The celebrity couples you’d be surprised to find out aren’t actually married


 It can be surprising to discover that a celebrity couple has been together for a long while, let alone that they were never betrothed.

Perhaps they have good reason, as anything is fodder for tabloids.

Here is our list



1. Khaligraph Jones and Georgina Muteti

The two just had a baby girl recently and we’ve seen Khaligraph smile more than he has ever smiled.

He just released a song titled, ‘Leave Me Alone‘ telling his haters to live their lives and let him be.

2. Chipukeezy and Kibanja

The two just announced their relationship this year and next thing we know they are rocking rings.

Rings that look like wedding rings.

We asked Chipukeezy if they got married and he said not yet but they just moved in together into a posh house in Kileleshwa.

3. Henry Desagu and Jackie Mbugua

Henry Desagu
Henry Desagu

The two shoots online content in their house.

One time when Desagu was getting ready for a meeting, he took to social media and he said he enjoys being dressed by his girlfriend thus confirming they live together.

4. Burna Boy and Stefflon Don

On Valentines Day, he brought in a band in the living room and decorated the room with red roses.

5. Harmonize and Sarah


Their relationship is so deep to a point he tattooed her name on his person.

She moved to Tanzania to be close to the Wasafi star. It is reported that they live together.

6. Diamond and Tanasha

Tanasha Donna Diamond
Tanasha Donna Diamond

This is so evident with her baby bump. Whenever Tanasha travels to Tanzania, she shacks up at his Madale mansion.

7. Mr Seed and Nimo Gachuiri

Mr Seed, Nimo Gachuiri
Mr Seed, Nimo Gachuiri

They also just got a baby and after all the drama that has been in their family, Nimo ended up sharing a lot of their experiences as a couple.

She visits him once in a while and spends the night at his Mirema apartment but she lives with her parents.

8. Navy Kenzo (Nahreel and Aika)

They just got a bouncing baby boy as their second born. The two have been together for so long but have not yet gotten married.

10. Bien and Chiki

The recently engaged couple have been together for quite some time and they live together. Bien has mentioned this a couple of times.

According to the Kenyan law, living with your bae for over 6 months qualifies you as husband and wife so the Kenyans on the list are actually married we just want a white wedding.




Loulou Hassan blissfully happy as she toasts ten year anniversary


Citizen TV anchors LouLou Hassan and Rashid Abdalla are honoring their ten year wedding anniversary in a special way.

Exclusive: ‘It’s fun’ Rashid Abdallah opens up on working with his wife Lulu

Loulou shared an intimate photo of their hands, showing off their bling.

She wrote an emotional message that read

Thank you for always being my rainbow after a storm.



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Thank you for always being my rainbow after a storm. #10yearsstrong #HappyAnniversary

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Mipango yangu yote ya kando ni wakikuyu, Sonko confesses

Lulu Hassan met Rashid back when he was working at QTV, and another radio station.

He’d heard her voice on Radio, and he was eager to meet her in person. This was just after Lulu Hassan lost her mother, and he was there for her through her grief.

“When I remembered my mother I would cry a lot and Rashid was always there to offer me a shoulder to lean on. With time I grew so close to him. The rest is history,”


Murder Most Foul: Girlfriend who killed Meru businessman to be detained

Three women suspected to have murdered a prominent businessman and stacked his body in the sack will be detained remain in police custody as investigations go on.

On Monday, a magistrate court in Meru allowed police to detain three female suspects linked to the brutal murder of a businessman for fourteen days to enable police complete investigations.

Joel Kaberia, 45 was supplying meat to butcheries within Meru town after slaughtering a number of animals. Investigators are said to have recovered a hacksaw said to have been used to chop off the body.

Neighbors of the deceased said the two had been living together for about one and a half years.

unnamed (2)

Brigit Gacheri Gikunda, 22 who was the deceased lover was arraigned alongside Frida Mwari and Irene Kagwiria Mugambi.

The three were arrested on Saturday and have been detained at Meru police station. They  did not take plea to murder charges as police asked for more time to complete investigations.

In a written affidavit investigating Officer Benson Sindani sought custodial orders of fourteen days to complete probe into the murder of the businessman.

Meru  Principal Magistrate Monica Maroro said the suspects be detained at Meru police station until July 15 when the matter will be mentioned to confirm the status of the investigation.

