavirus is to keep your hands clean. Observing hygiene requires clean available water. Kenyans are complaining of unavailable water. The taps are running dry. Water has been an ailing issue majorly in the urban areas. Having clean running water from the taps in the house is a luxury for many. Leaders are busy donating tanks with their face patched on the side. What’s fascinating about all this is that there will be no water to fill those tanks. It is basic PR stunts!


2. Poor infrastructure

The health sector is in its most trying moments. What everyone is worried about is whether the sector will be able to accommodate patients if the numbers keep on rising. We soon might be feeling the pain of our own negligence.


3. Frustrated Kenyans

Kenyans are living each day as it passes. The will to live is becoming hard to many. The levels of ignorance amongst majority of Kenyans regarding the coronavirus is a key indicator that Kenyans are a frustrated lot. Economy is hard and with the coronavirus here with us things are getting harder to bare. The 7pm-5am curfew has affected several business sectors and with majority of Kenyans living a hand to mouth lifestyle it’s getting unbearable.

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Things men are doing expecting to get cookie after quarantine is over


Let’s be honest, coronavirus imekalia wanaume chapati. The government has put our national bedroom, Nairobi on a lockdown. Movement is limited within Nairobi County and its environs. Men are doing all things possible to get that honey pot once this pandemic is gone.

1. Sending money

Mnatuangusha! In the men’s conference 2020, men agreed that there will be no sending money to a woman who isn’t your wife. Actually a good wife has her own source of income and doesn’t depend on her man’s money. However, it has come to the attention of the men’s conference committee that there are men who are going contrary to the decision. I know what you’ll be demanding after this pandemic. Kijana, hupati ng’o!

Wema Sepetu pens love letter to late Kanumba despite aborting his babies twice

mid adult couple holding hands and praying
mid adult couple holding hands and praying

2. N*des

Kuna shida wadau! People are sending pictures of their mojos. I guess it’s a way of keeping the other party wanting. What’s with people sending their small sticks without been asked by the other party. Men are busy making use of their phone’s quality camera taking photography on another level. I assume you’ll get the cookie once this is over, hopefully.

3. Recharging credit

Who are you to her? Father, brother or husband. Unless you are either of the three, what business do you have recharging her credit? Unajipea kazi si yako! You’ll die poor trying to act like the hero of the day. Bro, hutapewa!

I promise you the biggest wedding Kenya has ever seen! Bahati tells Diana Marua

4. Paying bills

Umlipie rent, Wi-Fi, Netflix, aai bro, kwani wewe ni babake? You paying for things you don’t have back at home all in the name of getting some sugar. Bro, let the woman hustle and pay her own bills. Get a wife though! 2020 is the year of been a MAN! Don’t think you really special because you are helping her foot the bills. You ain’t getting the honey bro.

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