‘All is well’ Governor Nanok assures after mild stroke scare

Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok has given an assurance that he is well and recuperating at home.

The governor insisted he was doing fine and was not in the hospital as earlier indicated.

He, however, did not disclose what he was ailing from despite having told his colleagues that he had been unwell.

A message seen by the Star states.

Other sources told the Star that Nanok had complained of abdominal pain and facial weakness before going to the hospital.


“An endoscopy was done and an MRI scan. He was immediately put on physiotherapy as it was suspected to be a mild stroke on the left side of his face,” the source told the Star.

The governor’s communication team did not deny or confirm the reports.

One of his communication directors said he was not aware of the incident, but said he would make inquiries and get back.

However, several attempts to get a confirmation from him thereafter were futile as several calls and text messages went unanswered.

Another source said Nanok’s team had not been notified about what was ailing the governor.

Thirst Away Girls: Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho’s hunky brother

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has a fun filled weekend and shared pictures of it.

Sultan as he is referred to was at the wedding of his niece on Saturday, and as always his photos got girls all hot and bothered.

Joho is team beard gang and enjoys showing off all angles of his face.

But besides that Joho posed with his brother and they are handsome according to his fans, who left thirsty comments on his Facebook page.


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko discovers 12 infant corpses during impromptu visit to Pumwani Hospital

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is an angry man after finding 12 infant corpses on Monday, during an impromptu visit at Pumwani Hospital.

In a video he has shared online, we see boxes stacked with management denying knowledge of the same.

The bodies were wrapped together in polythene bags and stuffed in three boxes inside a store.

Morgue standoff delays burial of Sharon Otieno’s baby almost two weeks after her death.


One box contained one body, another six and another five. The Governor streamed the raid live on his Facebook account.

Sonko visited the facility on a boda boda, catching the management off guard.

He said the visit was prompted by a video he had received showing some members of the administration ferrying bodies from the wards.

He wrote about his visit strongly emphasizing on the need for respect towards the dead.

“Conducting impromptu visit at Pumwani Hospital, where it’s alleged by members of the public that the management shut down the machines at the Maternity Wing, leading to loss of lives of young ones. I want to categorically state that human life must be respected no matter the case. Stern action will be taken against anyone found to be sabotaging the good services offered to our mothers and sisters who come to deliver in this facility.”

Actress Joyce Maina in mourning after missing body of her dad is retrieved from Meru River months after going missing

Kenyans are furious and below are some of their comments regarding the issue

ndung’u: This is way sad… unbelievable

maureen mukoya: My heart almost dropped, just thinking after 9months carrying this kid the hours of labour mtoto anekwa kwa paper kama viazi tears as i write this god forgive us

peter kasero: can human rights bodies be involved here there seemed to be hidden agendas. thanks h.e for these, there may be many family loosing their dear children through these unclear circumstances.

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Meet the children of Kenyan Governors (Photos)

Rich kids are lucky. They live large and never lack anything compared to their poor counterparts.

While the ordinary mwananchi is struggling to make ends meet, rich kids do not feel the pressure, and they always continue to share a jaw-dropping glimpse into their lavish lifestyles.

From being bought expensive rides on their birthdays, dining with international celebrities who visit the country to globe-trotting, rich kids of Kenya are lucky.

Well, today we take a look at rich kids from political families. We present to you the children of Kenyan governors and below is a list, go through:

  1. Governor Mike Sonko – Nairobi County

Primrose Mbuv is the wife of Nairobi Governor Mike ‘Sonko’ Mbuvi.  The two are blessed with four daughters namely Saumu, Salma, Sandra, and Janet. They also have an adopted son Baby Satrin Osinya.

Sonko’s wife, the Nairobi county first lady, is popularly known by many as Mama County. She is always by her husbands side supporting him during county and national functions. Primrose has various empowerment projects geared towards uplifting women and youths of Nairobi county. She recently launched a cancer screening center in Nairobi.


2. Governor Mwangi wa Iria – Murang’a County

His wife is Jane Wairia. They are blessed with three children. Mwangi wa Iria’s first-born daughter is currently dating businessman-cum-politician Benson Gatu, Saumu Mbuvi’s baby daddy.


3. Governor Anyang Nyong’o – Kisumu County

The learned professor is the husband to the amazing woman Dorothy Ny’ong’o. The Kisumu county first lady runs Africa Cancer Foundation. The power couple is blessed with four children namely, Esperanza Lupita, Zawadi and Peter Nyong’o.