On Saturday the brutal murder was the talk of town as residents tried to come to terms of how the deceased was killed and stacked in a sack.

Isaiah Gituma said Gacheri borrowed a pliers at 9am today as she shown neighbor’s one of her finger bite by her husband.

Kaberia’s brother Francis Koome said he lastly talked to his brother on Friday and they had some business to accomplish together as usual before his death. The family is now seeking justice for their kin and have appealed to police to do conclusive investigations to bring all the culprits involved to book.

Kaberia, who hails from Mbeu in Tigania West, had a two-year-old child with Gacheri. He has left behind two more kids born of another woman and two more from a separate woman, according the brother.

“We are shocked and saddened. I am following up and want to know why he was killed. He gave some job assignments to do,” Koome said.

His business colleague Francis Nkumbuku said they were forced to break into the house after the lady turned hostile to produce Kaberia whereabouts and wanted to escape.

They bundled her and escorted her to Meru town Police station.

Dj Soxxy’s 8th wedding anniversary is what dreams are made of

Celebrated gospel deejay DJ Soxxy and his wife Ciku are celebrating their 8th marriage anniversary.

The power couple has been through a lot of challenges, but they’re grateful to God. They are parents to two lovely children.


In a lengthy letter she penned on their marriage anniversary, DJ Soxxy’s wife showered him with love and narrated their life experience as a young couple.

In the last 8 years we have challenged, tested, pushed, pulled, fought, raged and cried together. We have struggled. We have pushed each other to the limit and continued to ask for more. We have taken each other outside of our comfort zones, kicking and screaming. We have triggered each other in ways that brought us to our knees. We have tested boundaries only to test them again and again. We have chosen our own selfish needs and wants over the other’s. We have fought for our independence and freedom while trying to remain a team. We have navigated careers and our own personal growth while trying to evolve as a couple. We have let our insecurities and fears influence our choices and behaviors. We have failed each other again and again.

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Reposted from @african_mommy – Have you caught up with our #africanmommyinstastorytakeover story yet?💃🏿💃🏿 Head over to our Insta story to watch the fun filled day of our amazing Kenyan African mommy blogger @ciikuwasoxxy and her lovely supportive husband @djsoxxy You get to see a day in the life of this beautiful Kenyan mom. We promise to keep you entertained, there definitely wasn't a doll moment. If you haven't seen it, you have the next  4 hours to catch up on some of the stories. . . In case you missed it. Swipe right to watch some of the highlights of the day😊👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿 1. Morning routine ( Devotion, Plan for the day,  kids breakfast drama😁😭 ) 2. Business meeting, which went fantastically well 💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿Yaay 3. Road trip and family brave adventure at the  zoo 🐯🦁🦒🐘🐤🐉 4. Kids bed time routine 5. Daddy and mommy wind down time 😉👫🏿💏 #kenyanmom #keyan #momblogger #kenyanmum #kenyadad #family #familytime #roadtrip #bloggermom #mominfluencer #mumblogger #familytrip #triptothezoo #familytime #zoo #tembeakenya #africanmommyinstastorytakeover #instatakeover #instamom #africanmommy #afromama #africanmom #african #africancommunity #africanforum #africanmum #instamama #africanwomen #igmom

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She continued,

In the last 8 years we have also inspired, loved, laughed, encouraged, supported, surrendered, created and grown together. We have loved. We have patiently waited as we discovered who we are as individuals and the work we each want to do in the world. We have soothed, supported and held each other’s hands through the scary unpredictability of life. We have listened when we didn’t want to. We have moved through grief and loss together. We have waited when we were impatient. We have trusted when consumed with doubt. We have changed even when it was uncomfortable. We have taken risks. We have forgiven. We have shined light on the darker parts of ourselves. We have surrendered old behaviors, wounds and stories. We have learned how to bend without breaking our own sense of self. We have encouraged each other to keep reaching and chasing after our dreams. We have said yes to adventures that weren’t our own so we could watch the other shine. We have created, birthed and worked hard to raise two beautiful, kind, empowered children. We have chosen each other again and again.

Being together for eight years is not a walk in the park. Ciku says it requires dedication.

What I know for sure after 8 years of being married is that it sure isn’t perfect, it requires effort and awareness and is navigated by CHOICE. It is a choice that you make every day and then that every day becomes 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, a lifetime. It is a choice of choosing to return to each other again and again.. I love you @djsoxxy.


The K24 TV gospel show host also showered his wife with love on their eighth anniversary and his message read;

Today we celebrated 8 years of God’s faithfulness in our marriage.. Just like the years have been full of ups and downs, our 8th anniversary today has been full of exactly that.. Started the day having to rush @ciikuwasoxxy to hospital in a foreign land and spending half the day receiving medicine through her veins… either way, when God is in control, the story always ends well. I thank God for you and look forward to many more happy and fruitful years @ciikuwasoxxy Love you.

The mother of two commented on his post and she wrote,

I thank God for you too and after 8years you know when I say I love you.. I don’t just say it.. It comes from a deep point😘😘.

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Divorced Kenyan dad’s bitter fight for child ‘kidnapped’ ten years ago

The narrative is all too common: man meets woman, they fall in love, that may or may not lead to marriage or a long-term relationship, woman becomes pregnant, a beautiful child is conceived.

Cute right? Alas, the relationship does not stand the test of time, as the fairytale would otherwise have us believe. Things happen.

What is perplexing, however, is the tendency for women to use their children as ammunition, as part of an intricate ploy to somehow strike back at their ex-partner.

This retaliation is often due to any wrongdoing [ongoing or not] that may have been committed by the man in question – be that adultery, stealing, lying, etc. Ridiculous, I know – yet all too real.

Read this long read from a man who confessed to Maina Kageni his miserable story.

Some years back in 2010 I got a son  with someone and the lady was a drunkard and we went to court abput child custody.

I happened to win the case after pushing for around three months, so after winning the case she was given access then she got advice form her sister ( the child was now around a year two months) she kidnapped the child then I happened to see the child after three years.

He explains why he has been unable to get tough on her for so long despite the law saying he should have the child

I did go looking for the child. I got a court order and I tried following up but she was never arrested by the police. They usually say it’s a legal case. She used to stay in her mothers place and it was not accessible. What would I have done I could go to the nearest police station but the gates were locked. I wish you can understand that when you don’t have an access like a place that is gated it’s hard to access and there is way you can break it.

I have not seem my son for nine years, the warrant of arrest is effective the women can’t be found, and the grandparents don’t want to see me. I have tried my level best.


A list of Presidents who have cheated on their spouses

Have you watched the movie The Good Wife? If not, make some time this weekend and you will understand where I’m coming from with this article.

The movie portrays a woman who faces public humiliation after her state attorney husband is outed for political corruption and other personal scandals.


Here is a list of Presidents who cheated on their spouses.

Meru priest stabbed to death after drinking spree as female companion flees 

 Bill Clinton – Though she usually stays hush-hush about their marriage, she’s opened up on a few rare occasions, including on one episode of The Tyra Banks Show. Claiming she’s never doubted that her husband loves her, and crediting her resilience to her faith, she told Tyra, “I really had to dig down deep and think hard about what was right for me, what was right for my family.” Hillary’s advice to other spouses in her situation? “You have to do what is right for you — and that may not be what anybody else believes.”

Manhunt for Naivasha mother who sewed 8-year-old sons lips over poor school record

 Nelson Mandela

Their marriage endured his and hers incaceration.

Two years after walking out of Victor Verster Prison in 1990, Mandela announced that he was seeking a divorce from Madikizela-Mandela. She was having an affair with a younger colleague, Dali Mpofu, he said.

But the couple’s problems ran deeper, Mandela said. His wife only entered his bedroom when he was asleep. They had barely spoken in months. And since his release from prison, he had been “the loneliest man.”

 Silvio Berlusconi

Berlusconi, 72, was at the centre of a media storm pressuring him to explain his relationship with 18-year-old Noemi Letizia.

The flamboyant billionaire met the pretty blonde when she was 17 and attended her coming-of-age party, offering her a gold and diamond necklace priced at 6 000 euros. The estranged wife responded saying “I have always loved Berlusconi and I built my life around my marriage and my family,” said Lario

 Nicholas Sarkozy

Their marital drama took centre stage in 2010. The rumour that they were both cheating started on Twitter, then to blogs and websites everywhere.