4.  Governor Ferdinand Waititu – Kiambu County

The first time governor is husband to one beautiful woman Susan Ndung’u. They are blessed with two sexy daughters.

waititu daughter

5. Governor Martin Wambora Nyaga – Embu County

He’s the husband to Teresia. Although little is known about their family, many know of Wambora’s sports journalist daughter only.

6. Anne Waiguru – Kirinyaga county

She’s one of the women, who made it in the male-dominated field. She’s a mother of three adorable sons: Ian, Don and Wabu. Waiguru is a single mother.

Anne Waiguru's family

7. Joyce Laboso

Bomet county governor Joyce Laboso got married to a man from the lake side; Edwin Abonyo, a former manager with Finlays. They are blessed with three sons.

Joyce Laboso

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An inside look at Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho’s lavish home

Mombasa county Governor Ali Hassan Joho is a classic man.

Governor Joho

From his dress code, the cars he drives to his lifestyle, they speak volumes.

Known for his well-coiffed facial hairs, the flamboyant politician christened Sultan, is living large and just like most of our politicians, he lives like a king.

A video of one of Joho’s plush homes has surfaced and it can be compared to those houses of the top Hollywood celebs.

The compound is neatly kept and has a pool. It provides a scenic view.

For those who didn’t know, this is the same house, where the second-time governor hosted Kenyan international Victor Wanyama and his family just before the last year’s general elections.

Check out the videos.

Other times the Mombasa county boss showed us that he lives large and he’s the best dressed Kenyan politician include:

When he wore Louis Vuitton runaway sneakers in a mix of Monogram canvas, technical lining and a rubber hand-crafted outsole worth $895.00 (Sh92,368.47).

Hassan Joho

Hassan Joho
Hassan Joho. photo credit: file

When he stepped out rocking a watch worth Sh4 Million

When he stole the show at Ali Kiba’s wedding

Governor Joho

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You will find yourself getting all hot and bothered at these latest photos of Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho

Mombasa County governor Ali Hassan Joho is eye candy.
Known for his well-coiffed facial hair, Joho is always driving women crazy whether at political rallies, places of worship or in the streets.


His sense of fashion is on another level and who or which woman wouldn’t want a piece of Joho?

Christened Sultan, the most handsome governor recently left East African fisilets drooling after he attended Ali Kiba’s second wedding, which was held at Serena Hotel in Dar es Salaam last weekend. He stole the show.

Dear gentlemen, below are latest photos of Joho you must check out and learn how to keep your beards neat and dress appropriately.


Governor Joho


Governor Joho



Governor Joho


Governor Joho


Governor Joho
Governor Joho at Ali Kiba’s wedding


Governor Joho

Usijali Kitambi! Here are your favorite leaders playing football in Kakamega

NO..this isn’t about the Depty Governor eating ‘things’ that don’t belong to him.

If you are not in the know, Governors among other politicians are in Kakamega for the annual Devolution conference. Yes, we know some of them tend to take Gachungwa’s to replenish their thirst.

Anyho, the Governors took time out discussing heavy matters to play a game of football. Na si kama Arsenal.

They have been sharing photos of how they are relaxing. Check them out in their football gear, and YES, you may go ahead and leave your comments below, no matter how savage.




devolution 3

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This is how Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi met his First lady



Huyu ni fisi tu, is the reaction most KOT had after Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi revealed he met his wife in a club.

The quiet Governor caused laughter after revealing he was such a good dancer, that it captured the attention of his ‘wife’, and things progressed from there.

Kiraitu revealed this during the Churchill show, where funny man asked  the Governor

I asked Mheshimiwa how he met with the first lady – eti walipatana kwa dance but she had come with another man then.

Is this how most Mheshimiwa’s meet?  is the question most Kenyans on social media are asking. Read their reactions below:

abybeatrice‏ …That is how most wageshimiwas meet#churchillshow

#ForeverYoung‏..Kweli #teammafisi imetoka mbali, bg up to legends #churchillshow #Onelaughtour

kenneth kitavi…Fisiree

kiraitu murungi and churchill
kiraitu murungi and churchill

Angela‏…akajiambia lazima apindue serikali

YesHelloooo‏…Alaaar jz like Melania and Trump. She had a date but dude scooped her Pap!