 John  F Kennedy
John F. Kennedy remains one of America’s most respected and admired presidents more than forty years after his assassination.
In his book the Dark Side of Camelot, writer Seymour Hersh alleged the late loved too many women. The book described in detail Kennedy’s womanizing. Hersh relayed how Kennedy frequently used the Secret Service to help him smuggle women — it was often more than one — into the White House for daily trysts.

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‘My wife caught me in bed with my neighbors daughter’ Cries city man

A Kenyan man has been left licking his ego after he was caught by his wife in bed with his neighbors daughter. He is contemplating suicide.

The man who was identified as *James* shared his predicament with a local radio station saying that he is sorry about the mess he has created.

*James* says

The devil got into me and I slept with my neighbors daughter , the eyes saw and the body liked and my wife caught me in the act.

My wife went away to her sister’s place and efforts to reach them have been futile. I  only slept with my neighbors daughter once.

We did this in our matrimonial bed.

‘I had prepared him his favorite dish – chapatis’ Tony Ngare’s widow mourns

Young couple in bed, looking away from each other
Young couple in bed, looking away from each other

I heard the door being knocked and on opening the door I met my wife standing at the door, at that moment I wished that the world would swallow me.

My wife and I have been married for the last seven years.

I have already written a suicide note because I feel I have reached my end. I only wish she can forgive me.

On being told that her husband has threatened to commit suicide, the wife says

He is late, he should actually hurry the process. It is the first time and I do not want to talk to him.

Chuma yake iko motoni and I am going back to that house he should wait for what awaits him.

A couple angry at each other

According to a study, there are many reasons why married people cheat. Upwards of 40 percent of married couples are impacted by infidelity, and despite the high percentage, most people—even those who stray—will say that cheating is wrong.

Risk factors such as personality disorders and childhood issues, as well as opportunities such as social media and poor boundaries, can increase the chance that one of these reasons will actually lead to some type of affair.

Frustration in the marriage is one common trigger—the cheater may make several attempts to solve problems to no avail. Maybe she had second thoughts about getting married or he was jealous over the attention given to a new baby and neither had the skill set to communicate these feelings.

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Iranian couple arrested for romantic marriage proposal


Most of us swoon, and cheer when we see a man get down on one knee in public to propose to the love of his life.

But for one couple in Iran, their romantic moment was ruined after they were arrested for a public display of affection.

What is considered the perfect moment went down at a shopping mall, in Tehran.

The footage, which captures the moment at which a young man places a ring on the finger of his girlfriend at a shopping mall in Arak, Tehran, Iran, was condemned by Iranian authorities as it contradicted the country’s Islamic doctrines.


The couple, who were later arrested by police for breaking the country’s laws on public decency, have since been released on bail.

During the viral clip, the unnamed man stands inside a ring of flower petals shaped like a heart as his girlfriend stares at him and gasps with excitement.

The Iranian woman, who is stood next to red and white balloons laid out on the ground, then says ‘yes’ to the marriage proposal as her ecstatic boyfriend slips the ring onto her finger.

The happy couple then embrace each other as excited spectators cheer and clap at their romantic union.

However soon after the video was posted online and went viral, the couple were taken in by the police for breaking Iran’s strict Islamic code.

Arak deputy police chief Mostafa Norouzi later told the Shahrvand daily that the  young couple’s ‘offense is very clear and there is no need for explanation’.

He added that it was unacceptable for the couple ‘to do whatever is common in other places of the world and disregard mores, culture and religion’.


Woman’s husband wants to name their baby after his ex

Would you divorce your husband if you can’t agree on your baby’s name? This mom to be wants to

We have all read all too often of the battle between divorcing parents. From court records, to children chronicling their parents beef, we know what mummy and daddy are upto.

A pregnant woman is considering divorcing her husband over the name he choose for their yet to be born baby.

The wife shared her story on Reddit, titling the post “Divorce on Table Because Husband And I Can’t Agree on Baby’s Name.” In it, she explained:

“Hello reddit. This title might look funny but its an actual problem between me (23F) and my husband (24M). We’ve been dating for a year, been married for 2 years. I got pregnant like 7 months ago so recently we started discussing name for the baby. Ever since we found out it’s gonna be a girl my husband wants to name it like his ex’s name. It’s not any ex but the one he dated for long period of time and loved the most. In the beginning of our relationship we had many problems because of her but she moved away so the problems went away. He really loved her and he never hid that from me but I thought it was over once she moved away. Now he made it clear that he wants the baby to have that name and I can name the second child. When I asked him why does he want that name so badly he said just because he and his ex didn’t work out doesn’t mean he doesn’t want something to keep reminding him of her. He doesn’t understand how much its affecting me and keeps saying it’s just the hormones. Is he still in love with the ex or its normal that he wants to name OUR child like that. Thank you!”

Does this get you wanting to know who named you?

Drop your comments below on this topic.


Couple loses Sh12.4 million they loaned to their daughter but SHE says was a gift

A couple who lent their daughter Sh12.4 million have been left horrified by a court ruling that they cannot have it back – because they failed to draw up a contract.

David and Glenda Joy’s daughter Lucy insisted the life-changing sum, which helped her secure a home, was a gift, and a judge has ruled in her favour.

Now the parents say their lives have been left in ruins by her ‘manipulative’ behaviour.

David and Glenda Joy lent their daughter £90,000 but now can't get it back because a contract was not drawn up
David and Glenda Joy lent their daughter £90,000 but now can’t get it back because a contract was not drawn up

Speaking following the ruling, the couple, both retired British Airways workers, said they mortgaged their home to lend Lucy the money because they believed it would help heal a long-running family rift over an inheritance.

Instead it has ripped the family even further apart.

‘It wasn’t meant to go this way,’ said Mr Joy, who suffered a nervous breakdown in the course of the dispute. ‘You trust your children, don’t you? Why would you get them to write an IOU? But it’s cost us everything.

I haven’t got a daughter any more. I constantly think about the phone ringing and being told, “Lucy’s been run over, are you going to the funeral?” That’s something I can’t answer.’

The couple thought carefully before agreeing to make the loan in 2009, after David’s mother left Lucy a £200,000, three-bedroom house in Slough.

David’s two siblings challenged the will, claiming Lucy had unfairly influenced her grandmother, who had dementia. Unable to settle the matter, David agreed to help Lucy in a legal battle which eventually cost the couple £73,650 in legal fees.

The couple's daughter Lucy insisted the life-changing sum, which helped her secure a home, was a gift, and a judge has ruled in her favour
The couple’s daughter Lucy insisted the life-changing sum, which helped her secure a home, was a gift, and a judge has ruled in her favour

David was at one point so fearful of receiving another bill he would hide from the postman in the downstairs cloakroom. ‘He was like a haunted man,’ said Glenda, who is Lucy’s stepmother.

An out-of-court settlement was reached that required Lucy to pay £90,000, which she asked for her parents’ help in paying.

The couple covered the settlement and say Lucy suggested she could repay them by signing her grandmother’s house over to Glenda, then paying rent until the loan was repaid and the house returned to her – something she denied in court.

The couple insist they took out a mortgage on their three-bedroom home in Bude, Cornwall, only after making a verbal agreement. But a month after the money was paid, they asked Lucy when she would sign the house over. ‘She turned,’ said Glenda. ‘She said, “You’re trying to steal my baby’s inheritance, screw the pair of you”, loaded up her car and drove off.’

They remortgaged their three-bedroom home in Bude, Cornwall, to make the payment
They remortgaged their three-bedroom home in Bude, Cornwall, to make the payment

They haven’t spoken since.

‘Lucy’s whole attitude throughout was, “Dad can afford it”,’ David continued. ‘She had no qualms about letting me pay the lawyer’s fees.’

Yet Lucy, David says bitterly, thought nothing of privately funding IVF to have her son as a single parent while he and Glenda were ‘drowning’ in legal bills.

‘Glenda could see that Lucy was manipulating me,’ he adds. ‘I can’t get my head around it. When you love your children you can’t envisage things would turn sour.’

Last year the couple decided to take Lucy to court. But just over a week ago they lost their case.

Glenda said: ‘I still have bad nights over the injustice of it all – and our stupidity. I should have said, “sign something”.’

David added: ‘Lucy has got what she deserved. But she didn’t deserve to do it at our expense. Fighting over a £200,000 house has cost us everything.’

Lucy did not respond to a request for comment.

Source: Daily Mail