Mandullah‏ ..happiness is contagious…i like the message

Violah Saisi‏..Hahhahaha ya mungu ni mengy

uncan Mugah Junior‏ ….Guess what? The other man was his father. That’s the fact

Sinji…Noma ni kutokua rada,kumbe ilianza kitambo

Symon Kimani‏ …Kumbe hii mambo ili anza zamani- you should have probed further- mwenye alikuwa amekuja na yeye ni nani

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Congratulations: Ali Kiba weds in Mombasa

Ali Kiba is officially off the market.

He got married to his Kenyan babe, Amina Khalef a few minutes ago at the a nikka hosted at the Masjid Ummu-Kulthum mosque in Kizingo. The ceremony was attended by family and friends of Kiba and Amina.

“Ali Kiba’s side of the family, including his mother, sister Zabibu and brother Abdu, were flown into the country days before the wedding. They are the only confirmed family on the list. Not many people are invited, especially not his baby mamas. Also, 10 musicians are on the guest list. It will be star-studded,” a close source to the couple told Word Is, yesterday.

In the video, Ali Kiba is draped in the best traditional Muslim garb befitting the ceremony. After the ceremony he can be seen taking photos while standing next to Mombasa governor, Ali Hassan Joho.

Other celebs spotted at the wedding include Ally B, Chikuzee and Amour.

Jamal Gadafi congratulated Kiba saying, “Hongera KING 👑 KIBA..MUNGU akubariki katika hatua hii Uliochukuwa… Inshaallah Allah Akunyime Mabaya Akujaalie Yaliyo Mazuri Teleee… ALF MABROOK @officialalikiba 😊#MumeHalaliWaAmina.”

More updates coming up through out the day

After the nikaa, where the couple exchange vows and sign the marriage certificate, Abubakar ‘Abu’ Joho will host an exclusive guest list at his mansion in Kizingo. He is a family friend to Amina’s kin.

“Getting into this venue will only be possible with an invite. The who is who will be in attendance for the lunch,” our source said.

The reception, which is the most coveted event tonight, will be hosted by Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho at his palace in Vipingo Ridge.

A source close to the governor confirmed that Joho will attend the wedding after his stint in France for the Water Conference.

It is not clear if the TV station will be allowed to film inside Joho’s residence, where the reception will take place. If they do, the common mwananchi will get to see how the rich live.

Beside the elaborate events taking place today, Ali Kiba will hold another grand ceremony with Amina in Dar es Salaam on Thursday next week.

Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Kiba on your nuptials.

Check out the exclusive photos

ali kiba wedding

ali kiba wedding

ali kiba wedding

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-19 at 8.38.36 AM (1)

ali kiba wedding

Check out the video right after the wedding…

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This was Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru’s first career choice

Former minister of devolution Anne Waiguru has had it rough over a couple of months probably a year.

When the news came out about some NYS money that went missing, she says she was just a whistleblower but she ended up being the one being blamed.

Anne Waiguru

Waiguru recently opened up in an interview with True Love magazine where she was candidly up close and personal away from her political life.

She opened up about her educational and career life saying that she was very good at sciences when in school and just then her father has diagnosed a kidney problem and she was ready to work hard to become a doctor and find a cure to treat him.

Her father had also encouraged him to do the same because she was very good in her sciences despite the fact that she was more inclined to business and economics.

Sadly Anne Waiguru’s father did not make it to see her shine as a doctor.

She later on took Economics in school and then found her way through to parliament.

Just 10 photos of Machakos governor Alfred Mutua and his wife Lilian Nganga to inspire you

Machakos county Governor Alfred Mutua is among the men considered eye candy politicians. The former government spokesman is married to a beautiful woman Lillian Nganga and oh my, the two are a perfect match.

Alfred Mutua and Lillian have been living a quiet married life but that does’t mean it’s been quiet to the rest of us out here. We’re always busy on their timelines keeping up with the Mutua’s.

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The power couple always leave those in relationships inspired and others dying of jealous.

Well, here are photos of Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga, which prove that they are madly in love with each other.


Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga


Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga


Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga


Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga

‘I Cannot Believe I Will Not See You Again,’ Alfred Mutua’s Wife Pens Down An Emotional Message To Her Female Bodyguard Who Perished In A Grisly Accident


Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga


Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga


Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga


Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga


Alfred Mutua and his wife Lillian Nganga


Alfred Mutua